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FREE! F MADA show w Gr Green Ceramics A all the BEST At Antiques A Shops and Sh this month h Collection Co Celebrated d Shows! Sh Page 11 Page 3 Pa Page 13 PRSRT STD…
FREE! F MADA show w Gr Green Ceramics A all the BEST At Antiques A Shops and Sh this month h Collection Co Celebrated d Shows! Sh Page 11 Page 3 Pa Page 13 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID GLENWOOD, MN PERMIT NO. 177 Return Service Requested www.TheOldTimes.com P.O. Box 1, Glenwood, MN, 56334 June 2018 Vol. 28 No. 6 • “Vintage, Collectible, & Antique Treasures” Curtain going up! Collecting Broadway show posters... both hits and bombs What do you do when the house lights come up following your very favorite movie? Well, you buy another ticket, and watch it again (like the lady from Wales, who viewed The Sound of Music 900-plus times.) And then you buy the DVD, for perpetual re-watching. What do you do when your favorite Broadway show closes? Not much. Live theater Smack Dab is transitory: When it’s in the over, it’s Middle over. Sure, Design Trends illicit videos, of the Mid-20th recorded Century solely for reference By Donald-Brian Johnson purposes, occasionally surface. And if it’s a Broadway musical, there’s usually lly an original cast album available for your ur listening pleasure. There are playbills and nd souvenir showbooks to thumb through, Beauty and the Beast music boxes to sigh gh over, and Phantom of the Opera half- masks to hang on your walls. But for the true Broadway buff, the best keepsake is a window card. These 14 x 22 inch posters are slices of the- atrical history and almost every show has one. There are window cards for thee classics (My Fair Lady, Oklahoma!); Top to bottom: Celebrating its for the popular-in-their-time-but-now- 75th anniversary this year: Okla- overlooked (Redhead, Li’l Abner); and homa! The original 1943 poster for the out-and-out flops (Sherry, Legs design was by Witold Gordon; La Cage aux Folles, William M. Diamond, and oh, so many more.) Berta’s nightclubby poster design Window cards got their name because, from 1983; One of the show’s in the beginning, that’s what they stars in Charlie and Algernon was a trained white mouse. Are you were. At one time, New York City was wondering why this 1980s show home to a nest of theatrical ticket bro- wasn’t a hit? Poster artwork by kers, licensed to sell theater tickets for, Miller; Tom Morrow captured the essence of pre-World War II Berlin, essentially, whatever they could get. in his design for the Cabaret poster, Agency windows were plastered with 1966; The waif you can’t forget: Dewynters’ iconic illustration for Les BROADWAY cont. on page 4 Misérables, 1987. Posters courtesy of Michael Deatz ited METROPROMOS, INC. Presents ttss TWO TW Fantastic Fa antasti ant tic Shows! Shows Shows! 100's ique, Vintage & Craft Lim ce 20 t th 27 th www.CambridgeAntiqueFair.com o Antiqf Spa ble ila a A n Sho Ann ual A nn ual Deale ues Ava ok RAIN or SHINE rs! An at the ANOKA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS w CAMBRIDGE ANTIQUE FAIR Saturday & Sunday, June 2nd & 3rd Aug. 4 th & 5 th , 2018 Show Hours: Fairgrounds Railroad Tracks 4BU BN QN t 4VO BN QN 4 6DW DP SP ‡ 6XQ DP SP Ferry Street Admission: Reg. $5.00 Set-up: Friday 8am to 6pm FREE PARKING! +Z\ ((763) 7 434-6664 or kwel16421@aol.com $4.00 w/coupon~Under 12 FREE! ‡ Anoka, MN 2 June 2018 n t i Q u e s M i n n e s o t A Minnesota’s First Mall a Established 1979 Champion Cast Iron Wagon $138.00 3 Gallon Red Wing Cooler $395.00 Flash Gordon Telephone $150.00 Gear Robot $125.00 Lionel 2055 Locomotive $165.00 Peters and Reed Vase $45.00 Anri Madonna Bust $125.00 Marx Jaguar XKE $125.00 Carborundum Sharpening Stone $49.00 Flow Blue Pitcher $189.00 Denmark Tiger Eye Bracelet Red Wing Round UP Covered $225.00 Butter $49.00 WWII German Bayonet $235.00 Lucite Purse $59.00 Native American Cuff Bracelet $395.00 Walnut & Pine Juicer $69.00 Dealer Space starting at $25.00 per month www.AntiquesMinnesota.net $17,48(6 0,11(627$ %85169,//( ‡ 191 River Ridge Circle ([LW $ +Z\ 1 R; : VW /HIW 1LFROOHWW /HIW WR 5LYHU 5LGJH &LUFOH 2SHQ 0RQGD\ 6DWXUGD\ $0 WR 30 ‡ 6XQGD\ WR 30 June 2018 3 Harvesting a large, unique John Deere collection By Jean Paschke Most of his toys are in storage. The rest are in Reprinted courtesy of Toy Farmer magazine specially built glass cases, and probably rep- resent everything the John Deere Company ever Joe Kemper has a phrase he manufactured, however briefly. likes to use when showing visi- There are knives, pens, place- tors around his spacious, well-or- mats, calendars, signs, bottle open- ganized basement showroom. ers, ashtrays, marbles and clocks. MINNESOTA ANTIQUES “Know what this is?” Then he There’s a child’s breakfast set, a DEALERS ASSOCIATION proceeds to explain: “It’s a John cow-shaped bank, Frisbees, radiator Deere branding iron for steaks,” tops, several crock jars, a card table, Antiques & Decorative or “a set of John Deere Christmas a barstool, a billfold, steins, tractor ornaments,” or “a John Deere tool seats, operators’ manuals, a bow tie, Arts Show kit,” or “a John Deere safety flag,” a coin purse, and a kitchen match- Minnesota’s Premiere Antique Show or “a can of John Deere snow- box holder. mobile oil,” or “a fitting to hold A man’s hatpin, probably made June 9, 2018 ‡ 10 a.m.-6 p.m. John Deere silo staves,” or “a hog of copper, showing the trademark June 10, 2018 ‡ 11 a.m.-4 p.m. oiler.” There’s a good chance the deer jumping over an old-time casual visitor might not be able plow, is still in its package, as is a ANTIQUES APPRAISAL BOOTH to identify or has never even seen BY REVERE AUCTIONS set of pewter spoons. Joe’s favorite most of them. SAT & SUN 1:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M. ashtray, from Borgmann Implement $10.00 PER ITEM WITH PAID ADMISSION After some 57 years of dedi- in Sauk Centre, Minn., has a picture cated collecting, it’s understand- of the John Deere Model A used on h FREE PARKING, Handicap Accessible h able that Joe has a variety of his dad’s farm in the 1950s. FINE ARTS BUILDING, MINNESOTA STATE FAIR GROUNDS pieces, some of them rare. Most 1442 COSGROVE STREET, ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 55108 There’s a genuine John Deere ADMISSION $6 ‡ $1 OFF WITH THIS AD he picked up as bargains, hidden all-weather antifreeze bottle opener, away in a box at a farm auction or plus cans of motor and snowmobile MNAntiquesDealers.com as some unidentified object at a oil, a cream separator and a box of swap meet. fertilizer, all testimony to various 651.430.0095 Joe’s toy tractor and farm products the company produced equipment collection is huge, but he displays only a small part at over the years. Even Barbie gets Taking a Trip? into the act, a typical farm girl in Check out shows, auctions and markets a time in a basement room in his Joe Kemper holding a John Deere her pink John Deere T-shirt. along your route online. farm home near Melrose, Minn. Barbie, one of the many unique John Deere items in his collection. Photo by John Deere cont. on page 10 www.TheOldTimes.com Jean Paschke July Weekend Sale! July 6th,7th & 8th Elko Traders’ Market 35th Annual Antiques and Vintage Sale Indoor/Outdoor – Rain or Shine Only 20 minutes south of 494 on I-35 Exit 76, West 1/4 mile. Shop 300 booth spaces with a huge selection of fine antiques & collectables, furniture, vintage treasures, unique decorative items, re-purposed pieces, architectural & agricultural salvage, mantiques, signs, vintage jewelry, and much more. Beautiful setting, great food and free parking. Phone (952) 461-2400 www.tradersmarket.us elkotradersmarket@gmail.com Elko Traders’ Market $1.00 DISCOUNT COUPON Regular Admission $6.00 – with Discount Coupon $5.00 Antiques and Vintage Sale July 2018 • Three Days Fri., July 6th – 8-5 • Sat., July 7th – 9-5 Sun., July 8th – 9-4 Don’t miss the next 2018 sale! Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Mon) Sept 1st, 2nd & 3rd See reverse side for details and directions. Phone (952) 461-2400 • www.tradersmarket.us • elkotradersmarket@gmail.com 4 June 2018 Broadway from Page 1 cards hawking the latest Broadway hits. Theater Wescott Station memorabilia lovers often made the rounds of the agencies, hoping to wheedle cards promoting ows, from recently closed shows, $QWLTXHV ‡ &ROOHFWLEOHV ‡ )XUQLWXUH agents who were 7 ROOMS FULL! usually willing YES! ˆ ´W SJ -XIQW to oblige—for a We’re ˆ 7XEMRIH +PEWW ;MRHS[W Buying! ˆ 6IEWSREFPI 4VMGIW price. 3XLIV 7LSTW 2IEVF] And then, 3TIR (EMP] EQ TQ ˆ 'PSWIH 7YRHE] ticket scalping ;IWX XL 7XVIIX ˆ 7X 4EYP 12 was banned in &PSGO ;IWX SJ <GIP ERH 6MZIV 'IRXIVW New York. Agents ‡ Wally & Kurt Wescott either closed up shop, or moved their base of oper- Mall of St. Paul ations to less strin- gent New Jersey, 1817 Selby Ave taking their window w (Corner of Selby & Fairview) cards with them. 6W 3DXO 01 ‡ What www.MallOfStPaul.com were theater lovers to do? Antiques ‡ Clothing ‡ Vintage ‡ Furniture Luckily, poster Retro ‡ Collectibles ‡ Jewelry ‡ Vinyl specialist Roger Puckett, 7XHVGD\ 6XQGD\ ‡ DP SP of NYC’s Triton Gallery, per- suaded printers South St. Paul that there was a market for window cards Antique An Antiq t qu que q e Shops Shops hops amongst the hordes of fans filling the city’s 94 on, theater seats. Soon, immortality was 52 Licensed & Bonded Auctioneer once again assured ed $FSUJöFE "QQSBJTFS t &TUBUF 4BMFT for Broadway’s "OUJRVF %FBMFS t Consignments 10 good, bad, and Hours: Tuesday-Thursday downright ugly. 11:00 AM–4:30 PM er’s Since a poster’s Top to bottom: Stars, special effects, and a Other Days by appt or chance rock-concert poster design couldn’t sell it: primary purpose is to 1974’s The Magic Show, artwork by David 651-353-2958 wds, draw in the crowds, Edward Byrd; among the many unforgettable South St Paul joyce@vintagerumours.com finding the right poster illustrations by New York Times’ legend VintageRumours.com Al Hirschfeld was his marionette-inspired art for 1957’s My Fair 494 “hook” for a show w Lady; king of the Broadway jungle: Frank “Fraver” Verlizzo’s design for The 230 North Concord Exchange Lion King, 1997; a whimsical Frederic Marvin design for 1971’s 70, Girls, 70, a South St. Paul, MN 55075 Broadway continued on Page 5 rare misfire by the Cabaret team of Kander and Ebb. Posters courtesy of Michael Deatz The Shops of North Saint Paul extraordinary. 7TH AVENUE ANTIQUE MALL ANTIQUES Luther Auctions 2563 7th Ave. E, North St. Paul, MN 55109 at the Old Pharmacy A Fun Place to Buy 651-773-7001 2551 7th Avenue E A Premier Midwest Auction House jrpete40@gmail.com North St. Paul, MN 55109 OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK ALWAYS 651-748-0073 MONDAY NIGHT BUYING! AUCTIONS MONDAY 10AM TO 8PM ~ Hours ~ TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY 10AM TO 6PM ;: %-@ UT WT Y w%A: W <9 [ <9 visit LutherAuctions.com (CLOSED SUNDAY) (Closed Thursday) WK $YH ( ‡ 651-770-6175 JUST There’s Always Room for The Nic Nac We Buy! One More Shop in the Old Times! Antiques/Collectibles 15 MINUTES Call or email for information: 2564 7th Ave North St. Paul, MN 55109 Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-6 FROM ANYWHERE! Jim Palmer, 320-334-3344 Jim@TheOldTimes.com 651-777-4000 (Closed Wed.) (In the Twin Cities Metro) Sun. 4-8 Jgotch@TheNicNac.com The Old Times 10 #PY t (MFOXPPE ./ June 2018 5 Broadway from Page 4 is paramount: those glowing Cats eyes, for instance, or the sad-faced little Les Top to bottom: Show Boat has seen Miserables girl. If a star is taking center numerous reincarnations. This ro- stage, then the poster had better, in some mantic poster image dates from the musical’s 1994 Broadway revival. The way, emphasize that. When Zero Mostel eagle of liberty hatches in Fay Gage’s became the breakout star of Fiddler on poster design for 1776. The original the Roof, the poster’s central dancing 1969 poster was printed on parchment- like paper mounted on cardboard. Flower girl image was supplanted by a dancing, Drum Song, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s fiddle-playing Zero. On a roof. entry for 1958. Poster design by Talivaldis Professional illustrators do their best Stubis. David Edward Byrd’s stately showgirl image for 1971’s Follies. Later that year, Byrd to capture a show’s intent, usually after was called upon to craft a design in a similar perusing the script, and meeting with the style for Godspell. Charles M. Schultz brought show’s creative team. Often, it’s a thank- his own beloved comic strip characters to life in the poster design for 1971’s revival of You’re less assignment. Hilary Knight, creator A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Posters courtesy of of magnificent posters for such shows Michael Deatz as Sugar Babiesbies and No, No, Nanette, Over 65 YEARS was once of Lighting called LAMPSHADES Expertise! upon to Complete Selection provide All Styles ‹ 3(47: poster art ‹ 3(47:/(+,: Enhancing Your Lighting Heritage ‹ -0?;<9,: for Tim- buktu!, 952-881-2636 VINTAGE & REPRODUCTION SALES director 9911 Lyndale Ave S SERVICE East & South of 35W at 98th St. TWIN CITIES ES Geoffrey Open Five Days (CLOSED SUN. & MON.) BEST REPAIR IR Holder’s ^^^ SHTWTLUKLY JVT ‹ SHTWTLUKLY'TZU JVT re-imagining g of Kismet. Design afterr American Antiques - 19th to 20th Century design was Lighting, Jewelry, Auctioneering Service submitted. . . d. and rejected. Consulting and Restorations The reason? eams Holder’s dreams ous of the previous evening had d ther suggested other images. www.kruesel.com mes, Telephone: 507-289-8049 22 - 3rd St. Southwest Sometimes, email: kruesel@msn.com Rochester, MN 55902 through no fault rator, of the illustrator, intent fails to match real- ity. The poster for Barbaraa Streisand’s Funny Girl, by artist Talivaldis Stubis, featured an upside-down girl on roller skates. The- atergoers, however, never spotted Ms. Streisand on skates; the number was ANTIQUE VINTAGE cut before opening (al- though reinstated for the FURNISHINGS movie). JEWELRY and ART Window cards of 3252 LYNDALE AVE S. current or recent hits In the are remarkably afford- Historic White Castle #8 able, with most in the MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55408 $50-and-under range. And if you weren’t 612-827-8043 around for the classics, www.XcentricGoods.com or want a poster for a Thurs-Sat: 11am-5pm show with a limited Sun: 12-4pm Other Times Broadway continued on Page 6 by Chance or Appointment ANOKA ANTIQUE SHOPS www.AntiquesOnMainAnoka.com AMORÉ ANTIQUES Over 50 dealers ALWAYS OPEN! “Three Unique Shops in A charming 111 year old mansion on two levels! MON-SAT: 10AM-5:30PM SUN: 11AM-5PM One Charming Friendly City.” ÄSSLK ^P[O VSK HUK UL^ OVTL KLJVY Open 7 Days 7,800 SQ. FT. OF JOY! Open: 7 days a week 9am to 6pm 10am-6pm Wed & Thurs, 9am to 8pm 2008 2nd Avenue 1900 3rd Ave. South Downtown Anoka, MN 55303 212 East Main, Anoka Anoka, MN 55303 763-576-1871 (763) 506-0562 (763) 323-3990 www.AmoreAntiques.com 6 June 2018 Broadway from Page 5 Top to bottom: Al Hirschfeld’s artwork for print run, you’re in luck. Triton Gallery (broadway- 1965’s Man of La Mancha perfectly cap- tured the show’s quixotic theme; Funny Girl’s posters.com) offers remarkably detailed reproductionsns 1964 window card art by Talivaldis Stubis and recreations of posters from the past. featured a roller-skating number cut from the ony This June 10, when the curtain goes up on the Tony show;1945 poster art for Carousel, a Rodgers and Hammerstein hit enjoying a current Awards, settle back in your easy chair (surrounded, Broadway revival; capturing the spirit of of course, by walls filled with show posters). Then, burlesque: Hilary Knight’s poster for 1979’s get ready to enjoy Broadway’s best and brightest. It’ss Sugar Babies. The original window cards were enhanced with glitter “sugar”; cartoon- almost like being at the theater (except no one will mind ist Al Capp created the poster art for the if you rustle your candy wrapper). musical based on his popular comic strip, Li’l Abner, 1956. The star takes center stage: Al Theater poster visuals courtesy of Michael Deatz. Hirschfeld’s interpretation of the incompa- rable Carol Channing, for her 1978 revival Photo Associate: Hank Kuhlmann of Hello, Dolly! The 1957 window card for Donald-Brian Johnson is the co-author of numerous books West Side Story featured the show’s romantic on design and collectibles, including Postwar Pop, duo in a lighthearted moment; from 1961: a collection of his columns. Theater posters crowd the walls off hhis Frank Loesser’s How To Succeed In Business home. Please address inquiries to: donaldbrian@msn.com. Without Really Trying, poster art by Morris Robbins; Even flops can have memorable posters. 1969’s Dear World had a score by Jerry Herman, and starred Angela Lansbury, but failed to draw audiences. The poster art is by Fay Gage. A lavish Art Deco design by Hilary Knight, for the 1971 revival of No, No, Nanette. Stardom sells the show: country singer Reba McEntire wowed the crowds in 2001, when she took over the leading role in the revival of Annie, Get Your Gun; Currently at the top of the Broadway heap: Dear Evan Hansen window card, 2016. Posters courtesy of Michael Deatz Visit the Antiques Shops of 7 HOPK INS Over 200 Dealers in 4 Fun and Unique Stores! Antiques on Mainstreet Blake Antiques HOPKINS ANTIQUE MALL Surprise Me! $QWLTXHV ‡ 9LQWDJH 0RUH ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES 913 Mainstreet (downtown Hopkins) FROM 1850-1950 68 Dealers With 10,000 Sq. Ft. On 2 Levels .BJOTUSFFU t )PQLJOT ./ 952-931-2144 40 Dealers, 7,500 Sq. Ft. of quality Antiques 1008 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343 An eclectic mix of antique, Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11-6; Sun. 11-5 Tues.-Sat.: 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sun.: Noon-5 p.m. Tues -Sat 11-6 ‡ Sun 12-5 vintage & collectible treasures. $UWZRUN ‡ %RRNV ‡ &HUDPLFV Jewelry ‡ Sterling ‡ Arts A Wonderful Mixture of Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am to 6pm Clothing ‡ Furniture Antiques & Collectibles &ORWKLQJ ‡ -HZHOU\ ‡ )XUQLWXUH Sun: 12 to 5pm Art Pottery ‡ Decorative /LJKWLQJ ‡ 2OG 7LPH &DQG\ Vintage ‡ Dolls ‡ Cottage Gift Certificates Available - We Accept Visa/MC email: AntiquesMainstreet@yahoo.com 0XFK 0RUH www.AntiquesOnMainstreet.com 952-930-0477 952-931-9748 www.facebook.com/antiques.on.mainstreet 0DLQVWUHHW ‡ +RSNLQV 01 www.HopkinsAntiqueMall.com June 2018 7 Cleaning out the attic The Central Lakes Antiques Trails While clearing out the attic in the family home, a man finds a rather nice painting and a An Old Times Antiques Trails Map tatty old violin. Remembering that such things Alexandria &BHMF should never be discarded before being valued, #FOE he takes them to the local auction house to show 1BSLFST 1SBJSJF $MBSJTTB an expert. Now & Th N Then h AAntique ti M Malllll 601 Broadway St. #SPXFSWJMMF “Well, this is interesting, sir,” said the auc- (320) 763-6467 tioneer, “What you have here is a Turner and a Mon-Sat: 10-5; Sun: 12-4 -BLF .JMUPOB Parkers Prairie Stradivarius. Have you heard of either of them?” YEAR-ROUND Mall of 4 Floors -BLF *EB -POH Bud’s Barn Antiques The man replied, “Very vaguely, the names Past & Present Home Gallery -BLF $BSMPT 1SBJSJF 15 mi. N of Alex. on Hwy. 29 ring a bell somewhere, why?” 619 Broadway St. -BLF %BSMJOH (FOFWB -BLF (218) 338-6166 “Well, unfortunately for you, Stradivarius (320) 759-2300 &YJU -BLF 0TBLJT Mon-Sat 11-5; Sun 12-5 wasn’t a very good painter;.. and Turner made Mon-Sat: 10-5; Sun: 12-4 "MFYBOESJB OPEN YEAR ROUND. 0TBLJT OPEN YEAR ROUND. rubbish violins.” -BLF &YJU Sauk Centre .BSZ &YJU Reading of the will Glenwood .BQMF -BLF -BLF 4BVL $FOUSF Off Broadway Antiques Vintage House Antiques -PXSZ 3FOP &YJU 521 Sinclair Lewis Ave A lawyer was reading out the will of a rich an- 701 N Franklin &YJU .FMSPTF (320) 351-7700 tiques dealer to the people mentioned in the will: t (MFOXPPE .FNPSZWJMMF OPEN Wed-Sat: 10-4 'SFFQPSU Saturday ONLY: 9:30 am-5:00 pm Jan Watson’s Back Again! “To you, my loving wife Rose, who stood by OPEN YEAR ROUND. 4UBSCVDL me in rough times, as well as good, I leave her Osakis the house, my antique paintings, furniture and $2 million.” Blast From the Past Antiques Osakis Grandpa’s Attic & Gifts 125 Central 26 West Main Hwy 27 (Nokomis St.) & 1st Ave The lawyer continued, “To my da
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