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YALE UNVERSTY LBRARY THE LBRARY OF THE DVNTY SCHOOL THE DAY MSSONS LBRARY Surli:ical \X' ard, July, 9Z0. Peking Union Medical College Hospital.. -~)~ ~.~(- THRTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT 90-9 Printed by Tientsin
YALE UNVERSTY LBRARY THE LBRARY OF THE DVNTY SCHOOL THE DAY MSSONS LBRARY Surli:ical \X' ard, July, 9Z0. Peking Union Medical College Hospital.. -~)~ ~.~(- THRTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT 90-9 Printed by Tientsin Press, Limited, Peking, China. Yale Divinity Libral). New Haven. Conn. 0 : CONTENTS. PAGE. Hospital Sta.ff... 0 General Stat.emellt Puhlica~,ions by ~ta.ft ~lt'mbel's :x ~rsillg Service 8 P hardlac~t. 0 Depart.ment, of Rerlig'ious and Social 'York... Ou~Pa.tient Depa,rtment... 5 S.t,uden t and Staff Health.. ' DelJlrtment.. of Obs t~;f.rics and Gynecology n-pat~ent Deptu't.meni C), ) Treatment of Soldier Gase~, SUm.mer of Auto.psy ;illdillg~... ' S,pecial Sel'yice 7, LLUSTRATONS. PLATE. Surgical Ward, July, 90. Frontispiece PLATE. Hsin Ka.i Lu Nursing- Staff, June, 9. Facing page 8 PJAT:L. Hmlse Staff, June, 9. Facing page.. Y. Y. V. V. V]. X. X. X. X. X. XV. XV. XV. XV. XV. XX. XX. XX. XX. :XX. XXV. XXV. XXV. XXVT. TABLES. PAGE. Summary of ',ork by Evangelis.tic Sta.ff Summary nf nterviews with Pat.ie~. Previous Rt ligiolU;. nt~re~ts of Ward Patientr;; : R-esult~ of Religious 'York among Hospital Patients Summary of Out.pa,tient Attendance, by lffil's 6 Out-pa.tient Yi~its, All Departments, by Classes '; Percentage of Free and Fifty-Cent Pa,tients ' 7 Total Visits per Patient, hy Services... 7 Private Practice of Attending Staff ' 8 Summa.ry of n-pat.ients, by S rvices and Years ~ umoor of n-patients, by Services and Mon ths Hospital Reentries, by Services Days. in Hospital, by Services... 5 n-p8.,tienits, Listed by Services and Olasses... Surn.m.aryof Deaths by leal's and ~rvie~... 6 Summary of Dea,tns and AutoSles, by leal's and SerYi~.., Ola.qs Pat.i.ents, Chinese and Foreign, by Years and Services... S Days in Hospital} b~t SelYiee~.,. ~ Foreign n-pa,tients, C(}trpal'atin~ Statistics fj Operations Performed in the Hospital.. 5 Diagnoses for All Pat.ient. 5 Pathological Diagnoses,.. 65 Roentgenological Seryj('e 69,,\Vnssermann Tests 69 C~inical a borai:oj.'y Exam.iua,tions 70 Bacteriologi !al La.bora-tory Examina.t.i.ong 7 Special Ohem.ical Anal~ ses 7 HOSPTAL STAFF.* ATTENDNG STAFF. MEDC}j' E. Franklin O. lfulean, PH.D., M.D., ProfeBSOr of Medicine and Head of the Department of lledieilje. Oswald H. Robertson, M.S., M.D., A~iate Profeh'80l of M~oine.. Andrew H. Woods, A.B., M.D., Associate Pl o e&sor of Neurology and Psychiatry. H. Jocelyn Smyly~ M.A., M.D., B.CH., L.M., }'.R.C.S.,., Associate in Medicine. Charles,Yo Young,.S., M.D. Associate in Yedicine. John H. Korns, M.A., M.D., Associate in Medicine and Superintendent of the Hsin Kai Lu Hospital. ~illlia.n G. Lennox,.-\.., M.D., Associate in ledicine (n America, 90-). Richard H. P. Sia D.S.,?oLD., A;;~ista.nt ill )ooicille. Otto 'Villner, M.D., Assistant in ~fedicine. SURGERY. Adrian S. 'ray lor, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Head or the Department of, Slllrgery. Jui-heng L.iu, B.~., ~f.n., ASBOCia,t~ in ~urgery (n Amel'ica, 90-). George Y.. Van Goi'der, A.., ~.D., ~.,socia,te in Surgery. l~'l ank Meleney, A.B., M.D.,....&sociate in Surgery. ieorge Y. CMr, M.D., A~~istallt ill Surge-ry. OPHTH.U.MOLOGY. Hal'Tey J. Howal'd, M.A., ~.D., PH.D., Professor of Ophtha,lmology and Head of th.e Depart.ment. of Oph,thalmology_ \ M. Li, 'M.D., As.sociate in Ophthalmology'. Hwvteh Pi, M.D., Clinical A~si.,tant in. Ophthalmology. 'ra.-chih Pa, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Oph t.ha m 0 ogy. OTOLOGY, RHNO.OGY A~n.ARY~GOLOGY. A. M. Dunlap, A.B., M.n., Assooia.te Professor of Otology, ll.llinology, and laryngology, and Aeting Head of t.ht Depart.. men. of Otology, Rhillology and,~l,ryngoogy. * No attempt has been made to include the names of membe.rs of the 'ofes~ional 0' administra tive, gtatis whose main duties during the y('al' have been rela.ted to the new physical plant. Dr. Ralph B. 8eE m has b~'t'n!lppointed Medical Snperint.endent for Hl-- and is now in Peking. Alice H. CiJOk, A.B., M.D., Assooia,t.e in Otology, Rhinology aald Laryngology. Jui-hua Liu, M.D., Assistant in Otology, Rhinology and lal.rynogology.. GY\~COLOGY AKD OBSTETRC'S. J. Preston ~axwell, B.S., M.D., L.R.C.P., F.R.('.~., Pl'() fessor of Obstetrcs and Gynecology ajld Hea.d of the Depa.J't~ ment of Obstetrics and G~-nee()logy. Arthur '...'. 'YioO, M.D., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., As~ sistallt in Obs~tl'iC& and Gynecology. David Eme.rson Ford, M.D., Assistant in O~tetrics and Gynecology (n famine l~ief work, American lte«t Cr()'\.~, 90-). ROENTGENOLOGY. Paul C. Hodges, n.s., ~f.d., As.~iate in Uoentgenology. Lula Sweet, Nurse and As.'tistant. in Ul)ent.g~llology. H. S.. Wang, B.SC., Clinieal Assistant. in Roe.ntgenology. Liu Ohl-c.heng Dzen l'se-t~wang HOUSE STAFF. ASSSTANT RESDENTS. M/edic.ine f.pht.h.almology Ohu Lee-ehlulg Han Ohung-hsin Kao l;;hih-en te Y u-tien SENORS. ~urgej y Bacteriological La horn ton' Otolal')rngtllogy Surgery ehang Fong-i Ch'ang Ying-keng Hon.g Yueh-han Kim, iilliam Li Ju-lin Li K'e-.ruun i Too-jell Ling Wen-ping J'CNORS. Liu Jui-ai l.i u K uo-chih Sun Hung-h..q.in. ang Obi-chen Teng Tsin... tab. Yang Tar-ch un Yao Y ung-tsung OTHER OFFCERS. E. Grace McCullough, Dietitian. E. Pauline Richardson, A.B., A.s&isltant Dietitinll. :liiriam ngram, Asswtant ljietitia.n. Y. D. H&u, Acting Pharmacist. Eva. B. A. Macmillan, A.B., Secretary to Superintendent ()f the Hsin Eai Lu HOspital and }~itor of the H08pita,l Usport. P. A. Swartz, Director of Religious and Social ,. ork. H. C. llao, Aceountant. NURSNG STAFF. Anna. D. Wolf, A.M., R.N., Supe'rinltelndent of ::Nurses. N HSN KA lx HOSPTAL; Ruth ngram, _LB., R.N., Assistant Su.perintendent of Nw S'e6. :Florence K. Goodman, R. \., (Jut. Patient Departtment. Kathleen Caulfield, R.N., Opera.ting H.oom. Jai Hsiu Lan, R.N., Supervisor of 'fard and ~ight Dut.y :Uary Van ~. ~ecoy, R.~.,,, Elizaibetth Sze, R. N. , ~iruifl'ed M~oone Y, t. N,.,.,., Helen Goforth, Martha Seha.w, R. X. l,, (ler t. Da:., 90). }'rane.es Hall R.!., (died ~lal'. H, 9). Lillian,,~u, R.N. ., X XEW HOSPTAl.. ~{ary S. Pure'ell, f.x. J'ave \Yhitesidp, R.X.. Hend ~ lll':,f', \Yard~. )lahel ~oone-y, llx. Elsi~ ). Hac ke-tt. f. X. J oon Swunn ~[,ildl'nl K~ BH~om, H.!'. PriYte Patients' X L.\NG OAGE SCHOOL. Luey Abbott, R.N. laj'y L. Grayson, R.X. Virginia Harrell, R.N. Helen Holland, R. x. Dorothy.Jacohus, A.B., R.X. Ethel E,. Rdbinson, R.X. Grace Rogers, R.N. lf8tbel Tom, R.N. Women. Wang Shu Hsisll 'Y :a.n.g So Ohin,Wang Po K'un Lai H wa. Fall Cheng Hsiao )0 Rose Lee Alice Ohu Kao Shou Hsien Run Hsin t-fing GRADC\TE CHl'' ESR NrRSES..Jfen., rang En Chi nhua.n. Shao J en 'Yang Hsu~ Hai Roo Yii Hwa Fu Hsli Mien Yo Yii Lin...0 Ke Hsin 'YU Tsung Yuan 'Yang- ~huh Chen. Peking Union Medical College Hospital JULY. 99. to JUNE GENERAL STATEMENT. The present report. marks the close of an 'flight-year period of work in. the Men's Hospital built by the London Mission. Since February, 9, there have been avalable in. the :new hospital ten,beds for private patients and seven beds :(or con. tagious cases. Upera.tng room facilities have been, lwwever, confined to the Rsi.n Kai Lu HOSpitaL Almost simultaneously with the ending of this hospital yea.r all depaa'tmem.ts have been. removed from the Hsin Kai Lu building td the new plant. During the period of ight ye~u-s mentioned above there hus been hut lit.tle increase ill the number of patients seen ill the out-pa.tielljt department. A large increase was physdcally im.possible, due to crowded quarte'rs. As the years haye gone by and the personnel has increased, more time has lbeen given to the individual patient., who. as a result. has returned oftener for subsequent t'eatinents. The numbe'r of in-pat.ients has, however, increased materially, through the admission of fewer ehronic cases and through the growth of operat.ive work in the EaJ', Nose and' Throat Department, whose pa.tientb lea' 8 the hospital often within t.wenty-four hours after achnission. 'l he year covered by this report has been UlltLc;;ual because of tw large l:uljber of oon tag-ions dis~s among the memibel'b of the staff and theh a.xniliesi. Just how much the promiscuous use of over-crowded Clill ie room~ has be~l responsible for the spread of sueh inlections is an open question. At any ratel we are glad in transfer all Ule work to ruo!'? roomy quarters wdsr'e thorough cleansing nd fumigation aaoe po - s ible. The weli-eq uipped plant into wlti( ;h we no'w move should ma.ke po'ssibl~ a still higher gtude of work in the pl'of e8sional l~a.re of patients, in teaching and in re..~eaj'('h. 'J.'his report do~' notl depad from t.llt~ form laid down b~ previous reports ill so fall as tihose depail-tmen ts are oonc.ern.ed whotse work hns cont.inuoo d'urin~ 90- along the same g-enerallines as those followed in pre.vious years. Because of the special diffioulties which have attended the work of the Pharmacy during the past year, we take pleasul-e'in printing a hrief statement expla.ining the equipment of the new PhaJ macy. And ibieca.use the Departm.en,t of Obstetrics and Gynecology repjeselts an important phase of the reopening of work for women and children in OU' new hospital, we take B!pe('ial satisfaction in prill ting the repol't of the head of that department. The prog'n ss in organization of t.he Nu.~l':-;ing Se' Vi('e is covered in the report of the Superlntend-ent of Nurses. Other departments in which we, haye had increased facilities during 90-, such as Pathology and Bacteriolot-,O'y, a.l'~ passed by with no other l ec.ognition than that offered b~ the hospit.al stat:l~ti('.s. Futul'e hospital reports will hate o('..easion to cover this ground more cail effully a.fter the lew plant i~ fully npened. PUBLCATONS BY STAFF MEMBERS. ALCE H. COOK, M.D. Three Cases of ~astoiditis with Severe Complications and Recovery , Laryngoscope, Jan., 9. A.. M. DUN,A] , M.D. A ~'ore,ign Body in t.he Left Bronc hujs , Ohina ledical J od'lal, S.pt., 90. HARVEY.T. HOW_O\RD, M.D. A 'Visit. to Professor J. Komoto of Tokyo , American J ourna.l of Ophthalmology, iu press. Hospitals in!tapajl (in cohaboratiou with Dr. 'V. G. Lel'llOX), Ohjua }:edical J oul'llal, in press. J OH~ H. KORNS, M.D. Furt.her :-\t.atisti('~ on CODlllunicruhle Diseases among Domestic Sen'an is , China. )ledical J OU'Ual, July 9, ncidence of Vaccinatioll and Smallpox ill XOl':.h China , China Medical.oumal, in press. 'lllam G. LE~NOX M.D. 'ljle Hea.lth of Missionary Familia.. in China . China Medical JOlunal,. all~ 9; abo published under Eeonomic Studies, Depal'truellt. of &ouomies, Uniye:.rsihty of Denypl', Colorado. HE'll( p'l~halitis.et.han'gi(~~t, in Pekin~~''', China Medical,oU'lillJ, July, 90. H()Spit-al~ in tlapan (in eollalol'a,t.ioll with Dr. H. J. Howa.rd), Ohina. ~ledi('a.l Jounlal, ill ple~~. T. M..&, M.D. Diseases of the Eye (a lecture in the Leulth educa,tion series of the China Coullcil on Puhlic Heath), S a tional ~ edical J ournaj of Ohina, J Ulle, 9. li'rank.n C. :\fcl'ean, M.n. Edema, in the SP(,.tiou on ail~~':ases of the ('ll-cula.tory syst.em in Ne80'~ ~)ose-...ea f Living- Mooicine, 90, Volume, pa,ges 5-8. J. PRESTON ~liaxwell, ll. D. Oalcified 'ruhal Mole , ~urgery ~ GYlP('ology a,nd Oh Blteltrie,.;;, OClt , 90. Obste trie.s and Gynseolog~' in ~(\lth China , China, Medical Journal, )lal'., 9. PA TA-CHH. M.D. Bacteriol(}~6('al E.xaminatio-ll of Smeal'~ from see:utive Eve Oase~'. National Medical Journal of Ohina, J UD., 9. 7 P HUA.-TEH, Y.D. ~(N ative Oplitlmlmological Praot.ice in China , transjatjoo :from Qiinese texts, Ohina Medical Journal, Sept ADRL-L~ S. TAY_OR, M.D. The Results of Opera,t.ionR for nguinal Hernia , Archives of Surgery, Yol., pp The U * of Fine Silk in Surgery , Chiru!. }f:edical Journal, in press. 8 THE NURSNG SERVCE. T'he hospital year 90- mal ks many cha.nges in the nursing service of the hospital.,:r ith the work in the Hsin Rai Lu Hospital, with the opening of dinies for obstetrical an.d gynecologcal pa tiell t:-; and' infants all d two wards of the new hospital, aud with the coustant pl'eparations for Dl()Villg. into the new buildings, the.{~tiyities of the nursing staff have been wide;ly divided. All of ti.e work in the old hos.pi tal ha~ been lllder the able direction of )iss. Ruth ngram, the assistant superintendent of nursps. The man.t chang'es in the visiting sta:fj -wrueh om 'iousl~~ meal~ changes in routine and technique--have neeessitated a larger group of foreign llul'~ :-; as head nurses.. A. foreign nurse has also been in charge of the eye clinic and the ear, nose and throat. clinic. As formerly, th - greatest p art of tile nursing servi( ,e in the men's waj'ds lias been done hy men nurses, botll graduates and unde:!''f! aduater. As our men's sehool is not open. to ili-e admi&~iol)j of n w students, the number has been in.. ld~ua.te for the care of all men patients. 'Ve ha;ve been glad to obtain the serv'ices of tliree grsduates of other schools, but even with this a(ldition to our staff, e have had to enlarge it further l)y tbe use of tress&'s, some of whom ha;ye had partial nurses' training, a.nd.by the use of orderlies. The-:-;e men relieve the nu~s of much of the routine- work in the wards and outpatient clinic!\ of the hospital. The surgical out-patient department has been under the supervision of one oour graduate men nurses wnbse work has 'been very oommp.ndaibe. As the private ward of the H~in Rai Lu H()Spoital has been unusualh- busy throughout th{\' year, an increased number of nurses ha.;j been necessary. Graaua.tE' Chinese women nu~ under the 8upe'l'Vision of a foreign trained nul'sf', have provided all the sel'vice on this ward. t hag; been mot't gratifying to note th.e l't~~mts of the WOl~ of these nurses, on whom we shall in the future very lar~ ly depend for our llursing service. n the nefw hospital tlle first. call upon our se \rice was m..ade :by the obstetrical and g,:\rllooologica.l depal bllent in the! opening of an out-pa.tient dinie. A foreign llurse wa.~ put in charge, blut lat~r, wit]l the de\,e;lopmeut of tha.t olinic and also a clinic for children under two ye~lr~ of ~ooe, a Chinese grad.uate nurse was lldded to the sta.ff. The openi'nlg of the isolation ward ill la.te J a.nua,r~~ nece.ssitated the services of two priynte nurses, and during the spring as' the number of patienb. increased, a staff of Ohinese and foreign nurses was engaged for t.he calve of t.hese patienb::i. Also during J a.nuar~' a Hool' of the new prh'a te pa.tient pa, ilion was opened, 8aD.d a fol'eign head nul~e put in charge wi th the assista.nce of tht'ee foreign staff nurs(\s and one Chinese graduate nurse. nstruction has :ooe given to nineteen men nurses. Lect.ures, classes and denlon6tl'a.tioll~ have bleen an'anged according to the prescrilbied cuticulum, and have been given by doctors and nurses. n addition to nul sing subjects, English has been taught these student~, as thn.t language is used exclusively in all,written reports aud cha.rtfoi. Five of our men students graduated in June, 9, having previously passed the N. A. C. examinations. and six other students took the exami.nartions this spring. o.n account of illne~ one c;iudent withdrew from the school, three were dismissed and one. readmitted to the intermediate class. This lea,\-e8 a to'tnl of eleven students in this BCh()()l. Although the school for,, emen nurses opened thi, fall. llo nul sing service has been given by them to the h~p.jtal, their school work being totally in the class room. The deaih of Miss FrancE'S Stockf tt Hall, who was night. supervisor of the Hsin Kai Lu Hospital, was a great loss. to us. Up to the time of her illness in 00':'0- )[a.rch. she gave her service devotedly to her work, and her loss is mourned deeph~. M'iss ~artha R ~haur resigned from the sta.ft' to he married, ana left the ~fty i(~ the end of Decemijlel . 90. Siuee ~u\ f'djh~r, eight foreign g-radu.ate nurse... haye spent full time in l:'-]g-ua~e study, giying :relief wheneyer their services were required. This report indicates the l:ariet.y of demand~ which have been ma.de uoon the nursing Rervice and gives in brief the adjustments. by which these demands have a)~n met. The geogoraphical unity of the new hospital buildings will do much to simrplify t.he prolliem in. the future, and the OODlplettion of tlie inital language st.udy term for most of the foreign nurses places us in flteai:er rea~iness to deal successfully with the=' nursing side of tne hospifal ~th vice. 9 ~ PHARMACY. The Dumber of prescl'ipt.imls dispensed during 90- was:- Out-Pa:Lit'lt Depaltmelll... ]8,098 Hospital...,877 n J nne, 9, the pharmacy mcved fl'om its temporary qua.rtel's in the Hsin Rai Lu building to its permanent quar~r8 in K Buildilg' of the ll!w ~ollege group. The working space in the old pharmuey was very limited, as. has teen noted in the previous reports, but this difficulty no longer exists. We now have a spacious and well equipped dispensaj. Y and a re able to CQJpe with the increasing dema.nds. on our department.. A. brief report on t,he working' a.rl ang:e.ments of our ne',,,' pharmacy may pea ha,ps be of inte'e~lst. The Ph.a.nna('Y is divided into four sections:. The Ofjic;, upstairs.. The Di.flpen, ;nry, down:--tair~,. COllnected with the office by an internal stairway Jud a. JumJh waiter for lowering empty l~()t.tles to the di!'.pelh~aj Y ajl(l hrillg'ing th('; fiui hed miedicineb up again. There is also a patent prescript.ion shute whieh is ~ for sending down tile presc.riptions.. The St.QClt~ Pre;parat:ion Romn, in which all stocksolu HOlS a rea prepared. We han: a la.rge new refrigerator in this room in whidi we store all sera, \ u.ccines and volatile chemicals.. The Store ROOll, which ig divided into two distinct sections, one for wet chemicals and drug's a.nd the other for dry chemicals and dru~o s. The F helves aloe all indexed to ena.ble fue dispensers to locate any drug with the least possihle delay_ We Mve instituted a new issuing ~ysi ln in the out-patient department. The prescription blank is divided into three sections, one of which is penora.t d. When t.he patient presents hs prescription a,t our pharmacy window. we stamp ooch section with: a number, and the perfora.ted part is torn off and given tb the patient for iaentifioo,tion purposes. r:hen the medicine is prepared, we callout the num.ol:)el' and deliver the- medicine only on preseutation of the requi~ s lip. This system should eliminate e;j'ror in ser\-illog the out.-patients. DEP... -illtment OF RELGOUS AND SOCAL WORK. The progress in the work of this depruiment during t.he past year compans fa,vol 8jhly with previous results in spite of a reduced staff. :For most of the veatl the di'f otor of the department has been {'.ompletely occul;ied ~ personnel sec'}'etary for the famine relief orgallzat.lolls. Two otther mean hers 0 the staff have &pent time for short perods in relief work, such 8B investigation and supe-rvision of transportation of supplies. Still a third mronber of the ~ta,ff has bp-en loaned to the Famine Relief Soc.ie~ 'Working in eastern Chihli, spending six months in the field. Methods for more thorough interview and follow-up work have been tried out with satisfactory results. A new system of }'eoord kooping has secured increased attention to the individual needs of patients and more eifective supel'vi~ion tly the head worker of cases needing help. Three distinct lin~ of work have been attempted: social, eduuational and religious. Our social work has Jee.n limited to meeting the needs of the more acutely affected patients. The educational work has enlarged the mental life of the patien~ by establishing' new interests, SlUch as the na.tional phonetic script, and principles of public health and individual well-being. The religlou~ work has been the interpretation of Ohristiani~y and the upbuilding of Christian charooter. Through the Philantllropy }'und a sum of more than $50 has been at the disposal of too departlm.ent for the relief of destitute pa.tienta.
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