Jurgen Kaufeld & Guido Kern. Grandmaster Chess Strat egy What Am a teurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson s Positional Masterpieces

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Jurgen Kaufeld & Guido Kern Grandmaster Chess Strat egy What Am a teurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson s Positional Masterpieces New In Chess 2011 Contents CHAP TER 1 PLAY ING AGAINST TWO WEAK NESSES....13
Jurgen Kaufeld & Guido Kern Grandmaster Chess Strat egy What Am a teurs Can Learn from Ulf Andersson s Positional Masterpieces New In Chess 2011 Contents CHAP TER 1 PLAY ING AGAINST TWO WEAK NESSES No. 1 Ulf Andersson - Karl Robatsch 14 No. 2 Ulf Andersson - Krunoslav Hulak 16 No. 3 Gyula Sax - Ulf Andersson 18 No. 4 Ulf Andersson - Friso Nijboer 21 No. 5 Ulf Andersson - Sune Berg Hansen 23 No. 6 Sergio Giardell - Ulf Andersson 26 CHAP TER 2 AN AD VAN TAGE IN SPACE...30 No. 7 Ulf Andersson - Nona Gaprindashvili 31 No. 8 Klaus Bis choff - Ulf Andersson 33 No. 9 Ulf Andersson - Stellan Brynell 35 No. 10 Ulf Andersson - Ewgeni Gisbrecht 37 No. 11 Ulf Andersson - Dimitrij Bunzmann 40 CHAP TER 3 CON TROL OF THE D-FILE No. 12 Ulf Andersson - Rainer Knaak 47 No. 13 Ulf Andersson - Marcelo Tempone 48 No. 14 Ulf Andersson - Lubomir Kavalek 50 No. 15 Ulf Andersson - Edu ar do Limp 52 No. 16 Ulf Andersson - Hannes Stefansson 54 CHAP TER 4 PRO PHY LAXIS...56 No. 17 Larry Christiansen - Ulf Andersson 57 No. 18 Ulf Andersson - Andrey Sokolov 58 No. 19 Bjorn Ahlander - Ulf Andersson 60 No. 20 Ulf Andersson - Tomasz Markowski 62 CHAP TER 5 PLAY ING AGAINST THE ISO LATED PAWN...65 No. 21 Mathias Gerusel - Ulf Andersson 67 No. 22 An thony Miles - Ulf Andersson 69 No. 23 Shaun Taulbut - Ulf Andersson 71 No. 24 Ulf Andersson - Alexandru Segal 73 No. 25 Ulf Andersson - Lajos Portisch 75 CHAP TER 6 THE BISHOP PAIR...79 No. 26 Ulf Andersson - László Hazai 80 No. 27 Ulf Andersson - Murray Chan dler 82 No. 28 Ulf Andersson - Edhi Handoko 84 5 Grand mas ter Chess Strategy No. 29 Ulf Andersson - Jonny Hec tor 86 No. 30 Ulf Andersson - Erik van den Doel 89 CHAP TER 7 AN ORIG I NAL EX CHANGE OF BISHOP FOR KNIGHT No. 31 Ulf Andersson - Zenon Franco 92 No. 32 Ulf Andersson - John van der Wiel 95 No. 33 Ulf Andersson - Andrey Sokolov 97 No. 34 Aleksander Wojtkiewicz - Ulf Andersson 100 CHAP TER 8 FIGHT ING AGAINST THE HEDGE HOG No. 35 Ulf Andersson - Wal ter Browne 104 No. 36 Ulf Andersson - Flo rin Gheorghiu 107 No. 37 Ulf Andersson - Yehuda Gruenfeld 109 CHAP TER 9 THE PO SI TIONAL EX CHANGE SAC RI FICE No. 38 Anatoly Kar pov - Ulf Andersson 115 No. 39 Ulf Andersson - Jan Timman 118 No. 40 Ulf Andersson - Bent Larsen 120 No. 41 Ulf Andersson - Yasser Seirawan 122 No. 42 Ulf Andersson - Andras Adorjan 124 No. 43 Ulf Andersson - Rafael Vaganian 126 CHAP TER 10 THE PO SI TIONAL QUEEN SAC RI FICE No. 44 Miguel Quinteros - Ulf Andersson 129 No. 45 Ulf Andersson - Roberto Cifuentes 131 No. 46 Andrey Kharlov - Ulf Andersson 133 No. 47 Ulf Andersson - Luiz Loureiro 135 CHAP TER 11 THE ART OF DE FENCE No. 48 Karl Robatsch - Ulf Andersson 139 No. 49 Karl Janetschek - Ulf Andersson 141 No. 50 Fe lix Izeta - Ulf Andersson 144 No. 51 Marinus Kuijf - Ulf Andersson 146 No. 52 Sergey Krivoshey - Ulf Andersson 149 CHAP TER 12 THE CATA LAN END GAME No. 53 Ulf Andersson - Rubens Filguth 153 No. 54 Ulf Andersson - Kiril Georgiev 154 No. 55 Ulf Andersson - Gilles Miralles 157 No. 56 Ulf Andersson - Vadim Milov 159 No. 57 Ulf Andersson - Sergey Ivanov 162 No. 58 Ulf Andersson - Vladi mir Potkin 164 6 CHAP TER 13 ROOK END INGS No. 59 Ulf Andersson - Bent Larsen 168 No. 60 Ulf Andersson - Sergio Mariotti 169 No. 61 Ulf Andersson - Larry Christiansen 171 No. 62 Ulf Andersson - Rob ert Hübner 173 No. 63 Ulf Andersson - An thony Miles 175 No. 64 Ulf Andersson - Je sus Nogueiras 177 No. 65 Ulf Andersson - Stellan Brynell 179 No. 66 Ulf Andersson - Mat thew Sadler 182 No. 67 Ulf Andersson - Rob ert Hübner 184 No. 68 Ulf Andersson - Ralf Åkesson 187 CHAP TER 14 ROOK AND MI NOR PIECE No. 69 Ulf Andersson - Miguel Quinteros 192 No. 70 Ber nard Cafferty - Ulf Andersson 194 No. 71 Fridrik Olafsson - Ulf Andersson 195 No. 72 Ulf Andersson - Pe ter Biyiasas 197 No. 73 Reynaldo Vera - Ulf Andersson 199 CHAP TER 15 MI NOR PIECE END INGS No. 74 Ulf Andersson - Boris Gulko 203 No. 75 Ulf Andersson - Rob ert Byrne 204 No. 76 Ulf Andersson - Wal ter Browne 206 No. 77 Ulf Andersson - Zigurds Lanka 207 No. 78 Alexandre Lesiège - Ulf Andersson 208 No. 79 Ulf Andersson - Alonso Zapata 211 No. 80 Ulf Andersson - José Ibarra 212 A SHORT BI OG RA PHY OF ULF ANDERSSON IN DEX OF GAMES IN DEX OF OPE NINGS KEY TO SYM BOLS USED PREFACE One of the best meth ods of im prov ing your play ing strength is to choose as a model a top player and then to ana lyse in depth the lat ter s games. By ask ing ques tions such as What is typ i cal about this player? and Why is he so suc cess ful? you will work out what char ac ter ises his chess style. By im i tat ing this in your own games, you will have practical successes to celebrate. In this book, the world class Swed ish player Ulf Andersson is taken as such a model and his games are in ves ti gated. Andersson s best days as an over-the- board player (be fore in later years he suc cess fully de voted his time to cor re spon dence chess) were in the 1970s and 1980s, that is to say be fore my own time as a chess player. In the mid 1990s I, as an up-and-com ing young player, had the op por tu nity to cross swords on two oc ca sions with the ex pe ri enced vet eran. Our first game was played in 1996 and I had to ad mit de feat af ter 91 moves with out re ally un der - stand ing what I had done wrong! I sim ply felt that my only prob lem was that I had had to de fend that par tic u lar end ing against Andersson and not against some other player. There fore I was ex tremely mo ti vated when it came to our next en coun ter. I had to wait al most a year be fore it took place and on that oc ca sion I had the white pieces! I tried to put as much pres sure on him as I could, but I felt as though I was bang ing my head against a brick wall. All my ef forts were in vain and the game ended in a draw. Of course, be fore these face to face en coun ters with him, I had made an in ten sive study of Andersson s games. In ad di tion to his al most pro ver bial end game tech - nique, there are many other fac ets to his play. It is re mark able for its clar ity, and yet he also knows how to get the up per hand in com pli cated sit u a tions, as for ex am ple is shown by the games in the chap ter The Art of De fence. A fur ther char ac ter is tic theme, the po si tional ex change sac ri fice, would be come a last ing com po nent of my own chess rep er toire through the games of Andersson as well as those of my ab so lute fa vour ite chess player the 9th world cham pion Tigran Petrosian. It gives me great plea sure to see that on one hand this work hon ours the cre ative ef - forts of Andersson and on the other lays be fore the reader the most out stand ing train ing ma te rial. I find it par tic u larly im por tant that sub tle ties are dealt with which will ad vance your fu ture chess de vel op ment: now a days, peo ple are far too used to the opin ions of com puter pro grams, and ev ery book which moves us to do some think ing for our selves is an im por tant sup ple ment to that. This book opens our eyes to what re ally makes a world class chess player! Guido Kern and Jürgen Kaufeld have se lected the games with great care and pres - ent a many-facetted in sight into world class chess strat egy. The im por tant el e - 9 INTRODUCTION You will per haps be won der ing why we have writ ten a man ual on strat egy that con - tains ex clu sively the games of Swed ish grand mas ter Ulf Andersson. The an swer: as we ana lysed many games, we real ised that the clear and purely po si tional play ing style of Andersson is su perbly well suited to the il lus tra tion of stra te gic themes. For those who wish to im prove their po si tional play and tech nique, these games will be of great ben e fit. In our years of ex pe ri ence as chess train ers, dur ing which many of our tal ented young play ers earned ti tles, we have al ways noted how ex tremely nec es sary it was to bring up to a high stan dard their tech nique and po si tional un der stand ing in or der for them to achieve suc cess in their chess praxis. When train ing play ers who are am - bi tious and who have the ca pac ity to make prog ress, one of ten no tices a cer tain stag - na tion of their play ing strength when the main fo cus of the chess train ing has been only on open ings and middlegame tac tics. Tac tics do play an enor mous part in mod - ern chess now a days and work with chess pro grams (which al most ev ery club and tour na ment player is able to take ad van tage of) has con ferred on the cal cu la tion of vari a tions a greater value than was the case in the pre-com puter era. But ev ery chess player who takes part in tour na ments ap pre ci ates the dif fi culty of con vert ing to a win the ad van tages which have been achieved (be they po si tional or ma te rial). It is mainly lack of tech ni cal skills which makes vic tory dif fi cult or im pos si ble. And yet it is not as dif fi cult as is com monly be lieved to ac quire the tech ni cal and tac - ti cal meth ods which aid the reali sa tion of ad van tages in chess. In this con nec tion the pres ent book is aimed at plug ging a gap. It is there fore very well suited for use with up-and-com ing play ers. As you play through the games it is fas ci nat ing to re cog nise the fa cil ity and pre ci - sion with which Andersson achieves his goals. Chess play ers of vary ing strengths and styles will enor mously im prove their abil i ties and si mul ta neously in crease their po - si tional sense as a re sult of care ful study of the an no tated games, which have been clas si fied ac cord ing to var i ous middlegame and end game themes. Andersson is con sid ered to be one of the most im por tant end game ex perts. His chess style re sem bles that of the leg end ary world cham pion Capablanca and in his abil ity to han dle closed po si tions in mas terly fash ion also that of the later world cham pion Tigran Petrosian. Among chess mas ters end game tech nique à la Andersson has been given the sta tus of a trade mark. His sig nif i cance as a player can be seen at first glance from the long num ber of years he has spent among the ab so lute world chess elite. His most suc cess ful pe riod was at the be gin ning of the 1980s, when he oc cu pied 4th place in the world rank ing lists. An other high light of his ca reer was his nom i na tion to the place of first board in the USSR ver sus the rest of the world match in In re cent years Ulf Andersson has also turned to cor re spon dence chess, reach ing the first place in the world rank - 11 Grand mas ter Chess Strat egy ing list in In Ger many Ulf Andersson was for sev eral years a suc cess ful mem - ber of the SG Porz team in the top di vi sion of the Bundesliga. If you are a fan of stra te gic open ings such as the Eng lish, the Cata lan or the Hedge hog, you will find in this book valu able in for ma tion for your open ing rep er - toire. There are even two chap ters de voted to ar eas con nected with these open ings, namely the Cata lan and the Hedge hog, and these pro vide in struc tive com ments on middlegame strat egy and on the tran si tion to the end game. We have gen er ally pre ferred to pres ent com plete games in or der to ren der more trans par ent the in di vid ual tran si tions from one phase of the game to the next. This way the reader will ac quire a no tice ably better un der stand ing of the flow of the whole game than he or she would if only parts of games were shown. Of course, in Andersson s games im por tant tac ti cal el e ments play just as im por - tant a role as the po si tional ones. This will be made clear above all in the chap ters on the po si tional queen sac ri fice and the po si tional ex change sac ri fice. Gen er ally speak ing, it is far from easy to at trib ute in di vid ual stra te gic themes to games, though when we were deal ing with the sub ject of the po si tional queen sac ri fice this created no dif fi cul ties what so ever, since this cre ative mo tif is abun dantly pres ent in Andersson s play. Here too, we can once more find a par al lel to ex-world cham pion Tigran Petrosian, who was a re cog nised spe cial ist in this area. Be cause Andersson s play was marked by prac ti cal and tech ni cal con sid er ations, it is cer tain that many of his games ended as draws. The jus ti fi ca tion for this is that for many years he was in con ten tion with the very top play ers in the world and at that level po si tional and tech ni cal ca pa bil i ties are ex traor di narily high. Nev er the less, as we have al ready emphasised, his games are of great in struc tional value for am bi tious players who want to achieve a higher level of com pe tence in strat egy and end game tech nique. If you wish to test your abil ity to find good plans, ideas and forc ing tac ti cal vari a - tions, we in vite you to work on the ques tions which we have asked at par tic u larly ex - cit ing and in struc tive stages of the games. These ques tions have been high lighted in the text. A white square next to the di a gram in di cates that White is to move, a black one means that it is Black s turn. We rec om mend that you use a sheet of pa per to cover the game con tin u a tion and not to read on un til you have thought things through deeply by your self. We hope that the play ing through of the games will help you make im por tant dis cov er ies for your own praxis and that in do ing so you will im prove your po si - tional un der stand ing. Guido Kern and Jurgen Kaufeld 12 Grand mas ter Chess Strat egy CHAPTER 4 PROPHYLAXIS Pro phy lac tic think ing is cer tainly one of the most im por tant themes in po si tional play. Aaron Nimzowitsch in di cated in his day that the pre ven tion of the op po nent s counterplay, or pro phy laxis, is of su preme importance. Pro phy lac tic think ing is re quired in ev ery phase of a chess game. This is not only true for de fen sive po si tions where you have to try and see through the at tack ing ef - forts be ing made by your op po nent, but also in the at tack when you have to take into ac count the lat ter s de fen sive re sources. When real is ing an ad van tage, it is also very im por tant to limit the pos si bil i ties open to the de fence, to con struct your search for a plan on that ba sis and to fore see pos si ble tac ti cal ob sta cles. In al most all of his books the out stand ing Rus sian grand mas ter trainer Mark Dvoretsky has high lighted the im por tance of pro phy laxis and il lus trated this with ex am ples drawn from his praxis as a trainer. If you study this theme in depth, then your tac ti cal abil i ties will au to mat i cally im prove. You will pay in creas ing at ten tion to the re sources avail able to your op po nent and to do that you have to pen e trate into the sub tle ties of the re lated tac tics. Tigran Petrosian and Anatoli Kar pov made ex cel lent use of pro phy laxis and their play ing style is sim i lar. When one gets down to it, prob a bly all the great chess cham pi ons studied this absolutely fundamental theme in order to further their chess development. In the first ex am ple, Christiansen-Andersson, in a Hedge hog Black dem on strates the flex i ble de fen sive pos si bil i ties of that par tic u lar set-up. At the time the game was played, the stra te gic meth ods to be used in the Hedge hog had not yet been com - pletely worked out. White some what op ti mis ti cally ex tended his kingside pawn pha lanx and tried to over run the black po si ti o n. Andersson stopped the at tack with an orig i nal and sub tle re group ing of his pieces and then went over to the coun ter-at - tack in the cen tre. White s slightly too dynamic set-up was drastically punished. The game Andersson-Sokolov is a model ex am ple of the mi nor ity at tack. White pro phy lac ti cally an tic i pates his op po nent s at tack ing ef forts, then takes over the ini - tia tive be fore go ing on to cash in on his ad van tage by cap tur ing the backward c6 pawn. Af ter a fa vour able ope ning in Ahlander-Andersson there arose a blocked po si ti o n with a bad white bishop. By tar geted, pro phy lac tic de fen sive moves, Black nipped Black s at tempts at at tack in the bud be fore mov ing over to a suc cess ful coun ter-at tack. The game Andersson-Markowski is proof that pro phy lac tic think ing is even possible when at tack ing. The poor move 18...h5 pal pa bly weak ened Black s king position. Andersson found a pro found pro phy lac tic move which led, af ter forced exchanges, to a strong at tack ing po si ti o n. Black tried in vain to hold his po si ti o n to - gether, but fi nally lost the game to a nice piece of tactics. 56 Chap ter 4 Pro phy laxis No. 17 Lar ry Chris ti an sen Ulf Anders son Hastings 1979/80 Eng lish Ope ning 1.c4 c5 2.Àf3 Àf6 3.Àc3 e6 4.g3 b6 5.Ãg2 Ãb Àc6 7.e4 d6 8.d4 cxd4 9.Àxd4 Àxd4 10. xd4 Ãe7 11.b Ãb2 b8 13.h3 Õd8 14.Õad1 Ãf8 15. h2 Àd7 16.f4 Ãc6 17.b4 a6 18.a4 c7 19.Õc1 Ãb7 20.Õfe1 Õac8 21.Ãf1 b8 22. f2 a5 23.b5 Àc5 24.Õcd1 Ãe7 25.g4.dTt._M L_.lJjJ.j.jJ_._ jis._._. I_I_IiI.n._._I.b._.q.k _._RrB_. Here we have a typ i cal Hedge hog for - ma tion, which White has no tice ably weak ened by his rash pro ceed ings on the queenside with a4 and b5. In par tic - u lar, the c5-square and the c-file are in Black s hands. White will now at tempt to ob tain counterplay on the kingside. It is in - struc tive to fol low the way Ulf Andersson re acts in pro phy lac tic fash ion to all of White s options h6 Black is plan ning an in ter est ing re - group ing in or der to take the wind out of the sails of White s at tack ing ef forts. 26.h4.dTt._M L_.lJj..j.jJ_.j jis._._. I_I_IiIi _.n._._..b._.q.k _._RrB_. Black finds an ex tremely imag i na tive de - fen sive set-up which draws the teeth from Black s at tempts to at tack. How does he pro ceed? h7! Black is plan ning to play the rook to h8 in or der to coun ter White s open ing of the h-file by means of g4-g5. At the same time he is pre par ing the pro found re group ing...õc7 and... d8, af ter which White will have prob lems with his pawn on h4. 27.Ãh3 Õc7! 28.Õe3 Õh8! A beau ti ful pro phy lac tic move. 29. g1 A pos si ble vari a tion af ter 29.g5 would be 29...hxg5 30.hxg5 g8 31. g1 Àxe4! 32.Àxe4 Ãxe4 33.Õxe4 Õxh3 34. g2 b7! 35.g6 Õg3! 36. xg3 xe4 37.gxf7+ xf7 38. xg7+ e8ç. The black king gets to d7 in safety, the white pawn struc ture is ruined and the white king is in a worse po si ti o n than its coun ter part d8 A dan ger ous re sponse to the ad vance with pawns on the kingside. This ex am ple shows how an ad van tage in space does not al ways bring about the de sired re sult if the hin ter land is not well or gan ised. 57 Chap ter 9 The Po si tional Ex change Sac ri fice No. 38 Ana to ly Karp ov Ulf Anders son Milan 1975 Sicilian Defence, Taimanov System 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Àxd4 Àc6 5.Àb5 d6 6.c4 Àf6 7.À1c3 a6 8.Àa3 Ãe7 9.Ãe b6 11.Ãe3 Ãb7 12.Õc1 Õe8 13. b3 Àd7 14.Õfd1 Õc8 15.Õd2 c7 16. d1 b8 17.f3 Ãa8 18. f1 Àce5 19.Àab1 Àf6 20. h1 h6 21.Õdd1 Ãf8 22.Àd2 Õcd8 23. f2 Àed7 24.a3 d5 25.cxd5 exd5 26.exd5 Ãd6 27.Àf1 Ld.tT_M._S_Jj. Jj.l.s.j _._I_._.._._._._ i.n.bi_..i._bqii _.rr_n_k 27...Õxe3!? This is an ex change sac ri fice based solely on the dom i na tion of the dark squares. Black ob tains no ma te rial com - pen sa tion. Af ter the best re ply, 28.Àxe3, Black will seize the h2 pawn and thus open the white king up to at tack. It is Black s best prac ti cal chance. It is very in ter est ing to think that six years later Ulf Andersson played an ex change sac ri fice on e3 against Kasparov. What a co in ci dence! In Kasparov- Andersson, Moscow Interzonal Tournament 1981, things went 1.d4 Àf6 2.c4 e6 3.Àc3 Ãb4 4.e3 c5 5.Àe2 cxd4 6.exd a3 Ãe7 8.d5 exd5 9.cxd5 Õe8 10.Ãe3 d6 11.h3 Àbd7 12.Àg3 Ãf8 13.Ãe2 T_LdTlM_ jj_s_jjj._.j.s.._i_._.._._._._ i.n.b.ni.i._bii_ r._qk._r Analysis diagram 13...Õxe3. Also an in tu itive sac ri fice. The po si tional idea un der ly ing it is to get long-term to tal con trol of the da
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