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1 2 3 4 5 6 CONTENTS The Arts & Music Issue // Vol 10 Iss 6 9 Liner Notes 11 Mag Credits 12 The Music We Needed in 2019 19 songs by local artists we loved this…
1 2 3 4 5 6 CONTENTS The Arts & Music Issue // Vol 10 Iss 6 9 Liner Notes 11 Mag Credits 12 The Music We Needed in 2019 19 songs by local artists we loved this year Void Staff 34 Centerfold 36 The Art We’ll Need in 2019-2020 20 upcoming art happenings we’re jazzed on BEHIND THE COVER Void Staff Yes. It's blank. Deep breath... This issue highlights the arts and music we 56 Skate | GrindCore need right now. And what we really need is Local artists The Black Toilet and Ben you to create your own cover. Draw, paint, Clifton wax curbs and wax philosophical spraypaint, cut and paste, screenprint, use it as a Readymade, whatever you do, we invite Trenton Phillips you to draw your own lines. Before you do, though, flip to p. 9 for more details. 58 And Now: Here’s a Neat Surfboard 61 Surf Recap BEHIND THE CENTERFOLD 62 Who Da Groms Jewelry available at Monahan Jewelry 64 Bold Bites: Trap House Chicken monahanjewelry.com Firing up creative fare in Arlington Jack Twachtman Ring Vianna Brasil 18Ky Ring With 4.5Ct 66 Water | A Seaworthy Renaissance Man Praziolite And .06Ctw Diamonds Joey Carrado saves lives, creates beauty Darby Moore Bracelet 70 Party Pics Vianna Brasil 18Ky Cuff Bangle Bracelet With 4.5Ct Praziolite And 74 Fishing Pics .06Ctw In Round Diamonds Earrings Vianna Brasil 18Ky Dangle 15.6Ctw Praziolite Dangle Earrings With .12Ctw In Round Diamonds Necklace Vianna Brasil 18Ky Y Style 7.8Ct Praziolite And .14Ctw Diamond Necklace 7 8 LINER NOTES The Arts & Music Issue // Vol 10 Iss 6 MATTHEW SHAW // Editor-in-Chief Drawing a blank? one in the seat of your granny’s Buick and call it Void in my To be clear, if you’ve just pulled this issue from a newsstand Grandmother’s Car. When you’re done, share what you’ve come somewhere in Northeast Florida, yes, literally you’ve drawn up with via social media. Tag @voidlive and we’ll include you in a blank. Figuratively, too: you may be confused. And we the conversation that we hope will be carried out throughout the understand that. month among artists throughout the region. We’ll be collecting The cover of this magazine, our annual Arts & Music issue, the best, most distinctive covers for a gallery show at our new is blank. Save for a translucent Void logo and an obscure sig digs at month’s end (more details TBA). line in the bottom right hand corner, it is just a white rectangle. The cover concept is a fitting introduction to the theme of We did this on purpose. this issue: “The Art and Music We Need Right Now.” Throughout A digression before I explain more: One of the most the following pages our team of contributors has sought to influential conceptual artists working today, Darren Bader, once highlight the locally made music that we loved in 2019 (“The drove his aunt’s SUV from her home outside of Miami and parked Music We Needed 2019,” p. 12) and to preview the art happenings it in front of an art museum in South Florida. The installation— we’re collectively jazzed on in the coming months (“The Art part of a 2011 exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art—was called We'll Need in 2019-2020,” p. 36). my aunt’s car. Other famous Bader works include lasagna on It’s an exciting time to be an artist or supporter of the arts heroin, wherein the artist injected a slice of lasagna with heroin in Northeast Florida. We encourage you to join in the fun. Our and one in which he raised $16,000 via a crowdfunding site just hope is this magazine inspires you to draw your own lines. to sell the actual stack of cash for more money at a Christie’s Cheers, art auction (the cash sold for $19K and Bader donated it all Matt to charity). Some of Bader’s work is intended as a sendup of contemporary art culture. Much of it, meanwhile, is exemplified by a quote from Life is a Readymade, the book Bader wrote in 2012: “Do I care? Probably.” My point is not that what is—and what isn’t —art is in the eye of the beholder. Art should spark conversation. And as a kind of conceptual art idea, we hope this blank cover sparks actual conversation (“What the hell were they thinking?”, "Do they care?" etc.). But, more than that, we wanted this to be an opportunity for artists, aspiring artists, anyone really to draw, paint, screen print, cut/paste their own cover. Hell, drop THE COVER OF THIS MAGAZINE... IS BLANK. 9 10 CREDITS The Arts & Music Issue // Vol 10 Iss 6 Publisher Sales Coordinator Event Coordinator Distribution Tye Wallace Sara Shapiro Michelle Smith Mikey Sasser tye@voidlive.com sara@boldbrandsjax.com michelle@boldbrandsjax.com distribution@voidlive.com Editor-in-Chief Ad Consultants Director of Client Services Copy Editor Matthew Shaw Mikey Sasser Emily Fitzgerald Daniel A. Brown matt@voidlive.com mike@voidlive.com emily@boldbrandsjax.com Interns Creative Director Haley Guiette Strategic Marketing Director Cassie Peterinelli Wesley Parsons haley@boldbrandsjax.com Kassie Ashburn wesley@voidthemag.com Kassie@boldbrandsjax.com Board of Directors Josue Cruz Tye Wallace Sr. Designer josue@boldbrandsjax.com Office Manager Aaron Meisenheimer Kiara Sánchez Nicole Parisher Jay Dodson Kiara@boldbrandsjax.com Social Media nicole@boldbrandsjax.com Mikey Sasser Casey Bagby Jeff DeAngelis Sales Manager casey@boldbrandsjax.com Accounting Chris Griffith Chris Griffith Erica Neybursky chris@voidlive.com Jade Hosein erica@voidthemag.com jade@boldbrandsjax.com FEATURED STAFFER At Bold Brands, we are creators that solve problems, Kiara Sánchez | Sr. Designer create meaningful media and execute events that elevate our community. Want to learn more? Head to For nearly two years, Void Magazine has boldbrandsjax.com or give us a follow @boldbrands. had a secret weapon: our Sr. Designer, Kiara Sánchez. Whether we need a series of doodles to accent a particular Contributors feature, or a flyer for one of Bold Brand’s various community events, Shelton Hull, Darby Moore, Nicki Wolfe or a tastefully designed advertisement, Kiara is locked and loaded. A talented and accomplished artist of Puerto Rican descent who Columnists keeps herself busy and creatively fulfilled with commission work via Michael Adno, Daniel A. Brown, Trenton Phillips, Jack her own art website (kiartist.com), Kiara earned a fine arts degree Twachtman from Flagler College in St. Augustine before joining the Void team in 2017, where her lethal creative skills (and quirky obsession with Photographers the late-80s retiree-centric sitcom The Golden Girls) have made her Jesse Brantman, Ian Bunch, Cole LoCurto, Kelly Martucci, standout member of our staff. Darby Moore Void Magazine is a FREE monthly publication and can be picked up at most local businesses throughout North Florida. Void welcomes both editorial and photographic contributions. Subscriptions are available for $48/yr. Send an email to distribution@voidlive.com if your favorite shop doesn’t carry Void. Please send all press inquiries to: press@voidlive.com Please recycle this magazine by passing along to a friend. This magazine was made from partially recycled paper. The For advertising information, contact sales@voidlive.com P.O. BOX 51266, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240 *91,000 readers per Issue voidlive.com | 904.395.5628 © Void Media, LLC 2019. All Rights Reserved 11 The Music We Needed in 2019 19 SONGS BY LOCAL ARTISTS WE LOVED THIS YEAR Words Void Staff 12 13 01 TRELLA “Happy to be Here” Words by Matthew Shaw | Photo Jesse Brantman 14 One of the most interesting developments in music has to What’s your writing process like? Can you walk me through be the changing/expanding listening habits of modern music it? Is it different for Trella than if for other artists? consumers. Less influenced by radio and no longer siloed by scene-specific convictions regarding what is and what isn’t My writing process is different every time. Each song calls me cool, it’s now more than OK for indie kids to profess love for in different situations. Sometimes a song starts in the shower the latest candy-coated pop from Taylor Swift; as it is to rock a or in the car—in mundane life circumstances when my mind is t-shirt emblazoned with Raymond Pettibon’s four bar Black Flag wandering off. Then I’ll hum the melody or lyric into my phone logo. Having such diverse tastes, in fact, is now often viewed and save it for later when I’m by my piano or computer or in a as a marker of hipness. writing session. From there I will form together my scattered Nashville-based, North Florida-bred singer-songwriter thoughts and concepts on my own in my bedroom, or I will Lindsey Sweat, AKA Trella, is an artist whose music could be choose to collaborate with friends that could really offer some heard as a bridge between those seemingly disparate sonic amazing perspective to the thought or idea. Then sometimes appetites. The decorative electronic production, pop melodies, I will write a song in twenty minutes; just me and my piano in and expansive hook “When I find myself stuck in the shade, my bedroom [laughs]. That’s why I love songwriting. It truly I will retreat / Back to you is back to me” on “Retreat” from is different every time! Always taking me by surprise, I can the popular 2017 EP Vapor has earned the song two-million never get bored of it. streams on Spotify and placement on an eclectic assortment of playlists. But as approachable as the song may be sonically, 2017’s Vapors was your first EP as Trella. “Retreat” has Trella’s depth and flexibility as a lyricist is more Henry Rollins two million plays on Spotify. What did that record do for than Taylor Swift. you, opportunities-wise? In 2019, Trella (a 2012 graduate of Jacksonville’s Douglas Anderson School of the Arts) released the stripped-down single Yes! That EP is so special to me. That record was a straight- “Happy to Be Here.” Minimal, sparse, the song highlights Trella’s up collection of songs from one of the hardest times of my skills as a vocalist and gifted storyteller capable of connecting life thus far. Retreat was my aha-moment kind of song when I her experiences to those of her listeners. began to really come alive during that period of time. Spotify “Got tired of looking at the blue light / sick and tired of playlisters really loved it, and I’m so thankful for that, because seeing life through their eyes / I want to feel right / Trade it all it has presented me with many opportunities. For a lot of in to be alive,” she sings in the song’s climactic chorus. people, that was their intro song into my discography because “Some of it was about my frustrations with the music industry, they heard it on a Spotify playlist. I think more than anything, but mostly my frustrations with culture and society and the that record really became the foundation of me and who I am disconnection that social media has created in humanity,” Trella as an artist. Something to build off of. It was the start of the told me about the song. “I had grown tired of numbers, figures, story for me as an artist. My pop-writing career began to grow. likes, comparisons, etc. and I was just craving connection and vulnerability—raw authenticity. I realized that true contentment Can we talk about the track “Happy to Be Here”? Maybe comes when you look up, look into the eyes of the ones you not a departure, but definitely more vulnerable or sparse love, listen to the birds sing, feel the breeze on your face.” than, say, “Retreat.” Was minimalism a goal with that one? Besides a burgeoning career as a solo act, Sweat is also an in-demand songwriter, putting pen to paper for a range of artists “Happy to Be Here” was meant to be super minimal on purpose, while working on a forthcoming full-length Trella album. I caught for sure. That was really the point. To be thankful right here up with her recently to ask about her songwriting process, and right now, no matter what your circumstances. To look around a song we really loved in 2019: “Happy to Be Here.” and appreciate the simplicity of being alive. Even when you’re not necessarily where you want to be or who you want to be. Can you tell me where you are right now and what are It’s really a song of gratitude. you up to? Lastly, can we expect a Trella full-length in 2019-2020? I’m still living in Nashville, although I am currently in New York, about to play a show tonight! I’m writing for my own project and Right now, I am writing for a project to come out in 2020 for many other artist projects as well as playing shows all around. (ETA), but you can expect some more singles from me in 2019. 15 The Young Step 02 “Ghost Town” “There’s joy in the rain after a month of heat. There’s another hurricane, though it’s not on the beach,” croons The Young Step’s Ben Whitson (guitar, vox) over tasteful, subtly funky guitar licks and ambient synths on the group’s track “Ghost Town.” It’s a super catchy, ’80s-evoking pop tune from a group that, by the time the song dropped in Nov. ‘18, it’d been a minute since we’d heard from. As a follow up to the group’s 2016 debut–the energetic, eclectic, and certainly fierce El Clásico—the track is certainly disparate. But a lot has happened since then. Professionally, the group–which consists of Whitson, along with husband- and-wife duo Micah and Lauren Gilliam–enjoyed a modicum of success. They earned a regional following, touring the country and even making a stop at Austin’s SXSW. All good things, to be sure. In the meantime, the group’s current home base of St. Augustine was ravaged by back-to-back hurricanes–Matthew and Irma–and, according to Whitson, they’ve individually experienced their share of emotional hardships. Those hurricanes, then, became apt metaphors. As did the many specter-related yarns spun about in the Oldest City. “I think we’re attracted to [ghost] stories because we can relate to the idea of ghosts in a lot of ways,” says Whitson. “In the moment pain can make you feel like you’re the only one experiencing it and there’s no one who can relate to you. Like a ghost who no one believes in.” In light of "Ghost Town," this is a track—and a band—we believe in.—Matthew Shaw Photo | Josh Wessolowski 16 The Black Toilet 03 “What What” There are music earworms and then there are behemoth mind- annihilators; Dune-sized sandworms that bore into your skull with a resounding, sickly-sweet crack. The Black Toilet’s “What What” is surely in the latter camp. While he is so arcane and cryptic in sonic artistry and public presentation that he seems to border on “anti-celebrity,” the Black Toilet (aka Quanza) lets his music do the talking. Balancing DIY-sci-fi-zinged hip-hop, humor and flat-out weirdness is a dance, and with “What What,” our hero knows all the moves. “What What” glides along on a pool of sparkling electric piano notes, a tight-crackling beat, and an ostinato bass line so laidback that it sounds like it was recorded in the ICU. The BT rolls out challenger lyrics that morph surrealism at 90-bpm: “MCs freeze up when I walk by / you want to run? / pull up your shoes / have your socks tight / you can’t come like you’re in a school / with a pink eye.” While “What What” was actually released in 2018, we are bending space and time and grandfathering the tune into 2019; because it’s a timeless track. Local-rooted director Walker Flocker made an equally weird and eerie vid for the tune, as seen on YouTube. (see our profile of Sea Cycles guitarist Brian Squillace, p. 20) The Black Toilet/Quanza has kept busy since dropping this have kept a full-length on the shelves. Though it’s not likely to Void fave. “Meth,” his collab with fellow Duval artist The Yellow satiate fans of the band patiently waiting for that aforementioned Kid, sounds like a mystical holla fired off from a clandestine full-length, we’re happy Sea Cycles was able to allocate “Quota” Promethazine incense lab, secreted deep in Kathmandu. Book in 2019. —Matthew Shaw your flight now!—Daniel A. Brown Folk is People 05 “Ghost Birdie” Sea Cycles 04 “Quota” Since 2012, local indie-folk artist Folk is People has been a relentless creative presence, both on stage and in the studio, Fans of local indie quartet Sea Cycles didn’t have to have to offering up a winning combo of heartfelt lyrics and singular wait long into the New Year to get a taste of the band’s brand melodies that take basic chord progressions and tweak them of space-y, atmospheric pop. From the opening siren of the enough to create a personal sound. No small feat. Regardless song’s whirring synth, “Quota” (released in early January of of line-ups, Stacey Bennett is Folk is People. A distilled and ‘19) carries a propulsive rhythm, though it remains a fairly chill, direct example of the band’s (Bennett’s) emotive style is the approachable listen. The song twists and turns around unique tune, “Ghost Birdie.” Filmed and recorded at Alex Hayward’s melodies, as the band’s distinctive ambience remains in tact. Chromatic Studios, “Ghost Birdie” is a tribute to Bennett’s late The money line from the song’s drawn out hook, “Never met cousin. Over the course of the song, Bennett asks questions a quota,” could easily serve as a mea culpa to those who’ve about heaven, the afterlife, even speaking to the dead (“When been anxiously waiting Sea Cycles follow up to 2015’s Ground & I scream out loud / is it coming through?”); by song’s end, she Air, a record that many were convinced signaled an impending calls out “these little pills / are smoking guns”, alluding to the breakout for the band. possible murderer that led to her mourning. Intimate, real, and energized in spite of the pain, “Ghost Birdie” is a glimmer of Though Sea Cycles toured last spring, day jobs, other musical Bennett’s skills as a singer-songwriter and catches her in full gigs, and some obtuse record company-related machinations flight.—Daniel A. Brown 17 18 Cory Driscoll 06 Che 08 “Vacation Artist” “Selfish” As muses, weather systems played an outsized role in the “A person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, minds of Northeast Florida artists in 2019. From yacht rap duo especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive Hurricane Party’s reveling in the thought of impending doom action,” reads the Dictionary-cribbed definition of “self” local on the track “Hurricane Party” to St. Augustine’s The Young MC/singer Che attaches to the visual for “Selfish,” the first Step contemplating how tropical disturbances relate to the track from a forthcoming EP. The track (released in August of many specter-related yarns told around their hometown to Jax- ‘19) finds Che, a member of formidable local hip-hop collective based singer-songwriter Cory Driscoll’s concept album, Tropical L.O.V.E. Culture shifting in tone and tenor from sultry, reflective Depression—which represents perhaps the most ambitious of R&B to more up-tempo fare before closing the song with an the recent influx of hurricane-related sonic projects—it’s clear atmospheric final minute-plus. that the effects of climate change are changing the lyrical content of songs written here, locally. Like their superhero brethren, The Justice League, each member of the L.O.V.E. (League of Vibrant Energies) Culture has his or Driscoll wrote Tropical Depression during the period between her own powers. As we wait patiently for the other members Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, and the album is a reflection of of the collective to release solo projects in 2020, we’ll go his experiences in Northeast Florida, one that he describes ahead and count devastating vocals, formidable wordplay, as collectively consisting of “beauty, power, and, at times, and unique song structure among the gadgets in Che’s utility devastation.” The album’s not all doom and gloom, as the jangly, belt.—Matthew Shaw uptempo number “Vacation Artist” sees light beyond the grey clouds. "You’re a vacation artist, staycation dad / a nonchalant tourist with a gift for the gab,” Driscoll sings during the tune’s buoyant chorus, before reminding the listener (himself?) “That
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