Peltier Temperature Control for Thermo Scientific UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

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MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Peltier Control for Thermo Scientific UV-Vis Spectrophotometers Integrated thermostatting and temperature ramping options for your spectrophotometer Product Specifications control
MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Peltier Control for Thermo Scientific UV-Vis Spectrophotometers Integrated thermostatting and temperature ramping options for your spectrophotometer Product Specifications control and sample stirring are important for many UV-Visible analysis methods. Peltier thermostatted accessories outperform traditional heater/chiller units to deliver superior performance with: Compact integrated design Simple set-up Fast, precise temperature control Air-cooled for the Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10S and BioMate 3S Spectrophotometers Routine thermostatting with simple operation Precise temperature control from 20 to 60 C In-cuvette magnetic stirring Zero maintenance and worry-free performance Control temperature and in-cuvette stirring from the convenient interface of the external controller unit or through computer control software. Water-cooled Peltier Accessories for the Thermo Scientific Evolution 200 and 300 Spectrophotometers Wider temperature range from 0 to 110 C Multiple cell efficiency for higher sample throughput Controlled temperature ramping capability in Thermo Scientific Insight 2 software for DNA melting experiments Integrated controller/cooler for a compact footprint Smart Air-cooled for Evolution 300 When you need maximum performance in both the instrument and accessory, the Smart Air-cooled Peltier delivers: 15 to 95 C temperature range Computer controlled temperature ramping Pre-programmed calculations for enzyme kinetics and DNA melting parameters Zero maintenance and worry-free performance Absorbance measurements to 4A in our top-of-the-line spectrophotometer Advantages of Peltier Thermostatting Systems Exceptional Stability Unlike recirculating water systems that rely on the transfer of heat to a large volume of liquid, Peltier-based temperature control devices offer exceptional temperature stability and fast temperature transitions. The data in Figure 1 illustrates the small temperature differential between the set temperature of the accessory and the temperature as measured inside a standard, 1 cm cuvette. Set ( C) Measured ( C) Figure 1: Deviation between the set point temperature (Peltier block temperature) and the temperature measured inside a standard, 1 cm cell filled with water. Data obtained using SPG-1A Air-cooled Peltier in a GENESYS 10S spectrophotometer. Table 1 Fast Ramping All Thermo Scientific Peltier accessories offer precise temperature control with careful approach to the set point temperature. Precision electronics allow thermal equilibrium to be reached rapidly inside the cell without exceeding the set point temperature and risking damage to the sample. Figure 2 shows the ramping profile of the SPG-1A Air-cooled accessory as the set point temperature approaches 25 C. The efficiency of the ramping is also demonstrated in Table 2 where equilibrium data for two common temperature transitions is given. Figure 2: of the solution in a standard cuvette during ramping to Peltier set point temperature. The dotted green line indicates thermal equilibrium, which defines time zero. The Air-cooled Peltier accessory does not overshoot the set point temperature. SPG-1A Air-cooled Peltier System for GENESYS 10S and BioMate 3S Less Maintenance and Flood Risk Compared to traditional large-volume recirculator systems that rely on 4 L or more of water/anti-freeze mixture, Peltier thermostatting systems eliminate or substantially reduce both routine maintenance and flood impact in the event of a hose failure. Thermo Scientific water-cooled systems use a small volume of recirculating deionized water that requires only occasional topping up and in the event of a hose failure they will deposit less than 150 ml before the internal low-water alarm turns the pump off. Zero maintenance with air-cooled designs Low maintenance with water-cooled designs No additional pumps or tanks required No flood risk Change ( C) Time to Equilibrium (m:ss) Ramp Rate (block temp) ( C / min) : : Table 2: Time to equilibrium with the Air-cooled Peltier accessory. Equilibrium is defined as 10 consecutive measurements of the sample temperature made at 1-second intervals with consistency within C. Water-cooled Power for Extended Range on Evolution Spectrophotometers The Thermo Scientific Peltier Control and Cooling Unit (PCCU1) module integrates a control module and a recirculator to provide both electronic control of temperature and a flow of water to act as a heat sink for the Peltier element in the sample compartment. No laboratory water flow or external pump and water reservoir are required. Precise Thermostatting Re-circulating water provides an effective heat sink to allow the Peltier element to heat or cool the block over a wide temperature range. The single-cell holder can reach as low as 0 C and as high at 110 C. The 8-cell holder can be cooled to 5 C and heated to 100 C. Unlike thermostatting with a traditional re-circulating water bath where a large volume of liquid must be heated or cooled, heating or cooling the cell holder with the Peltier effect means more rapid and more precise temperature control. 8-cell Peltier System for Evolution Spectrophotometers Ramping Insight software takes control of the PCCU1 and allows you to implement programmed temperature ramping with multiple ramp and hold cycles. Add a thermocouple and thermocouple hub and you can monitor the exact temperature in each cell as you perform heating and cooling cycles to study DNA denaturation and renaturation or other complex temperature programmed experiments using Insight 2 Bio software. Maximum ramp and hold cycles per experiment 20 Maximum ramp rate Minimum ramp rate 20 C per minute 0.4 C per minute Single-cell Peltier System for Evolution Spectrophotometers Smart Air-cooled Peltier for Evolution 300 The Ultimate in Precision Control The Evolution 300, the top of the line Thermo Scientific UV-Visible spectrophotometer, features a uniquely powerful Peltier accessory. The Smart Air-cooled Peltier offers a single cell position with precise Peltier thermostatting or ramping for cell temperatures between 15 and 95 C with ramp rates as low as 0.1 C per minute. This outstanding performance is delivered with air-cooling provided by a turbine fan that circulates air underneath the instrument. No hoses. No spills. No compromises in performance. A Powerful Tool for Life Science Research Thermo Scientific VISIONlife software takes full advantage of the Smart Air-cooled Peltier accessory s capabilities. VISIONlife offers: A sophisticated kinetics application supporting serial, parallel, and triggered rate modes Advanced kinetics analysis software with modeling for pre-defined enzyme behavior models ranging from basic Michaelis-Menten treatments to binding models such as Hill plots, Lineweaver-Burke and Eadie-Hoftsee DNA denaturation/renaturation application that exploits the accessory s control of the heating/cooling cycles to deliver the pinnacle of precision and control for your most important samples A wide range of Tm calculation methods which you can extend and customize using UVcalc Single-cell and 8-cell Peltier Accessories for Evolution 300 Thermostatting with External Control 8-cell Use the external PCCU1 controller to specify temperature to a precision of 0.1 C in the Single-cell or 8-cell Water-cooled Peltier accessories in the Evolution 300. The single-cell holder can cool to 0 C and heat up to 110 C. The 8-cell holder can be cooled to 5 C and heated to 100 C. Air-cooled Simplicity for GENESYS 10S and BioMate 3S The SPG-1A Air-cooled Peltier accessory for the GENESYS 10S and BioMate 3S delivers precise fixed point temperature control between 20 and 60 C. Quickly specify the temperature for the analysis to a precision of 0.1 C, and control the rate of stirring. The control module features a large temperature display and graphical indication of the stirring speed. Both parameters are simple to set using the push-button interface on the external control module or through Thermo Scientific VISIONlite software. Lower Cost, More Bench Space, and No Maintenance The Air-cooled Peltier accessory is less expensive than most re-circulating liquid temperature controllers and delivers better performance with absolutely no maintenance. The Peltier control system provides high accuracy temperature control without the need to watch water levels, mix in anti-freeze or anti-bacterial, or plumb the accessory with hoses and clamps. Ideal for Life Science Assays Designed for biologically relevant assays that require temperature control at 25, 37, 40 and 50 C, the Air-cooled Peltier accessory is ideal for the life science laboratory. A perfect companion for the BioMate 3S and GENESYS 10S Bio, this accessory gives you temperature control for kinetics or routine life science analysis. With a wide 20 to 60 C temperature range, a variety of assays can be accomplished with this accessory. Efficient Sample Stirring with Peltier Thermostatting Systems Sample stirring is an important parameter to consider in the laboratory. Stirring a liquid sample: Eliminates thermal gradients in the sample Aids in mixing reactants The efficiency of the stirring process is crucial to accurate data. Figure 3 depicts the stirring performance of the Air-cooled Peltier accessory. Successive additions of a concentrated sample result in an increase of the total absorption. The data shows that equilibrium is established in a 3 ml cell in 1.08 seconds. The rate of stirring on all Peltier accessories with external controllers can be varied from 0 to 1800 rpm. Figure 3: Absorption profile of an aqueous solution of DNA with successive additions of a concentrated stock solution. The graph shows the detail associated with one addition of stock solution. The time between the addition of the concentrated solution and equilibrium is 1.08 seconds. Selection Guide, Specifications and Ordering Information Unit Applications SPG-1A Air-cooled Biochemical kinetics Enzymatic food analysis Single-cell Water-cooled Kinetics studies DNA melting 8-cell Water-cooled Kinetics studies DNA melting Smart Air-cooled Kinetics studies DNA melting Product Specifications Compatible Spectrophotometers BioMate 3S GENESYS 10S Bio GENESYS 10S Evolution 60S Evolution 201 Evolution 220 Evolution 260 Bio Evolution 300 Evolution 201 Evolution 220 Evolution 260 Bio Evolution 300 Evolution 300 Control from Remote Control Unit Yes Yes Yes No Control from Computer Software VISIONlite software Insight 2 software Insight 2 software VISIONlife software Accessible Range Ramp Rate 3 (per minute) C C C C 2 NA C C C Includes Stirring Yes Yes Yes Yes Available Probe for Sample No With Insight software and temperature probe hub Up to 8 cells with Insight software and temperature probe hub Single probe with VISIONpro software Yes Part Number Maximum setpoint with external controller is 101 C. Maximum setpoint in Insight 2 software is 110 C. 2 Maximum block temperature is 110 C. Minimum block temperature is 5 C. 3 Maximum achievable ramp rates listed are near the mid-point of the accessible temperature range. Maximum ramp rates near the limits of the accessory s temperature range are lower , 2015 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific and its subsidiaries. Specifications, terms and pricing are subject to change. Not all products are available in all countries. Please consult your local sales representative for details. Africa Australia Austria Belgium Canada China PS52547_E 12/15M Denmark Europe-Other Finland/Norway/Sweden France Germany India Italy Japan Latin America Middle East Netherlands New Zealand Russia/CIS Spain Switzerland UK USA
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