Huge Benefit Of Hosting A Shoe Drive

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6 Huge Benefits to Hosting a Shoe Drive Isn’t it a great idea to be able to raise some money through fundraisers? You can potentially help a lot of people without…
6 Huge Benefits to Hosting a Shoe Drive Isn’t it a great idea to be able to raise some money through fundraisers? You can potentially help a lot of people without spending too much money. If you already have raised money previously in different ways, have you considered a shoe drive fundraiser? Many creative shoe fundraiser ideas can help you raise money by practically spending nothing. When you host a shoe drive fundraiser, what happens is that people bring to your old, used, shoes from their homes. These shoes are of no use to these people. But when these are collected and sent to a company who specializes in them, the shoes get a new life. The old shoes are repurposed so that they don’t go into the garbage. Instead, they can be used by people who would not have otherwise been able to afford a pair of shoes. The company who specializes in repurposing old shoes pays you for every pair of shoes that you manage to collect. The money raised thus can be used for various purposes such as building the college roof, buying equipment for the community hospital, providing books for underprivileged children, etc. And that’s not even the only benefit. So, here’s a look at 5 huge benefits to hosting a shoe drive. 1. It creates an opportunity for micro-entrepreneurship For people from underprivileged backgrounds who don’t have any source of income and also do not have much capital for investments, a shoe drive fundraiser can be a blessing. If you implement good shoe fundraiser ideas, the shoes collected during the drive are transported to impoverished areas. This creates an opportunity for entrepreneurship for the people in these areas. With very little investment, they can start their own micro business. When other people from these sections buy affordable footwear, it creates a thriving business. And of course, it services both – the people selling this footwear and the people who buy the footwear. 2. It provides footwear for the underprivileged There are some underprivileged sections of society all over the world who do not have the means to get access to footwear. A shoe drive fundraiser which collects used shoes can make it possible for even the impoverished to own a pair of shoes. Shoes collected at these shoe drives are repurposed so that they are in good condition. These repurposed shows can then be passed on to people who need a pair of shoes. 3. It makes low-cost footwear available for people For certain sections of people who belong to the low-income groups, even though the source of income is present, footwear is often not affordable. For such people, footwear is like a luxury item. Thus, many don’t opt for buying is footwear, or are forced to use substandard footwear. A shoe drive fundraiser is a boon to such people. They get repurposed footwear of decent quality at affordable prices. All you need is good shoe fundraiser ideas, and it can help lots of people all over the world. 4. It can help in preventing diseases In certain remote areas of the world, parasitic infections are common. And people who don’t wear footwear, are more prone to such infections. Going barefoot, with the feet unprotected can cause fungal as well as parasitic infections. To add to this, generally, people from these remote areas do not have access to affordable footwear making their lives difficult. When you implement good shoe fundraiser ideas, repurposed footwear can be transported to such remote areas. Then, depending on the conditions in these areas, these shoes can be either made available at low prices or can be distributed for free among the people who need them. 5. It can help children too Many children from underprivileged families face the problem of not being able to afford a pair of shoes. While shoes for adults can be passed down from one wearer to the other, it is the children who suffer most in regions where footwear is a luxury. Low-cost footwear for children is difficult to source. Also, children who want to attend schools need decent shoes; but in the absence of affordable footwear, many drops out of schools. All this can be managed if only good shoe fundraiser ideas are implemented and shoe drive fundraisers are hosted actively. 6. It prevents landfill Old shoes are kept in the shoe cabinet for as long as there is space. Then, they are eventually thrown in the garbage. Shoes do not decompose. They add to the landfills. Hence, shoe fundraiser ideas are great! A shoe drive fundraiser can bring out all those old shoes lying in the darkest corners in the houses. And instead of adding to the piles and piles of garbage, they can help someone! So, the next time you are looking for a fundraiser, do consider some shoe fundraiser ideas!
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