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WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter Writing Program Administration Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators Voluml' 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter, fji/or
WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter Writing Program Administration Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators Voluml' 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter, fji/or ChristinE' Hult, Utah Statl' University M/ln~ging Editor Suzanne Webb, Texas Woman's Univl'rsity fji/ori~l B'''ml Chris Anderson, Coordinator of Composition, Orl'gon State University Beverly Clark, Writing Coordinator, Whl'aton College Diana George, Director of First-Year English, Michigan Tech University Carol Hartzog, Vicl' Provost for Academic Administration, University of California, Los Angl'll's Judith Lambert, Communications Division, Richland Collegl' Bl'n McClelland, Director of Writing, University of Mississippi Susan McLeod, Director of Composition, Washington State University Michael Moran, Dirl'ctor, Freshman English Program, University of Georgia Carolyn Rudl', Director of Graduate Studies, Texas Tl'ch Univl'rsity John Trimbur, Humanities Division, Worcestl'r Polytl'chnic Irwin Wl'isl'r, Director of Composition, Purdul' University Edward White. Coordinator of Upper-Division Writing. California State Univl'rsity. San Bernardino Linda Ziff, Director of Practical Composition, Johns Hopkins University WPA: WritilllPtvgrgm Alllllin;stnltioll is published twice a yl'ar-fall!winter andspringby thl' Council of Writing Program Administrators and the Department of English and College of Humanities, Arts and Social Scil'nces at Utah State University. Council of Writing Program Administrators The Council of Writing Program Administrators is a national association of college and university faculty who serve or have served as directors of freshman composition or writing programs. coordinators ofwriting centers and writing workshops.chairpersons and members of writing program-related committees. or in similar administrative capacities. The Council of Writing Program Administrators is an affiliate ofthe Association of American Colleges, WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter 1 Articles should be suitably documented using the current MLA Handbook, although as much reference as possible should be included within the text. Annotated bibliographies accompanying articles are encouraged, as well as any otherapparatus which might make material more conceptually and practically valuable to working writing program administrators. The editor reserves the right toedit manuscripts to conform to the style of the journal. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication will be asked to submit their article both in print form and on IBM compatible disk, if possible. (An article submitted on disk using WordPerfect in particular will greatly facilitate production.) Authors will also be asked to submit a 100 word biography for inclusion in the Notes on Contributors section of the journal. Presidenl Linda Peterson, Yale University Vrce-Prrsidrn' Lynn Bloom, University of Connecticut Suretary- Trra5urrr Donald Daiker, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio &tr~lidf Commil/,t Lil Brannon, SUNY, Albany Barbara Cambridge, Indiana UniversitylPurdue University at Indianapolis Lester Faigley, University of Texas, Austin Jeanette Harris, Texas Tech University Winifred Bryan Horner, Texas Christian University 10hn Trimbur, Worcester Polytechnic Institute E.dward White, California State University, San Bernardino Article deadline: Fall/Winter issue. March 1; Spring issue September 1. Relevant announcements and calls for papers are also acceptable. Announcement deadlines: Fall/Winter issue, August 15; Spring issue, December 15. Address articles and editorial correspondence to Christine Hult, Editor, WPA, Department of English, Utah State University, Logan, Utah 843ZZ Address subscription and membership inquiries to Donald Daiker, Secretary-Treasurer, WPA, Department of English, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (See subscription and membership form at the back of the journal.) Address advertising inquiries to Suzanne Webb, WPA, Managing Editor, Department of English, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas Author's Guide The Editor of WPA: Wrifing Program Administra/ion invites contributions that are appropriate to the interests and concerns of those who administer writing programs in American and Canadian colleges and universities. Articles on teaching writing or research in composition are acceptable only if they deal with the relationship of these activities to program administration. WPA is especially interested in articles on topics such as establishing and maintaining a cohesive writing program, training composition staff. testing and evaluating students and programs. working with department chairs and deans, collaborating with high school or community college teachers. and so on, The length of articles should be approximately words. Authors should submit an original plus two copies, with the author identified only on a separate cover letter. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like a copy of your manulicript returned to you. All articles are anonymously reviewed byour Editorial Board, and their responses will be forwarded to you within about ten weeks of receiptof the manuscript. j WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter Writing Program Administration Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter, Contents Editor's Note 11 Christine Hult The Wyoming Conference Resolution: A Beginning 13 John Trimbur and &rbara Cambridge Writing Center Directors: The Search for Professional Status _ 19 Gary A. Olson and f elyn Ashlon-Jones Teaching Writing in the Two-Year College 29 Helon Howell Raines In Situ Workshops and the Peer Relationships of Composition Faculty 39 Rebecca M. Howard Writing Across the Curriculum: The Program at Third College, University of California, San Diego 47 Gtsa Kirsch Announcements S6 Call for Papers 60 Notes on Contributors 61 Membership Form 63 WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter I ~ THERE ARE REASONS WRITING WITH A PURPOSE IS NUMBER ONE. Writing with a Purpose Ninth Edition Joseph F. Trimmer, Ball Srate University James M. McCrimmon 524 pages' hardcover' Teaching wilh a Purpose: InSlructor's Manual' Rewurces for Writing wilh a Purpose: Experiments and Readings by Brock Dethier' Instructor's Manual for Resource~ for Writing wilh a Purpose' Insrruccor's Suppon Package' ComputeriLed Diagnostic Tests' WntIng Process Workshop: Transparencies' U'Vrk.Hn Progress: Houghton Mifflin College Word Processing PC Write' U'riters Writing.' Videocassette GPA: Grade Performance Analyzer' Writing with a Purpose Short Edition based on the Ninth Edition, omits handbook 399 pages' paperback Ancillaries as above' The phenomenal success of Writing wilh a Purposl' can be arrributed to its supportive tone and thorough coverage of the process. products. and problems of writing, Consistently, the texi has provided instructors with a dependable. up-lo-date rheloric that stresses the imporlance of purpo~e in writing. The Ninth Edi[ion includes new exercises, illustrations, and examples. Parts II and [II. The Expression of Ideas and Special Assignments, have been revised for a clearer integralion of material on the wriling process, covered in Pan I. Special Offer: The American HeririJ!!.{' DIC/lOllarl'. Second College Edition, combined... ilh ~frtll/lg wilh a Purpose, Nillth Ediliun, at a 'iubstanlially reduced price for students. Ask your regional,ale, representative or office for more information. ~ or adopt ion con,\dcral ion, rcquesl ~,anllnallon L(\[1i~, from YOlU regional Houghton 'vllff1in office, Houghton Mifflin Midway Rd., Dallas, TX ~ 1900 S. Batavia Ave., Gcneva, ll E. Meadow Dr., Palo Aha, CA Campus Dr.. Princeton. NJ 08540 Houghton Mifflin New for 1989 Practical English Handbook Eighth Edition Floyd C. Watkins and William B. Dillingham Both of Emory University AboUl 480 pages' paperback Instructor's Ann~tated Edition Reference Chart DiagnostiC Tests Computerized Diagnostic Tests PEER: Practical English Exercises and Review (s ?ft~are) Works-in-Progress: Houghton Mlfflm College Word Processing PC-Write GPA: Grade Performance Analyzer' Practical English Workbook (see below) December Watkins/Dillingham continues to set the ~tandard ~or practicality. brevity, and author Ity, The EIghth Edition features thorough coverage of the writing process; new model p.apers ~or the college theme, literary analysis, film review, and,research paper; new material on word processmg; expanded glossary of ~sage and of grammatical terms; and exten Sive replacement of exercises. Practical English Workbook Fourth Edition Floyd C, Watkins and William B. Dillingham John T. Hiers, Valdosta State College About 300 perforated pages' paperback Instructor's Manual December Additional explanations, examples, and exercises. The Fourth Edition has 18 new paragraph-length exercises, Tbe Informed Writer: Using Sources in the Disciplines, C~arles,Bazerman, Baruch College, City Umversity of New York About 544 pages' paperback' Instructor's Manual' November The Inf?rmed Writer demonstrates the conne~tlon between interpretive reading and analytical and argumentative writing Students learn how to evaluate and synthesize w~a~ they have read in order to develop otlgmal essays. More than 40 full-length essays o~ excerp~s span the disciplines and serve as Illustration or as source material. The Houghton Mifflin Anthology of Short Ficrion Patricia Harnpl, Universiry of Minnesota About 1,280 pages' paperback' Instructor's Manual Early 1989 WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 12, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter Noted writer and teacher Patricia Hampl has assembled a rich collection of works spotlight!ng i!?ternational, contemporary, and ethnic wtlters. Many selections are not commonly anthologized; all have strong appeal to student writers. Hampl's introductory essay discusses the art of short fict ion from a writer's point of view. About Language: A Reader for Writers WiJliam H. Roberts and Gregoire Turgeon Both of University of Lowell Aboul 550 pages' paperback' Instructor's Manual Early 1989 Roberts and Turgeon's reader concentrates on language topics of high interest such as advertising, jarl!~n, language ta'boos, the lang~age of pohtlcs. Containing many new readmgs, the continues to offer an opening unit on the writing process and excellent reading/writing study apparatus. A Guide to the MLA Documentation Style Revised Edition Joseph Trimmer, Ball State University About 48 pages paperback' Early 1989 Trimmer's popular guide presents essential details in a brief, accessible formal. The Revised Edition includes new material on notetaking, av?iding plagiarism, other forms of documentation, and a new, fully annotated model research paper, Stntence Sense: A Writer's Guide Evelyn Farbman Greater Hartford Community College About 352 pages' paperback' Instructor's Resource Guide' Test Package' Ditto Masters Diagnostic Tests and Post-Test Software' Mastery Test for Student Practice So.ftware Works-in-Progress: Houghton Mlfflm College Word Processing GPA: Grade Performance Analyzer' November Senrence Sense, a grammar workbook, first focu~es on correct sentence structure and provides practice, using examples to reinforce concepts.,part 2, Usage, covers correcting and avoldmg sentence errors. Exercises help students understand sentence structure within the context of their own writing. rcontexts: Writing and Reading Jeanette Harris, Texas Tech UniversilY Ann Mosele~', East Texas State University About 400 pages' spiralbound Instructor's Annotated Edition Instructor's Resource Guide' Works-in-Progress: Houghton Mi ft1in College Word Processing Just Published Harris and Moseley inlegrate instruction in writing and reading skills, treating both as recursive proce~ses that require preparation and review. In this edition, all chapters culminate in two high-interest Reading/ Writing Assignments presented within a complete rhetorical context. Foundation: Building Sentence Skills Thomas R, Neuburger, Ventura College About 420 perforated pages' paperback Instructor's Support Package' Computerized Diagnostic/Mastery Tests' Computerized Chapter and Unit Tests Just published Neuburger's popular workbook instructs students in how {Q write clearly and correctly, covering sentence structure, usage, punctuation, and paragraphs. The, reorganized for more unified coverage, features expanded explanations and new, more abundant practice exercises. Also Available ---- Evergreen: A Guide to Writing Susan C. Fawcett and Alvin Sandberg 477 pages' spiralbound Instructor's Annotated Edition' Instructor's Resource Guide Test Package' Instructor's SuPPOrt Package for Business English' Diagnostic/ Mastery Tests on Disk Test File Data Disk GPA: Grade Performance Analyzer Worksin-Progress: Houghton Mifllin Collegc Word Processing' Transparency Package' Also by Fawcett and Sandberg Grassroots: The Writer's Workbook A Guide 10 the Whole Writing Process, Jack Blum, Long Beach City College Carol)'n Brinkman Long Beach City College Elizabeth Hoffman University of Southern California Dav'id Peck California State University, Long Beach 264 pages paperback' Instructor's Edition Writing Skills Handbook Charles Bazerman, Baruch College, City University of New York Haf\'e~' S. Wiener, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York 136 pages' paperback' Instructor's Support Package' Computeril-ed Diagnostic Tem Patterns: A Short Prose Reader Mar}' Lou Conlin Cuyahoga Community College 365 pages paperback Instructor's Manual Also by Conlin Patterns Plus: A Short Prose Reader with Argumentation, Thinking Criticall)' John Chaffee, LaGuardia Communit;, College, City University of New York 468 pages' paperback Instructor's Manual The Dolphin Reader The Dolphin Reader. Shorter Edition Douglas Hunt The Riverside Reader Volume I, The Riverside Reader Volume 2, Joseph Trimmer Maxine Hairston The Beacon Handbook Robert Perrin The Writer's Wa)' Jack P. Rawlins Perspectives: Turning Readin2 into Writing Joseph J. Comprone For adoption comldcralion, request examination copies from your reglonat Houghton /l.1iftlin office 4~ Houghton Mifflin IJ4()() Mid ay Rd.. Datl2'. TX S. Batavia Ave Gene a, It E. Meadow Dr.. Palo Alto, CA 94~03 lol Campus Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540
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