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Jack Quinby Collection, cubic feet South Street Seaport Museum 12 Fulton Street New York, N.Y Telephone: South Street Seaport Museum,
Jack Quinby Collection, cubic feet South Street Seaport Museum 12 Fulton Street New York, N.Y Telephone: South Street Seaport Museum, all rights reserved Prepared by Valerie Baloga, under the supervision of Carol Clarke, Archivist, and Anne DiFabio, Assistant Archivist May 2012 Descriptive Summary Title: Jack Quinby Collection Dates: , bulk dates Abstract: The Jack Quinby Collection contains the research files, personal papers, and photographs of Jack Quinby, a marine enthusiast and marine engineer for Exxon. Extent: 8.5 cubic feet, 3 cabinet drawers and 4 cartons Language: English Biographical Note Jack Quinby ( ) was born into a family of sea loving people in His father, Colonel E.J. Quinby, is best known for his involvement in saving the steamboat Delta Queen and for his efforts in restoring that boat's famed calliope. Jack Quinby began his career in 1951 as a tug fireman for the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad, where he moved up the ranks before becoming a marine engineer for Exxon. In addition to maritime history, Quinby and his father were interested in trains and railroads, coastal forts, and monuments. Jack Quinby also had an extensive interest in New York Harbor, the South Street Seaport, and other waterfront areas in New York City and New Jersey. Scope and Content Notes The Jack Quinby Collection is a compilation of materials amassed by the late Jack Quinby. The collection includes an assortment of itineraries and memorabilia from various ships and excursions, as well as clippings, pamphlets, newsletters, photographs, and correspondence pertaining to vessels and excursions, New York City and the surrounding harbor, coastal forts, monuments, and railroads. A large part of the collection is devoted to steamships, especially Delta Queen. Additionally, the collection contains snapshots and other materials documenting Jack Quinby's career with Exxon. Also included are some materials passed down from Jack's father, E.J. Quinby, as well as correspondence from father to son. Arrangement The collection is arranged into six series. Series one includes research materials, memorabilia, correspondence, amongst others. Series two through six include photographs, snapshots, slides, and negatives. Please note that arrangement is currently ongoing. Series 1: Research This series includes Jack Quinby's research materials and correspondence. Folders are arranged alphabetically by subject. Subjects include broad categories (e.g. ferries ), specific ships (e.g. Delta Queen ), and locations. Materials include clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, posters, plans, postcards, press releases, newsletters, itineraries, notes, maps, ephemera, and miscellaneous memorabilia. The series contains information about various types of maritime vessels, specific vessels, coastal forts, railroads, multiple locations in and around New York City, the Great Lakes region, and the Mississippi River. Series 2: Collected Photographs This series consists of photographs and reproductions collected by Jack Quinby and his father, E.J. Quinby. Jack Quinby's collection is arranged alphabetically by subject. Subjects include coastal forts, military vessels, railroads, New York City transit and other railroads, assorted ships, and submarines, among others. E.J. Quinby's photographs include a voyage in the S.S. Dorothy Alexander, the S.S. Susquehanna, and the contents of two photo albums and various negatives. Series 3: Arranged Snapshots This series includes relevant photographs pulled from Jack Quinby's snapshots. Snapshots are from Quinby's travels, primarily aboard Exxon tankers. Thirteen subseries divide the snapshots by type of vessel, location, and photographer. Identified vessels and locations are included, as well as some of E.J. Quinby's snapshots. Series 4: NYC Snapshots This box contains snapshots of various locations within New York City and New York Harbor from the 1960s through the 1990s. One box of snapshots can be found in Drawer 3, while the photographs which are still being processed can be found in Carton 1. Loose photographs are arranged chronologically by year. Series 5: Slides The slides in this container are of ships, primarily ocean liners. Individual ships have not been identified. Series 6: Other Snapshots Contained within four cartons are snapshots and negatives primarily from the 1970s and 1980s, though the range is roughly The snapshots depict coastal forts and monuments, Quinby's travels as a marine engineer on Exxon tankers, railroads, and more. Please note that arrangement is currently ongoing. Preferred Citation Jack Quinby Collection. South Street Seaport Museum. Related Material Charles Lawesson Collection; Betancourt Collection Access Points Personal Names Jack Quinby Corporate Names Exxon Company U.S.A. Topical Subjects Shipping Ocean liners Cargo ships Railroads Fortification River steamers Ferries Geographical Subjects New York Harbor (N.Y. and N.J.) Note Please note that arrangement is ongoing and some of the photographs need additional processing. For more information about Jack Quinby: Quinby, J., Friends of Hoboken Library, & Hoboken Historical Museum. (2006). Boats, ships & everything: Recollections of Jack Quinby, marine engineer. Hoboken, N.J: Friends of Hoboken Library and Hoboken Historical Museum. Container List Series 1: Research Drawer 1: Brooklyn Bridge 100th Birthday Commemorative Medals - Clippings Canals - Misc. - Pamphlets Canals - Suez - Clippings, fragile Cargo Ships - Poster Cargo Ships - Pamphlets Cargo Ships - Misc. Coast Survey - Sesquicentennial of the Coast & Geodetic Survey - Clippings Delta King - Clippings Delta Queen - Press Release Delta Queen - Clippings Delta Queen - Newsletters Delta Queen - Correspondence - E.J. Quinby letters; Green Line Steamers Delta Queen - Itineraries Delta Queen - Plans Delta Queen - Pamphlets Delta Queen - Poster/Pamphlet Delta Queen - Stationary, unused Delta Queen - Giant Postcard Delta Queen - Memorabilia Excursion Boats - Clippings - New Jersey Excursion Boats - Pamphlets - Mass., Quebec, S. Carolina Ferries - New York Harbor - Clippings Ferries - New York Harbor - Itineraries Ferries - New York Harbor - Timecards, unused Ferries - New York Harbor - Postcard Ferries - New York Harbor - Misc. Ferries / Steamers - Notes, handwritten & typed Forts, New York - Clippings Forts, New York - Notes, handwritten & typed Greenwood Cemetery - Clippings, Plans Great Lakes Steamers - Itineraries Great Lakes Steamers - S.S. North America, S.S. South America - Newsletters Great Lakes Steamers - S.S. North America, S.S. South America - Stationary, unused Great Lakes Steamers - S.S. North America, S.S. South America - Memorabilia Great Lakes - News - Clippings Hudson River Day Line - Clippings Hudson River Day Line - Itineraries Hudson River Day Line - Press Releases Hudson River Day Line - Alexander Hamilton - Postcard Hudson River Day Line - Alexander Hamilton - Specs. Hudson River Day Line - Alexander Hamilton - Memorabilia Hudson River - Misc. - Clippings Hudson River - Misc. - Pamphlets Hudson River - Miscellaneous Hudson River - Bridges - Map Hudson River - Mt. Beacon Incline - Tickets Hudson River - Newburgh - Beacon Ferry - Itinerary Inland Shipping - Pamphlet Keansburg Steamboat Co. - Itineraries Keansburg Steamboat Co. - City of New York - Clippings Key West, Fla. - Pamphlets Long Island Sound - Clippings Long Island Sound - Itineraries Long Island Sound - Pamphlets Marine Art, John Noble - Clippings, Pamphlers Marine Disasters - Clippings Marine Engines - Manuals, Pamphlets Marine Engines - E.J. Quinby Correspondence - Scudder Marine Engines - Drawings, Plans Marine Supplies - Catalog, Misc. Maritime Museums - Pamphlets - E.J. Quinby Correspondence Maritime Unions - Correspondence - Ballot - IOTA Military - Pamphlet - British Military Historical Society of the United States Mississippi & Ohio Rivers - Itineraries Mississippi & Ohio Rivers - Memorabilia, Correspondence - Steamers Mississippi & Ohio Rivers - Misc. Mississippi & Ohio Rivers - Clippings - Steamers, etc. Mississippi & Ohio Rivers - Pamphlets Museum Ships - Pamphlets Naval Museums - Pamphlets Naval, U.S. - Clippings Naval, U.S. - Pamphlets Naval, U.S. - Memorabilia, Miscellaneous Naval - Clippings, Misc. New Jersey, Great Falls - Misc. Pamphlet, Map, Info., E.J. Quinby Correspondence New Jersey - Pamphlets, Misc. New Jersey - Clippings New York City - Miscellaneous - Brochures, etc. New York City Transit - Clippings, Vouchers New York City Transit - Newsletters New York City Transit - Miscellaneous New York City Transit - Pamphlets New York Harbor - Misc. - Membership Cards, Maps, Stationary New York Harbor - Clippings New York State - Pamphlets - River Regulation Passenger Liners - Memorabilia Passenger Liners - Itineraries Passenger Liners - E.J. Quinby Correspondence re: Collision Course ; Press Releases Passenger Liners - Clippings Passenger Liners - Pamphlets, Plans Plans - Misc. - Hull Casting for 324 Oscillator Railroads of NY & NJ - Maps, Plans Railroads of NY & NJ - Pamphlets Railroads of NY & NJ - Vouchers Railroads of NY & NJ - Misc. Clippings, etc. Railroads - Monorail - Pamphlets Sailing Ships - Clippings Sailing Ships - Pamphlets Sailing Ships - Misc. Postcards, Fliers Seamen Recollections Ships, General Shipyards, NY Harbor - Clippings Staten Island - Clippings Steamboats - Clippings, etc. Steamboats - Itineraries, Misc. Steamboats - Pamphlets, Misc. Steamboats - Postcards, Misc. Steamboats - Notes & Correspondence, Misc. Drawer 2: Submarines, U.S. Navy Clippings Submarines, U.S. Navy Plans Submarines, U.S. Navy Pamphlets Submarines, Confederate Navy Pamphlets Submarines, Confederate Navy Clippings, Misc. Submarines, David Bushnell Pamphlets, Clippings, Misc. Submarines, Robert Fulton Pamphlets, etc. Misc. Submarines, Simon Lake Misc. Submarines, John P. Holland Misc. Submarines, John P. Holland Misc., Incl. Correspondence Submarines, Intelligent Whale Submarines, Miscellaneous Tankers Misc. Troopships Fliers Tugboats Clippings Tunnels Clippings U.S. Coastguard Misc. Wilson Line Itineraries Yachts Clippings Misc. E.J. Quinby; Jack & E.J. Quinby Misc. Correspondence & Ephemera R.M. Mitchell Round Robin Letter with Photographs, 1956 Drawer 2: Series 2: Photographs, Collected Airships, U.S. Navy Forts, Gardiners Bay Forts, Montauk Point Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Steamers Hudson River Steamers Long Island Sound Steamers Miscellaneous Navel Vessels New York Harbor & Bay Steamers New York Harbor, Harbor Craft NYC, Misc. NY Transit, Misc. Passenger Ships, Greenville Passenger Ships, Misc. Passenger Ships, S.S. Morro Castle Passenger Ships, Unidentified People, Misc. Railroads, New York Misc. Sailing Vessels, Misc. Scenes, Location Unknown Steamboats, Alaska Nenana Steamboats, Erie Queen Steamboats, Fred W. Green Steamboats, Unsorted Submarines, Early Misc. Western River Steamers, Delta Queen Western River Steamers, Misc. Yachts, Misc. Yachts, Pierre Boucheron s Aloha & The Winona Yachts, Zinita Series 2: Photographs, Collected, Subseries 1: E.J. Quinby Collected Photographs Voyage in S.S. Dorothy Alexander Photo Album, Misc. Contents of Photo Album S.S. Susquehanna S.S. Susquehanna Negatives U.S.S. Susquehanna Miscellaneous Negatives Ida, etc. Negatives Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 1: Travels Aboard Exxon Tankers Identified S.S. Baltimore Dec S.S. Baltimore Jan Panama S.S. Baltimore Jan San Pedro S.S. Baltimore Jan Valdez, Alaska S.S. Baltimore Feb S.S. Baltimore 1980 S.S. Baltimore Panama S.S. Boston July 1973 S.S. Boston 1976 S.S. Boston June 1977 S.S. Boston 1980 S.S. Boston 19 S.S. Chester Feb Virginia S.S. Chester Feb Virginia with tug El Paso Sailor S.S. Chester Feb S.S. Chester April 1978 S.S. Chester Spring 1978 S.S. Chester June 1979 ESSO Dallas April 1971 ESSO Dallas 1971 ESSO Dallas, S.S. Boston S.S. Florence Summer 1977 ESSO Gettysburg June 1970 S.S. Houston March 1979 ESSO Newark April 1984 ESSO Newark S.S. New Orleans July 1972 S.S. New Orleans S.S. Washington May 1976 S.S. Washington May 1976 San Francisco Bay S.S. Washington May 1976 Westbound S.S. Washington June 1976 Balboa Bay S.S. Washington June 1976 Panama S.S. Washington June 1976 S.S. Washington July 1976 S.S. Washington 1976 S.S. Washington October 1977 S.S. Washington Dec Baton Rouge S.S. Washington Dec Boston S.S. Washington 1977 S.S. Washington 1983 S.S. Washington 1983 West Coast S.S. Washington Aug S.S. Washington S.S. Washington Aruba, Panama S.S. Washington San Pedro S.S. Washington West Coast S.S. Washington West Coast with Princess Louise Restaurant Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 2: Travels Aboard Exxon Tankers Unidentified Exxon Misc. Summer 1974 Exxon Misc. March 1975 Exxon Misc. June 1977 Exxon Misc. Jan Exxon Misc. May 1981 Exxon Misc. Jack Quinby & Crew Misc. ESSO Ships New York Misc. Esso, Exxon Misc. Exxon Unidentified Location Misc. Exxon with tug Arnold Lyons Misc. Exxon with Ft. Lauderdale tugs Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 3: Miscellaneous Vessels Identified Mallard, etc. Oct S.S. Lima June 1972 S.S. Huntington Oct. 1972 Kiomet-I 1972 Lizza K. July 1973 Saint Marcel July 1973 Walter C Magdalene Tinnen, etc. March 1974 S.S. Catskill Sept U.S. Grant Sept U.S.S. Missouri U.S.S. Missouri with Tarangi & Thurow Star of Kodiak May 1975 Star of Kodiak 1975 S.S. Princess Louise Restaurant, etc. May 1975 Carlisle II, etc. June 1975 Cable March 1976 Nellebelle, etc. March 1976 LNG 41, etc. July 1976 Culebra, etc. July 1976 S.S. Bangor, etc. Feb Buntentor June 1977 Triana, etc. June 1977 Billy Boy, etc. July 1977 U.S. Grant May 1978 Royal Knight, etc Hual Akarita, etc. Spring 1979 Virginia Star, etc. Aug Enterprise III, etc Pilgrim Aug U.S. Grant Jan Bert Reinaur II 1987 Walter M. Feb Ernestina, etc. June 1987 U.S, Navy Ship June 1987 Queen Elizabeth II, etc. Fall 1987 Coast Guard Boat 1989 Cape Canaveral Nov Drawer 3: Alabama, etc. Alpamayo Borinquen Carolina, etc. Constitution, etc. Constitution Falls of Clyde, etc. Fernhill, etc. Intrepid Jupiter, etc. Lind0 Wilmington Mobil Light, etc. Nippon Maru Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 4: Cargo Ships CGM Provence Aug Lexa Maersk Aug Lucerna, etc. Aug Maui Aug Misc. Aug Rialto M. Christensen Aug Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 5: Ferries Buck Island 1971 Orient Point Summer 1971 Seattle June 1975 Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 6: Steamers Alexander Hamilton, etc Natchez July 1971 Trillium Aug In New Orleans, Natchez, etc. April 1979 Belle of Louisville Identified Misc. Mississippi Queen Mississippi Queen with Caliope Mississippi Queen on board Mississippi Queen Lenox Creek Peter Stuyvesant, etc. Ticonderoga, etc. Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 7: Tugs J.P. McAllister Spring 1969 In Jacksonville July 1972 Misc. June 1976 Corning Summer 1976 In Panama July 1977 In Jacksonville Fall 1979 New Orleans R Amy Moran Oct Cardenas, etc. Aug J. Ann Aug Misc. Aug Miss Paula Aug With Nissan Ship July 1987 Boston Pilot Cornell Tugs Eileen McAllister, etc. With Rodin, Dayliner Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 8: Miscellaneous Locations Identified Newport News July 1970 Delaware Bay July 1973 Red Bank, NJ Oct Rio March 1974 San Pedro May 1975 Norfolk 1982 Norfolk Waterfront 1982 Compton Creek Navy Yards Norfolk Aug Compton Creek Navy Yards Norfolk with ship Little River Aug Boston Harbor Oct Gardners Point Newport Harbor San Francisco Fisherman Wharf Seattle, etc. South Portal (tunnel) & Solomon Creek Viaduct Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 9: New York Harbor Hudson River Sept John W. Brown 1972 Hudson River Sept Hudson River Sept Peking, etc Circle Line, etc. Aug Lackawanna R.R., etc. Misc. New York Harbor Ships, New York Harbor South Street Seaport Area Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 10: Canada S.S. Klondike Nat l Historic Site Misc. Ship David H. Simpson, etc. Aug Hiawatha R.C.Y.C. Aug Toronto Ferries Aug Toronto Ferries with Ongiara, etc. Aug Toronto Ferries, etc. Aug Trillium, etc. Aug Canada Steamship Lines, etc. Misc. Ships, Ferries Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 11: Maritime Museums Maritime Museum Boats, etc. San Juan Aug San Francisco Maritime Museum May 1975 Portsmouth Naval Museum Feb San Francisco Maritime Museum San Francisco Maritime Museum Boats Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 12: Miscellaneous Sag Harbor Trip Aug Ships, Misc. June 1976 Princess Cruise July 1976 Battleships 1991 At Sea Miscellaneous Identified Miscellaneous Jack Quinby Miscellaneous Seascapes Miscellaneous Unidentified Unidentified Shipwreck Series 3: Jack Quinby Snapshots, Subseries 13: E.J. Quinby Snapshots Boston, etc Key West Feb Texas Steam Museum & Piermont, NY 1971 Boat Construction Delta Queen Elizabeth H. Hudson River, Misc. Identified Vessels, Misc. Manaco (tug) Merritt, Chapman, & Scott Corp. Miscellaneous New York Harbor Misc. Ships Peter Styuvesant Railroads Series 4: NYC Snapshots 1980s Railroads and other NY 1980s NY Harbor: Various ships docked at South Street Seaport Staten Island Ferry Manhattan Skyline Coney Island Verrazano Bridge Governor s Island Statue of Liberty Brooklyn, Manhattan, & Williamsburg Bridges Twin Towers Circle Line 1990s Brooklyn, Gowanus
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