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WESTERN BROWN HIGH SCHOOL The Bronco Blazer your School News Publication SNEAK PEEK 1 Remembering 9/11 9 Meet the Faces of WBHS 13 9th Edition Halloween Funnies…
WESTERN BROWN HIGH SCHOOL The Bronco Blazer your School News Publication SNEAK PEEK 1 Remembering 9/11 9 Meet the Faces of WBHS 13 9th Edition Halloween Funnies OCTOBER 2019 A Reflection of Us Late summer into autumn is often a time of reflection. Falling leaves, shorter days and colder nights all indicate change and the beginning of a new cycle of life and nature. During this time, we remember solemn defining moments like 9/11; celebrate the labor movement and the achievements of American workers; have a "goulish" good time with friends; honor our veterans; and share what we are most thankful. After 18 Years.... By Alyssa Craig The attack on the United States eighteen years ago that killed thousands did not break our American spirit and we still stand strong. September 11, 2001 was a day everyone will remember who witnessed it unfold in person or on their television screens; younger generations know it as a devastating moment in our history but also one that showed our resilience. This date still saddens the people of the United States and for those who had not yet been born, we have been taught and understand its significance. Nearly 3,000 innocent Americans lost their lives and we must always remember them. Adults such our teachers and parents have witnessed many changes in our country since the 9/11 attacks. Security was taken to a new level, especially boarding airplanes. Their memories of that day are still fresh although it was nearly two decades ago. Chris Craig, WBHS parent, says, "I had just gotten back from hunting. When I walked inside everyone was quiet so I looked at the T.V. and it was right there. Every news channel was covering the twin towers and what was happening. I was in shock and disbelief.” Teacher, Tracey Jenkins, remembers, "We were in the class teaching when another teacher came and told me not to turn the T.V. on at all. At the time there were no [smart] phones so I could not look it up to see what was going on. Towards noon I finally found out that we were under attack. It definitely came as a surprise and confusion.” In times of division, anger, and disagreements, the United States should always remember that together we stand united. In the words of Sandy Dahl, wife of flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl, “If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.” Labor Day By Chloe Brumfield It's always a weekend of friends, family, and barbecues. But what exactly are we celebrating besides the unofficial end of summer? The first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York City. After that, in June 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a law declaring that every first Monday in September will be a national holiday. By definition, Labor Day is a day that constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions that workers have made to the well-being of our country. But depending on who you are and what you think emotionally, Labor Day can mean different things. For some people it’s freedom, and others it’s just a way to give the hard-working people of the U.S a hard- earned break. Fall officially began on Monday, September 23 although it has felt like summer ever since with record breaking temperatures. Stay cool! Upcoming Events Halloween, October 31 Columbus Day, October 14 Veterans Day, November 11 Thanksgiving, November 28 WHAT'S HAPPENING HALFTIME IS THEIR GAME TIME by Sydney Jackson “A little bit psycho!” The Bronco marching band started training over the summer for the 2019-2020 school year. Now they practice after school almost every day, perfecting their marching and music. They continue to wow the crowds with each performance. This year, the marching band has entertained us with hits like "Sweet but Psycho" by Ava Max, "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers, "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5, and "My Type" by The Saints. Their skill and showmanship is thanks to their dedicated directors: John Rodesh, Brandon Cassill, and Robin Jackson. And of course the hard work of every band member who bring the music to life! STUDENTS TRAVEL TO TEXAS by Kayla Wilson, WBHS FFA Reporter As part of this year's annual Career Success Tour, the Western Brown FFA chapter took six students to Texas to explore various career opportunities in the agricultural industry. To attend, sophomores had to apply and go through an interview process. Attendees included Maddie Cox, Haley Strasinger, Lanie Clark, Bryar Cornett, Kellan Pinkerton and Robbie Gray. Thanks to the generous support of the community, the Western Brown FFA Alumni and the Brown County Pork Producers Association, students got to experience this trip of a lifetime with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. The group flew into Dallas on July 14 and traveled more than 1,200 miles visiting companies and schools such as Graham Land & Cattle, Texas A&M, Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Texas Beef House/Capitol Angus, Priefert Manufacturing, Eden Green Technology, Seville Farms, Freshpoint Dallas, Fort Worth Stockyards and even the Texas FFA State Convention. Chapter president Robbie Gray says, "It was really cool to see just how diverse agriculture is and also to learn about the endless career opportunities that exist in the industry.". After the trip students said they have a new found respect for where their food comes from and all the steps it takes to get it to the dinner table. These students are now interested in careers in livestock nutrition, manufacturing/welding, horticulture, agriculture sales & marketing and veterinary medicine. SPORTS CORNER ALL OUT,ALL GAME,ALL SEASON by Emmie Elliott and Ashley Cash How do you want to be remembered? The Western Brown Broncos football team wants fans to know they are dedicated to the sport. The season began on August 30, 2019. The Broncos started week #1 with a close loss, 16-14, against Hillsboro. Week #2 they took another tough loss against Little Miami with a score of 41-6. The team came back ready to battle Ross High School but lost 34-7. The score against Jackson on September 20 was 56-21 and they suffered another loss over fair break against Miami Trace. However, this has not deterred the guys from working hard on the field, in the weight room, and staying focused on personal development and team growth. Coach Tyler Evan says, "My hope for the rest of the season is to see our kids win individual battles. That eventually leads to big team wins." He adds, "What a time to be alive!" COMPETITION BOUND(&LEAPS) by Lindsey Gavula The WBHS Cheerleaders are rocking the mats for another competition season. All 25 athletes competed Saturday, September 7, 2019 bringing home first place in the cheer category, and second place in the dance category. They faced off against Lynchburg-Clay High School, and a studio dance team. The cheerleaders have been practicing three hours a night Monday through Thursday to be ready for competition and game days. The girls also competed at the Brown County Fair on Wednesday September 25. They took home three first place trophies in the cheer, dance and open dance divisions. Clean sweep! The cheerleaders are scheduled to compete at Manchester High School on Saturday, October 12. These girls are full of spirit and cannot wait to walk onto those blue mats again. Come out and "cheer" on the WBHS Cheerleaders. You won’t be disappointed and they'll appreciate your support! BRONCO NATION - BETTER THAN EVER! by Yasmine Blankenbeckler Scream for your team! The student section brings spirit and support to each game. The Bronco Nation organizes themes for each game - home and away. This year our themes have been Brown and Gold, Hawaiian, USA, Super Hero, and Tie Dye nights. Sounds fun right? Well it is, so join the Bronco Nation this Friday by wearing your jerseys! Be loud and be proud, cause there “ain’t no party like a Bronco party”. ORDER ON THE COURT! by Brooklynn Miller It’s time to make a racket! The Girls’ Tennis Team is impressing everyone as they show off their skills! Thanks to the new head coach, Vince Roades, the Broncos are not just serving up new techniques, but lots of determination as well. Intense practice ensued but Roades encourage the ladies with a positive, competitive attitude. The girls traveled to Harrison as they started the season off with a double-header against Ross and Harrison. They fought hard beating Ross 3-2, but lost to Harrison 1-4. The Broncos served up tough competition as they beat schools such as Hillsboro (5-0), Blanchester (3-2), Goshen (5- 0), West Clermont (5-0), and CNE (4-1)! The girls will travel to Middleton on 26th and 28th of September as they compete in the Coaches’ Classic Tournament. SEE YOU AT THE FINISH LINE by Autumn Lovell Cross country allows runners to compete on open-air courses over natural terrain like dirt or grass in good weather and bad. But the sun is shining on the WBHS teams as they win big this season. Ryan Cooper led the Broncos to a first place team finish in this years Jim Neu Cross Country Invitational at Western Brown on Sept. 3. In the Boys Varsity 5K race at Milford, Western Brown placed 13th. Cooper placed 19th in his solo race at that meet. At the John Corbin Invitational, runner Paige Abbinate placed second overall in the girls 5K while the Lady Broncos placed second for overall team. LET THE FEET DO THE TALKING! by Raven Woods and Hailey Duncan Western Brown Lady Broncos are starting the season off right. As of now the Varsity girls are 8-1. They played 12 games and are currently in first place in the league. They challenged the Batavia Bulldogs on September 10. It was a tough game.They won 3-1,but overall both teams put up a hard game. Cayla Enzweiler, freshman, impressed the team by leading the Broncos with 9 goals and 5 assists. They traveled next to Clinton Massie on September 24. Setting the ball in motion, the JV girls are racking up wins. As of now, the girls junior varsity are 4-3. On September 10, the girls' most competitive game was against Batavia.They defeated the Bulldogs with a score was 1-0 but it was a tough challenge. The team is first in the league and hope to stay in this position. These dedicated athletes enjoy the challenge, strive to always be better, and know what they need to work on as a team and individually. KICK IT by Sophie Murrell The Western Brown Varsity Boys Soccer team is having a great season so far! Dan Hurt, head coach, is in his first year in this role. The boys are 4-3-2 and for league they are 1-2-1. League wins are most important because they are the actual games that count towards the honor of being declared league champs. Senior, Ian Shaffer is leading the Broncos with 18 goals and 5 assists. The Western Brown boys JV soccer team is playing their hardest this season. They recently took a tough loss 0-1 to CNE which was a very rough game for our players. But these young players are determined and working towards more victories. JV boys' record is 5-7 with a busy schedule ahead so they're hoping to finish the season out with a bang. SETTING UP FOR A GREAT SEASON by Livvy Young This years Lady Broncos volleyball teams are geared up for an exciting season. After lots of team bonding including a trip to Camp Joy over the summer, the Lady Broncos are back and closer than ever. With a challenging summer schedule these ladies are looking forward to this season. Come support the team at one of their many home games! Starting off with a boom! The Varsity Lady Broncos Volleyball team is getting off to a good start with 4-0 record in league and an 10-4 record overall. Though the first games of the season were challenging with close games against MVCA and Ross, these ladies have already shown improvement from last year. Leading the team are senior captains, Emma Sams and Madison Derose. With some tough matches coming up the Lady Broncos are setting their sights high to clench the league title.With a record of 6-8, this years JV Lady Broncos are off to a slow start. Beginning their season off with a hard loss against MVCA and a win against Hillsboro, these ladies are already showing improvement. In this week's most recent games the JV team has come out with two wins and are hoping for a third this Thursday.Hard work pays off! This year's Lady Broncos Freshman team is currently 6-6. This team of young Lady Broncos have been working hard to get wins. After defeating a tough Winton Woods team these ladies show how hard they are willing to work. With their season over half-way over, they are determined to finish the season strong. FULL SWING AHEAD by Becca Stanley The boys and girls golf teams finish the season off strong. After not having a full team to compete in all of the matches the past few years, Becky Roblero-Soils, Aylssa Spears, Megan Richman, and Kayleigh Mccarty, make school history as the first women's golf team to finish a full season at Western Brown. The boy’s golf team placed second overall in the league getting a 1321. During their other SBAAC match they received a 556. Kellan Pinkerton received 2nd team and Tabor Tesmer received 1st team. The team also volunteered at the Reds Rookie Success League during the summer. Second year head coach Brett Harris says, “This was a wonderful experience for all." STUDENT FOCUS WHO'S WHO AROUND SCHOOL FEATURE TEACHER by Jill Henry Q. What is your favorite thing about the Brown County Fair? A. Playing in the mud because it always rains. Q. Do you like fall weather? A. Absolutely not. Q. Will you be a fair regular? A. Yes, especially since I live closer now. Q. How long have you been going to the fair? A. All 15 years of my life. Ethan Barnes, sophomore Q. What do you enjoy the most about the Brown County Fair? A. I think that the parade is an extremely well-organized and fun event for both the audience and the participants. Q. It has been unusually hot lately but do you normally enjoy fall weather? A. Yes! I enjoy wearing fall clothing. Q. Do you attend the fair consistently throughout the week? A. No, because during fair break I am usually busy. Q. Since you are new to our area, how many years have you attended our Little State Fair? A. This will be my third year. Mr. Rodesh Director of Bands FINE ARTS CLOSE-UP by Kaz Dawson WHO'S WHO AROUND SCHOOL ATHLETE HIGHLIGHT REEL by Lanen Gadzinski Q. What's the hardest thing you've performed? And why? A. “Shadow Dancer.” The tempo was too slow for me. Q. Why did you join band? Adam Kearney A. Because I already knew how to play drums. 6 Year Band Member Q. Have you ever messed up a performance and kept going? A. “Energy” was the name of the song and the first year Mr. Rodesh was here. Q. How did you feel when you messed up? A. I felt angry and frustrated because I messed up on a simple part! Q. Do you hope to be part of music when you grow up? A. I'm probably going to be in music when I grow up because I already made a song. Wide receiver, Keegan Collins eats, sleeps, and breaths football but he’s so much more! Collins said he’s enjoying his senior year playing for the Broncos and hopes it will be his best. He knows he is going to miss the game when he graduates. After high school, Collins plans to attend college and earn his teaching degree. He would like to become a history teacher and coach at the high school level to inspire youth academically and Keegan Collins, athletically. Varsity Football NEXT BIG THING #TRENDINGNOW GET WITH IT! by: Liv Cunningham Western Brown High School is definitely a great place to find friends you fit with the best! From jocks to VSCO girls, there's a "clique" with similar likes and interests. The best thing about our student body is that no matter where you feel the most comfortable, you are on trend in your own unique way. It’s a great to know you have things in common with other people even if you put your own personal twist on it! Ever heard of the term VSCO girl? Apparently the popular app has made quite the move on today’s high school trend. Carry a Hydro Flask or wear a scrunchy on your wrist? You’re probably considered one and didn't even know it! The new “It: Chapter 2” appears to be a hit after its release on September 6, only two years after the first remake. It's a great time for the movie to hit screens as Halloween is just around the corner. If you love a good scare and hate clowns, this movie will serve up the fright! Believe in aliens? The halls were booming with word about the so called “Area 51 Raid.” If you’re on any social media, you’ve probably seen a hilarious meme on the popular topic. It was decided that on September 20 anyone who wanted would gather outside the Area 51 base in an attempt to bust the theories about what's kept inside. Over 2 million people RSVPd but it turns out the raid wasn’t quite what people were hoping for. In fact, it wasn't really a raid at all so all secrets are still safe! REAL LIFE PETS By: Kendall Henry “Perhaps the greatest gift an animal has to offer is a permanent reminder of who we really are.” ― Nick Trout, Love Is the Best Medicine: What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian about Hope, Humility, and Everyday Miracles Do you go gaga for Fido? Would you describe yourself as a crazy cat lady? The WBHS Broncos love their lovable pets from cats, to dogs, fish, to lizards, even turtles, and many more! Whether they’re little babies or been a part of the family for years, they bring us joy - and occasionally a mess. The most common pets in peoples’ household are cats and dogs. It's an age old debate about which furry creature is the best so we'll let you decide. Showing off our cuties is so much fun. Take a look at these furry friends: Lindsey Gavula’s dog Maddie Ashley Cash’s dog Bandit Kendall Henry’s cat Ryder 94% of pet owners say their animal pal makes them smile more than once a day. HALLOWEEN FUN The Joke's On US! Fun Fact The United States' most famous address has had numerous reports of ghostly appearances and eerie sounds – as if politics aren't scary enough! The most common ghost sighting is of Abe Lincoln who has been seen by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and Sir Winston Churchill. Other paranormal guests include Andrew Jackson, David Burns, and Abigail Adams. DC road trip, anyone? 168TH BROWN COUNTY FAIR By Harley Craddock and Mellissa Ellert Memories of a The 2019 Brown County Fair provided loads of entertainment from the cheer competition to the animal shows and the derbies. There were Lifetime vendors, delicious food trucks, and bigger and better rides than any other fair in Ohio. Henry Ellert, WBHS freshman, said before the fair kicked off, "This year is my first year in FFA. We will be helping at the fair working in the pork tenderloin booth.” That is definitely one of the most popular food destinations at the fair. Anyone suddenly feeling hungry? As Seen on Social Media by: Jenna Easterling THE BRONCO BLAZER STAFF THE FACES OF THE NEWSROOM Yasmine Chloe Ashley Harley Alyssa Olivia Blankenbeckler Brumfield Cash Craddock Craig Cunningham Kaz Hailey Jenna Mellissa Emily Landen Dawson Duncan Easterling Ellert Elliott Gadzinski SANDY JONES AIMEE LORENZ LIM PAUL SANDERS BECKHAM Lindsey Jill Kendall Sydney Autumn Leona Gavula Henry Henry Jackson Lovell Lower SANDY JONES AIMEE LORENZ LIM PAUL SANDERS BECKHAM Brooklyn Sophia Becca Raven Olivia Mrs. Depenbrock Miller Murrell Stanley Woods Young The Bronco Blazer is a student-created digital news publication whose mission is to display student achievement, inform the Western Brown High School community of upcoming issues and events, and provide entertainment for students at WBHS. The paper operates in conjunction with The Westerner yearbook staff as the WBHS Marketing Communications Department of the Business P
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