Irish Penny Pub Menu Fall 2019

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The /TheIrishPenny 1014 S. Salisbury Blvd, Suite F Salisbury, MD 21801 WEE BITES & STARTERS SOUPS Pub Grill 410 -742- 0002…
The /TheIrishPenny 1014 S. Salisbury Blvd, Suite F Salisbury, MD 21801 WEE BITES & STARTERS SOUPS Pub Grill 410 -742- 0002 FRENCH ONION SOUP A pub classic of rich onion soup topped with croutons and melted provolone LEPRECHAUN LEGS BAKED BRIE POTATO LEEK cheese. 5.99 (PORK WINGS) WARNING: Highly Brie cheese wrapped in puff pastry, A traditional Irish soup made with an LAMB CHILI addictive! Two LARGE pork wings baked golden brown and topped with old Flynn recipe, topped with Cheddar Ground lamb chili topped with topped with your choice of Jameson warm apples and cranberries then cheese. Cup 4.99 Crock 5.99 Cheddar cheese and sour cream. Whiskey BBQ, Mango Habanero, Garlic drizzled with honey and served with stone Cup 4.99 Crock 6.99 Parmesan, Key Largo, Honey Sriracha, wheat crackers. Great for sharing. 12.99 BOOM BOOM SHRIMP Maryland, Sweet Heat or Buffalo. 2 for 7.99 3 for 10.99 ! NEW EMERALD ISLE CRAB DIP Everyone’s favorite, ½ pound of lightly breaded fried shrimp tossed in Our secret recipe crab dip, served Boom Boom sauce (garlic, chili). with housemade seasoned pita chips. Great for sharing. 8.99 Perfect for sharing. 12.99 CELTIC WINGS BLARNEY BACON PUB CHIPS Your choice of Jameson Whiskey BBQ, Pub chips, bacon and Cheddar cheese, Mango Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, topped with sour cream. 10.99 Key Largo, Honey Sriracha, Maryland, Add Crab Dip 6.99 Sweet Heat or Buffalo, served with Add Lamb Chili 4.99 LAMB MEATBALL SKILLET celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch. (8) 10.25 IRISH EGG ROLLS Freshly ground lamb meatballs served in a skillet, topped with a zesty red sauce Large egg rolls filled with corned beef, ABSURDLY LARGE and melted mozzarella cheese. 8.99 cabbage, Swiss cheese and onions, served with Penny Pub sauce. 2 for 7.99 BAVARIAN PRETZEL 3 for 10.99 FRIED PICKLES STUFFED SPUDS No other way to describe it. 24 oz. DUBLINER House cut pickle chips lightly fried pretzel served warm with coarse ground with our signature blend of spices. mustard, Penny Pub Sauce and our house A GIANT baked potato served Served with Penny Pub sauce and made cheese sauce. (Serves 2-4) 16.99 on a skillet, piled high with ranch dressing. 7.99 Add a full size portion of our Crab Dip your favorite filling. SOFT PRETZELS BLARNEY IRISH POTATO for 6.99 Four soft pretzel sticks dusted lightly IRISH PENNY CORNBREAD Bacon, Blarney Cheddar cheese, Corned beef with caramelized onions, with salt and baked. Served with our A basket of our house made corn bread Swiss cheese and braised cabbage. 13.99 SALADS horseradish butter, caramelized onions CHICKEN ALFREDO Penny Pub sauce and coarse ground served with honey butter. EASTERN SHORE STUFFED and sour cream. 10.99 mustard. 7.99 Add our Crab Dip 6.99 4 pieces 3.75 6 pieces 6.25 DRESSINGS: Buttermilk Ranch, Chunky Blue Chicken fingers with steamed broccoli, Scallops, shrimp, onion, carrots, celery Alfredo sauce and bacon. 11.99 BUILD YOUR OWN SPUD Cheese, Sweet Vidalia Onion, Honey Dijon, with an Irish cream sauce & Old Bay. LAMB SPUD Pepper Parmesan, Tuscan Caesar, Apple 13.99 Vinaigrette, Bacon Shallot Vinaigrette Pick 3 of the following toppings. 10.99 PUB SALAD SPINACH SALAD Add additional toppings for .50 each Fresh lamb chili topped with Cheddar Cheddar Cheese, Blue Cheese, jack cheese and sour cream. 11.99 VEGGIE LOVER’S Baby spinach topped with mushrooms, Mushrooms, Spinach, Feta Cheese, Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, hard Shredded Swiss, Tomatoes, Caramelized onions, Cheddar cheese and house- boiled egg and chopped red onion. 8.99 Onions, Sour Cream, Cabbage made croutons. 5.99 With entrée, 2.99 Steamed broccoli, caramelized onions, ROMAINE WEDGE SALAD PENNY CHOP SALAD and roasted mushrooms topped with Add Bacon 1.00 Cheddar Jack cheese. 10.99 Add Beef Stew 3.00 Romaine topped with bacon, tomatoes, Add Shepherd’s Pie 3.00 Mixed greens, sliced grilled chicken, red onion, crumbled blue cheese and avocado, roasted red peppers, mango balsamic drizzle. salsa and a blend of Jack and Cheddar MAY YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CLEAN SHIRT, ½ 5.99 Full 8.99 cheese. 13.00 SALMON BLT A CLEAR CONSCIENCE, AND ENOUGH COINS With Salmon 15.00 With Ahi Tuna 15.00 CAESAR SALAD IN YOUR POCKET TO BUY A PINT! Mixed greens with your choice of BOXTY broiled or blackened Atlantic salmon topped with bacon and tomatoes. 14.99 Crisp romaine, Tuscan Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan cheese and house- made croutons. 6.99 A homemade potato pancake cooked on a griddle. Originating from the Gaelic word “bactasi” referring TOP YOUR SALAD Add Blackened or Grilled Chicken 4.95 to a tradition of cooking potatoes on an open fire. CHICKEN BOXTY SEAFOOD BOXTY Add Salmon 6.95 Add Ahi Tuna 6.95 Grilled chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, Scallops, shrimp, potatoes, onions, onions and Cheddar cheese rolled into carrots and celery rolled into an Irish an Irish pancake topped with sour pancake, topped with Old Bay and cream. 13.99 a cream sauce. 15.99 STEAK BOXTY VEGETABLE BOXTY Hand sliced sirloin steak, caramelized Portobello mushrooms, roasted red onions, mushrooms and provolone peppers, caramelized onions, spinach, cheese rolled into an Irish pancake tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese and topped with brown gravy. 14.99 rolled into an Irish pancake. 11.99 CORNED BEEF BOXTY Thick cut corned beef, braised cabbage and melted Swiss cheese rolled into an Irish pancake, served with our coarse ground mustard. 15.99 Consuming raw or undercooked meats, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Menu and prices subject to change. Celebrate daily, celebrate responsibly. CELTIC CUISINE ADD A PUB SALAD 2.99 CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE ROCKFISH AND CHIPS A hearty portion of thick cut corned Pubhouse battered Rockfish served with beef served with roasted potatoes on pub chips & house-made tartar sauce. 12.99 FISH AND CHIPS PLATTER a bed of braised cabbage. Served with house made corn bread. 15.99 SHEPHERD’S PIE A large, 9 oz. ale-battered haddock filet served with pub chips and your choice of a side. 14.99 GUINNESS BEEF STEW Our Penny Pub version of an Irish classic. Seasoned ground beef braised with peas, carrots, corn and onions Tender stew beef with carrots, leeks, YE PUB SANDWICH in a country style gravy, topped with peas, onions and a touch of Guinness a mashed potato crust. Served with added with roasted potatoes. Served WITH HOUSE-CUT PUB CHIPS house made corn bread. 13.99 OR HOUSE-MADE COLESLAW with house made corn bread. 12.99 CORK & KERRY CHICKEN TURKEY TURNOVER WITH SWEET POTATO WAFFLE FRIES, ADD $2.00 HAM & SWISS Grilled or blackened chicken on a bed IRISH PENNY PANINI Slow-roasted fresh turkey breast, mixed of braised cabbage, topped with vegetables, dried cranberries and brie ! sautéed mushrooms, onions and cheese wrapped and baked in a puff NEW melted brie cheese. 14.99 pastry topped with house gravy. 13.99 Smoked ham served hot with Swiss Shaved marinated sirloin, pressed with TRADITIONAL cheese on a pretzel roll. Served with fresh mozzarella, fried onions, garlic IRISH BREAKFAST NORTH ATLANTIC SALMON coarse ground mustard. 10.50 pickles, spinach and a honey Dijon *Available as a wrap. horseradish sauce. 12.99 TURKEY AVOCADO BLT WRAP CORNED BEEF REUBEN A hearty meal of Irish Bangers, rashers, Blackened, broiled or grilled salmon* with black pudding, white pudding, 2 fried your choice of the following preparations: - Jameson Irish Whiskey sauce with Slow roasted fresh turkey, avocado, Roasted corned beef piled high on rye eggs, baked beans, grilled tomato and bacon, letuce and tomato wrapped in a mushrooms. Served with house made choice of two sides 16.99 bread topped with braised cabbage, Penny - Roasted grape tomatoes and wilted whole wheat tortilla, topped with our Pub sauce, and melted Swiss cheese. 11.99 THE RÁICHÉAL corn bread. 13.99 BANGERS AND MASH spinach with housemade, garlic-infused honey Dijon horseradish sauce. 11.99 CRAB CAKE BLT SANDWICH olive oil and choice of one side 16.99 *Salmon cooked to medium. Please let Slow-roasted fresh turkey breast piled Irish pork sausage "bangers" served with your server know if you prefer a different 5 oz. crab cake (fried or broiled) topped homemade mashed potatoes topped high on rye bread, topped with coleslaw, temperature. with lettuce, tomato and applewood melted Swiss cheese and our Penny Pub with fried onion straws, gravy and BALLYBUNION MAC & CHEESE smoked bacon, served on a brioche bun sauce. 11.99 BLACKENED CHICKEN PANINI choice of one side. (2) 12.99 (3) 14.99 EASTERN SHORE CRAB CAKES with Old Bay mayo on the side. 13.99 BELFAST CHICKEN WRAP Cavatappi pasta mixed with Cheddar Blackened chicken breast, roasted garlic Eastern Shore style crab cakes (fried or cheese sauce and sliced Irish Bangers Blackened chicken, feta cheese, romaine, and tomatoes, spinach and melted broiled). 1 for $15 or 2 for $19. Served topped with shredded Cheddar and tomatoes, red onions, and vidalia onion Mozzarella with balsamic aioli. 12.99 MAPLE “SWEET HEAT” with your choice of two sides. buttered bread crumbs. 13.99 OPEN FACED HOT TURKEY sauce in a whole wheat tortilla. 9.99 IRISH DIP • Without the Banger 11.99 CHICKEN BLT • Try it Eastern Shore Style, with shrimp ! NEW and crab meat 15.99 Slow roasted fresh turkey breast on • with corn, red peppers, onions, 6 oz. sliced sirloin steak topped with Crisp fried chicken breast tossed in our sourdough bread piled high with mashed sliced jalapeños and bacon 13.99 mushrooms, sautéed onions and melted Sweet Heat sauce topped with lettuce, potatoes, onion straws and house made ! • Irish Dip Truffle Mac & Cheese Swiss cheese on a ciabatta roll. Served with N W E tomato, bacon and maple syrup on gravy. Served with one side. 13.99 hot Guinness au jus for dipping. 11.99 FASTNET ROCKFISH TACOS Shaved sirloin, onions and mushrooms a brioche roll. 11.99 SIDES CHICKEN CHESAPEAKE with white truffle mac & cheese. 15.99 Flour tortillas with ale-battered rockfish topped with a mango salsa, cabbage, Grilled chicken breast topped with our shredded Cheddar cheese and Penny Pub house made crab dip, melted Cheddar Braised Cabbage, Steamed Broccoli, House-Made cheese, bacon and Old Bay served on sauce. 2 for 10.99 3 for 13.99 Coleslaw, Mashed Potatoes, Parsley Potatoes, our signature pretzel roll. 12.99 Colcannon (Mashed Potatoes with Chopped Cabbage), MAY YOU HAVE WARM WORDS ON A COLD EVENING, Baked Beans, Vegetable of the Day, or Pub Chips A FULL MOON ON A DARK NIGHT, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries +2.00 AND A SMOOTH ROAD ALL THE WAY TO YOUR DOOR. BURGERS CELTIC CAFÉ Black Pudding 3.50 White Pudding 3.50 WITH HOUSE-CUT PUB CHIPS OR HOUSE-MADE COLESLAW WITH SWEET POTATO WAFFLE FRIES, ADD $2.00 IRISH COFFEE GAELIC COFFEE THE “SOON TO BE FAMOUS” ST. PATRICK BURGER PENNY PRETZEL BURGER The Original Recipe, created in 1942. Clontarf Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, A half-pound of angus beef, topped with a Tullamore Irish Whiskey, a dash of chocolate liqueur, cream and coffee A half-pound of angus beef seasoned sliced Irish banger, Cheddar cheese and a brown sugar and fresh brewed coffee, topped with whipped cream and and topped with Virginia ham, Swiss sunny side up egg on a kaiser roll. 13.99 topped with whipped cream. a chocolate drizzle. MAPLE BACON BRIE BURGER HOT KNOT CINNAMON DULCE cheese and coarse ground mustard ! on a warm pretzel roll. 13.50 NEW WHISKEY BBQ BURGER A half-pound of angus beef topped with The Knot (100 Proof Irish Whiskey), bacon, melted brie cheese and maple RumChata, Three Olives Cake Vodka Irish Cream, butterscotch schnapps and syrup on a brioche bun. 12.99 and coffee topped with whipped cream fresh coffee, topped with whipped cream A half-pound of angus beef, crispy and a dash of cinnamon. BUILD YOUR OWN BURGER IRISH TEMPER bacon, Jameson Irish Whiskey BBQ and a caramel drizzle. IRISH MULE sauce, Dubliner Cheddar cheese and caramelized onions on a kaiser roll. 12.99 A half-pound of angus beef, Irish Cream, spiced rum, sugar, fresh BLACKENED built to order! 10.99 coffee and cream topped with whipped Tullamore D.E.W., fresh lime and ginger IRISH DIP BURGER ! cream and a dash of cinnamon. beer served in a cold copper mug. NEW Choice of cheese (add .50) Cashel Blue Cheese, Swiss Cheese, A half-pound of angus beef blackened and Dubliner Irish Cheddar Cheese, topped with Guinness-braised mushrooms & onions, melted provolone cheese and Provolone Cheese About the Lucky Irish Penny a horseradish cream sauce on a kaiser, Choice of toppings: In the mid 1920s, the Irish government appointed a committee to develop the design for the served with au jus for dipping. 12.99 Sautéed Onions (.50) new Irish coins. Chaired by Irish poet William Butler Yeats, the group decided that the Celtic CALIFORNIA BURGER Sautéed Mushrooms (.50) harp, the national symbol of Ireland, would be used on the new coins and Whiskey BBQ Sauce (.50) the reverse side would feature a series of farm animals so important to Ireland’s mainly agricultural economy. A half-pound of angus beef, seasoned Mango Salsa (1.25) After the last minting of the pennies in 1968, the pennies were being and topped with melted provolone Bacon (1.00), Avocado (1.75) gathered and melted down for their copper content. The few remaining cheese, sliced avocado and fresh mango pennies are the lucky ones; they survived. For the next thirty-five years Lamb Chili (3.00) salsa with a side of Old Bay mayo. the pennies were stashed away by Irish collectors. The remaining Served on a brioche bun. 13.50 Choice of bread: few pennies have since found their way across the Atlantic to become the keepsake of Irish heritage. YOU MAY SUBSTITUTE ANY HALF-POUND Brioche Bun (No Charge) Kaiser (No Charge) We combined the imagery from both sides of the famous BURGER FOR A GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST or Pretzel Roll (1.50) penny – a Celtic harp and a hen protecting her four young chicks – to create our Irish Penny Pub logo. Let Us Pour You A Perfect Penny Pint
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