Web Design Questions Companies Should Ask Clients

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Kinsh Technologies is a web development company in UK specialising responsive web design and development for all business types and size. Our experienced web designers provide professional web design and development services.
  • 1. Web Design Questions Companies Should Ask Clients
  • 2. ▪ It can be super exciting for us to take on a new project as a web design agency. However, it is also important to educate our clients on the realities of setting up an online website or business. ▪ Any individual professional web designer or web development company in UK will tell you that you need much more than your creativity, new ideas and fresh inspiration in order to succeed.
  • 3. ▪ You need a basic understanding of business principles, sound financial knowledge as well as operational know-how. ▪ When clients come to us with ideas for their web presence, we walk them through a series of questions to help them better understand the web development process.
  • 4. What’s your Business About? The foremost thing as a web design company you need to understand is what exactly the client’s business is all about. Getting to know your client is the best starting point. Though the answer to this question might be quite obvious but when you know the important details about their business, you will do a better job of representing them online. To offer the best possible web development services, you need have an in-depth idea of the nature of your clients’ business.
  • 5. Do you have a Website? This may seem to be a silly question because they are coming to you for web development help! However, you would be surprised how many times we have created fresh mockups only to realise that a clients already had a certain website and branding system in place that we were expected to integrate our new designs into.
  • 6. That’s why it's important to know at the outset if the client already has an existing website or if you will need build one from scratch. If they have a website, you can ask about what they like and dislike in then existing website. If they do not have a website you can ask why they need a website. As the professional expert, you must dig deeper in order to identify and solve the practical business problems that your client is facing.
  • 7. What Features do they want? Before building any site, a web design company should ask what features they would like to include on their site. It is important to incorporate the necessary features on a site and your client may already be looking for a developer the offers responsive web design in UK. Be prepared to offer responsive design as well as infuse popular features such as social media icons, email sign up bars, chatbots or embed videos as per client requirement
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