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GROW WITH EBFATM February, 2014 Educational newsletter brought to you by the Evidence Based Fitness Academy Inc. Greetings Health & Fitness Professionals! Welcome to another issue of GROW with EBFA! This
GROW WITH EBFATM February, 2014 Educational newsletter brought to you by the Evidence Based Fitness Academy Inc. Greetings Health & Fitness Professionals! Welcome to another issue of GROW with EBFA! This issue is dedicated to EBFA Research. We are very excited to announce that we just received IRB approval for two studies. Want to get involved as EBFA advances barefoot research? Check out this month s issue on details on how to get involved! In addition we have a great line-up of workshops coming up in 2014 so make sure you check out our Attend a Workshop page on the EBFA site or Page 6 of this month s issue.»» Featured Certified Barefoot Training Specialist Enjoy this month s issue! Dr. Emily Connect with us Featured Article 3 Reasons Why You Need To Short Foot -By Dr Emily Splichal In this month s Featured Article we are going to be talking about my favorite foot exercise and core activation technique - short foot! If you have taken an EBFA workshop or listened to an EBFA webinar - you know that we at EBFA - LOVE the short foot exercise. In fact we love it so much that we are initiating research around the benefits of this exercise (stay tuned for more on this!). continued on page 2 Paula Wong Rockville Centre, NY 1. What initially attracted you to EBFA s barefoot education? Have the workshops changed the way you look at human movement and client programming? My gym offered a course in barefoot training and since I had already been encouraging my clients to exercise barefoot I thought EBFA s barefoot workshops were in sync with what I was attempting to accomplish with my barefoot workouts. Dr. Emily s courses have helped me to better understand the concept and importance of barefoot training and her workshops have completely changed my approach to training. Do you want to write for EBFA? Contact us GROW WITH EBFA TM FEB, 2014 (continued from page 1) 2. Overall how have your clients responded to the barefoot training? Any specific client results you want to share? Overall, my clients have been experiencing the rewards with barefoot training in regards to posture, balance, muscle engagement - and especially with any corrective exercises. One great example is a client»» who was so badly incapacitated by his posture and left heel not even able to touch the floor. He basically»» walked on the toe only on his left side. With the programming I learned from EBFA s workshops, he»» now can walk with both feet on the floor, has very LITTLE back pain and a host of other gifts from doing his»» corrective exercises BAREFOOT.»» Never heard of short foot? What is Short Foot? Well get ready for a whole new level of glute activation, stabilization and body tension - from the ground up! Short foot is an exercise for the intrinsic muscles in the plantar foot - namely the abductor hallucis. When performing the short foot exercise I recommend focusing on one foot at a time. Step 1: Begin by standing on one foot with your body weight evenly distributed over the plantar foot. Step 2: Spread the digits ensuring all 5 toes have contact with the ground. Step 3: Focusing on just the great toe - press the tip of the toe into the ground and watch as your arch increases and the ball of the foot lifts from the ground. (If your lesser 4 digits press into the ground that is okay - if they curl up - try to relax them) Step 4: Hold the short foot exercise for 10 seconds - 5 repetitions at the beginning of each workout. Then integrate short foot into all your exercises on the concentric phase of the exercise (i.e. if you are doing squats, short foot as you press up out of the squat) Wait there is more! 3. Would you recommend EBFA barefoot education to your colleagues? Why or why not? In my 16 years as a trainer and 26 years of training myself, all the education from top exercise specialists(paul Chek,Mike Boyle,Gary Grey, etc.) Dr. Emily has brought the most important phase of my education as a trainer to the forefront. Any trainer who wants to do the very best for their clients should absolutely regard Dr Emily s philosophy as one of the most valuable assets you can have. It encompasses every client, athlete to elder, and should be applied in some way into every workout to get maximum results for your clientele. Not quite getting how awesome short foot is yet? Hold tight - because there s more! There are 3 BIG reasons of why short foot is so powerful and why you and your clients should be short footing! Reason 1: Short foot leads to co-activation of the deep hip and pelvis stabilizers allowing for proper hip joint centration and greater glute engagement. Why is this so important? In order to get the greatest amount of force or power generation out of the glutes, they need to contract on a stable joint (i.e. the LPH complex). Short foot is one of the fastest ways to initiate LPH stability during closed chain exercises. So you want stronger glutes - you have to stabilize your hip FASTER! Reason 2: Short foot creates a foot (subtalar joint) inversion moment which drives external rotation of the hips and greater glute engagement. GROW WITH EBFA TM FEB, 2014 Do you want to write for EBFA? Contact us Why is this so important? Remember that our glutes are not only powerful hip extensors but also hip external rotators. Rotational moments in the lower extremity are how the body loads and unloads the potential energy generated through impact forces. So if you want to unleash the potential energy generated through plyometrics, running or jumping - you have to optimize the rotational moments in the hip FASTER! Reason 3: Short foot activates the navicular / medial arch sling which includes the posterior tibialis muscle up into the adductors, obturator fascia, pelvic floor and diaphragm - all via the deep myofascial front line. Why is this so important? Everything is integrated and our feet are the foundation to our posture and closed chain movements. In order to move efficiently we need to maintain body tension and LPH stability. What drives LPH stability in closed chain movements is the plantar foot. - but I want you to do the short foot contraction as you press up out of the single leg squat. What do you feel? Do you notice more glute engagement? stable in your single leg squat? Do you feel more Do you notice how your plantar foot, your glute and your core are like a marriage. The stronger you engage short foot, the stronger you feel your glutes...the stronger you feel your glutes, the stronger you will notice your core. This is what we at EBFA call...body tension - from the ground up! Now it is your turn to spread the power of short foot to your colleagues, clients and athletes. Remember - our bodies are designed to move from the ground up. Unleash the power of short foot! Not convinced yet? It s time to hit the gym floor! Next time you are at the gym (or right now if you want) - stand one foot and do a single leg squat with your shoes on and your feet relaxed. Notice your balance, stabilization and glute engagement. NOW - take the shoes off. Do a few short foot contractions (hold for 10 seconds) then do your single leg squat again The Power Behind Barefoot Science - Beyond Running! When you hear the words barefoot training what initially comes to mind? If you envision minimalist footwear or barefoot running, you are not alone. As a barefoot educator and having researched the power behind barefoot science for the past 4 years, one of my greatest frustrations is the limited ideas that the word barefoot generates among professionals. Surely barefoot running has made the media spotlight and has been the focus of many anthropological and biomechanical research studies but is the primary benefit of barefoot training related to running? I would argue with a very strong no! When one takes a step back from the idea of barefoot meaning minimalist footwear or running without shoes, they will be enlightened by how powerful stimulation of the plantar foot is in preparing for all closed chain movements - from walking up stairs to performing a Kettle Bell swing. With the foot as the only contact point between the body and the ground, studies have shown that this complex kinematic and neuromuscular structure is actually the critical link to proximal stability for distal mobility This power behind stimulation of the plantar foot is the foundation GROW Do you WITH want EBFA to write TM for FEB, EBFA? 2014Contact us GROW WITH EBFA TM JUNE, 2013 to all EBFA Programming including our Barefoot Training Specialist, BarefootRx and BARE Workout Certifications. As the only education company that redirects the focus of human movement to point of initial foot contact we are dedicated to changing the perspective of health and fitness professionals to one of from the ground up. Some of the powerful benefits that health & fitness professionals will take away by attending an EBFA workshop include: 1. The plantar foot is critical in our innate loading response allowing sufficient dissipation of ground reaction forces. 2. Plantar stimulation can improve foot posture leading to better lower extremity alignment and muscle activation patterns. 3. Barefoot stimulation is the gateway to faster hip stability and power generation allowing us to jump higher and run faster. Become a Barefoot Training Specialist One of the hottest buzzwords currently in the fitness industry is barefoot training. As we explore the benefits of workingout sans footwear we must ask ourselves Why? Why train barefoot when shoes seem to provide the support and shock absorption needed for optimal performance? The answer to this question lies in the function of the human foot. With no established guidelines on barefoot training protocol, this is the only workshop that will fully prepare fitness professionals and running coaches to better integrate barefoot training and foot fitness into their client s workout and running programming. Registration fee includes manual, assessment CD, BTS t-shirt and Certification exam. Earn NASM, NSCA, ACE & AFAA CECs. Become a Barefoot Rehab Specialist - BarefootRx In this one-of-a-kind Certification workshop, Podiatrist Dr Emily Splichal will explore the benefits of barefoot training in the rehab setting. Explore the concept of barefoot science and how it can enhance the timing of muscle activation patterns as it relates to the prevention of hip, knee and foot injuries. Using hands-on demonstrations and a discussion of the latest barefoot research, professionals will be guided through common injuries in the lower extremity, and their association with lack of neuromuscular control and delayed muscle activation. Return to your patients and clients with barefoot training techniques and a solid understanding of from the ground up programming to improve balance & stability, body strength, lower extremity alignment and lumbopelvic hip stability. Registration fee includes manual, assessment CD and examination. Earn NY State Physical Therapy CMEs + NASM, NSCA, ACE & AFAA CECs. Become a BARE Workout Instructor BARE is the only barefoot balance training workout that is uniquely designed to build strength - from the ground up! Through specific balance exercises, BARE will enable you to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility. BARE combines the benefits of Pilates, yoga, and barefoot balance training to bring the focus on preventive medicine and the power of proper body alignment. Are you barefoot strong? Registration fee includes manual, workout DVD, Barefoot Strong tank and examination. Earn NASM, AFAA and ACE CECs. LEADERS IN BAREFOOT FITNESS To learn more about the power behind barefoot science or to find an EBFA Workshop near you please visit: GROW WITH EBFA TM FEB, 2014 Do you want to write for EBFA? Contact us EBFA RESEARCH Want to get involved in barefoot research? It is with great excitement that EBFA officially launches our Barefoot Research Division. We recently received IRB approval for two studies that are set to begin Spring If you, a colleague or client match the following criteria and want to get involved in our barefoot research - please Research Study #1 Research Study #2 The Immediate Effect of Barefoot Neuromuscular Training on Gluteus Medius Activation in Active Females: A Comparative Study Of the lower extremity joints, the knee sustains the highest percentage of injuries, particularly among physically active individuals. Numerous studies including a 2009 study by Boling et al. have demonstrated that females sustain a higher number of overuse knee injuries compared to males. Reiman et al. cited 51 articles that provide biomechanical evidence that support the concept that proximal hip weakness, namely to the gluteus medius, may contribute to knee injury risk. Current injury prevention programming primarily focuses on isolated hip strengthening, however Janda et al. has demonstrated that efficient hip stabilization requires initial activation of the deep hip external rotators. Janda et al. further demonstrated that deep hip stabilization can be achieved through plantar foot contraction and activation. To date, minimal research has focused on the association between barefoot strengthening, hip activation and knee injury risk. Although numerous barefoot-based research studies have been published, a majority of these studies have focused on barefoot running biomechanics, not barefoot neuromuscular activation patterns. The Effect of Toe Spread Sandals on Mild to Moderate Bunion Pain: A Comparative Study A bunion (hallux valgus) is a deformity of the great toe, where the metatarsophalangeal joint protrudes laterally, and the head of the great toe turns inward toward the other toes, sometime crossing over or under the 2nd toe. Although causes of bunion formation may vary, some studies have demonstrated an imbalance between adductor hallucis and abductor hallucis strength as one such factor. Although little research exists on the prevention of bunion formation through abductor hallucis strengthening, patients have reported decreased bunion pain when in shoes that promote abduction of the hallux. In the above study, we hope to demonstrate the benefit of toe spread sandals on the reduction of mild to moderate bunion pain. Seeking: Male & female participants ages with history of mild to moderate bunion. No known history of trauma or surgery to the foot. Participants must submit current It is the goal of EBFA to expand upon the concepts of Janda et al. and explore the benefit that barefoot stimulation may have on injury prevention. The primary purpose of our study is to evaluate the effects of barefoot neuromuscular training on gluteus medius time-to-fatigue, as well as peak muscle activation of the gluteus medius and upper gluteus maximus and the timing of hip activation during a single leg landing task. Seeking: Female participants ages with no known history of trauma or surgery to the knees, hips and ankles. Must be able to participate in a one-day study in NYC. Do you want to write for EBFA? Contact us GROW WITH EBFA TM FEB, 2014 Master Instructor Program Requirements for becoming an EBFA Master Instructor: 1. Candidate must hold a current, Nationally-Accredited (NCCA) Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Certification such as ACE, AFAA, NASM, NSCA or hold an advanced degree such as BS, ATC, LMT, MS, DPT, DC, DPM, MD. 2. Candidate must have a minimum 5 years experience in the fitness industry and demonstrate a passion for continuing education through either advanced fitness Certifications or attendance at fitness conferences. EBFA Launches New MI Program -Dr Emily Splichal, Founder EBFA Fitness Do you have a passion for fitness and education? We are looking to bring on a highly select group of Master Instructors to share the power behind our unique educational programming for health and fitness professionals. The EBFA Master Instructor (MI) Team is made up of highly qualified, passionate instructors with extensive fitness industry experience. All EBFA MI s have been thoroughly trained to teach the core Certifications offered through the EBFA program. Our Master Instructors lead instructor trainings and continuing education workshops throughout the world. Do you want to join a team of leaders in barefoot education? As the first and only fitness education company that focuses on programming from the ground up, EBFA has become the leaders in barefoot education globally! Started in 2011 by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, Dr Emily Splichal, EBFA was her way of sharing with the industry her passion for both medicine and movement. With Dr Splichal s unique educational background and insight into human movement as it relates to the foot & ankle and barefoot science, EBFA quickly became recognized for our evidence-based barefoot training programming including: 3. Candidate must be fluent in English, but upon successful completion of the EBFA MI Program, courses can be taught in native language. EBFA will assist in the translation of all EBFA manuals, power points and supplementary educational materials. 4. Although prior teaching experience is not required, EBFA MI must demonstrate proficiency in public speaking and must embody the passion for the foot & ankle, barefoot science and human movement. Upon successful completion of the EBFA MI Program, the MI will join a team of like-minded, passionate professionals who are ready to change the way the fitness industry looks at human movement, injury prevention and athletic performance - from the ground up! EBFA Master Instructor Training March 19 21, 2014 Bangkok, Thailand Accepting Applications! For more information please contact: -Barefoot Training Specialist Certification -BARE Workout Instructor Training -Barefoot Rx Certification -Foot Strike & Functional Movement (Gait Assessment) GROW WITH EBFA TM JUNE, 2013 Do you want to write for EBFA? Contact GROW us WITH EBFA TM FEB, 2014 Upcoming Workshops USA & CANADA INTERNATIONAL Contacts Sat. Mar. 1, 2pm-8pm Barefoot Rx - Barefoot Rehab Specialist - Little Falls, NJ Parabolic Performance & Rehab One Hall Drive Little Falls, NJ Sat. Mar. 8, 4pm-7pm Barefoot Training for Power & Agility - Baltimore, MD Art & Strength 8019 Belair Rd, Suite 12 Baltimore, MD Sat. Mar. 29, 12pm-6pm Barefoot Rx - Barefoot Rehab Specialist - San Mateo, CA San Mateo Athletic Club Bldg. 5, 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd. San Mateo, CA Sun. Mar. 30, 10am-3pm San Francisco, CA Muscle Activation of San Francisco 30 Hotaling Place, Lower Level San Francisco, CA Sat. Apr. 5, 2pm-5pm Barefoot Training for Power & Agility- Little Falls, NJ Parabolic Performance & Rehab One Hall Drive Little Falls, NJ Sat. Apr. 12, 11am-4pm Danvers, MA KiKi Pilates 10 Elm Street Danvers, MA Sat. Mar 15, 10am - 5pm Singapore FIT Singapore 335B Beach Road Singapore Sat. Mar 22, 10am - 5pm Bangkok Fitness Innovations Thailand 884, 886 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Thailand Sun. Mar 23, 10am - 5pm Barefoot Training Specialist - Petaling Jaya FIT Malaysia No. 2-8, 2nd Floor, D19 Business Centre, Jalan PJU 8/3 Bandar Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Sat. June 7, 9am-5pm Barefoot Training Specialist - Valencia ST Solutions Valencia, Spain Sun. June 8, 9am-5pm Valencia ST Solutions Valencia, Spain Dr Emily Splichal Founder EBFA Fitness Sanjay Dev Director of Global Initiatives Doug Van Dalinda Continuing Education Coordinator EBFA returns to India February 2014! After four successful workshops across India in 2013, EBFA proudly announces our return to India in February 2014! EBFA s Dr Emily will return for a series of movement workshops and runner s clinics powered by Rocktape. For the first time ever, health and fitness professionals will be able to gain powerful tools in gait assessment, footwear science and kinesiology taping for the prevention of running-related injuries. Cities already confirmed for February 14th - 23rd: Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore & Hyderabad For more information or to register, ple
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