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Bulgaria 1. Research documents about the children rights 2. The Right to a name and nationality…
Bulgaria 1. Research documents about the children rights 2. The Right to a name and nationality bankerche.html National day of languages 3. Exchange innovative practice - how to use ICT as a lesson tool 4. The right to love and understanding ”The words of friendship” mini-dictionary in different language 5. The right to freedom of opinion and of expression freedom-of.html or 6. The right to freedom of opinion and of expression freedom-of.html or 7. The right to have clean air, water and healthy environment students.html k 8. The right to have an adequate education bulgaria.html 9. Every child has the right to have everything he/she needs for a better life aggression.html 10.The right to preserve tradition portugal.html brochure 11.The Right to be brought up in a spirit of peace and universal brotherhood of.html FRANCE Mobility to Czech Republic Hello, my name is Anaïs Gresse and I’m 13 years old. I went to the Czech Republic, this travel was very beautiful and a lot of fun. My correspondant is named Anna, she is a very nice girl. On Sunday, we went to the Czech Republic in our families. On Monday, we went to school, we made tee- shirts! In the evening, we went to playbowling. The next day, we visited a gothic church and a big castle:Pernštejn. In the afternoon, we did activities with other children and teachers.On Wednesday, we went to Lednice, we visited a greenhouse and a castle; Valtice, it was a beautiful castle. On Thursday, we went to Prague, it is an amazing city. We saw the astronomic clock. We came back at 8 p.m. On Friday, we went to school, we attended several lessons. We ate and in the afternoon, we did activities, it was great great fun ! I had a very good time with my correspondant. In the evening, the school organized a barbecue party. I had a lot of fun!!! On Sunday, it was free. The other children (the Portuguese, the Italian, the Bulgarian and a Turkish boy.) left. Lola, Martina, Anna and I went to Aqualand and we ate toast, it was delicious. On Sunday, we went to the airport, the return was very hard. This trip was very beautiful! My trip to Italy Hello, my name is Papalia Carla. I am 14 years old. I am French. I went to Italy for 1 week. My correspondant is a girl, her name is Francesca. We spent a very good time at school. We attended several lessons. We ate in the canteen. The starter was pasta. At school, students can bring their food. In the morning, there aren’t buses. Pupils go to school by car or on foot. We ate Italian specialities. We visited Pompei, Naples and we saw Mount Vesuvius. My trip to Portugal My name is Arwen Leroy, I’m 13 years old and I’m from france . My trip was amazing ! I discovered a different culture in terms of architecture and cooking;) I loved all the activities of the week. My favourite day was Wednesday because I really enjoyed the visit to the mini-village which represented the different types of houses of Portugal as well as of the Portuguese colonies. I was fascinated by the prestigious library of Coimbra University! The organizers and teachers were very nice and caring. I was surprised because the pupils ranged from age 3 to 18 years old ! It is very different in our country ! It was cool because everybody knew each other. My hosting family was just great and I thank them very much for their kindness and attention ! My trip to Czech Republic Hello my name is Lola Bailey and I went to Czech Republic. It was amazing ! I had a lot of fun with Anaïs, Saveria and Vincent. On Friday the 10th of May, we took a plane to Vienna during the night. On Sunday we waited for 2 hours for the Italians and the Portuguese to arrive. A few hours later we arrived to their school and we went with our correspondants, my correspondant’s name is Martina. On Monday we sang together. Then we visited the school and we ate. It’s nice that they finish school early. Near 5 p.m we went bowling, it was really fun. The next day we visited Pernštejn’s castle and after that we did some activities. On Wednesday we visited 2 castles but we only went in one of them, the other one we only went in the greenhouse. It started raining so we left early On Thurday we went to Praha also known as Prague. It was amazing, fun and it’s a beautiful city. We had a lot of free time to explore the city. On Friday we stayed at school. We had 2 lessons and after that we did some activities. During the activities I fell twice ! But it was fun. In the evening, we had a barbecue with all of the corespondants and their parents. The night was fun and it was the last time I met everyone. On Saturday we had a free day but the Portuguese, the Italians, the Bulgarians and the Turkish boy left. With Martina and her familly, we went to an expedition of the Titanic. With Anaïs and our correspondantes, we went to Aqualand it was so much fun but deep down I was sad because it was our last day in their village. On the very last day in Velke Nemcice, we left at 6 a.m. I was very sad but happy to come back to my own bed and my dog. My trip to Portugal Hello, I’m Kylian Plovier and I will tell you about my trip to Portugal. First of all, I discovered new recipes and new traditions. We visited churches and museums then, we discovered new activities. In the family, I played ping-pong with Rafael and we played on the computer, we also went to a museum of human body science and boat techniques and then we had an ice-cream. At school, I made new Portuguese friends and we played together, ate together and laughed together. My Trip to Italy Hello I’m Liv Boyer, I am thirteen years old. I am a French girl and I was very lucky to participate in this project. I escaped to Italy for one week ! My first correspondant was Lubomira, a Bulgarian pupil but I could not go to her country as it was not part of the programme. Alix a French pupil, gave me her place to go to Italy and stay at her correspondant’s during the trip to Italy (now, my correspondant is Federica). On the first day, we visited their school, we ate in the canteen. Italian food is delicious; pasta, ice cream, pizza… Some pupils showed us round the school in French language. On the second day, we went to school with her. They eat in class, there are no subjects. It was crazy! On the third day, we visited Naples and there, we saw Mount Vesuvius(a volcano). On the fourth day, we visited some monuments, we visited Pompei, we saw animals, the port. My name is Eloïse Morin, I am French, I am 15 years old now but when I travelled I was 14 years old. From February 2nd to February 9th, I went to Portugal. I really like journeys, but I can’t travel very often so Erasmus was a real opportunity and I am really thankful. My correspondant was Joana Luís and she is pretty nice! But I was a little bit shy so I wasn’t very talkative. The other pupils from different countries were nice and funny! We played together and that was enjoyable!! There were also 3 French students with me: Oriane, Killian and Arwen, and we did many funny activities but I preferred 3 of them. I really enjoyed when we made origamis. That was very funny, interesting, and people were very, very nice. We invented a story using the origamis we made. All the different students played the game. In the story, there was a snake, a koala bear, and other characters. When we created origamis, we talked about the Portuguese school, we told each other jokes or some things like that. The atmosphere was very warm, so that was really enjoyable. We visited a ceramic museum, and that was also very intersting. There was a guide who explained all the steps to create the ceramic. We saw artists painting the different ceramics with a lot of meticuloussness which I thought was amazing ! We also saw some ceramic plates or ceramic objects painted, like the ones in the picture. Here is my favourite activity! Portugal dos Pequenitos show all the different architectures we can see in the different countries where people speak Portuguese. But the original touch was that all the structures were small, and sometimes we were taller than some of the houses. So we took many funny pictures with Oriane (we played with the different sizes!). I keep very good memories from the family who hosted me and all the students and teachers in Portugal. Of course we did a lot of activities but these 3 were my favourite ones!! Thank you teachers, because I’m glad I could visit Portugal!! TURKEY ARTİCLE 1 3 R activities were very enjoyable and creative experiences where our students gained attitudes for reducing waste and healthy lifestyle examples.With waste products like newspapers, bottles, cartoon boxes both useful and funful products came to life.These activities ıncluded all classes involved in the project. ARTİCLE 2 Collecting waste inthe school yard and surrounding. ARTİCLE 3 Activity about Traditions.Students made dolls with traditional clothes.All dolls and clothings were made and created by the students themselves. Article 4 Our school kermes wıth the involvement of our parents.With this activity Tolerance . integration, brotherhood aspects were underlined. All income went to students with less economical background.stationary items, clothes and othe needs were bought and given to them. CZECH REPUBLIC Folk customs and traditions In Czech Republic we celebrate frequently. Everybody has his favourite feast day. For children it is Christmas holidays, for adults it is Hody village festival and for boys it is Easter holidays. We will present you some of our most important customs and traditions. Of course all of you know Christmas and Santa Claus, but you dont know that instead of him we have our Baby Jesus, in Czech Ježíšek. We eat carp for Christmas Eve dinner. Another feast is Easter. Boys usually go from house to house and they get sweets for whipping girls whit wooden whips. We call it pomlázka. Our typical summer folk custom is Hody village festival. In this event boys and girls dance in pairs to folk music. They wear colourful folk customes. Before Christmas small children are scared because of St. Nicholas and men, who are dressed up as demons. We always enjoy these events. Christmas We celebrate Christmas about 24. 12. In the morning we get up and then we have brakfast. For breakfast we ussualy have christmas cake. Our tradition food for dinner is potato salat with carp so boys are usually prepares carp with dad and girls usually helps their mum with salat. For lunch we are having only soup. In the afternoon we watch TV, someone goes for a walk and wait for dinner. For example our dinner begining at 5pm. Then we are going to the christmas tree which we decorate 1-2 days ago. Some peole goes to the church at 11pm. The next days we have attendance and visiting our family. Easter Easter is the most important christian holiday, which falls on march or April. In the christian concept of Easter celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Easter celebrations vary by region. In the Czech republic is an ancient tradition of feasting and easter-egg hunt.... On Easter Monday morning men and boys go after the homes of their acquaintances and then they whip women and girls handmade pomlázkou of osier. Easter-egg hunt ... is spletena of eight, twelve or up to twenty-four twigs, and is usually from half to two meters long and adorned with braided handles and colorful ribbons. According to the tradition of men while feasting chant carols. Feast The Feast is part of the traditional holidays in almost every Moravian village. It is celebrated as a Christian holiday, but also as a day of abundance, joy and prosperity. The rich table of a Feast is a place where families and friends meet. The tradition does not have any specific date; it is different from village to village, and it is usually held on the day of the patron saint of the local church. A Feast cannot be complete without the 'Chasa', groups of young people dressed in ceremonial folk costumes. The main figures of the Feast is the 'chief' (a chosen boy) and his girl. The Chasa's job is to organise the Feast, choose a maypole in the forest (a tall tree that will be adorned after being brought to the village), decorate the dance-floor and procure music and wine. On Sunday morning, the costumed Chasa meet at the church to hear the festive mass, after which, in some regions, the chiefs go around the village, door to door, inviting everyone to the Feast. The celebration itself usually starts in the afternoon with the handing over of the Rights (Feast with Rights) Feast – Adam Rauš Easter – Erik Čepila Christmas – Tomáš Mrkvica Mobility to Portugal We flew to Portugal on 3th February from airport in Vienna. From Lisbon airport a taxi took us to Coimbra. Our families picked us up at Coimbra and took us home. We lived in foreign families all week. First we were afraid and ashamed but later we had no problems with communication. Every morning they woke us around 8 am because the school starte dat 9 am. All day we were at school and had some programs or we were on trip. In the evening we had a program with our families, either we went on a trip or we were at home. Every evening we ate very late around 9 pm. On 7th February we had diner together with all the kids and families. On 8th February we went bak to Lisbon to the hotel where we spent one night. We walked around Lisbon and then we went to a pizza restaurant. In the evening we packed our clothes and went to sleep. The next day we got up early in the morning and went to the airport. We took off at 12 o'clock and we arrived home around 15 o’clock in the afternoon. The last meeting was great Yes, last meeting of project Erasmus⁺ was great. On Sunday 12th May all foreign delegations arrived to the village of Velké Němčice. We did some activities and we visited some sights. On Saturday 16th May all delegations, except France, went home. France delegation went home one day later. On Sunday arrived all delegations. Czech students took their guests home and after one hour showed them Velké Němčice. Monday started with welcome ceremonial, after this delegations saw the school. On Tuesday we visited castle Pernštejn. On Wednesday we went to Lednice and Valtice. There are castels. On Thursday we went to Prague, capital city and on Friday we did some activities, like hunting apples in water, dodgeball or playing memory. On Saturday all delegations, without France, went to Viena to airport. Families with their France students had their own program. And in the end, France students went to airport in Vienna, and from there to France. South Moravian Region The local of sun, wine and hospitality South Moravia is one of parts of Czech Republic. It is located in the southeast of the Czech Republic. In this part is warmer weather than in other parts of the country. There aren´t very high mountains in south Moravia, but there is beautiful nature with ponds, rivers and vineyards. Agriculture is important for south Moravia. We grow lots of kinds corn and fruits. We grow grapes the most. Winners make very good wine because in this local are good conditions for growing the best grapes. The making of wine has a long history in south Moravia. We started cultivating grapes maybe in 8. and 9. century. Now, winners make many different kinds of wine, sometimes their names sound very unusual. We have many sights in south Moravia. Some of them are registered in UNESCO, for example villa Tugendhat in Brno designed in functionalism and Lednice-Valtice. Lednice- Valtice area is a cultural-natural landscape with buildings in the empire style and with two nice castles. Lednice is the most visited castle in Czech Republic. Brno is the centre of south Moravia and it is the second biggest city in Czech Republic. There are many schools and faculties of universities in Brno and there are many old buildings (churches, castles) and beautiful theatres. Folklore costumes are typical for south Moravia. Every village has other folklore costumes. Traditional festivals with folklore costumes are „ Májová“, celebrate in May and „Hody“, celebrate in summer. People dance traditional dances, sing songs, decorate street and drinking wine. ITALY I.C. "Santagata - V CD”, “School friend of Unicef” The IC. "Santagata - V CD” Portici Italy as part of the Erasmus project" You & me: we are the same" took part in a Unicef project and adhered to the proposal developed for the" School friend of Unicef" program, for each child the right opportunity, which has proposed various paths of experience and in-depth activities on various topics of education to rights, with a constant reference to the principles of equity and non-discrimination. Activities have been proposed that promote free expression and listening and in-depth studies on the problems that affect the world of childhood and adolescence in the world. The work proposals offered great space for participation and listening, using different tools and creating various materials, videos, etc. The elected school “Amica dell'Unicef has engaged in a fundraiser with the realization of a market in December 2017 during which stands were set up for the sale of materials and gadgets made by the students with the help of their teachers. There was a large participation of the entire Porticese citizenship that responded to the appeal of our students with great enthusiasm. In the end, € 2,245 was donated to UNICEF. Among the various works we present, we present how Christmas garlands were made. Garland preparation This is the Garlands preparation for the Christmas market for UNICEF: - draw a circle crown on a cardboard with the compass..… (Image 1) - cut the cardboard..… - start covering it with the packaging paper... So, there is the basis of the Garland... Then, we decorate the Garland with a ribbon..(image 2) We glue the ribbon and the Christmas decorations with the hot-glue .. and here's the final product. The Chrsitmas garlands are ready (images 3-4) The Christmas Garlands are read The trip of a drop of water Hello everyone, let’s imagine I’m Brina , a little drop of water. My sisters Splash and Plunk and I are going to have an original trip through the Gulf of Naples that will lead us to discover scientific and legendary stories about this fascinating land. You will also discover the rights of water…. Yes, you have to realize that also water has its own rights and everyone has to respect them. Ah! What a fun! I’m having fun with my sisters Splash and Plunk in the sea waves of the Naples gulf. The sun is heating us, our body is getting weaker and weaker and suddenly we start to fly in the air going upper and upper. I’m Splash and I’m enjoying the landscape with Brina and Plunk. How nice Naples is at this height: it looks like a me
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