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Minneapolis Optimized An IDeaS guide to making the most of your city-of-lakes experience Summer 2019 Edition Welcome to Minneapolis With the world’s largest…
Minneapolis Optimized An IDeaS guide to making the most of your city-of-lakes experience Summer 2019 Edition Welcome to Minneapolis With the world’s largest hospitality tech show (HITEC) and leading revenue management conference (ROC) on our home turf this June, we at IDeaS Revenue Solutions wish to impart some insider tips to help our guests squeeze in as much local flavor as possible. Warning: this is not your average visitor’s guide. Whether you’re here on business, leisure—or the newfangled “bleisure”—we designed this guide for those of you after our own hearts, for the bold and curious ones who want to see more of the world and take the path less traveled. None of this is sponsored content. These are things we truly enjoy. You may only be in town a few days, your schedule is probably packed, but we prefer to focus on quality over quantity here, and everything in this guide can be done quickly, in fits and starts if necessary. Now, if all you plan to do is go from the airport to your hotel to a convention or meeting, repeat and go home, this guide is not for you. But if you prefer a dash of culture with your travels, here’s our advice—and you better believe we looked at all available data and put our best scientific reasoning behind these decisions—of where to go, what to see, and even how to be a bit more Minnesotan while you’re at it. So catch a ride, hop on a bike, or set out on foot, and get ready to take in the lesser-known wonders of our wonderful city, optimally. Skol, IDeaS P.S. This guide offers a bevy of unique and exciting places to discover, so if you’re short on time, skip the Mall of America because—spoiler alert—it’s just an extra- large shopping center (albeit, one with excellent people-watching and a theme park in the middle). 3 Table of Contents Local Terminology……………………………………………………………………… 6 Minneapolis Map………………………………………………………………………… 7 A Walk to the West – Parks, Gardens, and Art…………………………………… 8 A Night in Nordeast – Eat, Drink, Repeat…………………………………………… 10 A Southside Sandwich Tour – Lakes and Falls, Uptown and Midtown………… 13 An Expedition East – St. Paul by Rail………………………………………………… 16 Stay Central – The Best of Downtown Minneapolis……………………………… 18 Visit IDeaS at HITEC & ROC…………………………………………………………… 22 4 5 Local Terminology The Cities – Shorthand for the entire metro area of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding suburban expansion. Duck, Duck, Gray Duck! – While every other state brings geese into the game, this is how we play in Minnesota, and we’re sticking to it. Hot Dish – No need to be all fancy-pants about a mashup of hearty comfort food. Where some may proclaim “casserole,” we simply say “hot dish.” Light Rail – Our sleek public train lines running from the airport, to downtown Minneapolis, over to St. Paul, and, yes...even the Mall of America. Meat Raffle – Exactly what it sounds like, typically held weekly at all the no-frills neighborhood watering holes. The Mini Apple – Don’t say this. No one here calls it that. Nordeast – The Northeast Minneapolis quarter as its early, mostly Eastern European inhabitants endearingly called it. Ohhh – Our favorite vowel sound. We’ll draw it out whenever the opportunity presents itself. Listen for it in words like “boat,” “nope,” and, of course, “Minnes-ohhh-ta.” Pop – Our fun, admittedly childish term for sugary soda. Pull-tabs – Cheap gambling tickets sold and redeemable in area bars (often the same ones hosting meat raffles). Skol – Norwegian for “cheers” and a rallying cry for the Minnesota Vikings. Skyways – The interconnected network of above-ground walkways between downtown buildings. A nice way to stay dry when it’s raining. An even nicer way to stay alive when it’s negative 30°F (yep, it gets that cold here). Snit – A tiny beer chaser typically served with a Bloody Mary. Okay, so our Scandinavian bloodlines can’t handle much spice, but who doesn’t want a cocktail that comes with a side of beer? It’s free! Up North – Where about half the local population will say they’re going this weekend (a.k.a., “lake country”). 6 7 A Walk to the West Parks, Gardens, and Art Got some time to spare during the day? Go outside! Because we spend almost half the year buried under mounds of snow, we stubbornly refuse to let a moment of nice weather go to waste. If you’re at the Minneapolis Convention Center, or thereabouts, there’s plenty to do a few steps away. Head west along Grant or 14th Street. Venture about the scenic greenery of Loring Park. Cross the footbridge over I-94 to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, home of the iconic “Spoonbridge and Cherry” and new favorite—a gigantic blue rooster. Got extra time to kill? Check out the variety of colorful and progressive works on display at the adjacent Walker Art Center. On your route back, drop into Lakes & Legends Brewing Company. In true up north fashion, their large, dog-friendly taproom includes yard and board games aplenty. Best part is, you could walk this entire route, snag a beer, and get back to business in about an hour or so. Ideal mode of transport: Your Feet 8 9 To start things right, fuel up with a light, casual dinner. Central Avenue NE is your best bet for some ethnically authentic and decidedly delicious fare. What are you in the mood for? Tacos – Hit up Maya Cuisine or El Taco Riendo. Thai – Try Sen Yai Sen Lek or Khao Hom. Middle Eastern – Visit the Holy Land deli. Sushi – Belly up to the MOMO Sushi bar. Next, Northeast is the craft beer mecca of Minnesota, so grab a local brew, or two, and relax. A few favorite taprooms include: Dangerous Man Brewing Co. Bauhaus Brew Labs Indeed Brewing Company Sociable Cider Werks Ready for a snack? (We told you to have a light dinner.) Anchor Fish & Chips – Absolutely worth the wait—order a pint, make some friends in the foyer, and you’ll be seated and salivating in no time. Hai Hai – Vietnamese street food and experimental cocktails. Uncle Franky’s – Hot dog heaven. Chicago Dogs, Coney Island Dogs, Wall Street Dogs, Carolina Dogs, Polish, brats, and even carrot dogs. Ideal mode of transport: Time for a nightcap? Uber, Lyft, or Designated Driver The Back Bar – An unmarked, retro speakeasy located down the alley behind Young Joni (shout-out to chef Ann Kim’s recent James Beard Award). When the red light is on, you’ll know this mixology bar is open. Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge – Three Polynesian-themed bars, a sprawling, torchlit riverfront patio, and strooong tiki drinks await. A Night in Nordeast Tattersall Distilling – A stylish, industrial cocktail room with live music and homemade spirits. Eat, Drink, Repeat Not tired? The night is young! Ride the Ferris wheel or putt-putt around the mini course at Betty Danger’s Across the Mississippi, just north of downtown, lies a world of old-time charm and Country Club (membership not required). modern distractions. And while Northeast Minneapolis is great any time of day, we Sing your heart out at a crowded karaoke bar like the Vegas Lounge, think this district really shines after the sun goes down. Get ready to unwind with a Otter’s Saloon, or The 1029. night in Nordeast. Go German or go home. It’s Oktoberfest all year long at Gasthof Zur Gemütlichkeit—Gasthof’s for short—with boots of beer, accordions, sausages, schnitzel, snuff shots, and a downstairs dancehall. 10 11 Quit pla ying with your pricing. Ideal mode of transport: Bicycle It ’s time to get seriously scientific about transforming your revenue—with ID eaS. our industry -leading, aut omat ed solutions deliv er pr ecise, data-driv en decisions y ou can c ount on to dri ve g reater pr ofitability and pr oductivity A Southside Sandwich Tour for y our business. Lakes and Falls, Uptown and Midtown This tour has two purposes: see a cool part of the city’s southern half with each stop and grab a quick and tasty bite between two slices of bread while you’re at it. Check out just one, or heck, try them all. Harness the power of revenue science. Bonus points if you bike the entire route. Minneapolis is regularly ranked as one of the bike-friendliest cities, and Nice Ride self-rental stations are conveniently Disc ov er g reater pr ofitability at located all over town. Don’t eat meat? No prob, Bob. All these spots have some delicious veg alternatives. 12 13 Minnehaha Falls and a Po’ Boy Uptown and a Juicy Lucy Got time to chill? Pop into Up-Down In the southeast corner of the city is And now we pause for a brief history a couple doors over for wall-to-wall Minnehaha Park, 170 acres of woods, lesson about two longtime South pinball, old-school arcade games, and water, and green space. Hike down to the Minneapolis establishments. Matt’s Bar 60 tap beers. base of the main waterfall and follow the and the 5-8 Club each claim to creek to where it meets the Mississippi. have invented the concept of serving Midtown Global Market and a At some point you’ll completely forget burgers with cheese melted inside the Torta you’re in a major metropolitan area. patty sometime in the 1950s. To reach the final destination on this After the trek, go to Sea Salt Eatery, a The rivalry continues to this day, Southside Sandwich Tour, continue east seasonal, Southern-style seafood counter and this cheese-gusher has become along Lake Street. Or better yet, take and patio located right in the park. The recognized as a signature Minnesotan the Midtown Greenway—an express bike line can get long, but it’s all part of the dish. Obama ate one at Matt’s during trail across South Minneapolis—to the experience, and the piled-on po’ boys are his presidency, but the 5-8 provides Midtown Global Market. divine, so embrace it. multiple cheese options, so... We hope you’re still a little hungry Who’s telling the truth? Meh. Who because...oh, for the love of food, this Lake Harriett and a Porchetta cares? They’re both pretty good, international marketplace has it all although to be honest, the Blue Door and then some—Indian, Scandinavian, After the falls, snake westward along Pub—with multiple area locations Moroccan, and more—as well as eclectic Minnehaha Creek, past Lake Nokomis, including MSP airport—does it even shops and yet another brewery. under I-35W, and up to Lake Harriett, the better than the OGs. They call their southernmost of Minneapolis’ main Chain But if you only go one place here, Juicy Lucys “Blucys” and offer a range we suggest you try a mouthwatering of Lakes. of gourmet varieties. Mexican sandwich from Manny’s Tortas. A walk or ride around Harriett will take To get one, travel north from Lake If you’re lucky, the man, Manny, himself you past serene gardens, a bird sanctuary, Harriett along Bde Maka Ska, née Lake may even make it for you. a castle-like bandshell, and even an old- Calhoun (our city’s largest lake is going fashioned streetcar trolley. through an identity crisis) and go east When you come upon the magical ash on Lake Street into the heart of Uptown tree home of Thom the Elf on the lake’s Minneapolis, a popular shopping and southern edge, head two blocks away dining district. on Penn Avenue, stroll around the side You’ll come upon a Blue Door Pub of Terzo (a lovely Italian wine bar), and location at the intersection of Lake there you’ll find a walk-up window-service and Lyndale. A word to the wise: bite Porchetteria and patio (open 11-5 daily). into any Juicy Lucy with caution. The Their porchetta sandwiches will change molten-cheese core can be scalding. your life. 14 15 An Expedition East St. Paul by Rail There’s so much to appreciate about Minneapolis, even us locals sometimes forget there’s a whole other city right next door. St. Paul is the capital seat of Minnesota and has its own unique vibe. For the adventurer, hop aboard a Green Line train out of downtown Minneapolis. St. Paul is only minutes away, and there’s something to discover at every stop, but here are some of the highlights: Central Station – As the name implies, this stop puts you in the middle of everything downtown St. Paul has to offer, including the stellar Science Museum of Minnesota. After geeking out on dinosaurs and robots, duck into the historic Mickey’s Diner, open 24/7/365 since the 1930s. Order a colorful latte at Café Astoria. Or go all out with a fabulous French dinner at Meritage (where, notably, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell each decided to dine when visiting for the 2018 Ideal mode of transport: Light Rail Super Bowl). Capitol Station – History buffs, we got you covered. The Minnesota State Capitol building, Minnesota History Center, Cathedral of Saint Paul, James J. Hill House, and other mansions of Summit Avenue are all within a mile of this light rail stop. Snelling Avenue Station – Sports fans may want to check out the brand-spanking- new Allianz Field soccer stadium, home to the Minnesota United FC (aka “The Loons”) and a 2019 Gold Cup host with matches set for June 18. Scarves up. A couple miles to the north, the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is free and fun for all ages. And if you happen to be in town during the last week or so of August, you are 100% obliged to attend the Great Minnesota Get-Together, our annual Minnesota State Fair, the nation’s biggest (and best) state fair and quite possibly the most quintessentially Minnesotan event imaginable. Now, there’s an entire culture and lore surrounding this affair—bad pun intended—so if you’re thinking about going, you’re probably going to need another darn guidebook. 16 17 Stay Central The Best of Downtown Minneapolis Back on the Minneapolis side of things, there’s still much more to enjoy right downtown. A booming hub of business and industry since the mid-1800s, our city center has a lot going for it, but here’s just a handful of highlights: Acme Comedy Club – The premier standup comedy club of the Twin Cities nestled in a Warehouse District basement. Bachelor Farmer – Yummy and ecofriendly Nordic eats. Brit’s Pub – Bangers, pasties, pot pies, and rooftop lawn bowling. Cardigan Donuts – Delectable donuts and locally roasted coffee. First Avenue – Live music, dancing, and the venerable church of Prince. Foshay Tower – Once the city’s tallest tower, now it’s not even close, but old- fashioned cocktails in the Prohibition Bar make it a worthwhile trip to the top. Gold Medal Park – A green interlude. Get yourself some Izzy’s Ice Cream, enjoy the river views, then walk over to the Guthrie and Mill City. Gray Fox Coffee – Handcrafted coffee and smoothie bowls. Guthrie Theater – The hub of our rich, diverse theater scene is open daily to public exploration, featuring great views from the Endless Bridge and Yellow Room. Hell’s Kitchen – Fantastic brunch, sublime peanut butter, and a deluxe Bloody Mary bar (don’t forget the snit). Mill City Museum – Absorb some history in the ruins of what used to be the world’s largest flour mill then explore Mill Ruins Park and walk across the super-old Stone Arch Bridge. Nicollet – The recently revitalized main drag. North Loop Neighborhood – Lofts, startups, breweries, and sophisticated dining options. Skyways – Lose yourself in the labyrinthine bowels of skyscrapers and find a hidden world of food choices, shopping, and fast-walking business people. Ideal mode of transport: Target Field – Catch a ball game at the Twins’ open-air field. We used to have an All of the Above (Feet, Bikes, Trains, and Automobiles) indoor ballpark, but its inflatable roof collapsed during the snowpocalypse of 2010 (RIP, Metrodome). 18 19 We saved y ou a seat . Join IDeaS at the grown-up table of sophisticated, science-basedrevenue optimization. our industry -leading, aut omat ed solutions deliv er pr ecise, data-driv en decisions y ou can c ount on to dri ve g reater pr ofitability and pr oductivity for y our business. There’s abetter way to revenue. Disc ov er g reater pr ofitability at 20 Visit IDeaS at HITEC & ROC We’re proud to welcome the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & HITEC - Join us at booth #1415 for a cake-cutting ceremony Conference (HITEC) and HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) to our at 2:30 PM on Tuesday, June 18. We’ll also hand out pull-tabs hometown this June. We have all sorts of fun in store, especially since these big throughout the show. Lucky winners will take home an events happen to coincide with IDeaS’ 30th birthday—cue the balloons! Amazon Alexa. So, if you’ll be at the Convention Center for one or both shows, be sure to drop ROC - Meet us by the registration table where we’ll be by and learn how IDeaS’ suite of revenue science solutions continue to drive giving away Minnesota treats. And be sure to stick around the future of revenue management for hotels, meetings & events, and parking during afternoon break for more birthday cake with your operations worldwide. favorite revenue optimizers. Help us celebrate 30 years of innovation, automation, and revenue transformation. “We are privileged to have a thriving, talented tech community in the Twin Cities, and I could not imagine a better home base for IDeaS. Over the past 30 years, I’ve watched this company grow and expand immensely, but we have always stayed true to our Minnesota roots, seeking the brightest, Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, boldest minds as we continue to blaze new trails for President, Founder & the industries we serve.” Chief Scientist, IDeaS 22 23 IDeaS, a SAS company, is the world’s leading provider of revenue management solutions and advisory services. Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with  precise, automated decisions they can trust.     Results delivered. Revenue transformed. Discover greater profitability at | ©2019 Integrated Decisions & Systems, Inc. (IDeaS - A SAS COMPANY) – All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. MISC0143-00-EE-ID 06/19
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