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Scootergoods Magazine 100% Dedicated to Motorcycle Lifestyle The original pocket guide to Biker Friendly Businesses A Publication for Adult Bikers BIKER ON! Brothers…
Scootergoods Magazine 100% Dedicated to Motorcycle Lifestyle The original pocket guide to Biker Friendly Businesses A Publication for Adult Bikers BIKER ON! Brothers and Sisters Attention Biker Flash Mob Coming Oct. 4-6th Rally at the Station See pg 4,78,79 Rally at the Station Oct 4-6th 2019 A Wkend. Of Biker Fun. See 78-79 October 2019 Issue # 186 Scootergoods Magazine 2 Scootergoods Magazine 3 Attention all you Mutha’s RALLY AT THE STATION INFO Thursday is Vendor Only set up day beggining at 9am Friday will be set up day for campers beginning at 9am On October 4-6th Scootergoods and Lebanon Station will be hosting RALLY AT THE STATION and weekend of Old Skool Biker Fun,Adult contests and games will be legendary,(78-79) The Entry Fee is $15 Per Person for the weekend. You must wear your wristband at all times This is a OVER 21 EVENT NO KIDS ALLOWED Any Camper buses,winnebagos are $20 extra. Golf carts and 4 wheelers are $10 Extra Campfires are allowed as long as they are in a fire bowl off the ground. (You must bring your own firewood there will be none on the property and no foraging for it is allowed due to wildlife concerns) You can bring your own Coolers,Booze and Food. Grilling and chilling is encouraged!! Pets are allowed as long as they are leased at all time and you pick up after them. Ice will be available at the Lodge. Along with food and a desert vendor if you wish to go that route. You will be handed a list of rules when entering concerning wildlife in the area and the no go zones. Musical Entertainment will be provided Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm-Midnight. (see pg.77) Saturday will be a fun filled day of Bike Games and Adult contests starting at 12 noon. See Schedule at WWW.SCOOTERGOODS.COM Scootergoods Magazine 4 4) Rally at Station Info Monthly Ad Rates 6) RAS B&W BizCard $55 1/2 pg. $75 8) 9/11 Ride CHD Full pg. $125 10) Sparrows 9/11 Color Biz Card $65 1/2 pg.$95 Full pg. $175 11) CHD at Mickey’s 14) Brother John Pg. 2- 3 - 78 - 79 $210.00 19) Events Cover $ 310.00 21) Band Schedule Call/Text DonV 352-596-3704 SCOOTERGOODS@ HOTMAIL.COM 23) Sami’s Ride 25) The Editor 1 26) Phuck Socialism 28) You ate 1000nd’s 32) Attention Old Skoolers 39) Helping Veterans 42) Elvis Auction 44) Ladies and Guns 46) The VRod is gone 47) Tammy’s Benefit 48) Most expensive HD 49) The Editor 2 50) Milkie on the Road 52) BMW R18 54) Biker Humor 57) Sickle Facts Cover Design Freewheelin Franklin 58) Bobber 20 STAFF: Editor DonV 62) Sept Fun Run Bassman, Big Ragoo & RHSC 66) Mickey’s FXR Brother John, Capt. Scotty, 68) Brooksville Bike Rally Chapdawg, Crazy Bastid, 70) Capt Scotty Cookin’ DDay, Freewheelin Franklin, 74) 4 the Boobies Gary, Roger Downunder 76) CHD at Club 19 Milkie, Scott Free The Old Biker Scootergoods Magazine 5 Alot of women are expressing the disire to be body painted at Rally at the Station on Oct 4-6th. I have hired and am paying for world famous Body Painter Dennis Panzik to be at the event. He will be painting you for tips. We are having a Body Painting contest during the last band break on Saturday night so all who wish to be decorated can have the time to do so. It takes a good bit of time depending on your design. And for the more adventurous amongst you Dennis can paint Daisy Dukes on you for that contest as well. SO PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE. Body Painting will begin Saturday Morning by the stage. Scootergoods Magazine 6 Scootergoods Magazine 7 400 Bikes rode on the 9/11 Rememberance ride on 9/7. Though that day in history has been forgotten by most we bikers will never forget. We just did not lose the the victims in this attack we lost and are still loosing many 1st responders do to serious health issues from dust and debris. We will never forget the fact that it was Radical Muslim terrorists who perpertrated this act of murder. Scootergoods Magazine 8 Scootergoods Magazine 9 Sparrows Tavern in Citrus Springs had their 9/11 Ride on 9/14 with a great turnout here’s the Pixs from Freewheelin Franklin and Gary. Sparrows & Scootergoods Mag would like to thank every patriotic American biker that rode to remember the terrible tragety purportrated by SKUMBAG MUSLIM TERRORISTS, (pg.12) Scootergoods Magazine 10 Mickey’s Crystal Harley Calendar Contest Pix by Gary Fun was had by everyone Scootergoods Magazine 11 (9/11 from 10) on 9/11/01. For the most part Americans have for- goten that day BUT NOT BIKERS. History is being erased by the socialist agenda and news media. And we bikers will not let that happen on our watch. I went on another 9/11 ride with most riders over 50 there where no representatives of the younger generation and it is a dam shame. I WILL NEVER FORGET! Bikers will never forget! It was a tragic day in the history of America and may the Muslim Asswipes that did it suffer for eter- nity in the pits of HELL! Scootergoods Magazine 12 • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gear Up for the Season You Love With LOVE MOTORSPORTS Ranger Northstar Honda HEAT & A/C! Pioneers Get to the stand in comfort! $ From * IN-STOCK NOW!!! 7788 Ride It Before You Buy It On Our ON-SITE DEMO TRACK! It may be hunting season, but your hunt for the best off-road deals is over! Rebates up to $2000 • 0% APR* • 5 YEAR WARRANTY Available! Gator 20% OFF Orca Coolers Get It Ready with a Waders® NOW & Cups FREE 50pt. IN Hunting Inspection STOCK Accessories IN STOCK! Does not imply safety inspection. Diagnosis of poor run issue may incur further cost. The LARGEST Selection of Vehicles, Parts, Accessories & Apparel in One Location! Go Online & 2021 S. Suncoast Blvd. in Homosassa • (352) 621-3678 Check Out Our HUGE Inventory! * In-stock Pioneer 500, does not include tax, registration, title, freight or administrative fee. ** $2,000 Rebate on select models. See dealer for details. 0% financing available on select new models, in lieu of rebate, WAC. Offers cannot be combined. See Dealer for details. • • • • • Scootergoods Magazine 13 BROTHER JOHN: Picture this - President Trump goes totally silent for 24hrs - No interviews - No Twit- ter - No Instagram - NO NOTHING! The Dumbocrats would go nuts - 48hrs they would have a total melt- down! San Francisco - declares the NRA a terrorist organization - really?? Then the rest of the Dumbocrats take it a step further with anyone who joins the NRA should be arrested!! Just how many of the 5.5 million members have committed terrorist acts? NONE! When will their foolishness stop? Never! You can’t fix stupid! Beto O’Rourke (Dem presidential candidate) - open- ly stated that he would take away all AR15’s & AK47’s. Good Luck With That! Now that - would be a terrorist act! “A free people ought only be armed & disci- plined, but they should have sufficient arms & ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” - George Washington. Don’t underestimate the liberals agenda to disarm the American people by whatever means they deem necessary. They are willing to except one little step at a time (including ammo) & before ya know it - what the hell happened!Miss Lauri It has AKA “Busted” nothing to do with mass shootings or gun safety! They only use that stand to brainwash the uninformed, (Cont. Pg 16) Scootergoods Magazine 14 The Sail Inn 6107 Broad St Brooksville, Florida (352) 796-1877 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16th Live on the Back Porch 2-6pm HUGE ROCK EXSTRAVAGANZA WITH Sundays: Free Pool Monday Madness: $2.75 Wells Tuesday Tequila: $2.75 Wed.: Karaoke W/Tex Cobra Thurs.: Ladies Nite 2-4-1 Wells or Drafts Friday: Karaoke Scootergoods Magazine 15 (way too many remain uninformed). I hope Justice Brent Kavanaugh sues the New York Times into bank- ruptcy! For the past 2 1/2 yrs the Dumbocrats remain obsessed with Trump & that Hellery lost! Their obsession has resulted with only inves- tigating & instigating with no intention of legislating. The only way to put a stop to it is - to be a registered voter & vote these idiots out of office! Just Say’n - Brother John A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The Second Amendment provides U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. Having just used guns and other arms to ward off the English, the amendment was originally created to give citizens the opportunity to fight back against a tyrannical federal government. Just what the Democraps are now! Scootergoods Magazine 16 The Dam Pub FULL LIQUOR BAR 352-569-9306 4666 CR 300 Lake Panasoffkee Fl. Hours Monday-Friday Noon - Midnight Sat & Sun 11am-Midnight Monday Noon to 7 $1.50 16oz Drafts Tuesday Ladies Night 7pm-12am Wednesday FREE POOL after 6pm Thursday $1 Jello Shots Friday $1.75 Dom. 16oz Drafts 12-7pm HOME OF THE WORLD FAMOUS 20 OZ SUPER BLOODY MARY And World Famous Big Dam Tetradactyl Wings & Big Dam Burger Sunday on the Big Dam Stage All bands 1-5pm Oct 6th Cheap Date October 13th Rebel Soul October 20th Bottoms Up October 27th Snake Eyez Scootergoods Magazine 17 INDEX 5 Millers L.H. 32 Ad Index 18 Mousetrap 43 AUCE Fish 48 MP Cycles 47 Events 19 Music Line Up 20 2 Dueces 28 Niko’s RH 9 B. Mousetrap 43 Perf. Cyclez 73 Band Line Up 21 Price’s Cycles 57 Biker Deals 20 PR for Pays 56 Bike 4 Vets 39 Pub 44 59 Brooks. BR 69 Rally@Stat. 78 Buddy’s Tav. 55 Ride In 69 Castaways 55 Sandtrap 48 Cry. Harley 34 Sail Inn 15 Cry.SuperCent, 38 Scooter Haven 7 CL Tavern 72 Skippers WR 53 Club 19 77 Sparrows Tav. 54 Comp. Auto 24 SPlatter 48 Container Sol. 16 Stormie’s Too 27 Fun Run 64 Crossroads 45 Toy Barn 35 Harley 34 Cruise In 69 T Backs 27 High Oct. Cal. 2 CryMotSpts 35/37 The Editor 25 Hideaway 60 Custom Bikes 24 The Dam Pub 17 Hi Tech Ross 24 Cycle Sol. 59 The Hideaway 60 High Tech N. 63 Dana’s B.U.1 30 The Joe’s 12 Hot Deals 37 Dana’s B.U.2 31 The Nest 75 Horse N Crown 29 Dallas Inn 56 Two Dueces 28 Joe Lowman 41-80 Dam Pub 17 Venom Cust. 6 Jim’s Club 77 Editor 2 49 Vets 4 A Cause 51 Kicktands 61 Editor 25 Wayne’s CC 65 Lebanon Station 45 Farm Market 24 Whiskey River 53 Love Mspts 13 FL.Crak.Kitch. 60 Windy Acres 71 Mickeys 67 FTW Bikeshop 11 M. Fun Run 64 Scootergoods Magazine 18 WHAT’S UP IN THIS MONTH 4-6th Inglis Lebanon Station Scootergoods Magazine and Crossroads lodge present Rally at the Station a wild old skool weekend of Adult Biker Fun and Games 4-6th Inglis Scooter Haven Benefit for Mike & Spike 5th Homosassa Crystal HD CMA Free Pancake Breakfast 9-10am HOG Chapter Ride KSU 9:30am 6th Homosassa Crystal HD Free Beer 11am-3pm 13th Crystal River Mickey’s THE FUN RUN 18th Hernando Nico’s Party on the Patio 8pm 19th Homosassa Crystal HD Cust. Appreciation Day Free Burgers and Hot Dawgs W.S.L. 20th Brooksville Bike Rally Sposored by LOWMAN LAW 11- 3pm Vendors, Music by T-Blue Hosted by Scootergoods Big Ragoo. 20th Crystal River Mickey’s George & Crystal will be grilling up NY Strip Steaks 4pm-till gone. Buy a ticket at the bar to reserve a staek and fixin’s 26th Spring Hill Horse N Crown Haloween Spooktacular with special musical guest Busline 13 26th Lecanto Pub 44 BJ Bear Party on the Patio 26th Hernando Skippers WRiver Halloween W/Bottoms UP 27th Homosassa Crystal HD EMS Cancer poker run All Stops announced at Reg. 9:30 am KSU 10:30 31st Homosassa Club 19 Scary Karaoke Costume Party 31st Hernando Nico’s Phycomania $1000.00 Halloween Costume Party $5 cover 9pm Thursdays at Lecanto Pub 44 open jam w/Mel of Cheap Date Thursdays High Octane Ladies Night Scootergoods Magazine 19 Biker Deals (Find locations using Pg. 18) A lot of our advertisers listed here on pg. 20 offer you a great deals on food & grogg. We have just updated it to reflex the we know are presently in place. Every Day Hernando Nico’s $1 Chili Dawgs Everyday Every Day Spring Hill Horse N Crown Lunch Specials 2 Hot Dogs & a Draft $5 or Pizza & 2 Dom Bottles $10 Every Day Homosassa Club 19 HH-4-8 Ride in Specials Every Night Lecanto Pub 44 Karaoke on the Patio Monday Hernando Skippers WR Military & Vets 1st drink free Mon-Fri Floral City County Line Tavern H. Hour 11 to 6pm Mon-Fri Inverness Danas’ BU 2 H.H. 2-5pm Mon-Fri Crystal River The Nest HH 4-7pm 2-4-1 Drinks Mon Hernando Skipper’s Military Appreciation Day Mon-Fri Bushnell The Wood Shed Happy Hour 11 to 6pm Tues. Inverness Danas’ BU 2 10ozDom. draft $1 from 8-2am Tuesday Mickey’s Bike Night W/Scotty Wednesday Mickey’s NY Strip & 2 sides $12 Thursday Mickey’s Live Music 3 Tacos $6 Thursday Nico’s $1.50 Long Necks 7-9pm Thursday Floral City Danas’ BU 1 $2 Dom. Bottles 6-10pm Thursday Mickey’s Live Music 3 Tacos $6 Friday Sand Trap AUCE Fish dinner 5-8pm $6.95 Friday Hernando Skippers WRiver Karaoke with Kahuna & Ric Friday Mickey’s Live Music $6 Sloppy Joe’s Saturday Mickey’s Live Music $10 Lg. Pizza Saturday Floral City Danas’ BU 1 Free Pool 10am-6pm Sunday Lecanto Q’s Pub 44 Race Day Specials Sunday The Dam Pub Lake Pan. Live Music. Sunday Mickey’s Free Pool $3 Bloody Mary’s Sunday Brooksville Farmers Market 9-3pm 615 Old Hospital Dr, Brooksville, FL 34601 Scootergoods Magazine 20 Monthly Live Music Schedule 4th Homosassa High Octane Chad Montana 9pm 4th Crystal River Mickey’s MerchnaryCrew 7-11pm 4th Spring Hill Horse N Crown Stringer 9pm 5th Hernando Nico’s J. Sparks 9pm 5th Homosassa Crystal HD 75 South 5th Crystal River Mickey’s Shorthand 7-11pm 5th Homosassa Club 19 Karaoke 4-8pm 5th Homosassa High Octane Agent Bond 1-5pm 5th Homosassa High Octane Stripped Down 8pm 6th Inverness Dana BU 2 Spin Lok 2-6pm 6th Homosassa Crystal HD DJ Trea 6th Homosassa High Octane Devious 4 1-5pm 6th Homosassa Club 19 JoJoJones 2-4pm 6th Lake Pan. Dam Pub Cheap Date 1-5pm 11th Homosassa High Octane Papa Da Rock 9pm 11th Crystal River Mickey’s B.Sun Circus 7-11pm 11th Spring Hill Horse N Crown Cool Jam Luke 9pm 12th Hernando Nico’s Moses Grey. 9pm 12th Crystal River Mickey’s Cliff Sanders 7-11pm 12th Homosassa Crystal HD B OF B Winner 12th Homosassa Club 19 Jordan Lilley 6-10pm 12th Homosassa High Octane Bottoms Up 1-5pm 12th Homosassa High Octane StaitJackSmile 9pm 13th Lake Pan. Dam Pub Rebel Soul 1-5pm 13th Hernando Skippers WRiver Sagebrush 3-7pm 13th Homosassa Crystal HD Johnny Lobo 13th Homosassa High Octane SoulCirCowboys 1-5pm 18th Crystal River Mickey’s Dave Adams 7-11pm 18th Hernando Nico’s AprilRedDuo 8pm 18th Spring Hill Horse N Crown Spin Lok 9pm More Bands Page 22 Scootergoods Magazine 21 BANDS CONTINUED FROM PG. 21 18th Homosassa High Octane Southern Burn 9pm 19th Hernando Nico’s Merchary Crew 9pm 19th Homosassa Club 19 Larry Poulton 6-10pm 19th Crystal River Mickey’s Kevin Zecker 7-11pm 19th Homosassa Crystal HD Bottoms Up 19th Homosassa High Octane Mustang Mafia 1-5pm 19th Homosassa High Octane Wikkid Steel 9pm 20th Lake Pan. Dam Pub Bottoms Up 1-5pm 20th Homosassa Club 19 JoJoJones 6-10pm 20th Homosassa High Octane Spin Lok 1-5pm 20th Brooksville Bike Rally T-Blue 11am-3pm 20th Homosassa Club 19 JoJoJones 6-10pm 25th Inverness Dana BU 2 Spin Lok 8pm-Mid. 25th Inverness Dana BU 2 Spin Lok 8pm-Mid. 25th Spring Hill Horse N Crown Magnum Opus 9pm 19th Crystal River Mickey’s Bandit 7-11pm 26th Hernando Nico’s Cheap Date 9pm 26th Lecanto Pub 44 BJ Bear on the Patio 26th Homosassa High Octane Doc Finley 1:30-6pm 26th Homosassa Crystal HD B. Sun Circus 26th Crystal River Mickey’s Kevin Zecker 7-11pm 26th Hernando Skippers WRiver Bottoms Up 8:30-12:30 26th Homosassa High Octane Crash Rocket 9pm 26th Homosassa Club 19 Karaoke 4-8pm 27th Lake Pan. Dam Pub Snake Eyez 1-5pm 27th Homosassa Crystal HD Neverhearduvum 27th Inverness Dana BU 2 Jaded 2-6pm PLEASE GET OUT AND SUPPORT LOCAL BANDS SOME OF THEM RIDE WITH US! Scootergoods Magazine 22 Scootergoods Magazine 23 HI-TECH CUSTOM CYCLE Performance Motorcycles Parts & Service-Custom Machine Work ROSS MULLEN 4601 Panorama Ave Holiday Fl. 34696 727-942-9353 Scootergoods Magazine 24 Once again last month Florida was faced with a potentially deadly hurricane. Dorian absolutely destroyed the Bahamas as it relentlessly pounded the islands for days. This action gave the Ber- muda high a chance to decinergrate forcing the storm to take a track to the north before it had a The Editor chance to cause major devastation to the Florida peninsula. We where extremely lucky! But one thing did come out of it,those of us that always prepare where ready well in advance and those that never do got there asses puckered and at least made and effort to prepare. Here’s the deal Hurricane season is NO JOKE! You must be ready. At minimum 1 gallon of water PP Per Day, Flash lights, Batteries,A good first aid kit, a properly running Generator and gas, keep you vehicles full of gas at all times, canned goods,dry cereal,propane for your grille,misquito repellent, dry strike anywhere matches, hand sanitizer,pet food. THESE are the bare minimum items. Please take heed and do not become complacent. VISIT for more info because once a storm hits it is every man for them- selves keeping their families fed and cared for. On a sad note: Tammy Yarbourgh lost here battle with cancer on 9/8/2019. A benefit was held for her the day before her death at Lebenon Station in Inglis raising 10k. Thanks to everyone that came and donated to Tammy’s family. The Scootergoods Staff would like to send out our sincerest condolences to her family. God Bless you all. Scootergoods Magazine 25 Not long ago the right to bear arms was a given. But a rash of idiot men- tal defective young democrat dopes have been up to no good with mass shootings. The gun is not to blame it is the nut behind the trigger. These morons are criminals and will always be able to find or steal a gun. Law abiding citizens who practice self protection are NOT the problem. The socialist leaning clowns on the squad and crooked Bernie, Sleepy Joe, Pocohontis, Sparticus Booker & double talking Harris would like nothing better then to stomp on the 2nd ammendment and make us defenseless. That is the socialist agenda. When a population is disarmed it leads to the steady and quick removal of all other rights. We must be forever vigilant to make sure Socialism,Islam & Communism does not get a solid foot hold on our republic. Fight back now and question the agressors stand your ground. Educate your kids and do not allow them to be brainwashed by the socialist HOO HA! Our economy is strong,unemployment is at record low’s and consumer confidence is high. America is in the best shape in our history. All the above mentioned would be DICKTATER’S want to dump the apple cart of prosperity and fill it up with poop! NAY I SAY! It is time for every freedom loving American to vote these wannabee power hungry Castro’s OUT of our government all together and KEEP AMERICA GREAT! “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” Samuel Adams Scootergoods Magazine 26 www.scootergood
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