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The ArtHut Release 1 L O S T ….she’s lost but who is going down with her into the hole? LOST! Contributors: Vivian is a victim of rape, but this wasn’t from…
The ArtHut Release 1 L O S T ….she’s lost but who is going down with her into the hole? LOST! Contributors: Vivian is a victim of rape, but this wasn’t from whom she didn’t know, it is from a well known face she would recognize any day and time, but she’s a kid – who should she tell, Janet James mom, brothers? Marverick Oluwakoya She’s grown now and doesn’t seem able to quit what she’s be indulged in from childhood, Victor Kals who’d get her back into the light? Emmanuel Ojelade What ends this cycle? Blessing Okezie Hex’M Jai Quotes (Outsourced) Lewis Wanwanda Manauel Manuel It’s not surprising then, that in a society where sexual abuse of young women is rampant, many women never share their stories. They remain hidden and invisible.” ―Patti Feuereisen “Because the child does not have the power to withhold consent, she does not have the power to grant it.” ―Judith Lewis Herman Editorial For our first release, the duo chose to work on a common-but-overlooked ill in the society that the world chooses not to focus much attention on and these include marital rape, child molestation, pedophilic activities in the home and, effects of broken homes on kids, it’s not uncommon to see around these days, children who’ve been victim of one or more family error/issue scavenging around town seeking greener pastures and losing their way while doing so, Vivian is a perfect example of that this relates with and what she ends up doing to both herself and her brothers is not what anyone really wishes, we got fellow community members joining in with their poetic displays and even quotes – oh and there’s the delicious excerpt from the WHO report on Sexual Molestation in Africa included, come on and jump in on this one. This is our first release and we are certain we did all we could to make the work readable and comprehensive to readers but know that there is always room for improvements and we appreciate you for taking out your time to view this. Curator, Emmanuel Ojelade …a provocative and heart-rending story …ordeal of rape victims and how it indirectly affects their lifestyle in the future. It is a story that unveils the power of love and unity. Blessing Okezie This text, space and time is a window for us to see the profound, powerful and unique images by these authors. Whether produced from raw materials or imagination or raw experience, the work transports us to a world of extremity, both shocking and beautiful. Hex’M Jai …they all got rewarded for their deeds, kind of a sad-ending, karma taking its place in protecting the next generation and breaking them off… It was so intriguing and one without a predictable end. Victor Kals I’ve learned a lot, through Vivian’s story… …if anyone reads this, they will gain a lot, especially what happens in our families Lewis Wanwanda Are you yet to join our NOISE-MAKING community? We operate on two major media, Facebook and Linkedin To join the group on Facebook – Click HERE – or search for ArtHut Creative Communiy To join the group on LinkedIn – Click HERE – or search for We Are Creatives WE WENT TO WAR UNTRAINED Victor Kals Keep on running, you lose A brother Hide like a coward, lose your loved ones Retreat and surrender, lose your life Go to war and lose yourself We went to war but were not trained Men died – so did women, families wailed Children cried, mothers sobbed Infants screaming piercing Fathers heart Things fall apart, rage awoken /in/ our youths They had to war but were not trained We had no homes, no bags No properties, just breathe for life No assurance for a new day dawn For we threw our clothes shoving through leaves To stay alive, was now the dream We went to a war we were not trained Home sweet home now a pile of gray ashes Smells from the burns replaced Mama's kitchen aroma Concoctions now our delicacy No more music; just drums of war Home sweet home was now a pile of ashes We went to war not trained PROLOGUE The beautiful red gown she wore hugged her body so tightly a scared lover not wanting to let go, this attire was slitted on the left side from the mid-thigh downwards and the slit exposed her legs, and oh! What beautiful and long legs she had. The eyes watching watched her climb up the porch stairs to the front door of the house standing awaiting a guest, or so it seemed ‘Mom, Dad! I'm home!’ Vivian shouted, standing at the entrance rather unperturbed waiting for a reply from the interior The butler came instead. ‘You are back child, how did prom night go?’ ‘Fine, Mr. Williams’ she replied with a little smile on her worn face ‘Please where's mom and Dad?” ‘Your Mom is out for the night while your Dad should either be at the garden or in his study’ ‘The garden by this time of the night?’ She said facing her digital Nike wristwatch and watching the clock give it feedback as it gladly displayed 9:30 PM ‘Don't tell me ….’ she said showing the butler her palm in the sign of wait. “He says he wants to meditate right?” ‘Very right my dear, run along- and as per your request, your supper wasn't made. Any change in plans?’ said the butler ‘No Mr. Williams, no changes at all, thank you’, she and hurried up the stairs. She peeped into her Father's study, it was empty after-all, and she hurried along to her bedroom. As soon as she opened the door and stepped into the dark room, she had this uneasy feeling but since she couldn’t place it, closed the door behind her and waited for a little while, maybe for some magical powers to help her with the lights or maybe not. Just as she told herself she was just being paranoid, and started out to get the switch circuit, a strong hand gripped her from behind. She was too shocked to scream at first but as soon as that reflex came alive, she opened her mouth wide to sound the alarm but the one hand had done the job of covering it before any trigger could go off and thus the job, spoiled. She tried kicking him in the groin but somehow - miraculously, he avoided the kick. She struggled and fought but all her tough punches and arm flings fell off his strong frame like water off a duck's back. She could feel the slit of her dress being lifted higher and finally was off, a mantle used to tie her mouth, and in desperation, awe and shock she wondered how her captor seemed to manage all that with the struggle still on. While standing and trying to fight, she could feel his manhood enter her from behind. She opened her mouth to scream, but of course, only muffled and noiseless sounds proceeded from her being. He thrusted and thrusted into her until he was satisfied even at that, her hands were tightly tied behind her and of course the piece of cloth, still in its firm position. He then turned her forward to face him and she desperately tried to map out his features in the darkness but within seconds, he had her sights blocked also, laid her gentlemanly on the bed and then had a go at her again and again until he came. He put his manhood between her breast and started the doing all over again. And then is all came to a halt, surprisingly - he patted her hair as if to praise her for a job well done, cleaned the sweat off her and kissed her gently on the forehead. He untied her hands and left the room quickly, silently and unnoticed, just the way he had come. CHAPTER ONE Wiping away the tears, sweat and bruises with warm water in the shower, more tears flowed down Miracle's cheeks. Try as she might, the only thing she could think of is the depth of her love for her husband Emmanuel. Tracing the red bruise mark from her neck to her breast then down to her lower abdomen and the swelling in her cheek to the now purple-blue bruise in her temple, she tried, really tried to think up terrible adjectives to describe her husband but was at loss of them. She tried imagining him in the very wicked light that should be associated with him but still came up with a love so strong, a love so strong that it made her sure that as soon as she came out of the shower, she would lovingly apply makeup on it all, once again. This certainty only made her scream in frustration and raise her face upwards toward the running water from the shower. She cried and cried until she could do no more. Eventually, she came out and headed for her makeup kit just as the mind had said. * * * The drive to the airport was fun. As soon as Emmanuel came back from work, he heartily ate the food she’d prepared for him and looked her over before gently kissing her forehead and leading her toward the car. They were on the way to the airport to pick their children who’d just arrived from school abroad, Herod and Herodias. There were lots of hugs and kisses exchanged and soon enough, the family were discussing happily on the way back, and swaying happily to the blasting car radio. It was a seemingly happy reunion of the kids to their parents. CHAPTER TWO Jessica knelt at the foot of the chair in her living room and cried some more. “Boys are swines” she said aloud. "But this is one sexy and intelligent swine" the thoughts roaming around her well-adorned head replied. She pushed aside the thoughts angrily and went ahead to the kitchen, took some cookies and had her half-contained orange juice and drank directly from the carton. “They flaunt around all day acting like they own the land and can do whatever they feel like and whenever they deem fit to without any care for neither the repercussions nor the hearts of others. She had been there with him through thick and thin, had been his only functional backbone when he seemed unable to stand, and now she, asking him to do the needful only finds him packing and folding up as if what they had never existed. She was an independent lady after all and could take on any situation and not to mention she was the type who needed no man to take care of her until she met this particular swine. It wouldn't have been so painful if she was the only one left hanging and heart-broken, but no, she wasn’t, maybe somehow, somewhere in that dark heart of his - he might be feeling grateful, it was more of a wish actually and less realism came to her mind. She cried while trying to put a halt to the memories that kept coming but it wasn’t easy – she was the one hurting here, was he? She sat at the foot of the chair again, chunked up some more cookies and had juice amidst whimpers and tears. After some moments, her long nails dug into the chair as other hand went on to hold her chest and this time, her sobs were loud and heart wrenching. * * * He felt the street were as dark as his mind, as silent as his share of good luck and as empty as his dim-lit heart. The weather looked gloomy and angry, a storm was forming up, it was a perfect match for what he felt in him so he smiled. "People won't understand", he thought to himself. "Women especially", Heartbreak has been his hallmark and by now he believed he should have gotten used to it but each time, the sting felt raw and the bite; sharp, fresh and fleshy, he had to start all over again. It was taking the last fiber of his resolution to hang on and believe everything would be fine one day. His giving up on everything would be putting the lives of his female friends in danger but him? Well, he’ll totally lose his self control and would be too, lost. It is because of this that he has to fight but each sting brings him one step closer to what he seemed an ‘inevitable fall-off from the cliff’. Martin sighed and angrily brushed away the free-flowing and short-lived tears of his manly face. He had jogged miles from his ‘stay-in palace’ to get her off of his head, Jessica but all to little avail. He actually thought he was over his past and ready to start afresh with her until he saw that text message and believed she was cheating. Again!!! The terrible images of what he could have done to her that had crossed his mind firmly shook him, but what terrified him more was that he would have done it without any hesitations whatsoever had he not found out the truth in time. This incident was like a bowl of chilled water splashed across his face from sleep. He only woke up to find that he wasn't really ready at all. He apologized and felt guilty and things continued, but when she reached the verge like the others and popped the question, he felt he couldn't lead her on further and then told her he wasn't ready yet. And see where that got him. "Well, to hell with it" he had made up his mind to go through it the rough way, cupped his face in his hands and on his knees. By now, the rain had started pouring heavily, his body racked painfully from sobs long withheld. Ad CHAPTER THREE It was 10:00 PM when Rosemary kissed her six year-old Anna's forehead and pulled the blanket upwards to her chin, sighed and closed The Three Musketeers book she had been reading to the now-sleeping Anna and set out to leave the room after switching off the lights. She was on her way to the kitchen to clear the dishes when she heard the front door open and the murmur of drunk-laughing voices before the door was locked, just as it were before the intrusion. She continued on to the kitchen and was washing the plates when her drunken husband came in and demanded with slurred words that she joins him in the bedroom immediately. "But you are with her tonight Eric, I'll leave the bedroom to you two", Rosemary protested weakly just as a loyal dog waiting for ‘What Next’ but this earned her a terrible slap and both a broken face and chinaware. Then did another slurred command, “Join me in the bedroom now if you don’t want any trouble, woman” Rosemary switched off the lights in other parts of the house and tried delaying going to the bedroom as much as possible. When she had nothing to hold on to for not coming to her marital master waiting and panting, she went in hoping for bad but was shocked at the sight she saw, Eric's cuffed behind his head and his legs, widely spread apart, was tied to the corners of the bed with a rope. The lady with him — Vivian, was atop him licking and massaging every spot as those an hungry lady-of-the-night but this one wasn’t, she really wasn’t. She [Rose] wanted to puke at the sight she’d just beheld, turned around and tried walking out quietly so as not intrude the Devil’s deed being done on her matrimonial bed but a voice rang back. ‘Hey babes, come back’, Vivian said quietly. ‘You wouldn't want to have fresh scars in the morning would you? She's telling you nicely now and you know how anti-nice the case would seem if I were the one doing the talking. So gently and quietly pull off your clothes and come over to Daddy!’ She tried swallowing back the lump of tears that welled up in her throat like the heavy ‘eba’ she’s remembers eating a while ago. “This was a cursed family, this was an accursed act and she was also getting cursed for standing for this” these all rang in her mind but …. But how could she not? She had Anna, her only daughter to consider. As she got closer to the defiled bed, she switched off the lights but upon doing so, received angry and incomprehensible curses as a reaction and just as swiftly switched them back on and cleaned the single tear that slipped out, climbed onto the bed to partake in this Gomorrahcious act, it was not like she had a choice after all …. CHAPTER FOUR The next morning could be defined as when a cold war turns hot. Eric's every move was countered by his irked Rosemary, his wife who fused anger over the certain with confusion of the uncertain. The catalyst, Vivian had left the devil’s playhouse at the rise of dawn and everything in the house including the broom, plates, the T.V plus their six year old Anna, knew something was terribly wrong and thus insisted on staying up in her room all day. Eric sat down in his study and so were his emotions; down, at his desk, he stared at the roughly broadcasted pieces of works and books he had stacked up and unevenly dispersed on his table. He was lost in thought, this was not how he planned his life to be, he planned to run away from his sister's snare and like the ending of his every romantic cartoon live happily ever after with the woman of his dreams and a family of his own. But how was the issue, how does this happen? While he is definitely living with the woman of his dreams unhappily, this was not the life of he had wished for. "Where did things go wrong?, He kept asking himself for the umpteenth time. Everything had once been fine. He had once thought that he was truly free from the satanic incest which he so much enjoyed and was addicted to only to find himself running back to her at her every cry of distress, this incest was not so much of a satanic once really, it was a physical one and he can see this, clearly. He had promised Rose that everything was going to be fine, claimed he has had enough of their sin and was going to do everything to save their marriage. What baffled him the most was why she had stayed with him despite everything he had done to her, it was the devil’s work or was it not? Before they got married, he did his best to keep the ugly skeletons in his cupboard checked but after the wedding, he relaxed and now he even brings her into it. It was disgusting even to him, but only when his mind wasn't fogged with the effect of too much drinking. He was going to make things right again from now on. It was no use voicing his new resolution to her, it wasn’t the first time he’d said so anyways. He wanted to start by quitting drink so that any rash decision on his part would not have a place to lay blame. But for now, he had some work to do but how to leave his study and the house with eyes all over it was the immediate problem, he couldn't face looking at her pretty- ugly face right now. Eric bowed down his head on the desk and remained as such for a very long time. CHAPTER FIVE Vivian didn't know whether to cry or laugh. She was feeling like a bitch and probably knew she was but at times like this, she felt she was right and that was the right thing to do. Of course, she was sorry of spoiling Rose's home, Jessica's life and Miracle's family but these were her brothers in question, her ungrateful and betraying brothers. Things would not have gotten to this stage had it been they reacted normally to her change. The car changed gears and sped faster on the not-so smooth roads of Sango, the outskirts of Lagos but she couldn't help it, She couldn't help anything at this point of her being and when her thoughts went in this direction and she was always almost very careful, but this? It was beyond her limit reach, she’d been the ‘omo ti o fi gangan fa ohun ti owo re otoo’ and couldn't control her thoughts. Passersby looked on surprised; while some worried whether or not she would kill someone others just rewarded her act with foul curses. She thought of how her brothers had started consulting her less and less on issues on which she was formerly their sole adviser. Though they tried to be civil, they respected her less and less and she only thought it fair to make them go through what she had gone through. Only Martin was headstrong of the three and truly broke free from her hold but was he too really free. She scoffed, he’d thought she didn't know about his latest love, Jessica, but she did, and was almost immediately sorry for him. She made a sharp turn, and to the greatest expectations of onlookers, sight-seers and road peddlers all being busy with their doings, collided head-on into an oncoming trailer with her …. What more do I have to achieve here, if God wants to blame me, he should ….. , were the last thoughts that ran through her during this inauspicious moment CHAPTER SIX Vivian turned her face into the pillow and used it to muffle her tears, she’d cried herself to sleep that night. The next morning, she awoke and with a tearful sigh, remember
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