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YUM! Gingerbread Golden nuggets Oh, so wonderful ... page 13 ... page 15 ... page 22 FREE! At all the BEST www.TheOldTimes.com Antiques P.O. Box 411 Shops and Sauk…
YUM! Gingerbread Golden nuggets Oh, so wonderful ... page 13 ... page 15 ... page 22 FREE! At all the BEST www.TheOldTimes.com Antiques P.O. Box 411 Shops and Sauk Centre, MN Shows! 56378 Section One Vol. 26 No. 5 • “Vintage, Collectible, & Antique Wonders” • May 2016 Design Trends of the Mid-20th Century in the 1950s !POP! goes the culture Smack dab in the middle by Donald-Brian Johnson by Donald-Brian Johnson You see it each month in the headline of my “Smack Dab” column: “Design trends of the mid-20th century.” But just Smack Dab Howard Pierce hummingbird flower holder. 6 in. Cont. on page 3 h., $50-75. “Etruscan Woman” ceramic tile portrait on wood by Harris Strong. 29¾ in. h. x 15¾ in. w. $400-500. (Photos by Donald-Brian Johnson unless noted oth- Fused glass artists Michael and Frances Higgins pictured in a Hedrich- erwise) Blessing promotional poster from the early 1950s. (Photo by Ken Hedrich) METROPROMOS, INC. Presents q u e, Vint a ge Something For Everyone! 18th a Anti Held RAIN or SHINE & Craft Show Hours: Sat. 8 - 5 • Sun. 10 - 4 nok at the ANOKA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Sho VINTAGE DECORATIVE ITEMS Annua l Set-up: Friday 8 to 6 A w FURNITURE Fairgrounds Admission: Reg. $4.50 Saturday & Sunday, June 4th & 5th GLASSWARE JEWELRY Railroad Tracks Ferry Street Hwy. 10 With Discount Coupon $3.50 BOOKS • TOYS (One coupon per Admission) • Anoka, MN Under 12 FREE! See full ad on page 12 FREE PARKING! 2 The Old Times May 2016 n t iQ u e s M i n n e s ot a A Minnesota’s First Mall Established 1979 1930’s Pond Boat $345.00 Marx Scottie Toy $22 $22.00 00 Red Pre WWII Advertising Bean Pot Fenton $130.00 Carnival Glass Vase $325.00 WWI French M15 Helmet $235.00 AMT Sealed Post Civil War Jacket Star Trek Model $40.00 $250.00 Bing & Grondahl Figurine $85.00 Coffee Mill $469.00 Enameled Kitchen Set $119.00 Champion Cast Iron Wagon $138.00 Monster 8MM Movies Rustic R C Cabinet $$78.00 Child Kitchen Cabinet Cast Iron Caterpillar Toy $329.00 $425.00 UND Signed Vase $365.00 Dealer Space starting at $25.00 per month www.AntiquesMinnesota.net 952-894-7200 952-894-7200 ANTIQUES MINNESOTA BURNSVILLE • 191 River Ridge Circle Exit 3A (Hwy 13N) off 35W, 1st Left Nicollett, Left to River Ridge Circle Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM • Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 PM May 2016 The Old Times 3 Marc Bellaire was a ’50s designer who often embraced “exotic” themes in his work. “Balinese” double server with handle (9 in. l., $125-150), and candleholders (7¾ in. h., $250-275/pr.) (Photo by Leslie Piña) Brastoff resin candleholders. Yellow with incised “A man of many hands and many talents”: 1950s diamond pattern, 6 in. h.; red with molded grapes ad for well-publicized designer of decorative items & leaves, 10 in. h. $25-50; $50-75. for the home, Sascha Brastoff. “mid-century” means take a single year from Female head by It used to be just Radio the all-American, we- that era, and journey ceramist Howard Best. By April 1950, the can-do-it years of back for a look at what Pierce, prominent fan magazine had been re-named Radio and World War II. But for was happening then. exponent of 1950s the first wave of baby We’ll set our time abstract design. 7-3/8 Television Best, with TV favorite Arthur boomers, the true machine dial for--well-- in. h. $125-150. Godfrey as the cover benchmark of the mid- how about 1950? Smack Dab boy. 20th century will always That’s about as mid- Cont. from page 1 be the early 1950s. 20th century as you can After all, that’s when get! when, exactly, did the place it in the late 1920s most of them were “mid-20th century” and ’30s with the dawn making their debut. Smack Dab really begin? Some of Art Deco. For others, Just for fun, let’s Cont. on page 4 A mid-20th-century baby boomer makes his debut. Woman’s Home Companion cover, May 1950. ’50s-fanciful “Temple Dancers” by Hedi Schoop, green with gold accents. 13 in. h., $350-375/pr. 4 The Old Times May 2016 In the 1950s, long-established pottery Haeger offered up an interesting blend of classic and modern stylings. Royal Haeger heads, 9 in. h., $100-125/pr. Smack Dab loaf! Cont. from page 3 There were, of course, major In 1950, adults expenditures too—but could look forward to even those now seem living just over 68 mind-bogglingly low: a years, and the average brand-new car could be yearly income was in yours for $1500, a Joy Thompson’s “Dancing Woman” and “Piping the neighborhood of brand-new home for $3200. To today’s ears, $8500, and a year’s A 1950s “modern flair” was guaranteed with Pan” show her mastery of infusing classic themes “Fashion Takes The Floor.” The home décor with modern sensibility. 12½ in. h., 9 in. h. $200- that sounds well below college tuition, (at pamphlet was chock-full of design ideas to 225 each. the poverty line—but Harvard, no less), was “compliment contemporary furniture and keynote let’s take a closer look just $600! your modern living.” Better Homes and Gardens American Antiques - 19th to 20th Century at everyday expenses: And what else? ad, September 1950 Lighting, Jewelry, Auctioneering Service * Gas: 18 cents a Well, Harry Truman Consulting and Restorations gallon! was comfortably with eight million sets Boulevard were * Rent: $75 per ensconced in the White in use. Folks were packing them in, while month! House. The FBI came singing along with Nat in sports, those “damn * A first class up with its first “Ten “King” Cole (“Mona Yankees” were once postage stamp: 3 cents! Most Wanted” list. Lisa”), and undulating again the World Series * A ticket to the Television was well on their way through the champs. movies: 65 cents! its way to replacing latest dance craze from On the design front, www.kruesel.com * Hamburger: 49 radio as America’s Cuba, the Mambo. At Telephone: 507-289-8049 email: kruesel@msn.com 22 - 3rd St. Southwest Rochester, MN 55902 cents per pound! favorite home the movies, All About Smack Dab * Bread: 17 cents a entertainment medium, Eve and Sunset Cont. on page 5 Antiquing in the Mississippi River Valley 490th St Beautiful Scenery, 570th Ave. Friendly small towns RED WING, MN AND GREAT AL’S Plum City W ANTIQUING! ANTIQUE MALL is co Maiden Rock New merchandise arrives almost daily Red Wing Pepin • ns (651) 388-0572 512 Plum Street • Red Wing, MN 55066 in (Across from Salvation Army) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9-5, Sun 10-5 “Come Join Us In Red Wing” RED WING, MN M in 3rd Floor ne • so Antiques ta Winona A Great Day Trip or a Weekend Getaway! (651) 388-3087 2000 Old West Main • Red Wing, MN (Located on the 3rd floor in Pottery Place Center) La Crosse OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK • Mon-Sat: 10-6, Sun: 11-5 35 90 www.thirdfloorantiques.crappietomtackle.com 90 Red Wing YOUR TOWN HERE WINONA, MN LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN r ve Ri COON George 53 larry's jugs ADVERTISE YOUR Antique Center VALLEY of Gillete ~ OPEN ~ Caledonia St. Clinton se ANTIQUES SHOP ON THIS PAGE Mon, Thurs, Fri 10am - 5pm La Crosse 35 La C ros 16 Copeland “For over 25 years.” Sat, Sun Lang OVER 7,500 COPIES OF THIS AD 75 Booths, 3 Floors 10am - 5pm 1811 Old West Main St. ARE PRINTED EACH MONTH! 110 S. 3rd St. 7th 16 651-388-3331 Call Paul at Downtown 3rd 4th 33 West Thurs - Sun - 10am-5pm 507-474-7030 Co-author of 3 books on Red Wing Pottery 320-351-6399 or 320-492-6399 Email: Treasures@hbci.com 61 Mon.-Sat. 9-5:30 Sun 11- 5:30 For Details anD rates 14 www.larrysjugs.com 1023 Sugar Loaf Rd • Winona, MN 35 (608) 782-6533 May 2016 The Old Times 5 Would Mrs. Moss be without a shower of sparkles? A 1950s clear Lucite handbag, laced with metallic gold confetti. $125-150. (Photo by Leslie Piña) “Heywood-Wakefield Modern Furniture keeps your home in happy harmony.” Better Homes and Gardens ad, September 1950. In 1950, television had Americans turning off their Optimistic new trends expression. Up-to-the- radios and tuning in their TVs. An ad for General emerged that during the minute revelations in Electric’s “Black Daylight Television” promised “Jester Tray” by Madison, Wisconsin’s Century previous years of self- glass came courtesy of “blacker blacks, whiter white, and no annoying House. The illustrations on the firm’s ceramics, denial would never such artisans as glare or reflection.” each seemingly hand-drawn, added a refreshingly have seen the light of Michael and Frances modern spin to this traditional art form. 11 in. l., day. The fabulous ’50s Higgins. Modern Smack Dab $50-75. (Photo by Art and Eileen Wendt, courtesy Cont. from page 4 of the Wisconsin Pottery Association). had arrived, and ceramists combined the consumers were ready best techniques of the many artisans who to celebrate! past with the best would, by the end of threatened by overseas constraints, designers, It was “out with the visions of the future. the decade, be imports. manufacturers, and old in with the new” as Among the many household names, were Following the buyers now reveled in a the fresh winds of prominent enjoying their first deprivations imposed popular culture that postwar culture blew flurry of success. by World War II, the was colorful, aside staid and dusty Smack Dab Joining them: designers surges of creative affordable, and fun. conventions of artistic Cont. on page 6 who had established energy that occurred in themselves during the the early 1950s were an John’s Antiques 1940s and were still explosive embrace of riding a postwar life’s endless production high, their possibilities. Freed supremacy not yet from wartime Specializing in Lamps & Lamp Repair A 1950s-modern Mall of St. Paul interpretation of a 1817 Selby Ave leaping deer by (Corner of Selby & Fairview) Roselane. 6¼ in. h., St. Paul, MN • 651-647-6163 $50-75. www.MallOfStPaul.com Antiques • Clothing • Vintage • Furniture Retro • Collectibles • Jewelry • Vinyl Tuesday-Sunday • 11am - 7pm 50 DEALERS FEATURING Furniture, Textiles, Paintings, Jewelry, Folk Art, Architectural, Pottery and Decorative Accessories 651-642-1938 John is RETIRING 50% 1750 Selby Ave., St. Paul after 48 YEARS! Tue-Fri 11-5 • Sat 10-5 • Sun 11-5 Chandelier Cleaning available “Accordion Lady” an Wescott Station John Remackel unusual modern styling Antiques • Collectibles • Furniture Phone: (651) 222-6131 OFF by Betty Harrington for 7 ROOMS FULL! 261 Fort Road (West 7th) HOURS: Ceramic Arts Studio. YES! • 1,000’s of Items 8½ in. h., $225-250. We’re • Stained Glass Windows • Reasonable Prices St. Paul, MN 55102 MONDAY THRU (Photo by John Petzold) Buying! Other Shops Nearby FRIDAY: 10AM - 5:30PM EVERYTHING! Open Daily 9:30am-6pm • Closed Sunday SATURDAY: 226 West 7th Street • St. Paul, MN 10AM - 2:30PM (1 Block West of Xcel and River Centers) (CLOSED WEDNESDAYS) (651) 227-2469 • Wally & Kurt Wescott 6 The Old Times May 2016 Smack Dab Cont. from page 5 practitioners: Harris Strong, Sascha Brastoff, Marc Bellaire, Hedi Schoop, Howard Pierce, Roselane, Haeger, Ceramic Arts A Collective Presenting Time Capsule Style In the 1950s, interior Through modern décor could run to the extreme— Furnishings, and no one minded in ANTIQUE VINTAGE the least! This Jewelr y, extravagantly styled FURNISHINGS Ar t. table lamp by Moss JEWELRY and 707 W. 34th ART Street Manufacturing features MinneapoliS, Mn 55408 a “Phantasy Lady” 3252 LyndaLe ave S. figurine by Hedi Sleekly tailored outfits were right at home in a 612-827-8043 In the ThurSdAy - SATurdAy 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Schoop. 2 ft. 5½ in. h. 50s-modern décor. These spring outfits complete Historic White Castle #8 OTher TimeS by ChAnCe Or APPOinTmenT $250-275. (Photo by with wasp waists, were patterns offered in April MinneapoLiS, Mn 55408 Leslie Piña) 1950 by Broadway Fashions. 612-827-8043 Studio, Century House, lines of Heywood- Lamps. And inside www.XcentricGoods.com and head-vase honcho Wakefield furnishings. those thoroughly Oval Hedi Schoop vase. The recessed front panel, Betty Lou Nichols. Providing a sharp modern interiors, Thurs-Sat: 11am-5pm Sun: 12-4pm in a “curtained” border, offers a raised depiction Interior décor received an eye-catching jolt ANTIQUES in EXCELSIOR contrast: the over-the- top extravagance of Smack Dab Other Times of Asian musicians, a popular ’50s theme. 8½ in. by Chance or Appointment h., $225-250. from the spare blonde California’s Moss Cont. on page 9 ANTIQUES IN EXCELSIOR Consignment Household Furnishings • Art and Antiques LEIPOLD’S of Exceptional Quality • Estate Sales Conducted 221 Water St., Excelsior, MN 55331 • 952-470-0205 SPECIALIZING IN LAMPSHADES Located in the Excelsior Mill Since 1960 the Twin Cities Premier Consignment Shop for Fine Antiques, Furniture, Art works, Glass, Orientalia, Silver, China Glass & Fabric • Prints &310Plains Water Street Over 50 years Experience in Appraisals and Estate Sales Bring Your Lamp for Fitting!Excelsior, MN 55331 332 South Broadway, Wayzata, MN 55391 OPEN 7 MON DAYS 10am thru FRI A WEEK - 6pm HANDCRAFTS 239 Water Street952-474-7428 HOME SAT Tues - Sat: 10am to 4pm GIFTS Excelsior, ACCESSORIESMN 10am - 5pm 952-473-7719 /09 www.TheGoldMineAntiques.com • GoldMineAntiques@yahoo.com 952-474-5880 Glass & Fabric Over 65 YEARS THE COUNTRY LOOK SPECIALIZING IN LAMPSHADES Prints & Plains Bring Your of Lighting LAMPSHADES Expertise! IN ANTIQUES Mon.-Fri. 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun. 1-4 p.m. Lamp for Complete Selection 9 239 cozyWater rooms of American Street & European antiques for Fitting! • 952-474-5880 All Styles • LAMPS the discerning collector & decorator. • LAMPSHADES MONDAY - SATURDAY Enhancing Your Lighting Heritage • FIXTURES THE10:30am - 5pm COUNTRY LOOK 35E SUNDAY 94 952-881-2636 VINTAGE & REPRODUCTION SALES 1-4pm (by inchance or appt.) ANTIQUES Mon.-Sat. 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m. 9911 Lyndale Ave S SERVICE 494 694 East & South of 35W at 98th St. 240 240Water Water Street St., Excelsior • 952-474-0050 TWIN CITIES 169 Open Five Days (CLOSED SUN. & MON.) BEST REPAIR 9Excelsior, cozy roomsMN 94 of American & European antiques 100 www.lampmender.com • lampmender@msn.com 952-474-0050 for the discerning collector & decorator 694 The Southwest 35E Visit Historic Downtown HOPKINS’ 394 94 Metro’s Largest 94 7 7 35W Vintage St. Paul 494 HOPKINS Minneapolis Shopping Experience! “ANTIQUES STREET” 494 100 169 35E 35W 4 Great Antique Stores....plus so much more - We LOVE our Customers!!! Antiques on HOPKINS Blake Antiques ANTIQUE MALL Pink Elephant Surprise Me! Mainstreet QUALITY ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES Vintage & Antiques Antiques • Vintage & More 913 Mainstreet 68 Dealers With 10,000 Sq. Ft. The Friendliest Place (downtown Hopkins) FROM 1850-1950 On 2 Levels 1019 Mainstreet • Jewelry • Sterling • Art Pottery • to buy Cool Stuff! 952-931-2144 • Vintage • Clothing • Furniture • 1008 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343 Hopkins, MN 55343 • Decorative • Arts • Dolls • Cottage An eclectic mix of antique, vintage & collectible treasures. Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11-6; Sun. 11-5 Hours: Mon-Sat.: 10:30-5:30 Sun: 12:00-5:00 952-582-4655 40 Dealers 7,500 Sq. Ft. of Tues-Sat: 10:30am - 5:30pm • Sun: Noon-5pm Ample parking in the back with a back Quality facebook.com/ThePinkElephantVandA Mondays by chance. entrance... Coffee’s always on! Antiques A Wonderful Mixture Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 to 6 Open 40 Sellers Artwork • Books • Ceramics of Antiques & Collectibles 5,000 Sq. Ft. Clothing • Jewelry • Furniture Sun: 12 to 5 Memorial Day Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm 2 Levels 10 to 4! Sunday 12pm-5pm Lighting • Old Time Candy Gift Certificates Available - We Accept Visa/MC 911 Mainstreet email: AntiquesMainstreet@yahoo.com www.AntiquesOnMainstreet.com 952-930-0477 952-931-9748 Hopkins, MN 55343 & Much More! 901 Mainstreet • Hopkins, MN www.facebook.com/antiques.on.mainstreet www.HopkinsAntiqueMall.com 952-933-1144 May 2016 The Old Times 7 Welcome! to the spring Elkhorn market coming up postcard show --PRESS RELEASE ELKHORN, WIS.- expected. Admission, $5. scheduled following for the Sundays: --PRESS RELEASE Armory at 3300 W. Postcard Club, formed -Rain or shine, N.L. Parking, free. No pets, June 26, August 14, BLOOMINGTON, 98th St. in Bloomington, in 1976, get in for $3. Promotions is holding please. and September 25. MINN.--The Twin City Minn. That’s two Feel free to join! its first 2016 Antique Three other summer For information, Postcard Club is blocks east of France For more informa- Flea Market at the -fall 2016 shows are call 414-525-0820. holding its 2016 Spring Avenue on 98th Street. tion, visit www. Walworth County Show on Saturday, Or take the 98th Street TwinCityPostcard Club. Fairgrounds on May 7 from 9 a.m. to 6 exit off of I-35W and com or call Dave Highway 11 in Elkhorn, p.m. and Sunday, May turn west. Johnson at 651-426- Wis., on Sunday, May 8 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission, $4. 3573. 15, opening at 7 a.m. at the Bloomington Members of the Over 500 dealers HAUPT ANTIEK MARKET VINTAGE FINDS & FUN, REMEMBER... IT’S THE THRILL OF THE HUNT! 7570 147th St W • Apple Valley Hours (5 mi. S. of the Mall of America on Cedar Ave to 147th St, Thurs. 9am-8pm Vintage Garden then W. one blk. - on the left, across from Famous Dave’s) Fri. 9am-7pm Sat. 9 am-5pm Sun. 11 am-4pm Join the Fun! Decorate D De ecora ate yyour o r ho ou home omee Treats, Refreshments, and a d ououtside uts tsid idee sp spac spaces a es es Gift Certificate Drawings with w ithh g garden ard ar den re den relics elilics ccss from the past RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY THURSDAY, MAY 5 ~ 12:30pm. Thurs .• Fri. • Sat. • Sun. June Dates: June 2, 3 & 4 May 19, 20, 21 & 22 1855 80th Street Victoria, MN 55386 UPCOMING MARKET JUNE 23-26 952-283-1730 PH ONE: 65 HONE 651-329-3871 651- 1-32 329-9 38 387171 deb@hauptantiek.com or www.hauptantiek.com Spend A Day With Eight Great Unique Shops located just a 3 in the Country 4 short drive from the 1 metro... • Lester There’s 2 4 Prairie noT a 15 Savage beTTer • Cologne way T o 14 “s p e n d 13 a 1 6 d ay !!” 17 1 The 3 Plato Pines-n-Tiques SHAKOPEE, MN 5 Come in to the 66 Treasure Shed 1170 Hwy 7 E • Hutchinson, MN 55350 Vintage & Collectibles HOLY COW - OUR BARN DOOR HAS BEEN OPEN 20 YEARS! How Quaint Antique • Vintage • Primitive Treasure Chest . . . TREASURE CHEST ANTIQUES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK CELEBRATE our 20th ANNIVERSARY the MONTH of 952-465-3887 JUNE and HELP us to CONTINUE the ADVENTURE! www.How-Quaint.com Mon. - Sat. 10-5 • Sun. 12-5 20% OFF AND MORE - TWO $20 CERTIFICATE DRAWINGS Open 4 days a month - 12 dealers under Antiques • Collectibles • Primitives one roof and a yard packed full! Glassware & Lots of Treasures • May 19, 20, 21, & 22 • • • 55+ Dealers • • (320) 238-2579 The “BACK YARD” is now OPEN and a 9676 Babcock Ave. S. Open: Mon-Thurs: 10:30-1 • Fri-Sun: 10-5 semi-load of garden iron has just arrived! (1 mi S of 212 on Cty 81) • Jun 16, 17, 18, & 19 • Plato, MN 55370 Open EARLY at 9:00am Thurs - Sat 115 1st Street E. • Jordan, MN 55352 (320) 587-7770 OPEN: Wed.-Sat. 11-5 Saundra Schaitberger Thurs: 9-7 • Fri: 9-6 • Sat: 9-5 • Sun: 11-4 (952)492-5005 Facebook.com/TreasureShed pinesntiques@embarqmail.com 714-1st Ave E (Hwy 101) • Shakopee Radio Tubes & Tube Testing • Dennis & Rose 2 MAIN STREET 4 Norm's Antiques Keep up with the latest An old-fashioned multi-dealer shop 67 Antiques 421 Louisa St., • Hamburg, MN Antiques news and views! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! We buy, sell and consign Member Minnesota Antique Network 60 + Dealers (Located 1/2 block from Baseball Park www.minnesotaantiquenetwork.com 1-1/2 blocks north of the Post Office) Antiques • Collectibles • Vintage • Repurposed for just $20/year OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK (952) 467-3527 Interesting and informative articles! Mon-Sat: 10-5 • Sun: Noon - 5 The most up-to-date antiques information. ~ Open ~ Over 300 Pieces of Roseville Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm 320-587-6305 Plus Other Glass & Pottery, The best MAPS to antiques shops in the Upper Midwest! Breweriana, and Other Antiques 218 Water St. Kathy: 612-916-9467 122 Main St N Call Paul at (320) 351-6399 or email him Jordan, MN 55352 Chris: 612-669-8
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