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OCTOBER 2019, ISSUE 143 news ...bringing you news,views and opinions every month FREE a HORSESHOE LANE FINAL STRAW PETITION CALLS FOR ACCIDENT ACTION A petition has…
OCTOBER 2019, ISSUE 143 news ...bringing you news,views and opinions every month FREE a HORSESHOE LANE FINAL STRAW PETITION CALLS FOR ACCIDENT ACTION A petition has been launched to push Hertfordshire County Council to improve safety measures along a Garston road following a string of accidents involving pupils. Watford’s Elected Mayor Peter Taylor and local councillors are urging residents to support the petition, so measures are introduced on Horseshoe Lane before a serious accident... CONTINUED ON PAGE 4... Thinking of Selling or Letting? Call today for a FREE and ACCURATE Valuation | 01923 677755 To advertise with mylocalNEWS Distributed FREE866065 call 01923 to homes| Garston EVERY MONTH l October 2019 l 1 Bush ONE CALL ey Ha ll Gar age 0:05 DOES IT ALL AT BUSHEY HALL RECOVERY • TYRES • MOTS • SERVICE • MECHANICAL DIAGNOSTIC REPAIRS • AIR-CON • CRASH REPAIRS CUSTOMERS RAVE ABOUT THE WAY WE LOOK AFTER THEIR MOTORS! We keep them rolling and we save them £££s They get a quality repair, by an expert and they know their vehicles are safe and sound The added plus – we treat them as ‘family’ CALL BUSHEY HALL GARAGE FOR ALL CAR AND VAN REPAIRS Your leading local Bosch Car Service and Trust My Garage centre. CALL 01923 237135 2 l October 2019 l To advertise with mylocalNEWS call 01923 866065 | October 2019 Issue 143 Creative Director c H H Misha Mistry PSenior Designer H c Rebecka Fryer 01442 220186 Layout Designer H If you would like to ADVERTISE then please call us on 01923 866065 Pi Kim Plater 01442 220188 Hello and welcome to the October issue of GARSTONnews. We live in an era where the media megaphone, it seems, has its volume turned up to cg Designer Amy Pollard PPJJMortgages (UK UK))Ltd Ltd 01442 220194 W 10. In 2019, we don’t consume news, rather it is thrust into our faces via computers, ARE YOU 55 OR (OVER? Mortgages phones and print media. The pressure to be heard is constant and it has steered us P J Mortgages (UK) Ltd to produce content that is perhaps punchier and harder-hitting than it would have been 10 or 20 years ago. ip Creative Admin Assistant Sarah Ellicott 01442 220187 GET MORE FLEXIBILITY OVER YOUR answer RETIREMENT INCOME g Do I regret this changing tide of reporting? I can that with an unequivocal ‘no’. Indeed, I believe the drive and determination with which we go about our jobs as Findjournalists Out if Drawdownis entirely is toRight the benefit for You of the 16 communities we serve, even if that W Sub-editor Tim Green 01442 220184 means treading a fine line on editorial decisions – in reporting the good and the bad –Drawdown where it’senables very easy pension invested and take a flexible In the last month, income for your retirement. you I tototopple admit, keep over I did your the edge. lose my footing and made an error of judgement p y Reporter Jake Levison with a story we ran. It was a poor call on my part and I am sorry. Thankfully we have 01442 220190 y aYou verycan strong release cross-section up to 25% of of readers your who were quick to remind me to reconnect to pension the core pot values tax-free that haveand keeptakenyour us to the heights we’ve achieved. Junior Reporter pension invested for potential growth y Ultimately, I want to have a strong voice, and I love delivering good news; but I also Alex Pearson 01442 220191 know our readers PENSIONS PENSIONS FREEDOM are have smart, DAY intelligent and want honesty and integrity. Hopefully d Drawdown means you greater controlsame those A Guide over readers to your retirement Mortgages FREEDOM DAY will agree, fund, it’s how you react to a mistake that really counts. Junior Reporter PENSIONS FREEDOM DAY y allowing you to keep your options open, So And AasGuide rather ThereThere I A Guide said, than are are don’t many toit’s many Mortgages a locking options; options; toforget Mortgages 6TH fine 6TH APRIL 2015 into fixed line to check an 2015 to rates, fixed rates, walk, annuity. discount outdiscount our but rates; bearback rates;cash newcash look with me please, account your back account website I’m regaining your current currentpolicies, for breaking my policies,your local news, balance. yourincome, income,expenditure, views expenditure, Charlie Reynolds 01442 220189 options, Underoptions, list variable ThereDrawdown list From goes goes From on!6th rates, variable are many options; on!6th April April capped rates, capped your 2015, fixed and rates, rates, rates, pension video from 2015,it, from 6TH APRIL 2015 tracker tracker discount age age mortgages mortgages remains reports. 55, 55, you you will –– the will the employment employment have greater greater Most – thehaveemployment etc. etc. rates; cash back account your current policies, your income, expenditure, Mostimportantly, importantly, flexibility etc. andwe flexibility wewill will with with discuss your discuss your with with youyou pension pension atpot. length at length whatwhat pot. d invested options, until variableyou rates,need capped giving rates, you tracker mortgages Junior Reporter more WithWithall these options all these flexibility options over Until available the available your next the retirement goodtime, good newsisisbe news thatnice that you toyoueach you other require require fromyour from especially yourfinances. finances.WeWe yourself. willwill discuss discuss thethe advantages advantages list From goes on!6th April 2015, from age 55, you will have greater Most importantly, flexibility we will with discuss your with you at length pension pot.what Amelie Gregory y can can findfindthethe correct Savers Savers will willthis have have three three main main choices:- choices:- income. thesemortgage all correct mortgage, However, thisisimproved improved that you and andrequire disadvantages disadvantages ofoffinances. thevarious the various options Weoptions available available to you to you andand Nik Allen With options available the good news you from your will discuss the advantages 01442 220192 choice choice •can •Unlike People can seem can findthat People seem thethatbewildering bewildering correct wantwantmortgage Savers and access access and you forto youmay you. may will miss miss However, totheir their out out entire entire have on thison the the improved best best pension pension three make make fund fund main and Editor-in-chief sure sure that that disadvantages can candraw draw choices:- wewe ofknow know the exactly exactly thewhole the various whole what what you options amount amount youare are looking looking available immediately for. to you and immediately for. option option for anfor you annuity you through through Drawdown confusion, confusion, lack lack ofdoesn’t of time time or or simply simply having having Following Following the first theknow meeting first exactly meeting we will weyou carry willarecarryout extensive outfor.extensive choice can seem bewildering and you may miss out on the best sure that we what looking Accounts lock too•too you People into that a want long–term access decision. to their This pension fund entire can draw the whole amount immediately o th many many for choices. choices. •through People thatwant want the security of an research, research, an annuity checking checking will be with with thethe lenders lenders andand possibly out talking possibly talkingto to meansoption your you • People pension confusion, that could lack go ofmuch the timesecurity or simply having of annuity Following will beable the first able toto purchase meeting we will purchase one carry one extensive Faye Beckwith In too In today’s today’s many market market choices. it it has has never never been been moremore important important to to get get providers providers totoprovide provide a tailor-made a tailor-made solution solution for your for needs. your needs. further. •andPeople that want Follow the us pension security on social of media... research, aninvested annuity checking will be with able the lenders to purchase and possibly one talking to 01442 220181 clear, concise • People simple that advice want to toto help keep you make their theto right We willtomake and sure drawdown that thatyou arefrom from not itpaying over too much time for any y clear, concise •In People today’s andmarket simple that advice itwant has never to help keep been you more make their important the pension @mynewsmagazine right get invested We@mylocalnews providers will and make sure drawdown provide you a tailor-made are not solution paying it @mylocalnews over for too your much time needs. for any To choice. choice. clear, receive concise • Peoplea and freesimple that advice to want no obligation to help keep youtheir initial make will will the pension be berightable able insurance to to investeddo insurance do so so We will plans andplans make that that drawdown you sure you may thatmay have you from have are with notwith your itpaying over mortgage. your mortgage. tootime Again much for any Again we will speak toto providers onon your behalf. Wemortgage. willwill thenthencome Accounts & Admin Assistant meeting choice.atthen please contact us on wedo willso insurance speak plans providers that you may have your behalf. with your We Again come Here How we PJ can Mortgages help (UK) Ltd we offer a will “free, beno able to obligation” back and talk initial to you review in plain service English that about will the help guide solutions to your Kirsty Owen 01923 Here How we at 232111 PJ canMortgages help or email (UK) Ltd we offer a “free, no obligation” we backwill andspeak talkinitial to providers you review in plain service on English your behalf. aboutthat We will the will help then come solutions guide to your 01442 220182 o th PJ Mortgages Here at PJ you (UK) through Mortgages Ltd are(UK) thetied not radical Ltd towe justchanges one company. offer a to how “free, We no you can manage needs. obligation” We’ll make initial andsure access review thatEnglish youyour service are pension. happy that with will the guide help options How we can you help through the radical changes to how you back can PJ Mortgages (UK) Ltd are not tied to just one company. We needs. We’ll make sure that you are happy with the optionsand talk manage to youandin plain access yourabout the to your H canMortgages talk to you most mortgage through the providers radical and oneinsurance changes to how and available youcurrently can manage andmake thatand you understand access your thepension. choiceswith you have. can PJ Please talk ensure investment toPeople most (UK) who when companies Ltd mortgage are have onyou not your tied providers already take to just and bought financial behalfboughtto company. makeinsurance that and annuities sure Weare youare needs. availableWe’lland So whether that sure excluded youfromthat theyou understand are new happy the choices freedoms. thehave. you options can investment People talk to who most companies have mortgage on your already providers behalf to and make annuities insurance sure that and you currently available So and whether thatyou excluded youare you a firstthe from understand are a first time the time buyer, newchoices buyer, looking freedoms. youlooking move to move Website & Social Media FirstWe adviceFloor, you John youDickinson speak to a qualified Enterprise Financial Centre, Stationers Place, London Road, get the helpvery People best whosolution have MISTY GLASS & CONDENSATION to your already mortgage bought and financial annuities you home, are So buy currently an investment excluded from property the timeorbuyer, new arrange freedoms. a re-mortgage, Jason Allen PPJJMortgages (UK UK))Ltd Ltd get investment the Adviser. will very We companies best aresolution on to to fully directly your yourbehalf understand to make mortgage authorised the surenewthat and by pension financial rules, home, whether including buy an you are atax any investment firstimplications property or looking arrangeand a to move liabilities. re-mortgage, We getplanning willthe help needs. you tosolution fully understand the new pension home, whatever rules,buy your includingrequirements weimplications anyproperty tax canorhelp. a and liabilities. Apsley, Hertfordshire, HP3 your 9QU | 01442 257015 | ARE YOU 55 OR (OVER? very best to mortgage and financial an investment arrange re-mortgage, W Mortgages the Financial planning needs. Conduct Authority, with our new pension rules, whatever your requirements we can help. O We will help Most ensure you Building when to fully Societies, understand fortake example, the are onlyadvice able toyou offerspeak Your including home any mayFinancialtax implications be repossessed if you and liabilities. Wedo arenot keep up P J Mortgages (UK) Ltd ALL TYPES OF WINDOW UNITS planning Please advisers needs. having a wealth you financial of25experience, whatever to your requirements a qualified weAdviser. can help. directly Most you Please Building their ensure Societies, own products; when fortake example, typically you aredeals. orConduct financialso onlyadvice able We cantoyou offer offer Your repayments home on your may be repossessed mortgage. if you do arenot keep up giving Most Building individual authorised Societies, advice by the for example, tailored Financial areyour to onlyadvice able Authority, offerspeak toyou with our to aadvisers Your qualified home may havingFinancial be repossessed a wealth Adviser. if you of Wedo experience,not directly keep up H youyou exactyou MISTY their Please own manyown their needs. authorised ensure GLASS products; more; when typically bytypically products; you the typically & in Financial CONDENSATION 25 take the or 25range or so so Conduct givingConduct deals. financial of 3,000 deals. We We can to can Authority, individualAuthority, offer 4,000 offer advice tailored speak with MISTY to a repayments repayments our on GLASS qualified on advisers toNext your your your exact Financial GETmortgage. mortgage. having needs. MORE a & CONDENSATION Adviser. wealth of We FLEXIBILITY are directly experience, OVER YOUR RETIREMENT INCOM MISTY youdifferent many authorised more; products GLASSby typically from the different ALL DOORS, FRONT, BACK, PATIO in in& Financial thethe CONDENSATION range lenders. ofof3,000 toto 4,000 with Your our Step advisers having a wealth of experience, t Do you need a Mortgage? you many more; typically giving rangeindividual 3,000advice 4,000tailored to your exact needs. MISTY ALL different products Rather different thanGLASS TYPES products from OF different representing from &WINDOW different CONDENSATION lenders.providerUNITS giving alenders. single individual we advice representtailored MISTY ALL Your For YouryourNext toNext free your TYPES Step exact Step GLASS financial OF needs. Find Out& health WINDOW check if CONDENSATION without isobligation Drawdown UNITS Right forplease You you ALLin the TYPES Ifthan you market place.OF have any This WINDOW ameans questions that we focus UNITS in on relationcontact finding Fortoyour the free usfree financial on:new Telephone: 01923 health pension 232111 check without legislation obligation please Rather representing BROKEN HANDLES & LOCKS single provider we represent For your financial health check without obligation keep yourplease W out youthen ALL in the Rather what If TYPES please you market than DOORS, you need have andThis contact place. OF representing FRONT, offering any WINDOW means a single the us provider solution. on questions thatthatwe BACK, 01923 UNITS we focusin wefocus represent PATIO on232111 on relation finding or ALL Email: contact email to contact ususon: the TYPES DOORS, on:new OF Drawdown Telephone: FRONT, 01923 new Telephone: pension pension01923 WINDOW enables invested 232111 232111 BACK, you to legislation and UNITS take a flexible PATIO you outthen then whatALL ALL in theIf you please you market DOORS, need DOORS, have place. andcontact contact offering any This FRONT, SEE OUR COLUMN ON PAGE 25 FRONT,means the us questions ussolution. on BACK, 01923 01923 232111 BACK, in PATIO relation finding PATIO or to Email: the email ALL pension income for yourlegislation DOORS, retirement. You can release up to 25% of yourPATIO FRONT, BACK, out BROKEN what you please need HANDLES and offering the & solution. on LOCKS 232111 orEmail: BROKEN email HANDLES & LOCKS OVER THE PHONE QUOTE How it worksOffice: 354 St Albans Road, Watford, Herts, WD24 6PQ Are you 55 and over and require BROKEN HANDLES & LOCKS pension pot tax-free and keep your PENSIONS FREEDOM DAY t PJ Mortgages (UK) Ltd are authorised MISTY GLASS & CONDENSATION We HowHow BROKEN £65 provide OVER it works it works FREE, PERTHE Office: HANDLES NO Office: OBLIGATION NEW PHONE 354354 UNIT St & advice. QUOTE LOCKS We will AVERAGE carry St Albans Albans Road, Road, out a BROKEN OVER Watford, Watford, intoa Financial THE Conduct HANDLES Herts, Herts, PHONE pension Authority. WD24 WD24invested for &and QUOTE 6PQ 6PQ regulated LOCKS potential growth by the We thorough review ofNOyour current financial situation, takingout a free personal pension review? Mortgages PJ Mortgages (UK) (UK) Ltdareareauthorised Ltd authorised andand regulated regulated greaterby the by the We OVER provide provide OVER MISTY FREE, THE THE NO FREE, PHONE OBLIGATION OBLIGATION PHONE QUOTE advice. advice. WeWewillwillcarry QUOTE carry out OVER THE Drawdown PHONE means you over your QUOTE have PENSIONS FREEDOM DAY thorough thorough PJ review reviewofCONDENSATION of(UK) youryour current current financial financial BROKEN situation, situation, taking intoby theFinancial taking Financial Conduct Conduct control Authority. Authority. retirement fund, MISTYALL GLASS TYPES&OFCONDENSATION WINDOW UNITS Mortgages Ltd are authorised and regulated Financial Conduct AAuthority. Guide to FCA Mortgages Number 528682 PENSIONS 6TH FREEDOM 6TH APRIL 2015 DAY 2015 A Guide to Mortgages allowing you to keep your options open, ( ) rather There arethan many locking options; into rates, fixed an annuity. discount discountrates; rates;cash cash back account your your current currentpolicies, policies,your yourincome, income,expenditur expend P J Mortgages UK Ltd PJ Mortgages (UK) There are many options; fixed rates,528682 back account LtdLtd areauthorised authorisedand andregulated regulated by by the the Financial FinancialConduct Authority. A Guide toFCA Number Mortgages Phone: 01494 809556 PJ Mortgages (UK) are Conduct Authority. FCA Number 528682 6TH APRIL 2015 6 options, variable rates, capped cappedrates, rates,tracker trackermortgages mortgages –– the employment etc. ALL DOORS, Phone: FRONT, 01494 BACK, PATIO 809556 Phone: 01494 809556 options, variable rates, UnderThereDrawdown are many options; the yourfixedpension rates, discount rates; cash back employment remains account youretc. current policies, your income, expenditur ALL TYPES PBROKENOF WINDOW J Mortgages UNITS (UK ) Ltd list From goes on!6th P J Mortgages (UK) Ltd list goes From on!6thApril April 2015, 2015,it,from from age age 55, 55, you you will will Mostimportantly, have greater greater Most importantly, flexibility wewewill will with discuss your discuss withwith youyou pension atpot. length at lengt
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