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Serving your health care need with 29 location in Canada ince Aociate Chain: Supplement Plu in Toronto & Morning Sun Health Food in Alberta Wide election of brand name Supplement Herb Vitamin Fat/Weight
Serving your health care need with 29 location in Canada ince Aociate Chain: Supplement Plu in Toronto & Morning Sun Health Food in Alberta Wide election of brand name Supplement Herb Vitamin Fat/Weight Lo Anti-Aging Homeopathic & Profeional Line Sale end January 31, 2011 ak Alice HEALTHY SUPPleMentS & Food For winter BlueS, MoodS & More Dr. Brenna Jack, ND, 11/2010 Alive Magazine ha ome excellent uggetion for upplement and food to improve the above condition. Doe your mood improve after you eat a proper, balanced meal? Thi i due to the influx of vitamin and mineral your brain need to make you feel good. If your lifetyle doen t allow you to eat a healthy a you wih, there are ome upplement epecially helpful to beat the winter blue. Vitamin D deficiency i linked to lower mood and an increaed rik of depreion. Re earch on Vitamin D to improve mood i till underway, but it eem like a afe treatment and i cot-effective. Cod Liver Oil contain high Vitamin D level. Vitamin D upplement in pill or liquid i readily available. When D i low, your calcium level alo may uffer ince vitamin D i required for calcium aborption. Another mood enhancer i 5-hydroxytrypotophan (5HTP). It a precuror to erotonin, a reponible for balancing mood, leep and hunger. To elevate erotonin level, 5HTP upplementation i an option. Conult your health practitioner for a proper doe and to avoid potential drug interaction. Adding whole grain and nut to your diet alo boot your erotonin. Omega-3 oil have alo been found to upport healthy mood and thought pattern. Recent tudie found that EPA in fih oil mut be preent to help elevate mood, not jut DHA. Omega-3 oil are found in almon, mackerel, herring, ardine & walnut. B complex vitamin are important to regulate the nervou ytem and for mental and emotional well-being. Good winter food high in B vitamin include oat, beef, turkey, potatoe and legume. All upplement mention above are all featured in thi flyer. Alice Chung ha been in the health indutry ince She own Alive Health Centre (BC), Morning Sun (Alberta) and Supple ment Plu (BC & Toronto). She i a young looking, energetic 63 year old and i a fervent believer that leading a healthy lifetyle with nutritional upplementation contribute greatly to her ucce. Alice work Thurday to Saturday at the Oakridge tore, Vancouver, or toll-free at # Effective! Many Repeat Effective! Relora TM Shrink Your Belly Fat! Great REDUCE STRESS & ELEVATE YOUR MOOD! Demand! Can t eem to loe that tubborn tomach flab - no matter what tactic you try? Relora tm - a proprietary 100% natural blend of patented plant extract ha been hown in human tudie to REDUCE Cortiol level (-37%) and INCREASE Dhea ignificantly (+227%). Cortiol - a NASTY little hormone can caue pound after pound of exce body fat to accumulate around your wait and tummy - a life threatening, figure detroying condition affecting 47 million American. Dhea i a poitive, anti-aging hormone which help to re duce craving, anxiety, tre, elevate mood, increae energy and help to reduce exce fat around the wait and tummy. A cutomer, after uing Relora for only ten day wa able to wear her jean which were in her trunk for 3 year! Hyaluronic Acid Thi amazing molecule can erae year from your face, protect your joint and more! Cutomer! Woman World, Dec. 15/03, Alive Magazine 8/04. Our bodie naturally produce about 3 gram of HA daily when we re young. Unfortunately, the ability to produce HA drop a we age. In the pat, the only way to get more HA wa by injection, but it now poible to get HA benefit from a pill. And with jut a few capule a day, you can: Banih wrinkle. Taking HA for jut 4 month boot collagen produc tion almot three-fold, reulting in firmer, moother, more youthful looking kin. Speed healing and prevent carring, eae joint pain and improve your viion, according to Woman World. 95% pure Hyaluronic acid, 50 mg. Mot on the market are from rooter comb/chicken ource and only contain 15% HA. Thi product i extracted by bacterial fermentation from Europe & i highly aborbable. Stay youthful and healthy with thi incredible product! Save 7 Buy 6, get one 60 Save 11 Buy 6, get one Unclogged Strau Heart Drop Clogged Arterie? High Arterie! Choleterol? HBP? Bad Circulation? Strau Heart Drop i your anwer! We received countle tetimonial from cutomer over the year aying how Strau Heart 50ml Drop gave back their live. They can go ballroom dancing, travel, enjoy their familie and friend without feeling exhauted, drive again, etc. MOST IMPORTANT! They don t worry anymore! Merle: Thi cutomer had 2 x 100%, 1 x 90%, 1 x 80% clogged arterie. After only 4 month with Strau Heart Drop,hi checkup at St. Paul howed 100ml all the four arterie were unclogged! Redeemable by bearer for merchandie at any Alive Health & Supplement Plu tore in B.C. when you purchae a minimum of 30 (excluding tax). Coupon mut be preented at time of purchae. One coupon per family. Not redeemable for cah. 2 OFF Expiry Date: January 31, 2011 BOTTLE RECYCLING We REWARD you for recycling. Bring your empty vitamin bottle to pur chae the SAME PRODUCTS and receive 50 /1 OFF. One empty bottle to one product purchaed, preented at the time of purchae. CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY - 1t TUESDAY EVERY MONTH 15% OFF ENTIRE STOCK Except ale item. Remember to mark it on your calendar. e DEALS! Shrink Pack T Bonu Pack Size T Capule DEALS! INFLAMATION PAIN Oteoarthriti Joint Formula MSM & 33% MORE! Glucoamine Sulfate 1000 mg Very effective treating inflamed, painful joint like Oteoporoi. MSM a derivative of DMSO together with glu coamine ulfate help to reduce pain, build cartilage, tend on & ligament. Thi combo help to make mobility for athlete, elderly & other le painful and more flexible. NPN Glucoamine & Chondroitin Sulfate (95%) 900 mg 25% MORE! Glucoamine will help to build oft tiue, tendon, cartilage & ligament. Chondroitin draw fluid & water into the joint to lubricate and help make joint more flexible, reulting in eay movement with le pain. Thoe with Oteoarthriti can greatly benefit from thi combination, 79% improved Van Sun 2/23/06. Buy, NPN get 225 MSM 1000 mg 33% MORE! A derivative of DMSO, MSM ha been ued very effectively for reducing pain and inflammation aociated with variou joint diorder, including arthriti, fibromyalia & buriti. Skin problem caued by inflam mation like Acne, Roacea, Eczema, Poriai repond effectively with MSM. NPN Floradix Liquid Iron - Iron deficiency - America hidden epidemic! A deli ciou, all natural liquid formula containing herb extract, fruit concentrate, honey with or w/o gluten or yeat and a pecially prepared iron-enriched compound. Con tain vitamin and mineral to en ure proper aborption of the iron. Non-contipat ing and eaily diget ed. Ideal during pregnancy, for growing children, fe male, elderly, athlete, body builder and runner. From Germany, Koher Buy, get 240 Glucoamine Sulfate 500 mg 66% MORE! Rebuild Tendon & Age and overue can damage Cartilage cartilage, tendon and ligament cauing ache, pain and tiffne. GS help to build cartilage, tendon & ligament that have been worn out or injured to reduce pain and dicomfort. Sodium free. NPN Pain, Eczema, Poriai Non- Contipating Iron! Incredible Low Price Buy, get ml + 250ml Save 24 CoEnzyme Q10 60 mg - The little pill that keep you young! Your heart, arterie, immune ytem, energy level, peridontal dieae can greatly benefit from thi little known wonder nutrient. Woman World (11/30/04) ay, Reearch how a daily doe of 100mg mg of thi uper antioxidant can keep your health and your figure in great hape! Woman World ay CoQ10 ha helped people with Parkinon dieae, Al zheimer and migraine. Want to fight off aging and maintain health? Take CoQ10 daily! Super Size Buy 300, get Buy get 140 Vcap ENERGY ANTI- AGING MEMORY IMMUNE immune allergie HAIR LOSS Pure Queen Bee Royal Jelly 1200mg Royal Jelly ha been ued for thouand of year in China. It popular for booting energy, rejuvenat ing the glandular ytem and internal organ, anti-aging, improve hair and nail growth and balance the im mune ytem. RJ ha been ued by athlete, tudent, high treed people, young & elderly to increae energy, focu and concentration effectively! Ginkgo Biloba Hi-Potency/One-A-Day 150 mg Standardized Extract 33% MORE! With mot Ginkgo, you mut take 2-3 daily. You only need 1 daily with thi 150 mg formula. Ginkgo ha been effective for memory retention and i ued by enior, tudent, executive and anyone who experience memory problem. Excellent alo for circula tion to the eye and ear to improve eye ight and hearing. NPN Eter-C 25% MORE Eter-C i a unique, patented vitamin C non-acidic and naturally proceed with a neutral ph for enitive tomach, acide reflux and ulcer. Clinical teting how that Eter-C brand calcium acorbate i better aborbed and excreted le than ordinary Vitamin C. Eter-C Supreme 25% MORE! In addition to the ingredient in the reg ular SISU Eter-C (ee above), the Supreme con tain 100 mg poly acchar ide, quer ce tin and multianthocyanidin (bio fla von oid from bilberry, grape, etc). Thee added ingre dient improve the for m ula. Better formula for thoe with allergie. Hair Force TM + Ultra Sill An effective nutritional formula for improving the health and beauty of hair and prevent hair lo. Rich in biotin, B-complex, L-cyteine and important mineral. Ue with Vegetal Silica to get maximum reult. BONUS: Receive a 90 ize UltraSil (Vegetal Silica value) with the purchae of Hair Force. Buy one, get one Buy, get 240 FibreSmart 240 with 120 Capule! Remove Toxin Relief Contipation - FibreSmart dietary fibre enhance the body ability to remove toxin and increae the volume of your tool. Mot people take dietary fibre to reduce contipation, however, mot contipation i due largely to dehydration in the colon. A lot of fibre product old i highly water-oluble, which mean that it aborb water, which can further dehydrate the colon, making mot people even more contipated. FibreSmart contain 50% oluble and 50% inoluble fibre. Thi ratio allow FibreSmart to aborb toxin, without the contipating ide effect created by ome other fibre product Get 120 Capule Buy, get 150 Vcap Buy, get 150 Vcap Shrink Pack Buy, get UltraSil! A O F ma lev T M S Co Y Infe c in w Co C 2 1t Tueday of every month i Cutomer Appreciation Day 15% OFF entire tock, except ale item. Pleae note: 20% OFF all other Alive brand vitamin, 180 ize and larger, not lited in thi flyer. ,! E e k t l A Seen On Dr Oz Show! BOOK The Vice- Buting Diet Low Thyroid? Skin, Mood Swing Organic Paionflower Drop Stop Belly Fat Growing! According to Dr Oz, tre will make you pack on the pound! He ay that from your belly ize, he can tell how treed you are! Stre will make your belly larger! Your adrenal uffer tremendouly when you are under tre or an xiou. Not to worry, Dr Oz recommend Paionflower drop to the recue! You can put the drop on your tongue or in water, once or a few time a day depending on the degree of your tre or anxiety or depreion. Dr Oz alo recommend you to relax by cloing your eye and think of happy thing! Paionflower i ued a a calm ing herb for anxiety, inomnia, eizure, and hyteria. It i believed that paionflower work by increaing level of a chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA lower the activity of ome brain cell, making you more relaxed. ThyroSene - Up to 25% of Canadian women have low thyroid. Tired? Depreed? Thinning hair? Gaining weight? Dry kin? Hypothyroid affect 20-25% of female and 10% of male. An additional 20% may alo have ubclinical or mild hypothyroidim. If your thyroid gland i not operating at peak performance you will have trouble loing weight, have dratic weight increae, your hair may thin, and your kin will wrinkle exceively and be dry and you may experience mentrual problem or evere meno paual ymptom. Combine ThyroSene with multi-vitamin/ mineral for optimal health. Evening Primroe Oil 1000 mg. Omega 6 Cold Preed - Guarante ed 10% GLA (the mot biolog ically active form of Omega-6) Deficiency can lead to dry kin, eczema and even hair lo. Evening Primroe ha been ucce fully ued to help with kin problem like eczema, dry itchy kin, hormone balancing (PMS & menopaue), improve nerve function in diabete, etc. Safe to ue for adultv and children. Wild Roe Herbal D-Tox 12-Day Cleane A imple, convenient detox ifica tion program. The meal plan included i deigned to upport and enhance the herbal formula and i eay to ue. You can actually eat electively with thi program! Weight lo, energy and better kin com plexion will be expected after the program Buy 180 Vcap get Softgel Softgel to 15 Buy 6 get 1 Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support When your yeat infection won t go away Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support to the recue! Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion culture formula contain therapeutic amount of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. The 9 train in Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support were choen for their prevalence in a healthy vagina and urinary tract. It i afe, no ide effect; thi i your good bacteria keeping you in balance! The convenient ONE A DAY doe will elim inate yeat infection and prevent reoccurrence! It time to top putting up with yeat infection when you can do omething about it with Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support ml Save 2 PGX Daily (Dr Oz Bet Wt Lo 2010 i Glucomannan or Konjac Root - 1t ingredient in PGX) Helping 1 Million People to Loe Weight!... Dr.Oz Julia ha walked the walk and hare her in ight into how we can join her in gaining wellne through healthy weight control. Julia Harvey, author of The Vice Buting book ( with PGX purchae) i healthy, vibrant and lb lighter talk about weight lo - LASTING WEIGHT CON TROL which i enible, definitely doable, and won- derfully em pow ering. It i alo tried and true! Together with PGX and tip from her book, you will be the next Julia Harvey in term of loing weight and have a lat ing one! PGX i extenively reearched and will create and maintain a atifying ene of fullne, control and balance blood ugar level and lower the glycermic index of your meal by up to 50%! Conquer Yeat Infection! Complete Cleane 120 Softgel Softgel 30 Vcap Save 8 12 day Save 16 FIRMER LARGER BREASTS! Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg The Mineral that MELTS FAT! BOOST METABOLISM! & STOPS FAT STORAGE! fat lo & diabete FAT & WEIGHT LOSS Firm N GRO Europe #1 Breat Enlarge ment Product: 100,000 Satified uer in Europe! Why take the rik of breat implant when you can try a afer and natural way to en large and firm your breat? Firm N GRO ha been teted in double-blind clinically trial. Firm N GRO i pecially formulated to beautify and deve lop female breat. How doe it work? It imi tate a woman breat deve lop ment proce at puberty. Your breat tart to develop during the lt 8 week. You will ee that your breat are already becoming fuller and firmer. For firmer and larger breat ize you hould continue to take the tablet for 4-6 month. There will be no weight gain but better nail and hair growth. Male Facial Hair? Skin Tag? Belly Fat? Need to Loe 1-2 Size in 2 day? Original SILICEA Liquid Gel The amazing mineral Silica for beautiful kin and hair, tronger nail and bone, cellulite aid and more! You ll have Lutrou Hair, Luminou Skin and Health ier Nail! Silicea Gel i an excellent ource of Silicon which i a trace mineral of Silicic Acid. If Silicic acid i miing, the con nective tiue loe it elaticity and become untable wrink le and cellulite become evident in uch cae, including weak nail and hair, dull kin and more. Woman World 7/12/05. The Magic Doe: Maybe you have taken chromium picolinate before and you haven t lot much weight or fat. David Katz, MD, Director of Yale School of Medicine anwer i thi: (according to Woman World) Doage wa too low to be effective. Dr. Katz recom mend 800 mcg per day to be effective. Chromium work by turn ing off ugar & carb crav ing. Chromium mean le inulin, and le inulin mean le hunger. Chromium burn fat and build lean mucle. The bet type to take i Chrom ium Picolinate a it i mot aborbable and mot effi cient for weight lo ml cream to 34 Glucomart - Fight Belly Fat, Skin Tag, Male Facial Hair Growth in Women and More - Glucomart containing Chiroitol tm ha over 30 tudie done at the Virginia Medical chool where it wa hown to normalize inulin, control diabete, top kin tag, lower choleterol and enhance erotonin, which thereby halt ugar craving and reduce appetite. Glucomart alo normalize tetoterone in women, which halt male facial hair growth, acne and PCOS. But where Glucomart REALLY SHINES i fighting belly fat in both men and women! QuickTrim - Fat Cleane 48 Hour Super Diet Detox endored by Kim Kardahian - LOOK SLIM AND SEXY! - When you abolutely, poitively MUST fit into your favorite dre or jean, QuickTrim Fat Cleane tm will help you make an impreion! A deliciou lemonade flavored drink deigned to help rid the body of exce water weight, belly bloating and intetinal bulk in a little a 2 day! The key ingredient have been ued in Hollywood for many year to help actor, model and celebritie look Slim and Sexy! Fat Cleane will be your new ecret weapon! You ll loe up to 2 ize in 2 day; help cleane and detoxify, jump tart weight lo and reduce belly bloating! WEAK NAILS? Apple Cider Vinegar Cut Fat! Very effective to help keep weight off, to releae fat depoit on tom ach, hip, leg and butt, to help with digetion and to releae trapped fluid. Apple Cider Vine gar ha alo been ued very effectively to relieve aching joint, back pain and other arthritic pain. 30 Vcap with BOOK 950ml Save ml Mirror 9.99) to one Fat Fat Burner T Metabolim Booter T Breat Enhancer T Belly Fat Fat Bring your empty vitamin bottle to get the ame product and receive 50 OFF (under 10) or 1 OFF (over 10) excluding tax. Empty bottle: Brand name may be different and may not have been purchaed from our tore (one empty bottle per one item). 23 Antioxidant DEALS! Shrink T Natural Pack HRT T Bonu Oteoporoi Pack T Cytiti Capule T Hormone DEALS! Balance my life i great now! QUICK MENOPAUSE RELIEF! Thick Hair! Strong Nail! The Silent Dieae! MenoSene Relief from Hot Flahe and Sleep Throughout the Night Again! Tetimonial: JN, BC I am 48 yr old, and I tarted getting hot flahe thi pat ummer that wa really dirupting my life! I would have them continuouly through out the day and wakeup during the night 3 or 4 time. I wa a wreck from leep depriva tion. Finally I tried a com bin ation of MenoSene & 5HTP, pg 9, (erotonin booter). Within 3 week I wan t having hot flahe anymore... nothing! I now have my life back! Harmony formula i unlike any other avail able on the market! It addree more than jut hot fluhe. 21 ymptom may be experienced and Har mony work pec ifi cally on hor mone and heat regulation to menopaual ymptom. Cooling & Calming: Harmony help cool the heat; calm the mind; feel le irritable and leep oundly! Nourihment and Moiture: Harmony nourihing formula prevent the vaginal dryne that come with age. Hor mone Balance: Harmony target the underlying caue of meno paue that are out of balance. With thi rebalancing come effective relief of many other ymptom ued to normalize your life again! Chelated Calcium Mag & D - 500mg Oteoporoi i a ilent, debilitating dieae that progree without a ymptom until the bone become o frail that a udden train, or fall caue a fracture. The inci dence of oteoporoi i in crea ing a the pop ula tion age. Currently, 1 in 4 wo men and 1 in 8 men over 50, have oteoporoi to ome degree. Chooing a calcium which i highly aborbable become critical. Dr. Balch in hi book Precription for Nutritional Healing recommend to take Calcium in Che lated Form for bet aborption. Thi i the only Chelated Elemen tal Cal Mag with D in 500mg on the market. Need only 2-3 to get 1000mg or 1500mg! Mot are only mg. Lifetime Liquid Calcium, Magneium Citrate with Vitamin D - 16 oz Each tablepoon contain mg of elemental calcium, 300 mg magneium and 400 I.U. Vitamin D. Highly aborbable and tate deliciou in grape, orange, lemon, trawberry and pina colada-weetened with Stevia only. Vegicap Buy 180 get to 8 ABS+ Bonu Pack! Loe Your Tummy LOOK PREGNANT?? Fat and Speed Meta
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