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NEWSLETTER Annual Golf Day 1/2 ANNUAL CHARITY GOLF DAY 7000 Euos raised to support local charities at Monte Rei Golf Course Margarida 3 Successful fund raising for…
NEWSLETTER Annual Golf Day 1/2 ANNUAL CHARITY GOLF DAY 7000 Euos raised to support local charities at Monte Rei Golf Course Margarida 3 Successful fund raising for her first operation more needed for the second Summer Camp 4 One Girl’s Experience Beach Lunch 5 Fellowship and fun for Rotarians and their families ACCA Back to School 5 Successful campaign to The Club’s 7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament was a great success. The event supply underprivileged took place on the 29th of August; and over 60 golfers enjoyed a perfect sunny day children with school at Portugal’s number one golf course, the magnificent Monte Rei Golf & Country materials. Club - a ‘signature’ Jack Nicklaus designed course. Throughout the day, the players enjoyed breakfast, driving range practice, 18 hole Stableford golf competition, and Delivery of Posture Chair to APPC 6 lunch with the prize giving ceremony. Funds raised by the Club The event began bright and early, with breakfast and golf practice; followed by a contribute to a special pos- closest-to-the-pin competition and a beat-the-pro challenge - adding yet more fun ture chair to help sufferers of and prizes to this exciting day of golf and socialising. cerebral palsy. Rotary Diversity Following complimentary refreshments on the lawn overlooking the magnificent Women in Rotary 7 Monte Rei Course, guests enjoyed a fine buffet lunch provided by resident Chef Speakers and Guests 8 Rui Silvestre, during which the awards ceremony was held. Review of Club speakers This year’s winners were: Men: 1st Place: Nick Butterly with 40 points, 2nd Place: and visitors Fernando Helder Dias with 38 points and 3rd Place: Peter Kershaw with 37 points. Dates for Diary 8/9 Event Schedule 10 Privacy Policy 11 Page 2 ANNUAL CHARITY GOLF DAY Ladies: 1st Place: Jackie Barry with 34 points, 2nd Place: Shirley Anne Steven with 32 points and 3rd Place: Judy Kershaw with 30 points. In addition, Fernando Helder Dias scored an astounding hole in one at the 14th hole. Further photos of this event are available on our website and Facebook page. The funds raised by our golf tournaments help local charities Community as well as International Projects. To date, RCEPI has helped fund numerous projects including A refrigerated truck for the Faro Food Bank A mobile breast screening unit for the Algarve Oncology Association A van to provide mobile lung cancer screening in the Algarve Donating wheelchairs to the local community Purchasing Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children Helping fund a new, fully equipped ambulance for Sao Bras fire department, Financing a local milk programme Funding crucial wheelchair access Funding university education for students RCEPI was grateful to receive multiple donations; the main donors for the event being the Monte Rei Golf & Country Club; IBEX Insurance Services; INNOVARISK Underwriting and Insurance Management; Projetos e Construções Building Services. Further donations/prizes were received from The About Wine shop located in Faro, The Open Media Group; Porsche Algarve; Conrad Algarve; Blevins Franks; Pousada Palácio Estoi; Tavira Lawyers, IBC Securities Lda. and The Works Print Shop, Almancil. Helped by donations on the day from the players around 7000 euros was raised. This will be distributed among the several local charities and organisations which RCEPI supports, including the Algarve Oncology Association, Caritas and the local Estoi community. RCEPI Golf Day Committee members from left to right Chair of Membership Committee, Maria Jose Pires, Web Administrator, Richard Thorpe, Service Committee Member, Iga Pietzrazak, Club President Christine Fay, Service Committee Member, Sven Gustaf Lindroos, Club President Elect Peter Zahner We would be happy to welcome more donors for next year’s tournament and invite interested companies to visit our online page for at: https://rotaryestoipalace.org/golf-sponsorship/ To participate in the 2020 Charity Golf event, RCEPI advises golfers to book early, to avoid disappointment as places are limited. Page 3 MARGARIDA The Club was first asked if they could help Margarida in 2014 by the Casa do Povo in Estoi where her parents are registered with the Faro Food Bank. She was born with the very rare disease, multiple congenital arthrogryposis, which means she is confined to a wheelchair. When she was younger calipers could enable her to walk, but the waiting list for them was long and RCEPI together with childrens charity ACCA stepped in to help her and purchased calipers for her. Margarida is now 15 years old and attends the local Estoi school, Escola Poeta Emiliano da Costa. She was back in a wheelchair permanently now as the calipers can no longer help and she had not had two very much needed operations, which should have been done two years ago. Her illness is very rare and, therefore, there are not many doctors capable of operating on her. These operations are vital if Margarida is to walk again and must be done now. With the help of the Estoi school, Rotary Club Estoi Palace International, the community of Estoi “Street Party” and ACCA sufficient funds were raised for the first operation which was carried out in August. Her surgeon is very pleased with the results of this first op and wants to do the second operation before the end of the year and Estoi Palace Rotary Club is organising fund raising events to raise the money required for this which will be around 12.000 euros. Without this operation Margarida will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life through no fault of her own. She is a lovely, bright girl, from a severely disadvantaged family, who has not let her disability hold her back, in the past when she had support devices on her legs she was able to do everything other children do, walk, run, dance etc. She deserves to walk again as she is a fighter. RCEPI need your help to fulfil this dream of Margarida, her family, her class, her school, and the village of Estoi. We all want to see Margarida walk again. Page 4 SUMMER CAMP In July, RCEPI sent 16year old Constança Luís to a Summer Camp in Hungary. Constança participated with other teenagers in exciting activities and enjoying unforgettable experiences. She spen the first week with a Rotary family who welcomed her with care and affection, and spent the second week in a riding camp with twenty young people of various nationalities. Constança commented on her experience as follows “In the first week I felt that I really belonged to that family. Everyone was truly committed to feeling good. And I felt it! So much, I want to see them again! In the second week, it was very easy to create ties! Cultural differences have never been a barrier; indeed, they enriched our experience of friendship and companionship! ”. And she added, by way of conclusion: “If I could, I wouldn't come back so fast! It was the experience of my life!”. Page 5 FELLOWSHIP BEACH LUNCH As the Algarve summer starts to wind down., the club held its weekly meeting at Faro Beach on Saturday 14th September, where members, guests and visiting Rotarians had great fun competing in beach games and a quiz. The winners were the “Pink Team”. Although the key objective of Rotary is to raise funds in support of local communities and charities, the core values at the foundation of Rotary are the members. The club often organizes fellowship events in order to strengthen the bonds in the Rotary family The games were followed by an excellent meal in the beachside restaurant Marisqueira Elementos, with a fabulous view over the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve. Members and guest took the opportunity to wish RCEPI member and master of ceremonies, Uwe a happy birthday. The gathering was attended by many members of the Faro and Almancil Rotary clubs; including Isabel Gonçalves, president of the Faro Rotary club; Raymond Parfait, district head of youth department; and Christine Fay, RCEPI’s own president - who was chiefly responsible for the organization of the event. ACCA BACK TO SCHOOL CAMPAIGN Every year RCEPI is proud to contribute to the ACCA Back to School Campaign. The Club provides drop off centres, donations and this campaign helps the underpriveleged children in Estoi registered through the Faro Food Bank with the Casa do Povo in Estoi. The result of many months of work as well as the kindness and generosity of donors across the Algarve, has meant that ACCA, in its joint campaign with Castelo dos Sonhos, Santa Bras Smiles & Families in Need has topped its previous best by providing back-to -school essentials for more than 700 needy youngsters who, without the charity’s help, would not be able to take part in classes. Back packs loaded with exercise books, pencils and pens, rubbers and rulers, compasses and calculators have now been distributed and will make a big difference to the lives of the recipients. Page 6 DELIVERY OF SPECIAL POSTURE WHEELCHAIR TO APPC Marta Cardoso, President of Associaçao Portuguesa de Paralisia Cerbral, next to RCEPI President Chrsitine Fay, along with 3 of the physiotherapists from the Association. Staff from APPC Faro, Portuguese Association for Cerebral Palsy, visited our Club last year talk about the work their non profit-making Association does supporting children with cerebral palsy and related neurological diseases and their families. Impressed by the work done on a limited budget, the Club decided to raise funds for the purchase of a special posture wheelchair. This helps to maintain a child’s back in the correct position to help their posture. APPC was founded in November 1982 to help children with cerebral palsy. From 1982 until 1998 it operated from temporary facilities provided by Faro Council. In 1999 purpose-built headquarters were opened in Faro. With this the ability to assist families was significantly increased and resources and programmes were developed to help health/rehabilitation, education, occupational support, training and employment, sport and recreation. In 2013 APPC - Faro inaugurated a new facility, located in Montenegro, consisting of a Residential Home (composed of 8 double rooms and 4 single rooms), and an Autonomous Residence (with 2 bedrooms doubles and a single), equipped with features that allows a greater quality of life and independence for young people affected by this disease. Our Romantic Dinner, in February, raised funds specifically to help APPC with the purchase of the chair and with the assistance of Wolf Valley Charity a cheque was handed over for 2800 euros to the Association in June. On September 25th our Club President Christine Fay visited their headquarters in Faro to see the delivery of the wheelchair, which will be put to very good use. Page 7 ROTARY DIVERSITY POLICY A new Diversity Policy was approved by Rotary’s Board of Directors because of concerns about the lack of diversity in Rotary’s Leadership e.g. lack of women in Rotary’s higher leadership. By 2023 R.I. has set a goal to increase the number of women in Rotary and Rotary leadership to 30% by June 2023. The diversity policy is as follows:- Agnete Sylvan 2009-10 “As a global network that strives to build a world where ClaireLarson 2012-13 people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contribution of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, colour, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” “Rotary will cultivate a diverse, equitable, inclusive culture in which people from underrepresented groups have greater opportunities to participate as members and leaders.” RCEPI already has a diverse membership, with 11 nationalities represented in the Club and nearly half the membership are women. 5 of our 11 Club Presidents have been ladies and all different nationalities. RCEPI are proud to have been implanting the diversity policy for many years. Manuela Robinson 2017-18 Shirley Dunne 2013-14 Christine Fay 2019-20 Page 8 SPEAKERS AND GUESTS CLUB MEETING 2ND JULY This was the first meeting of the new Rotary year and presided over by our new president Christine Fay. RC Utrecht President Natalia It was also the first formal meeting of our two newest Leal and RCEPI members João Martin's and Iga Pietrzak. President We were delighted to welcome fellow Rotarians Christine Fay Selma Cazes and Nátalia Leal. Nátalia, who is president of RC Utrecht, exchanged banners with Christine. CLUB MEETING 6TH AUGUST At this meeting President Christine Fay presented honorary member Zélia Rosão with a well-earned Paul Harris Fellowship award for her service to the club, school and community. We were delighted to welcome fellow Rotarian Willem Van Milink from Rotary Club Antananarivo Madagascar together with his wife Lisette. Our member Nicolas gave an informative and interesting presentation of the progress with the project we are supporting in Chile. Rotary Club Estoi Palace International Contacts President Christine Fay President@ rotaryestoipalace.org Secretary Pauline Burnham Secretary@ rotaryestoipalace.org Master of Ceremonies Uwe Jonsson MOC@rotaryestoipalace.org Wilson Page 9 DATES FOR THE DIARY Page 10 DATES FOR THE DIARY The home centre, rua duarte pacheco 44, 8135-104 almancil 962591016 www.florentinTa.com CHARITY FASHION SHOW 26TH OCTOBER 12.30h a quinta monte vale d’eguas, almanCil 25 EUROS INCLUDING 2 course LUNCH WITH ½ bottle of WINE included. (VEGETARIAN OPTION AVAILABLE) PROCEEDS TO ROTARY CLUB ESTOI PALACE TO SUPPORT ROTARY CHARITIES and GOLDRA ANIMAL SANCTUARY CONTACT SHIRLEY ON 936933799 TO BOOK Page 11 The 19th annual MamaMaratona will take place this year in the heart of the Algarve (Loulé municipality). The event will be held in October as part of the international breast cancer awareness and prevention movement - “Pink October”. This walk/race will be organized, for the first time, in partnership with the Municipality of Loulé, as well as being part of the event “Algarve Tri Run 5.0”, which has been taking place in Quarteira - Vilamoura for five years and consists of three different events: Long Triathlon, Half Marathon and Mini Marathon. The Algarve Oncology Association hopes to reach more and more people and, therefore, calls for the formation of groups of friends or family so that on October 27 they will come to the “Passeio das Dunas”, a Maritime Promenade, between Quarteira and Vilamoura and will be part of movement for a greater cause: an initiative for life! The initiative aims to raise awareness of the practice of a healthy lifestyle and raise funds for the work of AOA and, consequently, in favor of the cancer patient and their families. For more detailed information you can consult our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/AOAlgarve/. PARTICIPATE, Run for this cause. Run to win! BIKE RIDE 24TH NOVEMBER The ride will be organized by Activity Bike Rides, http://www.activityalgarve.com. Two rides will be available, one including the challenging Serra Sao Miguel and the other one over a flatter terrain. Both will start from Estoi Palace Pousada at 9.30 and will take about 3 hours. The rides are around 35 kms If you would like to take part, sponsor a rider or just do- nate please contact shirley.d@rotaryestoipalace.org or ring 936933799. Page 12 Upcoming Events October to December 2019 1st October RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:30—preceded by Committee Meetings RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:00 - Preceded by Board Meeting. Speaker Chris Garner 8th October “District and its Purpose” 15th October RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:00 Club Forum– Club Members Only 19th October Arraial at Estoi School 18.00 22nd Octotber RCEPI Dinner Meeting 19.00 Speaker Alexander Guedes 26th October Charity Fashion Show Monte Vale D’Eguas Almancil 12.30 27th October Mamaratona in aid of the Algarve Oncology Association RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:00 Speaker Marco Madaleno, manager of Estoi Palace, 29th October about the Pousadas and Pestana group 5th November RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:30—preceded by Committee Meetings RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:00 - Preceded by Board Meeting. Speaker Vitor Rosão about “Noise 12th November impact of new Montijo Airport”. 19th November RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:00 Speaker Sabrina about food control 24th November 09.30 End Polio Now Bike Ride at Estoi Palace Pousada 26th November RCEPI Weekly Meeting 13:00 AGM NO GUESTS 1st December RCEPI participating in Sao Bras Christmas Fair 3rd December RCEPI Weekly Meting 13:30—preceded by Committee Meetings RCEPI Dinner Meeting 19.00 - Preceded by Board Meeting. Speaker Joao Martins 10th December “What negative interest rates will mean to ex-pats” 17th December RCEPI Xmas Lunch 12.30 for 13.00 at Estoi Pousada For anyone wanting to know more about any of our events or to register for participation, please contact via e-mail the Secretary at SECRETARY@ROTARYESTOIPALACE.ORG If you wish to attend one of our meetings please let our Master of Ceremonies know by sending an e-mail with your details to MOC@ROTARYESTOIPALACE.ORG Details of events and meetings can be found on www.rotaryestoipalace.org Page 13 PRIVACY POLICY "You are receiving this message because you have previously given us permission to send you our newsletter. We only use your data within the terms of our privacy policy which can be viewed online at http://rotaryestoipalace.org/privacy-policy/. We will never sell, give away or otherwise distribute your personal data to any third party without your consent. If you wish to stop receiving our newsletter please let me know by replying to this email."
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