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page 1 GEOFFREY C. HAZARD, JR. University of Pennsylvania Law School 3400 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pa Trustee Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School Miller Professor of Law,
page 1 GEOFFREY C. HAZARD, JR. University of Pennsylvania Law School 3400 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Pa Trustee Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School Miller Professor of Law, University of California Hastings College of the Law Director Emeritus, American Law Institute Address: 2263 California St. San Francisco, CA Hastings College of the Law Tel: McAllister St. San Francisco, CA University of Pennsylvania Law School 3400 Chestnut St. Tel: (215) Philadelphia, PA Fax:(215) EDUCATION Swarthmore College, B.A (Phi Beta Kappa) Columbia University, LL.B (Columbia Law Review) PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS Member, California State Bar, Pennsylvania Bar Admitted to practice: Oregon, 1954; California, 1960; Connecticut, 1982; Pennsylvania, 1994 Practiced in Oregon, ; Deputy Legislative Counsel, State of Oregon, ; Executive Secretary, Oregon Legislative Interim Committee on Judicial Administration, Executive Director, American Bar Foundation, Consultant, American Bar Association Special Committee on Code of Judicial Conduct, Reporter, American Bar Association Special Commission on Standards of Judicial Administration, Reporter, American Law Institute, Restatement of Judgments, Second, Reporter, American Bar Association Special Commission on Evaluation of Professional Standards, page 2 Reporter, Committee on Ethical Standards, National Association of Bond Counsel, Director, American Law Institute, Reporter, American Law Institute and International Organization for Unification of Private Law, Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure, Member and Consultant, Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, Judicial Conference of the United States, Member, Judicial Conference Ad Hoc Committee on Mass Torts, Member, American Bar Association Resource Team for High Profile Trials Member, American Bar Association Commission on Ethics 2000, Member, Associazione Italiana fra gli Studiosi del Processo Civile, ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS Trustee Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania, Miller Professor of Law, University of California Hastings College of the Law,2005- Professor of Law, Yale University, ; Sterling Professor of Law Emeritus Associate Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, ; Professor of Law, Visiting Professor, University of Michigan, 1963 Professor of Law, University of Chicago, Visiting Professor, Stanford University, 1974 Acting Dean, Yale School of Organization and Management, ; Associate Dean, ; Deputy Dean, Visiting Professor, Universite d'aix-marseille, 1982 Visiting Professor, Harvard University, 1983 Visiting Professor, University of Arizona, TEACHING SUBJECTS Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, Federal Jurisdiction BOARD MEMBERSHIPS Board of Trustees, Supreme Court Historical Society, Board of Directors, Avatar Holdings, Inc., Board of Directors, Smyth, Sanford & Gerard Professional Liability, L.L.C Member, Board of Directors, Friends of the Library of the Supreme Court of Israel Board of Governors, International Insolvency Institute, PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES page 3 Member, Administrative Conference of United States, Adviser, American Bar Association, Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Subcommittee on Code of Judicial Conduct, Member, Board of Overseers, Institute for Civil Justice, RAND Corp., Advisory Council, Trinity Church (New York) Center for Ethics and Corporate Policy, Legal Advisory Committee, New York Stock Exchange, Member, American Bar Association Committee on Professional Discipline, Member, American Bar Association, Committee on Lawyers' Responsibility for Client Protection, Member, National Association of Corporate Directors, Blue Ribbon Commission, 2005 Member, Pennsylvania Bar Ass n, California State Bar, American Bar Ass'n, American Law Institute, American Judicature Society, National Legal Aid and Defender Ass'n, Fellows of American Bar Foundation, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Society PROFESSIONAL AWARDS American Bar Foundation, Research Award, 1985 American Bar Foundation, William Keck Foundation Award, 1997 Columbia University School of Law Association, Medal for Excellence, 1999 American Judicature Society, Outstanding Contributions to Promoting Effective Administration of Justice Ceremony of Salute, Superior Court of Pennsylvania, 1999 Gold Medal, International Insolvency Institute, 2004 American Bar Association Section of Legal Education, Kutak Award, 2005 HONORARY DEGREES M.A., Yale University 1971 LL.D., Gonzaga University, 1985 LL.D., University of San Diego, 1985 LL.D., Swarthmore College, 1988 LL.D., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1990 LL.D., Nova University, 1992 LL.D., Republica Italiana (faculta di Urbino), 1998 BOOKS page 4 RESEARCH IN CIVIL PROCEDURE (1963; Walter E. Meyer Research Institute of Law). LAW IN A CHANGING AMERICA (1968; editor). QUEST FOR JUSTICE (1973; editor, American Bar Association). GOING TO LAW SCHOOL? (1974;editor, with Thomas Ehrlich). CIVIL PROCEDURE (5th ed. 2001, with Fleming James, Jr. and John Leubsdorf). ETHICS IN THE PRACTICE OF LAW (1978). PLEADING & PROCEDURE, STATE & FEDERAL (9th ed. 2005; with D. W. Louisell, Colin Tait and Wm. Fletcher). MANAGING COMPLEX LITIGATION: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE USE OF SPECIAL MASTERS (1983; with Wayne Brazil and Paul Rice). THE LEGAL PROFESSION: RESPONSIBILITY AND REGULATION (3d ed. 1994; editor, with Deborah Rhode). THE LAW OF LAWYERING: A Handbook on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (3d ed with William Hodes). PERSPECTIVES ON CIVIL PROCEDURE (1987; editor, with Jan Vetter). BOARD GAMES: The Changing Shape of Corporate Power (1988; with Arthur Fleisher, Jr. and Miriam Z. Klipper). THE LAW AND ETHICS OF LAWYERING (4th ed. 2005; with Susan Koniak, Roger Cramton and George Cohen) LA GUISTA CIVIL NEGLI STATI UNITI (1993; with Michele Taruffo) AMERICAN CIVIL PROCEDURE: AN INTRODUCTION (1993, with Michele Taruffo) AMERICAN CIVIL PROCEDURE: AN INTRODUCTION (Japanese ed., Tanabe Tr. 1997) POKUS`ENI` SPRA `NI` CHI RAD (Prague, 1996; translation of BOARD GAMES, with Arthur Fleisher, Jr. and Miriam Z. Klipper) PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND REGULATION (Foundation Press, 2002) (with Deborah Rhode) LEGAL ETHICS: A COMPARATIVE STUDY (Stan. U. Press.2004)(with Angelo Dondi) REPORTS (as reporter or draftsman) Oregon Legislative Interim Commission on Judicial Administration, Vol. I (Judicial Administration), Vol. II (Juvenile Code) (1958) California Special Legislative Commission on the Insanity Defense, Report (1962). American Bar Association, Code of Judicial Conduct (1972). American Bar Association, Standards of Judicial Administration (3 vol., ). Legal Services for the Average Citizen, Report of A.B.A. Consortium on Legal Services (1977). American Law Institute, Restatement Second of Judgments (1982). American Bar Association, Model Rules of Professional Conduct (1983). page 5 National Association of Bond Lawyers, Function and Professional Responsibilities of Bond Counsel (1984). American Law Institute and International Organization for Unification of Private Law, Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure (2005). ARTICLES May v. Anderson: Preamble to Family Law Chaos, 45 Va. L. Rev. 379 (1959) Oregon Administrative Procedure Act -- Status and Prospects, 39 Ore. L. Rev. 97 (1960). Indispensable Party: The Historical Origin of a Procedural Phantom, 61 Colum. Law Rev (1961). Insanity as a Defense: The Bifurcated Trial, 49 Calif. L.Rev. 805 (1961) (with D. W. Louisell). Death, the State, and the Insane: Stay of Execution, 9 U.C.L.A. Rev. 381 (1962) (with D. W. Louisell). Early Evolution of the Common Law Writs: A Sketch, 6 Am. J. Legal Hist. 114 (1962). An Historical and Critical Analysis of Interpleader, 52 Calif. L. Rev. 706 (1963) (with Myron Moskovitz). The Research Program of the American Bar Foundation,51 A.B.A.J. 539 (1965). Reflections on Four Studies of the Legal Profession, in Law and Society, A Supplemental to Social Problems (Summer, 1965). After the Trial Court -- The Realities of Appellate Review, in Jones, Harry W., ed., The Courts, the Public and the Law Explosion (1965). A General Theory of State-Court Jurisdiction, 1965 Sup. Ct. Rev Rationing Justice, 8 J. Law & Econ. 1 (1965). Limitations on the Uses of Behavioral Science in the Law,19 Case Western L. Rev. 71 (1967). The Ombudsman: Quasi-Legal and Legal Representation in Public Assistance Administration, in Sherrard, ed.,social Welfare and Urban Problems (1968). page 6 Challenges to Legal Education, in Sutherland, ed.the Path of the Law from 1967 (1968), pp Epilogue to the Criminal Justice Survey, 55 A.B.A.J (1969). 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Non-Silences of Professor Hazard on The Silences of the Restatement : A Response to Professor Menkel-Meadow. 10 Georgetown L. Legal Ethics 1997). Per L Indipendenza Professionale Dell Avvocatura,
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