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YALE UNVERSTY LBRARY THE LBRARY OF THE DVNTY SCHOOL THE DAY MSSONS LBRARY EGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE MEDCAL SUPERNTENDENT OF THE PEKNG UNON MEDCAL COLLEGE HOSPTAL FOR THE YEAR ENDNO JUNE 30, 1926 PEKNG, CHNA Printed by Bureau f Engraving and Prillthlg. Peking. China Yale Divinity Ubra New Haven. Cnn. 12551S 1 CONTENTS PAGR BOARD OF' rrustees AND OFFCERS 3 HOSPTA~ STAFF 4 HOSPTA~ ADMNSTRATVE COMMTTE~S CHNESE ADVSORY COMMTTEE PuBr..lCATONS BY MltMBERS OF THE HOSPTAl. STAFF 0 S REPORT OF THE MEDC~ SUPERNTENDENT REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PATHOWGY 36 REpOllT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MEDCNE REPORT OF THE DEPARTMtNT OF NEURO~OGY REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERy REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRCS AND GYNtCO~OGY 57 REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF OPHTH~MO~OGY 0 61 REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF OTO~ARYNGOWGY REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ROENTGENOLOGy REPORT OF THE NURSNG SERVCE REPORT OF THE DETARY SERVCR REPORT OF MEDCA~ SOCAl. SERVCE GltNERAt. NFORMATON CONCERNNG RATES AND REGU.ATONS.. 88 NOTE ON TABLE B. 135 COMPLETE LST OF MEMBER.S OF THE RESDENT HOUSE STAFF TABLES TABr~U A: ~ASSFCATON OF DSRASES TABLE B: CLASSFCATON OF NPATtN'tS ACCORDNG T AGR, SEX, RACE, AND CHEF COMPLANT TABL. C: CLASSFCATON OF OPRRATONS 139 EGHT NTH ANNUA~ REPORT 3 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman OFFCERS PAUl. MONROE (until April ) Al.FRED SZE (frm April, 1926) Vice-Chairman F. H. HAWKNS Secretary ROGER S. GREEN Assistant Secretary MARGERY K. EGGl.ESTON ARTHUR J. BROWN Executive Cmmittee GEORGE E. VNCENT, Chairman Wl.LAM H. WE.CH WAl.~ACE BUTTRCK FRANK MASON NORTH PAU~ MONROE (frm June t April. 1927) ARTHUR J. BROWN WA.~ACE BUTTRCK F. H. HAWKNS PAUl. MONROE H. H. WER JAMES L. BARTON MEMBERS T Serve until the Annual Meeting f 1929 THOMAS COCHRAN~ GEORGE E. VNCENT T Serve until the Annual Meeting j 1928 FRANK MASON NORTH W~.AM H. WELCH T Serve until the Annual Meeting j 1927 JOHN D. ROCKEFELl.ER, JR. SMON Fl.EXNER JOHN R. MOTT (until April ) Ar.FltED SZB (frm April, 1926) HBNRY S. HOUGHTON, M.D. JAMES S. HOGG Directr f the Peking Unin Medical Clll'ge CmptrLLer f tlze Peking UlliQ(l Me4ical Cllege *Dec:ea$ed, May. 192ti. 4 PEKNG UNON MEDCAl. COr.r.tGt HOSPTAL HOSPTAL STAFF* July, 1925-June ADMNSTRATON T. DWGHT Sr..OAN, M.D... Medical Superintendent J. HENG Lr, M.D... Acting Medical Superintendent S. T. WANG, M.D Assistant t Medical Superintendent - -MABEL E. TOM, R.N Admitting Officer SARA. ELZABETH GORDON... Acting Admitting Officer DEPARTMENT OF MEDCNE OSWALD H. ROBERTSON, M.D. --CHAlU.,RS W. YOUNG, M.D... HENRY E. MELENEY, M.D.. JOHN H. KORNS, M.D. FRANCS R. DEUADE, M.D.. *H. JOCELYN SMYLY, M.D. Ch.B., F.R.C.S. (reland) - *0'l 1'O WLLNER, M.D. J. HERMAN WYLE, M.D... CHESTER. NORTH FRAZER, M.D. JOHN WLKES HAMMOND, M.D. RCHARD HO-P'NG SA, M.D.. RUTH A. Guv, M.D.. --ERNEST SHEN-CHH Ts, M.D. SHU-TAl T. W, M.D.. SUE-NAN CHEER, M.D. ARTHEMY A.HRVATH,Vet.Schi.M. TSUN-CH SHEN, M.D..... FOONG-KONG CHEN, M.B., Ch.B. GLES A. M. ll\,ll, M.D.. Medical degrees nly are listed '*On furlugh *POn furlugh frm December J ****On fwlugh frm September 22, 1924 t March J, 1926 Prfessr and Head f the Department Assciate Prfessr Assciate Prfessr Assistant Prfessr Assistant Prfessr Assciate Assciate Assciate (Frm September 1, 1925 t February ) Assciate in Dermatlgy and Syphillgy Assciate in Pediatrics Assciate Assciate Assciate in Pediatrics Assciate Assciate Assciate in Chemistry Assistant Assistant in Dermatlgy and Syphillgy Assistant in Dermatlgy and Syphillgy (Frm January 1, /926) BtGBTU~NTH ANNUAl. RltpOal' 5 DEPARTMENT OF MEDCNE (Cncluded) CHUNG-UN LEE, M.B., Ch.B., D.T.M. and H.... Assistant PAO-YUNG Lr, M.D Assistant in Kala-azar HSAO-CH'EN CHANG. M.D.... Assistant and Resident CH-CH'ENG Lm, M.D.... Part-time Assistant SCHMORr. M. LNG, M.D... Assistant KANG-LANG Hsu, M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics GEORGE Y. C. Lu, M.D. Assistant HSUNG-WU KWE. M.D. Assistant (Frm September J, J925) KATHERNE T. CHEN, M.D.... Assistant Resident Ar.BERT HARDY, M.D.... SHH-HAO Lm, M.D SHERr.OCK McGU.. L, M.D.. JU-WU Mu, M.D DANEl. G. LA, M.D ARABEr.r.A S. GAULT, M.D... DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY -ADRAN S. TAYLOR, M.D., F.A.C.S. GEORGE W. VAN GORDER, M.D.. J. HENG Lr, M.D JEROME P. WEBSTER, M.D..... THORNTON STEARNS, M.D GEORGE Y. CHAR, M.D..... BERT G. ANDERSON, D.D.S..... ZUNG-DAU ZAU, M.D HOUGHTON HO,LDAY, D.D.S... HAROLD H. LOUCKS, M.D.... LEE-CHUNG CHu, M.D..... SUNG-T'AO KWAN, M.D..... HAROLD ENOS CROWE, M.D... DAVD V. HUDSON, M.D $Medlcal degrees nly are listed On futlugh * *On furlugh frm December 1, 1925. ' ,jOn fqrluill frm SepteJqber t Marcil 1, 1926 Assistant Resident Assistant Resident Assistant Resident (Until Octber 3J, J925) Assistant Resident Assistan t Resident (Frm Octber 15, 1925) Assistant Resident (Frm Octber 1, 1925) Prfessr and Head f the Department Assciate Prfessr and Acting Head f the Department Assciate Prfessr Assciate Prfessr (Resigned April 1, 1926) Assciate Assciate Assciate in Oral Surgery Assciate Part-time Assciate in Oral Surgery Assciate Assistant Assi~tant and Resident (frm April 17, 1926) Assistant and Assistant Resident (Until December 31, 1925) Assistant Resident 6 PnKNG UNON MnDC~ COr.r.ltGlt HOSPTAl. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY (Cncluded) AMOS WONG, M.D Assistant Resident HUX-CHNG YEN, M.D Assistant Resident PNG-CH TuNG, M.D Assistant Resident ANDREW H. K. WANG, M.D.... Assistant Resident (Frm Octber 1, 1925) DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRCS AND GYNECOLOGY J. PRESTON MAXWEr.L, M.D., L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S..... Prfessr and Head f the Department LBB M. MLBS, M.D Assciate NCHOLSON J. EASTMAN, M.D. Assciate JAMES S. CHU, M.D.... Resident SUCHBN WANG, M.D... Assistant Resident RUTH P. YANG, M.D.... Assistant Resident DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGY la.rvey J. HOWARD, M.D., Oph.D., F.A.C.S TSNG-MEU L, M.D *HUA-TEH P, 1r.D WEN-PNG LNG, M.D... TAN-PEW LEE, M.D PETER S. SOUDAKOFF, M.D.. YK-PNG CHAN, M.D Prfessr and Head f the Department Assciate Prfessr Assistant Assistant Assistant (Frm September 1,1926) Part-time Assistant Assistant Resident SHU-WAN Lr, M.D Assistant Resident (Until May 16, 1926) DEPARTMENT OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY A. M. DUN-AP, M.D Prfessr and Head f the Department JUX-HUA Lu, M.D Assciate SHH-EN KAO, M.D Assistant TZE KNG, M.D Assistant YUNG-HAO TNG, M.D Assistant MAO-LEN Hu, M.D Assistant ResiiJent SHH-PN TSEN, M.D.... Assistant Reside~t 'Medical degrees nly are listed **On furjugh ***On furlugh frm December 1, 1925,**'Ou furlugl1 flm September 22, 1924 t March 1, 1926 i DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY ANDREW H. WOODS, M.D Prfessr and Head f the Department MAXMLAN OTTO PFSTER, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P Assciate (Until December 1,1925) ERNST DEVRES, M.D Assciate MON-FAH CHUNG, M.D Assistant YO-LN WE, M.D Assistant and Assistant Resident DEPARTMENT OF ROENTGENGOLOGY PAUL C. HODGES, M.D Assciate Prfessr and Head f the Department HO-SHAN WANG, S.B Assistant HSEN-HSANG TENG Assistant LULA A. SWEET, R.N Assistant and Nurse LAWRENCE KNOX, M.D Assistant Resident DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY CARL TENBROECK, M.D..... Prfessr and Acting Head f the Department Assciate Prfessr Assciate Prfessr ERNEST CARROLL FAUST, M.D..... JAMES R. CASH, M.D..... C.E. LM, M.B., S.B., Dr. P.H., D.T.M JOHANNES H. BAUER, M.D..... CHEN-HSANG Hu, M.D.... JOHN F. KESSEL.... HANS SMETANA, M.D YUNG-KUANG WANG, M.D.... DOROTHY HUE, CHEN-PEN L, M.D P'E-EN SANG, M.D KE-FANG YAO, M.D YN-TANG Hsu, M.D Assciate Assciate (Until January /, /926) Assciate Assciate Assciate Assistant Assistant Assistant Resident Assistant Resident Assistant Resi 1ent Assistant Resident (Frm Octber /, 1925) MONT RED, M.D... Visiting Prfessr f Surgery CHARLES M. OMAN, M.D., Cmmander U.S.N Hnrary Lecturer in Surgery *Medical degrees nly are listed 00 furlugh *... On furlugh frm December 1, 1925 ****On furlugh frm September 22, 1924 t March, 1926 8 PEKNG UNON MltDC~ COLLltGe HOSP'l'AL NTERNES Serice Began February 22, 1926 July, 1925 July, 1925 July, 1925 July, 1925 June 8, 1925 July, 1925 July, 1925 July t 1925 July, 1925 July, 1925 July, 1915 June 8, 1925 July, 1925 March 26, 1926 July, 1925 March, 1925 July, 1925 March, 1926 July, 1925 July, 1925 CHAO HS-JU CHeN HUNG-TA CHA K'Ult FTZMAURCE, LAWRENCE W. GAU.,T, ARABELLA S. Hsii CH'-UANG JOHNSON, HOSMER. F. KUMM, H. HENR.Y W. Ll SHH-WE L T'NG-AN LNG CHn!-HUAN MENG Cm-MAO P'AN WE-TU RAMEY, \V.LAM ORVLLE SHH CH'NG-lEN STANSBY, WENDE.. J.. STUCK, J. c. SUNG CHH-WANG WANG CHA-CH'ENG WGHT, G}tORGE EARLR YANG em-shh Service Ended June 27, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 September 30, 1925 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 Nvember 3C, 1925 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 March 31, 1926 June 30, 1926 April 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 June 30, 1926 ~Special interne EGH~JtJtN~H ANNUAl. REPOR~ 9 RUTH NGRAM, A.M., R.N.... **MARY S. PURCELl., R.N.. FAYE WHTESDE, R.N... **ETHEL E. ROBNSON, R.N. HELEN F. LATMER, R.N. iynda BRAY, R.N..... ADELADE L. TUTTl.E, A.B., R.N. WNFRED GODARD, R.N.... Gl.ADYS LEMON, R.N LUC.E G. KNG, R.N... DNG-VNG CHU (MRS.), R.N.. ELVRA FLANDNO, R.N.. EDTH RNELL, R.N.... LAURA GRSWOLD, R.N.... MARJORE JOSSELYN, R.N.... KATHLEEN Yu, N.A.C... JESSE G. DLWORTH, R.N.... JULA WANG, N.A.C ARMEDA COLVEll, R.N.... L YU-LN..... KA YU-HWA JEN HSNG-KUO..... NURSNG SERVCE (As j June 30,1926) Acting Superintendent f Nurses First Assistant Superintendent f Nurses Acting First Assistant Superintendent f Nurses Secnd Assistant Superintendent f Nurses Acting Secnd Assistant Superintendent f Nurses Night Superintendent Head Nurse, Outpatient Department Head Kurse, Operating Rm Head Nurse, Obstetrical Ward Head Nurse, Wmen's Ward Head Nurse, Admissin 'Ward Head Nurse, Men's Medical Ward Head Nurse, Children's \Vard Head Nurse, Private Ward fr 'Wmen Head Nurse, Private Ward fr Men Head Nurse, Semi-private Ward Metablism Nurse Head Nurse, slatin 'Vard Head Nurse, Surgical Supply Rm Assistant, Surgical Supply Rm Head Nurse, Men's Surgical Rm Acting Head Nurse, Men's Mixed Ward STAFF NURSES Freign-trained r P.U.M.C. Graduates MARY LARSON, R.N. SUE V. LETH, R.N. EVEl.VN LNG, N.A.C. MARY B. SCOTT, R.N. REVENA TEN, N.A.C. Er.sE WAUNG, N.l\.C. 11 *0 furlu~h lo PEKNG UNON MEDCAl. COl..EGJ~ HOSPT... t. CHANG YU-CRER CHAO CHEN-HWA CHAO HSNG-FANG CHEN CHli-LAN CHENG HSAO-PO CH PAO-SHAN CHNG WEN-SHENG CHOU SUNG CUU SHAN-HSEN CHUNG WEN-YO leng MEl-CHEN Hsu WEN-TEN Hsu YUEH-ClU HWANG TZ-HSN LEE PAN -TEH L PAO-YEN LANG Hsm-YON LN PAl-CHNG LNG WEN-A LOH YtmH-YN LONG ZUNG-YON Lr SHO-TUAN Lr YUEB-PU CHANG HSEN CBANG CmN-HSN CBAO CHAO CHENG PNG-HSEN CHNG YUAN-MNG CHN YUNG CHOU -HO ClU CH-YUNG CHU PAO-TSA FANG HOU-DJ Hsu LANG-DNG Hsu TSAO-EN HWANG CHEN-TUNG lj CU-PAN STAFF NURSES (Cncluded) Graduate Wmen SHH HSUEB-LNG SHEN TAN-HWA SHH JU-CBEN SRAO FE-P SONG MEl-YUAN SUNG HOU-VAH TENG SHU-CHH TEN PA-l.AN TrEN YU-HWA Tu SHEN-FANG TUNG YU-JUNG WANG PAl-LEN WANG HAl-LAN WANG Hsu SO-CHNG WANG Su- WE YU-SHEN WOO CHN WOO PE-HSN YANG LAN-CHNG YANG SmU-PAO YANG WOAN-CHNG YUAN L-EN Yu -SHO Graduate Men K HOU-DJEH Ku JUNG-HSUN L SHH-CHEH L WE-KANG Lru TZE-WEN MA HS-HOU PAl T PAl TEH-V SUN CHNG-CHENG TNG SHAN-PAO TSA TEH-EN WANG AN- WANG KOO-MNG WANG TEH-Pl] EGH'rUtN'rH ANNUAl. REPORT DETARY ADMNSTRATON HUANG KWE-PAU.... Dietitian HEl.EN LyNCH... First Assistant Dietitian BET'rY W. HAMME'rl'... Secnd Assistant Dietitian Al.BER'rA SHAFER... Third Assistant Dietitian PHARMACY **JOHN CAMERON, M.P.S. (Lndn) F.C.S..... MOODY MENG, M.P.S., Ph.C. Supervisr f the Pharmacy Assistant Pharmacist ***HEl.EN M. HOl.l.AND, R.N... ****DA PRU'r'r Enr'rH C. HUANG, R.N.... El.FRDA MARY AKERMAN.. HE.E;N M. V AN SAN'r.... RMA EDMS'rON BROWN.... ADE;.NE C. PEE;RS LuCY FARCH.D.... A.F.XANDER BARANOFF, O.S. S'rEPHEN WANG S. CHANG A. N. S'rERNBERG.... HE.EN MEARS OTHER OFFCERS Anesthetist Medical Scial Wrker Matrn Physitherapist Labratry Assistant (Until January 1, 1926) Technician, Department f Medicine (Until JalZuary 1, 1926) Technician, Department f Medicine Technician, Department f Neurlgy Technical Assistant, Department f Oral Surgery Custdian f Recrds Secretary t the Superintendent f Nurses Secretary, Student and Staff Health and Private Cnsultatin Service Se;::retary t the Medical Superintendent *Medlcal degrees nly are llsted '''On furlugh ***On furlugh frm Octber, 1925 *** 'On furlugh frm February 15, 19?5 12 PEKNG UNON MEDCAl. CO..EGE HOSPTAl. HOSPTAL ADMNSTRATVE COMMTTEES COMMTTEE ON THE HOSPTAL J. HRNG Lr, Chairman OSWALD H. ROBFRTSON J. PRESTON MAXWELL (Frm Septembe.r 14, 1925) LEE M. MLES, Secretary (Until September 14, 1925) GE(,RGE W. VAN GORDER, Secretary (Frm September 14, 1925) CLNCAL RECORDS COMMTTEE LEE M. MLES, Chairman JOHN H. KORNS GEORGE W. VAN GORDER COMMTTEE ON THE OUTPATENT DEPARTMENT JOHN H. KORNS, Chairman T. M. L HARO.D H. LOUCKS S. T. WANG, Secretary ~GHTaaNTB ANNU~ REPORT 13 SUN PAO-CH' CHNESE ADVSORY COMMTTEE OFFCERS Chairman Minister t Germany (1908); Gvernr f Shantung ( ); Minister f Freign Affairs (1913); Acting Premier (1914); President f the Bard f Audit (1915); Minister f Finance (1916); Cmptrller-General f the Revenue Cuncil ( ): Premier ( ); appinted Ambassadr t Russia ([925). CHOU Y'CB'UN (Y. T. TSUR) A.B., A.M., Litt.D. Secretary Graduate f Saint Jhn's University, Shanghai, (1903) and f Yale University (1909); graduate student at the University f Wiscnsin (1910); President f Tsing Hua CUege (19J2-1918); Secretary f the Presillent's Office ( ); Chief Secretary f the Cmmissin fr the Readjustment f Finance (1923- ). CHANG PO-LNG, Litt.D. MEMBERS Graduate f the Tientsin Naval Academy; graduate student at Clumbia University; President f Nankai Cllege. CRH CR' Manchu nbleman; Junir Secretary f the Bard f Public Wrks, Ching Dynasty; n exile fr cnn~ctin with the Refml Mvement (1898); Editr f Nan Fang Pa and Managing Directr f Hu Pa, Shanghai; Tartar-General f the Blue Bannermen Crps (1913); in charge f relief wrk fr destitute Manchus. CH'UAN SHAO-CH'NG, M.D. Graduate f Peiyang Medical Schl; graduate student f the Jhns Hpkins University and f Harvard University; medical fficer f a diplmatic missin t Tibet (1911); Advisr t the Ministry f War ( [3); President f the Army Medical Cllege ( ); Vice Minister f Educatin (1922); Directr f the Department f Public Health, Tsingta (1924- ), FAN YUAN-LEN Graduate f the Shi-wu Schl in Hunan; graduate f the Higher Nrmal Cllege, Tky, Japan; Vice-Minister and Minister f Educatin (19[2); l\linister f Eclucatin (19[6); investi~atin f eql.l :~tin~l cnditins P)tKNG UNON MEDCAr., COr.,r.,EGE HOSPTAr., in America and Eurpe ( ); President f the Natinal Nrmal University, Peking ( ); Directr f the China Fundatin fr the Prmtin f Educatin and Culture (1925- ). HSUNG HS-.,lNG Hanlin Schlar; fr sme time a student.in Japan; investigatin f Eurpean and American cnstitutinal gvernment and public finance Cx90S); ndustrial Cmmissiner, Kiangsu and Fengtien (906j; Cmmissiner f Freign Affairs, Hupeh (1910); Superintendent f Finance and Salt Cmmissiner, Manchuria (1910); Minister f Finance (192); Prime Minister (1913); Directr:-General f Mines (1914); President f the Administrative Curt (1914); Directr-General f the Chihli River Cnservancy Cmmissin (1924- ); patrn f numerus educatinal and philanthrpic institutins. Ts' A T'NG-KAt Member f the pineer student grup taken t America in 1873 by Dr. Yung \Ving; member f the-naval service since 1881; Senir Staff Member f the Navy (1912); Vice-Admiral (1912); Chief Auditr f the Salt Administratin (1913); Assistant Directr-General f the Revenue Cuncil ( ); Directr-General f the Revenue Cuncil (1924- Assistant Grand Master f Ceremnies t the President (1914- ). WANG CHNG-CR'UN, Ph.B. in C.E., M.A., and Ph.D. Student f Peking University; graduate f Yale University and pst-graduate student f the University f llinis; Directr f Peking Mukden and Peking-Hankw Railways ( ); Technical Delegate f the Chinese Gvernment at the Paris Peace Cnference (1919); Directr General, Chinese Gvernment Railways; Directr-General, Chinese Eastern Railway. YEN Hm-eR'NG, A.B., LL.D. Hanlin Schlar; graduate f the University f Virginia (1899); Prfessr f Lgic and Mathematics at Saint Jhn's Uuiversity; Editr f Nan Fang Pa; Editr-in-chief f the Chinese Editin f Webster's Dictinary; First Secretary at Chinese Legatin, Washingtn, D.C.; member f Ministry f Freign Affairs; Minister t Germany and Denmark ( ); Minister f Freign Affairs (1920); Acting Premier in 1921; Premier in 1922; Minister f Agriculture and Cmmerce, 1924; Premier and cncurrently Minister f the nterir (1924,); Chairman f the Cmmissin fr the Readjustment f Finance (1924-.); Delegate f Chinese Custms Tariff Cpferepce (192~- ). E!GHl'lUtNTH ANNUAL REpORT S PUBLCATONS BY MEMBERS OF THE HOSPTAL STAFF July June 30, 1926 JOHN CAMERON Pharmaceutical Side f the P.U.M.C. China Chemists and Druggists Review, July, 1925 mpressins f a British Pharmacist.in China. ndian and Eastern Druggist. July, 1925 The System f Receiving and ssuing Prescriptins in- Peking China Medical Jurnal. Octber Sme Sidelights n Pharmacy in Peking America Jurnal f Pharmacy, Octber Pharmacy in China ndian ani Eastern Druggist. Nvember JAMES R. CASH Further Studies f Arterial Hypertensin Prceedings j the Sciety jr Experimental Bilgy and Medicine. April H. C. CHANG Acidsis Fllwing Calcium Chlride Therapy; Reprt f a Case Natinal Medical Jurnal j China. June, 1926 G. V. CHAR Caudal Anesthesia; Reprt f 166 Cases. China Medical Jurnal. January, 1926 JAMES C. Cuu A Study f Ovarian Cysts Natinal Medical Jurnal j China, June, 1926 HAROLD E. CROWE njectin Treatment f Hemrrhids China Medical Jurnal, May FRANCS R. DEUADE Present Day Views in Regard t Heart Disease. China Medical Jurnal. April A. M. DUNLAP Peanut Brnchitis in China, with Reprt f a Case China Medical Jurnal. Octber, 1925 Review f Literature n Fcal nfectins China Medical Jurnal, December. 1925 16 Pt KNG UNON MRDCAL COLLltGR HOSPTAL A. M. DUNLAP (Cncluded) Hw We Hear. Health. March Reprt f cases f Chrnic Laryngeal Stensis Cmplicating Kalaazar and Diphtheria China Medical Jurnal. May N. J. EASTMAN Spntaneus Rupture in the Uterus in Labr Fllwing Sturmdrf Trachelplasty American Jurnal j Obstetrics and Gyneclgy. April E. C. FAUST On a Case f Triradiate Taenia Slium frm Nrth China China Medical Jurnal. September The Epidemilgy f Clnrchis nfectin in China (Abstract) Transactins j the Far Eastern Assciatin j Trpical Medicine, Tky. Octber Parasitism amng the Helminths American Naturalist. Nvember-December A Preliminary Check-list f the Msquites f the Sin-Japanese Areas China Medical Jurnal. February, 1926 Further Observatins n Suth African Larval Trematdes Parasitlgy. June E. C. FAUST AND KHAW OO-K~H Excystment Phenmena in Clnrchis Sinensis Prceedings j the Sciety jr Experimental Bilgy and Medicine. December The Egg-laying Capacity f Clnrchis Sinensis Prceedings j the Sciety jr Experimental Bilgy and Medicine. April E. C. FAUST AND MASAO NSHGOR A Preliminary Reprt n the Life Cycles f Tw New Heterphyid Flukes Occurring in the SinO-Japanese areas China Medical Jurnal. Octber E. C. FAUST, YAO KE-FANG, KHAW O-K~H AND CHAO YUNG-RN Experimental Therapy in Clnr~his nfectins Prceedings j the Sciety jr Experimental Bilgy and Medicine, April c. N. FRAZER Hngkng Ft C/lina Medi~al J()urnal f August, 1925 EGHTF,F,NTH ANNUAL RF,PORT C. N. FRAZER (Cncluded) Angima Cavernsum, Reprt f a Case Treated with Radium Archives f Dermatlgy and Syphillgy, Octber, 1925 Tinea Capitis in a Chinese Orphanage China Medical. Jurnal, June, 1926 C. N. FRAZER AND HSEN Wu Bld Serum Glbulin in Leprsy American Jurnal Trpical Medicine, July, 1925 G. A. M. HALT., A Case f Amebiasis f the Lung China Medical Jurnal, June, 1926 A. A. HORVATH Changes in the Bld Cmpsitin f Rabbits Fed n Raw Sybeans Jurnal f Bilgical Chemistry. May The Actin f Ammnia upn the Lungs (Pt. ) Japan Medical Wrld. February, 1926 Sy Sauce as a Stimulative Agent in the Pevelpment f Beriberi in Pigens Natinal Medical Jurnal f China, April Prceedings f the Sciety fr Experimental Bilgy and Medicine. April, 1926 The Presence and Rle
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