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Tough day at home Opinion: Judge ETSU on macro-level Reflecting on State of Univ. Address B1 ‘Waiting for Godot’ Show opens Theatre & Dance season C1 ETSU…
Tough day at home Opinion: Judge ETSU on macro-level Reflecting on State of Univ. Address B1 ‘Waiting for Godot’ Show opens Theatre & Dance season C1 ETSU falls to Wofford 35-17 Saturday at William B. Greene Jr. Stadium D1 MONDAY // 10.07.2019 SERVING EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY SINCE 1923 www.EastTennessean.com nology and all that. So the people living in Kashmir, they literally have no way of contacting people outside of Kashmir. Their family members don’t even know if they’re alive.” During the vigil, Dr. Haneef Tan- tary spoke about how the lock down in Kashmir has affected him. Tanatry, who is from Kashmir, has family in the region. “For the last 55 days I have not been able to talk to my fam- ily,” Tantary said. “My emotional state is different. I can’t focus on my work. Being a doctor, I have to be very focused, but at times I country have been don’t know what I am doing because raising awareness of this, spread- my mind is somewhere else.” ing the word and organizing vigils Tantary went on to say that if the like this so people can be aware of world would not focus on what was what’s happening in Kashmir,” ETSU happening in Kashmir, it would be sophomore Afreen Siddiqui said. complicit to the genocide happening Kashmir has been under lock in Kashmir. down since August 5, and Afreen “There are children,” Tantary said. said that the Muslim Student As- “There are 10-year-olds, there are Photograph by Karissa Clark / East Tennessean People gathered in Borchuck Plaza to remember the victims in Kashmir. sociation started planing the vigil 11-year-olds, there are 12-year-olds a week before it took place, so they who are being arrested, and their down by the Indian government. their house, and no one knew what could advertise the vigil around parents don’t know where they have EMILY DINGLER Aliza Ishrat, a speaker at the event, was happening. When word got out campus. ETSU senior Nausheen GENERAL-ASSIGNMENT REPORTER been taken … It’s an irony that the said that when the Prime Minister that Indian troops were sent into the Siddiqui said that it is important to whole world is not pressuring India On Oct. 2 at 7:30 p.m. the Muslim [of India] was elected for his sec- Kashmir valley, article 370, a clause be paying attention to what is hap- to end these atrocities, to end this Student Association and other stu- ond term, 1 million Indian troops in the Indian Constitution that pro- pening to the people of Kashmir. lock down, to end this gross viola- dents gathered in Borchuck Plaza to were sent to Kashmir overnight and tected the rights of the Kashmiris, “It’s definitely critical at this point tion of human rights that are going hold a vigil for the people of Kash- they locked everyone down. She said was revoked. in time,” Nausheen said. “Because on there.” mir, a region between Pakistan and that no one was allowed to get out of “As a result, people all over the there’s been a shut down on commu- India that has been put under lock nication, on social media, on tech- Campus station celebrates NATIONAL GUARD HONORS College Radio Day ETSU VETERANS AFFAIRS BENJAMIN GILLIAM GENERAL-ASSIGNMENT REPORTER KATE TRABALKA the state of Tennessee. Accord- of school years ago because I GENERAL-ASSIGNMENT REPORTER ing to Tennessee National Guard couldn’t afford to go to school, ETSU’s own on-campus radio station however, the community was more in- Staff Sergeant Joseph Baydoun, and even after joining the guard, celebrated World College Radio Day on volved than ever. The ETSU Office of Veterans schools presented with the Min- tuition assistance was not always Oct. 4 and featured marathon radio con- “This year we’re celebrating World Col- Affairs received a Minuteman uteman award, like ETSU, are the available to us,” Csanady said. tent and local musicians. lege [Radio] Day by really involving the award from representatives of schools that have agreed to defer “So, it’s fulfilled a dream that I’ve College Radio Day was founded as an local and regional music acts,” Searles the Tennessee National Guard on for their soldiers. always had. I’ve always wanted event and organization in 2010 by Rob said. “Earlier this week we brought in Monday at the Military-Affiliated “What that means is that the to go to school, and this finally Quicke. According to the College Radio three regional acts to perform live acous- Resource Center in Yoakley Hall. soldiers do not have to put down made it happen. Once they made website, College Radio Day was cre- tic and electric sets in our studio to air National Guard representatives any money for this university, tuition free, there was no excuse ated to get college radio stations into the throughout the day, and we did a special presented ETSU with a signed let- and on the back end, if they have not to go.” public eye and ears. While the founding at 8 p.m. that night, where we aired al- ter of intent and the Minuteman successfully completed all their Tennessee National Guard non-profit provides graphics and sounds most the entire concerts from all three.” award for their involvement and classes with a 2.0 or better and Recruiting and Retention non- for college stations that want to use it, the The concerts were recorded entirely partnership with the Tennessee are in good standing, then they commissioned officer Sergeant programming and events are up to each within Warf-Pickel Hall’s audio studio Support, Training and Renewing will not have to pay for their col- Joshua Hazlett also utilized the participating station. Radio Alternative space directly next to the DJ booth and Opportunity for National Guards- lege tuition whatsoever,” Baydoun program during his time at ETSU. The Edge 89.5 HD4, ETSU’s on-campus video of the event is planned to be re- men Act. The letter of intent is an said. “The STRONG act came across substation of WETS, has celebrated Col- leased soon. Searles went on to outline agreement between ETSU and After the award was presented, about three years ago, and I was lege Radio Day for multiple years. his plan for the future of The Edge and the National Guard regarding President Noland said that 21 like, ‘This is phenomenal,’ be- “World College Radio Day is a day College Radio Day. their participation in the Tennes- ETSU students are utilizing the cause now I can finish my entire where college radio stations around the “We are going to be pushing ourselves see STRONG act. STRONG act this semester. degree and come out debt-free,” world gather to celebrate the unique op- to involve ourselves more with the com- The STRONG act is a program For ETSU Senior Kayla Hazlett said. portunities we have for independence munity in terms of music, so if you’re in that allows Tennessee Army Na- Csanady, the STRONG act is the Hazlett used the program while and education in radio, and how we’ve al- a local band or a local artist and would tional Guard soldiers to have free reason she came back to school. pursuing his marketing degree at ways been on the cutting edge of music,” want your stuff featured on The Edge, education at the universities in “I actually had to drop out ETSU. He graduated last year, and Station Manager Gregory Searles said. either as a special or possibly through- Each year, The Edge celebrates this oc- out our regular day, shoot us a message see GUARD Page A2 casion with 24 hours of constant DJs and through Facebook.” promotion all across campus. This year, A2 NEWS October 7, 2019 Contact Information: MISSION STATEMENT Mailing Address: Office Phone: 423-439-5363 The East Tennessean, the student-run newspaper of East Tennessee State University, P.O. Box 70688 EXECUTIVE EDITOR Advertising Phone: 423-439-6730 serves ETSU by covering the campus with fairness and objectivity. East Tennessean Raina Wiseman Newsroom Phone: 423-439-4387 Printed by the Elizabethton Star every Monday and Thursday during the academic East Tennessee State University wisemanr@etsu.edu Email: eteditor@etsu.edu ThetheEast year, Tennessean East Tennessean 10/7/19 is distributed Sudokubuildings and can be to most university Johnson City, Tenn. 37614 Puzz eteditor@etsu.edu obtained for free from one of the publication’s many racks. SUDOKU To solve the Sudoku puzzle, each row, column and The East Tennessean 10/3/19 Sudoku PuzzleJunction.com box must contain the numbers 1 to 9. NEWS & FEATURES 1 4 8 EDITOR Kayla Hackney SOLUTION 4 9 hackneyk@etsu.edu Solution to previous puzzle 8 6 1 4 3 9 8 1 4 9 5 7 2 6 3 7 3 8 EDITORIAL & A+E 5 3 9 6 4 2 1 7 8 EDITOR 7 2 6 1 3 8 4 5 9 5 6 Jessica Dunker 9 7 5 3 1 4 8 2 6 dunkerj@etsu.edu 3 8 2 7 9 6 5 1 4 2 6 4 1 8 2 5 3 9 7 2 5 8 4 6 9 7 3 1 1 4 8 9 7 The East Tennessean 10/7/19 Crossword � 1 9 4 6 7 5 8 3 2 7 3 6 4 2 1 9 8 5 5 3 Copyright ©2019 PuzzleJunction.com ATHLETICS & PHOTO EDITOR Carly Tribble tribblec@etsu.edu CROSSWORD PUZZLE Across 36 Combat ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 11 1 2 3 4 5 12 6 7 8 13 9 10 1 Yard pest 39 Originated R U T S I G O R A R T 14 15 16 5 Mai 41 Type of stick T R I O S I D E L E A 17 18 8 Knight’s title 42 Annul E N C H I L A D A L I P 11 Shoestrings 45 Pack animal O V A L E O N E 19 20 21 22 23 24 12 Irritation 46 Knave P E T I N N M O W 13 Colorful carp 47 Casual attire E T S E D I T S A G O 25 26 27 14 Like draft beer 48 Ant, in dialect MULTIMEDIA EDITOR 15 Platinum group 49 Cataract site R U E D E C O Y N O N 28 29 30 Tyler Wicks K I T S R H E A C O T metallic element 50 Be mistaken 31 32 33 wickstd@etsu.edu S I P E T C E D O 17 Petri dish filler 51 Facilitate A R E N A O H M 18 Give the slip 34 35 36 37 38 R A F S C A T T E R E D 19 Driving hazard Down 20 Wedding wear M I L T A C O S A R A 39 40 41 1 Chutney fruit 21 Java is in it 2 Like Jerusalem’s S L Y A N T E A W A Y 42 43 44 45 25 “Lohengrin,” e.g. Dome of the Rock 11 Baker’s unit 26 Correspondent 27 Proclamation 3 Kind of jet 16 Muffle 27 Outback birds 46 47 48 28 Radio set 4 Medium claim 18 Suffix with 28 Recipe amt. ADVISER 30 Free-for-all 5 Puzzle type auction 29 Aleut fish 49 50 51 Don Armstrong 31 Viewpoint 6 Hearing-related 20 Green skinner Copyright ©2019 PuzzleJunction.com armstrod@etsu.edu 32 Under the table 7 Footnote abbr. 22 Saturniid moth 32 One of Santa’s 34 After wood or 8 Make tracks? larvae reindeer 35 Also-ran 40 Ceremony 43 of Bengal before fiction 9 Chit 23 Hotel freebie 33 Seafood 37 Come to terms 41 Night prowler 44 Pindar work 35 Pakse’s land 10 Glass component 24 Corroded delicacy 38 Dig like a pig 42 Big club 45 Spell-off Black Affairs AssociationSolution 10/7/19 OFFICE MANAGER GUARD creates a home for students M O L E T A L A C E S R U Trish Caughran O N T A P I R caughran@etsu.edu CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 A G A R E V A that provides a supportiveF Oenviron- G V E I L MORGAN HOLLAND ment for students of all backgrounds. GENERAL-ASSIGNMENT REPORTER O P E R A he now works as a recruiter for the that it gives faith back to the students Brook’ale Anderson isTa Usenior N EinR National Guard. He said it is easy to that the ETSU faculty wants to help At a primarily white institute, the sociology and PresidentSof LtheABlack N T D R talk about the program to other peo- them succeed. Black Affairs Association aims to Affairs Association. She came across P U L P L A O ple because of how much it helped “It gives them faith that we are provide a safe space for students to the organization during her fresh-A R O S E him. here for them, and that we appreciate come together and reflect on their A B O man year, and said she immediatelyL I S H ADVERTISING CONTACT Veterans Affairs Interim Director their service, and we thank them for Robert Santos-Prowse experience. felt at home. As her dedication grewT C A D E E Guy Hurd said the award is a big deal it,” Hurd said. “And this just solidifies E Y E E R R robertsantosprowse@gmail.com The Black Affairs Association is stronger, she eventually became because it helps both the university our professionalism as Veterans Af- a student organized group at ETSU President. etads@etsu.edu and the National Guard. He also said fairs.” see HOME Page A3 WRITERS Amanda Mitchell PHOTOGRAPHERS VIDEOGRAPHER Alex Daugherty Carson Morgan Collin Brooks Cody Grandfield Emily Dingler Brittnee Nave Karissa Clark Benjamin Gilliam Anthony Salas John Cole DELIVERY MANAGER Morgan Holland Mckenzie Templeton Olivia Dixon DESIGNERS Jackson Goad Casey Keeley Kate Trabalka Caleb Ishola Holden Gaylor goadjn@etsu.edu Anna Lewis Dana Weckel Maddi Miller Jarrett McGill Alex Mauger Allison Winters Emma Smith Kirsty McCaughtry Madison Taylor October 7, 2019 NEWS A3 Students find success at HOME career, graduate expo CONTINUED FROM PAGE A2 from home and experience more of different businesses that were going “To a lot of students, this can seem “The Black Affairs Association what ETSU has to show them. For RAINA WISEMAN to be here today,” McClain said. “I intimidating, and we don’t want it to has influenced my life by providing incoming students, joining Black EXECUTIVE EDITOR did a little bit of research, took some be because this is what they’ll have me with various leadership oppor- Affairs could impact their lives The fall Career and Grad School notes, found some businesses that to do in order to get into the market,” tunities – essentially helping me positively as they transition from Expo brought more than allowed I was particularly interested in and Alston said. discover my passion of helping un- teen to young adult. students to learn about post-grad op- figured out some stuff about them, Media and Communication major derrepresented students succeed,” “Being a minority on campus portunities and network with poten- so that way I knew what questions to Kira Barbour graduates in December Anderson said. “The organization can be difficult especially if it’s tial employers. ask them, what they were interested and said the expo made her feel more continues to influence the lives of something you’re not used to,” said The Career and Grad School Expo in, what internship programs they confidant that she will find a good job its members by becoming a fam- Anderson. “Most students experi- on Oct. 2 brought 49 employers and have.” after college. She also believes that ily for most students, while also ence a great deal of culture shock 26 graduate school representatives to McClain graduates in May 2020 students earlier in their academic ca- providing various opportunities for when transitioning to college and ETSU. Ninety-three students attend- with a degree in business and mar- reers should attend the expos. the students to grow both person- as an organization, we help ease ed the event event to meet recruiters keting management. In preparation “I wish I came when I was a fresh- ally and professionally.” that transition by becoming a fam- and business representatives or learn for the event, he created a list of busi- man or a sophomore,” she said. “I re- The group hosts activities and ily away from home for most stu- more about opportunities graduate nesses he wanted to visit at the expo. ally do. It would be easier to talk to programs that promote black cul- dents.” school offers. “There were tons of businesses people, too.” tural awareness, such as their se- “The Black Affairs Association “It’s really about having [represen- in here, and I didn’t even begin to Career Services aims to make Ca- ries of events during Black History can impact a new student’s experi- tatives] be interested in our students scratch the surfaces of all of them reer and Grad School Expos benefi- Month in February called “Unapol- ence on this campus by providing but also give our students an oppor- at all honestly,” he said as he left the cial to all students. Upon exiting the ogetically Black,” which dives deep a supportive and wholesome envi- tunity to be exposed to see the op- event. expo, students participated in a short into black history, hair discussions, ronment where students are able portunities that are available both in McClain had two interview offers, survey to evaluate the success of the race and dating, black stereotypes to network and build community graduate school and employment,” one with Tennessee Valley Authority event and offer any ideas to improve and much more. amongst other students that look said Jeffrey Alston, director of Uni- Credit Union and another with Con- future events. They also hold events for artists like them,” Anderson said. “It pro- versity Career Services. solidated Electrical Distributions. He “We also want to know what isn’t such as their Trap N’ Paint event vides the foundation of familiarity The Career Services office hosts plans to return for the spring expo. here,” Alston said. “So, for example, if and the Street Jam for students and allows the students to build on this event each semester. Students “It just kind of made the conver- a student comes in … and they don’t to show their creative expression that.” nearing graduation are especially sations easier overall, and they re- see jobs or opportunities that are ap- through drawing, writing, singing Over the course of the coming encouraged to attend, but the expos ally appreciate it when you come and plicable, we also want to know that or dancing. semester, The Black Affairs Asso- are for students at any point in their actually know what you’re actually information just because it lets us The Black Affairs Association is ciation plans to carry out its goal of academic journey. Representatives talking about,” he said. know who we need to concentrate on open to any and all ETSU students unifying students on campus. are primarily from the Tri-Cities and According to Alston, Career and to get them here in the future.” who are interested in joining. “We challenge students to get out surrounding region, but schools and Grad School Expos are for all stu- Students wanting to take advantage “We encourage people from all of their comfort zone with events, businesses from Nashville, Chatta- dents, not just seniors. Students at all of other Career Services opportuni- backgrounds to come to our meet- discussions, and opportunities that nooga and Florida were also present. points in their academic careers can ties can sign up for Handshake, an ings and events,” Anderson said. will essentially allow them to grow Students were encouraged to at- visit the expos – even if they do not online career community much like “Our main goal is to unite the stu- both personally and professionally,” tend the event prepared. ETSU senior talk to anyone – and learn what the LinkedIn, which the office provides dents on this campus.” said Anderson. Nolan McClain knew professional- exchanges look like in a professional for free to ETSU students. Students As new students arrive on cam- To get involved and stay up to ism was key in attending the expo. setting. This way, they can attend can also learn about more events like pus each fall, they find themselves date on events, check them out on “Over the past week, I went on future expos better prepared to meet the Career and Grad School Expo. struggling to find their home away Instagram @blackaffairsetsu. Handshake, and I looked at all the professionals. ‘THE INSECT APOCALYPSE IS HERE’: A conversation on climate change man nature reserves had decreased MORGAN HOLLAND by 75% over just 27 years.” GENERAL-ASSIGNMENT REPORTER Jarvis said the reason behind the Scientific journalist Brooke Jarvis decline is due to pesticide usage held a conversation about ecologi- and habitat destruction, but there cal issues in Brown Auditorium on is still so much about the insect de- Oct. 2. cline that hasn’t been discovered yet. Brooke Jarvis is an award-winning Either way, the loss of insects will reporter for various publishers, in- eventually affect our ecosystem and cluding the New York Times and cause serious damage to our society. The New Yorker. Some of her pieces Jarvis came across this study in focus on ecological issues such as the Germany and decided to build a big- extinction of the American Sphinx, g
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