Lipizzaner Association of Australasia Newsletter Number Nine December 2011 Volume 3, Issue 2

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Lipizzaner Association of Australasia Newsletter Number Nine December 2011 Volume 3, Issue 2 The Lipizzaner Horse Proud bearer of an exceptional cultural and historical heritage Inside Cover Photo on cover
Lipizzaner Association of Australasia Newsletter Number Nine December 2011 Volume 3, Issue 2 The Lipizzaner Horse Proud bearer of an exceptional cultural and historical heritage Inside Cover Photo on cover 209 Sydney with her new born filly Sonata. The joy of receiving our small dark parcels in a healthy state never ceases to amaze and give joy. Breeding is a wonderful experience. Contents: Foal Boaster pages Announcement of Forthcoming Accreditation days AGM photos and Minutes Show results Winner of Josef Stöckler Memorial Trophy, 2011 Western Australian Member s Chapter bounces to life European News Part Bred photos and news FOR SALE pages Please note: Subscriptions to membership of the LAA are due now. Forms available from the LAA website APOLOGY The Editor apologises for the delay in getting this newsletter out, due to the pressure of work. Next Issue: This is planned for immediately after the Accreditation takes place, so will come out in June. Copy and ads by 01June please. We welcome your contribution of articles, photographs, advertisements etc, We advise that this Editor will not take requests for photographs to go on the cover of the newsletter. Editor of this issue: Georgina Beard Thank you to those who sent in interesting contributions. DISCLAIMER: The LAA does not accept any responsibility for accuracy of information contained, nor any claims made in advertisements in this newsletter, nor shall the appearance of any advertisement be assumed to apply that the Committee recommends the advertiser or animals or goods referred to therein. -The Ultimate Equestrian Experience Lipizzaner horses- ANNOUNCEMENT Please read!!! Forthcoming Accreditation The LAA has arranged for Dr Yvonne Peeters to come to Australia to undertake both accreditation of our breeding stock, and to run some educational clinics about selection and judging of Lipizzaners. You will receive a notice via or mail by 30 th January If you do not, please urgently contact any member of the Committee. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR FEMALES AND ENTIRE MALES ACCREDITED IF THEY ARE THREE AND OVER. ACCREDITATION AND CLASSIFICATION REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES Documents may be found on the LAA website at If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any LAA Committee member. Contact details are at the end of this newsletter. Further information regarding precise dates, times, venues and directions for getting there will be posted to the internet. The dates are YET TO BE CONFIRMED but at this stage, roughly 11/12 May, far North Eastern NSW, 19/20May Sydney area, 24/25 May Adelaide area, 27May Perth area. These arrangements are for both accreditations and training clinics in Lipizzaner selection/ appreciation. The exact costing will be announced in due course. EUROPEAN NEWS DR YVONNE PEETERS INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFIER The Lipizzaner Association of Australasia has much pleasure in introducing to it s members Dr Yvonne Peeters. Yvonne and her husband Appie are both Veterinarians, practicing in The Netherlands. Yvonne trains her Lipizzaner Maestoso Capriola in advanced classical dressage, she has been on the Lipizzan International Federation s Breeding Committee. The couple travel extensively between all the Lipizzaner Studs in Europe, observing and learning. They are informal, understated and enjoy people as well as being passionate about the Breed. Yvonne and Appie speak perfect English, are great fun and are very communicative. We are excited and honoured that they have agreed to come to Australia in May 2012 to assist in the progressing of our Breed, by classifying our stock for breeding. In the past, we have had Accreditation done by Dr Jaromir Oulehla, former Director of the Spainish Riding School of Vienna, who described our stock as wonderful baroque types, and Sir Laszló Száthmáry-Király whose family in Hungary bred Lipizzaners for the Austrian court. FOAL BOASTER PICS Above: A filly foal for 178 Grace by Conversano Allegra V (Imp, Slovenia), bred in South Australia and owned by Gail Hamilton of Epona Stud, New Zealand. A useful addition to Gail s herd? Next pic will show that she does have ears! Below: Another useful addition to a gathering herd, 209 Sydney with her filly foal, Sonata. This youngster is by 226 Favory Naussica (imp. France), bred and owned by Julie Brown of Achelo Stud, North Eastern NSW. Pictured at birth on the cover. FOAL BOASTER PICS Dean Morgan s foals Above: 103 Lili with her filly foal aged four days, by Conversano Allegra V (Imp. Slo). Lili is by 29 Pluto Neapolitano III, from the imported mare 300 Incitato IX-10, which makes Lili three quarter Hungarian bred. Dean Morgan owns Lili and bred this filly. Below: First foal for young 249 Sava (100 Favory Neapolitano X Szuzi), a strong looking colt for owner Dean Morgan. By 224 Conversano Allegra V. A potential for Dean s team? FOAL BOASTER PICS Just unfolding at twelve hours after birth, the surprise and most welcome daughter of 171 Leipzig. She is by 226 Favory Naussica, bred and owned by Georgina Beard. Last season the early vet scan did not show a foal, so Leipzig was thought to be empty- until October, when the Vet found a large head when doing an examination! Leipzig has been unable to conceive since she retained her placenta in The filly is called Piccola meaning little girl. Meet Luke! Favory Lucca, this colt is second foal for 223 Lucca, his older sister being 280 Latina, born in Owned and bred by Julie Brown of Achelo Stud. Sire: 226 Favory Naussica. Bred by Baxters out of 109 Linda, 223 Lucca is the only registered Lipizzaner by the stallion 157 Favory Sistina, When you touch a Lippizaner, Frank Westerman was told as a child, you are touching history. Westerman is the author of the recently released book Brother Mendel s Perfect Horse. Stallion Safe Practices Guidelines In the interests of public safety Equestrian Australia (EA), with the assistance of the National Sport Committees, has developed the following Stallion Safe Practice Guidelines for the management of stallions at competitions and public venues. EA requests that all Australian events running under Equestrian Australia and FEI rules, make the use of the horse and float Stallion Identification Discs compulsory effective as of 01 January 2011 (see point 1 of the guidelines). Equestrian Australia also recommends events and organisations adopt the following set of guidelines for the handling of stallions. Stallions should wear official discs at all times whilst at the venue. These discs are to be worn on both sides of head collars and bridles or on some part of the horse on both sides to identify to others that the horse is a stallion. No stallion is to be moved around a venue without displaying the stallion discs and a suitable restraint. The restraint can be a bridle, a rearing bit or a chain lead rein over the nose or under the jaw. Where possible all stallions are to be stabled. If suitable stabling is not available stallions need to wear a collar, which is securely tied to the outside of a truck or trailer. Stallions tied to the outside of a truck or trailer MUST be supervised at all times. Stallions may be substituted in prize-giving ceremonies with another horse should the rider deem it to be safer. It is recommended that riders and handlers of stallions at shows be over the age of 17 years; however, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to understand the full code of conduct for stallions at events. With the exception of rule in the Show Horse Rules and Guidelines, stallions are not permitted in Show Horse classes at EA State or Championship events. All riders/handlers under the age of 17 years must be supervised by an adult/parent/guardian whilst at the event. It is the stallion owner s/rider s responsibility to ensure that all possible safety precautions are taken. Floats/Trucks that transport stallions should display the official magnet giving notice that there is a stallion on board. These guidelines are consistent with Equestrian Australia's focus on improving safety by identifying risks and putting in place measures to mitigate those risks. Stallion identification packs are available for purchase from the Equestrian Australia National Office (only the approved discs will be permitted). The packs consist of: 2 x magnets for trucks/trailers2 x halter discs (as per point 1 of the guidelines) 2 x bridle discs (as per point 1 of the guidelines) 2 x saddlecloth discs. (As per point 1 of the guidelines) The packs cost $40.00 each including GST. If you wish to order the packs you can use the EA Stock Order form available on this website. Out and About Show Results Morphette Vale All Breeds Show, South Australia, March Sava, pictured below, was awarded Champion Female and Supreme Champion. She was bred by A Schmid of Queensland by 100 Favory Neapolitano from 110 Szuzi, and is owned by Louise Krutzler of Hapsburg Lipizzaners. 266 Favory Marta, young stallion owned by Amanda Klaassen was Champion Male. 232 Favory Fescke and Nikki Harding Photo at a local show in October 2011. Progress for Achelo Stud 291 Montuzza A second Conversano Allegra V filly comes to NSW Julie Brown and Vicki Collien (Far North Eastern NSW) are delighted to welcome the arrival of their new Lipizzaner Filly, 291 Montuzza. Monty is by Conversano Allegra V (imp., Slovenia) and out of 211 Bekescaba. Monty was bred by Louise Krutzler outside Adelaide. Montuzza joins Achelo Stud s other Lipizzaner mares, 209 Sydney and 223 Lucca, (see foal pics) and colt 275 Favory Sydney II (see pic) AND Julie and Vicki have just taken possession of their first prize for 2012 they have purchased the imported-in-dam mare 234 Pomona Petra from the Fulmer Rise Stud. Petra is out of the Hungarian bred mare 227 Pluto XXIX-23, is related in Australasia only to her dam s offspring, being by a tall Hungarian stallion Favory XXIV-33, a European Champion in hand and in harness. Petra is sure to produce some tall high quality stock. EUROPEAN NEWS THIS IS THE BEST! WHATEVER YOU DO, YOU MUST WATCH THIS: OUR THANKS TO BEN O SULLIVAN FOR SENDING IT! Huge Lipizzaner Event in Budapest Sept 2011 Last weekend people were looking at the great Lipizzaner horses of Állami Ménesgazdaság Szilvásvárad (State Stud of Szilvásvárad, Hungary) in the middle of Budapest! The biggest horse event in Hungary took place in the Hero's square from the 16th-19th of September. The Stud gave a show every day in the event: Biga driving (roman chariot race), liberty training, riding and driving Carousel, and the lovely mares in the herd...huge success for the breed! With thanks to Marie-Francoise Le Page of the French Lipizzan Association. - O - Theadorosta-54, at nearly 2 ½, still in Holland. Thea was bred out of Elite breeding mare Theoda 58 (Piber) by Maestoso X Mahonia. Bred by the Fulmer Rise Stud, she will come to Australia in the future., WA NEWS Anna Melton and 274 Favory Pallavicina II Tim Anna Melton specializes in Bridle-less training this is interesting! This colt is three years and one month old. Clearly he has a highly trainable temperament, but he is also maturing and much of his behavior is very stallion-like. Anna has put a great deal of groundwork training into him. Just letting you know that I rode Timmy for the first time last week. I only got bucked a few times and managed to stay on. Apart from that he was a pretty cool little customer :) Attached is a picture of his first trot - looking pretty relaxed. We ventured out to the arena the next day and he managed to take everything in his stride. Lipizzaner Association (Australasia) The West Side!!! ABOVE: From left Kristine Pilkington, Hannah Williams, Carol Maxwell Hamilton, Anna Melton Date: 24 th September 2011 Location: Carol s Farm Gidgegannup Attended: Carol Maxwell, Anna Melton, Kristine Pilkington, Hannah Williams Apologies: Sascha Yates, Lesley Taylor & Ann Montgomery Next Meeting: 1 month (meet sooner rather than later to keep momentum going and get update on AGM from Carol) DATABASE CONTACTS We will put together a excel spread sheet with all members contact details (need to start thinking about involving the Part-bred owners as well). I ll also include an approved supplier and sub-contractor list (mainly so we can share contacts and learn from each other s experience)! Name: Anna Melton Horses Name: 274 Favory Pallavicina II (Timmy) WA NEWS 220 Intaglia Heidi by Conversano Juliana III ( Jason ) from 171 Leipzig. Heidi will competing at Official Level this year after consistently placing in Unofficial last year. Pictured here, Heidi with her owner Ann Montgomery with visiting Mary Wanless Ride with your Mind trainer, Denise O'Reilly. Heidi begins the year by competing on Feb 5. Ann has been very excited by the improvement in Heidi s gaits, particularly her canter becoming notably more uphill. Above: New view into the Hofburg stable yard of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, from the road. Address: 9 Provincial Mews Bibra Lake WA Phone: Name: Kristine Pilkington Horses Name: 28 Tallowood Park Sienna (Sienna) Address: 4 Carmichael Court Chidlow WA Phone: Name: Carol Maxwell Horses Name: 273 Monteaura Monterosa (Aura & Rosa) Address: Lot 104, 45 Strawberry Hill Drive, Gidgegannup WA Phone: Name: Hannah Williams Horses Name: 253 Styria (Daisy) Address: 19 Woburn Park Ave, Ellenbrook WA Phone: Name: Sascha Yates Horses Name: 41 Moonlight Sonata Address: Phone: Name: Lesley Taylor Horses Name: Address: Phone: Name: Ann Montgomery Horses Name: Address: Phone: TOPICS OF DISCUSSION ADDITIONAL BREED SHOWS It has become apparent that there are not enough breed shows to exhibit our amazing Lipizzaners! Moving forward we are required to approach the following grounds and request additional programs to be added; 1. Royal Show 2. Pinjarra 3. State Equestrian Centre 4. Gosnells 5. Bunbury Should you have any contact details for the above locations please contact Carol. We will start to put together a WA based contact list. SPONSORSHIP To hold the classes at any event we require sponsorship to fund the event. 1. The LAA commits to $50 per event 2. Additional funds required can be shared if no other sponsorship can be found CLASSES When approaching different grounds/ association we need to be clear about the specific classes we want. 1. Lead in Pure bred (all gender) 2. Ridden Pure bred (all gender) 3. Lead in Part bred (all gender) 4. Ridden Part bred (all gender) LIPIZZANER PROFILE PAGE We would like to see the whole Australasia Lipizzaner Association come together to form a detailed database of all members. An individual Profile Page! 1. Name of Horse 2. Pedigree chart 3. Picture 4. Contact/ Owner 5. Breeder details 6. Up and coming blog sections LIPIZZANER ASSOCIATION WEBSITE To include this Profile Page of each member the website may need to be developed. If this is not possible, then perhaps we can utilize a suitable social network site to include a profile and stay connected. The reason for this is to promote our horse within the country for potential breeding and also to share information and experiences. TOPICS TO BE RAISED AT THE AGM 1. Classification of Horses 2. Breeding Restrictions 3. Newsletter: WA segment and History Lessons 4. Development of Website 5. Profile Pages SHOWING STANDARDS To enable The West Side to promote the bred in the best possible way, it was agreed to conduct Mock Shows at each other s places one month before a particular show. The benefits here are predominantly to get the horse the experience required to concentrate around others in new environments and learn to stand around all day and hand out! This alone is worth the exercise! However, it appears we all have different strengths we can bring to the table and share, make the Westside Team a force to be reckoned with! From here we can develop the team and organise ride outs, demo s, information seminars etc WA NEWS Members & their Horses Left: Favory Gigi II (100 Favory Neapolitano I Fred x 105 Gigi, is a 5 year old Purebred Lipizzaner Gelding bred by Annwn Park & proudly owned by Lesley & Will Taylor of WA. Chopin is going well under saddle, beautifully backed & trained by Lesley herself. He has a great temperament & trainability with expressive movement, not to mention he is quite tall. He will be out competing in time (Chopin is a grandson of 114 Bonita) This lovely photo of Lesley & Chopin was taken early in October 2011 Below is Annwn Park Aurora. She is the last foal from 114 Bonita & by an Andalusian stallion. Rori is also owned by Lesley & Will Taylor of WA. She is going well under saddle & has begun competing in dressage with very favourable comments from the judges. Rori has just turned 7 years of age (the below photos were taken on her 7 th birthday) & has only just begun to grey!. She is an absolutely lovely mare adored by her family. MARKETING It is important to make our presence be heard in Western Australia and promote the breed. First step would be to approach Hoofbeats for our first show and have them do an article on Lipizzaner Horses in WA! Get in contact with Dianne from Sport FM. She s very approachable and would love to promote our next breed show and get the Lipi name out there. Please put forward any other marketing idea s! This side of things can be a lot of fun!! NEWS LETTER Lets get involved. I think all of us would like to see a little WA section in the newsletter. Any other topic and handy hints should also be submitted to Georgina Beard. SADDLES Hannah will be writing a comprehensive story about her journey to finding the perfect saddle for her mare Daisy. In the meantime here are a few contacts/ styles she gave us; Sommer Savoy Flextra (traditional military saddle underneath but looks like a dressage saddle). Sommer Opus (Similar to above) Treeless Solution & Heathermoffat (New treeless saddles look sensational) Albion (Design the Spanish Riding School Saddles we can look and importing traditional gear) HANDY HINTS Magnesium Magnesium (Mg) is very often deficient in horses, and can be safely supplemented at levels of up to 25g a day (50g Magnesium Oxide). Animal Health Trust research gives a recommended RDA of 25g per day, particularly if the diet is high in calcium. Supplementation of magnesium in a deficient horse will have a huge effect on its wellbeing. Magnesium is also known to play an important part in reducing equine obesity, and can lessen the risk of laminitis in animals prone to it during periods of strong spring grass growth. When a horse with obvious signs of metabolic issues such as a fat pads on rump and shoulders and a cresty neck are fed magnesium, the crest and fat pads may start to disappear, note that it will take about 3-4 weeks before an effect is noticeable. MOTTO FOR THE MONTH The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are! (by Carol Maxwell) Australia Oldest Lipizzaner Mare Celebrates her 30 th Birthday Happy 30 th Birthday 114 Bonita!! September Bonita was bred by Bent & Maryanne Christiansen of *Bibaringa Stud ACT. From their beautiful near 16hh imported Hungarian mare Conversano XX-17 & by their stallion Pluto Plutona 14 (imp Piber). She was purchased as a 2 year old by Karolly Keeves (hence she has his stud brand). 114 Bonita is the last direct descendant of her dam. Standing 15.2 ½ hh in her prime, 114 Bonita was easily one of, if not, the best mare in Australia in her time & she has left a legacy of amazing progeny & grand-progeny. We purchased 114 Bonita (with 225 Favory Bonita II at foot) in 2003 as an aged mare. Unfortunately we were only able to produce one last foal from her (AP Aurora x Andalusian) however the joy this mare has brought to us over the years has been worth more then securing that one last purebred foal from her. We were however able to secure her look alike Grand Daughter in 279 Monza & thank Louise & Hans for helping us. Bonita is to us the epitome o
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