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Where Will Your Gnome Roam? A fun family adventure game 20 Baby Shower HEALTHY Trends for 2020 Don’t start to plan until you read this! FA ILIES The controversy…
Where Will Your Gnome Roam? A fun family adventure game 20 Baby Shower HEALTHY Trends for 2020 Don’t start to plan until you read this! FA ILIES The controversy over Embryo Donation, An Affordable Vaping and ADHD Family Vacation The Hammock Beach Resort is within your budget Find all Come See Rock City the gnomes hidde n inside this issue! & So Much More Contest details So many reasons on page 23 to book a trip today! 2 Family Times Magazine | Oct/Nov 2019 | Family Times Magazine 3 4 Family Times Magazine | Oct/Nov 2019 | Family Times Magazine 5 Volume 12, Issue 6 Ocala’s Family Magazine Since 2003 oct/nov 2019 Publisher/Editor Kelli Fuqua Hart 8 Healthy Families Embryo Donation, Vaping and ADHD Product Editor Taylor McMahon 22 Where Will Your Gnome Roam? Layout and Design A fun-filled adventure game for your family Kay Atwell senior designer 34 20 Baby Shower Trends for 2020 Graphic Artist/Illustration Knowing what’s hot before planning ahead Chad Dobbs Digital Marketing Manager PROMOTIONAL FEATURES Chris Wims Photography 14 In It to Win It Radiology Associates Ocala remains at the front lines for early detection Chris Redd Photography Sales & Marketing 16 An Affordable Family Vacation in Florida Christine Aicher A look at the Hammock Beach Resort business developer Jenifer Mahannah 28 Come See Rock City and So Much More! A family vacation you will never forget business developer DEPARTMENTS Contributors Kevin Christian Marion County 20 Class is in Session with Dr. Heidi Maier | 24 Come Out & Play Ocala The City Public Library 32 Tattle: Products Worth Telling On | 38 Good Times Event Calendar of Ocala Mark P. Trolice, 43 The Spotlight: Marion County Public Library | 45 SEEK: Can You Find the Dr. Hiedi Maier M.D. Hidden Items? Radiology Associates Ocala Advertising Inquiries on the Email 352.693.1212 Published by Kelli LLC Where Will Your Gnome Roam? A fun family adventure game 20 Baby Shower HEALTHY cover Trends for 2020 Don’t start to plan FA ILIES Kenzie Ishaelli Casillas, Family Times Magazine, Oct/Nov 2019, is a until you read this! Runner-Up in our The controversy over Embryo Donation, An Affordable bi-monthly family publication. All editorial content, artwork, Family Vacation Vaping and ADHD layout, and design are sole property of Kelli LLC. Nothing The Hammock Beach Resort is within your budget Find all 2018 Cover Model Contest! may be reprinted in whole or part without permission. Come See Rock City the gnomes hidden Photo by inside this issue! & So Much More Contest details Family Times Magazine assumes no liability for So many reasons to book a trip today! on page 23 products, services, or statements by its advertisers. Chris Redd Photography 6 Family Times Magazine | Oct/Nov 2019 LET’S TALK Talk HERE’S WHAT I’M LOVING NOW BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER T h is l ight weight primer by Maybelline is perfect for girls, young and older. Your pores will instantly minimize, leaving a flawless face ready CHOO-CHOO ME MEMORIES for makeup or an all- natural look. $5.99 at Target W hen my cousins and I were children, before there were tablets and touch screens to keep us all entertained – we were the entertainment. At family get-togethers, when we’d see our Granddaddy sling that big VHS camera over his shoulder, we knew it was showtime! I don’t know which one of us cut up the most, but when there are 10 cousins all competing for the spotlight, the antics can get pretty outrageous. Long before most of today’s famous, show-stopping trios, there was me VOOGUEME and two of my similarly-aged girl cousins who always managed to take center ANTI-BLUE LIGHT LENS stage at family functions. Donned in black “mini” skirts (I use the term loosely I own several pair, as I work in because my Granny invited Jesus to these performances), white leggings and front of a screen all day long. black tops with neon flowers silk-screened across the front, we belted out every High quality lenses protect my word and executed every chug-chugging motion to Mack Gordon and Harry eyes from retinal atrophy, loss Warren’s Chattanooga Choo Choo. Our cover version would have given the of vision, strain, visual fatigue, Andrew Sisters a run for their money. We performed that routine what felt like double vision and other damages one hundred times. It was (and still is) one of my fondest childhood memories. that light-emitting display devices Fast forward to July 2019 when I had the opportunity to see Rock City, cause. Great for all ages. Varying explore Ruby Falls and adventure out into parts of Tennessee I never knew prices. existed. In true Kelli fashion, I started doing some research on hole-in-the- wall places to eat, the best in nightlife and the city’s best kept secrets –  and that’s when I saw it! The Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel at 1400 Market Street was there before my eyes! Saved from being condemned in 1973, the Terminal Station now serves as a unique vacation complex and entertainment destination and, not only was I here so was Track 29 and the original, infamous locomotive I’d sang about since the 1980s! I couldn’t dial my Granny’s number fast enough to share with her the excitement of being face to face with such an integral part of my childhood. The shoeshine. The whistle. The heavy bodied engine. I touched a thing that would not only forever change public transportation on March 5, 1880, but also create a memory for me and for my grandmother that would span decades. I loved many things about that trip to Chattanooga (as you will read on DASH DELUXE pages 28-31) but nothing could be finer than that call to my Granny Wise who AIR FRYER probably never imagined how some simple, little lyrics could mean so much. This family sized fryer has made cooking almost everything a cinch. Items cook all the way through, are crispy and require no grease – it’s healthier! Safe for my pre-teen to use, cleans up Instagram @writtenbykelli Kelli Fuqua Hart easily and comes in a variety of E-mail Publisher colors. $76.49 on Amazon | Family Times Magazine 7 HEALTHY FAMILIES Today, most everything comes with some level of controversy but some topics are getting more attention than others. We’ve dissected and looked at three hot topics families want to know more about. EMBRYO DONATION: A Controversial but Very Real Way to Expand Families Even amidst controversy and difficult decisions, embryo donation can offer hope to infertile couples seeking to grow their families. written by MARK P. TROLICE, M.D. for Family Times Magazine Please note: This article includes mature material and therefore we recommend it be read by adult readers only. Family Times Magazine published this article for its educational benefits and in no way endorse any of the following content. U SING DONOR EMBRYOS IS ONE OF THE ONLY The use of frozen donor embryos is on the rise, but solutions for some people struggling with infertility it’s definitely not without controversy, due to varying For many, cost is a big factor. Transferring donor state laws about embryo donation, political and personal embryos can cost less than half of a round of in vitro debates over what to do with leftover embryos and fertilization (IVF), making it one of the least expensive embryo-donation agencies affiliated with pro-life groups. fertility treatments. The rate of transfer of donated embryos increased 8 Family Times Magazine | Oct/Nov 2019 70% between 2009 and 2016. In 2016, donated embryos were used in 1,940 embryo transfer procedures – the last step in the IVF process – as compared to the 596 donated embryos transferred in 2009 (according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology or SART). IVF – For four decades, IVF has typically been quite an extensive process. The procedure used to go as follows: 1. A woman’s ovaries were first simulated with injectable fertility medication to produce mature eggs. 2. These eggs were then retrieved during a minor procedure using ultrasound guidance. The woman was sedated during this procedure. 3. The retrieved eggs were then fertilized to become embryos. 4. These embryos were developed in the embryology laboratory. A select number of developed embryos were chosen to be transferred into her uterus. Any unused embryos, if available, were frozen. If the fresh embryo transfer procedure did not result in a pregnancy, then a subsequent frozen embryo replacement cycle was performed, although usually with a lower chance of success. pertaining to extra embryos: Over the years, fresh embryo transfer pregnancy 1. Freeze until further notice by the patients outcomes had been superior to the use of frozen embryos. 2. Donate them to research Advances in ovarian stimulation, embryology and embryo transfer techniques have enabled pregnancy success rates to 3. Donate them to others dramatically increase since the first birth from IVF in 1978. 4. Discard them altogether Fast forward to today. Fresh versus frozen embryo transfer cycles now result in equivalent outcomes. An estimated 5-7% of frozen embryos end up Vitrification, an advanced embryo-freezing technology, “abandoned” in embryo storage facilities (though was introduced in the mid-2000s and allows embryos to estimates are as high as 18% at some clinics). Once remain frozen indefinitely. embryos are designated as abandoned, they are not eligible to be released for donation. EXCESS EMBRYOS – The advances in IVF have led to too much of a good thing – a surplus of frozen CONTROVERSY ABOUNDS – The logistics of embryos. Over the last decade, the American Society for maintaining an increasing number of frozen embryos Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and SART have released has challenged IVF clinics. This has prompted several updates on the number of embryos recommended for storage facilities to house the embryos for the clinics and transfer to reduce the multiple birth rate from IVF. patients. Equally (if not more) complicated for clinics is Physicians’ implementation of these guidelines, as well the coordination and matching of donated embryos to as the increasing use of chromosomal testing performed recipients. on embryos prior to transfer, have resulted in an As a result of this challenge, embryo donation agencies increasing number of excess frozen embryos. According were established to facilitate this process. The New York to one recent study, there are 1.4 million frozen embryos Times reported in February 2019, “Many of the agencies in the U.S. alone, of which hundreds of thousands are who offer donated embryos, including a vast majority available for transfer. of those supported by federal grants, are affiliated with In 2003, SART reported approximately 13,000 frozen pro-life rights or Christian organizations, leading some embryo transfer cycles. In 2016, the number of these people to question if some people with certain lifestyles cycles increased to approximately 41,000. Women, men may be missing out.” and couples who have completed building their families The ASRM views embryo adoption agencies as ones often struggle over the fate of their remaining frozen who “seek to recast the experience of embryo donation embryos. Studies have found that 40% of fertility patients in terms of an ‘adoption’ and impose requirements struggle to decide what to do with embryos left over after simulating those of legal adoption. In many cases, these a completed IVF, with up to 70% of patients delaying the requirements entail payment of substantial fees to the decision five years or more. agencies by patients who need donated embryos to build Prior to an IVF cycle, patients are given four options their families.” | Family Times Magazine 9 Originally referred to as embryo “adoption,” ASRM The Transfer: The donated embryo(s) is/are thawed states, “The term embryo adoption is inaccurate” and and transferred into the woman’s uterus typically under should be replaced by embryo donation. Third-party ultrasound guidance. reproduction is defined as the use of three separate Two Weeks Later: A blood pregnancy test is obtained sources for pregnancy, i.e. egg, sperm, and gestational approximately two weeks after embryo transfer. If the carrier. While egg donation and sperm donation have test is positive, usually two days later a repeat blood test is been popular forms of third-party reproduction, embryo used to compare the rise in hormone level. donation has been slower in growth and acceptance despite the first successful live birth using embryo One Month Later: An obstetrical ultrasound is then donation in 1989. scheduled approximately four to five weeks after embryo All IVF clinics in the United States are required by law transfer while the woman remains on hormones to support the pregnancy until near the end of the first trimester. The to report all cycle starts and outcomes to the U.S. Centers duration of hormonal treatment varies among IVF clinics. for Disease Control (CDC). From 2000 to 2016, the annual number of donor embryo transfers rose significantly — While the use of frozen donor embryos is on the rise, from 334 in 2000 to 1,940 in 2016, a 480% increase, there are some legal concerns. There is no federal law according to the CDC. overseeing embryo donation. State laws vary regarding embryo donation, sometimes creating complicated legal THE DONATION BREAKDOWN: For those who choose issues. Georgia was the first state to explicitly give embryo to receive donor embryos (rather than donor eggs), donation recipients the right to finalize the adoption, financial considerations are an important variable. making embryo adoption similar to the more traditional A donor embryo cycle can cost less than half of an egg type of child adoption. However, most states, “…consider donation cycle. However, many patients are hesitant it donation along with egg and sperm donation and make to use donor embryos because there may be limited it clear donors have no parental rights and recipients genetic history of the biological parents. Consequently, are considered the legal parents of the child at birth,” inadequate genetic information on the embryos may according to Resolve: The National Infertility Association. dissuade patients from choosing embryo donation. Embryo donation is usually covered by ordinary Once a patient or couple are matched, the process of contract law as well as legal agreements between donors embryo donation is similar to an egg donation cycle: and recipients that relinquish donors’ parental rights and Pre-screening: The biological parents are screened prior responsibilities; the parental rights are then transferred to freezing the embryos according to FDA guidelines, to the recipients. which includes blood testing for infections such as HIV, Embryo donation is a relatively convenient, less Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia expensive option when compared to the alternatives of and gonorrhea. egg donation and traditional adoption. Patients need to be aware of the legal hurdles, appropriate FDA screening and Educational Sessions: It is strongly recommended the the chosen IVF clinic’s success rates prior to embarking intended parents undergo a psychological counseling on this journey. session for education, as is the case with all patients who undergo third-party reproduction. Mark P. Trolice, M.D. directs Fertility CARE (Center of Assisted Reproduction & Endocrinology) in Winter Uterine Evaluation: Pre-cycle testing for the intended Park, Florida and is a clinical associate professor in the parent or gestational carrier includes an evaluation of her Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University uterine cavity and a practice embryo transfer. of Central Florida College of Medicine in Orlando. Estrogen Placement: She is then placed on estrogen Dr. Trolice is author of “The Fertility Doctor’s Guide to to build the lining of her uterus followed by receiving Overcoming Infertility: Discovering Your Reproductive progesterone to synchronize her lining to the day of Potential and Maximizing Your Odds of Having a Baby,” embryo transfer. which will be released in October. THE BIRTH DAY EXPERIENCE T he obstetricians and specialists at AdventHealth Ocala have dedicated their car eers to providing expert care for moms and babies in those special first days of life. Focused on education and support, the team strives to give parents and babies the best possible start. AdventHealth Ocala’s Birth Day Experience customizes every step of the experience, including access to a Birth Designer who will assist moms throughout their journey to create a one-of-a-kind celebration. AdventHealth Ocala | 1500 Southwest 1st Avenue | Ocala, FL 34471 10 Family Times Magazine | Oct/Nov 2019 WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VAPING Just because your child hasn’t gotten hooked on the vaping fad doesn’t mean they won’t. Here is a crash course on the truth about this dangerous phenomenon that is plaguing our children and some great reasons you will want to intervene sooner rather than later. written by KELLI FUQUA HART, Publisher W HEN MY MIDDLE-SCHOOLER TOLD ME she had • Motivated by the flavors available to me and how friends who were JUUL-ing and using Vape Pens, some of them give a fun and exciting sensation I was floored. Well, honestly, at first I had to have • It’ safer than real cigarettes because there are no her tell me what a JUUL was and then I was floored. A non- harmful side effects smoker, I can’t tell you the names of three cigarette brands so I was really out of touch when it came to a subject that’s When asked, “Why do you still vape?” the responses a hot topic among school-aged children. When I realized it were: was an epidemic that could touch my child, I knew I needed • We do it to pass time when we hang out to know more. There is so much to know about vaping – so many • My boyfriend/girlfriend vapes dangers that are very recently showing up and threatening • It relieves my school-related stress lives – I knew I needed to at least understand the basics so Your student may think the devices they are buying I’d know how to keep my child safe. Here’s what I learned I are safe, but there is a marked difference between believe every parent needs to know. products bought on the street and those from a “trusted” • Between 2017 and 2018 there was a 1.5 million manufacturer. Many vape shops and liquor store have increase in the number of students who vape. Middle found themselves in hot water for selling to minors. Some school use increased 48% in that time. Amazon sellers have also made “adding to cart” a loophole • Data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey found for minors, despite Amazon’s strict guidelines against it. 72% of youth who were using preferred electronic The “exploding vapes” you’ve likely read about were low- cigarettes. quality, untested products purchased on sites like eBay or • A study by the CDC found vaping with E-Cigs most from a third party on social media. common among non-Hispanic whites, Hispanics HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CHILD IS VAPING: and non-Hispanic races. • Becoming more secretive or avoiding any • Many vape devices are designed to look like flash conversation about vaping drives and USB sticks, making them very easy to • They have become more irritable (nicotine is addictive conceal and even harder for parents to recognize as and the lack of it can change your child’s attitude) dangerous. • Unaccounted for spending or spending more than • Some vaping devices emit an aerosol so discrete even their norm teachers may not notice when a student is vaping in class. Smoke detectors do not pick up on this aerosol. • Going for quick walks or leaving home for short periods of time • Social me
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