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SOUTHERN AFRICA EUROPE CEO DIALOGUE 6TH EDITION Johannesburg - The Maslow Hotel 29-30 October 2019 An exclusive and influential community of leaders. Join the…
SOUTHERN AFRICA EUROPE CEO DIALOGUE 6TH EDITION Johannesburg - The Maslow Hotel 29-30 October 2019 An exclusive and influential community of leaders. Join the Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue and build long-term relations based on knowledge, personal feeling and trust. WELCOME EDITO FSACCI BOARD OF DIRECTORS WELCOME FSACCI PLATFORM p.9 MEMBERS p.38 WORK WITH US GOVERNANCE & ETHICS 1 EDITO Message from His Excellency, the Ambassador of France to South Africa, Mr Aurélien Lechevallier South Africa and France are strategic partners in all areas: politics, economics, science, culture, education… Our two countries are members of the G20 and share a common responsibility to promote an open but also regulated global economy. This is the message the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Jean-Yves Le Drian, shared with his counterpart during his official visit in South Africa last February. South Africa was among the few countries invited by France to the G7 Summit. Fighting inequality is the priority of the French G7 presidency, notably through a renewed partnership with Africa. Looking at bilateral trade and investment relations, Europe is the first partner of South Africa, with a well-recognised French expertise. In France, South African companies have invested hundreds of millions of euros in the past years. In South Africa, French companies, from highly internationalised groups to SMEs, employ 40,000 people. Their strategy is to invest with a long term perspective and to contribute to the socio-economic transformation of the country. In both countries, structural reforms aiming to improve the business environment are being undertaken and will help fostering those economic relations. At a political level, after the success of the French-South African political dialogue forum last February, the joint economic commission to be held later this year in South Africa, could be another opportunity to develop them further. In the digital and tech industry, the new labelling of a Cape Town-Johannesburg French Tech Community will allow us to further strengthen our bilateral cooperation. Against this backdrop, the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI) played a significant role in 2018 in building bridges between South African and French businesses. To name just a few, the success of both the Business Forum organised in October and the Sustainable City conference in November was also due to its key contribution. In 2019, the wine and spirits committee appears as a new initiative between the Embassy and the FSACCI to support innovation in that industry. Congratulations to the FSACCI team for their dynamism and the support they provide to French and South African companies. I wish all FSACCI members a successful year and pledge the full support of the Embassy of France, the French Development Agency and the Alliance Française network. Aurélien LECHEVALLIER 2 EDITO Message from the French Trade Commissioner, Managing Director of Business France Sub- Saharan Africa, Mr Axel Baroux Dear partners and friends, Launched in February 2018, in the city of Roubaix by the French Prime Minister Mr Edouard Philippe, the reform of the aid scheme for the internationalisation of French companies is underway. In most regions of France, the “Team France Export” (a partnership between Business France, the agency supporting the development of the French economy, Regional authorities, French chambers of commerce and industry, private sector actors and Bpifrance, the French public investment bank) is progressing. Associates from our various organisations are working in full synergy, for the benefit of exporting SMEs and middle-market companies. Our common and shared objective is to assist French companies to develop internationally, to develop their exports, to increase their turnover and to create jobs. Abroad, we wish to strengthen and develop the “Team France Export” as well, in order to collectively offer French companies solutions tailored to their specific needs. This will be the aim of future partnerships to come, henceforth up until the end of the year, in South Africa. In the meantime I can only welcome with joy, the partnership and friendship which binds Business France and the French-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI). As a member of the Chamber, I am most pleased with and look forward to the range of services it offers to its members. As a partner, I am most grateful for the role it played in, for example, the success of the South African-French Business Forum organised in October of last year; the support it rendered to Business France regarding the organisation of the Sustainable City conference which took place in November 2018 ; for the hosting services that it offers to the “Young Professionals in Enterprise” (V.I.Es) as well as the promotion of the V.I.E French International Professional Internship programme ; for the insightful and valuable advice it gives to our client companies setting up in South Africa…and much more! Henceforth, together with the FSACCI, we possess a common ambition: the ambition to go further for our clients and members! I wish each one of you an enjoyable and insightful read, of this all new edition of the FSACCI handbook. Axel BAROUX 3 EDITO Message from the FSACCI Chairman, Dr. Yves Guénon Dear FSACCI Members, Partners and Friends, The year 2018/2019 has been a full and rich time in the life of the French-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a stepping stone in positioning FSACCI as a reliable and strong actor within the business community in South Africa. It has constituted a transitional year to experiment, create and grow, and therefore we have seen a lot of new initiatives arise and a renewed strategy emerge. In that regard, we would like to thank our esteemed Members for their active participation in this journey as well as our new members for their trust and added-value they provide to the diversity and richness of our network. An acknowledgement needs to be given to the FSACCI board - whose dedication, commitment and advice is invaluable to the Chamber and a pleasure to preside over. Being a part of our network of South African and French businesses is to foster collaboration, share one’s expertise and experience, to grow stronger together and embrace common values. As for the French-South African Chamber, we respect a strict code of ethics and principles of good governance: • Inclusivity – We are a diverse network, made of start-ups, young entrepreneurs and large companies and we are committed to women and youth empowerment. We furthermore cherish our dual French-South African identity and warmly welcome member companies of all nationalities. It is through this diversity that we thrive. • Independence – We are member-based and member-driven, thus allowing us set an agenda based on the needs and priorities of our members. • Partnership – We facilitate business connections, foster collaboration and provide privileged platforms for our members to fully benefit from one another. • Ethics & Transparency – We remain neutral and impartial in the services we offer through our commitment to due diligence and excellence. Our renewed Memorandum of Incorporation allows as to work as a collective and ensures open access to our structure of governance and through our Annual General Meeting, a platform to ensure accountability and transparency. To the members of the French-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I thank you for your commitment to these shared values. It is a privilege to work side by side with you, our members, and look forward to the continued success and growth of your business. Dr. Yves GUÉNON 4 FSACCI BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive Committee Directors Dr. Yves Guénon Angelika Yakovchuk Philip Géromont Jean-Claude Izibani Consultancy WerthSchröder ENSafrica Lasserre Chairperson Attorneys Vice-Chairperson & Saint-Gobain Vice-Chairperson CPT Representative Vice-Chairperson Sébastien de Place Alexandre Vaillant Mazars South Africa Fasken Treasurer Secretary-General Board Directors Alexandre Cédric Serre Daniel Daphné Franck Deroche Karen Longley Barrière-Izard Bureau Veritas Rise Student Four Seasons Hotel Leading InternAfrika Residence -The Westcliff Language Luc Koechlin Roger Latchman Stéphane Laroche Thomas Palix EDF South Africa Maruti Global Stratogo ENGIE 5 WORK WITH US FSACCI JHB (HEAD OFFICE) Physical Address: Postal Address: Inanda Business Park P.O. Box 52624 Block A, 1st Floor Saxonworld 98 Albertyn Avenue 2132 Sandton CONNECT WITH US @FrenchChamberSA @FSACCI Website: www.fsacci.co.za Tel: + 27 (0)14 940 0083 @fsacci @fsacci General Manager PR & Marketing Manager Marjolaine Pierrat-Feraille Amy Ashworth mpferaille@fsacci.co.za events@fsacci.co.za + 27 (0)14 940 0083 + 27 (0)14 940 0083 + 27 (0)76 180 3658 + 27 (0)82 824 5553 Deputy General Manager Senior Trade Adviser Mélanie Rondreux Consultant (Freelance) mrondreux@fsacci.co.za Valérie Chesneau + 27 (0)14 940 0083 appuientreprise@fsacci.co.za + 27 (0)84 272 0365 + 27 (0)83 277 0840 Business Services Manager Sandrine Winder-Wolf business@fsacci.co.za + 27 (0)14 940 0083 + 27 (0)64 835 5802 6 WORK WITH US FSACCI CAPE TOWN ACTIVITY Cape Town Steering Committee Vice-Chairperson, Cape Town Representative Philip Geromont ENSafrica Board Director, Cape Town Coordinator Alexandre Barrière-Izard CONNECT WITH US InternAfrika capeadmin@fsacci.co.za @fsacciCPT + 27 (0)81 858 38 58 @FSACCI CPT Steering Committee Member Gilles Blanc The 41 Steering Committee Member Simon Miclet Polygot Group FSACCI DURBAN CONTACT Durban Contact Mélanie Rondreux mrondreux@fsacci.co.za + 27 (0)14 940 0083 + 27 (0)84 272 0365 7 GOVERNANCE & ETHICS Our system of governance and ethics ensures your company is protected. FSACCI remains independent to fairly represent the needs of its members and to set the standard for good business. VALUES TRANSPARENCY INCLUSIVITY ETHICS PARTNERSHIP INDEPENDENCE GOVERNANCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BOARD DIRECTORS FSACCI TEAM JOHANNESBURG CAPE TOWN 2019 M.O.I. MAX 15 DIRECTORS 3 YEARS COMMITMENT NO REMUNERATION FSACCI’s good governance, principles and values are guaranteed by the 2019 Memorandum of Incorporation (M.O.I.), voted and signed upon at the Annual General Meeting in June 2019. BUSINESS FSACCI PLATFORM CONNECTED STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT WELCOME p.1 FSACCI PLATFORM BUSINESS SERVICES MEMBERS p.38 NETWORKING COMMUNICATION 9 BUSINESS CONNECTED FSACCI PLATFORM FSACCI is a business platform that facilitates key business outputs through four core workflows. This is achieved by leveraging our diverse and dynamic business network and through our intimate knowledge of our member companies, key stakeholders and diverse skill sets. CONSTRUCTION, FINANCE HEALTHCARE ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT FSACCI CORE WORKFLOWS FSACCI Stakeholder Engagement RETAIL MEMBERS Business Services Networking Events Communication DIGITAL LEGAL HOSPITALITY & INNOVATION & B-BBEE TOURISM BUSINESS CONNECTED STRATEGIC SECTORS FSACCI has identified key strategic sectors. These strategic sectors will inform all areas of FSACCI’s activities and services. This focus will ensure we remain intentional in our actions and best serve the needs of our members. TRANSPORT & MARKETING & AGRIBUSINESS LOGISTICS COMMUNICATION Business Connections KEY BUSINESS OUTPUTS Information/Expertise Sharing WOMEN IN BUSINESS Visibility WINE & SPIRIT SECURITY HUMAN RESOURCES STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT STAKEHOLDERS AT A GLANCE FSACCI aims to grow its stakeholder engagement in order to expand the networks available to its members. These key partnerships provide your company with the very best expertise and services to help you conduct your business across the globe with ease and peace of mind. OUR FRENCH OUR EUROPEAN & PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL BI-LATERAL OUR CCIFI NETWORK IN FRANCE CHAMBERS IN SOUTH AFRICA CONSEILLERS DU COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF EXTÉRIEUR DE LA FRANCE (CCEF) FRENCH CHAMBERS (CCI FRANCE INTERNATIONAL) FRENCH PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS EU CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF SOUTHERN AFRICA FRENCH COMMUNITY & PARTNERS OUR SOUTH AFRICAN PARTNERS SOUTH AFRICAN PRIVATE SECTOR SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT & INSTITUTIONS STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT DOING BUSINESS IN FRANCE DOING BUSINESS IN EUROPE/INTERNATIONALLY DOING BUSINESS IN WESTERN AND NORTH AFRICA DOING BUSINESS IN SOUTH AFRICA 13 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT DOING BUSINESS IN SOUTH AFRICA FSACCI significantly values and continuously works towards strengthening and expanding its relationships and partnerships with South African Institutions and stakeholders. By creating and facilitating connections with our business community, Our mission is to improve our companies’ ease of doing business while fostering a positive socio-economic impact in South Africa. South African Institutions & Partners • South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) • Ministry of Small Business Development • Gauteng Department of Economic Development • City of Johannesburg • City of Tshwane • City of Cape Town • Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) • Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) • Brand South Africa • Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) • Black Business Council (BBC) • Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) • Yes4Youth • Wesgro (Cape Town & Western Cape : Tourism, Trade and Investment) • Green Cape 14 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT As the French-South African Chamber, we also collaborate closely with the French community present in South Africa. In particular, FSACCI works in association with French Institutions on business-related matters, creates partnerships and nurtures links with many other French associations and organisations in South Africa to help our expat families settle and feel at home. French Institutions & France Team Export • French Embassy to South Africa and Lesotho • The Department of Economic Affairs for Southern Africa (SER) • The Cooperation and Cultural Action Department (SCAC) • Consulate General of France in Johannesburg and in Cape Town • Les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CCEF) • Business France - French Trade Commission • Agence Française de Développement (AFD)/ Proparco • MEDEF International • Alliance Française Southern Africa • Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud (IFAS) • Atout France French Presence in South Africa • Club VIE • Jo’bourg Accueil • Cape Town Accueil • L’Association Française d’Entraide du Cap • Société Française de Bienfaisance de Johannesburg • Les Frenchies • Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France (IESF) • Work in the City • Lycée Jules Verne (Johannesburg / Pretoria) & Lycée François Le Vaillant 15 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT DOING BUSINESS IN FRANCE / INTERNATIONALLY FSACCI’s network of partners knows no borders. We facilitate business connections with extended networks in order for our members to find the best associates and grow across all sectors. Doing business in France • Capago International – The Schengen Link • CCI France International (CCI-FI) • Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France (CCI) • French Trade Commission «Business France» Our partners in the SADC region • Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority (EIPA) • Botswana Trade and Investment Centre (BITC) • French Chambers and Clubs d’affaires in SADC Our European & International partners • Delegation of the European Union to South Africa • EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Africa • European and International Bi-Lateral Chambers (in particular, the Holland Business Chamber Southern Africa (HBC-SA) and Belgian Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa (BCCSA) with whom we share a Business Centre) RR • The European House Ambrosetti CCI France International The French-South African Chamber is a member providing some specific services. of CCI France International. Founded in 1907, it The French South African Chamber participates brings together 124 chambers in 93 countries, annually in a seminar with all the Directors of all which represent the largest private network of international French Chambers, for experience- French companies in the world. Its mission is to act sharing. Our members benefit from international as a network coordinator circulating information, member to member offers and access to Le cooperation and know-how, promoting its Booster thanks to the CCI-FI network. members to the business networks in France and 16 Export?? Projets Export Projets En 2019, En 2019,faisons faisons ensemble!! route ensemble route Renforcez Renforcez vos vos échanges échangesavec aveclalazone zoneAfrique/Moyen-Orient Afrique/Moyen-Orientgrâce grâceauauréseau des réseau CCIFI des ! ! CCIFI CCI FRANCE CCI FRANCE MAURICE MAURICE BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES BY FSACCI As a member-based and member-driven association, gathering blue-chip companies together with micro, small and medium enterprises, we decided to open a full service desk: Business Services by FSACCI Our service desk caters to all the needs of our diverse members, across a large range of sectors – from prospecting to set up, marketing to recruitment, as well as office rental and special offers for members. We deliver our services through various channels in order to provide our members with the best products and services: • Via our FSACCI team (domiciliation, Work’In, etc.) • Via our Service ‘Appui Entreprise’ (market studies, business trips, etc.) • Via our Graphic Design services (design, content writing, etc.) • Via our network of Members Contact our Business Services Manager for more information: business@fsacci.co.za CODE OF CONDUCT 1. We always refer the best it comes to our advisory role and service providers according to recommendations. This puts us your needs and the feedback in a position to listen to the needs we receive. of our members and give advice 2. If we do not have the service on the best providers without any in our portfolio, we look into financial interference and only adding it for you. based on our experiences and 3. We take no fees in the services feedback from other members. that we recommend. We believe that through this we can create a trustworthy and This code guides our action as recommendable network of we believe it is crucial for us to partners. remain neutral and impartial when 18 19 BUSINESS SERVICES LE BOOSTER More than just an office, Le Booster is an incubator allowing direct access to our activities and services. JHB More than a desk in a working space, FSACCI has worked towards creating a whole business environment and ecosystem that enables our tenants to benefit from a proper incubated space: all included packages at very competitive prices; next door to our FSACCI office with automatic membership and access to our many events organised in our new space; sharing a dynamic, young and diverse business centre. As a FSACCI Member, benefit from free access to our open space to grab a coffee between your meetings or to have a quiet space to catch up on your emails while on business in Joburg! CPT Our member Oribi Village – specialised in providing office space – provides a home for our Cape town members to access an incubated business centre and benefit from all FSACCI events and services. LeBooster: An International Network of Business Centers Do you enjoy our services at LeBooster Johannesburg? Make use of LeBooster offices all over the world thanks to our international network of Business Centres. Tell us about your upcoming business trips and we will connect you with our partners. For instance in Nairobi, you can benefit from the same offer as our LeBooster Business Centre in South Africa. 20 BUSINESS SERVICES SERVICE APPUI ENTREPRISES Setting up your business or opening a division in South Africa without prior or in-depth knowledge of the administrative, legal and business procedures can be a huge challenge and a delay to your activities and projects. Ou
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