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India Badminton In spite of loosing out to lucrative games like cricket, badminton in India is still a widely followed sport. In a lighter vein, it can be understood that even sporadic following of the game in India is significant in terms of numbers due to its population. In India, badminton is mainly played as a recreational game by clubs, which are found in every locality. The game is played with a relaxed air, without special coaches and indoor facilities at an amateur level. The casual play
  India BadmintonIn spite of loosing outto lucrative games likecricket, badminton inIndia is still a widelyfollowed sport.In a lighter vein, it can be understood that evensporadic following of the game in India is significantin terms of numbers due to its population .In India, badminton is mainly played as a recreationalgame by clubs, which are found in every locality. Thegame is played with a relaxed air, without specialcoaches and indoor facilities at an amateur level. Thecasual players don't bother about registering with thebadminton authority of India.In contrast, serious badminton is also played in Indiaunder the watchful guidance and control of thebadminton authority of India. Regional and nationaltournaments are periodically conducted and talents areunraveled now and then, but the instances are far andfew in between.The main reason for badminton not able to get afoothold in India as a household sport is due to itsindoor nature. Most of the Indians do not have themoney or time to have an indoor court of their own or subscribing to a club. Even clubs have outdoor badminton courts in some areas, making the play verydifficult in windy conditions. Another important reason for the step motherly attitudeto badminton is lack of social and monetary support for an emerging player. In India, under the presentcircumstances, only after a player has achievedsomething at the international level, he comes to theattention of media and sponsors alike. But in better-developed countries, identification of talent is done first,the player is supported to excel rather than start gettingsupport after excelling, as is the prevailing condition inIndia.  Finally, Indian parents do not encourage their kids toindulge in any form of sports in general, becauseregional aspirations and bias is very great in India,unlike in other countries, where talent alone is beingcounted upon. This discrimination stems from the factthat in India, there are thousands of religious sub castesand about 837 languages, resulting in bitter regionaldifferences, affecting sports as a whole, be it cricket,tennis or badminton. Because of the uncertainrewarding nature of sports, parents generally give moreimportance to the academic achievement of their kids intheir formative years.But thanks to the efforts of former  Indian legends likePrakash Padukone , the situation is slowly and surelychanging for the better for Indian badminton.Probably the most important badminton personalityIndia has ever produced in Prakash Padukone. He hadwon the Danish and Swedish opens and the All EnglandChampionships in his playing days, besides winning acommonwealth gold medal. He served as the Chairmanof the Badminton Association of India and had coachedthe Indian national badminton team in 1993 and 1996. Pullela Gopichand is another player who followedPadukone's footsteps by winning the All Englandbadminton title. He had helped India to grab four medalsin 1998 commonwealth games and reach Thomas cupfinals in 2000.Of late, Saina Nehwal and Aparna Popat have revivedthe interest of badminton among girls in India.With their lean physique and quick reflexes byinheritance, Indians can do a lot better in the world of badminton than the limited successes that they haveachieved till dateBadmintonPersonalitiesThe game of badminton has givenmany interestingbadmintonpersonalities time andagain.  It is very difficult to pinpoint a single person and declarehim/her to be the greatest personality ever lived or played the game of badminton. Individual opinion andpreference regarding interesting badminton personalityvaries, and this diversity is the reason for badmintonremaining as an interesting sport with tremendous fanfollowing worldwide.Many badminton lovers worldwide, especially Chinese, consider Tong Xian Fu to be one of the greatestbadminton personalities to ever adorn the game . Heremained virtually unbeaten on tour during his playingdays. He had tremendous energy reserves andstrength, which enabled him to pummel opponents,often in straight sets.His footwork was nimble, court covering extraordinaryand he had tremendous reaction time and agility. For allthese qualities, he was known as the Thing . He isthe one who started spinning the serves, confusing theopponents. But sadly, he was unable to compete inofficial tournaments because of politics. Fittingly, he isserving as the Chinese national team coach.Similarly, players like Zhao Jian Hua, Yang yang andmany other legendary players are revered by Chineseto date as entertaining badminton personalities. Tomention all Chinese legends and their achievements willtake another 20 pages, for china has contributed somuch to the game of badminton. Americans consider David G.Freeman as their greatest ever badminton player to this date . He wasat the pinnacle of glory between 1939 to 1942, when thenational championships was abandoned because of World War II. He is said to have uncanny accuracy inplacing the shuttle in any corner of the opponent's court.For an amateur, he apparently had tremendous courtcovering skills and shot making.Similarly, American Judy Hashman has the record of maximum All England Championship wins inwomen's category . She had won it an astounding 10times between 1954 and 1967. Indonesians revere Rudy Hartono as their badminton God and one of their national heroes.  Called as the wonderboy , he was a gifted badmintonplayer, who abandoned his ambition of becoming adoctor, falling in love with badminton instead, and rightlyso.He had won an incredible 8 All England badmintoncompetition finals and 4 Thomas cups for Indonesia. Hisrecord 7 straight All England titles and 8 overall isunrivalled even today. A pious man, he perfectlyunderstood when to lay low and when to attack theopponent. His records were duly recognized in theGuinness Book of World Records in 1992.Recently, the talented Taufiq hidayat is the torchbearer of world class Indonesian badminton, by his string of impressive performances. Denmark's Morten Frost is one of the all timelegendary badminton personalities, impressing oneand all with his performance in his playing days .South Korea doesn't lag far behind in badmintonpersonalities. In fact, the legendary Park Joo Bonghas won the maximum number of world badmintonchampionship titles in doubles category , winning 4world championships, two in doubles (1985 and 1991)and two in mixed doubles (1989 and 1991). It is a feat,which even the more accomplished badminton nationsare unable to beat to this date.England, which is the country of official srcin of badminton, has its own share of legends. In fact, it is anEnglishman who has won the maximum titles in the AllEngland Championships to this date. He is none other then George Thomas, who had won 4 singles, 9men's doubles and 8 mixed doubles titles, a total of 21, between 1903 and 1928 . The record still stands.Similarly, Rashid Sidek is a household name inMalaysia. He had helped Malaysia win Thomas cup in1992 and has also won an Olympic bronze medal in1996 Olympics for his country.Before him, it was Eddie choong who occupied thecenter stage of Malaysian badminton, winning 4 AllEngland championship titles in 1953, 1954, 1956 and1957 . He had also won the Danish open during 1952-53. He fine tuned his talents himself when he played
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