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T OCTOBER 8 - 21, 2019 Village officially launches new Freebee Express Park & Ride The art of Richard Cohen on display BY GARY ALAN RUSE he Village of Palmetto…
T OCTOBER 8 - 21, 2019 Village officially launches new Freebee Express Park & Ride The art of Richard Cohen on display BY GARY ALAN RUSE he Village of Palmetto Bay officially launched its new Freebee Express Park & at village’s Perrine Community House C Ride program on Sept. 19 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Palmetto Bay Park. Palmetto Bay earlier had inaugurated traditional Freebee on-demand gasless BY GARY ALAN RUSE vehicles for rides throughout the village, ontinuing its ongoing and now the Freebee Express shuttles will partnership with ArtSouth, provide free Monday-Friday transportation the Village of Palmetto for morning commuters from the park to Bay’s Perrine Community the Dadeland South Metrorail Station, with House opened its month-long exhibit of the returning service in the evenings. work of artist Richard Cohen on Sept. 21 “We are pleased to launch the village’s with an evening reception. Despite rain, 40- second Park and Ride in District 3 utilizing 50 people turned out for the event. The Freebee’s 12-passenger electric vans,” said exhibit is called “Circularity.” Mayor Karyn Cunningham. “It is the Richard “Rick” Cohen is a native perfect complement to our existing IBus Miamian and currently a Palmetto Bay Park and Ride at St. Richard’s in District 2. resident. His educational background What makes this so incredibly unique is our included the University of South Florida ability to run the Freebee vans along with (Tampa) Studio Arts, 1971-73; Pacific our IBus along the South Dade Transitway University, Forest Grove, OR, Metal and because of a partnership with the county Jewelry Arts, 1974-76. and our commissioner. We will continue to Cohen’s works are described as work to find more alternative transit assemblage or sculptural collage. They are solutions for our residents to move them abstract, mostly non-representational from their cars to public transportation.” works that are composed of recycled, found round objects of varying sizes, RICHARD COHEN IS PICTURED WITH ONE OF HIS WORKS –––––––––––––––––– See COHEN, page 4 Zoo Miami’s Zoo Boo Halloween F ALL FORMS OF PROTECTION FROM THE WORLD’S MOST TRUSTED & event returns Oct. 26 and 27 COMPETITIVE INSURERS THE NEW FREEBEE EXPRESS BY CINDY CASTELBLANCO amilies with youngsters 12 and PARK & RIDE SHUTTLE VEHICLE under are invited to Zoo Miami to trick-or-treat at Zoo Boo, one –––––––––––––––– See FREEBEE, page 4 of South Florida’s premier Halloween events. The event on Oct. 26 and 27 PERSONAL • COMMERCIAL • EMPLOYEE will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day BENEFITS • FINANCIAL SERVICES and is included with zoo admission. PERMIT NO. 3203 MIAMI, FL PAID 305.238.1000 Savings & Service Since 1950 ZOO MIAMI, page 4 US POSTAGE –––––––––––––––––––– See STANDARD MAIL Page 2 / October 8 - 21, 2019 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 8 - 21, 2019 / Page 3 PTS raises more ththan h $8,500, collects supplies fo for o Bahamas Studeents pose with some of the supplies collected for the Bahamas. ––– –––––––– ––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– – –––––––– ––––––––– –––––––– –––-- BY TE TERESA ES ESTE TEFAN garbag ge bags, household cleaners, tarps, t sunscreeen, an and water. The Palmer Tr Trin nity School (PTS) “We We arare so pro roud of ththe sup upportrt th the Pal almer community recently y came together to Trin Tr inity ty comm mmun unit ity has shown wn by qu quickly u ly support its Bahamiaan neighbors as they comin ing togethther to to help th those in in need in in th the recover fr from ththe devaastation left ft behind by Bah aham mas,” said Pat am atrick Robert rts, heaad ad of Hurrican ane Dorian an. school “Th school. The incredib Th ible response wee got As a PTS Cares initiative, the school refl flects th the scho hool’s comm mmit itment nt to to in ulcat inculcating partn tnered with Christ Episcopal Church in the im th importrtan ance of empat athy, love an and cararin ing.” Coconutut Grove and the Episcopal Diocese The school also gathered in the of Southeast Florida and contributed to gym ymnasium on Friday ay, Sept. 6, fofor a sppecial their Bahamamas hurricane relief eff ffort rts. All convocation where students learned more students were encouraged to donate a about th ab the Bahahamas and the importan ance n of minimum of fi five dollars, resulting in a service living. For this convocat ation, man many generous collection of more than an $8,500. students, fa faculty and staff ff dressed in n the Additionally, y, PTS fa families donated colors of th the Bahahamian an fl flag — teal, black b diapers and assorted baby items, canned and yellow — as a sign of support. an foods, non-perishable fo fo food, fl flashlights and For more info formatation about the scchool, batteries, fi first aid items, paper products, visit MOGHANI LAW Sayed Ali Moghani, ATTORNEY M MOGHANI LAW • Criminal Law • Estate Planning • Family Law • Real Estate Law • Immigration • Contract Law • Domestic Violence • Landlord/Tenant 122 Minorca Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134 Se Habla T 305.523.9012 • E Español Page 4 / October 8 - 21, 2019 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 ZOO MIAMI, from page 1 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– COHEN, from page 1 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Zoo Boo guests ar are inv nvited to come out ut in To Total Deental Famamily Carare, Sonr nrie Dent ntal Stu tudio, colors, and materials. tth heir best costutumes to enjnjoy fa face pai aint nting, Fanang- Ocaq aquat atics, t Casa Smiles Pediat atric Dent ntistr try + He is ap appreciat ative off th the eff ffort rts of Art rtSouthth tastic Costu tume Cont ntests by Mai ain Str treet et Den ental Ort rthodoontntics, Cycle Bar ar premium um indoor and Palmett an tto Bayay. with prizes, photo ops, Halloween craft fts an and cycling,, PDQ (People Dedicat ated to Quality), “This is a re really won nderfuful opport rtun unity ty fo for perfoform rmanances by Actors’ Play ayhouse Musical UHealtlth Jac ackson Urg rgent Car are, Ku Kumon Lear arning someone like my myself whow is at at this pointnt an Mirac acles at at 11:30 a.m., 12:30 anand 2:30 p.m. Plus, Cent nter, Sage Dental, Metr tro by T- T-mobile an and emergrging ar artist,” Coheen said. “I’ve had other gueuests can an watatch as some of ththe zoo an animal als tear ar anet Air Plan A Sport rts. exhibits but this is the t fi first time in my int nto th their own Halloween en enr nrichm hmenent tr treat ats (see Memmbers and children under the age of 2 hometown. I grew up up here h in this ar area, so it’s compmplete sche hedu dule at at ww www.zoomiam The enter fr free e to Zoo Boo at at Zoo Miami. Parking really a cool thing to be b abable to do this. It’s a eventnt al also will fe feat ature boothths with th ac activities an and also is fr free. Zoo Miami is located at 12400 great at synergy that thee village restored this giveaw awayays fr from ththe fo following sponsors: 97.3 SW 1522 St. Sav ave time, buyuy your tickets online beau autifu ful old 1935 building and they’re doing The Hits, Florida Pan anthers Foundat ation, Zoo at More info formatation on xhibits on a month exh thly basis. b I think nk it’s great at.” Miamami’s Educat ation Depar artm tmentnt, KIND Bar ars, Zoo Boo is av availabable at www.zoomiam He said that at his creaat ative process has been evolving over 35 year ars. s “I’m interested in color and fo form rm, shape and pattern an rn. I’m repurposing common FREEBEE, from page 1 –––––––– –––––––––– –––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––– household packaging obj in th the lan andfi His work bjects that at usually go fills or end up in the oceans.” rk is fo found in collections in Florida, New Yo Yorkrk, New Jersey, y, Califo forn rnia and Besides Mayor Cunningham, the FDOT’s Nilia Cartaya and Ca rlos Oregon. event was attended by Vice Mayor John Sarmiento. Jason Spiegel, co-fo foundeer of Village off Vi fficials in at attendanance were re Mayayor DuBois, Councilmember Marsha Matson Freebee, also attended. aryn Cunningham, Vice May Kar ayor John fficials, including and county and state off Palmetto Bay is the only municipaality DuBois anand Coun uncilmember Mar arsha Mat atson. A differe different ent format, format but but still still featuring featuring circular circular ob objects. jects Maria Levrant who was representing given clearance to utilize the South Dade D DuBois is pleased with th the repur urposing of ––– –––––– – –––––– –––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––– Miami-Dade District 8 Commissioner Transitway fofor its shuttle programs. The the Perr rrine building. indicatate it’s an ideal venue fo for them. It’s and TPO board member Daniella Levine existing Park & Ride at Holy Rosaryy-St. “This is the second d one I’ve been to of beauautifu fully u renovated fo for this purp rpose. Cava, TPO sirector Aileen Boucle, CITT Richard’s Church also utilizes the exhibits of our local ar artists,” DuBois said. “Thee at attendance of the locals fr from executive director Javier Betancourt, transitway. “The venue is beau autifu ful. l The arartist th themselves Palmett tto t Bayay, Cutler Bayay an and near arby has been DTPW director Alice Bravo, and the For info formation call 305-259-1234. fant fa ntastiic. I think as this gets more notoriety and tracction that an at other cities will havave these local coommu munity art rt exhibits.” Janiss Klein-Cohen, boar ard chair of ArtrtSouuth, said th that she likes the exhibit an and that th at eacch has been diff fferent fr from the last. “I woould describe this ar art as being fu fun and light li ht annd fefestive. It’s less structured than traditioonal artrt, but stru ructured in its own way. It’s fu funn.” For more info form rmation, visit online at www.ciircularar ww or send an an email to circuularar Perr rrine Commu munityty House is locat ated at at 900 SW 97 Av Ave. Nextxt up will be an an exhibit of ar artist Alj ljohn Another circular design Farquhharson’s work, titled “Pipe Dreams,” made up of a variety of objects. with ththe opening reception on Sat aturday, y, Oct. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 19, fr from m 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 8 - 21, 2019 / Page 5 Book recounts auththor’s h journ rney frfrom chubbby girlrl to beauty b ty queeen BY JA JAVI VIER PE PEREZ she fo found herself inin th the midst of ththe zeitgtgeist, Kathalynn divulgees how her keen a protaagonist swept into a series of cultur ural intuition and deep faith ith, walking lki the th How did a chubby, from movem y, sickly little girl fr ments, including fi finding herself in tightrope betw tween desstiny and choice, led a working-class fa family overcome her Hollyw ywood w in th the 1960s an and ’70s, fr front nt-row her to manife fest each h desire, one aft fter challenging beginnings an and evolve into the cent nter in an an explodin ing sexual revolut ution anand another. woman who went on to check off ff every a livelyy scene shiftfting fr from Old Holly lywood. Like Forrest Gu Gump p, Kat athalynn nn fo foun und dream or aspiration — She recount nts her close herself a protagonist swept s int nto a series of romance, celebrity, y, encount nters with th Troy cultutural movement nts. Bu ut she’ll be th ut the fi first to adventure? Donahu hue, Elvis, an and Frank nk say ay ththat at while she wass th there, she never fe felt Kiss MeMe, Swami: Th The Sinat atra. truly par tr art of an any of itit. Hence H her un uniqu que tak ake. Spiritual Education of Sp of a Fat ate would later have her Combini ning her raw aw hon nesty ty, ac acut ute in insigh ght, an and Beautyty Queen by iving in th the fa famed Dak akota biti ting witit, Kat athal alyn ynn’s Kiss K Me, Swam ami ta takes Kat athalynnnn Turner Davis is building in New Yo Yorkrk City ty, readers on an an exhilar arat ating ride ththat at reveals the story of a woman’s where she count nted fa famed how she lear arned to conn nnect to ththe deepest quest for fo self- f- composer Leonar ard Bernrnstein, n spir iritu tual al fo forces anand man anife fest her destinyny. actualization…a modern, John hn Lennon an and YoYoko o Ono Kat athalynynn is a life fe coach, psychoth therap apist, slightly less fa fantastical as neighb hbors an and desccribes as well as an actress and writer. She has series of Wi Wizard of Oz-like he shock an and tr trau auma m of studied both th Eastern and We Western adventures, set against a being with thin eararshot ofo th the philosophies an and teachings. In addition to her backdrop of some of the gunfifire th that at killed Lenn non. long psychoth therap apist anand coaching practice, most exciting times in “I am as susceptib ble to she has a body dy of work rk in fi film, television, American an history. fear and doubt as thee next fe and th an theat ater. She has a master’s (MSW) fr from KAATHALYNN TURNER DAVIS Pop culture enthusiasts person,” Kath halynn Columbia University. y. will thrill to hear inside- acknowledges “My acknowledges. My belief in Kathalynn Turner Davis, Davis author of Kiss Hollywood revelat ations and disclosures, but ut myselff an and my potential was continuaally at Me, Sw Me Swami: Th The Sp Spiritual Edu ducation of of a far more than a tell-all. More than war wiith this is fa th my insecur urities, which won n th their Beauty ty Queen, will appear at a fr free book anything else, this book speaks to the share oof battles. But overall, my liffe fe has signing event nt on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at at Books tual seeker in all of us. spiritu tur urned outut to uncannily refl flect th those ear arly, y, & Books, 3409 Main Hwy. In Coconut athalyn Kat ynn’s riveting memoir is ab ut how persistent wishes.” about Grove. R L UXUR YOUR RY HOMEE AW AIITS TO VIEW ALL OFF BELINDA A’’S LISTINGS VISIT: OR O CALL: 786-344-9579 G! 4405 Granada Blvd d I $2,198,000 , , 2530 Co olumbus Blvd I $1,898,000 95 W Shore Dr I $1,598 , 8,000 , 4102 Monserrate a St I $1,298,000 Coral Gab bles Coral Gables North Grove Coral al Gables Huge master suite + 4 bedrooms. Open O kitchen, family room. Renovated 5/4.5. Almost 4,000 sqft. Open plan, impact windows, Privacy, y, luxury and plenty of space. Updated 6/4.55, gated, upscale 19 926 Mediterranean Villa in Coral Cor Gables Italian Village. 4/4 + Formal dining + living room w/ rep place. Impact windows and Thermidor apps new Italian cabinetry + quartz cntrtops. Lg mstr North Grove home. Fabulous pool, beautiful sum mmer kitchen, doors, courtyard, fountain. Pa Patio with w pool. 2 driveways, 2 or suite w/ walk-in closets, pool, generatorr,, corner lot. Clay courts covered patio. Master bath w/ jacuzzi style tub. 2nd master w/ crown moldings + period plaster aster. Courtyard w/ cabana bthrm, 3 car garage. across street, walk to Biltmore for swim in one of the largest pools private cabana bath. Private theater. Impact wind dows & doors, fencced pool. Detached 2 car gar garage. Close to Biltmore + Venetian in South Florida. electric gates. pool. ! 1540 Mercado A Avve I $998,000 11905 5 SW 84 A Avve I $748,000 4649 SW 12 ST I $648,0 000 1401 SW 43 A Avve I $428,000 0 Coral Gab bles Miami Little Gables Little Gables Updated 3/2.5. Open plan kitchen w/ w stainless steel apps, pp , Quartz Q Your own botanical garden. 4/4 + bonus room on almost 31,800 Beautiful quiet street. Little Gables, old Florida ran nch home. 2,030 3/2 on corner lot, huge open spaces. Option to create 2/1 2 or 1/1 2wall windows facing gateed- countertops & white cabinetryy,, wall2 sq ft lot. 6 car garrage. Circular driveway. Screened in pool + patio. sq. ft. of living, 3/2, lg enclosed Florida Room. 10,700 sq. ft double ving spaces. Located in the Sizzling Little each w/ own entrance + living pool. New white paint, impact wind dows/doors, + patio. Indoo or Vintage Florida style. Full house Diesel generator. gener more than one lot, room for lg pool.New roof. 10 min from the Airport, 5 from Gables, and is only 10 minutes minut from the airport, 5 minu utes from laundry room. Bike to UM, Downtown more n Coral Gables. Walk Biltm family room. Walk alk to Sunn Sunnyland, or drive a couple of minutes to downtown Coral Gables, easy access to downtown n. Great location, Downtown Coralal Gables and offers o an easy commute to D Downtown & Riviera Counttry Club. Dadeland d mall, the falls, or neighboring Pinecrest. great price, won’t last! Miami and the t JMH complex. TO VIEW ALL OF BELINDA A’’S LISTINGS VISIT V or call: 786-344-9579 Like us on o facebook Sime me Realty Corporation I 2140 South S Dixie Highway I Suite 30 01 I Miami,FL 33133 These offerings ff are subject b to errors, omissions, prior sale, l change h off price, or withdr hd awall without h notice. Not intended d d to solicit l listed l d property. Page 6 / October 8 - 21, 2019 COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 Spirits’ Palalmer Tririnity ty hosts FIFA F FA Women’s SPE EAKEA AKEA AKEASY Worlrld Cup champion coach Jill Ellis at the T H U R S D A Y, O C T O B E R 1 7 • 7 P M – 1 0 P M $ 5 0 I N A DVA N C E ; $ 6 0 AT T H E D O O R . A g e s 2 1 & ove r Enjoy ghostly encounters, a Prohibition Era drink menu and live performance by The Frenc r h Horn Collective featuringg Shira. Come dressed in your best 1920’s attire! Prizes for best ind dividual, couple & group. Sp ponsored by Chef Gio Enterprises Pictured ((l-r)) are Sophia p Albano,, Sophia p Lobo,, Maria Carvaj ajal,, Jill Ellis,, Andrea Ortiz,, Daniela Mendoza and M Margot W W W. D E E R I N G E S TAT E . O R G • 3 0 5 - 2 3 5 -1 6 6 8 E X T. 2 3 3 Maguire. To request materials in acccessible format, sign language interpreters, and/or any accommodation d ti tot participa ti i ate t in i any Miami-Dade Mi i D d Parks P k sponssoredd program or meeting, ti contact Mary Palacios, 305-7755-7848 or Mary.Palacios@miam at least 7 days in advance to initiate your request. request TTY users may call 711, (Florida Relay Services). Services) Jill Ellis poses for a selfie with a Palmer Trrinity School student. ––––– –– –––––– ––––– ––––– –––––– ––––– ––––– –––––– –––––––––– ––––––––––– ––––– ––––––– ––––– –––––––––––––––– ––––– –––––– ––– BY TE TERESA ES ESTE TEFAN Nationnal Team programs at U.S. Sooccer and willl depart rt as th the fi first coach in hisstory Palmer Trinity Schhool (PTS) recently to winn two consecutive FIFA FA Wo Women’s m hosted a “fifireside chhat” with Jill Ellis, a World Cup titles. She currently haas an Wo proud Palmer Trinityty parent p nt anand head coach overalll record of 102-7-18. to the U.S. Wo Womenn’s National Soccer Villaage of Palmetto Bay Mayor Karyn Vi K Team. T The Th discussion di i included i l d d a question ti Cunningham C i h attended d d the h P Palmer l T Trinity i i and answer session with Palmer Trinity event where she presented Ellis with a students. proclamation in her honor. The special Ellis shared her insights on being a good program concluded with the school leader, not being afr fraid to fa fail, and the surprising Ellis with a large cake in importance of setting goals and working celebrat ation of her birthday. towar ards success. Ellis has spent 20 years in For more info form rmat ation ab about the school, the service of the Wo Women’s and Girls’ visit www.palmert rtrinity COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM / 305-669-7355 October 8 - 21, 2019 / Page 7 Betterr get serious, fo folkss — no textiting wh while i driving This just makes sense, and is long over- sists of homes in the fo following locations: today’ss bus service should go (and how M iicc h a e l Mi Mi M il l e r due. There are some limitat fi driving when the car ations. Policce of- ficers can only stop a driver fof
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