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INTEGRATED INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR MONITORING AND CHECKING WASTE COLLECTION P COL TU LEC TAR TIO S N CE EN LIG TEL CC S IN R BUSINES ND MA T EE DE FL ON AP P E AN NTR DB CE AC K IO NS O FFIC T E OPERA SERVICE PROVIDER, MUNICIPALITY, CITIZENS Collection cycle management FOR THE SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE MUNICIPALITY FOR CITIZENS INNOVAMBIENTE is the ideal solution Technology made available for pub- From smart cities to smart citizens, to implement the waste collection cy- lic administration to efficiently and INNOVAMBIENTE makes all citizens cle’s computerization process. promptly manage differentiated waste protagonists and aware of their contri- It ensures simple and intuitive man- collection, door-to-door collection, col- bution to protecting the environment; agement of all the work processes: lection centres, all systems for meas- because there are people, families, at from start-up to real-time monitoring uring quantities and domestic and the base of the collection and disposal of each activity. commercial users. cycle. The system is compliant with the Ministerial Decree 02/13/2014 Minimum Environmental Criteria and Ministerial Decree 20/04/2017 Points-Pricing system; ISO 27001 certificate for the security, integrity and availability of data. “ INNOVAMBIENTE is the ideal system for managing urban hygiene process- es, from start-up to collection monitoring, to services for citizens and the public administration, aimed at applying a points-pricing system. “ START UP GO Users census and kit distribution Start Up Go is the App that enables to optimally or- This App enables implementing all the activities ganize the Start-Up phase which represents the most planned and aimed at creating a database. It is also a delicate aspect with regard to the success of a Differ- reference point for optimizing the supply of material to entiated Waste Collection project and for achieving its the users and efficiently managing its distribution. objectives. USERS CENSUS This represents an important phase in the process because Each user is associated with a status that facilitates track- it enables consolidation and updating of the database. The ing and managing users not found or antagonists. Via the Start Up Go App is the ideal tool to carry out a users census. Operations Centre website you can consult all the acquired It is easily installed on any mobile device and, through a data, with the help of tables, graphs and maps, while ex- simple and intuitive interface, you can: porting the data in the desired formats. The census thus also • check and correct user data; becomes a useful tool for establishing the size of the con- • acquire the user’s GPS position; tainers when supplying them to users. • specify the type of containers useful to the user; • associate a user to a condominium; • capture an image and take notes; • enter the data of a new user. KIT DISTRIBUTION The Start Up Go App enables speedy and prompt manage- All data relating to the Kit distribution phase are transmit- ment when distributing containers to users. It is optimized ted in real-time and can be consulted via the Operational to manage the association between the container identifi- Centre website with the aid of tables and graphs, as well as cation code (RFID, Barcode), whether it be a tank, a trolley through map representation. or a bag, and the user. It provides the association of Con- tainers-Users in two possible modes, either door-to-door COLLECTION SIMULATION or collection at an Eco-Point thanks to the installation, on a This feature allows simulating the collection service and tablet equipped with a large display, of an RFID reader and verifying the route and its size in terms of time and num- integrated barcode reader. ber of emptied containers. Individual collections, or a set of collections, separated by a certain number of seconds, Through the app you can: can be traced. The total decreasing value is visible via a rel- • enter a new user in the system (data/photo documents); evant counter. The tablet traces all movements by contin- • search for a TARI user via the health insurance card bar- uously detecting the GPS position; the collections always code reading; state the date/time and GPS position. • associate users with containers via immediate RFID reading; • acquire the user’s digital signature. • Industrial portable tablet with Android Operating System • Protected against blows, drops, humidity, water • Robust construction with large display and capacitive • Product certified according to current regulations touch-screen • 10 AH battery for extended autonomy • Integrated RFID reader, integrated 1D/2D laser barcode read- er, WiFi, GSM / GPRS Quadriband, GPS, Bluetooth, Camera RFID tags supported UHF EPC C1 GEN2 Size 230 x 142 x 18 mm Weight 600 gr Screen 8’’ Gorilla Glass 3 Protection IP67 Rechargeable Battery 8Ah CPU and Cortex Memory Octa-core 1,5GHz RAM 2 GB Certification Rohs, CE DISPOSED WASTE DETECTION With RFID tag reading for door-to-door collection The on-board RFID reading system is the solution for A technological solution in line with the provisions recording the disposals made by users in any collec- established by the Ministerial Decree - Environment tion area through the automatic identification of the 20/04/2017 which defines the criteria when Munici- container that has been equipped with RFID tags. palities implement Points Measuring Systems. RFID READER The portable RFID readers are used in continuous ‘hands- Light, user-friendly, with an intuitive interface, designed to free’ mode during the nominal data acquisition which takes limit interaction with the operator as much as possible and place naturally when the tag is approached, without the to guarantee maximum effectiveness in the collection area need to press any key. in gathering data that is useful for ‘points pricing’. The RFID reader stores up to 4,000 readings that can be By simply pressing a button, the operator can supplement downloaded wirelessly onto a PC, and copied to the Oper- the registration of the disposal with additional information: ations Centre website thanks to the USB radio key and the • non-compliant waste; RFID Service Tag management software, in a completely • non-compliant filling level; automatic manner. • wrong disposal day. The battery size ensures coverage of the entire shift. The RFID reader is also available in a GPS version and in a ver- sion with SIM for data transfer via GPRS. READER - TECHNICAL FEATURES • Portable UHF RFID reader • DATACOLLECTOR function • Rechargeable internal batteries • Wireless data downloading • Designed and produced in Italy • Enclosure impact protection, IP65, ultra-compact Operating frequencies 865-868 MHz Antennas Integrated Supported transponders ISO18000-6C, EPC C1G2 da 16 a 128bit Protection IP65 Power Supply internal rechargeable batteries, non removable Memory up to 4,000 guaranteed transactions Size 121 x 69 x 32mm Indicators Acoustic and Optical Autonomy Approximately 10 hours operating time with a 30 sec scan every minute Container ABS + Cover in silicone rubber anti-fall protection Weight 180g Certification Rohs, CE with current regulations EN 300 330 (Radio), EN 302 208 (RFID), EN 300 220 (SRD), EN 62311 (people exposure to electromagnetic waves), EN 301 489-1-3 (EMC compatibility), EN 60950-1 (safety regulations for the operator) EN 60529 (IP grading) DISPOSED WASTE DETECTION With RFID tag reading system on vehicles The on-board RFID reading system is the solution for A technological solution in line with the provisions recording the disposals made by users in any collec- established by the Ministerial Decree - Environment tion area through the automatic identification of the 20/04/2017 which defines the criteria when Munici- container that has been equipped with RFID tags. palities implement Points Measuring Systems. The tag detection system is made up of a reader that uses In this way, the best configuration applied can always be RFID UHF technology. It has an integrated antenna and/or chosen based on the mobile means to be equipped, with- one or more external antennas which have the function of pi- out having to use different equipment on different media. loting and propagating the electromagnetic wave produced by the reader itself, thus guaranteeing a sufficiently large The RFID reader is certified to work properly in the most coverage area within which the container tag can be read. severe conditions, such as those found on mobile waste collection vehicles: The RFID reader provides all the information to a mul- • IP67 certification; ti-control unit that associates the GPS position, transmits • safety certification; a series of other inputs from the vehicle and transmits the • impact and vibration resistance certification. data to the Operating Centre web system. The RFID reader is capable of controlling an integrated an- The right solution to every need regarding installation and tenna (0-3mt) or up to four external antennas (typ. 0-10mt). use for constant and precise data collection was found in the design capacity and in the programmable and custom- event (i.e. PTO activation). The antenna power, which can izable intelligence of the RFID system. be set from a minimum of 0dBm to a maximum of 30dBm, depending on the position and coverage that it needs to The tag is read automatically as the container is ap- guarantee, is easily adjusted via software. proached by the external antenna and the operator doesn’t need to press any key. The reader can always be kept active The RFID reader has a digital output (relay, led, buzzer) and without any contraindication or be activated following an trigger input. READER TECHNICAL FEATURES • Connections: M12 IP67 • Supported transponders: ISO18000-6C (EPC C1 G2) • Communication interface: RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet • Antennas: integrated and/or 1 to 4 external TCP / IP, Wiegand and WiFi • Container: compact in die-cast aluminium • Supplied accessories: Mounting kit with bracket • Size: 148 x 125 x 41 mm • Certifications: RoHS, CE with current standards EN 302 • Power supply: 8 - 30 Vdc, max 650mA 208 (RFID), EN 300220-1-2 (SRD), EN 62311 (people expo- • Power: ≤ 30 dBm adjustable via software sure to electromagnetic waves), EN 301 489-1-17 (EMC • Operating frequency: 860-940MHz compatibility), EN 60950-1 (safety regulations for the op- •Temperature: Operating -20 ° C ÷ + 70 ° C, Storage -20 ÷ + 80 ° C erator), compliant with the RED regulations in force since • Reading distance: typ. 10 m, up to max. 20mt 13 June 2017 • Protection degree: IP67 • Design and manufacturing: Italy • Inputs and outputs: 1 relay output, led, buzzer, 1 trigger input ANTENNA TECHNICAL FEATURES • Horizontal opening: 70 ° • Operating frequency: 865-870 MHz • Impedance: 50 Ohm • Gain: 6 dBi • Power: 100W max • Polarization: Circular • Size: 128 X 128 X 38 mm • VSWR: =<1,3 • Protection: IP66 • Front to Back radio: >20 dB • Bracket: Tilting aluminium • Vertical opening: 70 ° • Weight: 0,3 Kg VEHICLES ACTIVITY DETECTION With multi-control GPS detectors Advanced fleet control through latest generation The detectors are interfaced with power take-offs, multi-control GPS detectors that are easily in- lifting-dumping bins, compacting cycles, unload- stalled on vehicles thanks to the digital I/O con- ing, brushes and street-cleaning bars in order to nectors. ensure total control of the activities. The GPS position of the vehicle is acquired at high frequen- The detectors carry out every type of verification; for ex- cy, in the order of a few seconds, in a dynamic manner ample where and when the power take-off was used, or based on the occurrence of conditions set on time, distance where and when the vehicle unloaded the waste, or where and angle of curvature. This important feature enables trac- and when the brushes were activated and deactivated and ing the route of the vehicle in a detailed and accurate way, as a result when the roads were actually swept or washed. even in an urban context, typical of waste collection. Numerous controls can be activated via the simple installa- All data are transmitted in real-time and can be consulted tion of the GPS locator which has numerous digital inputs through the Operations Centre’s website with the aid of ta- for controlling the use of the equipment on board. bles and graphs, as well as through map representation. The service provider can be automatically notified via Thanks to integrated Google maps, fleet control is simple email/sms when a vehicle is entering or leaving an area or and immediate. has reached a point of interest or even if a vehicle is turned on during an idle period. THE DETECTORS CHECK • lifting-dumping containers; • routes; • unloading; • stops with the engine on/off; • compacting; • start/end of activity; • brushes; • hours with the engine on/off; • street washers; • power take-off; • entry / exit from areas of interest. GPS DETECTOR TECHNICAL FEATURES INTERFACE • Integrated KLINE GSM/GPRS • CAN J1939 / J1708 • Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz • RS485 / RS232 • GPRS Multi-Slot Class 12 (up to 240 kbps) • 4 digital inputs • GPRS Mobile Station Class B • 4 digital outputs (relay control, LED, buzzer) • SMS • 3 Analogue inputs • 1-wire interface GNSS • Internal Ni-Mh battery 550 mAh • Tracking: 33/99 acquisition channels • 2 status LEDs • Sensitivity: -165 dBM • Size: 104 x 76.8 x 31.5 mm • Hot start <1s • Remote configuration firmware update • Cold start <35s • External GSM / GNSS antennas • NMEA-183 protocol • GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS, QZSS, DGPS, AGPS • Accuracy <3m MAIN SYSTEM Web service for service planning and collection monitoring Fully accessible via web through a dedicated web- The software for receiving, managing and process- site that allows secure access to data for service ing data transmitted by mobile devices resides in planning, control and monitoring of waste collec- a web farm that manages and centralizes the rele- tion and fleet management through advanced ana- vant maintenance and security aspects. lytical and graphical reports. A single platform, developed in line with the provisions SERVICE PLANNING established by the Ministerial Decree - Environment Through the web service it is possible to define the work 13/02/2014, which enables to closely monitor all the phases shifts by relating each differentiated waste type to a specific that contribute to the waste collection project and to ac- day of the week, then the users from which the waste is to cess, with just a few clicks, all the information regarding be collected. The user selection can be done either directly the collection service, from the user data to the door-to- from the waste collection tax roll or by selecting a specif- door waste collection, from the deliveries to the Collection ic area on the map. For each shift it is possible to specify Centres to the vehicles’ activities, inclusive of the analyti- the working times and the operator / vehicle / RFID reader cal and graphic presentation of the collection trends. associations. The system stores all the collection data and provides a detailed final report that can be consulted, in order to verify the work performed and the user waste col- lections with respect to the weekly schedule. COLLECTION MONITORING FLEET MONITORING The Operations Centre web site facilitates daily planning of Fleet control is both simple and immediate thanks to the the services and checks, in real-time, all the data and pro- use of Google maps integrated into the system. All that’s cesses relating to the collection of waste through tables, needed is a simple click to view the position of each vehicle graphs and map representations. Data visibility takes place on the map or have an overview of the fleet through a map on time windows chosen by the user and can be either or satellite view. general or referred to the area and type of user (domestic, non-domestic, condominium). Each icon that represents a vehicle can be customized by Numerous reports can be checked: type and colour so as to immediately identify the distribution • aggregated disposals by user type, collection percentag- of the various vehicles in service throughout the territory. es by type of waste, number of disposals and volumes; The web service provides a series of views and reports • daily disposals with map representation; dedicated to the vehicles that allow to instantly check the • annual collection trends based on users, areas and waste; following in detail: • operator activities, registered disposals and notifications; • roads used; • daily disposals at the Collection Centre and relevant doc- • stops made; umentation; • speed; • departures from the Collection Centre and relevant doc- • daily details of the activities carried out. umentation; • waste deposited at the Collection Centre and relevant Via the graphical representation or analytical format you time limits. can verify: The system analyses the behaviour of each single user via • where and when the power take-off was used; the evaluation of all the disposals made both at home and • where and when the container lifter-dumper was used; at the Collection Centre and any reporting on users. The • where and when the vehicle unloaded; data is displayed in graphic and tabular format and shows • where and when the brushes were activated and deac- disposal trends over time. tivated and if the streets were actually swept or washed. Automatic alerts, via email/sms, can be sent in case of no- Numerous controls that can be activated through a sim- tifications to users. ple installation of the GPS locator which has various digital inputs for controlling the use of the equipment on board. The system also has a dashboard with advanced data anal- ysis in support of the Points-Pricing system implementa- The Areas or Points of Interest can be defined directly on tion in compliance with the provisions established by the the map so as to be automatically alerted via email / sms Ministerial Decree - Environment 20/04/2017. when a vehicle is entering or leaving a specific area. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Analysis for optimizing the service based on the points-pricing system A configurable and easily usable web tool that al- Business Intelligence as a tool for behavioural lows you to intelligently calculate the user score analysis of users and services in relation to the when applying the Point-Pricing system. differentiated collection project. CUSTOMIZABLE SERVICE USEFUL FOR THE The system correlates the behaviour of the users and the SERVICE PROVIDER AND THE MUNICIPALITY collection method implemented. This peculiarity allows the The Business Intelligence web service is completely usable use of important indicators for the service provider, such via web and allows defining the application criteria of the as the frequency of disposals made by users with respect points-pricing system through Business Intelligence analy- to the collection calendar, useful for the optimal calibration sis aimed at verifying user behaviour. of the service. TARIFF IN LINE WITH THE USER’S BEHAVIOUR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE The Business Intelligence web service is a useful tool for This innovative system allows to statistically verify the be- municipalities that adopt Points-Pricing systems for waste haviour of users, while providing an overview of the pro- disposal (TARIP) in compliance with the provisions estab- gress of the service which is useful for identifying anom- lished by the Ministerial Decree 20/04/2017 which defines alous behaviour and verifying services for optimizing the criteria when implementing systems for the precise collection shifts. measurement of the quantity of waste disposed. Rewarding or penalizing criteria can be included, when is- The system applies a completely innovative approach that suing scores, for users that deposit waste directly at the aims at assigning a score to the individual users when de- Col
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