P 53 3A5333 TAIWAN ORGANIZATIONS. General General (Directory of Cultural Organizations in Free Chin 1956 ) GENERAL A Z INDIVIDUALS MISCELLANEOUS:

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TAIWAN ADMINISTRATION Budget (Alloc & AP s) 1952/55 Budget (Alloc & AP s) 1956/57 Clippings cover letters Properties & Equip Publicity & Public Relations Registration & Status Reports (Corres comments)
TAIWAN ADMINISTRATION Budget (Alloc & AP s) 1952/55 Budget (Alloc & AP s) 1956/57 Clippings cover letters Properties & Equip Publicity & Public Relations Registration & Status Reports (Corres comments) General P 53 3A5333 CONFERENCES A Z INDIVIDUALS ORGANIZATIONS General CHANG Dr. Carson CHANG Prof Daniel Y CHANG Dr. James C CHEN Stephen Chin shan CHIANG Chi yung CHIN Chung wen CHOW Jack FU Yi chin GONGGrace Shu HAN Dr Lih wu HSI Chia shih HSIA Tsi an LEE Hsaing LEE Dr Shison C LIU Chen (Chancellor) LIU Hsiu yuan (Alice) LIU Shu hwa (Alice) LU Hsiano tung MA Dr Ting Ying H SHIEH You hwa SHING Tsai shia TUNG T ung Ho Prof WANG Shih hsien WANG William K C YEH Dr George K C YUEN Chee sing GENERAL A K GENERAL L GENERAL M Z GENERAL Visitors, Tours etc China Institute (Taiwan Advisory Committee) of.america INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTER (Intl House of Taiwan) 1955 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTER (Intl House of Taiwan) 1956 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTER (Intl House of Taiwan) 1957 JAYCEES YMCA (Boys Camp) ORGANIZATIONS TAIWAN General General (Directory of Cultural Organizations in Free Chin 1956 ) GENERAL A Z P 53 3A5333 INDIVIDUALS MISCELLANEOUS: Aguilar Jose SEE Philippines Individual Bau L Buren Mr CHAN Hin K SEE Conferences WFB 1957 CHANG Chih Ping CHANG Hajji Yusuf (McGill) CHANG Lulin CHANG Tsong han CHANG Sidney CHAU Yau Pik CHEN Prof Cheng siang SEE CONFERENCES 1947 Geographic Intl CHEN Chi Lu SEE US & Intl Intl Harvard Seminar 1957 CHEN Florence Su er ( YWCA ) CHEN John Hsueh Ming SEE Taiwan Education Gen 1955 CHEN Lei SEE also Taiwan Media Publ Free China Fortnightly CHEN Richard L C CHEN Shao hsing SEE CONFERENCES 1956 General Intl Workshop in Human Relation CHEN Tsu Lung CHEN Vincent CHENG Caho cheng CHENG Tien fang CHENG Yin fun CHI Gin yao Thomas CHI Prof Li SEE TAIWAN Educ Sch & Univ Taiwan iatl (bio) CHIANG Dr Mon lin SEE TAlWAN Individual CHIEN Shih liang CHIANG Shiao hung CHIEN Ssu liang CHIEN Shih liang CHOW Hsuen teh CHOW David W CHOW P G Prof CHOY Jun ki SEE TAIWAN Soc & Econ Overseas Chinese CH U Chai CHU Dr Chia hua Pres SEE Educ Sch & Univ Academia Sinica Korea Org Chin an CHU Chieh ren CHU Kai Lai SEE Bekins Media Books Confessions of an Ex Communist CHU Mrs Nora T H CHU Robin SEE US Sch & Univ Columbia Univ NY Sch Soc Workers CHU Seu Heung CHU Yu lin SEE Conferences H Club TAIWAN INDIVIDUALS MISCELLANEOUS: CHUNG Chi an SEE Conferences 1955 YMCA CHUNG Chi an (lr of agreement) 1957 CHUSHENG Mrs Yeh Cheng DUNNShu pi FENG Chihsiang FENG Eaton T HO Fen sun (Mongolian Princess) SEE PHIL Educ Univ Phil SEA Fellowships HSI Robert HSIEH Dr S C HSIEH T J Lr/A HSU Chia shih SEE Stanford Sch of Journalism Foronda & Hse trip HU SEE Conferences General 9 Pac Science 1957 HUNG Josephine Huang SEE Taiwan Educ Engl Teachers General HUANG Chi chin Dr HUANG Chu yih L/A HUCKER Chas O HUNG Frederick P 53 3A5333 HUNG Lexington KAN Alexander KAO Chi pei KAO Hsi ping KE Yang hsien KIANG Eugene Y B KOO Chien Noon Judge KU Cheng kang LAI Yung hsiang LEE Cheng Chian (William) LEE Chinglin LEE Feng Hui LEE Ming LEE Minnie M LEE Yung Chang LI Chi Prof See also Org. Asian People's Anti Communist League LI Dr Chi LI Chun LI Hsiang lin LI Po sheng LI S H LI Sien Liong LIANG Mr & Mrs Dapen SEE PHIL Educ Univ of Phil SEA Fellowships 1954 LIANG Yu ming SEE MA.LAU Media Cartoons & Comics 1953 LIEW Susie C (Public relations Sco of Taiwan) LIN Fu shun LIN Yutang LING Shun sheng SEE Taiwan Educ Natl Taiwan Univ & Conf 1957 Orientalists Intl Conf SEE Sch & Univ Academia Sinica Inst of Ethnology l/a TAIWAN INDIVIDUALS MISCELLANEOUS: LIU Dr C (Taiwan Normal Univ) LIU Chin Sui LIU Chun Yeh LIU Dr J Hung LIU Fa ye LIU Marie LIU Sai yuan Renee LIU Sheng lieh LIU Shih yuan LIU Thomas C H LIU Jih zn LO Franklin F LU Chung tai LU Mr SEE CHANG Tsong han MA Prof William C C MAO Chia hua MEI Yi chi MOOSA Spencer MOTE Dr Fred P 53 3A5333 NIEH Dr Chung en SEE CONFERENCES 1956 Medical Women's Intl Assn PAI T S PENG Ming min SEE Harvard Intl Seminar 1956 PU Ju (artist) (Prince Pu Ju) SEE KOREA ORGANIZATIONS Chintan Soc Ruey Yih fu SEE Conferences General 9 Pac Science Conf 1957 SHEN Chang huan SHEN Dr Sampson SHENG Pei lin SHIEH You hwa SEE Taiwan Org Boy Scouts SHIH Dr Yung chen SEE Conferences 1956 Medical Women's Intl Assn SU Mrs Gertrude SU Hsiang yu TAAM Wu TAC Pope Pham Cong SEE Taiwan Soc & Econ Religion TANG Lion Henry TAO Mrs T K SEE Taiwan Individual CHANG Tsong han TCHANG Joseph TIEN Pei lin TING Francis SEE Conferences General TING W T SEE TAIWAN Organizations JAYCEES TING Wei tung SEE MEDIA Publications World News Magazine TSAI Stephen TSAO David Y SEE Organizations JAYCESS TSAO Dr Wen yen TSENG H P TSENG Pres Beauson (Tunghai Univ) see Also Univ l/a 1955 P 53 3A5333 TAIWAN INDIVIDUALS MISCELLANEOUS: TSIANG Dr T F Wealth of US TSIANG Y S SEE Org Rural Reconstruction TSOU Prof Pao chun SEE Conferences 1957 Geographic Intl Congress TU Kwang Shen Prof SEE Media Textbook Research Material for TU Kwan g hsun TUNG Michael C S TUNG S T WANG En L ng WANG Hong jhy WANG Dr S K SEE Conferences 1957 Pan Pac Surgical Assoc Conf WANG Sing Wu SEE Conferences 1957 Intl Exe Public Conf Tokyo General folder L WANG Wei lin SEE US Sch & Univ Columbia Univ NY sch Social Workers 1955 WANG Yah chuan Miss LA SEE Conf 1957 WCTOP WEI En ming WEI Hwei lin Prof WEI Jimmy SEE Conferences 1955 Film Fest EMPPSEA 2nd WEI Prof T S SEE Philippines Educ Univ Phil SEA fellows 1955 WEI Ex OW Wong SEE JAPAN SOC & ECON POWS WEN Fu MU WENJEN Chien WONG Paul WOO Dr K K WU Mr F K WU George Y L WU K C D YANG Miss Shirley YANG Shu jen (Academica Sinica) SEE Sch & Univ YANG Wei hsien YEH CHENG Chu Sheng SEE Conferences 1956 Soc Work 8th Conf YEH Sui yen YEN Joan YEN Paul YEO Prof G S SEE Conferences 1957 Pan Pac Surgical 7th Congress YEW Mi Iden (Taiwan Educ Assn) YI Chu Wang YING Chas C YOUNG June C P SEE Individual LIU Marie YUAN Henry YU HUANG Mrs Nancy YUN Miss Lee YUNG D F ZEE CHENG Mr K Y ORGANIZATIONS Miscellaneous: P 53 3A5338 Amer Comm for Liberation from Bolshevism Chinese Assn for Advancement of Science Chinese Assn for United Nations Chinese Cultural Foundation SEE Media Trans Gen Folder Chinese Educ Research Council appt of Swisher sent to Personnel Files Cultural Research Institute Communist Infiltration Research Inst SEE Media Trans Gen Folder English Institute SEE Educ Taiwan Normal Fed of Motion Pict Producers SEE Conf Film Festival 1953/54 Free China League Oriental Cultural Assn IPR Lions Club Mainland Relief Assn Newspaper Soc of Free China (appt of Valentine) Pen Club Free Chinese Center Rural Reconstruction Taichung Catholic Center SEE Taiwan Media Libraries Union Industrial Research Institute UN Assn Taiwan Voice of Free China World Brotherhood CONTINUED : EDUCATION Chinese English Language Amer Teachers Alter J B Amer Teachers Little Virginia Amer Teachers LU Hsiao tung Amer Teachers Whiting Allen S Training Center 1954/55 Training Center 1956 Training Center 1957 Taiwan Professors to US Rebuild Social Cohesion Russian Studies Lecturers TAIWAN EDUCATION Continued: Schools & Universities Academia Sinica (Inst of Modern History) Academia Sinica (Inst of Modern History) Catholic Mission Central Police College Cheng kung Univ Community Schools Middle Schools Ginling Girls Home Proj National Taiwan Prof Dorsey National Taiwan Jesuit Student Center General (AP 203) Officers Language School Soochow Univ (Law College) 1956/57 Provincial In Service Teachers Train Taiwan Normal Univ Book Exc Program Taiwan Normal Univ Eng Lang Train Mat. Tamkang English College General GENERAL P 54 3A4937 MEDIA Audio Visual Radio & TV Movies General Book Program (gifts & Subscriptions) 1956 Book Program (gifts & Subscriptions) 1957 Bookstores Cartoons & Comics Communis t Distribution Editorial Feature Service Libraries Paper Publications Publishers Textbooks Natl Central Library Bldg Taichung Catholic Center China News (James Wei) China Post Democratic Review Freeman Living Force Modern China Monthly Overseas Chinese Students in Free China 1956 Seabreeze Magazine Tomorrow World News Magazine General Yee Wen Company Research Material for General MEDIA TAIWAN Translations & Rights (Manuscripts) Dictionary Project Jesuit Fathers Translations & Rights Taiwan Free China's Stronghold By E B Lee Translations & Rights A Z Translations & Rights General GENERAL P 54 3A4937 SOCIAL & ECONOMIC GENERAL 1954/55/56/57 GENERAL 1952/53 Community Development Cultural Chinese Art Treasures General Labor General Law General Religion Buddhism Muslim Leaders Pilgrimage to Mecca Rural JCRR (Joint Comm on Rural Reconstruct) General Sports General ADMINISTRATION TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 226 3A5186 BUDGET (Master) 61/62 BUDGET Correspondence 61/62 BUDGET (Master) 1960/61 BUDGET 1960/61 BUDGET 1959/60 BUDGET (Master) 1959/60 BUDGET (Allocations & AP s) BUDGET (Allocations & AP s) BUDGET 9 mos Review Expenditures BUDGET President's Reserve Fund Conferences Staff FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING Exchange FINANCE & ACCOUNTING General LETTERS OF AGREEMENT Transmittal Letters PUBLICITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS Brochure PUBLICITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS REGISTRATION & STATUS REPORTS (Correspondence) Conference YANGMINGSHANG FORUM Conference GENERAL GENERAL INDIVIDUALS TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 227 3A5194 CHAI Judge Shaw shan CHANG Ching yu CHANG Hajji Yusuf (McGill Univ) CHANG Kuei yung CHANG Dr Nai wei CHANG Peter CHANG Stephen Hsiao ti CHANG Teh Kuang CHANG Tsai Hsien CHANG Miss Wei tsen CHAO Lillian CHEN Cheng (VP & Prime Minister) CHEN Miss Diana Yu shih CHEN Forence (Hing) CHEN Dr Ko Chung CHEN Lung chu CHEN Mason (Montessori Intl Conf) CHEN Ta tuan CHEN Tsung Hse (Father DeJaegher) CHIANG Chao ying CHANG Chung pon (4 H Club Leaders) CHIANG Fu tsung See Taiwan Media Libraries Natl Central Ming Bio CHIAO Tsen Hsuen CHIEN Frederick Foo CHOW Chuen tyi CHU Dr Lynn CHU Prof Tsu you FAN Kung chu HSIA Tao ping HSIEH Chiao min HSU Miss Chin HSU Mrs Grace HUANG Chi lu (Min of Educ) HUANG Jen sheng JUAN Dr Veichow KAO Dr Tsui yung Hung KOO Hsien Liang KU Ya Chih (Chinese Dancer) LEE Andrew LEE Judge Chung sheng LEE Ruey Shuang LEE TUNG PEH SEE ALSO: LI Chun SEE: Sch & Univ Natl Taiwan Student Activities Center LI K T (US Aid) LI Sien liang INDIVIDUALS LI Miss Man kuei LIANG Dr Tsi Ping Liang LIU Judge Jih An Liu Teh chih LOU Chia hsiung (IFYE) MA Dr Ting ying (Natl Taiwan Univ) MAO Major Paul Cheng tzu OU Tsuin chen (Research grant) PAO Tsen Peng SHENG Dr Harris SHIEH Milton SHIH Prof Kung sing SHING Miss Tsai shia SUNG Prof Fang toh TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 227 3A5194 TAI David C.L. TAO Prof Chen yu TEH Ku lai TENG Mr & Mrs Chang kuo TENG Prof Wenli TING Yee Chan 'I'SENG H P (Journalistic Und. Assn of SEA) TU Yuan tsai WAN Keng nien WANG Ching lin (C. L.) WANG Prof John C WEI Hwei lin WU An Choan WU Hua Peng WU Schautan WU Prof Wei chih INDIVIDUALS YANG Ching mai YANG Henry YANG Koon hsin YANG Shih feng YEH Johnson S C YEH Ming hsun (Sidney) YU Chien YU Kwang chung GENERAL A CHA TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 228 3A5192 AN Dr Yu Kun ARENS Rev Richard BAU Leonard F CHAN Mr Stephen (Liang Yick) CHANG Chung Ching CHANG Che hang CHANG Che hang CHANG Che Hang CHANG Chieh CHANG Ch i hang SEE: FU JEN HI SCHOOL TAIWAN EDUC SCH & UNIV SEE: Boy Scout Conference Taiwan Conference SEE: ATENEO Summer Institutes PHIL EDUC SCH & UNIV SEE: ATENEO Summer Science Institutes PHIL EDUC SCH & UNIV SEE: ATENEO Summer Institutes PHIL EDUC SCH & UNI CHANG Chih li SEE: CONF 1959 CHANG Ching yu CHANG Miss Chu Pin SEE CHANG Hunter Hung ta TAIWAN INDIV CHANG Mrs Chu Tsai chun CHANG Chung CHANG Clement C.P. CHANG Constant C. C. CHANG Chungyaan CHANG Curtis Chung CHANG.Prof Daniel Y CHANG Prof Fo chuan CHANG Fu li SEE: Science Awards JAPAN CONF SEE: SCH & UNIV SEE: CHANG Chungyuan OVERSEAS CHINESE SEE: HONG KONG UNIV SEA FELLOWSHIPS ASIAN HISTORY CHANG Chung EDUC SCHOOLS & UNIV HONG KONG HONG KONG UNIV HARRISON B. EDUC Schools & Univ Hong Kong SEE: Science Fair JAPAN CONF SEE: COLUMBIA Journalism US EDUC SCH & FELLOW INDIVIDUALS GENERAL A CHA CHANG Fu Li TAIWAN Thru 6/62 SEE: US EDUC SCH & FELLOW CHANG Hung chun CHANG Dr S C SEE: Radioisotopes 3rd Japan Conf Tokyo CONF' 1959 CHANG Shen fu CHANG Shou yung CHANG Shu pei CHANG T. K. CHANG T. K CHANG T. S CHANG Prof Te tsui CHANG Te tsui CHANG Tung sheng CHANG Prof Yen tien CHAO Chin Chi CHAO Hui mo CHAO Kuo chun CHAO Dr Kuo chun CHAO Y. R. GENERAL CHE CHEZ CHE Mo hung CHEN C. C. Dr (Nat'l Taiwan Univ) P 228 3A5192 SEE: 4 H Asian Farm Youth Exchange TAIWAN ORGANIZ SEE: BOOK PROGRAM SEE: PUBLIC RELATIONS SEE: US NSF TAIWAN GENERAL SEE: SCH & YW NSF Fellowships Taiwan US & INTL EDUCATION SEE: NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION SUMMER INSTITUTES 1962 US & Int l Education Schol & Fellows SEE : CHENG Shao hsien for visitors list SEE: RADIOISOTOPES 3rd Japan Conf Tokyo CONFERENCES 1959 CHEN Cheng siang SEE : Reg. Conference of SEA Geogra phers in KL Conference 1962 US & Intl Chen Prof Cheng siang SEE: CONFERENCE 1962 CHEN Prof Cheng siang SEE: SOCIOLOGY World Congress CONFERENCES 1962 CHEN Prof Cheng siang CHEN Chia CHEN Chien chung CHEN Prof Ching ching CHEN Prof Ching ho CH'EN Ch'ing wen SEE : Columbia Asian Journalist Fellowship US & INTL EDUC SEE: UNIV HUE Historical Document Trans Bod VIETNAM EDUCATION School & Univ INDIVIDUALS GENERAL CHE CHEZ CHEN Chi ying CHEN Chi ying CHEN Chi ying CHEN Prof Chung Hwan CHEN David Y. CHEN Hai kong CHEN Hsien fang CHEN Joseph CHEN Dean Ko chung CHEN Kuo hsin CHEN Prof CHEN Prof Kuo hsiung CHEN Chancellor Liu CHEN Paul CHEN Paul T. H. CHEN Philip C. S, CHEN Kuo Hsin TAIWAN Thru 6/62 CHEN Prof Kuo hsin CHEN Pun li CHEN Rosa CHEN Shao hsien CHAO Hui mo WANG Ai fen (Miss) CHEN Shao hsien CH EN Prof Shou yi CHEN Shin hsing CH'EN T. T. CHEN Tse shyang CHENG Hsiang yun CHENG Mrs CH'EN T. T. CHENG David K Prof CHENG Prof John yon CHENG She wo CHENG Thomas CHENG Dr TienHsi CHENG Yat Sen GENERAL CHI D CHI Miss Alice Chi Wen CH I Ju shan P 228 3A5192 SEE: IOWA UNIV CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP US & INTL SCH & UNIV SEE: Translation & Rites TI SUN CHRONICLE Taiwan Media SEE: TEH Ku lai TAIWAN INDIV SEE: NSF FELLOWSHIPS SEE: Scholar & Fellow Harvard Int'l Seminar EDUCATION US & INTL SEE ALSO: VIETNAM ORGANIZ OCEANOGRAPHER SEE: Scholar & Fellow Harvard Int'l Taiwan US & INT L Educ SEE: OVERSEAS CHINESE INDIVIDUALS SEE:YEH Miss Chu sheng TAIWAN SEE: CHINESE INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS TAIWAN ORGANIZ SEE: HK INDIV INDIVIDUALS GENERAL CHI D CHIANG Chun chang TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 228 3A5192 SEE: Textbooks Chinese VIETNAM MEDIA SEE: LIBRARIES NAT L CENTRAL GENERAL CHIANG Fu chung CHIANG Fu chung CHIANG George C. CHIANG George C. SEE: CONFERENCE 1960 CHIANG Monlin CHIANG Oscar C. K. CHIANG S. T. CHIANG S. T. CHIANG Te cheng CHIEN Miss Yung ho CHIEN Pres Shih liang of Natl Taiwan CHIEN Pres Shih liang CHIEN Miss Y. H. CHIN Chao wen CHIN Shen Ke SEE: Scholar & Fellows Asian Journalist Columbia Taiwan CHIANG US & INTL EDUC SEE: 1. Nieman Fellowship inq. 2. Nieman Fellowship inq/ US & INTL EDUCATION Program SEE: CONFERENCE SEE: EDUCATORS Forum of Asian CONFERENCES 1960 SEE: WTCOP 7th Annual Assembly Rome CONFERENCES 1958 SEE: CONGRESSIONAL TAIWAN GENERAL US & INTL EDUC SCH & FELLOW CHING Ho chen SEE: Historians Conf SEA CONFERENCES 1961 US & INTL CHIOU J, P. SOLAR ENERGY CHOU Shu kai CHOW General Chih jou CHOW Chih tan CHOW David CHU Dr Don chean CHU George Pei chang SEE : EDUC CHINESE OVERSEA CHINESE SEE: US ASIAN JOURNALIST SCH & FELLOW CHU Hao jan SEE: CONFERENCE CHU Hsin min CHU Pu nien CHU Willie K. SEE: HARVARD INT L SEMINAR 1962 US & INTL Education Scholar & Fellowship CHU Willie K. CHUAN Prof Han sheng CHUNG Chi Tung CHYAU Her sheng DEJAEGHER Father Raymond J. DICKSON Mrs Lillian DING Prof Edwin SEE: CHEN Tsung hsi TAIWAN Indiv INDIVIDUALS GENERAL F J FAN Chwei lin FAN Dr C. S. GENERAL Individual's FAN Dr. C. S FAN Shuh ching FANG Chaoying FANG Chih TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 228 3A5192 SEE: MEDICAL WOMEN s INTL CONF CONFERENCES 1958 SEE: MEDICAL WOMAN S INT ASSOC CON Conferences SEE: ORGANIZ Fu min Geographical Inst. FANG Prof Toh Sun FENG Miss Chi yuen SEE: GIRL GUIDES CONF 1961 FONG Ho luo GENERAL Individuals FONG Shun ching FONG T. W FU Chang Chu FU Prof Shang ling FU Dr Shang ling GENERAL Individuals FU Tze ping FU Yi chu HAO Yen p ing HAROLDSON Mr HING Florence Mrs HO Prof Ming Chung HO Prof K. C. HO Prof Ping ti HO Prof Ting jui HOH Gunson SEE: First Far East Regionl Scout Conf Conferences SEE: MEDIA PUBLICATIONS Popular Science Magazine SEE : SOCIOLOGY 4th World Congress CONFERENCES 1959 SEE: First Far East Regional Scout Conf Bagiuo Conferences SEE: EDUCATION SEE: CHEN Florence TAIWAN Indiv SEE: HO K C M/S INDIVIDUALS SEE: TAIWAN INDIV LI SEE: PHYSICAL F'ITNESS TESTS TAIWAN EDUC HONG Mr. HOU Prof Fan (China Educ Society) SEE: WCOTP CON 1961 HSAI Fai sheng HSIAO I wen HSIA Chi an Prof HSIA Tao sheng HSIAO Ching fu HSIEH Chen lung HSIEH S. C. HSIEH Prof Sam chung HSIEH Teng Kuo HSIEH Teng kuo SEE: 4 H Club TAIWAN ORGANIZ SEE: Agricultural Economists 10th Int'l Conf UNESCO Seminar Rural Life CONFERENCES 1960 SEE: BOY SCOUTS TAIWAN Thru 6/62 INDIVIDUALS GENERAL F J HSIEH You hwe SEE: CONFERENCE 1961 HSIEH Yu wei SEE: Philosophers' Third East West Conf International Conf HSIN Dr Ying HSU Chi chieh HSU Prof Ching yu HSU Prof Fu kwang HSU Prof Foo kwan HSU Prof Fu kuan HSU Mrs Joanna Chung lung HSU Mao lin HSU Pao Chi or Mrs PANG SUMMER HSU Peter Shaw ming HSUEH Chi hsun HU Prof Ching Ming HU Elizabeth SEE: REMER Carl US & INTL INDIV. P 228 3A5192 SEE: SCH & UNIV SEE: TUNGHAIR UNIV (Req for grant) TAIWAN Sch & Univ SEE: RURAL YOUTH Tokyo CONFERENCES 1962 SEE: NAT 'L SCIENCE FOUNDATION INSTITUTES 1962 US & INTL EDUC Scholar & Fellow SEE: COLUMBIA JOURNALISM FELLOWSHIPS US INTL EDUC Scholar & Fellow SEE: Reg. Conference of SEA Geogra phers in KL Conferences 1962 US & INT'L SEE: IAW Triennial Congress Dublin CONFERENCES 1961 HU Miss Teng mei HUANG Mrs Nancy Yu SEE : CONFERENCES 1961 HUANG Chu Kua HUANG Miss Maria Le shiao HUANG Shou hsien SEE: Scholar & Fellows NSF EDUC US & INTL HUANG Major General Tsang shih HUANG T. V. HUANG Teh Chung HUANG Justice HUANG Tsen ming HUNG Chun yang JAO James C. SEE : EDUC Scholar & Fellow SEE: ORGANIZ 4 H Club SEE: 4 H Club Asian Farm Youth Ex Taiwan ORGANIZ GENERAL K KAN Prof Lao KAO Charles KAO Chi pei SEE: INDIV General KAO Chi pei INDIVIDUALS GENERAL K KAO Chi pei KAO Colonel Chi pei KAO Dorothy Ize TAIWAN Thru 6/62 P 228 3A5192 SEE: IAW Triennial Congress Dubli Conferences 1961 KAO Hsin KAO Yin du KAO Yin du SEE: CONFERENCES 1961 KAO Ying du KAO Ying tuh KENG Hsui yeh KIANG Mr KIANG Liang Kuei KING Chen KO Wen Chen SEE: CONFERENCES 1961 KOH Ting pong KONG Hoong yuan KOO Prof Poyen (Taiwan Normal) KUNG Te cheng KUO Huei mei (Miss) KUO Kingward KUO You yuh KWAN Dr Kung tu KWAN Miss Mary KWANG Wai hing KWEI Prof John SEE: CONFERENCES General Conferences SEE: JAPAN CONF Science Award Exhibit SEE: SCHOLAR & FELLOWS NSF Taiwan Science 10th Pacific Taiwan US & INTL EDUC Conferences 1961 SEE: Scholar & Fellows NSF EDUC US & INTL SEE: Ryukyus Univ General.OKINAWA Educ Sch & Univ SEE: KOREA INDIV SEE: RURAL YOUTH Tokyo CONFERENCES 1962 SEE: CONGRESSIONAL FELLOWS Taiwan US & INTL Education GENERAL L LAI Mrs Deh fang Swen LAI Yung yuan LANG P. T. LEE Che Tai LEE Dr Chen yuan LEE Dr Chen yuan LEE Prof Chen yuan LEE Judge Chung sheng LEE Miss Evelyn M. SEE: PPSEAWA 9th Triennial CONFERENCES 1961 SEE: WTCOP Rome 7th Assembly CONFERENCES 1958 TAIWAN Thru 6/62 INDIVIDUALS GENERAL L LEE Evelyn M LEE Fa chi LEE Kuan Y LEE Pao Ch en LEE Pao chen Dr SEE: ENG LANG TEACHER GIBBS TAIWAN Educ SEE:WCOTP CONFERENCES 1961 LEE Pao ho LEE Ping LEE Dr Shison LEE Dr Sun Ching LEE Dr Sun kuen LEE Tchuoc Wei LEE Tung peh P 228 3A5192 SEE: NSF Science Summer Institutes Taiwan US EDUCATION Scholar & Fellowship SEE: NAT 'L TAIWAN STUDENT ACTIVITIES TAIWAN EDUCATION SCH & UNIV LEE Won Sik Prof SEE: National Chengchi U TAIWAN EDUC School & Univ LEE Mids Young Hee LEI Chen LEI Cheng LI Chi fang LI Chin Miss LI Prof Choh ming LI Hsi Lin LI Prof Hsuan po LI Prof Hsuan po
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