Great Lakes 3rd Quarter 2019

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3rd Quarter 2019 Volume 29 Number 03 ® R GREAT LAKES EDITION D E 28 Pages in 2 Sections Ser ving Michigan Northern Ohio Northern Indiana I N S I printed with &…
3rd Quarter 2019 Volume 29 Number 03 ® R GREAT LAKES EDITION D E 28 Pages in 2 Sections Ser ving Michigan Northern Ohio Northern Indiana I N S I printed with & REFRIGERATION GOD BLESS AMERICA recycled paper Corporate Office: Insider Newspapers, Inc. • 5051 Hwy 162 S. • Covington, GA 30016 Mitsubishi Electric Trane YORK Celebrates HVAC US Announces Updates 50th Anniversary of cfm to Residential Business Distributors, Inc. Leadership Team R e c e n t l y, cfm Distribu- lead the strategic accounts tors, Inc. cel- and utilities and performance ebrated their construction teams, and direct 50th anni- product management for the versary at an M-Series and P-Series prod- event hosted uct lines. Burnette will also in Kansas City, oversee the integration and management of co-branded The Insider MO, where the historic com- residential ductless sales ac- by Jerry Lawson pany is based. tivities through the Ingersoll The event also Rand channels. “Everything changes with marked more “Tim will play a vital role time. The bluest of blue skies than 40 years in the continued success of will change with the weather of partnership our residential channel,” said the highest of mountains with the YORK® Tim Burnette Steve O’Brien, senior vice w o n ’ t l a s t f o r e v e r. . . y o u brand of John- president at Mitsubishi Elec- changed in your way and I son Controls. Mitsubishi Electric Trane tric Trane HVAC US. “He will changed in mine, everything Guests includ- YORK gifted the company $10,000 to gift to a HVAC US LLC (METUS), a be integral in supporting our changes with time.” lyrics by ed cfm employ- charity of their choice in honor of their 50th leading supplier of Zoned residential ductless customers Chuck Lawson ees, custom- anniversary Comfort Solutions™ and Vari- through changes resulting from This month our friend Jim ers and ven- able Refrigerant Flow (VRF) the formation of our recently Haney has announced his dor partners, including two lence.” cooling and heating systems, announced joint venture. We retirement. I have known representatives of Johnson At the event, cfm pres- announces two changes to its believe his strong experience Haney since his years in Controls: Tim Thorson, ex- i d e n t a n d C E O , L a u r e n sales leadership team. Tim and background in previous distribution with GrayBar, ecutive director of North Roberts, and former cfm Burnette has been appointed leadership roles will be a great Cain & Bultman, Thoben America residential sales president and current chair- as vice president of residential asset in his new position.” Elron, Distribucon . He had and channel optimization, man, Tom Roberts, spoke business and Steve Scar- Previously, Burnette led the planned to buy the Georgia and Kenneth Blakley, re- t o g u e s t s i n a t t e n d a n c e brough has been promoted to industrial and controls busi- operation from the owners g i o n a l t e c h n i c a l s e r v i c e with messages celebrating senior director of residential ness units at NIBCO Inc., and in the Carolinas but when manager. the anniversary milestone, business. held sales and marketing lead- they discovered that his Having represented the c o n g r a t u l a t i n g f o u n d i n g As vice president, Tim ership positions with Parker was the most profitable in YORK brand since 1978, members Bruce Huffman Burnette will lead residential Hannifin, Pentair and Victaulic. their organization they just cfm has become one of and Amos Roberts, and business activities nation- He holds an MBA from Notre pushed him out. He then the longest YORK distribu- honoring cfm’s employees wide, developing and imple- Dame University. decided to join his old friend tor partnerships. To honor and their legacy. menting strategies for sales (me) and be the director the company’s milestone “The employee-owners and profit growth. He will of the Bluegrass edition, anniversary and their long- of cfm are incredibly proud Great Lakes came later. Jim standing relationship as a to be celebrating our 50th was truly great at his new distributor, YORK presented year in business. One of the job. He also knew that we cfm with a congratulatory key drivers to our success is Atlanta, GA PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Permit No.3592 would not desert him when letter as well as a dona- our wonderful long-standing his health was failing. He tion of $10,000 to benefit partnership with York/John- suffered congestive heart a charity of their choice. son Controls,” said Lau- failure but our heart was The recipient organization ren Roberts, president and in the right place. My little will be chosen by a cfm CEO, cfm Distributors, Inc. company also suffered, we committee comprised of 12 “Their commitment to Ameri- were in the red many times employee owners dedicated can Quality and alignment but held true to our word. to organizing and facilitat- with our core values make He had a job as long as he ing donations to different them stand out as a great wanted it. charities, non-profit groups, partner of cfm Distributors. Steve Scarbrough On 9/27 Jim resigned. customers and neighboring We are extremely apprecia- He wrote, ”On Sept. 13th, communities. tive of their generous gift of In his new role, Steve Scar- I was taken to the emer- “Johnson Controls and $10,000 to give to a charity brough will lead the South, gency room and admitted the entire YORK organi- of our choice.” Southwest, and Central resi- to ICU for 5 days. I was zation congratulates cfm cfm was founded in 1969 dential business units. He will finally moved to a regular Distributors as they cel- by Amos Roberts and Bruce also oversee HVAC contractor room and discharged on the ebrate their 50th year in Huffman. The pair started Great Lakes HVAC Insider development and training ac- ...........continued on page 2 business,” said Liz Hag- cfm in Kansas City, Mo. with tivities, as well as lead the in- gerty, vice president and an integrity-based, family- 3rd Quarter Conyers, GA 30013 side sales team. In addition, he general manager, Ducted like culture where every will serve as the main liaison Systems, Johnson Controls. employee has a voice in P.O. Box 81489 to the Trane® Dealer Sales “We value the long-standing making the company suc- Office channel, which has a concentrated presence within National Edition relationship with cfm and cessful. In January 2018, our shared commitment to Lauren Roberts became the the regions he will lead. ...........continued on page 3 Inside This Issue integrity, American quality fourth president and CEO of and industry-leading excel- ...........continued on page 3 For Advertising Rates in the Great Lakes Region Call Kaye Sessions @770-786-9658 Page 2 Great Lakes HVAC Insider 3rd Quarter 2019 The Insider years. Men such as Fred Martel who told us that he We have lost too many of our business family. Marion was a friend and customer for many years. When Al and joined us. He was the director of Carolina Insider. by Jerry Lawson would help out but wouldn’t Penchansky passed away When John’s health failed retired from distribution he continued from page 1........ drop any of his lines. He on April 4, 2013.She was the stayed home for 11 days him he retired rather than 19th. I am slowly regaining did. Insider for the MidAtlantic before calling me to see if cause our little company to my strength and will have Peter Montana was re- edition. Her husband, Art there was any job he could lose money. surgery again on the 9th cruited by Walter Arnett to Penchansky, passed away fill at the Insider. He was 69 John Fanning is replaced of October. I have loved replace himself and has in January 2019. Art was when he signed on with us. by Pete Gardner, a kinsman what I do and enjoy all the become one of our top di- the Insider for Keystone- Al was our EVP and General of Peter Montana (Yes, we people there. Please take rectors. He is Florida’s In- Garden. Manager when he passed try to keep it in the family). care of yourself and God sider. Howard Atkins shocked at 92. He worked until his We need new Insiders in bless you all. Walter and I have been us all when he passed in last day, Al loved being an several important markets. Signing out, Jim Haney.” friends for over 50 years. 2017. We thought that he important part of our news- If you are interested just We will replace brother He and Howard Atkins would outlive us all, he papers. call me. My cell is 678-491- Jim, if there is anyone out worked for Jack Peavy at was a great Insider for Ala- Wes and Sue Smith were 0627. Our office is 770- there who would enjoy the the Chrysler Airtemp branch bama. the directors for the Tennes- 786-9658. This year I am best job of your life, you in Atlanta We celebrated Curtis Parrott is the Ala- see, Arkansas and Chicago celebrating my 50th year will be welcomed in every Walter’s 91st birthday this bama Insider as well as the Insiders. Their passing left of publishing trade news- factory branch and dis- month. Georgia Insider. He took a blank in our hearts, Wes papers, allthough I retired tributorship in the market. Louisiana/Mississippi In- over the Georgia edition was a friend since 1969. 11 years ago at age 66, I You will gather local news, sider Danny Keating took after I had a small problem John Fanning was a sales- still work every day at no take digital photos, attend over the job when his father with colon cancer. I sur- man for Whirlpool when we pay. I am the only non paid many parties and events, decided he couldn’t keep vived. met and became friends. He worker around here. Our make new friends and be the pace. Danny has kept Curtis had worked for me got sideways with a corpo- regional Insiders earn the the Insider. his lines and does a great since he was 14 years old. rate big shot and after prov- most money, we can’t do Manufacturers reps have job at all levels. He is an I have known him since he ing to everyone there that the best job without them, made good Insiders over the inspiration. was 11. His dad, Al Parrott he was right, he resigned so come join our family. n Carbon Monoxide: What Do You Know? Return Grille Location and Combustion Safety the mechanical room wall a gas water heater that is readings in addition to draft way toward assuring neu- to let air in for the water now in direct competition measurements. tral room pressures. heater and furnace. The with the house for available Remember, any rooms problem with this installa- combustion air. The house Solving the Problem with natural draft equipment tion is a return grille is also will usually win if the blower These installations are should ideally be kept at often added in the adjoining in the furnace is running. found everywhere and have a positive pressure. They room. The combustion air Just as with the return in an many opinions about how should never be in a nega- grilles can provide an unin- adjoining room, the flue be- to correct them. One solu- tive pressure. tentional pathway to pull air comes a make-up air duct tion frequently mentioned from the mechanical room that can cause flue gases for central returns is to About the Author when the blower is running. to spill into the conditioned undercut interior doors ap- David Richardson serves A competition for airflow is space through the water proximately an inch. Un- t h e H VA C i n d u s t r y a s a created that may cause the heater drafthood. fortunately, this small of curriculum developer and water heater to spill flue an opening rarely provides trainer at the National Com- gases while operating. Discovering the Problem enough area for air to cir- fort Institute, Inc. (NCI). Remember, air takes the To discover if a return culate back to the central NCI specializes in training David Richardson path of least resistance and installation like those listed return. focused on improving, mea- can pull from a basement above has the potential Another solution for cen- suring, and verifying HVAC By David Richardson return much easier than a for spillage, you’ll need to tral returns is to use jumper and Building Performance. return grille located in the perform a draft interference ducts or transfer grilles to If you're an HVAC con- When you diagnose com- upstairs living area. There test. If the test passes, you relieve room pressure. As tractor or technician in- bustion safety issues, there is risk that the flue pipe will have enough make-up air doors are closed, airflow terested in learning more are various interactions that become a makeup air duct to account for return grille between rooms is main- about adding carbon mon- can cause unsafe conditions that causes any natural draft a i r f l o w. I f t h e t e s t f a i l s , tained. I have used these oxide testing to your ser- you must be aware of. One equipment to spill exhaust you’ll need to recommend occasionally with some suc- vices, contact David at interaction occurs when re- gases into the living space. correcting the installation. cess, but not as much as I or turn grille location interferes By paying attention to hoped for. call him at 800-633-7058. with proper flue gas venting Central Return Grilles the draft interference test The real solution is to NCI’s website www.nation- of a drafthood appliance. Central returns are an- results, you can isolate the pay attention to airflow and is This happens when a re- other common installation circumstances that could make the needed repairs, full of free technical articles turn is located too close to that present a safety risk cause flue gas to spill due so it is as balanced as pos- and downloads to help you the equipment, such as in if the right conditions ex- to the return. Don’t forget sible. Ducted supplies and improve your professional- the same room or even in ist. The return duct on this that you’ll also need to returns in each room with ism and strengthen your another portion of the build- installation is often a hard- verify stable combustion balanced airflow go a long company. n ing. Let’s look at two return ducted single filter grille grille location scenarios that could impact the safe opera- application or equipment mounted on a stand pulling HARDI Announces 2019 Annual Conference: tion of drafthood equipment air from the bottom. and discover what the com- mon factor is. In both applications they are typically accompanied Pulse Agenda and Speaker Lineup by an extensive supply Heating, Air-conditioning “In this inaugural edition of cussions our annual confer- Return Grilles in the duct system with a supply & Refrigeration Distributors our State of the Channel Re- ence has ever seen.” Same Room register in every room. This International (HARDI) has re- port, it is our intention to give To ensure the conference One common issue is installation could become a leased the complete agenda our members and the industry maintains a lively pulse, ses- when a basement is con- problem when interior doors and speaker lineup for the 2019 the greatest insights into our sions at the beginning of the verted into finished living are closed to rooms with Annual Conference: Pulse. channel’s performance avail- day will be one hour in length, space. To make the space supply registers in them. This year’s agenda focuses able to date and the latest going down to 30 minutes and comfortable, supply regis- Each room with a supply on the state of the industry and on how wholesale distribu- 20 minutes as the day goes on ters and return grilles are register has no airflow path HARDI’s mission of ensuring tion can drive greater value to keep attendees engaged added. In many of these back to the return side of wholesale distribution is the for their manufacturers and and moving. basements, you’ll also find the system when the door is channel of choice for manufac- contractors,” said Gee. “This A highlight of the confer- enclosed mechanical rooms closed. The central part of turers and contractors. Kicking year’s report will just scratch ence will be Keynote Speaker housing a gas water heater the home is depressurized off the conference, HARDI’s the surface of future reports and Magician, Vinh Giang. and furnace. while rooms with any closed CEO, Talbot Gee, will be pre- as we continue to expand our Attendees will also learn about Fo rw a rd - th i n k i n g c o n - doors are pressurized. senting HARDI’s findings for research capabilities, but I’m innovation and customer ex- tractors will often install The depressurized area the first annual “State of the confident these initial findings perience from Dustin Garis, combustion air grilles on of the home may contain Channel” report. will fuel some of the best dis- ...........continued on page 7 3rd Quarter 2019 Great Lakes HVAC Insider Page 3 Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Announces Inside This Issue Updates to Residential Business Leadership Team continued from page 1........ conditioning and heating The family of brands sup- Scarbrough joined Mitsubi- technology. Systems sold ported by METUS includes: shi Electric in 2010 and has by the joint venture include Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & held a variety of roles of in- a wide variety of techno- Heating, Trane® / Mitsubishi creasing responsibility within logically advanced products Electric and American Stan- Features the company. Most recently, Scarbrough was director of designed to deliver superior efficiency, comfort and con- dard® / Mitsubishi Electric. More information is available contractor development and trol. at n training, and spearheaded sig- Columnists: nificant improvements to the Diamond Contractor program YORK Celebrates and residential training activi- David Richardson, Carbon Monoxide.......................2 ties. Prior to his tenure at Mit- subishi Electric, Scarbrough 50th Anniversary of cfm served as president of Climatic Comfort Products. Distributors, Inc. Jerry Lawson, The Insider........................................1 “Steve brings a wealth of continued from page 1........ visit www.johnsoncontrols. knowledge to this new role, the company. To learn more com or follow @johnsoncon- both about industry demands about cfm, visit www.cfm- trols on Twitter. and trends, and about Mit- or follow subishi Electric practices and them on Facebook, Twitter About Johnson Controls products,” said O’Brien. “We or LinkedIn. Building Technologies & are pleased to announce this To l e a r n m o r e a b o u t Solutions well-deserved promotion, and YORK®, visit www.YORK. Johnson Controls Building are confident that Steve will com. Also follow the compa- Technologies & Solutions contribute to more success ny on YouTube, Instagram is making the world safer, stories and better sales num- and Facebook @yorkhome- smarter and more sustain- bers for our residential busi- comfort and @YORKHVAC able – one building at a time. ness.” on Twitter. Our technology portfolio inte- Burnette and Scarbrough grates every aspect of a build- will both be based in Suwanee, About Johnson Controls ing – whether security sys- Georgia. Johnson Controls is a tems, energy management, Advertiser Index global leader creating a fire protection or HVACR About Mitsubishi Electric safe, comfortable and sus- – to ensure that we exceed Trane HVAC US LLC tainable world. Our 105,000 customer expectations at all NIBCO...........................................................................5 Formed in 2018, Mitsubishi employees create intelligent times. We operate in more Electric Trane HVAC US LLC buildings, efficient energy than 150 countries through (METUS) is a leading provider solutions and integrated in- our unmatched network of of ductless and VRF systems frastructure that work seam- branches and distribution Venstar..........................................................................8 lessly together to deliver channels, helping building in the United States and Latin America. A 50 percent – 50 on the promise of smart owners, operators, engineers percent
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