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' N Tl '() l m ( J 1\ ll J 1,\ f J; 11\ ) f\11\ V : ii.; 1.j '.1\ 1.,,1\l)l)l. Sl:.'SONS.J! l!xil :. N,,\N1 /\:,J.\ S. \1111\ ~, r .- ~ SFSSONS '1\S N. 102!J ~00 1 J. Sl~SSONS
' N Tl '() l m ( J 1\ ll J 1,\ f J; 11\ ) f\11\ V : ii.; 1.j '.1\ 1.,,1\l)l)l. Sl:.'SONS.J! l!xil :. N,,\N1 /\:,J.\ S. \1111\ ~, r .- ~ SFSSONS '1\S N. 102!J ~00 1 J. Sl~SSONS 1'1{11\ NU. o, ) 'l '11.: St,1lt.: Vs. VJ S l. 1\!i i.1 )Jib i V Jc J/ /\ :-: l ii q. { ': 1:, l c (' 1 i s l{l sidcnt lil. /11.1,.11.ii, ( '11:1. \Jn 1, /'.\. i:1d.11 ~111ka11J S~tf1ib C,,st.ft NO 32(1/200') Unde r SL'c.~ 1 J5-l', P.P 'S Si!d.,r N.111k:111:1 S,1111/i ;,,,. / .. '.i, t:j1al lancd by the l:1vv 11 i:1 i11 ( ':1st' tftib lo (PW - ) Jiir!he :ilkg111 ior1 ur lk livc, i111. dt:1, 1_!~:1l11ry/ubiL:L'l io1,:1hlc n.:111t1rks lnw:irds lht: 1 lol~ Prnphct ( Jl!H 111) :11: 11,,ly ()11r:111. ') 1::h. i a/1 Jodgt:d h) ():11i tluli: :1d :'-:a:,l : J 1.6.:00 J. lla.: cumphin:int or this c1sc,ire th,11 J\J,t.,\,,1, 1311,i wi/',: (lr t\.':liiq l\.fosih wl10 is :1 Chris 1i:1111:,dy :llld :1 C'J11 i:,ti,111 rm.:.1cltn,d,mgwith the other lmfjt.:: ( PWs) or llit:. i!l;1gc \\ er: i~nl, ~ki.11, hilsa (~ ~ ) f; '. tf~j v'. ~J i \~' ~ (?:::; liom!he g:1rclc11 belonging to one, luh,im1 1.1d ldrc.:~;' ~011 o -, :.:: : 1 ttt.jfi'xl?:1. r::.~-: ~~ -- -:.,)'{ '.) ~~: :.:~}::r--.:11,:\.::2.;::1 --rl.:r ;..,~:... ~-, G'' :r/~:: ) )./ 1\h1rn.:cl. Th1..: said a cuscd [V: L. 1\. i.1 Uibi th.:l1wn..:d the..: ckrogut )ry.. 1- rcrnad(s towards Lhc l loly Pr phc t ( J l.3Ul ) st:1li11g tha t the Holy PrnpheL or Lhe, luslims 11.:11 ill on 111\lnth prior tu hi s cle~llh nnu l'oh,1 :1noz [3il la ( -;v1 _v _j_;?l~? ) ti c insect s no 1rishc in his 1111w1l1 ;1nc.l c:ii She furlhcr : l:111.:d lh :11 lh1..: l l1 ly Prnphd ( Pb lj ). 111,11 J 1t:d with la:1.rnl l'h:1dcjn l~:11.1\l l:1h /\nhil ( V;:.,.;tif1',1) jus t 1 nr hc1 \ e:ilth.ind,tlkr thal the s~n1c \\' ts lmncd by liim. She w:1s d1:, 1nh:d b_!ii111. Shi..: lunh-:1. 1,111.:d ;1h 1ul tltl' nly Qur~111 th:11 lh1.. lol_ ()llj'tlll is 1101 thi; buul nl ',\ ln1q;hty ll:tl1 hul ii,s a sclltm, dc h o l. l'vlst. A fin nihi, l:3ibi etc. tol d al l these to the ~vbl. 1\ l;ili.1 Bihi,rnd Vlsl. Y:1!-.111cc.n cn111pl.ii11.111l.ind th,; ol11cr peop le or Lh\.: vi!age. ~ -'... L/!! 3. On , the bdy act:u:j d 1ls1. 1\ sia Bib i was called by the inha bitant s or L e vill;1ge and :1skcd about the ncc 11-rcnc.:,.: wl 1.:rcin she coiilc::,;cd her guil t 111d sli 1tqL1cslctl the apology. So, the accused i for sl. 1\s1a 8ib i has comm iu cc.j 1hc b la:-;phcrny and has als11 cx11.:mlcd tlw dcro1 :11ory and s:ll'l.:.:1s1ic.: rcm;1rks l1)w.ircls lhe Joly Muhamma l Ri:1.w.111 S (JJ\V-5) h:1d rec ir dcd the formnl fjr l~xh.pa/ 1 without any addition or 0111ission and lhcrea ncr h,:11 St, the 10 S. nves ti gati on). hcil hupura he cl lhi!l case,,vho dq1 )'icd on 0~1th that 11 2~' .lun\.', 2009, he was posted :1s S ( ln vcstig.ation Shcikhupura. On llic s :1111l d:1y. vidc!t:lcr No. 8S2J dalccj issued by DC/ 1~1'0 R,111gc. Shci\...hupur:1. Lhc.: investigation or thi s c;:isc \ vas c11lrusted lo hi111 as the olfo.:c or SP (lnvcstig:1tio11). N:111ka11,1 S:il11u w:1:; v:1c:111l Ci.200(), he... su ctl holll the pal'li1.:s ;1L his nlfo.: people l'rom the l cu111pl.1innnl party and S persons 1'10111 the.1.;use p:1rty :1ppcared!~. .!'l!\\ / \:! ) ' l.i ' \. '. : -i1~ \i ; ~1 w..:, L r j. :. --: ~...:/i}lv,, t? ~.\... ~..,., 1.,,,l ~i... :. ~ (' ~ t.. t... ~~::.::: :~\ ~~~) ~~:- --:~:~ ::;~1E~ \:.~.~,~ -, \ hcforc..: him. Fiv pt:rs ns!rom thi.:..:,11npbinant silk n:cunkd their st:1lc111c 11s u/s 161 Cr.P.C. before him. le i11vc..::; l16a!c d the c.:, 1sc thoroughly. After obtaining!ht.: pc1 m is i )11 1 rom the :onccrned i..:ourt l~xh.pb, hc recorded l~ibi in the.jt il on 0~.7-~009. Durin' the stall'llll'jll or lhc m:cuscd Msl. /\s ia his i nves1 i v.;1lini1, il 1 cv,ilcd Uj)l)ll hin, lhnl 1n lh1.: l\ dsa ( ~(;,) li1.:ltl o,\ 11 ti by Muh:11nrnud ldrecs. lh~ ladies ol' tht: vill:1gc 111cl11tl111t~ 1lw ;1-:l 11scd:111d th\.' l 'W :-;. i -vcn: p1c.sc.1 t thcrc vho st 1rtcd to d iscus:, propl1c:t.s and n:ligiou s etc. ' he ac:u1s d sl. /\sia Bibi \,vlio i.s :, Chris1ia11 deliver u dcrn!.!,atory n:m.1rks bcf re Lhc o her bdics \\lm:h contl~ under lli ddinitio11 of' blasphemy. The owner or 1hc said field iwmc ly Jdrecs ( whose ~1:1tc111c1ll u/s ( l Cr.J .C. scp:.11 :11cly rccordi.;d hy him ) :il:m allr:11.:tcd Lnw~mls th' sai ladi1.':--. bcl'n1c , Ll1c J vVs ( l:.1dit:s ) narr:jtctl th ,lllcr, who i11qu1rccl from lhc :tcl:uscd JV!sl. /\si,, 13ibi,1bou1 lwr narr:1 ion uron wi11d1 sh 0 11lc:;scd lh.. 1L she hud tkl i vc1cd!ht.: dcrng.. Lory rem.irks, however..she bc:_i,gcd p:mlon. Arter his invc.:s 1ga1i n uncl prnb\., hl dcchrcd /\si.1 l-3ibi,1s l:;llilly Lile :1ccu:-.cd Mst. ol' bl.ispl11.:111y 011 O(J iml ullcring Lhc.: dcrngnt, ry rc111;1rks :1bo11l tht.: l l,11~ l'rppl1ct ( J HJJ ) a11d lilt.: loly wlcdgc 1h:1l clc,hh and p1 inr n his tk!ivc11.:d/crc,1tcd in his llll t:lli and c:1r. he accused!'urlhcr s1.11cd thal l:1:1.rnl'v uhn111111: 1d l l' HJ J 1,1111 r:h.:lcd 111:,rriagc \vi h l:111 1l Khadcja R:.11.i /\llc.lh J\nha d1.:r tn lool and accurnulalc her wealth nd aflcr looling the :-;;1111c. he disg1rdcd l:izr:11 l'h:iclcj a Rtv.i 1\llah /\nha. Th1.: ;1ccw,cd 1 u1 lht:r slated th 1L l lazr:1l 1lul1: d l'!hll ) w.1:, 111 H li.d,11,ii lll..:l. lit: to ld Lh:ll the le ly ;1c.i.; u:,1.:tl lu1 lhi.;r uran is a divilll.' bouk l ul it i:, lll:lll 111;10 '.!,.. J \/ \~,!, ' l.., (~L,1::r:-~ = :.::,-~r. :j :',. ?'~..,-;:-...,_~':T~ ;~ ~ ~ ::... ::-,...:.:\ ;.2.~ ' j~:o~~.: J :..~;a :~~ \ tow,1rd~ lhc Holy ljrophcl ( P13Ul ),ind l loly Our, ,ilso came inlo his knowledge th:1t during lhc inv1.::-;t1g;1t1011, the accusu.l Ms!. 1\ sia 131bi look thl: st.1ncc that the: 11\Vi, had kvdcd the,ilh.:g,1li 11 against her ~s lhcy tried n 111:1~c her l\'ltl:di111 :11al llll ln.:r l l'.l\1:;al, ll c :ilkgalion w,ts 111 tde bul the same sl.111cc L,tl en by the ;1c used Msl. 1\si:1 nihi w:1s 111)( pnl\'t'd. l urthn l, 1t r.1111c 111tn 111:; knmvkdgc th;1t the rclq;ious discussini w.,s s1:1rkd wlwn 1li 01 lle W fl\,lu-.;lirn J:idy ) itskcd!'rn tl!c w 1t1.:1 :111d in 1cspo11sc, 1hc.1cc11:-;cd l\lsi. 1\si;1 nibi \l 1 :1s p1 '!,1..'lll ..:d 1'11: w:1lt.:', lht.: s:1itl 1 1 \\' n.:lusi.:cl h:1, t /d1 inl ii f rom the h:111d nl a 'hn :-.1 i.11, l:1d,..iccusccl /\rtcr' conducting the in, s11g:1ti rn :111J clcclc1ri11g the llst. Asic Bibi ~1: g 1ilty, he srnl b.tck the lilc or this C,SC Lo the SH PS concerned. . l'vluh: :1d.\rsl,,1d Sl-1 J had,ilsu Cl1t1du 1cd lhc he was poslcc.l tl 'S.'ad:1r N;rnk.11 ;1 i;il1ib. Thi; l'vll C' ol lhc PS rl ace :m h rccnrckc.l Lhc slntcmcnls oi' the P \ ':; 1111,kr :,l' .ll\111 (, i ( '1.P.. :inti prepare rough sil1.: pl.. 11 L:-:h l'c. l lc :me.sled the :H.:i.:uscd wi1h the h p or Lwo l:.1dy constables who wrn: in hi:-; :1cc0111p;.111y. le presented Lhc :1ccusccl 1wi-su11 hl l,11l lltl.ludi..:i:tl l\l.1gi::tr:1t.111d th1.:11 scn l h~r lo judici:d Kkup. k :1bu :-.ullll1iuc..: ;111:1pplicL1tiun for the.: 111cdicul cxamin.ition ol lhl' :1c used wlm ( accus~d) rcruscc.l ln be 111c..:dic:1lly examined Thl :1pplk.il1lrn is 1, h 1'1). 1\ lkr Lhul,,... r.,. ,},9!i!:1 r,. '' J,., 1:~.(; u!..~ G..;1 1 ~:.; ') ';' ~,---. ~ '..(.._...Jt. /J ~... ~ ,.,. '.. i,'\ -. t,....,.(. ~. l.,:,... ~;{. ~ #:. -.. ~~.. ~1 r; :. --: : ~:~,_'.; r..::-~.:,~ ~-: J C:.;.:'v.-S-:., ~ ~r::~ ~,} ::.~:t ,, -!5 c -. \ l lll\ 'l's li~:tli 111) Sh.:il lnqrnr;i 7 ;1g;1111st the dcc11s1.: ()'), l'or which he plc:1ded 110L,u j lly.ind d 111amk her trial when: :ller 111 Sltppo1 lo!' its c:1sc, f'ullowing wit,wsscs were produced by the proscc ut i,)n. PW- Oari 1\tl11ha111111::id S:1.ila111 is the cornr lai na11t or th is Ci\5l'. P_W-2 iv1.l. :\!,ilia l~ibi is :111 c_'l',.\flncss ol this t:.1sc. '\\!- f\ l:,l.1\:.~1jlili! i:.. d:,11 :111 cy \ \-llllt::,:; ol lli1s c:1.sc. l'w-..j Mu lrnmmacl 1\1'1.:1 i:; the v. i l ncs:-. o 1 c~ tr.1.i ud ici :ii conks. i 11 111;1dc hy 1!1l' :11.. cusc l b!'me li1111..j r. - luhamm:1d l'ormal R n[' thc i11:-.l:1nt L1-;c. Pi,.w:l!.}_S h~,cl cll;1\kcd out the F,ivcn up being u1h1l'c ss:1ry by th...: k:11'!1 ..:t.l.'\l )P li for th..: St:it..:.111cl :dkr th:ll the lc.1r11cd ClH111scl l0r Lhc co1npl:1inu 11l h~1u l:loscd thl' prnscl't 1t 1on l' 1 lcncdcasc. 9. n her sla lcmcnt recorded under section ]l l :! Cr.P.C, thl.'. v1.:r:,io11 ol the ucc.:ust:d w 1s as 1111de1 :- nm m~ 1-ricd \\ 0111~1 h,wi1,g lwo d;1ughtcrs. l\r\y husband is,1 poor labourer. u~:cd Ln plul.'.k 1:~ds:1 i'rom Lhc planls or Klu h:11111n:1d ldr~c:: 1.tlo11gwi1 ll 11u111bcr _,... or '.) 'J 1,:J \, l'!,,j. L -~? ',,.._-(t') ry fi\ f \,\ \\' , -~ r i(v ~...'' \,~ ~.. ~,,..,,,,.,;,it-\,..,,',,..,' '_.,~~\,_',:~.,,, #, -,t,. s 4.,...'\ /0 v _ t;o -.,... r l~il i and sl./ \. 111;1 l!ihi l'ws qt1:1rn.:kd wilh 111 ove r ktching w 1tc1 w l11ch was o!kre d h_, : Ln hnng 'm ihl ni h111 ilil:y ll'l 11.'ccl,.1y1n r1, th;1t 'ii t tt'l' :1111 'hristic111,. n, the) never lot1 w,th:r J'ro11 the hand o l' 'h1 isti,111. Over thi:--. q11,111\: w:1:; i11su1.:d and ~ :!tot lo\ 'a rcls \ ere c-..:cj1.111gcd hel\\ccll lll_'sc )r,lllll titc P \Vs ladies The!'\\: then :1ppnwche d 0,111 S,1ala111 compla inant through h;:-; \ iii.: who remai ned tc:1chin the both lad ies. 1 lcn c, the l' Ws \.Vere com,pi ring w it h (,1ri '.1nl:i111 got a l:ilsc. l;il ri.::llcd, :111d lic t it i us 'asc :111:1i11sl 111L'. nltnccl 111:,1a1h lo police on 131bk thal h:1d never p:1. scd suc!t dc:rog: 1lnr_1.t11d shumcl'ul n;ma rks ;i slite!o ly Prnphc t ( Pl3U ) ;ind the loly Ou1-.u, ha l' gn.. ;:11 respect and honou r to the J loly Prop het ( 1'11 J ) :1 : we ll as loly Qt 1r:1n and si nce police h:icl co11:,1 ired wit h the i.;0111 lnin: 1nt. it1ll'rl'.'lcd JlLTSl)ll,11Hl liuth!he l:1dit:s r 111:1i1 1cd lt:,11...hi11g lul) ()ur:111 l1n111 li1s w i ll: My l'orcl':ilhc r:, ;11~ Jiv r11µ in tl,is vrl lag~ S i ll c c 1e;i l1 11 o! l' :1k is t an. :1111:11:,il:1h,111l ll yc.11,ild.iml s 111t.:c the :ti k g~d OtTllrrcni.:l crnnp l:11111,k '\\ im th is 111. vcr,.:x isl ag; 1im,l tlil' J am ll ll Ctltll'..lll.'l i ltld 110 pri L '( or t '111 isti:111..\11 much ;ti, llil 1 i rm t:hurd1 ur tile r'.,.. 1 ~ 1 -~ ~ ~ '- ~ ''J - r, 'r' t1 lf Q_v...,,,, ' -~--! o : \ ~ L... ; l L r. 11, i v l' :, 1., 11 L :; y. 111 d tk-r11~ ;11ury n.:111:11 k:,;.1f:1i11:,1 llil hcl1l\vd Jl1opl1l' (). ( PHJl ol, \llal1 and tht.: )r : Uoo! V/ 1 loly Qur:in. PVv' lc.jrccs i~; :ils,,1 111tcrcslcd witnc :s who lw. close fr1n1i/y links with Lheir ~tbovt: s.iicl l:1dies . either Lht: :1ccuscd opted 10 pn duce dcli.. 11c1.: cvi kn -c 1101 lo appeur umh..:r section 3...JO (2) Cr.'.(. l. The lc::1rncd counsel lc1r Liie.. l'u 111 plc1 i 11;111[ ;ugucd l iu t the 1:,dy ac .;usccl J\ 1 Js1. 1\:;i:1 nihi h:1s l iL1cd 1/11,, hl:1splirn y 111 olfr11c uh; ~')5-C, PP(' ;111d ii;1s Llll rcd du n1::11ory rc111:11 / :-l1,w: 11ds 1l1v l /1ily lhitil,1 1d /i;,s cu111111illl..:d 1i1l'. 11/lc11cc u/s 29:i-U. Pl'(. 1 k: l'11rtiil'.r :1rgllL'd th: 11 lhi.: prp.'l'l'tlli1111 h:1:, p10,td it,.i:..c h1 yn11d tlu:,,.. ' '.: n.:.1so11:1hk doubt with ll1 .: hl'ljl o/ cyl' \\ 1111c: st:s, hl'linc wlinn1, the :1cc1.1scd 1.idv tillered dcrogntory ;ind s: 1rc.. : 1stic phr ..:killf the 1:;ils:1 111 thi.; bi.':1 cn1;11k:; wl111l; Ci:1rdc le further prc:,cicd 111to service lhal lhc matter,vas invi;sti[,:llcd b)/ 'P ( lnvc :,;tig:1ini1 ) Shc ikh upm.i who :tiler thoruugl1 invc:,ti~.itin11 :ind p11ihc dcl'l:rn..:d ht., si~1 Bil accu. eel ~is guilty. Thu~. the P\.V-(, lus cc111r11l'd the vcrsior o/' f)rosecu wrthm 1L nny dou unnnirnous in Lime, corllr.rdio11s in bc tw ccr :; 110 ;1sst:r11bly was b:1ptizl d 111 the.: vill:r~,l wlrl-rl i11 lhl: :1ccu:,L'd prr~;1111 w.is c;:1/lcd ;ind.'ihc :1lso co11ks.-;l'd lier t',11if1 :1ud f l l)l11:1:1i: 101 pa rd on. le :llso opined llrnt there :11 c SP n1:11 1) '.hr i. li:111 :.!1 :111;. rr1 the. :1nic vi 1!.1.1 1,L :don/.:' with Mu:;1111 1;; :.iri, ~!:'L'H.:r: hul 101 :1 singll: incident or such natu re look pl:11.:c in the p:1st l1011i lic.: 1rntio11s i.e. Chris ti:1ns :111d f'vlwili111o.;.rn !cr:11H c lm,:11d:; ihc rcl1girnrs kelings :ind. fo1l h Pl. t::1ch u1l1n. l l;1d :111, i11c1dc.. r11 111 hl;1,plwr11y 1.. c,1 lr:1ppc11cd or 11ccun1.. d p:isl, lhc1c liould C : \.. l;, ' t '\ \. M'Ot,,'l,.,, J ~ \. \... :. tj ~: ~:l 1 (rj,t -...' n havl: been cri111i11;1] cases or rc li~1ous altcrg1tion 111 the vi11~1gc are iiv111r it) :1 S:1111 .: village with ;t ljllilc lltll'lllolly l ff..:spc 'livc nf' thei r n.;ligious di ffcrcnccs of J'uiths.rnc.J emotions. L was a unique ~,nd 1midc11 1r11..:idcm in lhc history or the vii nge that :1 Christian l,1cly did the offcn .:i.: or blas1 hcmv. sn. tlh.:1l', 1:1s no rh:ec.l on tl1c r,ul or con pl.1i11;1111,tnd the P\:\/s lo 1-c11ort the m:1llcr Lo lhc po l ice. They,hould h:1d n0l 11:;kncd lic s:11m. t.: 1'1rllH:r l.'..'il;!hlishc 1!1:11 r1dl vigllr tlt:ll there is no any pn;v1ou:, enmity i11 hclwl'(l t lhc.: 1..:0111 l;1in:111l. P\\'s ind or th. r,111il: or J;1dy (H..: .:uscd which 11Hlicnli..:s Lh:1t then: is no nnlalidc rn ultcl'lur 1110Livc rn the pa1 l or lic l nmpl:iin:1111 :ind PWs!11,, ;1rds tlil hdy,1 .:n1:-;cd. le li.1rlht.:r sl,ltcs that nothing has been produced by the be., accused in his dt:l't:nc,: which aj.-o rnrtili d th-: l.!.llill nl' lht.: :1t.:cusr.:d. f ft: su cd ur his s1;1ncc ancr suhmitling lhal hoth the P\Vs i.e. PW-2 and fjw- ' : :u wd ;incl :11.1JP1 1 i1 : :11H 11, :11: ii tile P:ird:1 1!:1.shc.:e11 ~,: ). They slwu ld 1wL hcc11 p11t Lhc111selvcs in the witncs. hox \\hik c 1111i 11t' i11 llil cnurl l\'.:1, K r~. ii the i11cidc11l h;id no l hci.:11 ot c111ted rn be th the '\\/:,; 1.1tf not l1stcnctl tile sarc;1stic r 111:1rk-; or blasphemy Su,!h .: k:1r1wd L oun:;cl rn1ph;1~i1.cd th:1l 11lc h d1 1.il { ;ov 1111m 111 pririr lo tlil' l'l')',1::!1.,111i1101 tli1:, L,1:;c :11d lic. :11m: li:,s been nbt;1im:d bcl'nrl' the lndt~ing ol' Lile 1:iy., sccn 11c.ll y l, :1; 1 il,1li..:d rn1 the scnr th: 1l 1hl 10 or llit.: r:111k ol s' can invc~.lig:tlc 1!1c :1:--1.: l,f'hl.i:;plil'.111_)' liul lllily 1\:--l li:1:: i11vc:--li~ :1Lcd lilt.: case. Th,11 :111 the P\V:-; :m: interested,vilncsscs ' l1cy ha c 11c1L wit11csscd or 11:-.l 11t.:cl tile hl1sphc 111y. 130 i the.: gi r ls :11d the curnplain,rnl llimscll' :111..: ii interes ted witnesses. le l'urlhlt. t:1tcd lhal nn nllcrc:nion tonk ph.:c on 14.6.~0 9 ;11 lli .: f-als:1 Ci;11clo.:n in bctwcrn Lhc P\.Vs,. 1 0:. 1, ~-,:..... z);: \..:. - t-.i...) \i t:...,,.-- '..,-,.. :111d tht l:1dy ;1ccuscd u11 fi.:1cl1i11t 1 1l1l,,.1 11.T.111d ii 1:, pc1li1w111 tn t1h.:11tio11 here lh:1l th1; f\lusli111 l:idic:; 1 L /w1. d lt1 tl1111k water at the hi111tl nr!ml acrnscj ho is :1 C'11 is1i.111 :111d just lo s,1lisly the gnrdgc and just to teach the lesson to the l hristii\11 l:1d_,. l'\v s,me! the cn111pl:1in,1nt has concocted the :~111ry l) r bf: 1sphc111_v just 10 hook the 1.idy :tcc11sed in :1 c1 i111111:tl c:1sc :inti tu gl t h:r pu11i.-h1.:d u11lkr a 111.::l\)' \\'l'ighl cfl.1q,!,1;. l:v c11 thhcr\\'isc, 11(1 oc u ri c ncc took pl:1cc and no derogatory rcmn rks nnd s;1rcastii.: rcm:.irl s ha vc be '11 uttered from the mouth f the :::iccused toward s the J-loly pronhct llld ho ly f3ool. le l'urth1.;r st n..:sscd that tlii. 1:; :1 J;1nci Jul dr~1111c1 against the Christi:111 m1no11l) s1:11_t,l d by th.: i\lll:,li111 1\b j t11ity :111d lh\.: dr:1111:1 h:1s bcc 11 pl:111tcd a a nuci:il li111c when :-.t) 111a11y sul'11 like 1ncidc11ts l1:1vc K c11 fi:1ppl 111..:d 111 u111 b1.:lnvl d 1. 1n111l1) nf': ucli 11,llmc. k f'urlhl 1 p1l'.-!-l'd 111ln st 1 in: th.it lht. 1-c i:; ;1 s h .:cr L:ontr:id1 ctio11 in bc;t\ 'ec.:11 lhi.: s L;111.:1n .:111 : ul' ;ill 1lw l'ws 0 11 Lile sco, c or 11umbcr of lhc people ga thered 111 th public g::ilhcring where the l:1dy,1ccuscd was ulso surn cd it11d line she made so ca lled lr,1.111dici,ll 1.:1 nrcs s io 11. P\V :11 r:1t d th e m1111 bcr 111' pcnpk g.illicrcd there as OOi-, :hill! l'\v- :2 op 111cd L,ls 1000/- :u1d PW-J 11:is ill' L irt. d :1s ~O(Hl/ pl:1.' Oil Luo! ti l1j1n:1tinn. 1 he :1rncd ddi.' 11t. c,h111, 1 c l1'.,nl h1:; ;1q t1;1w111s hy sl:i li11~ lh:11 Llic.: p1 osi.:cut11,11 misl 1 al il_ f.11' Ltl st :111d on it s )\\111 legs ;111d to prnvc tlte gu ilt u l LhL.H),1cl 11. cd w11i1 lllls lwkc,tblc.i11d con fidc11cc.: in. piring cvidcn 'l', hence, ;1s lhc rl is nu p1cvious rccmd 1 of s 11d1 c;1scs 0 1 lhc p,,1 0 1 the :1cc11 ;ccl, siil' L' :1n r1 1l ll'd r1 )ll t: 1:1 ri 1,l.:. lh1; F:! '.. (i.~! ; &..,... '1 ~.\ :::- ;.... ;' l. ~, ~ \,, i. ~,,. ;..,.,..,.- c1h111-.;d l nr both lhc p:1rt1cs :111 1 h:lh' :11... o pcn,sed!he t'l'co,d. 111:1,ior nbjcctions. Lc;.1J ncd th:lencc.: t: 1 111si..:.,., hik L1rgui11g r.ii_ ccj tow ) Thn the invc:,tir :1lio11 w:1s 1H1l C\111 luctcd by an); 'P rank Orticcr bul w:1s 1;1Lhc1 concluctcd by only.1 'ub-!11. j)ltl,11 ;111d J '1''1: l'l' 1111.::11111 \\, 1:, :,l' kcd t,y till' Prnvinr.:ial r Crntr:il JOV Tn111cn1 prior ro Lhc rcg.1st1,1lio11 or tile i11:,1:111l case which wns 15. w,1; 'o for as Lhc lirsl objection is Clmt.:cl'llcd. the c..:,1sc f.t ..lu,dly invc::;tigatcd by Mr. J foh: :,d 1\111i11 Uukh:1ri. SP ( l11vcsl1g,1lio11) SltcikhupurL 1. l le \\'hik,11111l:1ring in li1l wi1111..::;s box a: P -( sl.1lcd th:1t the 111vcs1ig:1lio11 nl' lic c1sc 11;1:; cntruslcd 10 ltim vitk Ltt:r No d:1tcd ~( . .2 09 i~sucd hy DJG/1\PO Shcil hupl11.i and he i11vt:slig:ilcd Lht: c:1::-: ll1 llougl!ly :111d 1..:c..:01d..:d tht: slalc111c11ls under section 1h1s ohjl-c1io11 :111d lic.: very bc.:ginnin k,11 netl counsd did, hire 11)1111. (J Cr.P.l '. So, lht:1l 1s 111 rurt:c.: in 1 11.: (1. :v 11 Olhc.:n 1 isc.:, lhi..: L:llll'!1.111cc l l Si:cl1 ) Cr.11.C. is lo be given in case of ~in offence.: u/s '.295-1\, PPC but SC\..Lion 295- C, l'pc wns not r rcscnt therein, so, lo n.:,1cl section 295-1s p.,n o J' scc.:1i n ()6 Cr.'.(. w1 uld amount 111 kgi:,;l.11 ion. \Visdom or lcgisl.1lu1c i 11 1hls 1\:gard ch.ilkng.c. 17. i11lcrj'1..:rc ll S( iri t of co ul d H L c.: fjms~1.:u ion rroc.luccd botlt the 1:idici; vl1t :ire Ll1' eye.: ' ' ~,. '!,...,,._. :.'J n.:111.1rk. ( l~l:1:,1111:111) ) 1\ : 111.1ddu1t,.:a:d. l'w-] and J \V.J, \Jst.,.,,.., l'vlitli.i l3ibi and r-- 1 1:,l 1\~111a ihi wiiik ;1p1 c;1ri11g i,1 the wrlnc~s box narrntcd ~11 Lhcy lislcrn.:d. PW-2 i'.jst. 'J:1li:1131bi has clc;p scd on o:11h that on Suncl:1y, she :Jong with l:.;l. Asma Jibi, field or hilsa in the vil l;1gc. The ;1ccusc:d s. /\si: 1 Bibi is Ch rislian h) 1c:ligi 11c :tl'cllm.:d J:-;t. 1\s1:1 l31!i1 1 rcscnl 111 the .:oun tatecl beli rc him :incj others llwt l l,1zr:1l luh: :id (PU Ul 1) 'd! 111 o, lhc bed une h pr ior tn li,. dc:1111 :111d N:1tHl/, llill;1h ( ). the i11scc1s were dcvc/opctl,c1 c.1h:d in!1i:-. 11uutli :md c::1r. Th(; ;11.. cusctl'urth1:r st:1lctl f l:11ral,\folt :11rnnad (l'13u J [) cnnl rnclcd 111:11Ti:11'c \\ ith f-lnra Kh.iclcj:1 R~1/i 1\Jlah Anlia just in order lo fool her wr:lith :111d at'lcr ot111g lhe :nmc. the loly PropJ1ct cliscarclecj J h1z1al 'Jrnck~j,1 Ra;,j /\ll:1h /\n h:1..slw i'urlhcr lo/d that lhc Holy Our.in 1: not :1 divi11l' ho /.; but it has bcl'n wrillcn/co111pilcd by you, f~ /' J.. i\luslim s. '! lie PW 11,tn.iLc:cl :t!j lhic; ll l)jn \1aJ:1111. Mu h~1m111uci l/,il ;111d 1 1 1til lit:1r /\h d L'lc. wl n t':111 d :1 public i~:1lh1. 1 i11g in tht.: vill:1l'c \\ lier' lhc: :1cLw,cd /Vlst. 1 ~1.1 ll1h1 w.i:, aj.,o brouw.ht :111d she ilt.!, Td lier P11ilt in 1l1c pllhlr1. r:11/w11 1g :111d:,;lie :lisn n.:qucslcd the p:1rdn11 J V-J,lC(.;USC.:cl l'vl~,l. /\si:1 f3ibi plt1c.:ki11' lhe J 'alsa. 1 ht.: accus1..:cf Msl. 1\si:1 P ibi i;j Christ ian r1..: li1~io11. urin g the plucking nr Fak1, the :1ccuscd Mst.!\sia Jibi n:11 r:1tt:d bclc rc her and olhers th.it J l:v.r:1l \ lul1:1111nwd ( 1'13 UJ ) lcl/ ill on lilt bed ont mouth prior lo his dc:ith,llld the insects were h:11. h-:d lrnlll his mouth and c..ir. She lunl 1cr 1.kclarcd lh i! l l:t%ral Muhammad {Pl H) conlructcd the in:1n i:1gc wilfi l l.t%rat Khadej:i c1,.1 /\ll 1h 1\nha in orde r lo loo t her wc,tlth um! nfkr fooling lhc
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