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color scheme errulliled effort of Cheaper Thall much (heaper Flesh tender flowar 15 cts. quart. Tender Potatoes 2S Phone 87L NEWARK POST ~ - \'01, ME V NEWARK, DELAWARE, WEDNESDA V, JUNE 4, 1913 NUMBER
color scheme errulliled effort of Cheaper Thall much (heaper Flesh tender flowar 15 cts. quart. Tender Potatoes 2S Phone 87L NEWARK POST ~ - \'01, ME V NEWARK, DELAWARE, WEDNESDA V, JUNE 4, 1913 NUMBER 19 COUNCL N POLTCAL NEWS LEVY COURT NAMES Nk SCOUTS REGULAR SESSON D Houchin Candidate F 0' TAX COLLECTORS ewar T o Sewer, BG DAYS FOR NEWARK Carnival Amusements E xempt 1 S \ M. F L' enator Appointments Made L ast easu re Carnes at Special rom lcense ' Th d Elect b L M ,,, 1 With (ll thc lllall)' qllesliol1f; oe u rs ay on y arge ajonty Local Company Take Part, n Field Meet l'r ,, ;lllt, at\l!'~\a { \l'tll ] o n ~ lofl'c l'ed 1'0 1'.' kill ill lh ' diffel'cnl A a l f'rtiug' of 1'0\\'11 (' U (;' 1 (wal publ i in ll' 'pst a nd disc.' ioll \,,', h~':~ 1 ~~ ,ced,;c,ttl'l' evl' ll t.., the 'l!\:rl'k b,o),1; 'cccivpd 1011 l\lollday 11 i 'h ( 1 he l'epo1't ~f ; hie,!,hl'callll' 110':' 11, th is wet' k tha t pol-,thl' Lt,\,,\, Court ur,...,,' ('i, ;;t '.1\ t :\ sl.h'eih l, l't!1)!1 1\\ ld!til Nut - hl,l',' lh~ ~{,;\l, llk B?y routs 1l1f1l1y ~,'o l'ds,ot: pl'hsc fo l' t.h e tl'casul'e r sit wl' c1 JHlnn e of :j;:l' lltles \'n, l'l'cl'lymg dul', all?l1tloll, (olu~ty nlllloull~, tl the la eolll'cl~ ll ld,it,\'; ' '\lil l:k t ('t'd, b,l' H large 11'1,0 l ,l'p '11 ed th c ;, hn dan, spl'lll1d,s ~O, l\'lug,madc, 'rhc com,- 1 3 ',;l:~, tli 'ect 01l1111i t (cor bills \''ll (h? ugh the cam p,l~)) f Ol'l'!' O'S for t11f' va,1'lolls 1\11 ll'ell'l,n~l l)'~t, ~til a 1'1'l'l'' XVi'; l'lll 111,1i i'1(:;n l1pl111' n~ nlld ~e~d, eet 111t~e(' 01. H)('c11011 ga ve much amoll itiing to $:114 'wl i ht a ),l' 11')11 th e futlll'', ])1', A' lb nl' ' rillll' ~ d ~,\', as 10110\1 ;, alld dlspo,'u l plant, l ' ld l'l' tit, 1'('- ilt {'llh s, (''pck ~ n 1h r V Clllli,\' of lrallsr, elllll ha.'izing the splpnd id wa ll'' COlllmittee bills l no' (~ \,~ llollc lli)), the l knowl vetimll'- Wh ltl' 'a ~ ' ( ' 'L'ek-F(l '' l'~1 \y, Cl'l t acl oc l.jt'gislutllrl', a hill WH \V ~t J'Jl.'HlL'lp l H,,'om oj'!l e l?l'og l' s~ th il'oop had made for to lj;675,hl W('... nllow~d : c ' ian, will be it C:11Hliclnle 1'01' Ht all' JJovpll; J; H lSl'd lfll ing pl 'oyisio li fl 'll ' a 'Chll: , 1'1 ill,nr L1 nl l ~ollle 011 l1?co~l ll ~?l' hn VlUg been ol'ga nizl'll ou ly On motion 01' C'ollD cilllla n 'Wilson ~rni1 tol',on,t h Repu bl iea n tickel 1 ' 'CH~ l c r-borl~ :\lcc(),~ ': il' ' l1 d llm 1'01 (' wltt' 'eb.l' tll l' l'opcl'ty of dl.',phj; t,1ll ' n~,lll lhc Hl''l;fl of SllCC 1\1a l' (! h,, t he Pi ' GompallY will bc fu1'is \t ed 11'01 11 t 1L (lst ~ ' CL. fl., S CC(,SSO ', to \ ~,~, (. ',\:,k-]', 111' , ~, ~ :,clu,; oll:n ,'~ ('oul, app'o'l' 01: l'('jl'ct tile 11l11. l 'll1 S, Doc (Paul ) [.~, Dan,B ea rd, D.ll'ectol' POl,'ter aml wit h lighl am \ lt r frce d w i 19 ])1',.! ''il llk Ell ison ot: Hed l J!oll l h l'lh tliljla ~'W 1l, 10 l fhlla ; ]11:11s ;)1t\H11 t('d hy h t Np\\'l' ' Olllis 1' .,itin.\' \'ollhl hal' bec n with lll\l ~' 101 l'd v isitors were present. the Cnl'lli~'n l and 'ally a1ll1ls e l~1el:t.' ~'ho se t l'm xpire ~ (' d Lion-,J ohll C, ~lu ek(,, t; 11SqlOl Hnd,thl' '\'011' 11 ('oullci \., ii' l,n,'s had hc not 01',l'slrpt,.' 11' nny splendid tl'ibut wer c given b1'ougllt hcl'e for that event wil l be ' The call1li lacy of Dr, lonch in l. GC 01:g ~s-:-geo l 'g: K H,ho(l!'s:r A, ~ ( ' \' C ', io l' ~l'\'a l 'k ' ll~, 1Jl'Pll, a lit hl' Pl'ow!,anel RnXlOUS plll -nt o,n the gl'l:,ut snccc, of the 0 ca- xemp 1'1'0111 payment of a 101l'n, has bccll' the subject of political ['u- o1\ ppo(jullllllnk - ; :a thnjll el \ QU l'stl010i. publc alld ]l l'l. nte e!j. - il to S'C tlwn' hoy.' oft sl~f y, D r, s ~on, Dan Roal'll sn icl, No othcr li een 'C, 11101' for sollle tim bul uot unlil Van ' )1 ;,,' C~ ~8slon fol' yeat's and this stamp 1\1.'\'ill~ :tlld ~rr, ~hn il z c nj ~) Cllh' ~~t~' ill the c onntl'~t could 1 01l~h it. ' ''h Jl ousr ('ommittee \nfo a u- ' this weck wa s hi, ' posilion c1.. finit cly 1 ~ 1 :1~ ' ~l l': ~l Hl'l',~ ~ vv.00,d kel P l'l'; ~ \ J appl'?,~:ll, ~,:, s n~'gl' n l~lajo rily \1'11' 11h tlteuo)s, lls speaks,\'ell for the l'alld pro- thori z('(llo get b'l f,', l 110ll'n, 'Whcll '10k to 1),)' a rep- N~ (B;!lC-:-,J, L, l H) Ol, ; S l O t b l 'ltlf)llg 10 hohl'mll're. t- 'll' \~ \ r A D PJ'OFf'L' 1'1 1 'J'PRS tlt l' ~eoul lllovem h as llla ]e ', b, 1 All s,01 HOll ga,?s 1 1' ('~e llt n 1' \,,, of The Po of nl' Houch,l'al UY''''lllc-F'H llk l, lll ll' ', ('d, ' 'rrtp 11 Phllatlclpllla and V1Cll11ty, fj'ont or til cl np, Ther ha U' confirmcd the l'epol't, and \1'111 1 ' r ',~n 0 lie,) 'O~t'S \'as ]1o11ell, ,_, 1\,' ',,, ~?' ' ',,c, LV l' P ae C on caclel11y, tred ljl, n ~,., ', \. tt l ' (l ' Ttl' hoys thoroly enjoyed thl' l ol] R STATE L V'l'BD considel'rblc UllnOV '\ C b bc C:1l placo hi.. nh me wl'ol'r tit p ('opl'~, S el' vlce s n M. E. C emet'!:'y,9. i\'l,leu 4090 l\'l' 'e fo ' lt t,) sewc',, ',-' ' ' ' n ~ 0) s rot' ll ' ' A!thongh there 1'f)o,; COlllillkl'ablo ~1:alJ~' 111 :,lll'nl..?1ll0nlc by boat, Reo llt!; \l'l'l' il1vitrd 1'0111 N ,T W H'11 ]l1:jflolc'rs bal ,p C' hc' : ' 01 lilt! ! lul' tlo'iul. Day l'xl''cihl'8 ll i'! f' ~' l aljpo.. itioll, the 'ote ill favo l' of th e lit!' 1Pl' llng or c~ut Mustel' Ga l'- York N' ' J C1'i;C,' Delawal'c a 11(1 loek- ljl 111 1hr pa. t an l t he gatcs! Hepl'OSc nt,ntl1'l' fofll'ckl'', 1'('- tile dir!'ctioll of HeYllo lds P o~ t. G, lmpl'ovl'jlll' ll( l'ils 1l11lf'1t h l''''( 'l' th, ': k ,~ '~,!,, ~,'ot ',n 'CO,?P P on n'. n,.,,;,; '0 ;. no don b t ' ton ,, 1'1,,,,,.. P ; , Uypco,,~ me:,' ;:, 'h ~ p hi;, 'Y' A, t. ' 10; 2 , w,, ,,,, d ; h ,i w 1 P ''0'1;,kd,, ~ 11~'1ll ) l~ nl!:l.,hm!?~ 'Y'l,l- bnt thnt PlllaJ, p11a has hecn th t was l1 ('c lllcd to lta ll ~ the nr- ~;~T \- ~ C, of h ~ \'e ~ :)' eft 1'~ t,v e ' ~' O'k n l.'k 1. K 'Cl1etl'l:Y nst J 'nda,-, - 1ll1llg:loll \ns a plul. R ~lt af ~H, rllls centrj' fo!' el'er tjng much of the 11- S '.'8111 '111 booh; up l'l'i h '5,. He p1 's('nlat lvl' Oil 1;\ hll' Clay, Hacks d CO l'rlted \\'J th flags ('OllVl',V- D l C ' 'oojllta... beell orgt1l11zcll or thrc t m iasll1 and activity inanii'ested in slol'e on Monday, JUl 23, h,m; bce n. P01 ell o~,!1~,,th n ex 1 cr about forty s 'hool child l'('ll 1f) _.awa~~ ong~e5sman, -. , ' he ,,,,,m,n t tln-ongh, t h' t, t, nt,,,, .,., 0 r 'on d'..,, 1 n, ,',.',,,,,,1 0 1 h ; ,1, h 11. 0 ,1., who rollow;ng tho As.'gned 1 0 Comnuttees _,llld~ l'~~'a,'u} 'e wus lffonlec! t~lc aboyl' mrlltion 1. lite llatt )' of ulltomlobiks v\~ ~~~~~~ urged 111m to b, co:n~ ~ c 1ll (ll clate old.'oldiel'., :trc'ed t!owl'l':; O'Ci' j{ppl'csnla iv(' n'ol'kso,1 o~ Del- 1',s h,\ bullg,blc lo ~n d and C- YVERE L' S ~ t he autol1lobil n\\'s and toil'll ol'dr Jllt 10 dat he hd, 'l\lscd to do so, til gnwe of drpfll't.ed rollll'adc', aware has upl'n a' s io'jl(' 1 to thrpe ('l' '' lli's,',lo'('s to and from th ~ ~, b ' \Vl n spokcn t. 1\1 U f' ] 'ollowing thc singing 01 Am 'l'ic-1 i1l1pol'lant eo 'tt 0, ' 1;' All P l', 0 ,' d mong th01600 ,ml who th... ugh,,, ud ' nth,,' w, y. t ,fu, d to mok uy,to tom on tlm ov, L, K.,01, d? ,,,d. hot t, 0 , ~.., oo ,m, U,,, ' wan,hi,s h~ tit el11a hore alld\1\otasin g les J'ion accid nt 01.'- ll ances ycxc ec C ln ~ th e sp eedlllnlt 0, r, o ec,e r, ~ ' ' p ', ',' 1 ' 11ll~; 1 ee'l llt.,l 'mlholl- ;lol,~;,~o~c~ lhiny Pl~o~StaObl:lg~;~d part.icipated,)n t he en,caml; mel,)t, wa,s docid d to in truct the 'towil thel' than 10 say, he was not a can- a,ddl'ess', lu'gm g tl~ S latcl' gell cra,, 1 ~n,nllgl' H to ~l, Hilt!,Jatul'fll iza tioll; h,:'1 i h r . t;o! lot, bo., .0,m,,,b lot. , lion and boy '0- obio, to got y' ~ 0 m b, ol 'h, i did. to ' th;s tim ~ t:,oo ' 0 , nd , hm' sh,:o 01,,,. ~ o' 'g',, ~, gh,ud t..,,!, , ',) tjv1ty und er Pl'Ol el' management. cellf:e of: the ill'. t VOlator for prose- 'ce n the batt.les of llg~lt,apj clctlon of Pl l: l!ent.,,vh! ,p'f'fi!lll' lt h((~1,:r 'J'~ pn;r,uadelpha 'rhe occasion how v 1', was some- cutlod,, Wollaston Made wrong, that con l:o ~l to'ev~l'y l11dlvld- a.ll~! r e Pl'eS() ll~alll' l'~ l) C'ong.'('~s, -j COU L what lllalted by a scrious Rccident lvartin p, 1cCalii tel' WHf; ele t- ~l,a l \11 th the passll , of each day, lhe Jl0f;~ llnpol' lhl t OL t ll esj j, Till' ;\ell'al'k. 'cou ts extcnel a vote in the n atlu'e of a rather s vcre ed extra town offjcer in place of Road Supervisor \~h spea:,er pressed upon L~l e tlt,c O: e 011 rnnjlgratiun :l lld U1tLJ'- r thank to th e, Phi,lad,elphia man- lesson, A visiting boy, apphrently William l\1ol'l'ison, After sh err we,ks failure to c ~,1 ( ren t l C truth that rght Will a,l l za,t ~ on This co mmi tt.'~e,,'. cun- H 'J11f'nt fo r belllg 111 V ted to par- tdd l' no supervi 'ion carried onto agree on Road S up ervi. 01' fol' t llumph, ', sidel, elt ~ h e 1~ ' ese nl ;e,;;'n Ol a bi ll to tirirate in 'uch a splendid ly 01'- the g l'ounds a clynall~ve detonator CHURCH \Vll ite Clay Creek undred the H ead of Ch,l'lsttana a~~ the Epls- r e st rl c~ 1 1ll11ugra llo 11, and plcl l'c ln 'anizl'd mid ma nag d m et, used for signal work 11) stopping L evy Coul't met last week and copal ceme~e rl es w,ere VSted, twen- ed,ncatlona l qu,llltfication 01) flil il. l- 1 1.'''' thcrc al' who r ealize th e illl- trains, Whether he thrcw it forc- elected Cha rles p, Wollaston to ~y graves the ~o rm e r and th~' ee nllgl'ant,8, S,antieip tl'tl h nt mrnse amoljnt of encrgy time and ibly to t he g round at his feet 01' l'nd l' the au.'piees of the La- that position, lvl', \VoLlaston re- 11) the R ttel' belllg mat'ked Wth thc!'e mil be a big fight on the bill WOl'!',\' that is r equired to p lan and dropped it into a camp fire i ~ HOt dies ' Aid Society of Glasgow P'es- c ived the Republica n vote, Mal'- f1owel's and t ~ c G, A, R. ~ ag,,foul'- rrl'('rtly CHrry out such a big pro- known, but it exploded a nd teltibly byt rian Church, a musical and li t- tin Smi th, D emocrat. Levy COUl't- teen old soldlel's are bul'led t he gram, t WRS by a ll oelds the big- lacerated his face and hands, A cl'a r,)' enterta inment will be given man from White C lay p laced ex- M,,E, Cemetery,,!{l'st scout event ever carried out Ncw J ersey troop of sconts quickly on l\fonday, June 9, by lvrs, How- Hep'esentative Andrew Fishel' in ~h e cus,to,m of t~l e tolhng of b e ll ~ n A me r ca, xtcen hunch'ed Boy fo rmed l.1 improvised stretchel' an h Pyle, SOPl'allO; Miss C, Cath- nomination fo' the same position f~l five mmcltes,from 12;00 to l~, O ;),'couts and t\l'o thousand visitors ana cnrried him to the Red C'OSS a rin C' Zock, alto ; George McHugh wh o received the complimental'y ,as observed th is year ~or t he first nteresting Services At OUs Chapel Last Su.nday the congl'egation of Otts Chapel obscrved C h i l d r ell'~ SuJ;tday with gl'eat success, '' he o ~ caslon was especially pleasant as wpre (aken care of at t he encamp- tent wh el' fir't aid was given, Boy tenol' ; Fl'cderick W yatt, bass ; vot.e of the Democl'atic mcmbcrs or t llnc, 1111' 111. Scouts do l Ot ca1'ry fit'ea rms or Palmcr H.r.y n r, violin ; lviss h cn the 'O\ll't. Popular Feature Of State Fair t he chapel has been n ewly repnired, a ~ e~ roof and porch provided, t h ~ L()(',\ T fo)l A01D SAN'l'ATJO~ fil'ell'ork.', Ca T' is el'y'!j el'e em- l ultoll, locutionist; liss Huth PE ' RF'E T phasizcd, ' Erie!(so l1 accompanist. N 1 lk' ot a mg But Working nch plersure \l'a, afl'ordell the,'co -'1'.' LEARN ~f ~)ly Chi ld1' ' ', Day \'ill be obscn 'cll \ ',,()~ ', in intel'preling the scout ig ns LE' ONS Ht Ebcllz ' (,hill' h on JU1, SlJnply )prans~ til publ C, S imlic'hti ng the trail to camp, An Care of public pl'operty was ''he, el'v i will brogin al 10,30, J J ~l e a l'lt115 1l0thlllg fro:l tll c H.rlJ lva l ar row \'ith squal'e a ttached, dra\l'n pl'omptly, Laught by the eli,mis. al t h l'lfl' ni llg hl','l' will b anoth ' l s no Slg!l that th e F l ' e me~l are 110t with chr k on boa rd 'oek 01' 100' land sendmg home of a scont fol' pc 'i ll, flp1'vi 'f' by (hl!, on lj' p co_l blls,', 'hc 'ev l'h C'Oll llnltlces al'e 'ignifi rs thrt wi thin ' thl'ce p ace~ c,ll ltin g- ~l, m~l tilating g rowing p ip of til t! 'h m ;,,b 1lll!l'Ling lild plans al'p being ce, tln tl l' l' a st.o ne cou ld br follnel a let- \ tmber, Salll tation :l1lcl pl'op 1',,\'H - feci d-a wi h thr determination tr'!' of ill stl'u t ioll.', Thc boys, evcl' te :' s~lpp l y wa s thol'oly cmphmnzc'cl, '1:11(' Hdil''; of J;;\Jl'l1eZ P l' will hold 1 10 m l \; r thi, t h ' C:'l'atl'st 'nl'l1 il'h D til 1 t ] lltl' ' alllll ll1 l stl'a wbcl'l'y e timl in ('\'C' ', :t1 '' t in,cout craft, discovered 1 he S] e( Va Pl' WflS scl vec on t 1 t li e \)U SCl CJ t of t11 (' 'hnl'ch Oil! T ' ', ttel' find hac! no difficult y in find- g l.'onnc\s, Th ll.'e of crrek water '1'1111l'sdn v l'v(' l1i ljg,,j nlje l ~lh, f, No,L ltly Hi th,c :,P11'1 t, of 111'.'1'(' illt! the b 'aulifully loca tl'(l camp \'as, tl'i tly ~urbidd e n, Disciplinc 'lol'lly j) ~ l ( li n t 'd Cn l'jl \'H l suce 'ss t h all' but :1. 'h i('h \fs completely hi(lclcn in a was mol'c ' [1'1 t y enfol'cerl than ill 'ell ing, ' ) 1.'1 llll 1,,1 U ay a r e~ l,jl:.' in 58,pl'opositiol,l-thatl 1 'ld on Cob1 's ( 're k, On l'ench- a nal'lny camp, G1 Hrds w(, 'e on J' , 1 of pl'ovlcllllg a fll' pl'o tecllo n, thl' illg thc, ull1mit OV (,l'lookillg t.:le dut,v, thl' ollo' h ~ llt the elltin- uighl, ,( v, h, C J l'etty1lr n, pa, t.ol' oc boys arc not rlpp ali ng sole' to ('l lp, tile boys hat! thcil' first d ~plte thc r lll~j., J ~, )(:.', ~'Zl' \l'tll 1 Ol,HllcL ~11.-a ll-d ~1~ ' thc,gencros~ty of the citiz(,lls L11 to a limpse of the ha ppy hulltlnrr t 'HR, Crl'lalllly all1n~lllg to sec' ~el\1 con Sl l (.a ,,jun ),), D l- th l'll' goodjudgell)c'nta'\\' l, l! l'ollllds, a sight long to hc rcmcll1- holl' allxlolih 1 he young ' b y. ill l el'f'l t speakpl's \1'111 bc Pl'l\ clll, t h ' ' ' l' l'cd, The.'tal'.'pangle] Ha.l1n r l' 'h e 10 nl tl'oop \\rrc to go on guarll sl'l vi,'1' to wgin,110,45, his Cllglne wtll b H pu bl ic n.'- d ' ) d t L ' t c.. C '. 1 1,, srt,!lot tbe prop rty of th e fi1'c jlp( eefully f' UP'Cl1 C, wa ve 111 t he,11 ya m gl,..:jom alll'( ol',c'a, J. stl'l\\b l' ~'l':v fl's lvn wl~ 1 b,' compan,)'-tll al is, it will bc at th e,rpezr, long tltnl igltt ' \1', oj' white hz(' thrt 11 gua l:d should ~ c!j ' L, li eld h,l ~ e \'~ ' n illg,,jull C 4. nnd ;), by sl''viec of th e public, Ayain if 1'1 11, sl l'etchcd all'a y ill thc c1i. _ a nd thr g la l'l' of an el Ctl'lC Hm;h thr fltl ws o[ Ul as o\\']l.l. K ehnl'ch, l 11'0 havn't,nff:i cir!lt public sl;irit, tlll1('p, Slowly l'i si1;g ol 1imm; of lamp, to&,l'll P ' will i a ca lling ''h ( l'c will bc sp cia l.' 'v iccs in ' ' f ' 1110[( on cvc l',y ha lld indica tcd t l e by,a spcc lal gual'd was Dr l' S:l l'y to, \\'1 )C a t, t ulsposa 0 1 e 1l- JO' of lull 'h, Activity every- bl'lt1g abolll the 'P ropel' quietns, the J'l'e,' byl'l'ia ll lllll'cll, N \' ll'k divid unl wh ell iii l 'l'd, l (' xt 'linday, both mol'lin g lind llljpl'( \Vhy sho!lld thr,cout mas- SuLu'flllY morning a gencral r e- evclliug, At ]0,30 a, 111, Chi lllren 's l't' ha lt fol' r est \\'l en thc goa l is view of: a il troops in the encalllp- J)llY pl'ogl'hm wi ll be l'elld(o['cd by Graduatin g Class At Delaware ~() urad H e Jllllo't havc known tha t mpnl took place, Prel'cl'cnce was pupils or Lh e Snnday School. '' 111 'l'w('n ty-o n yollug men will r c j't was soon a matter of d etai ls for g ivcn to sco uts wilh llonol' badges, lllusie i. peciall y bright am pl'et- ccive their diplomas fl'om Delawa re \'nl,' ', details fo: wood, tl etails fo [, Mel'it badgc', t hen f il'st clas.' scouts ty and many little maslel's and Co ll ege on W ednestlny, JlUJ e ] 8Lh, cookin g, dctails for bl' ad altall ge- second cla ss and last, tendcrfoot misses will make their first appcar- 'l'bis is sma ller t ha n thc classes have tj ll oe camp comm issarics, ctc, scouts, 'J'he li ne or mal'ch was allen in pjlb li c, as thcy tell,:,j soug been fol' th r. past severn yea rs '1'en lul r l'n a ll t hi s is plea, U' fo r n early a mile in lcngth, '1'he ilu - and VCl'se that sweet old slo1'y 0.1' of th e mcmbe1's a rc f1'o l11 the ivil S('ou ts, pression mael e wi ll long be remcjl1- old, 'ngioc l'ing com's, follr from the f.\ple 1 1 D D EXl1BT10 ls OF ber ed by thc 2000 visitol's, n the cvcuing the baccau lan- l11 echanical, two from t he clccll'icnl, SKLl:' WONDER! UL SKLL EXUrB- 'cate sermon will be p 'cach d tf) foul' from t he U1'ts 3ml science and Tt.. llln h hou r ove!', now ev'1r J'J'ED BY '1'HE BOYS Lh e twenty mcmbe's of the g rl1du n,t- one from the agricullural c! cpal'tho. lias f1lxio ls to show his prow- Tt i hardly eonceivuble th c.'killing class of Newark High Schoo l. ment, 'J' bc following is a list of th c ('S~, Ane! s ll ch a ll opporluuity, with with whi ch ~o ~s, a t'o S ~) C to cal'ry ~h: ~ea(t~r~ a n;~ men~~~ c ' ~ t t l~ e gr~~~~\:~~: J.Jt:'slie Beck, Dclaware.1 progl'fl lll,hll.k fu ll of good things out scont actlvltlcs, 19nalling by at~~ :' da o 'c,,,t uca On W a so ) n ity,,e,,' ] ;mel' E llswort h fo,:,boys to now-cooking, wate' :lv0 1'S, lvy rs Ol' emaphorc code ) ) e, hl)lhllg signaling fi l'st aid r rscue wasflashcd wilh the speed of a A special musical pl'ogram con- B lades, Wyoming, A and S,; Elmer wi 1'l' '.'s' lei 'grapl1y and 'w il : e l es~ vetej'an, ignal CO l'p S, A camp fire sisli ng of 11. duet by Mrs,.r. 'P, Geol'gc Brown, Wilmington, A, and trlrphonr, cl an li n ss, sanitation, was built a nd water in a six inch ann and lvl', Hal'vey Steel, Rnd S,; BY l'on Ramond Fostel', Wilorrl f' 'lin('ss, gamcs and special ties kettle half fillcd, was brollgbt to a a so lo by PJ'of, Hayward will add mington, ',E. ; HYlaud Pal'mley or all kin ds, 'crtninly it WAS an r apid boil in 5 minutcs anrl45 scc- to the occasioll, Service at 7,30, G ol'ge, Marydel, Md C, E,' John 0P~ol't unity of a li fe t im e to ex- ol)(ls, An imp,'ovisd str tcll l' was '1'h e public is cordially invited, Eugcne Gonce, Elkton, Md A, a.nd hlhlt skill, '1'alk about mcrit madc, and all injured Bcout band- Ln,d l'cs 0 St, JOll,ll'S ] , C, S,; ArthU' Sydney HO ll chin, New- d db t' d' t f n l al'k, A, And S,; liorace '1''ul11ao Jadgl' ',-sconts do SUl'cly wol'k fo l' a~e ill,l'o?g 1 '4~ a l s;anc~ 0 ' Church a l'e bu, y p lanning for t heil' ut'lock, Wilmington, lv, E, j Ephlh pll1, 'rhc P hiladclphia boys wel'e ~lxtyd 'e e~ 11 Just seco: es ~n annual Pestival to be held on the l'iam Prestoll Jolls, Middletown, E, ~\\,:lj'(l(' l 77 meri t badges for know- ;ea a ~lj.1d the a~ a~ nr '['~t al~ Jl~ lawn adjoining the church on E,; saiah Stanton ';flnk, Wilming-!' lgr, in ] 01' stry, Life aving, ~~r :;;~,g was t e nest ]e ac '1' hm'sday, Friday and Satlll'day ton, E, E,; Calvin SW/lyne L endel'- ('0 kltlg, Gard ning, Aviation, Pire evellings, Jltl1e 19, 20 and 21, A man C, E. ; John Paul Lynch, Wil- ~al1 sh,i p, l'aftsmanship, Bugling, B.;NJ) 'rroop ''AKE PR1ZE n11mb ' of sp cial attractions a re mington,,c, E.; Joseph Thomus ramping Ash'onomy, Per'sona\ '1'he foul'lh pl'ize was awal'decl to bcing planned, l\[d.. oughl'y, Philadclphia, C, E, j Uf'nlth, E clri city, Swimming, 'rroop 0, 11, composed of m m- John Francis Mullin, WilmiJlgto n, Pnthfinding, h mistr y, Publi c bel's of 1he Ovel'bt'ook School for Th ladies of St, Thomns' n tl'cll,e, j William Pmncis O'Brien, l (';~lth, find 101' having attainm nts th BUnd, 'rhe boys gnvc an ex- will hold a strawb 'l'y festiva l on Philadelphia, lv, B.; Arthlll' Lec qulvlllcntj'o.' L ife and tal' cou t hibition of pyl'nmicl building, Much the lawn adjoining th hlll'ch, Lhis Pr'ice, Middletown, C, E,;.;co An- c\pgl:t'ps, '1' h Newa 'k boys arc a pplrus grect d Llle blind t l'oop in cvenin g, Evcl'yboc1y welcolli t:houy Ro sc, Wilmington, l\1:. B.; am,ols to gct busy, W e mllst hav t hcir fforts, Wall ace ALtel'bu'y 1wc1o n '\-Vila lo
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