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GENESEE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICT Technlgy & Media Services/GenNET 2413 West Maple Avenue Flint, Michigan (810) Target Audience(s): Administratin, Nurses, Office Staff, Secretaries
GENESEE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL DISTRICT Technlgy & Media Services/GenNET 2413 West Maple Avenue Flint, Michigan (810) Target Audience(s): Administratin, Nurses, Office Staff, Secretaries Synergy: General Survey and Basic Navigatin In this tip sheet, users will learn the basics f using and navigating thrugh the Synergy SIS System. Table f Cntents Part One: Lgging In and the Hme Page 2 Part Three: Buttns and Fields 11 Brwser Supprt 2 Scrlling 12 Pp-up Blckers 2 Print Screen 12 Adding t Favrites 3 Detach Page (and Other Icns) 12 Lgging In 3 Save/Und/Add/Delete 13 Annuncements 4 Finding Student Data 14 Tasks 5 Filters 15 Fcus 5 Graphs 18 Lck 6 Field Types 19 Supprt 7 Actin Bar 20 Help 7 Part Fur: User Preferences 21 Part Tw: Navigatin 7 Changing Yur Passwrd 21 TeacherVUE Dual Lgin 8 Preferences 22 PAD/Navigatin Tree 8 Reprt Preferences 23 Menu Bar 9 Quick Launch 10 Part Five: Reprts 23 Quick Nav 11 Optins Tab 23 Hme Page 11 Defaults 25 Me 25 Helpful Resurces 26 Befre getting started, it is recmmended that yu have yur lg in infrmatin ready. This includes a lg in name and passwrd that has been prvided by yur District POC r Administratr. Please check with yur District POC r Administratr fr Synergy website addresses t lg int. Users typically have access t a live database (real data) and a training database (dem data r changeable data) Genesee Intermediate Schl District 1 Page O:\SIS INFORMATION\Training Inf\ \Training Materials\FOR REVIEW\C_General Survey and Basic Navigatin.dcx Revised 8/7/2013 PART ONE: LOGGING IN AND THE HOME PAGE Brwser Supprt Users wh use a Micrsft PC can use a variety f Internet brwsers t view the Synergy SIS platfrm. Cmpatible brwsers fr a PC include Internet Explrer, Mzilla Firefx, and Ggle Chrme. Users wh use an Apple Mac are recmmended t use Mzilla Firefx. Pp-up Blckers Many cmputers have pp-up blckers turned n. In rder t use the Synergy SIS system, it is recmmended that pp-up blckers be turned ff as the Synergy prgram uses pp ups t run a variety f functins, such as running reprts r pening a prgram in a new windw. Leaving the pp-up blcker turned n may cause errrs fr sme functins that require them t run. T check if a pp-up blcker is n r nt, g t the lgin page f Synergy and click n the link entitled Check fr Ppup. If n pp up blcker is detected, a cnfirmatin windw will appear Genesee Intermediate Schl District 2 Page If a pp up blcker is detected, a separate cnfirmatin will appear. Red, underlined letters will appear underneath the lgin. If pp ups are turned n, turn them ff using yur brwser s tls r ptins fr pp-up blckers. Adding t Favrites (Internet Explrer Only) Fr users wh prefer Internet Explrer, the Synergy website address can be added t Favrites fr easier, quicker access t the database. T add t Favrites, click n the blue underlined link entitled Add This Page t My Favrites. Give the link t Favrites a Name and select Add. The link will be nw available in Favrites. Lgging In T lg int Synergy SIS, enter yur Lgin Name and Passwrd. Select Lgin t lg in Genesee Intermediate Schl District 3 Page After lgging in, yu will be taken t the Hme Page. Annuncements Annuncements allw users t view any pertinent infrmatin being given by the schl and/r district. Annuncements that are highlighted in pink are cnsidered Urgent and will have an range flag underneath the Urgency clumn. Nrmal annuncements are nt highlighted and will have a green flag underneath the Urgency clumn. If an annuncement is able t be dismissed, the Dismiss buttn will be next t the annuncement. T remve an annuncement, select Dismiss. If there is n dismiss buttn, the annuncement cannt be remved by the user and must be remved by the Administratr r pass the annuncement expiratin date. T view dismissed annuncements, select Shw Dismissed Messages underneath the greeting. Dismissed annuncements will nce again appear Genesee Intermediate Schl District 4 Page Tasks Tasks allw users t view any imprtant reminders that they need t be aware f, such as discipline issues r medicatin distributin. Tasks are initially set up by administratin and will appear n yur hme page if needed. T remve a task nce it is cmpleted, select the check mark next t the task t remve it frm the list. Fcus The tp f the Hme Page prvides basic infrmatin n the system yu are using. The left symbl lets the user knw he r she is using Synergy. The middle symbl lets the user knw which database the user is in. A live database will have the district/schl lg while a training database (usually) has the wrd training in it. The right grup f wrding is called the Fcus The Fcus allws users t chse which building, schl year, and students that will be seen. Schl Name Schl Year User s Name Type f Students Shwn in Database T change the fcus, select the left pint arrw. Drp dwns will appear n a sliding windw. Nte: Depending n district settings, yu may nt see as many ptins as what appears here Genesee Intermediate Schl District 5 Page Select Organizatin allws users t fcus data viewed in Synergy t a specific schl building, type f buildings (i.e., elementary schls), r the district. Yu can select an Organizatin by selecting the building frm the drp dwn menu. Select Year allws users t fcus data viewed in Synergy t a specific schl year. Previus schl years change the Synergy page clr t green. The Current schl year changes the Synergy page clr t blue. Future schl years change the Synergy page t brwn. Yu can select a year frm the drp dwn menu. Shw Students allw users t chse which student recrds are seen in Synergy. Yu can select a student type frm the drp dwn menu. Shw Active Only will shw students wh are currently attending. Shw Inactive Only will shw students wh used t attend. (Nte: Student names will be in shwn in parentheses.) Shw Active and Inactive will shw bth types f students. T save any changes made t the Fcus, select Change Fcus. Lck Underneath the Fcus is a set f links that assist the user Genesee Intermediate Schl District 6 Page Lck, when selected, allws users t lck up their Synergy page frm utside use withut cmpletely signing ut f the system. It will als keep any wrk the user is wrking n in place. An example f this is leaving yur desk t g t a quick meeting. After selecting Lck, the page will display with a lck symbl and wrding and will require the user s passwrd t return t the Synergy page. Sign Out, when selected, cmpletely exits the user frm the Synergy SIS system. Nte: It is recmmended that users cmpletely sign ut f the system when wanting t exit Synergy. Fr security reasns, it is nt recmmended that users simply click the X buttn t sign ut. Supprt Supprt, when clicked, prvides supprt infrmatin fr sme districts (depending n settings). If there is n infrmatin n yur supprt sight and yu are in need f supprt, please cntact yur District POC r Administratr. Help The Help buttn, when clicked, allws users t view a Help Manual n the Synergy SIS system. This Help Manual cntains bth tips and vide trainings n a variety f tpics in the system. PART TWO: NAVIGATION 2012 Genesee Intermediate Schl District 7 Page On the left side f the screen are icns that assist in navigating thrugh the Synergy SIS system. TeacherVUE Dual Lgin The TVUE icn is nt available t all users. If a user will be using bth Synergy SIS and TeacherVUE, users will be able t get t TeacherVUE by clicking n this icn. PAD/Navigatin Tree The PAD/Navigatin Tree allws users t navigate thrugh the varius prgrams in Synergy SIS using an rganized panel f flders, prgrams, and reprts. T pen the Navigatin Tree, select the Tree Icn. Yu can clse the PAD/Navigatin Tree by reclicking the Tree icn. The Navigatin Tree has tw types f links. Flders have a blue triangle beside them. When clicked, the flder pens t reveal either mre flders r prgrams underneath. When a flder is pen, the triangle turns green. When the flder is clsed (but can be pened), the triangle is blue. Prgrams r Reprts have an icn next t the prgram r reprt name. When selected, the prgram r reprt page will pen where the Hme Screen nce was Genesee Intermediate Schl District 8 Page Menu Bar The Menu Bar is a sectin f Synergy where users can create shrtcuts t prgrams and/r reprts. This makes accessing a prgram r reprt easier as users will nt have t search thrugh the tree t find a frequently used prgram r reprt. The Menu Bar can be pened by clicking n the Paper Icn. T add a shrtcut t the Menu Bar, right click n the blue field where the Menu Bar is. Select Add New Grup t add a grup where the shrtcuts will appear (examples include Attendance, Reprts, r Student Infrmatin.) A new page will appear. Enter a name fr the grup. Select Save t save the infrmatin. The Grup header will nw appear. T add a prgram r reprt t the Menu Bar, g t the Navigatin Tree, find a prgram r reprt, and right click n the prgram/reprt name. Select Add t Grup (Grup Name). The icn will nw appear in the Menu Bar. When selected, the shrtcut will take yu t the prgram Genesee Intermediate Schl District 9 Page Quick Launch The Quick Launch allws users t type the name f the prgram (i.e., persn search ) r the cde f the reprt (STU201) int the empty field. When the Enter key is selected after typing, the prgram r reprt appears. The Quick Launch cmes with an Aut- Cmplete feature, meaning that nce yu start typing the name f the prgram r reprt yu want t see, a list that matches the letter cmbinatin appears. If the match selected fr yu is highlighted, yu can simply hit enter n the keybard and yur selectin will appear. If yu wish t pen a new windw (fr example, having the Student Prgram pen n the main page but als pen a new page with the STU201 reprt page, allwing yu t wrk with bth pages at nce), yu can type in the prgram name r cde in the Quick Launch and then select the Shrtcut buttn Genesee Intermediate Schl District 10 Page Quick Nav The Quick Nav is similar t the Menu Bar as it allws users t add a shrtcut fr faster access t a prgram/reprt. Unlike the Menu Bar, hwever, the Quick Nav des nt divide the prgrams/reprts int grups, but lists the prgrams/reprts side by side. T add a shrtcut t the Quick Nav, find the prgram r reprt in the Navigatin Tree and right click n it. Select Add t Quick Nav. The icn will nw appear in the Quick Nav. T pen the Quick Nav, select the duble arrw buttn. T pen the prgram r reprt, select the icn. Hme Page T return t the Hme Page, select the Huse icn. PART THREE: BUTTONS AND FIELDS 2012 Genesee Intermediate Schl District 11 Page There are a variety f buttns and fields that are used in the Synergy SIS prgram-each with a unique functin. Mst are fund in almst every prgram r reprt (like fields) while thers are specific t certain reprts r prgrams (like checkbxes). Scrlling Prgrams that allw users t view student r class recrds ften have a scrlling capability. Scrlling buttns are viewed as duble arrws in a circle-either facing left r right-and are ften fund near the prgram name. When scrlling thrugh recrds, users will be able t view an individual student r class recrd in rder. Fr example, clicking n the arrws that face right will scrll thrugh alphabetical recrds frm A t Z. Likewise, clicking n the arrws that face left will scrll thrugh alphabetical recrds frm Z t A. T clear the recrds being displayed and enter a search mde, select the magnifying glass icn. Print Screen If wanting t print the screen yu see n the cmputer, select the printer icn. Detach Page (and ther icns) There are numerus icns n the right side f the screen that assist with prgrams. The Refresh icn allws users t view the mst recent infrmatin in the system. This can be helpful with users wh may be adding infrmatin t the same page at the same time and need t view recent saves. If wanting t duplicate the screen yu are wrking n int a new windw, select the Detach Page icn Genesee Intermediate Schl District 12 Page Cntent-Specific Help, when selected, takes the user t the specific page n the Synergy Help Manual that relates t the prgram r reprt that the user is currently n. Save/Und/Add Delete When wrking n prgrams, there will usually be fur types f buttns at the tp f the prgram page: save, und, add, and delete. Save, when selected, allws users t change infrmatin that has been added, edited, r deleted n a prgram page. Und, when selected, allws users t und infrmatin that has been changed n the prgram page. Nte: There is n re-d buttn, s nce Und is selected, the changed infrmatin is gne. Add, when selected, allws users t add new infrmatin t a prgram, such as a recrd. Delete, when selected allws users t remve a recrd f infrmatin frm a prgram. Nte: Users must use cautin when using this buttn. Once a recrd is deleted, it is gne. It is recmmended that users d nt use the delete buttn unless they have t Genesee Intermediate Schl District 13 Page Finding Student Data When searching thrugh student recrds (fr example, in the Student prgram), make sure the prgram fields are clear befre entering search infrmatin. If the prgram is nt clear f student infrmatin, select the magnifying glass t clear the fields. Searchable fields will be highlighted in a light yellw clr. T search fr a specific piece f infrmatin (like a student name), click n the empty fields and type what yu wish t search. Select Find t search fr the infrmatin. Users can als search infrmatin that may nt be as specific. Fr example, yu can search fr a student with a last name nly r search fr a student with an initial fr a last name. After selecting Find, yu will receive the first alphabetical listing that is clse t the infrmatin being searched Genesee Intermediate Schl District 14 Page Asterisks, when entered int a search field, helps users when wanting t find mre specific infrmatin. Fr example, if yu have a student wh has a difficult-t-spell name, yu can enter the letters yu knw are in the name and add an asterisk t the spelling. When Find is selected, a list will be generated that cntains thse letters and (depending n the lcatin f the asterisk), everything befre (i.e., *sn), after (i.e., Smi*), r arund the letters (i.e., *ski*). Yu can enter asterisks in ther fields as well, such as Grade r City, t pull that infrmatin in the list. After entering the asterisk and search infrmatin, select Find. A list will generate. Duble Click the number f the rw fr the recrd yu wish t view. The recrd will then appear in Synergy. Filters Filters are a quick way t allw users t save a grup f infrmatin withut having t re-search fr it. An example f this wuld be f a user wh nly wrks with Kindergarten. This user culd create a filter t nly shw Kindergarteners in the Student Prgram. T create a filter, search and generate a list f the criteria yu wish t filter (add r select the search fields-an asterisk may be used in sme circumstances, like with names-and select Find.) 2012 Genesee Intermediate Schl District 15 Page Once the list has been generated, g t the Filter sectin. Add a Filter Name. If yu wish the filter t be viewable nce yu return t the Student prgram, check the bx next t Make Active. This will turn n the filter. If the bx is unchecked, the filter will be turned ff (but can be turned n frm the Student Prgram). Once finished, select Save As Filter. The list will disappear and yu will be returned t the student prgram. If a filter is turned n, the filter icn will be highlighted with an range circle. When yu scrll thrugh the Student prgram, nly items included in the filter will be available Genesee Intermediate Schl District 16 Page If a filter is turned ff, the filter icn will nt be highlighted. T turn a filter n frm the Student prgram, select the filter icn. A bx will appear n tp f it. Check the bx next t the filter yu wish t turn n. Select Apply. The filter will nw be turned n. T turn ff a filter, uncheck the bx and select Apply. T delete a filter, select the blue and white X next t the filter yu wish t remve. Once selected, a cnfirmatin will appear. Select OK t delete. The filter will nw be remved Genesee Intermediate Schl District 17 Page Graphs Graphs can be created by putting specific symbls int search fields. Fr example, yu can put symbls int the Grade field t receive numeric grade level infrmatin in a graph frm. Nte: Sme fields, such as Grade and Gender, yield better results since there are nt a lt f variables t graph. Hwever, ther fields (such as Last Name r Birth Date) have many variables t be graphed, and if graphed the data may nt lk as presentable r easy t read. T create a graph, enter the symbl in the field yu wish t graph and select Find. $, when entered, creates a 3D Ring Graph. ^, when entered, creates a 3D Pie Graph., when entered, will prduce a 3D Bar Graph Genesee Intermediate Schl District 18 Page ~, when entered, will prduce a 3D Wave Graph. Field Types There are a variety f Fields that are used t add, edit, and search fr infrmatin in Synergy SIS. Text Bxes allw users t manually type infrmatin int the field. Drp Dwn Menus allw users t select frm a list f infrmatin. Calendars allw users t manually enter a date (in MM/DD/YYYY frmat) r select frm a calendar using the calendar icn. Check Bxes allw users t select ne r mre ptins in a sectin. The ptin t check all can be selected if needed. When checking this empty bx, it will autmatically check the ther bxes belw it in the same sectin (r uncheck, if needed.) Tables allw users t manually add r select infrmatin in a table frmat Genesee Intermediate Schl District 19 Page In tables, yu may find a Delete bx. It is fund underneath an X n the left side f the table. T delete a rw, check the bx. (Nte: Yu may have t Save the changes.) Gray Arrws allw users t chse frm a specific list f infrmatin and/r takes them t anther search area. Links are items that are usually underlined and have a blue fnt. When clicked, links take yu t mre details abut what is in the link. Bld fields are imprtant fields that the user may find imprtant. Green Fields are fields that must be filled ut in rder t save the infrmatin being entered. White Fields are fields that can be edited (and saved). Yellw Fields are fields that are searchable. Gray Fields are fields that cannt be edited in the prgram (unless via the Actin Bar). Actin Bar (Menu) The Actin Bar (usually labeled Menu) shws extra ptins when wrking with a prgram (such as running reprts r editing data.) Nte: The ptins available vary by prgram. T select an item frm the Actin Bar, find a prgram and select the drp dwn arrw where it says Menu. Optins will appear. Select the ptin yu wish t chse (such as a reprt.) 2012 Genesee Intermediate Schl District 20 Page PART FOUR: USER PREFERENCES Navigate t User Passwrd and Preferences. On the PAD/Navigatin Tree, the path t find the prgram is SIS User Preferences User Passwrd and Preferences. This area allws yu t change yur passwrd as well as save default preferences. Changing Yur Passwrd Changing yur passwrd is a recmmended ccurrence that will help keep yur Synergy lgin safe. It is recmmended that yu change yur passwrd ften and make it difficult t guess by thers, such as a letter/number/symbl cmbinatin. It is als recmmended that yu d nt share yur passwrd t thers as ding s culd cmprmise the security f yur accunt. On the User Passwrd and Preferences page, make sure yu are n the Passwrd tab. T change yur passwrd, type in yur current passwrd in the first field Genesee Intermediate Schl District 21 Page Next, type in yur new passwrd and then retype it in the last tw fields. When finished, select Save. When the passwrd is saved, yu will receive a cnfirmatin. Select OK. Preferences The Preferences tab allws users t chse preferences based n Paging Size and Lg In Preferences. Under Paging Preferences, yu can edit the Page Size and Page Rw Size (this allws users t see mre rws and/r pages f rws when searching a screen.) It is recmmended that yu d nt change Pint f View Hme Page unless directed by yur district. Under Lg in Preferences, it is recmmended that this be set t Synergy SIS (see Last Lg in Page). If changes are made, make sure t Save the infrmatin Genesee Intermediate Schl District 22 Page Reprt Preferences The Reprt Pref
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