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SILVER SPRING On the Move FA L L 20 19 INSIDE Stormwater Program Updates   The costs of meeting new unfunded regulatory requirements and repairing aging THIS…
SILVER SPRING On the Move FA L L 20 19 INSIDE Stormwater Program Updates   The costs of meeting new unfunded regulatory requirements and repairing aging THIS infrastructure continues to rise. The Township is collaborating with a stakeholder group comprised of property owners throughout the Township to consider the best EDITION way to implement and fund the program. The Township is proposing to implement a Stormwater Fee in early 2020. A Stormwater Fee was determined to be a more equitable than a general tax increase to fund the requirements that the Township faces. The proposed fee will consist of residential properties paying a flat rate, which is Public Works. . . . . . . . . 2 expected to be less than $10 a month. Nonresidential properties will be charged based on their Impervious Area (IA). Properties with more IA will have a higher fee due to the property being responsible for the creation of a larger volume of stormwater. Township Police . . . . . . 3   Silver Spring Township is tasked by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) with completing a variety of projects in order to meet our Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP) requirements Building & Codes . . . . . 3 for the purpose of improving water quality of local waterways. The anticipated projects consist of Detention Basin Retrofits, Stream Emergency Management Restorations, the Agency (EMA). . . . . . . . 4 creation of Bioswales, Rain Gardens, and Riparian Buffers. These Parks & Recreation. . . . 5 projects will be implemented through- out portions of the Community Township to treat Development . . . . . . . . . 6 stormwater before it is discharged to our local waterways and reduce Township Committees sediment entering & Services . . . . . . . . . 7 local waterways by 10%.   In addition to the stormwater projects to Calendar of Events. . . . 8 meet the PRP goals, the Township will be reviewing and revitalizing its Stormwater Program with the goal of properly mapping and inspecting our stormwater system. With this data, we will be better equipped to plan large scale projects pertaining to our stormwater system. This will ensure infrastructure is maintained in a cost-effective manner while flooding concerns and water quality impairments are minimized.   The Township hosted a public meeting on October 1st to discuss these updates. Announcements of additional meetings and information can be found on the Township website Suburban Serenity with Urban Proximity Public Works Leaf Collection Snow Removal The leaves will soon be falling. Beginning in mid-October, The Township is NOT responsible for mailbox replace- watch out for our Public Works trucks as they collect ment unless physically hit by the plow. Below is leaves along Township owned roadways. Leaf collection information concerning our snow plowing policies: is the day after your regular trash pickup; residents are Do: encouraged to check the Township’s website at   •  Avoid parking vehicles on Township roads and cul-de-sacs for scheduling and updates. Privately   •  Clear snow from fire hydrants owned roads and driveways are not included.   •  Place trash and recycling containers in driveway Do:   •  Move basketball hoops behind the curb ensuring rim   •  Place leaf piles at curb no later than 7:00 am on the is not in the right of way day following your regular trash pickup   •  Refrain from placing or planting items within the   •  Note: if your trash pick-up is Friday, leaves road right-of-way area. Items in the right-of-way area will be collected on Monday can affect sight distances, snow removal and other   •  Keep leaf piles to no more than 24" in road work. width and height Do NOT:   •  Trim trees to 20' above pavement to allow   •  Throw snow back into street or on the sidewalk per for passage of the public works vehicles Ordinance No. 2011. Section 2   •  Place anything within the right of way of the roadway:   •  Provide direct access to the leaves by basketball hoops, trash & recycling bins, etc. parking vehicles away from piles   •  Keep the wind in mind, a windy day can PennDOT blow leaves to neighbors’ yard suggests that you Do NOT: clear an area to the right of your   •  Allow your children to play in the piles that are placed driveway (as seen by the road - BE SAFE! in the diagram on   •  Mix sticks, branches, animal waste, or other debris in the left) to give with leaf piles the snow on the   •  Block sidewalks, drains, gutters, or hydrants, or place blade of the plow leaves on the street a place to empty before it gets to your driveway. This way   •  Place leaf piles behind obstacles such as trees, cars, you won’t have to do the same job twice. mailboxes, light poles, etc. Report a Concern   It is extremely important that leaves be kept free of   Report a Concern tab is on the bottom of all Silver debris. Leaf piles containing foreign materials (rocks, toys, Spring Township website at www. Reporting a tree trimmings, garden or pet waste, etc.) will be passed by concern is another way for our residents to be the “eyes & as these materials can cause worker injuries and damage ears” within the community. This program will also allow to our equipment. We appreciate your assistance and the Township to track customer service and expenses. If cooperation during leaf collection. you register, all inquiries get a response via email. 2019 Board of Supervisors Nancy Konhaus Griffie Harry D. Kotzmoyer, Jr. David R. Lenker, II (717) 766-9222 (717) 458-8945 (717) 648-3567 Vice Chair Chair Carl Machamer Donald Sokoloski (717) 805-9846 (717) 796-1760 (Front) Donald Sokoloski and David Lenker, II (Back) Carl Machamer, Nancy Konhaus Griffie and Harry Kotzmoyer S I LV E R S P R I N G On the Move | W W W . S S T W P. O R G -2- Police Blotter Building & Codes New Building Codes Official   Welcome to our new Building Codes Official John Wascavage! John was sworn in at our June Board of Supervisors meeting and will manage the Building and Codes Department. He has 20 years of ex- perience in the building code and construction industry.   Our Building and Codes Department is here to ensure the safety of Township residents and the general public. If you are planning a building project in the District Judge Silcox & John Wascavage future, or if you have code related questions, please contact the department to inquire about the permit process, the required codes, and the required inspections to ensure your safety. Please visit the website at or call (717) 766-0178 Ext. 3014. 2020 Decennial Census   “Count everyone once, only once, and in the right place.” Count the population to determine:   •  number of US House of Representatives   •  state legislative districts   •  school districting   •  allocation of over $675B federal dollars    Text 911   The Census is looking to establish partnerships to   Cumberland County 911 Center can now be contacted increase participation with community-based recruitment via text. Simply text 911 and then text the location and to reflect the local population. the emergency. This tool is extremely helpful in situations   USCB (US Census Bureau) cannot publicly release an where speaking aloud is not safe or possible and also in individual’s responses in any way that could identify them, certain locations where cell service is spotty, but texts will their business, organization, or institution, to include FBI, send. CIA, IRS, state/local governments, courts. Census Day is April 1, 2020. We are asking all residents to participate in Bigs in Blue the census to provide accurate numbers for funding. More   SSTPD officers are pairing up with Big Brothers Big information to follow, check the website. Sisters of the Capital Region for “Bigs in Blue” in the   This is the first time Cumberland Valley School District. Police officers mentor students from the community they protect and that the decennial serve, opening lines of communication and fostering trust census can be between the students and law enforcement. completed on the internet. But the Speed Limit Changes traditional ways of   After completion of a Traffic Study with PennDOT the phone and mail are speed limits on Hempt, State, and Texaco Roads have been also still accepted. lowered from 40 mph to 35 mph. Use caution and drive safe! S I LV E R S P R I N G On the Move | W W W . S S T W P. O R G -3- Emergency Management Agency (EMA)   Nobody wants to think about bad things happening, whether it be accidents, bad weather or power outages. Staying prepared, no matter the season, helps alleviate some of that stress. See the tips below on what it takes to prepare a kit for the home and car, so you are always prepared. VEHICLE EMERGENCY KIT CHECKLIST □  Whistle to signal for help □  Cellular phone and charger. (Emergency tip: If you have □  Needles and thread to dial 911, remember that your location and phone □  Aluminum foil number aren’t always available to an emergency □  Water-proof matches operator when calling from a cell phone. Be sure to □  Cash or travelers checks and change provide the operator with your number and any □  Toilet paper information you have about your location.) □  Extra keys for car and house □  First aid kit □  Map of local and out of state area □  Fire extinguisher □  Wet wipes □  Tire gauge □  Ziploc bags □  Jack and lug wrench □  Personal hygiene items □  Jumper cables or a portable battery booster □  Disinfectant □  Weather-proof flashlight □  Plastic garbage bags and ties □  Gloves, hand cleaner and clean rags □  Soap □  $20 in small bills and change □  Pen and pad of paper Special Items for Children: □  Baby formula/food □  Basic tools □  Diapers □  Extra clothing □  Bottles □  Water and nonperishable emergency food (enough for □  Powdered milk at least 3 days) □  Medications Items for Winter Driving: □  Games/Activities □  Windshield scraper □  Special toy for comfort □  Tire chains and tow strap □  Wet wipes □  Blanket and winter hat □  Extra sets of clothing (check sizes every three months) □  Chemical hand warmers □  Anti-rash ointment □  Small folding shovel □  Emergency contact information in case you are □  Bag of cat litter (This can help provide some traction separated during an emergency on an especially slick road surface) For Adults: HOME EMERGENCY KIT CHECKLIST □  Any prescription drugs (heart, high blood pressure □  Water (one gallon per person per day for at least three medication, insulin, etc.) days, for drinking and sanitation) □  Denture needs □  Food (at least a three-day supply of non-perishable □  Contact lenses and supplies food) □  Extra eyeglasses □  Battery-powered radio and extra batteries □  Playing cards and books □  First aid kit □  Important legal documents such as deeds, insurance □  Sturdy shoes or work boots policies and identification cards in a waterproof □  Heavy socks (at least two pairs) container □  Hats and gloves □  Feminine supplies □  Extra clothing and blankets □  Lip balm and sunscreen □  Rain gear □  Personal hygiene items □  Cash □  Tools and supplies: For Pets: □  Case/nylon bag/fanny pack □  3-day supply of food and water □  Mess kits or paper cups, plates, plastic utensils □  Medications and medical records □  Small fire extinguisher □  Pet first aid kit □  Flashlight and extra batteries □  Extra leash and collar □  Paper and pencil/pen □  Dishes/bowls □  Non-electric can opener □  Cat litter/pan □  Multi-purpose tool/utility knife □  Copies of licenses □  Tent □  Name and phone number of veterinarians □  Plastic sheeting □  Microchip or tattoo number □  Duct tape □  Toys □  Pliers □  Treats □  Compass □  Bedding □  Signal flare □  Paper towels and clean-up bags S I LV E R S P R I N G On the Move | W W W . S S T W P. O R G -4- Parks & Recreation Paul Walters Memorial Park - Playground Fall Programs & Bus Trips Open! View upcoming fall programs and bus trips online at On Tuesday, October 1st the community came to cele- brate the grand opening of the new playground at Paul New York City “Day on Your Own” Saturday, December 14 $65 per person. Depart Sam’s Club in Mechanicsburg at Walters Park. We held a brief ribbon cutting ceremony, led 6:30am and return home at 11pm. Enjoy all that NYC has by DCNR Secretary Cindy Dunn. Surveys will be available to offer for the holidays. Trip includes transportation and online at for residents to give us feedback NYC map. on the next phase. Kalahari Resorts, Pocono Mountain, Friday, December 27 $89 per person (HUGE SAVINGS). Depart Sam’s Club in Mechanicsburg at 7:30am and return home at 10pm. Experience America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark. Trip includes transportation and waterpark ticket. Discount Tickets Hershey In the Dark | Hershey Candylane | PA Ren. Faire Discount tickets can be purchased at the Parks and Rec Office, 8 Flowers Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA during regular business hours; Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm. Ski tickets will be available in December. Winters Night & Sleigh Rides This fun and festive event will be held on Wednesday, December 4th starting at 6:30-8:30pm. Enjoy a visit with Santa, sleigh rides pulled in a horse drawn carriage, hot cocoa, donation trees, blood drive, holiday music, crafts, and food vendors! The event will take place at the Silver Spring Community Fire Hall located at 6471 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg. Donations will also be accepted for the Venues for Family Reunions, Picnics & Veterans Memorial Expansion. Weddings Parks in the Winter Book a pavilion in one of the 5 parks here in Silver Spring Parks will be closed after storm events, until roads are Township. The Township offers all-day rentals and half- cleared. Some parks will remain closed for an extended day options. Discount rates apply for those that are period of time, depending on the weather. In the event of residents. Rental options include: Half Day Option 1: an emergency, please dial 911. Indoor restroom facilities typically close in late November, depending on weather, sunrise to 2pm, Half Day Option 2: 3pm to sunset, Full Day and re-open at the end of March. Indoor park facilities are Option 3: sunrise to sunset not heated during winter months. Availability is easy to find online. Go to this link to view Halloween Night Safety Tips for Kids availability and check-out the facilities list. You can also   Residents are encouraged to work together to make this call or email us to check availability and reserve a facility a fun, safe evening for the kids! Trick-or-Treat Night will be at held Thursday, October 31st from 6pm to 8pm. Below are a Contact Us: (717) 766-0178 | few tips for parents:    Wear reflective clothing Residents    Walk on the sidewalks   •  $50 Half-Day (see above time options)    Stay in your neighborhood   •  $75 Full-Day (sunrise to sunset)    Visit homes that are well-lit Non-Residents   •  $75 Half-Day (see above time options)   •  $100 Full-Day (sunrise to sunset) Seeking Instructors We are looking for instructors to run sports clinics and health and wellness classes for the community. We’re also open to exploring new program ideas. Please email or call (717) 766-0178 if you’re interested. S I LV E R S P R I N G On the Move | W W W . S S T W P. O R G -5- Community Development your yard and garden. Leaf mulching can reduce a pile of leaves to about one-tenth of its volume. All you need to do is mow over the leaves on your lawn. The chopped-up leaves will settle into the lawn and decompose and nourish your lawn over the winter. Leaves can also be composted by layering leaves with other composted materials to create a nitrogen and carbon rich compost to mix in with a garden and/or flower beds. A good mixture of organic materials in your compost will consist of three Attention HOA Presidents parts brown (leaves) and one-part green (fresh grass   Silver Spring Township is updating our contact list for clippings or garden prunings). the various HOAs in the Township. If you are the President   Leaves can also be disposed of at the Silver Spring or a committee member, please send updated contact Township/Mechanicsburg Borough Joint Compost information to Chris Guarino. He can be contacted at Facility. Access cards to the facility are $10 per household Thank you for your cooperation. annually and are available for purchase at the Silver Spring Township Administrative Office, located at New in our Township 8 Flowers Drive, Mechanicsburg. Under Construction   •  180 Kost Road - Warehouse Planning Improvements on Your Property?   •  90 W. Main Street - Townhomes   Is there an easement on the property that could affect?   • Aldi your home improvement plans? If your lot has an   •  Country Club Estates - Phase 3A easement on it, you may be restricted when it comes to   •  Danbury Glen - Phases 3 & 4 installing fencing, a pool, a patio or making other   •  Fairfield Inn at Delta Pointe improvements on your lot. An easement is a portion of   •  Glendale Estates - Phase 2 property or land reserved for use by others than the legal   •  Grayhawk Landing - Phase 5 owner of the property. An easement may be a surface   •  Jaguar Land Rover drainage swale that conveys storm water through the   •  PA American Water development, or land that includes a buried utility pipe.   •  PA Medical Society The easement must remain clear of obstructions so that   •  The Peninsula - Phase 4 the drainage functions properly, or to ensure access to   •  Shaffer Maintenance Facility underground utilities.   •  Spring Meadow - Phase 1   All lots have a maximum impervious coverage limit to   •  Traditions of America - Phases 3B & 3C meet environmental and planning regulations.   •  Walden Phases - 8B & 9 Impervious coverage includes anything that impedes   •  Westhafer Estates storm water from infiltrating into the ground, such as the house, a shed, a patio, sidewalks, and driveways. Check Recently Opened your property. It may already be at the maximum   •  Mechanicsburg Audi impervious area.   •  Mechanicsburg Nissan   If possible, ask your realtor, developer or HOA about easements or impervious limitations prior to a lot or Falling Leaves home purchase. Due diligence prior to purchase will avoid   Autumn is upon us and that means disappointment and surprises later! leaves, leaves and more leaves! Did you know that the way in which you dispose of the leaves from your property can have an impact on our storm drains, roads, and creeks? Leaves raked in to the streets can result in clogged inlets and pipes, leading to possible flooding. Silver Spring Township encourages residents to properly dispose of their fall leaves before they pollute stormwater with excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Cleaner stormwater runoff means cleaner drinking water and cleaner habitat for aquatic life.   Backyard leaf mulching and composting are great for S I LV E R S P R I N G On the Move | W W W . S S T W P. O R G -6- BOS Chairman Dave BOS Dave Lenker acknowledges David Lenker recognized Minnich of Troop 180, New Birth of Max Hempt, Owner of Freedom in Mechanicsburg, for Hempt Brothers and completing an Eagle Project at the Tim Rice, Vice President Vincent DiFilippo Nature Preserve in of Hempt Brothers, for 2019. David earned the rank of Eagle the donated material Scout by constructing a bird blind used for the Paul Walters project. watch area, connector trail, and bench for visitors at the preserve. Hempt Brothers donated material for the construction of Phase 1 which allowed the Township to complete the project on time and below cost of anticipated construction expenses. Park to officially open in October 1, 2019 Township Committees & Servic
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