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KIRSTEN MAGAZINE SERIES FASHION WEEK ULTRA LIFE GIOVANNI BEDIN THIRTEENTH DISTRICT ZIAD NAKAD DIVE INTO AZZARO GIRL GRACE TRAVEL HIDDEN EXPECTATIONS SICILY INTERVIEW AUTOMOBILE BEATA BANACH DS3 CROSSBACK Cover by the talented Beata Banach with Klara Kerszka Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art. 2 La simplicité est la réussite absolue. Après avoir joué une grande quantité de notes, toujours plus de notes, c’est la simplicité qui émerge comme une récompense venant couronner l’art. Frederic Chopin 3 KIRSTEN #7 MAGAZINE FALL 2019 Editor in ch ief Kevin Paumie r Editor at la rge Barbara Klup a Fashion w eek editors Guillaume O ster Ludovic Vilmen Martin Travel edit ors Kevin Paumie r Barbara Klup a Automobil e editors Ludovic Vilmen Martin Kevin Paumie r Contributin g photogra Beata Banach phers Elsa Dillon Guillaume Fe rrari Guillaume O ster Ludovic Vilmen Martin Kevin Paumie r TORS Contributin g illustrato Katarzyna So r boné Special tha nks to Hanna Klupa Tadeusz Klup a DS Automobile s Relationsh ip in Polan CONTRIBU Barbara Klup d a Relationsh ip in France Kevin Paumie r KIRSTEN M AGAZINE Paris & Wars aw info@kirstenm www.kirstenm © 2019. All rights reserved No part of thi . s pu in whole or pa blication may be reproduc rt without perm ed The views ex ission from the pressed in KI publishers. of the respec RSTEN Magaz tive contributo ine are those shared by the rs, and are no magazine or t necessarily welcomes ne its staff. The ma w contributors ga no responsabi but can assume zine lity for unsolic photographs, ited manuscrip illustrations... ts, 4 We hope yo u had a grea ready for a t summer an new year w d you are is su e, w e de ith us. For th EDITO ci de d to pr is October a very talent es en t Be at a ed Polish ph Ba na ch , a retrospectiv otographer w e of her work ho offers us that she acce and we are re pted to be in al her story on terviewed. Yo ly glad page 42. u can find We cannot forget the ot Dillon, an her Australian ph artists such as Elsa already know otographer n you have there are also from our previous issu Guillaume Fe es. And grapher and rrari, a Fren Katarzyna So ch photo- boén, a Polish ill ustrator. Since the Kirs ten Magazin Week has be e appeared, en extremely the Fashion time we wer important to e present th us, and this our reporters er e more than ev : Guillaume O er with Martin who ster and Ludo show the Pa vic Vilmen the inside. ris Fashion Week from When it com es to travelin our experienc g, we wante e from our d to share coast) with yo last visit to u. You will fin Sicily (east 88. :-) d our photos on page DS Automob iles why we show has trusted us again an our latest ph d that’s DS3 Crossba oto shoot of ck. the new Nous espéro ns que vous été et que vo avez passé us êtes prêts un à nos côtés. pour une nouv très bel Pour cette re elle année appel à Beat ntrée, nous a Banach, avons fait très talentueus ph otographe po e qui nous pr lonaise de son trava opose une ré il et elle a eu trospective interview qu le plaisir d’ac e vous pourre cept z retrouver pa er une ge 42. Sa ns ou bl ie r le s au tr es D illon cette ar tis te s te ls qu photographe e El sa avez l’habitu australienne de de voir da que vous Mais aussi G ns nos différe uillaume Ferra nts nu et Katarzyna ri, photograph méros. Sobon é illustratrice e français polonaise. Comme vous le savez, nous importance à accordons un la Fashion W e grande existe, et plus eek depuis qu que jamais e Kirsten sur place av nous sommes ec nos repo présents et Ludovic Vi rters : Guilla lmen Martin ume Oster Fashion Wee qui vous font k de Paris de vivre la l’intérieur. En terme de voyage, nous la Sicile (côte sommes allé Est) que nous s visiter avec vous pa avons décidé ge 88. :-) de partager DS Automob iles continue confiance av également à ec cette séan nous faire pu réaliser de ce photo que la toute nouv nous avons elle DS3 Cro ssback. 5 #7 SUMMARY SERIES 10 - Ultra Life by Guillaume Ferrari 16 - Thirteenth District by Kevin Paumier 24 - Dive into by Beata Banach 44 - Girl Grace by ElsaéDillon 52 - Hidden Expectations by Katarzyna Soboné FASHION WEEK 60 - Giovanni Benadin by Guillaume Oster 72 - Ziad Nakad backstage by Ludovic Vilmen Martin 78 - Azzaro backstage by Guillaume Oster TRAVEL 88 - Sicily by Barbara Klupa & Kevin Paumier AUTOMOBILE 102 - DS3 Crossback by Ludovic Vilmen Martin & Kevin Paumier 6 INTERVIEW 42 - Beata Banach by Barbara Klupa & Kevin Paumier COVER 7 8 KIRSTEN #7 MAGAZINE FALL 2019 P E A C E L O V E FA S H I O N A R T • Discover all our past issues on our website Find us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @kirstenmagazine You are interested in our project ? You want to collaborate with us ? You can contact us in French, English, Polish or Italian • 9 Jewelry by Djula / Jacket by Marciano for Guess / Body et tights by Wolford / Panties by Simone Wild ( / Bag by D’Estrée 10 Necklace by Florence Verdier / Top by Coralie Marabelle / Coat by Rains / Leggins by Mes Demoiselles / Shoes by Free Lance Ultra Life Photographer Guillaume Ferrari @ferrariguillaume Model Tuti @tutitimes4 Model agent Metropolitan Paris @metropolitan mmanagement Stylist Audrey Jehanno @audrey.jehanno Hair & make-up artist Julie Mandin @madmoizl julie Retoucher Mathieu Artstencil @artstencil Location Paris, France 11 Necklace by Florence Verdier / Cuff bracelet by Nad de Paris / Coat by Da/Da Diane Ducasse / Dress by Cop.Copine / Shoes by Charles Keith 12 13 Jacket by The Worker / Dress by Elissa Poppy ( / Stockings by Simone Wild ( / Glasses by Acuitis / Earrings & ring by Nad de Paris / Bracelet by Djula / Bag by Sophie Bizot Coat by Maison Lener / Dress by Leoca / Jacket by Coralie Marabelle / Skirt by Mare di Latte / Rings by Satellite / Earrings by Florence Verdier / Necklace by Nad de Paris 14 15 Jacket by Molly Bracken / Blouse by Fête Impériale / Skirt by Kriwo / Tights by Wolford / Necklace by Florence Verdier / Shoes by Boden thirteenth district Photographer Kevin Paumier @kevinpaumier1 Model Brian Nicklen @briannicklen Location Paris 13, France 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Model Adrianna Adamska @adrianna adamska Make-up artist Daria Berendt @dariaberendt mua Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 24 ZAPATRZENIE • dive into • by the talented polish photographer Beata Banach @beata banach 25 Model Agata Banach @angiesplaces Location Poland 26 Model Klara Kerszka @kerszkaklaraa Make-up artist Ewa Narloch-Kerszka Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 27 Model Milena Banach @mila.banach Make-up artist Milena Banach @mila.banach Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 28 Model Daria Bronsart-Maleska @dariabronsart Make-up artist Milena Banach @mila.banach Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 29 Model Patrycja Klara Dolecka @klaraaurea Location Poland 30 Model Karolina Grzesikowska @dolcequinn Make-up artist Małgorzata Klonecka @malgorzatakloneckamakeupartist Costume Agnieszka Osipa @agnieszkaosipa Location Poland 31 Model Agata Banach @angiesplaces Make-up artist Małgorzata Klonecka @malgorzatakloneckamakeupartist Costume Agnieszka Osipa @agnieszkaosipa Location Poland 32 Model Karolina Grzesikowska @dolcequinn Make-up artist Karolina Grzesikowska @dolcequinn Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 33 Model Kasia Serafin @kasiaserafin Make-up artist Emilia Cecylia Lipińska @emilia lipinska Location Poland 34 Model Karolina Grzesikowska @dolcequinn Make-up artist Daria Berendt @dariaberendt mua Dress Adrianna Ostrowska @adriannaostrowskacouture Location Poland 35 Model Agata Banach @angiesplaces Make-up artist Emilia Cecylia Lipinska @emilia lipinska Hair stylist Wojtek Stasiak @znanyfryzjer Location Poland 36 Model Kasia Serafin @kasiaserafin Location Poland 37 Model Adrianna Adamska @adrianna adamska Make-up artist Daria Berendt @dariaberendt mua Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 38 Model Patrycja Weronika Kłos @patrycja klos Location Poland 39 Model Paulina Grałek @ paolline Stylist Beata Banach @beata banach Location Poland 40 Model Natalia Uszkiewicz @unataluja Make-up artist Karolina Grzesikowska @dolcequinn Costume Ewa Jobko @ewa.jobko Location Poland 41 INTERVIEW Beata Banach First of all, thank you for your openness and willingness to cooperate with Kirsten Magazine. We are glad that we can show your photos and have this interview with you. How did your adventure with photography begin? My adventure with photography began when I was 15. I went to a photographic club with my friends. Certainly, on the one hand, it resulted from my need for aesthetics and adoration of beauty, which I noticed around me, but on the other hand, it was also a teenager’s need for self-affirmation and immortalization of my image on a film, which today often happens thanks to the so-called selfie. But when I was young, there was no such a thing. And, actually, the first person who encouraged me to take photos was my Dad by giving me his camera Smiena. And now let’s talk about the way you work? How do you prepare shootings? What camera and lens do you use? Do you have a team responsible for makeup or hairstyle? Do you consult your ideas with stylists or create everything yourself? How do you choose clothes for your photos? I usually implement my own ideas. I have a team of trusted make-up artists who are willing to take part in my projects. I give them some tips and leave a free hand. They know my taste, mood of my photos; they always rise to the challenge. I choose clothes by colors. For example, when I plan to use purple wisteria flower background, I think of colors that will beautifully blend in this purple. I’ve already had my small collection of dresses I’ve been using for years. I also work with some designers, and sometimes I order some elements to my dresses to give them the right styling. I don’t work with many people. I like to be self-sufficient. Sometimes, I have a sudden idea to do it, without planning. When it happens, I call my trusted model and make-up artist and take care of the rest on my own. Sometimes, it’s my daughter who helps me with make-up. Currently, I use Canon 5D mk IV and my favorite lens is 85mm 1.2 f How important is photography in your life? Is it your profession or just a hobby? To me, photography is an alternative to painting. All artistic works have always been a source of joy and a way of spending my free time. Photography isn’t my profession; I rarely undertake any commercial shootings. Unless they correspond with my taste and interests. I tried to make it work, but today I choose freedom. When the idea appears, I act. From time to time I run photographic workshops in the most famous place in Poland, created for this purpose - Workshops in Złodziejewo. I have been associated with this place for 10 years. I started my advanced adventure with photography there, after 3 years I became one of the leaders there. This is a great time when we meet people who are so much in love with photography. We can share and exchange our knowledge. It is a wonderful, creative time. I appreciate every meeting and friendships from those workshops. What are your favorite artist photographers? Are you inspired by their works to create your photos? Certainly, when we see the amazing work of all great photographers, it has an impact on ours. I admire Ewa Ćwikła, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk and Chris Knight. Sometimes I get some inspiration from paintings, films, but usually my ideas are in my head and I try to put them in effect right away. Usually I need some time for it to grow. 42 Your best and worst memory? The best memories related to photography are my sessions in a wonderful atmosphere, with friends. Our meetings over tea, in the garden with your beloved models, make-up artists or photographers, sessions done hastily with the need of the heart. The saddest is the loss of my lifelong four-legged friend. His departure made me «offended» at photography and probably without photography for six months. Then one was created - a catharsis – and then I began a slow return to my passion. I’ve been a volunteer for three years in an animal shelter where I take pictures of animals for adoption. There I also experience sad moments getting acquainted with the fate of abandoned beings. However, each subsequent successful adoption is a light in the tunnel. And now, in general, what is Beata’s «typical» day like? I am a teacher. I spend my all mornings there. After returning home, I greet my pets - 2 German Shepherds and 3 cats - roofers. I spend longer moments with them in the garden, preferably with a good book. It is only when the sun goes down that I sit down at the computer and browse the photo resources on the net. One to five photos are created in one evening. I don’t do anything by force; I’m not chased by time. If I need some rest and take a break from photography, I devote my time to other passions such as painting furniture and decorating my home. I’m not afraid of operating a hammer drill. In the evening I like to spend time with a good movie. Tell us the story of cover photo. On the cover there’s a picture of beautiful Klara, a wonderful red-haired model. Klara’s mother is an artist and we have great chemistry between us. Klara is a young, talented girl who, from the moment she came to me for photos, has already met with many significant Polish photographers and I wish her all the best in this matter. The photo was made in my garden where I grow plants I can use for the sessions. The wonderful wisteria creeper is my own pride. Chatting, tea, home-like atmosphere - the most beautiful way to create photography. I remember nice moments and wonderful people with every such a frame. That’s why I like to come back to models, people who have been close to my heart. I dare say that I photograph with my heart. After each session, I enjoy not only the successful frames, but also the joy of watching the model determined. This is my drive for work. What is your dream (connected to photography)? My first thought is that I won’t leave the vein and desire to create. More mundane, one day I would like to organize a real exhibition of my photos, because I admit that so far there have been only small exhibitions I am a typical non-conformist. If the public wants to do something «this way», I’ll definitely find a «different» way. I rarely compete in photographic competitions and see myself on photographic portals. I act spontaneously and forget about it quickly. I want to enjoy photography, not to be its slave. When the race begins making me annoyed by the negative comments on the portals under my colleagues’ works, I cut myself off and lock myself in my world. This is my conscious choice. Do you have a word or proverb, anything else to say? «Happiness is so hard to find because it is where it is not expected.»  I find my happiness in ordinary things. In a coffee drunk in the garden with a good book, in the wet nose of my dog snuggled into my neck, in the joyful voice of my mother speaking to me on the phone, in the smile of friends who like spending time with me... I’ve achieved some inner peace, and I hope it can last forever. 43 Girl Grace Photographer Elsa Dillon @elsadillonphotographer Videographer Richard Dillon @richarddillon111 Drone Pilot Jack Dillon @jack.dillon1 Stylist Gem Gem @gemgemstyling Hair artist Bek Ryan @bekryan.hairstylist Make-up artist Elsa Dillon @elsadillonphotographer Model Imogen Grace @ imogen.grace Model agent Reel Management @reelmanagementmodels Clothes Darb Couture @darbbridal Jewellery Pele @pelejewel Location Australia 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 Hidden Expectations Katarzyna Soboné 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @mara.kasanpawiro 60 Paris Fashion Week by Guillaume Oster Giovanni Bedin Haute Couture 61 Photographer: @osterg75 Models: @ilyavermeulen & @mara.kasanpawiro 62 63 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @makennacart 64 65 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @djurasiebenga 66 67 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @mara.kasanpawiro & @djurasiebenga 68 69 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @mara.kasanpawiro 70 71 Photographer: @ludochriss Model: @bbjeanofficial 72 Paris Fashion Week by Ludovic Vilmen Martin Ziad Nakad Backstage 73 Photographer: @ludochriss Model: @oleeeeeeeeesya 74 Photographer: @ludochriss Model: @eto vseona 75 Photographer: @ludochriss Model: @stefania cristian 76 Photographer: @ludochriss Model: @carla.peclet 77 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @merelzoet 78 Paris Fashion Week by Guillaume Oster Azzaro Backstage 79 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @katerynazub 80 81 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @africa penalver 82 83 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @josephine.adam 84 85 Photographer: @osterg75 Model: @ophelieguillermand 86 87 SICILY SYRACUSE TAORMINA CATANIA Would you like to discover Sicily? Let’s start with Syracuse, Taormina and Catania. It is a mysterious island where both eastern and western civilizations mix and interact. The Sicilian landscapes can be wild with Mount Etna dominating the city of Catania, wonderful with the Aeolian Islands or picturesque with the crystal clear waters and the turquoise blue shore in Taormina. Let’s explore these volcanic lands and the Sicilian dolce vita. Vous voulez découvrir la Sicile ? Commençons par Syracuse, Taormine et Catane. L’île mystérieuse où les civilisations orientales et occidentales se croisent. Les paysages siciliens avec l’Etna qui dominent la ville de Catane, les îles éoliennes, les eaux cristallines ou bien le rivage bleu turquoise à Taormine sont sauvages et balnéaires en même temps. Partons à la découverte de ces terres volcaniques et la dolce vita sicilienne. 88 Text & tra nsla tion by B arba ra Klup a, co rre ction by H anna Klup a, ph ot os b y Ke vin Paum ier 89 SYRACUSE Syracuse is located in the south-east of Sicily. Since 2005, its historic centre has become part of the world heritage of humanity established by UNESCO. On the Ortygia peninsula tourists can find a lot of monuments: ramparts, temples or churches. You cannot forget to visit such places as the amphitheatre and the Greek Theatre which are also among the best in Syracuse. Syracuse est située dans le sud-est de la Sicile. Depuis 2005, son centre historique fait partie du patrimoine mondial de l’humanité établi par l’Unesco. Sur la presqu’île d’Ortigia les touristes peuvent trouver de nombreux monuments : des remparts, des temples ou des églises. Il ne faut pas oublier des endroits comme l’amphithéâtre et le Théâtre Grec qui figurent aussi parmi les incontournables de Syracuse. 90 91 92 93 TAORMINA Taormina is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Sicily and it is often nicknamed the “Sicilian St. Tropez”. This place is full of charm. One part of the city is located 200 m above sea level. You can visit there the old city and the Greek theatre from the 3rd century. It is a sublime place with the view of Mount Etna and the sea. At the bottom of Taormina, there is a very small beach with Isola Bella located nearby. This island becomes even a peninsula when the tide is favourable. Taormina en italien est une de plus belles stations balnéaires en Sicile et elle est souvent surnommée la « Saint-Tropez sicilienne ». C’est un endroit plein de charme. Une partie de la ville est située à 200m d’altitude. En haut, on peut visiter la vieille ville et le théâtre grec qui date du IIIe siècle. C’est un lieu sublime avec la vue sur l’Etna et sur la mer. En bas, il y a une toute petite plage où se trouve Isola Bella. Cette île devient même une presqu’île quand la marée est favorable. 94 95 96 97 C A T A N I A Catania is the second largest city of Sicily, located at the foot of Mount Etna. This city had to adapt to the different natural disasters that shap
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