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Phone: 93772902 1 May Holman Drive April - June 2019 Bassendean WA 6054 MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA MAWAI presents Stacey Saliba in Concert…
Phone: 93772902 1 May Holman Drive April - June 2019 Bassendean WA 6054 MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA MAWAI presents Stacey Saliba in Concert Et si te liberarem, offensionem patris mei incurrerem, quia hoc tibi firmiter promitto, quia tuam redemptionem perderet. Saturday 26th October - Tickets $20 each (includes 3 free pastizzi per person) Doors open at 6:30pm - Full bar available - No BYO Drinks The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA MAWAI Your Club Committee Club President - Albert Morris - Phone: 0424336978 EMail: alby Club Vice President - Greg Sultana - Phone: 0451238307 Club Treasurer - Charles Sultana - Phone: 0402844258 EMail: Ne eam veri utamur maiestatis, noluisse elaboraret disputationi pri ad. Ut amet novum iriure eum, nisl utroque admodum qui ea. Club Secretary - Mia Richardson - Phone: 0424643 640 E Mail: Committee Member - Stephen Cauchi - Phone: 0411511802 Email: Et si te liberarem, offensionem patris mei incurrerem, quia hoc tibi firmiter promitto, quia tuam redemptionem perderet. Committe Member - Vince Debono - Phone: 0408936924 EMail Committe Member - Zaffer Soemya - Phone: 0419304000 Email: EMail: Club Patron/Hall Manager - Tony Zammit - Phone: 0408958517 Email: MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA President’s Report Dear Members, Firstly I would like to take this moment to thank you for allowing me to accept the role of President of the Maltese Association of Western Australia. Even though this position was not one in which I was elected to or even desired for, it is one that needed to be filled for the life of our club to continue. However I do accept it with great honor and respect, knowing of the responsibility and accountability that is needed. Secondly, I really do believe that I am the right person to be President; this is only due to me being club Secretary for over five year, knowing the heartbeat of our club and becoming very much mindful of all its workings, being aware of what to follow, to continue us as a successful body, and most importantly being aware of the pitfalls that can so easily stop us. In my time as Secretary, I worked under Steve’s leadership, which has been brilliant. He taught me a great deal in how to operate at this level of management, how to tackle certain oppositions and how to overcome difficult obstacles, taking the club newer horizons. I also believe that I am part of a strong, objective and supportive committee that isn’t afraid to step up and step forward. I also know that certain club stalwarts on the sidelines will also be ready to give me good well experienced advice when I seek it (Just to mention a few in Tony Zammit, Alf Wettinger, Maurice Pace, Frank and Emmanuel Calleja). I also believe in transparency, being open with what we would like to do with plans and goals for the future of our club. Our Members will always be the first to know of any planned projects and their opinions and views will always be welcomed. We have some seemingly radical ideas for the future and some that appear more realistic and reasonable for the present. (Please note that the first two points are now in discussions with Committee): • Kitchen Area Extension (Joining Kitchen & Bar area to food storage area) • An upgrade of the Member’s room. (Includes downgrade of Library, replacement of old-fashioned furniture & reopening of small bar, Installation of a 110 inch flat screen TV with fully functional sports channels) • Continue with the playground area upgrade. (Include park benches, Mini Bocce/ Mini Golf Lane, drinking fountain, extended alfresco area) • Merger with another Body (This in my own personal opinion and is not a ‘consideration’ but a ‘ ‘necessity’ for our future survival) • Rear internal gate (for extended car park in possible agreement with our new neighbor’s ‘ Men’s Shed) Continued next page….. MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA President’s Report Continued These plans are not unrealistic but are very much possible, thinking outside the box which is integral in moving forward. Also these goals will not only give our members a better experience when visiting their club but will attract new people to join with us. In closing, I want to thank some key people who continue to play a vital part in keeping the wheels of our club turning, they are: Frank Calleja (Purchasing Manager, Assistant Treasurer), Tony Zammit (Hall Manager), Charles Sultana (Chief Treasurer), Lucy Vella (Kitchen Manager/Head Chef), Sue Calleja (Head Chef), Steve Cauchi (Social Manager/IT Services), Paul Calleja (Head Chef/Maintenance), Greg Sultana (Club Property Maintenance Manager) Emmanuel Calleja & Rodney Farrugia (Bar Staff) and also introducing Mia Richardson (Club Secretary) Lastly, I would like to send out a ‘get well soon’ to Rita Gray. Rita was an important member of the 2018-2019 committee and is very much missed by us. The Members at the club wish her a fast recovery and hope to see her back on board again soon. Warm Regards……………Albert Morris (Incoming President) MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA Birthdays, Anniversaries & New Members BIRTHDAYS - July BIRTHDAYS - August BIRTHDAYS - September Rita Gray Kerrie Cauchi Anthea Borg Carmen Mifsud Jim Ruhen Antonia Stride Carmen Bonavia Tanya Spear Carmen Morris Mary Calleja Joseph Grech Connie Holmes Frank Nagy Joe Psaila Dawn Zammit Stephanie Moore Robert Scalpello Eddie Pace Nazie Grima John Vella Emmanuel Calleja Graeme Eddington Tony Caruana Jan Vella Luke Pace Sylvia Knighton Johanna Calleja Valarie Quick Kenneth Cranfield ANNIVERSARIES - July Michael Dye Kim Freind John & Connie Borg MaOhew Prendergast Lino Magro Trevor & Connie Holmes Margaret Vella Eddie & Carmen Pace ANNIVERSARIES - Aug. Mario Baldacchino Joe & Carmen Mifsud Nick Seddon Patrick Ward Renee Spiteri Ronald Moore f you would like your wedding anniversary Tony Tomeo to appear on the monthly lists, please send details to NEW MEMBERS Vince Debono Kenneth & Mary Rose Cranfield Mary Matson Gary & Susan Obrecht Kylee Matson ANNIVERSARIES - September Alf & Dianne WeUnger I Joe & Tess Pace MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA By Steve Cauchi As you may know I have stepped down from the position of President and will now concentrate on organising social events for the Club and it’s Members. To enable me and the committee to bring you new and exciting events we need your SUPPORT. It can be quite diheartening when we have 120 people attend the FREE Christmas dinner and yet we can only manger 60 to a concert featureing a famous Maltese singer. Our next event is Stacey Saliba in concert on Saturday 26th October 2019 at 6:30pm - tickets are just $20 and each person receives 3 free passtizi. Stacey is an accomplished singer having performed extensivly in Malta and Australia. Stacey was born in Malta and currently lives in Adelaide. Stacey will sing in both Maltese and English on the night. This concert has fixed costs and can not be cancelled so we need YOUR support. On Tuesday November 5th we have a fantastic Melbourne Cup luncheon, from 10:00am to 2:00pm - tickets are $25 each, this will entitle you to entry and a Chicken & salad lunch with dessert. You will receive a complementry glass of champaign or soft drink, we will have $2 & $5 sweeps available plus watch the race on our big screen. Lots of games and prizes on the day - make up a table of family & friends The Childrens Christams party will be on Sunday 8thth December 2019 from 10:30am to 2:00pm - Please see seperate page containg the enrolment form to secure your spot for your child or grandchild. Please note: All of our functions are NO BYO Drinks as the Club is fully licensed. MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA Handmade Maltese Lace Handmade Maltese Lace made around 80 years ago in Malta measuring 9cms wide and 1230 cms long. Suitable as edging and in perfect condition. See photo below . Contact Diane Broadby, or on 0413129441 CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Rodney Farrugia & Lucy Vella on announcing their Engagement. Everyone from the Maltese Association wish them both well and happiness for many years to come. MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA QUIZ NIGHT AT THE CLUB By Albert Morris On the 22nd June, the Maltese club held its Quiz Night which was attended by more than 130 participants. This was by far and in the opinion of many, the best Quiz night yet. There was a great atmosphere and excitement throughout the evening. There were many wonderful prizes and giveaways donated. Steve Cauchi again was the Quiz Master and had a lot of people laughing at his jokes and one off humorous one-liners. The quiz itself was based on the history of the decades from the 1920’s to the 2010’s, so all age groups had a fair share of knowledge connected to their own generation. This also was the first event that was co-organized by The Maltese Association and The Perth Strikers Soccer Club and can only be called a complete success. Steve Cauchi who is also the MAWA president wished to thank the hard working Sub Committee that made the event possible, Steve also thanked everyone who attended the night to make it’s success complete. There have been many enquires as to when the next Quiz night will be on in 2019. Albert Morris said “there is a great deal of hard work involved to get these events happening and too much of a good thing can sometimes backfire and one per year makes it more special”. The next Quiz night will definitely be planned for 2020 so be ready for it! MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA CLONTARF BOYS REUNION AT MAWA by Albert Morris At the Maltese Club on Friday 12th July, there was a reunion of the Clontarf boys who were involved with the bus crash of December 15th 1955. In attendance for the meeting included Des McDaid, Peter Bent, Pat Ward, Charlie Gatt and John Carvil. They were also reunited with the orthopedic surgeon who had given the bus crash survivors a second chance at life in Mr Bill Gilmour. Mr Gilmour was accompanied by his wife Shirley and son Chris. Many old memories of the Clontarf Boys School were shared as well as photos and newspaper clippings of the bus crash. Mr Gilmour said he remembered the day of the accident very well and worked tirelessly in giving the survivors the best hope of a new life. The Reason For The Reunion: “… father Bill as we all call him, or Mr William Norman Gilmour AM was the Orthopedic Surgeon who operated on all of your special Maltese orphan boys following a horrific bus accident near Dwellingup. Bill had been operating at Princess Margaret Hospital all morning, when at midday ambulances started arriving with badly injured boys.  Three boys required single amputations whilst two required double amputations. Bill operated from just after midday and finishing in the early hours of the following morning . Bill spent his life teaching and training junior Orthopedic Surgeons as well as offering his services in adjoining Countries. He was a fine woodworker, gave up Tennis this year at the age of 96 …….Australia’s Oldest Tennis player at the time. Bill is still happily married to his wife, Shirley after 69 years. The reason I contact you today is that Bill talks of 'The Maltese Boys from Clontarf' and wonders what happened to them. This is a subject that Bill considers above all others in his career as being a time of pain yet great happiness. What happened to the boys? As a Doctor you see a patient, you operate on the patient and monitor his/her recuperation, but rarely do you see or hear how the patient has coped with life. This was not a single patient but a group of boys with a common bond” (As shared by Chris Gilmour) L to R: Alf Wettinger, Chris Gilmour, Bill Gilmour, Pat Ward, Donna Gatt, Charlie Gatt, Shirley Gilmour …..Continues next page MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA CLONTARF BOYS REUNION AT MAWA …continued Before the crash: L to R: Peter Keating, Robert Hall, Simon Darnell, Gordon Grant, John Coniffe (Courtesy of John Carvill) Ne eam veri utamur maiestatis, noluisse elaboraret disputationi pri ad. Ut amet novum iriure eum, nisl utroque admodum qui ea. Bill Gilmour with Charlie Gatt. Bill had performed surgery on Charlie after the crash in 1955 1956: Some of the bus survivors with Bill Gilmour (Centre) L to R: Tony Et si te liberarem, offensionem patris mei incurrerem, quiaBugeja, hoc tibiDoug Bader, De Mullins, Joe Bugeja firmiter promitto, quia tuam redemptionem perderet. (Courtesy of John Carvill) Joe Spiteri & Joe Capini (Courtesy of John Carvill) Newspaper Clipping from the West Australian 16th December 1955 How it happened … page…………. (Courtesy of Pat Walsh) MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA CLONTARF BOYS REUNION AT MAWA …continued HOW IT HAPPENED… A very serious accident happened on December 15, 1955. It illustrates the care with which children in these schools were treated. At about 7.15am on the South West Highway from Clontarf Boys School near Perth, a bus was travelling at normal speed. From inside the bus was coming the sound of happy singing by 53 boys from the school who were excited by the prospect of passing the festive season in the homes of volunteer private families. The driver of the bus was Brother Patrick Doyle, a cherry Irish man who was proud of the brand new bus donated to the school by a local businessman from Perth with the school emblem and the words ‘Clontarf Boys’ prominently painted on both sides of the bus. As they approached a narrow bridge, Doyle slowed down to allow a tip-up truck to pass from the opposite direction. For unknown reasons, the driver of the tip-up drove the truck very close to the school bus and in the process ripped open the entire side of the bus. The inside of the bus became a mangled mess with crushed seats, metal crazily jutting out in all directions, and blood everywhere. Doyle had the presence of mind to pull over on the side of the road and thus avoid further disaster. Of the 53 young passengers, one was dead and 19 others maimed or seriously injured. Due to the height at which the truck’s edge ploughed through the side of the bus, most of the boys on that side had legs either severed or crushed. The injured boys were put into cars, ambulances or other vehicles available on site and urgently transferred to the nearest hospitals. Doctors, nurses, aid workers and police rushed to the scene of the accident to provide first aid and other urgent necessities. Blood donors were soon queuing at hospitals to provide blood to the injured boys. The Maltese boys injured were Anthony Bugeja, 13 from Msida, amputation of both legs; Alister Carr, 11 from St Julian’s, fracture of tibia, fibia, fractured right femur; Charles Gatt, 13 from St Patrick’s Institute, Sliema, fractured right tibia and fibia, amputation of left leg mid-calf; Joseph Bugeja, 15 from Qrendi, amputation of both legs; George Littleton, 12 from Paola, lacerated liver, scalp and right thigh; Anthony Grech, 11 from Birżebbuġa, fracture of right leg and Carmelo Vassallo, 13 from Mġarr, injuries to neck. Little is known what happened afterwards to these boys but a trust fund was established by the Federal government of Australia to ensure that the victims got a handsome sum on attaining the age of 21. (From the Maltese Times) Newspaper clipping from the ‘West Australian’ th 16 December 1955 (Courtesy of Pat Ward) MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA IN LOVING MEMORY OF LANA DEBONO June 1, 1953 – August 6, 2009 10 years ago, on August 6, 2009 my twin sister Lana left us, although we have carried on with our lives her loss left a large gap that can never be filled. Lana was my sister, my friend and my confidant, not a day goes by that I don’t miss her, when Lana passed a part of my soul went with her. Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the day time, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell. – Edna St Vincent Millay Lana was a strong, beautiful, caring person, an adoring wife and mother, a loving sister, a devoted daughter, and a beloved aunt, all who came to know her, loved her. Lana’s family were her life and her three beautiful children and 2 grandsons are her legacy. I know how hard it has been for them during the years their darling mother was battling breast cancer and also for the past 10 years without her in their lives, but as she faced every day with courage and faith so have Wayne, Tania and Shawn. I know she watches over us all with love and knowing this makes life bearable. MAWAI The Bulletin of the Maltese Association of WA Meet Malta’s first female firefighters Story By: Jessica Arena Photo: Matthew Mirabelli L to R: Leanne Newell, Mandy Briguglio and Dorothy Sammut. The two-tone sound of a siren on a fire engine rushing by used to make Leanne Newell’s heart skip a beat as a child – she always wished she could one day join in. This week, not only did her wish come true but she made history in the process. On Tuesday, she was one of three women who have become the Civil Protection Department’s first female firefighters Ms Newell, along with Mandy Briguglio and Dorothy Sammut, have joined the CPD as Assistance and Rescue Officers (ARO) after 18 weeks of intensive training. Her father was a firefighter too, so Ms Newell spent many a day with him rushing from station to station and riding in fire engines whenever she got the chance. Previously employed as a corporate administrator, she was engaged with the CPD as a volunteer firefighter for three years before taking the leap and applying to be an ARO. “Being a volunteer firefighter for three years really gave me the push I needed to apply. The more I volunteered the more I felt my love for the profession grow,” she said. “I used to tour stations and go out with AROs from time to time. The more practical the work I got to do as a volunteer, the more sense of satisfaction I felt. It made me feel like I belonged and that I should be here permanently.” At the fire station, volunteer firefighters do much of the same work of an ARO. If they complete their fire course they can sometimes accompany AROs who answer calls out. For Ms Briguglio, discipline and duty were always qualities that attracted her to the line of work. “I never thought of myself as someone who would end up sitting down all day in an office job, I’ve always needed a more active line of work to keep me satisfied,” she said. “To be a firefighter you have to have a lot of energy and a lot of focus. When you step out to do your duty, you have to leave the rest of who you are behind you.” Ms Briguglio said there was always more to learn about the variety of rescue scenarios that an ARO could encounter. She hopes to continue widening her knowledge base and perhaps even aspire to leadership roles in the future. “The more you study and practise, the more you’ll learn. But for now I’m just taking it one step at a time,” she said. Ms Sammut said that despite the challenge, becoming a firefighter brought her a lot of satisfaction. She had been finishing her diploma in Security, Enforcement and Protection when the call for applications for ARO officers came out and felt as though a career path was falling into place. “Training was difficult but I never give up and because I really wanted this job, I powered through,” Ms Sammut said. “I worked to stay focused because I knew this was what I wanted and I wasn’t going to settle for less.” Teamwork, Ms Sammut said, was essential to the entire experience of becoming a
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