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PARTS LST /\-\Y ) A i' 289RB-2 389RB-2 369RB-2 CONSOLDATED SEWNG MACHNE CORP. NDEX Pages iii»j,i, k;j:.& FACE PLATE, ARM TOP COVER 3R t' :,.;... k'dl... -;f - )
PARTS LST /\-\Y ) A i' 289RB-2 389RB-2 369RB-2 CONSOLDATED SEWNG MACHNE CORP. NDEX Pages iii»j,i, k;j:.& FACE PLATE, ARM TOP COVER 3R t' :,.;... k'dl... -;f - ) TAKE UP LEVER, ARM SHAFT, MACHNE PULLEY tlfl.f... cptlfl PRESSER BAR, VBRATNG PRESSER BAR t±is... *i5(] ''/ t-::' 7.0 NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME, ROCK SHAFT CRANK CONNECTON ::*: i3... :j:p.*:fji/\*....2 KNEE LFTER LFTNG LEVER, PRESSER BAR SPRNG lffl ''''')[., 'j' -) -j! ) ij HOOK DRVNG SHAFT, SAFETY CLUTCH PULLEY, FEED DRVNG CAM j! ) 'll FEED ROCK SHAFT hi. -,;:- ' - ) L \''/ j v/\-... ')C (] ''/ FEED REVERSNG LEVER, FEED DRVNG ECCENTRC CONNECTON ij±ii;... ij-::( 9.22 HOOK SADDLE. HOOK T.&..., TENSON *g;w LUBRCATON Bft ACCESSORES AND ATTACHMENTS JjJ5l:: PARTS AVALABLE AT EXTRA CHARGE iiff&, J::t& FACE PLATE, ARM TOP COVER 2 9 fa./23 t;?j 8 V ' ! 6 8 iiit&j:t& FACEPLATE, ARM TOP COVER NO &!ii-5 ch ch /Xl PART NO ex a co co « ' llt:\l OTY!$. PARTS NANE N ') ') 5035 ilii:!i FACE PlATE ilf HNGE J:tl.C /6X44 L= ilii#if'itl. FACE PlATE SPRNG J:tl.C 8 X 44 L;::3. 5,. ilii:!i::f A RUBBER ilii#i::fa RUBBER W\#i ARM S DE COVER J:tl.C 9/64X40 L::: J:.;jR ARM TOP COVER MliiW.l&: OL LEVEL NDCATOR 5004 J:::!iV--{vi\'-Y GASKET J:tlt. 9/64)(40 L= ::Kf :ij /- THREAD TAKE UP COVER J:tl.t. /64X40 L= l::!i* ARM TOP COVER THREAD GUDE l::!i* ARM TOP COVER THREAD GU DE TV NUT 32X :;r NUT 7/32X ll!jtlmilli:!ilitl. OL CONTROL SPRNG ,. J:tl.t. 9/64 )(40 L= J:;r-t- WASHER Milli;fdM OL REGULATOR J:tl.t. /4OX40 L= ll!i/l,;lt)fil!lll OL REGULATNG STUD Mi&tt)f?,:!JYJ' OL REGULATNG SPRNG ll!i!!twf?f -(' J)./ OL REGULATNG DAL J:tl.t. SET 5/64X26 L= J:::!i ARM TOP COVER C,:::-}V7.:z.-:, ll! M.) OL TUBE AND OL WCK COMPLETE J:tlt. /6X44 L= xf :ij/'{- THREAD TAKE UP COVER lw*hht(..t) THREAD GUDE (UPPER) 3 0$85.. J:tlC 3.4X36 L= A ilii*fjhtcf) THREAD GUDE (LOWER) ilii*tlht7.::c./v FELT J:tl.t. 3. 4)( 36 L= W FACE PlATE t:' TA{./'...t!b, :t - ) - E UP LEVER ' ARM SHAFT, MACHNE PULLEY 3Ct/ J:fil 7-9- TAKE UP LEVER, ARM SHAFT, MACHNE PULLEY N N $8M{i} J, J, :b M PART NO Q) ' ' () td OW NO 0,; 0,; S; PARTS NA'.lE N..,.., 0 J:: ARrd SHAFT e J::ill. OL WCK Q J::ill:p.t:. OL STOP 7. 85X20 L= llL.:p. t:. PULLEY ADJUSTNG 6. 75X24 L' ?7:--?C-Ys:--j)A NEEDLE BAR CRANK ?7:--?C-vs:--j)A NEEDLE 'BAR CRAl'JK.(lLfillR:N)tlt:. POSTON serer; /4X28 L= l!:n):p.t SET /4X28 L= J::rMb.: f?7lv (fti)!7: ,v-\' WASHER J::.: f?7lv (llf) ARrd SHAFT BUSHNG (FRONT) :P.t:. 9/64X l!::p.t SET 6.75X24 L= : ,V:--!/ BUSHNG J::$ifl)f?7V(li) 7 ::t:.v)- OL felt J::- t79:--:'7'-.A ARM SHAFT BAll. BEAR NO ADAPTOR J::- t7!J'!/ ARM SHAFT BAll. BEARNG J::fi- t7!J:--!(il7- ARM SHAFT BAll. BEARNG ADAPTOR SLEEVE n:.N):P.t set /4X28 L= i#,tl.9:..--!/ BALL BEARNG RETANNG RNG J:: llv 79:----:' -7-.A.!l::.:P. t:. 6.75X24 L= MACH NE PUlLEY (lLfilht:. POSTON SeREV ls/64x28 L= ! SET 5/64X2B L= tj...j-7-9- ARM SHAFT CONNECT! NG BELT PUllEY lv-7-9-9:--!/ BELT PULLEY SPRNG FlJ.NGE :tlV-7-!/-.! SET 6.75X24 L= ,.. - tlv/-7-!j-l::':..--t;lt POSTON 6. 75X24 L=4. ) tjv)-:::t-!j-:..--t;lt..! POSTON SCRew SET 6.75X24 L= ?7'(:--- tJV)- AAr. SHAFT CONNECT! NO BELT xff THREAD TAKE UP LEVER xw THREAD TAKE U? LEVER xff THREAD TAKE U? LEVER :Rff THREAD TAKE U? LEVER DRVNG STUn :R:W THREAD TAKE UP LEVER DRVNG STUn 33...:Rff THREAD TAKE U? LEVER DRVNG STUD :Rf!'ill OL WCK *9'7? NEEDLE BAR CONNECTNG LNK *?7:--9' NEEDLE BAR CONNECTNG LNK :Rff:..-- THREAD TAKE U? LEVER HNGE STUn x:wl:' THREAD TAKE U? LEVER HNGE STUn xf l:':..--iljilf, Oil WCK :Rf :--.!l::.ljo;tj.c SET 6.75X24 L= *_?7:--9'l:':-- NEEDLE BAR CONNECTNG LNK *9'7:----?l:':-- NEEDLE BAA CONNECTNG LNK *?7:--?:--iJ OL WCK ill::fa RUBBER OL STOPPER ittfw7?l:':-- JttlC(lt) /4X28 L= *$9'7:--?l:':--.!l::.N)hC(;a) /4X28 L=4.5 xffiljlt THREAD TAKE U? LEVER 0 i L GUARD xf illlt.n:.n) 3.4X36 L= J::i!i!ii!iP: 'r' LfTNG ECCENTRC CONNECTON '::-r' Jv- t7!J:--!/ NEEDLE BEARNG J'fljljl;tJ::rj}A LFTNG ECCENTRC J'flttf!;tJ::r:bAl!:N)i;lC SET SCRE' t/4x40 L= J'flttf! xj:: ril Ai'j- LFTNG ECCENTRC COLlAR J'flJ!lxJ:: r;/ja:b'j-.!l::.ljo:p.t. SET 7/32 X 32 L=l jljl. ', rh 't'tljl.f PRESSER B_A_R,VBRATNG p RESSER BAR L 29,''_ J tlllt$, J:P ffi PRESSER BAR, VBRATNG PRESSER BAR.-.-- N N N $rr,. cb NO &it PART NO a, 8b PARTS NAME Xl ' Xl 0 ' OTY N M M 0540 W;tW PRESSER BAR A!i/l;t:!;fWf)J;?/v PRESSER BAR BUSHNG (LOWER) l:/i?tlt::. SET X 24 L= f:itw ':) J7' V PRESSER BAR BUSHNG (UPPER) f:itw U::) J;? V PRESSER BAR BUSHNG (UPPER) l:/i?tlc SET X 24 L= f;twp'l PRESSER BAR POSTON GUDE BRACKET l::/i?tlt::. 5/32X40 L= P'll* PRESSER BAR POSTON GUDE l:/i?tlt::. SET 6.75X24 L= PRESSER BAR LFTNG BRACKET 958 /64X40 L= A TENSON RELEASE SLDE TENSON RELEASE SPRNG ()* l:/i?tlt::. L FT NG BELL CRANK 64 X 40 L= PRESSER BAR SPRNG BARCKET PNCH N4XO.7 L= jlj.:t ljj v /'- PRESSER BAR LFTER W.:tJ:ljv.l- PRESSER BAR LFTER \.:tj:ljv.l-{-/'f.l.t::. HNGE 4.5X ?-W.:t L FT NG PRESSER FOOT (5/6) Mf.:t LFTNG PRESSER FOOT{5/6) ?-W:it L FT NG PRESSER FOOT ?-W.:tll:li?tlc 3.4X36 L= ?-W;tll:/i?tlC 3. 4 X 36 L= #(jfjl) LFTNG ROCK SHAFT #(jfjl);Wlv LFT!NG ROCK SHAFT BASHNG jj/\jfjl)l:'/'tlt::. /4X #(jfjl)/'tlt. T:;; NUT /4X #(\fh/'tlt::.ll.l OL WCK :;;.y- WASHER ()* LFTNG BELL CRANK ()* LFTNG BELL CRANK ()*l!l!mi (:X) LFTNG BELL CRANK LNK ()*l!l!mi (/j') VBRATNG PRESSER BAR CONNECTNG LNK ()*l!l!mi (/J-) VBRATNG PRESSER BAR CONNECTNG LNK flwut VBRATNG PRESSER BAR flw:it:l* VBRATNG PRESSER BAR flw ;ta::tll/':7' VBRATNG PRESSER BAR EXTENSON SPRNG fl W.:tA::t!J Y:7':!* VBRATNG PRESSER BAR EXTENSON \.. fl \ :ita::tll/':7':!* VBRATNG PRESSER BAR EXTENSON fl:jfll.:t:l* 35/6 X 24 L= n.l.l:fi'(e VBRATNG PRESSER BAR SLDE BLOCK fl \l:it VBRATNG PRESSER FOOT flw.:t VBRATNG PRESSER FOOT ='W.:t VBRATNG PRESSER FOOT flw.:tll::/i?tlc 5/32X40 L= flw;t.l.l:i?:t;j.c /64X40 L= :t;j.c /64 X (/7/'(/ CRANK 40?:;;'\'- WASHER :: -r;;jai!!!t;::o* LFTNG ECCENTRC CONNECTNG CRANK J:::-r;bAi!t!t;::o*mi;}::l.C PNCH /4X28 L= ::i!t!o:;; r tlttl t:. HNGE 7/32X ::JlO:;;rmtJ.C?:;;'\'- WASHER J:::Jlt!iO:;; r rt'::t LFTNG ECCENTRC CONNECTON COLLAR 46 i .ct:;; NUT 7/32X **YE;}::l.C LFTNG BRACKET GUDE 6.75X '7/,jJ-jJ-r FNGER GUARD 48 '7 ;JJ-;JJ-l' FNGER GUARD 6 ifi+**± tj, *,a r:j '/ F NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME,ROCK SHAFT CRANK CONNECTON tY W i b,! 4 5,32 Lj {J {J 23---e _ '---' ' : ± ilpy' NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME, ROCK SHAFT CRANK CONNECTON NO C\ d:. d:. ll!t C\.iS- en 0.:: 0.:: CJ) PART NO 0 Q) QTY X 0 U) C\ '? ? & PARTS NANE :h.b. GAN ;;yyt:'y PN c! 3x EW.l:j7 E-TYPE STOP RNG jjv BUSHNG if GOVER hc!ax44 L= ilc 5 X O. 8 L= f!! SHAFT flflx.:c. SHAFT SUPPORTER hc(ft) 3!6X32 L= hcoo) 3!6X32 L= t:'y PN h.:, M5XO. 8 L= \fhC 5.5X ftt:'y PN 'Y)v/ * SPRNG ::: SLEEVE \ft:'y PN t.ft:yr NUT 5/64 X T:Yr NUT 5/ 'YJv,,.'{* SPRNG :::P STUD imjll STEEL BALL 3/ filt:':--- TRANGLE PN th$ NEEDLE BAR 'YJv/* SPRNG :y.'t- STOPPER FOR NEEDLE ClAMP p.:,!ax44 l= f* NEEDLE CLAMP 5/ PC!aX44 L= tt NEEDLE DP X 7 # f.r-Jv NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME POSTON BARCKET l:hC LFTNG BMCKET GUDE /64X32 L= ±ti NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME hc 9/64X40 L= tt$j)v BUSHNG FOR NEEDLE BAR SUPPORTER tt$m NEEDLE BAR HOLDER ;r:JVr FELT J::*A::E SLDE BLOCK J::*::'YilC SLDE BLOCK STUD J::* NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME ROCK SHAFT J::*t:'hCJl:!OhC SET 7!32X32 L= t-$(ti:) NEEDLE BAR HOLDER (R GUT) llit NEEDLE BAR HOLD NG STOPPER l:!OhC SET 9!64X40 L= X.:c. NEEDLE BAR SUPPORTER, il.ll.hc 3!32X56 L= A--!f SPACER m(:tl) NEEDLE BAR HOLDER (LEFO h.:, 9/64X40 L= Fl:tii GUDE PLATE hc SCRE\Y9/64X40 L= t*,±.g., *j!jt:j ':J ' NEEDLE BAR ROCK frame,rock SHAfT CRANK CONNECTON 3 2O o 6 c::j :: j, r ± t, iloytt NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME, ROCK SHAFT CRANK CONNECTON NO d:! d:!. $8Mlf txl a::: 0::: 0::: PART NO 0 en ' OTY &4!i PARTS NANE Q) X CD M M 5G-A ±ti' NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME 5547-A *±ti' NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME tt±ti'l:' HNGE STUD Jf:tl\.:' SET S. 75 X 24 L= ft,.t::hii SLDE BLOCK PLATE ft,.t::hii.t:tlt:. 9/64X4O L= ±ti';t OL WCK {?--)V NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME POSTON BMCKET Jf:tlt:. LFTNG BMCKET GUDE /64X32 L= *- NEEDLE BAR W NEEDLE BAR tt NEEDlE ClAMP (3/8 ll ) 0535 llt.t::b.t:. NEEDLE SET 3.4X36 L= NEEDLE NEEDLE ttwj NEEDLE BAR CONNECTNG STUD *{g NEEDLE BAR CONNECTNG STUD ttj Mlitlt:. PNCH UXO. 7 L= *j Mlitll: PNCH 5/32X4O L= *MlZ OL WCK J:*!: NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME ROCK SHAFT 7 876C J:*!:$fii::li (#!t) SL DE BLOCK COMPLETE J:*!:$fii::li SliDE BLOCK J:j;}S!:l:'tll: SLDE BLOCK STUD J:j;}S!:::: :b.c.t:tlc SET 7/32 X 32 L= ROCK SHAFT CRANK Mib)tac PNCH 6. 75X24 L== PV ROCK SHAFT CRANK CONNECTON i!!pt:?!z OL WCK i!!pt:.ll.t.ll: (N HNGE 9/32 28 L= i!! -r}- NUT 9/32X i!t!pt:.ll.tat:.(*) HNGE /32X28 L== *!:l(\uli/. {:t NEEDLE BAR ROCK FRAME REGULATNG PPE *!:t.:7. ;t FEED ROCK SHAFT CRANK *!:f!n:7. ;ttat:. PNCH 6.75X24 L= *t)lt'jw/:tt;7 7-Y WASHER*)-r NUT /32X $tl *JJ\:: CLP ;t OtUCK Ztl ;t OL WCK RETANER *itft;j$().t:tat:. 9/64X4O L:O *V J THREAD GUDE 38 tlt /8X4O L=4.3 0 ;.:tjj :jijl.-+- KNEE AfJj, '* LFTNG LEVER,PRESSER SA R SPRNG 5 0. f NO dl. 0:: 4&. PART NO. 0 C) QTY dl co PARTS NANE 070 * KNEE LFTER LFTNG LEVER *Jl::lQtlC HNGE SOOEW 6.75X t!tl SPRNG 4 54 t!tll:lqtlc 6.75X J' KNEE LFTER ECTNQ LEVER J\J::hC HNGE 6.75X Ml). KNEE LFTER cott4ectng l..ever LFTNG ROO 'MtJ.i7- LFTNG ROO COLLAR Ml).i7-l:hC LFTNG BARCKET GUDE!64X32 L=6, S 0 077C MtJ.±(.) LFTNG ROO ROU.ER BARCKET COMPlETE 077 MtJ.± L FT KG ROO ROU.ER BARCKET MtJ.±ttP-7- L Ft KG ROO ROU.ER Ml)±P-7-Jl::iohC 3. 4 X ffltj±ttjl::hc LFTNG BAROKET GUDE 64X32 L=6. S t's jp:t7dlit!tl PRESSER BAR SPRNG (FLAT) *tjitt!tllttlc PRESSER BAR SPRNG SUPPORT 56 ::ktjitlitliflftitlc PRESSER BAR SPRNG REGlR..ATNG 2 l'im, l'a:lld-,j'-')-, lz5. J7Fl HOOK DRVNG SHAFT, SAFETY CLUTCH PULLEY. FEED DRVNG CAM , 45 32'J l \ A 3 l'fd, FJvJ--:'-!J-,!J;J'Y HOOK DRVNG SHAFT,SAFETY CLUTCH PULLEY,FEED DRVNG CAM Cf! PART NO 6M PARTS NAME '.' OTY NO Mi &Xl J, 0:: 0... '? 0944 T HOOK DRVNG SHAFT T4\l; t?llv(ti:) BUSH NG (L ft) Jtbbtlt:. SET X 24 L' T4ll)t?l /V(ti:) 7:t:/v- OLNG FELT T)t?l Jv (9) BUSH NG (R GHT) Jtbbtlt:. SET 6.75X24 L= )t?llvi!;tf- OL WCK TCii!l'-::Y!Y'l'Jr-A HOOK DRVNG SHAFT BUSHNG (BACK) Jtbbtlt:. SET 6.75X24 L' rtf;f.t!y'l' Jt bb n t:. 3.4 236 L= T(ilh'-::Y!Y'l' BAlL.BEARNG T'-::Y!Y'l'ir7- COlLAR Jtbbtlt:. SET /4X32 L:= {lrlllij::bbnt:. POSTON /4X32 L= #!Y'l' BAlL BEARNG RETANNGWAS T..-t/vl-::t-!)- SAFETY' CLUTCH PULLEY ::t-!)-!y'l' PULlEY SPR NG FLANGE G T '-::/vl-::t-!j-,t,. SAFETY CLUTCH Jtbbt:. /4X32 L= T '-::M-::t-!J-it.l. SAFETY CLUTctf LOCKNG LEVER SPRNG T'-::JH::t-!-l::'Y HNGE PN T,-::/vl-::t-!-l::'Yl:bbt.l.t:. 7/32X32 L= T'-::/Vl--:;t-!J-A-:;t!Y!/' SAFETY CLUTCH THROW N LATCH SPRNG T.--{,vl--:;t-!J-l,ilt! SAFETY UTCH RATCHET CONNECTNG LNK T'--{'/vl--:;t-!J-Hl-JO: SAFETY CLUTCH LOCKNG LEVER T'--{'/vl-::t-J-Hl-JO:l::Y HNGE STUD t!h?i:jt t:. 7/32X32 L= T'--{'/vl-::t-!./-+JR SAFETY CLUTCH RATCHET T'--{'M--:;t-J-fflJt:Y SAFETY CLUTCH THROW N LATCH PN ' JR' HOOK DRVNG SHAFT LOCK RATCHET Jtbbtlt:. SET /4X32 L= ntflltk:bb.tlt:. POSTON /4X32 L= t jjlif-?ly(/j-) FEED REGULATNG STUD (SWl.) A-:;t!Y!/ SPRNG l:.bbl::'y CLP :J7J'i±# FEED DRVNG FLANGE l:.bbtlt:. /4X32 L=l {lrfau t:. POSTON 4X32 L= :J7J'i FEED DRVNG CAM :J7J-v'iJ Lbbt:::.--- FEED DRVNG ECCENTRC PN JY!J FEED DRVNG ECCENTRC FRlcnON.G /8 X 40 L= ntfllij::bbtlt:. POSTON /8X4O L= J-v' FEED DRVNG ECCENTRC ADJUSTNG DSC jjl!'/y'l'al::!jy! SPRNG jjv)y'l' COllAR Jtbbt:. SeT /4X32 L= ' jjlif-?ly(::k) FEED REGULATNG STUD (LARGE) A-:;t!JY'l' SPRNG Jtbbt:Y CLP ' RETANNG RNG ::k- HOOK DR V NG GEAR {lrflltk:bbt.l.t:. POSTON /4X32 L= Jtbbt.l.t:. SET /4X3.2 L= isljj:t7j-v'tlt:.f;t FEED LfTNG CAM COl\!PLETE Jtbbt:. SET smew /4X32 L= :. 7J r,- GEAR COlER nt:. /64X32 L= :t:;\.+ FELT 4 J FEED ROCK SHAFT j. ' f-; ,!,!i 6 5 5 ' ;L PART NO CD C) Si co QTY i!) FEED ROCK SHAFT NO.-it i. PARTS NAME re «230 V±it:C:;r. FEED BAR BRACKET ::l()*. FEED LFTNG CAM FORK ::l()*7;r.vt- OLNG FELT 8 X 40 L= ::l()*l:abt:. 7!32X32 L= ::l()*? V.y- WASHER !!i FEED OR Vltro ROCK FRA _abtlt:. PNCH SmEW 5XO.8 L= V±i:i':'t .c. FEED BAR HNGE PN !)±itl:'tlc.t- NUT /4X FEED ROCK SHAFT iit4if; lv(oo) FEED ROCK SHAFT BUSHltro (front) ))V (00) l:abt .c X24 L= '7'{- Lite ))V (M').ll:.abtll:(:JtlJlJ) 6.75X24 L=t !)jJ'7- Cill!) CO...AR (FRONT) l:abtll: SET X24 L::: ,,,V() FEED ROO Sf!AFT BUSHNG (BACK) ))v(fi)l:tlt:. SOOf 6.75X24 L= '7'{'- LtER ) JV(fi).ll:.abt .:(:JtlJlJ) 6.75X24 L= ;O7-() OO...AA (BACK) ll:.abt .t:. SET 6.75X24 L::: !)M'n:.o* FEED ROCK SHAFT CRANK VM'n:.oabtlt:. PNCH /4X28 L= ,,JlfJteO*:' FEED ROCK SHAFT CRANK STUO !fdJlfJteo*:'Y$ OL WCK fnr.rn:o*:'y l:abtll: SET 7/32X32 L=5.5 6 /'\'Y-? l--j\-, '*) CJ y t-:' FEED REVERSNG LEVER,FEED DRVNG ECCENTRC CONNECTON i-2 3 t 7--' l')li!jp/,f FEED REVERSNG LEVER, FEED DRVNG ECCENTRC CONNECTON Jv:7VJ'\-, NO ftj!. tb tb tb 0::. 0::.. 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