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OCTOBER 8 - 21 , 2019 South Miami Sr. High ‘SMSH’ 30-Year Reunion Gala SMSH class of ’89 Digital Magical BY SAMANTHA JONES Have you ever expe- Colombian…
OCTOBER 8 - 21 , 2019 South Miami Sr. High ‘SMSH’ 30-Year Reunion Gala SMSH class of ’89 Digital Magical BY SAMANTHA JONES Have you ever expe- Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez rienced FOMO… Fear Of Missing Out? Don’t be a victim this Fall as the Miami weather gets makes historic visit to South Miami Trends in 2020 cooler and the Reunion parties get hotter. Buy your ticket to the Brand Poets BY TANA M. LLINAS South Miami Senior High class of ‘89 30 Year Gala Reunion. All 1988, 1989 and Digital market- ing is continually South Miami 1990 alumni are invited to the festivities on progressing, and Commissioner Friday, October 25, from 7:30 pm – 11:30 2020 will bring Josh Liebman (l) pm at Coco Plum Women’s Club, a his- and Colombian toric Mediterranean Revival house located President Iván several new digital at 1375 Sunset Drive in Miami, Florida. Duque Márquez marketing trends. Onsite parking is available. Ride share car When it comes to following the services are encouraged. your marketing ceremony Famous South Miami alums anticipated strategy, you want to make sure that officially to attend include Senator Marco Rubio, your efforts are effective, that your ap- launching a proach is innovative, and that you are Sister City singer and actor Carlos Ponce and our Program with SMSH 1989 Homecoming King and Queen Medellin, always employing the latest technol- Tony Hernandez and Grace Nichols. Colombia. ogy. If not, you run the risk of being Tickets are $100 and include food, un- surpassed by your competitors. Read limited nonalcoholic beverages and two up on these upcoming trends in the T cocktail drinks (beer, wine and liquor). world of digital marketing: Dr. Santiago Medina, sculptor and South Miami’s Colombia Sculpture Garden, who BY BILL KRESS HYPERTARGETING & he City of South Miami Com- provided background on the historic project Hypertargeting allows businesses to PERSONALIZATION mission hosted Colombian at Dante Fascell Park. President Iván Duque Márquez This is the first-ever Sister City agree- reach potential customers using precise at the unveiling of a “Colombia Sculpture ment for the City of South Miami in its Garden” Sept. 27, commemorating the 90+ year history, and only the 2nd Sister launch of a new Sister City Program be- City designation in the U.S. for Medellin. See TRENDS, page 4 tween South Miami and the City of Additionally, it was the first time that a –––––––––––––––––––––––––– Medellin, Colombia. president, either foreign or domestic, has The historic event took place at Dante ever scheduled visit to South Miami. ALL FORMS OF PROTECTION FROM Fascell Park, 8700 SW 57 Ave., in South As the only area in all of Miami-Dade THE WORLD’S MOST TRUSTED & Miami. County designated to Colombia to date, COMPETITIVE INSURERS Following official welcome greetings by the City of South Miami has received three South Miami Mayor Phil Stoddard and separate sculptures from Colombian artists Commissioner Josh Liebman, who spon- for installation, with three additional sored the effort, President Duque was pre- pieces currently being considered. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– See REUNION, page 3 sented with a plaque and made official Medellin was recently ranked as the remarks underscoring the importance of world’s “Most Innovative City” by The trade and culture between the two cities. Wall Street Journal. Colombia is the num- PERSONAL • COMMERCIAL • EMPLOYEE Also presenting at the event were Colom- ber one ally of the United States in South PERMIT NO. 3203 BENEFITS • FINANCIAL SERVICES bia Consulate General Pedro Agustin and and Central America. MIAMI, FL PAID US POSTAGE 305.238.1000 STANDARD MAIL Savings & Service Since 1950 Page 2 / October 8 - 21, 2019 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 SAY IT, WATCH IT. INSTANTLY. NEW VOICE REMOTE Powered by TiVo ® GET WHAT YOU WANT. INSTANTLY. ATLANTICBB.COM Additional terms and conditions apply. ©2018 Atlantic Bro Which of These Homes Will Sell Faster? We cover the upfront costs of home-improvement before listing a property for sale. Yes, we invest our own money into your property to increase the odds of selling faster, for more money, and in less time. No fees or interest charged to you, ever. Before After Services may include: Cosmetic Renovations, Staging, Call me and let’s get your property sold! Landscaping, Deep Cleaning + Decluttering, Interior + Exterior Levi Meyer Painting, Pest Control, Custom Closet Work, 100+ More Services Director of Sales 786.222.5097 &%$#" $ #$%# % " "$# $ # " $ # % $ # # % # % " # # # % " # % $ "$ # #" % $"% # " # " # % $ # % # #% # $#% # " # " #" # % # % # # " # $# % # # %# $ #% # $ $"% # #$%#$ # #$ % # # % $ #" % $"% #" # $ # $#$%# % #% " "% # " # # # % $ # % "$"% # # "$ #% #$ # % $ # % #$ # $ # "$ % $# %$" COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 8 - 21, 2019 / Page 3 Silver: REUNION, from front page ––– Argeent Medical Management and Ann Mar SMS arie Gomez, SH Class of ’90 Cash bar is availab able to purchase additional TLCC Eventnts Group an and Karen Gottlieb, cocktails. DJ will spin music fr from the ‘80s SMS SH class of ’89 and today. Capture a photo with long lost In ad ddition to th the Gala, th there ar are manany way ays friends in our Reunion Photo Booth. fr for yo fo you to par articipat ate. Join us fo for th the Homecom- Bid on the Silent Auction where you can ing Foootball Gamame ($5 per ticket) on Thu hursday ay, nner an win a dinn and hotel stay ay at at Prime 112/Prime Oct. 244 at 7 pm and Free Fam amily Day Picnic Hotel on Miami Beach, Tickets to see per- (pot-lu uck style) at at Dan ante Fascell Parark on Sat atur ur- forman fo ances fr from Actors Play ayhouse, City The- day ay, Occt. 26 fr from 12- 4 pm. atre, FIU Theater, Seraphic Fire, Florida’s at ammy Nominat Gram ated Vo Vocal Ensemble, Zoetic Likee our Facebook page: Stage, One-day room mak akeover with TV https:// ht s //www ww.fafaceb m/SMSHAHAlum umni/ to Home Expert Martin Amado, SMSH Class of be au autoomatatically ent ntered to win a Door Priz ize at at ’90, and much more. the Gala. Post your fa favorite ’80s song on th the Join th the pararty ty fo for a worth thy cau ause. se 100% of page an an nd you doub uble your ur chan ances to win. the proceeds go to SMSH to benefi th fit stu tudent nts. You can also join our Facebook group Yo Membmbers of the reununion committee fo form rmed the https:///www.fa f a school’s fi first ever 501(c3) nonp nprofi fit organ aniza- lumniaassn/ tion, SMSH Alumni Association “SMSHA HAA.” All donatations are tax deductible to the ex- o, check out South Also th Miam ami Senior High’s tent of the law. R union in November. 40th Reun Detaails on their Facebook page: SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR AMAZING http s://www.faf GALA REUNION SPONSORS: CobbrasReunion-247854502834329/ Diamond: ?modal=admdmin todo tourur Brickell Motors an and Alex Andr dreus, COO, Brickell Motors, SMSH Class of ’90, For questions, contact Samantha Jones, SM S MSH class of of ’89, at 305-975-1538. anter, Pant Pan nter & Sam ampedro, P.A. aan nd David Sampedro, Attorney, Don’t miss this experience, it will be a SMSH Class of ’88 night to remember! Page 4 / October 8 - 21, 2019 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 TRENDS, from page 1 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– insights. With these cuustomer insights, you can create more eff ffectual, might be considered “spam” deleted. This, in tu c “ tar argeted adver- tisements as opposedd to generic ads that and promptly an turn, helps boosts conv nver- MARKETING sion rat mar ates and reducees wasted eff arketing dollar ars. Hypertargeting goees hand in hand with fforts an and th MAAVVEN personalization, an an apapproach p to mar arketing that th at prioritizes mean aninngfu ful int nteractions withth potentntial customers an and n incentivizes them to convert rt. It’s all ab abouut providing th the righ ght pro rodu duct to ththe rig ight perrsson at the rig at th ight time. time PRIVA VATE MESSAGING Alth though email is still one of the most eff ffective fo form rms of conntact with customers, companies are shift fting fo focus to private messaging apps suchh as WhatsApp and Viber. Maj Vi ajor bran ands ar are r using th these ap apps as a convenient point of o purchase plat atfo form and mak an aking it even eaasier to purchase their products. Private messsaging is a comple- Str trong, effffective contntent nt imp mpararts your ur ccom- mentary apapproach too hypertargeting and pany ny’ss relevan r ance, ce knowledge, knowledge an and expeertise personalization as it heelps to build valuab able to both your existing and potential cus- one-on-one relationshhips with th customers. tomers. Content is what at search enginess put in th their results anand will ththerefo fore boost your CUSTOMER RETENTIO ON sear arch engine optimizat ation (SEO). In 2020, 2 A shift ft fr from acququiriing new customers to the fofocus will be on creat ating interacctive nurturing existing onnes will be a primar ary content and videos. focus fo fo for big an and smaall businesses alike in The digital mar arketing trtrends in 20200 will 2020. Mararket segmenttat ation fo focuses on col- open several new doors fo for customer innter- lecting better dat ata andd is also less costly fo for action an and will dr drive personalizat ation, allow- business owners. When companies can an ing fo for more un uniqu que an and engaging custoomer spend less money to keep their existing experiences. p The ultimat ate ggoal is to crreat ate customers hap appy and fo focus their atattention a health thier, more auauth thent ntic relat ationshipp be- on closing the buyer’s journey, it’s a no- tween companies and consum umers, w which brainer. Loyal customers who have suc- benefi fits both th part rties in th the long run un. cessfu ful tranansactions and satisfa factory experiences are more likely to tell th their ABOUT BRAND POETS friends and fa fr family about your company, Founded by Fo by Ta Tana M. M. Llinas, Brand P Poets which tran wh anslates to new customers. is a collective of of strateg egists, visual sttory ry- tellers rs, and digital artisans crafafting sm mart,t, CONTENT MARKETING poig ignant camp mpaigigns that command atten- Content nt is the substan ance that at fu fuels your ur tion. Vi Visit www. w.brandp or In Innsta- website, social media, e-newsletters, etc. gram: @BrandP gr dPoetsts or call 786- 6-73 732-774 7466. 6. MOGHANI LAW Sayed Ali Moghani, ATTORNEY M MOGHANI LAW • Criminal Law • Estate Planning • Family Law • Real Estate Law • Immigration • Contract Law • Domestic Violence • Landlord/Tenant 122 Minorca Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134 Se Habla T 305.523.9012 • E Español COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 8 - 21, 2019 / Page 5 Book recounts auththor’s h journ rney frfrom chubbby girlrl to beauty b ty queeen BY JA JAVI VIER PE PEREZ she fo found herself inin th the midst of ththe zeitgtgeist, Kathalynn divulgees how her keen a protaagonist swept into a series of cultur ural intuition and deep faith ith, walking lki the th How did a chubby, from movem y, sickly little girl fr ments, including fi finding herself in tightrope betw tween desstiny and choice, led a working-class fa family overcome her Hollyw ywood w in th the 1960s an and ’70s, fr front nt-row her to manife fest each h desire, one aft fter challenging beginnings an and evolve into the cent nter in an an explodin ing sexual revolut ution anand another. woman who went on to check off ff every a livelyy scene shiftfting fr from Old Holly lywood. Like Forrest Gu Gump p, Kat athalynn nn fo foun und dream or aspiration — She recount nts her close herself a protagonist swept s int nto a series of romance, celebrity, y, encount nters with th Troy cultutural movement nts. Bu ut she’ll be th ut the fi first to adventure? Donahu hue, Elvis, an and Frank nk say ay ththat at while she wass th there, she never fe felt Kiss MeMe, Swami: Th The Sinat atra. truly par tr art of an any of itit. Hence H her un uniqu que tak ake. Spiritual Education of Sp of a Fat ate would later have her Combini ning her raw aw hon nesty ty, ac acut ute in insigh ght, an and Beautyty Queen by iving in th the fa famed Dak akota biti ting witit, Kat athal alyn ynn’s Kiss K Me, Swam ami ta takes Kat athalynnnn Turner Davis is building in New Yo Yorkrk City ty, readers on an an exhilar arat ating ride ththat at reveals the story of a woman’s where she count nted fa famed how she lear arned to conn nnect to ththe deepest quest for fo self- f- composer Leonar ard Bernrnstein, n spir iritu tual al fo forces anand man anife fest her destinyny. actualization…a modern, John hn Lennon an and YoYoko o Ono Kat athalynynn is a life fe coach, psychoth therap apist, slightly less fa fantastical as neighb hbors an and desccribes as well as an actress and writer. She has series of Wi Wizard of Oz-like he shock an and tr trau auma m of studied both th Eastern and We Western adventures, set against a being with thin eararshot ofo th the philosophies an and teachings. In addition to her backdrop of some of the gunfifire th that at killed Lenn non. long psychoth therap apist anand coaching practice, most exciting times in “I am as susceptib ble to she has a body dy of work rk in fi film, television, American an history. fear and doubt as thee next fe and th an theat ater. She has a master’s (MSW) fr from KAATHALYNN TURNER DAVIS Pop culture enthusiasts person,” Kath halynn Columbia University. y. will thrill to hear inside- acknowledges “My acknowledges. My belief in Kathalynn Turner Davis, Davis author of Kiss Hollywood revelat ations and disclosures, but ut myselff an and my potential was continuaally at Me, Sw Me Swami: Th The Sp Spiritual Edu ducation of of a far more than a tell-all. More than war wiith this is fa th my insecur urities, which won n th their Beauty ty Queen, will appear at a fr free book anything else, this book speaks to the share oof battles. But overall, my liffe fe has signing event nt on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at at Books tual seeker in all of us. spiritu tur urned outut to uncannily refl flect th those ear arly, y, & Books, 3409 Main Hwy. In Coconut athalyn Kat ynn’s riveting memoir is ab ut how persistent wishes.” about Grove. R L UXUR YOUR RY HOMEE AW AIITS TO VIEW ALL OFF BELINDA A’’S LISTINGS VISIT: OR O CALL: 786-344-9579 G! 4405 Granada Blvd d I $2,198,000 , , 2530 Co olumbus Blvd I $1,898,000 95 W Shore Dr I $1,598 , 8,000 , 4102 Monserrate a St I $1,298,000 Coral Gab bles Coral Gables North Grove Coral al Gables Huge master suite + 4 bedrooms. Open O kitchen, family room. Renovated 5/4.5. Almost 4,000 sqft. Open plan, impact windows, Privacy, y, luxury and plenty of space. Updated 6/4.55, gated, upscale 19 926 Mediterranean Villa in Coral Cor Gables Italian Village. 4/4 + Formal dining + living room w/ rep place. Impact windows and Thermidor apps new Italian cabinetry + quartz cntrtops. Lg mstr North Grove home. Fabulous pool, beautiful sum mmer kitchen, doors, courtyard, fountain. Pa Patio with w pool. 2 driveways, 2 or suite w/ walk-in closets, pool, generatorr,, corner lot. Clay courts covered patio. Master bath w/ jacuzzi style tub. 2nd master w/ crown moldings + period plaster aster. Courtyard w/ cabana bthrm, 3 car garage. across street, walk to Biltmore for swim in one of the largest pools private cabana bath. Private theater. Impact wind dows & doors, fencced pool. Detached 2 car gar garage. Close to Biltmore + Venetian in South Florida. electric gates. pool. ! 1540 Mercado A Avve I $998,000 11905 5 SW 84 A Avve I $748,000 4649 SW 12 ST I $648,0 000 1401 SW 43 A Avve I $428,000 0 Coral Gab bles Miami Little Gables Little Gables Updated 3/2.5. Open plan kitchen w/ w stainless steel apps, pp , Quartz Q Your own botanical garden. 4/4 + bonus room on almost 31,800 Beautiful quiet street. Little Gables, old Florida ran nch home. 2,030 3/2 on corner lot, huge open spaces. Option to create 2/1 2 or 1/1 2wall windows facing gateed- countertops & white cabinetryy,, wall2 sq ft lot. 6 car garrage. Circular driveway. Screened in pool + patio. sq. ft. of living, 3/2, lg enclosed Florida Room. 10,700 sq. ft double ving spaces. Located in the Sizzling Little each w/ own entrance + living pool. New white paint, impact wind dows/doors, + patio. Indoo or Vintage Florida style. Full house Diesel generator. gener more than one lot, room for lg pool.New roof. 10 min from the Airport, 5 from Gables, and is only 10 minutes minut from the airport, 5 minu utes from laundry room. Bike to UM, Downtown more n Coral Gables. Walk Biltm family room. Walk alk to Sunn Sunnyland, or drive a couple of minutes to downtown Coral Gables, easy access to downtown n. Great location, Downtown Coralal Gables and offers o an easy commute to D Downtown & Riviera Counttry Club. Dadeland d mall, the falls, or neighboring Pinecrest. great price, won’t last! Miami and the t JMH complex. TO VIEW ALL OF BELINDA A’’S LISTINGS VISIT V or call: 786-344-9579 Like us on o facebook Sime me Realty Corporation I 2140 South S Dixie Highway I Suite 30 01 I Miami,FL 33133 These offerings ff are subject b to errors, omissions, prior sale, l change h off price, or withdr hd awall without h notice. Not intended d d to solicit l listed l d property. Page 6 / October 8 - 21, 2019 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 Spirits’ SPE EAKEA AKEA AKEASY at the T H U R S D A Y, O C T O B E R 1 7 • 7 P M – 1 0 P M $ 5 0 I N A DVA N C E ; $ 6 0 AT T H E D O O R . A g e s 2 1 & ove r Enjoy ghostly encounters, a Prohibition Era drink menu and live performance by The Frenc r h Horn Collective featuringg Shira. Come dressed in your best 1920’s attire! Prizes for best ind dividual, couple & group. Sp ponsored by Chef Gio Enterprises W W W. D E E R I N G E S TAT E . O R G • 3 0 5 - 2 3 5 -1 6 6 8 E X T. 2 3 3 To request materials in acccessible format, sign language interpreters, and/or any accommodation d ti tot participa ti i ate t in i any Miami-Dade Mi i D d Parks P k sponssoredd program or meeting, ti contact Mary Palacios, 305-7755-7848 or Mary.Palacios@miam at least 7 days in advance to initiate your request. request TTY users may call 711, (Florida Relay Services). Services) COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 8 - 21, 2019 / Page 7 Octoberr brirings Gal ala and Goblilins Haunted dHHouse H Halloween ll P Party thath iis GlG loriria Bu Bu rnrn s certainnly the best deal in town at at only $50 per person pre paid and $60 at the door. Tickets include tasty treats (cat atered by Rita Tennyson/R Cat atering & Events) with th one drink ticket, t cash bar ar, music, dancing, lots GLORIA’S GAB of prizzes and a chance to don your most creat ativve costu tumes and strut your ur stuff ff. Bar ar- bara Lapsley and Marilyn Smit are co- The 9th Annual Safe fe Haven fofor New- chairinng this crazy night that will help borns Gala to be held Satur urday, y, Oct. 19th th, supporrt the Club’s Coral Gables Children's provides a great way to support an an am amazing Dentall Clinic that provides more than organ anization th that has now saved more th than $240,0000 in fr free carare an annually to th the chil- abies fr 307 bab from ab abandonment nt. The up upcom- dren of th the working poor. The clubhouse is ffords guests a jum ing gala also aff ump start on locat atedd at 1009 East Ponce de Leon Blvd. ay shopping with holiday th some fa fabulous auauc- And thhe fu fun begins at at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, tion items as well. This fufun-fi filled evening go to gfw gfwccoralgableswom
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