Tips For Developing Secure And Flexible Management Policy For Multiple Users Over The Cloud

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Tutors India Lab Tutors India Lab TIPS FOR DEVELOPING SECURE AND FLEXIBLE MANAGEMENT POLICY FOR MULTIPLE USERS OVER THE CLOUD 1 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Developing Secure and Flexible Management Policy 1 for both multiple Users and cloud system. Identity and access management process is capable of 2 per forming functions like information exchange, administration, maintenance, management and data authentication. To enhance the performance of flexible management 3 using effective key-based authentication approach. 21 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab INTRODUCTION The ascent of Cloud Computing (CC), a huge issues in cloud identity management and relating number of clients and different applications have the features and challenges. At the end we dis- looked to speak with one another, swapping sen- cuss brief note of recommendation for Developing sitive information (Werner, Westphall, & Westphall, Secure and Flexible Management Policy for both 2017). In consequences, for efficiently managing multiple Users and cloud system. various resources and applications, the use of tools and models is significant for securely man- aging different user identities as well as avoiding compromising data privacy. For this, most of them suggested a federated identity management pro- cess which utilizes the privacy appliances towards assisting in consistence with current legislation. In the section, we analyse the privacy and security 31 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab SIGNIFICANCE AND NEED OF IDENTITY MANAGEMENT AND FINE-GRAINED ACCESS CONTROL POLICIES Generally, the CC improves the managing capability sonal information are recurring and distribution of of computing sources through merging the con- unnecessary attributes in cloud environments (Cas cepts like on-demand use, elasticity and resource tiglione et al., 2015; A. Singh & Chatterjee, 2015). So, allocation in a dynamic manner (Eludiora et al., to obtain cloud identity management as well as met 2011). However, for multiple users, cloud system the present regulation, the providers should protect and huge amount of data in the field of big data the user privacy, data, entities and data throughout application becomes complex (Subashini & Kavitha, their lifecycle. (Indu, Anand, & Bhaskar, 2018; Wer- 2011) wherein the concern of privacy issues. In this ner et al., 2017). This identity management proce- perspective, Identity and Access Management (IAM) dure will meet the requirement fine-grained access is frequently used towards providing access control control process and user flexibility of data access. facilities and control identity of data. Few of the IM components dealt with the need for authoriza- identity management (IM) tools utilizes with appro- tion and authentication Legillon et al. (2013) in the priate individualities (S. Singh, Jeong, & Park, 2016) cloud environment (Oliveira, Trinta, Vieira, & Cortes, by considering various mechanism for addressing 2018). The pictorial representation of Cloud Storage privacy issues. But, till there is an issue like user data System with respect to the system Characteristics, leakage, lack of control on the dissemination of per Need and Challenges are discussed below Overview of Cloud Storage System Based on Characteristics, Need and Challenges 41 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab BRIEF NOTES ON AUTHENTICATION, AUTHORIZATION, IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT Authentication (AN) The term AN is defined as the process of approving an entity via other entity which is used to ensure whether the application or person is qualified for claiming or accessing data. The common AN approaches are third party authentication, 3D password objects, digital device authentication, multifactor authentication, simple text passwords, biometric authentication and graphical passwords. Nowadays, cloud access consent is granted via the IM system (Butun, Erol-Kantarci, Kantarci, & Song, 2016; Indu et al., 2018). Authorization (AR) Based on the authenticated user’s entitlements, the AR will be disagreeing or permitting access to a particu- lar resource. AR decides like what applications or which user is permitted to make on system and application/ user identity data are used for decision making Khan et al., 2014). The cloud network comprises various service providers in which a single user can access various services at same time whereas each service from various security levels and service provider “Indu et al., 2018’.For ensuring the valid user’s access (for various services and resources) in IAM system, an access control governance cloud service provider (CSPs) defines the set of policies which is relevant to the access control. To meet the objective of each organization, CSPs should ensure the significant features such as Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) (Indu et al., 2018; Zhang, Zheng, Li, Li, & Li, 2016). 51 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab Identity & access management systems&(IAM) Identity access management systems (IAM) First, the term IM is a process of managing, creating To ensure the security in IAM, the data’s are ap- using identities and infrastructure which offered proved and managed by the same identity for entire support for these processes. Also, it is capable of applications. It is used to validate the data users, performing functions like discovery, policy en- services or devices as well as have rights to access forcement, information exchange, administration, or deny data. Moreover, it does not need its own maintenance, management and data authentication. authentication or identity to authenticate the data Each application or person identified through cre- (Indu et al., 2018). The IAM simplifies the manage- dential that denotes a group of attributes, delivered ment of large-scale distributed systems which mini- through reliable resources (Werner et al., 2017). mizes the application workload. 61 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab FUTURE SCOPE From the above points, we concluded that there is a need for effective key-based authentication to enhance the performance of flexible management for both multiple users and cloud system. Also required authorization policies for multi-party cloud infrastructure data sharing as it offers flexible and dynamic operations. SUMMARY This section summarized and analysed the recent security, mitigations and potential threats aspects in cloud system along with the significance of data access management, identity management, services and security concern. From this we found there is a need for effective IAM mechanism for development of secure and flexible management policies which will enhance the system performance in both security and privacy concern. 71 | Engineering and Technology Tutors India Lab REFERENCES ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT * Butun, I., Erol-Kantarci, M., Kantarci, B., & Song, H. (2016). Cloud-centric multi-level authentication as a service for Engineering and Technology Lab at Tutors India is involved in exploring novel research areas for the challenges faced secure public safety device networks. IEEE Communi- by today’s technology-oriented business or organisation, the cations Magazine, 54(4), 47–53. market, the economy, finance and sales. The research team MCOM.2016.7452265 explores and identifies troubling questions that exist in schol- arly literature, in theory, or in practices that needs deliberate * Castiglione, A., De Santis, A., Masucci, B., Palmieri, F., Castiglione, A., Li, J., & Huang, X. (2015). Hierarchical and investigation. Shared Access Control. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 11(4), 850–865. TIFS.2015.2512533 * Eludiora, S., Abiona, O., Oluwatope, A., Oluwaranti, A., Onime, C., & Kehinde, L. (2011). A User Identity Management Protocol for Cloud Computing Paradigm. International Journal of Com- munications, Network and System Sciences, 04(03), 152–163. ABOUT US * Indu, Anand, R., & Bhaskar, V. (2018). Identity and access man- agement in cloud environment: Mechanisms and challenges. Tutors India, is world’s reputed academic guidance provider for have guided more than 4,500 Ph.D. scholars and 10,500 Masters Students across the Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, globe. We support students, research scholars, entrepreneurs, and profes- 21(4), 574–588. sionals from various organizations in providing consistently high-quality writing and data analytical services every time. We value every client and * Khan, A. N., Kiah, M. L. M., Madani, S. A., Ali, M., Khan, A. ur R., & Shamshirband, S. (2014). Incremental proxy re-encryption make sure their requirements are identified and understood by our special- ized professionals and analysts, enriched in experience to deliver technically scheme for mobile cloud computing environment. The Journal sound output within the requested timeframe. Writers at Tutors India are best of Supercomputing, 68(2), 624–651. referred as ‘Researchers’ since every topic they handle unique and challeng- s11227-013-1055-z ing. We specialize in handling text and data, i.e., content development and Statistical analysis where the latest statistical applications are exhausted * by our expert analysts for determining the outcome of the data analysed. Legillon, F., Melab, N., Renard, D., & Talbi, E.-G. (2013). Cost Qualified and experienced researchers including Ph.D. holders, statisticians, minimization of service deployment in a multi-cloud environ- and research analysts offer cutting edge research consulting and writing ment. In 2013 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (pp. services to meet your business information or academic project requirement. 2580–2587). IEEE. Our expertise has passion towards research and personal assistance as we work closely with you for a very professional and quality output within your * Oliveira, de C. J., Trinta, F., Vieira, D., & Cortes, O. A. C. (2018). Evolutionary solutions for resources management in multiple stipulated time frame. Our services cover vast areas, and we also support either part or entire research paper/service as per your requirement at clouds: State-of-the-art and future directions. Future Genera- competitive prices. tion Computer Systems, 88, 284–296. future.2018.05.087 * Singh, A., & Chatterjee, K. (2015). Identity Management in Cloud Computing through Claim-Based Solution. In 2015 Fifth International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies (pp. 524–529). IEEE. https://doi. org/10.1109/ACCT.2015.89 * Singh, S., Jeong, Y.-S., & Park, J. H. (2016). A survey on cloud computing security: Issues, threats, and solutions. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 75, 200–222. https://doi. org/10.1016/j.jnca.2016.09.002 * Subashini, S., & Kavitha, V. (2011). A survey on security issues in service delivery models of cloud computing. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 34(1), 1–11. https://doi. org/10.1016/j.jnca.2010.07.006 * Werner, J., Westphall, C. M., & Westphall, C. B. (2017). Cloud identity management: A survey on privacy strategies. Computer Networks, 122, 29–42. comnet.2017.04.030 * Zhang, Y., Zheng, D., Li, Q., Li, J., & Li, H. (2016). Online/offline unbounded multi-authority attribute-based encryption for data sharing in mobile cloud computing. Security and Communi- cation Networks, 9(16), 3688–3702. sec.1574 Format Type : E-Book Copyright © 2001 - 2019 Tutors India All Rights Reserved. No part of this document should be modified/used without prior consent. Cell:+91-4448137070 1 | Engineering and Technology
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