Walk this way... The adventure begins here. It s time to discover the best of the world on foot. Chloe Knott, Walking & Trekking Programme Manager

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Walk this way... Welcome to the brand new Walking & Hiking brochure filled with worldwide walking inspiration, top tips for trekkers and of course, hikes you ll love. Inside you ll find adventure for all
Walk this way... Welcome to the brand new Walking & Hiking brochure filled with worldwide walking inspiration, top tips for trekkers and of course, hikes you ll love. Inside you ll find adventure for all walks of life, from captivating coastal strolls to challenging mountain summits. These treks will reveal to you the heart and soul of a place whether it s becoming a part of a small mountain community for a short while, discovering for yourself the quiet trails the locals favour, or finally achieving that moment you ve been craving the iconic view, the perfect sunrise, standing triumphantly on the summit. It s these moments which make your trek unforgettable. You could be following the Italian cliffs of Amalfi, fulfilling a lifetime s ambition to trek through the cloud forest to Machu Picchu, or even scaling the mighty Mera Peak. It s about finding the memories you ll always treasure, that bring a smile to your face every time you recall that view, and that moment. The adventure begins here. It s time to discover the best of the world on foot. Chloe Knott, Walking & Trekking Programme Manager For full holiday listings see from p42 3 97% of our travellers would recommend us to their friends 98% of our travellers think we design and operate trips to benefit the local community and environment 4.7 out of 5 average trip rating based on the past 1 online customer reviews CONTENTS 4 YOUR ADVENTURE, YOUR WAY: Ways to travel 6 WHAT'S NEW? New trips from Greenland to Colombia 1 ASK THE EXPERTS FAQs, holiday extensions and grading guidance 12 THE HIGH LIFE Awesome Alpine adventures 17 WALKING & WINE Raise a glass to these great grape escapes 18 AFRICA: A NATURAL BEAUTY Africa's colourful plantlife 2 ISLAND HOPPING & COASTAL WALKS Idyllic islands and captivating coasts 24 WALKING NEWS New trips, trends and views 26 BACK ON THE MAP A welcome return to K2 in Pakistan 27 ANIMAL INSTINCTS Walking trips with a wildlife focus 28 ONE NIGHT IN: AN AMAZON LODGE Fall asleep to the sounds of the rainforest 29 SECRET SOUTH AMERICA Heading off track in the beautiful south 34 PEAK PRACTICE Different summits for all levels of trekker 36 NEPAL After the Earth shook 4 I DID THIS! One traveller's journey to Everest Base Camp 42 HOLIDAY LISTINGS Find all our walking & hiking adventures with essential information from page 42 Cover photograph: Cover photograph: Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland, TSF p68 Main photograph: The Great Wall, China, TCW p94 4 Your Adventure, Your Way YOUR ADVENTURE, YOUR WAY We know how difficult it can be to find your perfect adventure. That s why we offer a range of different ways to travel depending on what suits you. We re flexible on how and when you travel, and even who you travel with whether that s with like-minded travellers on a group trip, or friends and family on a private tour Guided Groups For those of you that are new to Exodus, guided group trips are our most popular type of holiday. Guided exploration, with a small group of like-minded travellers is how we began, and we ve been doing it for over 4 years now. Our groups are normally between 8-16 people. This means our trips aren t disruptive to the places we visit, and having a smaller number of guests creates a good group dynamic too. You ll get to know a range of people who come from different backgrounds but have a shared interest in travel. It also works out better value for money as the costs of the trip are spread across the group. And with a local expert on every adventure, you ll experience the true nature of your chosen destination. Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are famous for going the extra mile to make sure your holiday is the best it can possibly be! The Inside Story SUE CLARKE, EXODUS TRAVELLER Sue Clarke has now taken at least six trips with us to destinations as diverse as Croatia and Tanzania: There have been times when I ve only been able to take a holiday at short notice, making it easier to jump onto a group trip than arrange anything with friends or family. Apart from once, I didn t know anyone else on the trip before the starting point. It s a wonderful way to see varied and interesting places in great company, with a really good combination of solo travellers, couples and friends And I ve kept in touch with people from all of them, mainly through Facebook. It s always been good to see what trips they go on, and add them to the wish list! It s also meant I ve visited some amazing locations that I hadn t been planning to see, and places that I wouldn t have come across without local knowledge beautiful views, or unusual restaurants and bars. On my trip to Petra, our brilliant guide took us on a back route over lots of rocks past Berber caves so that we came out on an outcrop of rocks overlooking the famous Treasury, rather than at ground level giving us some great photo opportunities.. exodustravels.com/guidedgroups Around half of our customers travel solo, booking onto small group trips with a mixture of couples, other solo travellers and groups of friends. It s a great way to meet like-minded people who share the same passion for travel. And on Exodus guided groups you ll never have to pay more because you re booking by yourself. For full holiday listings see from p42 5 Self-Guided Adventures Rather than following a guide who points you in the right direction, the decisions are yours to make; based on personal interests and preferences and detailed route notes that offer you all the information you ll need for your destination. Prefer to spend a lazy afternoon picnicking by a riverbank? With self-guided travel you set your own pace, which means there s always time for that paddle in the sea, the detour to visit the nearby chateaux, that extra piece of cake at lunchtime! For those looking for a little more independence, self-guided travel provides the opportunity for you to explore things in your own way. And of course, we take care of your luggage making sure it s transferred and ready for you at your next accommodation. Private Adventures The idea is simple: have your adventure tailored to suit you. We can offer most of our holidays as private adventures, perfect if you d like to travel with a group of friends or family, or fellow club members. We can run these trips with a minimum of just two people travelling, but the more people who travel, the less it costs per person. All you need to do is let us know which trip you fancy, how many people are travelling, and when you d like to go. And, of course, you still have all the same benefits of a guided group trip, including the all-important local guide and their invaluable knowledge of your destination. exodustravels.com/privateadventures Go Your Own Way SONIA JACKSON, EXODUS TRAVELLER We really wanted to see the Dolomites out of the ski season. The walks looked fantastic and so scenic, and not all that far from the UK, says Exodus Self-Guided customer, Sonia Jackson. I've been on guided tours with Exodus, which are great, but we just wanted to try something different this time, she says. Travelling with her husband, Sonia wanted to take time out for them to enjoy each other s company, with the potential for chatting to other trekkers - swapping notes and sharing photos at the hotel of an evening. It was great to have one base. Our hotel in Dobbiaco had so much character and wonderful staff - when we got back from walking to have a relaxing and comfortable place to stay was very much appreciated! Sonia says our Route Notes were a real help, too: They were very detailed. Even we couldn t get lost! It was a real bonus having the highlights of the trip mapped out for us, so we didn't feel like we missed anything, she says. And, going it alone meant they could take short-cuts, or even longer detours, when the mood struck. I d definitely do another selfguided tour, she says, I loved the freedom it brings to explore in your own time. exodustravels.com/walking-holidays/self-guided Flexibility There s a world of activity and adventure out there and our trips are hand-crafted to showcase the best, wherever you re headed. But what happens if you want to take a detour? Linger a little while longer? Sometimes, going from A to B via C really is the only way to travel. We can tailor your tour to fit you perfectly. Want to add a bit of beach time after that challenging trek? Or fly home via Paris to visit an old friend? No problem. On many group trips you can add extra nights before or after your holiday. Our holidays come with flexibility built in. We can arrange for regional airport departures or even sort flight upgrades to premium economy, business or first class. And on a private adventure almost every element can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can organise hotel upgrades, extra nights, stop overs, extensions and more. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes so speak to one our sales experts about flexible travel options and let s make it personal. To find out more, or to arrange your own private adventure on a date to suit you, please ask your travel agent. 6 What's New? Europe What s New? EUROPE Nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing a new destination with you. We love finding inspiration and adventure wherever that happens to be. And Europe has it in abundance, as these seven new trips prove... 1 Greenland BEST FOR ICEBERGS The largest island in the world, much of Greenland is buried beneath towering ice sheets. Only at the coasts does this land of extremes soften, slightly, to allow life - and Greenland s colourful, unique culture - to grab a tenuous toehold. Our new trekking holiday to East Greenland explores the lesservisited coast of this remarkable country. Ammassalik area is certainly remote, says local leader Oskar Gudjonsson. We explore this unique and starkly beautiful terrain by helicopter and on foot. The vast wilderness, soaring mountains and shimmering icebergs make people stop in their tracks, Oskar says. You ll see sheer waterfalls plunging into the ocean, and breathe clean, crisp air. You ll also visit the incredible Sermilik ice fjord and enjoy the view of hundreds of icebergs out in the bay. More importantly, perhaps, by coming here you ll be doing your bit to protect these fragile communities: Bringing more tourists and more work related to tourism into the area is helpful for the local economy of these tiny villages and their futures, he says. Walking Wild Greenland exodustravels.com/trip/tsx For full holiday listings see from p42 7 2 French Riviera 3 Norway 4 Austrian Tyrol BEST FOR PICTURESQUE VILLAGES Stunning architecture and exotic gardens, hilltop communes and secret coves - as you travel closer to the Italian border, the French Riviera reveals a roll call of evermore enchanting natural attractions. The artists town of Menton, with its delightful Jean Cocteau museum, and the Italian-inflected mountain town of Sospel, complete with the perfect lunch spot at the Place Saint Michel. This selfguided adventure is the south of France at its most alluring. Coastal Trails of the French Riviera exodustravels.com/trip/l BEST FOR A SHORT BREAK Few countries do coastline quite as scene-stealing, or as elemental, as the jagged edge of Norway. This trip includes two full days of walking: cramming as many majestic sights and experiences into a weekend as possible. We ll head to the heart of Folgefonna National Park to walk along the Folgefonna glacier - the third largest on mainland Norway, up to 4 metres thick and covering over 2 square kilometres. And we ll trek to the famous Trolltunga, a vertiginous ledge of rock jutting horizontally out of a mountain, a full 7 metres above a glacial lake. Norway Trekking Weekend BEST FOR MOUNTAIN AIR Beautiful mountain scenery is the backdrop for this reviving eight day exploration of the Tyrolean heartland. Spend the week exploring Achensee; often called the fjord of the Alps . Enjoy moderate and challenging walks each day, including a walk to the summit of Bärenkopf - with terrific views over lakes, peaks and glaciers. The Austrian Tyrol offers wonderful contrasts: lush valleys, knife-edged arêtes and quaint mountain villages. Walking in the Austrian Tyrol exodustravels.com/trip/tdf exodustravels.com/trip/tsu 5 The Alps 6 Basque Country 7 La Palma NEW For more new trips... look out for the flag from p42. BEST FOR ALTERNATIVE ALPS Fancy exploring a hidden corner of the Alps? Then this is the trip for you. This challenging trek weaves through France and Italy, circumnavigating the beautiful Mont Viso, past spectacular gorges, hanging valleys and sudden, unexpected views of the sea. En route you ll walk the Vie del Sale, an ancient salt road traversed since the time of the Roman Empire. But, most intriguing of all, when you climb Col de la Traversette it s just possible you re retracing the steps of Hannibal s route through the Alps. We won t, however, be providing the elephants. Tour du Mont Viso exodustravels.com/trip/tvv BEST FOR FOODIES Cosmopolitan San Sebastian is rightly praised for its inventive and delicious array of pintxos restaurants - it forms the delicious heart in this exploration of the sublime Basque Country. This crook of land between southern France and northern Spain basks in the dazzling light of the Atlantic, with sublime stretches of coastline and the charming hilltop communes of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department - such as pretty Ascain. Over the border, we ll take a tour of the atmospheric fishing village of Getaria (home to some seriously great seafood restaurants) and for those who are looking for a culture boost there is a free day which can be used to visit the iconic Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Walking in the Basque Country BEST FOR OCEAN VIEWS Dramatic volcanic landscapes seem a world away (but are, in fact, a delightful series of walks away) from the resorts of sunny La Palma: a Canary Island of two strikingly different halves. We ll hike through a prehistoric forest, explore deep gorges with spectacular ocean views and strike out onto the Ruta de Los Volcanes. European hiking rarely gets as dramatic as this - think otherworldly, lunar landscapes, curious endemic species and plunging waterfalls. And at day's end, think about enjoying a reviving dip in the blue waters that wash this island's gorgeous beaches, twice every day! Walking the Island of La Palma exodustravels.com/trip/tsk exodustravels.com/trip/tsb 8 What's New? Further Afield What s New? FURTHER AFIELD There s a whole world out there, waiting to be discovered. This year, we ve made it easier for you to explore more, learn more, witness more on these new-to-exodus adventures to the furthest corners of the globe. 1 Colombia BEST FOR JUNGLE DISCOVERY Colombia is set to be one of the best travel destinations in the world in the coming years, and rightly so. Boasting both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, three prongs of the Andes, the Amazon rainforest, a rich cultural history and an extremely welcoming population, it is easy to see why there is so much excitement around this Latin American nation. Product Manager Adam Roberts is thrilled to be introducing a new trekking experience here. What really makes our new tour stand out from anyone else s is the six days of point-to-point highland trekking in Los Nevados National Park, he says. The trek starts by climbing steeply from the Magdalena Valley up into the central chain of the Andes where we walk at high altitude amid remote and stunning scenery. After five nights of wild camping, you ll descend into the beautiful Cocora Valley, with its iconic wax palm trees welcoming you into the coffee growing region for a well-earned brew in the town of Salento. The itinerary covers several distinct regions of Colombia, Adam says, and also includes a visit to the heady Caribbean city of Cartagena, with its fortified port and charming old town. The Lost City trek (La Ciudad Perdida) is another real highlight, too. Large stone steps lead you through the dense jungle to an ancient archaeological settlement built in 8 AD, Adam explains. The heat can be quite intense but the sense of achievement and chance to unwind on the beach afterwards certainly makes the effort worthwhile! This trip is graded as challenging/tough and therefore requires good fitness and some trekking experience. It's a wonderful holiday for anyone wanting an active adventure in an exciting and newly emerging tourism destination. Trekking Colombia exodustravels.com/trip/tkc For full holiday listings see from p42 9 2 Nepal BEST FOR MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS If you ve the stamina, this challenging trip will offer up trekking experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. High alpine meadows and close-up views of the eighth highest mountain in the world - majestic Manaslu - are just some of the delights in store. Full porterage throughout will ease your passage to an altitude maximum of 5,138 metres - but the scenery will still leave you somewhat breathless. We ll climb to the Sama Gaon Monastery, join the fabled Annapurna Circuit trail, and follow valley and river to remote Tibetan villages. Manaslu Lodge Circuit exodustravels.com/trip/tna 3 Borneo BEST FOR ORANG-UTANS The great forests of Borneo and the Malayan Peninsula harbour a myriad of adventures - sights, sounds, experiences: wonder awaits. From low-lying forests criss-crossed by rivers, to the top of one of Southeast Asia s highest peaks, we explore Malaysia s national parks, and embark on walkways high up in the misty tree tops looking out over the 13 million year old virgin canopy. We may also have a chance to look for the biggest flower in the world! The essential work in the 45 square miles of the Sepilok Orang-utan rehabilitation centre, depends on fees from travellers like us, is for many the highlight of this life-affirming exploration of Borneo's natural world. Trekking Borneo & Beyond exodustravels.com/trip/tlm 4 Costa Rica BEST FOR DIVERSE ECO-SYSTEMS One of the world s most fragile and varied eco-systems is, fortunately, one of the world s most protected environments. This trek takes us from coast to coast, witnessing the country s bewildering variety of habitats. Nowhere else on the planet enjoys quite so many rainforests, cloud forests, deciduous forests, maritime forests - and that s just the forests! On this trip, we ll explore Tortuguero National Park - kayaking its waterways - and hike to Miravalles Volcano. We ll find plenty of time to recharge, too - perhaps with a swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean at journey s end. Costa Rica Coast to Coast exodustravels.com/trip/tal 1 Ask The Experts ASK THE EXPERTS 1 Your Adventure Your Way Everyone at Exodus HQ is passionate about travel and adventure. Between us, we've visited more than 131 countries and have expertise in everything from leading tours to archaeology and mountain rescue. Put simply, we have the hands-on experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have and can help you when you need it. Here, we answer some of your questions... I m looking to book my first ever walking holiday. Before I choose my destination, what can I expect? Chloe Knott, Walking & Trekking Programme Manager says... Beautiful views, exercise and camaraderie! Walking holidays allow you to explore further, visit amazing landscapes accessible only on foot and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The grade of holiday will determine the amount of walking you do each day and there's usually a free day or two to allow your legs some rest. Accommodation can vary depending on which itinerary you pick, from luxury hotels to comfortable camping, or local homestays to an agriturismo. Each of our trips have detailed trip notes so you'll know exactly what to expect - and there s a handy packing section too. If you're a solo traveller, you don't have to pay extra - we'll accommodate you with a fellow traveller of the same sex, to avoid that pesky single supplement. Do you have any fitness adv
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