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I’ve Been Framed Fans of Fans Bottle Show FREE! Page 8 Page 10 Page 13 At all the BEST Antiques Shops and Shows! PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID GLENWOOD, MN PERMIT…
I’ve Been Framed Fans of Fans Bottle Show FREE! Page 8 Page 10 Page 13 At all the BEST Antiques Shops and Shows! PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID GLENWOOD, MN PERMIT NO. 177 Return Service Requested www.TheOldTimes.com P.O. Box 1, Glenwood, MN, 56334 March 2018 Vol. 28 No. 3 • “Vintage, Collectible, & Antique Treasures” Midcentury ‘CliffsNotes’ Flipping through copies of Classics Illustrated Uh-oh. It’s almost bedtime on a school night, and you just remembered: your book report on Moby Dick is due tomorrow. . . and you haven’t written it. . . or even read the book! In fact, you don’t even have the book. It’s still in your school locker! Worst of all, your seventh- grade English teacher is a real dragon Smack Dab lady. With her, “I forgot” won’t cut it. in the What to do? Wait a minute. . .where’s that stuff Grandma sent for your birthday? Middle Those Classics Illustrated comic books she Design Trends called an “introduction to great literature,” of the Mid-20th meant to take your mind off Superman. Century Ah, there they are, way back in the By Donald-Brian closet. Let’s see. . . Captains Courageous, Johnson Silas Marner, Ivanhoe. . there it is: Moby Classics Illustrated were popular in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Pictured, clockwise front upper right: Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling, #117, 1954; The Black Arrow by Rob- Dick! Crisis averted (this time, anyway). ert Louis Stevenson, #31, 1940s; The Adventures of Marco Polo¸#27, 1940s.; Moby Dick by For young procrastinators of the Herman Melville, #5, 1940s; Robin Hood, #7, early 1940s, Swiss Family Robinson by Jonathan 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, Classics Illustrated comics, with their easy-to- Wyss, #42, 1947; The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne, #52, 1970 re-issue, originally published, 1948. (Photos by Donald-Brian Johnson) skim-through condensations of popular novels, often saved the day. These Classics cont. on Page 3 2 Fabulous All Shows... BISMARCK, WEST FARGO, Quality Dealers from 4 States Showing NORTH DAKOTA Saturday 9am - 5pm NORTH DAKOTA Burleigh County 4H Building NORTH DAKOTA Red River Valley Fairgrounds Pottery, Jewelry, Furniture, Western Americana, ANTIQUE SHOWS Sunday 9am - 4pm 3715 E Bismarck The Hartl Ag Building Primitives, Sterling, Depression and Elegant Glass, Expressway 1805 West Main Ave Postcards, Garden, Kitchen CRYING HILL ANTIQUES, LLC Admission: Saturday $5; Bismarck, ND 58501 West Fargo, ND 58078 and Scandinavian items, PO Box 483, Mandan, ND 58554 Sunday FREE Mid-century Modern 701-226-8122 • daleks@earthlink.net APRIL 7th & 8th • 2018 APRIL 28th & 29th • 2018 and Collectibles. 2 March 2018 n t i Q u e s M i n n e s o t a A Minnesota’s First Mall Established 1979 Storewide Sale • MARCH 17 & 18 Silver Dollars $30-40 each Coca Cola Clock $179.00 Rosenthal Rose Jar $300 Roseville Jardinière $749.00 Dinky Toys Missle Launcher $65.00 Miller High Life Motion Sign $325.00 John Deere 20 Pedal Tractor $ 375.00 Danish Sterling Bracelet $190.00 Strange Tales Comic #115 $125.00 International Pedal Tractor $695.00 Hummel Carafe Set $85.00 Rosko Tin Armored Car $89.00 1992 Equestrian Olympic Signed Picture Minnesota Twins Red Wing Ashtray Tin Motorcycle Toy $129.00 $ 295.00 $199.00 Fenton Emerald Crest Plates (8) $200 Dealer Space starting at $25.00 per month www.AntiquesMinnesota.net 952-894-7200 952-894-7200 ANTIQUES MINNESOTA BURNSVILLE • 191 River Ridge Circle Exit 3A (Hwy 13N) off 35W, 1st Left Nicollett, Left to River Ridge Circle Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM • Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 PM March 2018 3 March Into Spring Sale Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, #39, 1963 re-issue. Men of Iron by Howard Pyle, #88, 1951. Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott, #118, 1954. AMORÉ ANTIQUES (Photos by Donald-Brian Johnson) Classics from Page 1 CliffsNotes for the pre-college set offered up the against comic books, The Seduction of the Inno- gist of their stories in easy-to-digest sound bites, cent, specifically singled out CI’s lurid retelling 2008 2nd Ave N complete with pictures. And, while usually not of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.) the first choice of those spinning the drug store But for the most part, Classics Illustrated Anoka, MN comic book rack, there’s no denying that Classics Illustrated comics had their own unique appeal. The brainchild of publisher Albert Kanter, CI were comic books Grandma could feel comfort- able giving (and reading). Each issue’s “extras,” included a bio of the author, plus one-page essays 763-576-1871 came into being in 1941 as Classic Comics. The first issue was The Three Musketeers. By 1948, on related topics (for The First Men in the Moon by H.G. Wells, it was “Celestial Streaks.”) Thursday through Sunday March 15th – 18th the now-renamed Classics Illustrated was 48 Unlike other comic books, there were few pages, and a bargain at just 10 cents an issue. ads, except for CI-related paraphernalia, and Book reports aside, Classics Illustrated had promos for the magazine’s sister publication, plenty to offer those willing to temporarily Classics Illustrated Junior, which featured “best 20% forsake their favorite superheroes. The colorful loved stories from the wonderful world of fairy artwork, by some of the era’s most accomplished tales.” There were occasional exceptions: 1944’s commercial illustrators, focused on each story’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame offered “Tattoos adventurous moments, now and then quite graph- of the World’s Greatest Comic Strip Characters” ically. (Dr. Frederic Wertham’s 1954 diatribe Classics continued on Page 6 OFF Fascinated with hand fans? Join FANA! Uncover YoUr Fondest MeMories... Fan Association of North America nestled Behind the Moon. • Learn & share with other collectors Open: the 1st & 3rd weekend of each month • Find us on Facebook: “Hand Fan collectors” Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9:30am - 6pm • Join at: www.FanAssociation.org Sunday 11am - 5pm Come to the annual members meeting in San Diego, CA Minnesota’s FIRST retailer of April 25-29, 2018 407 Elm Ave For more information contact admin@FanAssociation.org Waverly, MN 55390 Located in the old Waverly Bank building Paints and Stains All Regularly Priced www.FanAssociation.org • Facebook www.Facebook.com/BehindTheMoonAntiques Items Over $5.00 ANTIQUES IN BUFFALO, MN Refreshments will be served Buffalo Nickel Waldon woodS ALWAYS Annie’s Attic Antiques ANTIQUES Welcome to a real There’s always Antique Shop! room for one OPEN!! 15,000 sq. ft. 10,000 sq. ft. Showroom Open Since 1972. SHop 7 dayS a week more shop in the Old Times! Mon-Sat: 10 - 5:30 of Antiques 1004 3rd St S (except HolidayS) From 10am to 5pm at our Sunday: 11 - 5 7,800 two-Floor SHowroom. & Collectibles Buffalo, MN 55313 Call or email 2612 State Hwy. 55 Se 763-682-4735 Buffalo, MN for information: Once a custOmer... OPEN (2 mi E of Buffalo Jim Palmer Square Feet of or if coming from Mpls. ...always a friend! 7 Days A Week 23 mi W of Hwy 494) 320-334-3344 10am to 6pm One block N. of (763) 682-5667 Jim@TheOldTimes.com JOY! lights ~ Junction OVER Furniture • ArchitecturAl items Hwys. 25 & 55 50 DEALERS! • Huge Stock oF Stained glaSS • complete engliSH pubS and Mon.-Sat. 10-6 NOW UNDER NEW decorative pub itemS • SmallS • collectibleS • a complete OLD TIMES Sun. 11-6 OWNERSHIP! Selection oF pennSylvania amiSH pine Furniture P.O. Box 1 LEE & MARIAN WALDON Glenwood, MN 56334 (763) 682-2818 BuffaloNickelAntiques.com SOLE OWNERS www.AmoreAntiques.com 4 March 2018 Mall shopping #2, ‘Golden Memories’ Our mall of over 15 years had been forced to (mumble-mumble) that was my real age, or from was, not thinking nice thoughts again. When my close. I and my former col- the 39 years that I claimed? curves could best be described as two avocado leagues were all suddenly A lady standing behind the halves, I had nothing to justify being snarky. out on the streets, searching for a new home, checking Dealer’s service counter stared at me fix- edly. I had the feeling she knew The lady looked at my blue jeans and my sag- ging sweater. It fit me before The Man I Married the possibilities. Choice exactly how old I was. Probably did the laundry. My second antiques used to work in a carnival. Well “We don’t have a bargain section,” she said in By Joan mall to check was Golden Sween now, that wasn’t nice thinking a peeved tone. “We only deal in fine antiques.” Memories, a good-sized on my part, especially when I “Well good,” I said, firmly sitting on my tem- shop with ample parking, in wanted to make a good impres- per. “That speaks well for your mall. It sounds a small town less than half sion. like a profitable location for a dealer.” an hour from my home. This lady was a double-D and “Why don’t we walk around a bit,” she said, I entered the shop, ac- had those puppies hoisted up so obviously intending to discover that my inven- companied by a door chime firmly that if one of the straps tory was a cheesy collection of jam jar glasses, that played the first phrase gave way, they’d be able to hear and I would be easy to get rid of. She took off, of “When I Grow Too Old to Dream,” which left the “twangggg, flubber, flubber, flubber” clear her back a ramrod-straight posture of disap- me with mixed emotions. Was I too old from the out to the Starbucks® on Highway 14. There I Golden Memories on Page 5 ANOKA ANTIQUE SHOPS “Four Unique Shops in One Charming Friendly City.” Saturday, April 7th A charming 111 year old mansion 0 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. filled with old and new home decor. $5.0 Open: 7 days a week from 10am-6pm Sunday, April 8th 1900 3rd Ave. South Anoka, MN 55303 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (763) 506-0562 AMORÉ www.AntiquesOnMainAnoka.com ANTIQUES Over 50 dealers ALWAYS OPEN! on two levels! Mon-Sat: 10aM-5:30pM Sun: 11aM-5pM Open 7 Days 7,800 Sq. Ft. oF JoY! 9am to 6pm Wed & Thurs, 9am to 8pm 2008 2nd Avenue Downtown, Anoka, MN 55303 212 East Main, Anoka 763-576-1871 (763) 323-3990 www.AmoreAntiques.com FARGO ANTIQUES & REPURPOSED MARKET 5258 51st Avenue South Fargo, ND 58104 OPEN 7 DAYS West Fargo (I-29 Exit 60, (52nd Ave S) then W 1.5 mi.) A WEEK Featuring a MON-SAT: 10 AM-7 PM; wide variety of Antiques, Fargo Moorhead 701-356-9199 SUN: NOON-6 PM Collectibles & Repurposed TheFargoAntiques@yahoo.com Items! 5258 51st Ave S (I-29, Exit 60, then W 1.5 mi.) www.farmantiques.weebly.com March 2018 5 Golden Memories from Page 4 proval. “Dealers must wash their showcase glass Hixton School House Antique Mall She reminded me strongly of my mother-in- every two weeks,” the lady said. ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES AND FURNITURE law, Christine, who not only had the awesome I nodded. That was pretty much what I did Open 7 Days a Week | 10 am - 5 pm prow of an ocean liner, but thanks to an old-fash- already. ioned corset, was laced up just two steps shy of “Open shelves dusted once a week.” Over 90 Dealers! premeditated homicide. When she moved, she Fine by me. looked like the Queen Mary coming in to dock. “Tags replaced if they start to look tacky.” Located halfway between the Twin Cities Nevertheless, Christine was pleasant, kind, Lovely. She and I marched to the same & Madison on I-94, Exit 105 - 1 Block off thoughtful, and funny. I hoped our mall lady was drummer. of Main Street in the Old High School the same. “Inventory items rotated out of display if they 715-963-3500 She stopped in front of a showcase. “This don’t sell in six months and then repriced later.” dealer,” she said, pointing, “has a lovely in- Yes! Yes! I had found the mall of my ventory of lithophane porcelain. Have you any dreams! ceramics?” “Dealers work two days a month . . . .” Huh! Very tricky, lady. Yes, fine, no problem. “Nothing this delicate,” I said, “but I do have “. . . . and all dealers must wear a dress when majolica.” they’re working.” “Majolica?” Her eyebrows came to full alert. Head hanging, I turned and walked toward “Classic majolica.” the door. “Hmmm.” she said, and pointed to another “Wait! Where are you going?” said the lady. case. “As you can see, this dealer has many “I thought you liked it here.” lovely repoussé pieces of silver-plated serving “Oh, I do,” I said. dishes.” “So what’s the problem,” she asked, hurrying A new 12,000 sq ft. retail space offering antique, “Lovely,” I breathed, just as devious as I after me. Updated 03/09/17 vintage, upcycled and restored treasures in could be. “All I have is solid sterling bibelot.” I turned and looked at her with a doleful ex- downtown Chippewa Falls, WI is opening our doors Somewhere after that, the conversation pression. “I haven’t worn a dress in 35 years.” to vendors and consigners. Reserve your booth today! shifted from my inventory to the mall’s rules and Copyright © 2018 Joan Sween Space is available on a first come, first served basis. regulations. Call 534-220-7076, email collectivecharm@outlook.com or visit CollectiveCharmAntiques.com ANTIQUE 128 Glenwood 124 City 27 SHOPS 73 63 25 40 53 Chippewa 40 Falls 29 29 73 29 27 128 Menomonie Elk Mound Lake Halli K in and around 1 12 2 Eau Claire EAU CLAIRE, WI D 3 72 12 94 N 85 72 25 Fall Creek Twin Cities-80 Including: 85 KK 10 93 37 Fall Creek, Hixton and Menomonie 12 Plum 53 27 City Durand 10 94 10 10 Osseo Antique Emporium 35 Mondovi Neillsville 306 Main Street 25 Madison-135 27 12 Downtown, eau Claire, wi 715-832-2494 25 37 4 95 Tue-SaT • 10aM to 5pM 35 Hixton 5 19 mi. East of THE AREA’S LARGEST SHOP - Eau Claire, WI. Located in a wonderful 1898 Masonic Temple and featuring a huge inventory of prints & frames, china & glass, jewelry, books, bronze sculptures, orientalia, etc. ~ Buying & selling since 1981 ~ VISIT THEM ALL! S2020 Townshop Road The kind of shop 1. Town & Country Antiques Town & Country Fall Creek, WI 54742 you’re glad to discover! 2. Antique Emporium Antiques, Memorabilia & Collectibles Open Tues. thru Sat.- 11am-4pm 3. Engelwood Antiques A 5,000 sq. ft. OPEN multi-dealer, Mon-Fri: 10-5 Victorian furniture • vintage lighting 4. Cobblestone Cottage two-level mall. Sat: 10-4 tools • fishing lures • watches & clocks Gifts & Antiques Sun: 11-4 jewelry • linens • fine glass and china 244 Main Street • Menomonie, WI pictures • general line of antiques 5. Millers Antiques See us on Facebook • 715-231-3222 & Auction Co. 715-877-3468 • Buy-Sell-Trade Miller’s Antiques & Auction co. THERE’S ALWAYS ROOM Specializing in stoneware, advertising, primitives & the unusual. FOR ONE MORE SHOP Antique store Hours IN THE OLD TIMES! Open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm Call or email Jim N8779 Hwy 95 East Over 70 antiques booths cover 11,000 sq ft. (715) 963-4438 Hixton, WI 54635 to place YOUR shop ad here! Also featuring gifts and home decor. 135 Interstate Road Cell: 715-299-2543 320.334.3344 Hixton, WI 54635 Store: 715-963-1100 Open 7 days/week Mon-Sat: 10-5; Sun: 11-5 Exit 105 off I-94 Located at the intersection of I-94 & Hwy 95, 1 block North of I-94 Jim@TheOldTimes.com 6 March 2018 Classics from Page 3 free with each CI subscription. “Popeye” and 50, with many first editions (except the rarest) “Blondie” were among them, but nary a Classics still available at under $100. Illustrated character was to be seen. Publisher Kanter did his utmost to combine New Classics Illustrated titles ended in 1962 what he dubbed “these immortal gems of litera- with issue 167, although reprints, remasterings, ture by the world’s greatest authors” with what and, more recently, digital editions, have contin- would best appeal to red-blooded American ued. (Those book reports are evidently still being youngsters. “Each page,” said the ads, “is chock assigned.) Vintage “reading copies” start at under full of exciting—thrilling—chilling adventure!” $10. Copies in better condition range from $30- Classics continued on Page 7 Wescott Station Antiques • Collectibles • Furniture 7 ROOMS FULL! A Collective Presenting YES! • 1,000’s of Items We’re • Stained Glass Windows Time Capsule Style Buying! • Reasonable Prices Other Shops Nearby Through Open Daily 9:30am-6pm • Closed Sunday 226 West 7th Street • St. Paul, MN Furnishings, (1 Block West of Xcel and River Centers) ANTIQUE VINTAGE Jewelr y, (651) 227-2469 • Wally & Kurt Wescott FURNISHINGS Ar t. JEWELRY and 707 W. 34th ART Street MinneapoliS, Mn 55408 Even the kids could 3252 LyndaLe ave S. 612-827-8043 ThurSdAy - SATurdAy 10:00 am - 5:00 pm enjoy a classic: Jack and In the the Beanstalk, a Classics Historic White Castle #8 OTher TimeS by ChAnCe Or APPOinTmenT Illustrated Junior release, MinneapoLiS, Mn 55408 #507, 1954; and Goldi- locks and the Three Bears, 612-827-8043 a Classics Illustrated Junior release, #508, www.XcentricGoods.com 1954 Thurs-Sat: 11am-5pm Sun: 12-4pm Other Times by Chance or Appointment Mall of St. Paul Over 65 YEARS of Lighting 1817 Selby Ave LAMPSHADES Expertise! (Corner of Selby & Fairview) Complete Selection St. Paul, MN • 651-647-6163 All Styles • LAMPS • LAMPSHADES www.MallOfStPaul.com Enhancing Your Lighting Heritage • FIXTURES Antiques • Clothing • Vintage • Furniture 952-881-2636 VINTAGE & REPRODUCTION SALES 9911 Lyndale Ave S SERVICE Retro • Collectibles • Jewelry • Vinyl East & South of 35W at 98th St. TWIN CITIES Open Five Days (CLOSED SUN. & MON.) BEST REPAIR Tuesday-Sunday • 11am - 7pm www.lampmender.com • lampmender@msn.com antique Shopping in ‘up north’ WiSConSin EARL - 54875 Prock’s Crocks & Antiques 10 mi NE of Spooner on Hwy 63 (715) 635-3655 OPEN: 7 days/week, 9am - 5pm www.ProcksCrocksAntiqueStoneware.com a great Earl CHETEK - 54728 Weekend road trip Time and Again Antique Mall & Estate Sales perfeCt for a family 606 2nd Street (Downtown Chetek) or group outing (715) 924-4000 • OPEN ALL YEAR! Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm; Sun: 11am-5pm 35 Dealers • www.ChetekAntiques.com DALLAS - 54733 Old Farmers Mercantile Historic Farmers Store on Main Street (715) 837-1919 • OPEN: Fri & Sat: 9 - 5 MON-THURS - CALL FOR HOURS! SHELL LAKE - 54871 Quality Antiques / Clocks / 100+ Tractors Collectibles / Unique Homemade Items. Jean’s Antiques Collectibles & Gifts 24 5th Avenue (downtown Shell Lake) (715) 468-7035 Friday & Saturday: 10 am–4 pm HUGE SALE! 8,000 sq. ft.! Amery March 2018 7 Classics from Page 6 ANTIQUES in EXCELSIOR Truth in advertising? Well, here’s a sampling, from the big ship- board battle that concludes The Adventures of Marco Polo: (Despite the valor of Marco Polo and his men, they are ANTIQUES IN EXCELSIOR pressed back. . .) LEIPOLD’S Consignment Household Furnishings • Art and Antiques “Surrender, Marco Polo. . . or my sword pierces your heart!” of Exceptional Quality • Estate Sales Conducted (Refusing to surrender, Marco Polo climbs the mast. . .) 221 Water St., Excelsior, MN 55331 • 952-470-0205 SPECIALIZING IN LAMPSHADES “Chop down the mast and bring that varlet to the Glass & Fabric • Prints &310Plains Located in the Excelsior Mill deck! His hard fight should earn him many Bring Your Lamp for Fitting!Excelsior, Water Street years in a dungeon! Grab him, OPEN 7 MON thru FRI MN 55331 men! The famous Marco Polo is 239 Water HOME Street 10am - 6pm DAYS A WEEK SAT now our prisoner!” HANDCRAFTS Excelsior, ACCESSORIESMN 952-474-7428 GIFTS 10am - 5pm Does Marco make it out alive? 952-474-5880 For the answer to that cliffhanger, you’ll just have to read the book. . . Glass & Fabric or better yet, the Classics Illustrated THE COUNTRY LOOK Prints & Plains version. It’s a “treasure chest of read- IN ANTIQUES SPECIALIZING IN LAMPSHADES Bring Your ing delight,” and just right for a book Mon.-Fri. 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun. 1-4 p.m. Lamp for 9 239 cozyWater rooms of American & European antiques for Fitting! report. Street • 952-474-5880 the discerning collector & decorator. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert MONDAY - SATURDAY Louis Stevenson, #13, 1968 re-issue, originally published, Photo Associate: Hank Kuhlmann 10:30am - 5pm Donald-Brian Johnson is the co-author THE COUNTRY LOOK SUNDAY 1946; What all the
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