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UBD American Revolution Lesson Plan Final Coughlin Beste Slaughter
    Unit:  American Revolution Lesson:  How to create a VoiceThread. # of Days:  1 WHERETO Enduring Understandings:   ●   A revolution is a complete change in thinking   ●   Key revolutionary figures each had his own reason for pursuing a revolution, but they united for acommon goal.   Essential Questions:   What is a revolution?   What factors lead to a revolution?What are the advantages and disadvantages of a revolution? How does a person’s perspective affect his decision to initiate a revolution?   Prior Knowledge/ Skills:  In previous lessons, students will have done research about different Revolutionary Patriots,their reasons for wanting revolution, learned the meaning of revolution, gained understandingabout key events that lead to the American Revolution. WHERETO  Hook:  Start initially by presenting a VoiceThread of historical scenes of revolution - both old and new, set to the Beatles song “Revolution”.   WHERETO  Lesson Plan (What will take place in the classroom?):   ●   Teacher will explain VoiceThread by displaying anoverview of the program.The overview will touch on the overall features, including focusing specifically on features needed for the final interview presentation.   ●   Presentation will end with the teacher showing students another example of a VoiceThread. ●   Once the students have been given some background on VoiceThread, the teacher will walk the studentsstep by step through how to create an interview using VoiceThread. Then the entire class will getcomputers and the teacher will guide them step by step through the initial start-up. Aninstructional video  has been created to support their learning and provide them a resource to refer back to while creatingtheir VoiceThreads. ●   The parts of the project that the students will see are…  o Initial VoiceThread set up.o Inserting the images.o Creating the voice comment for the slide, using two different voices and their finished interview script.o Including an introduction and a conclusion by the interviewer.o How to post their completed VoiceThread.Projects need to include:o A title slideo At least four but no more than seven questions and answerso At least four documented reasons why this particular Patriot wanted a new government or a revolution.o An introduction and conclusion.o A bibliography image created in MS Word, for images and your information. ●   Partners will create 2 VoiceThread slides, that will be used in their final performance project, todemonstrate that they understood the process. Options / Modifications:   Additional aides and LRC staff will be on hand to provide additional assistance. Students in the ELL program willcreate their VoiceThreads with the ELL support staff. Based upon IEP and support staff recommendations, finalrequirements and rubrics may be adjusted as needed.   WHERETO  How will students REVISE, RETHINK or REFLECT in this lesson?  Students will view the two slides that they have created and make critiques. They will belooking at adjustments needed, slides to re-record, or starting a slide over, as necessary.Students will make notes about what they will do differently during the next productionsession. WHERETO  How will you know if your students understood the lesson?   ●   Students will log journal entries to evaluate their own work and assess where their learning is going ●   Students will be given a copy of the rubric, so they can use the information to guide them as they work. WHERETO  How will the work be tailored to individual needs, interests, styles?   ●   Teacher will monitor progress and provide assistance as needed. Additional aides and LRC staff will beon hand to provide additional assistance.Students in the ELL program will create their VoiceThreads withthe ELL support staff.Based upon IEP and support staff recommendations, final requirements and rubrics  will be adjusted as needed.   ●   Students will individualize their group project to reflect their own creative styles, using voices, images, anddesign. WHERETOHow will the work be organized for maximal engagement   and effectiveness? ● Previously viewed instructional video will be kept available to provide a resource to refer back to whilecreating their VoiceThreads. ● Teacher will guide the group step by step, as an entire class, through the initial stage. ● Students will be given a copy of the rubric, so they can use the information to guide them as they work
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