Emoji Additions: Animals, Compatibility, and More Popular Requests (revision 1)

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Emoji Additions: Animals, Compatibility, and More Popular Requests (revision 1) To: UTC Date: February 2nd, 2015 From: Emoji Sub-committee Live Doc: Introduction This set of thirty
Emoji Additions: Animals, Compatibility, and More Popular Requests (revision 1) To: UTC Date: February 2nd, 2015 From: Emoji Sub-committee Live Doc: Introduction This set of thirty new symbols which is proposed in this document, are recommendations by Unicode emoji sub-committee. These symbols are considered for incorporation into Unicode for reasons such as compatibility usage, popular requests from online communities, and filling the gaps in the existing set of Unicode emoji. For each proposed symbols, the rationale is added in the Notes column in the tables and there is more elaborate details in the section Discussion. It should be noted that mentioning of number of web search engine results in the Notes should be taken at face value and used with caution when deciding on popularity of a symbol among online communities. Proposed Characters Animals Code Image Name Notes X703 FOX FACE common animal; stereotypical and multiple usage; web stats (#1 current candidates Google search results. X705 EAGLE common animal; web stats (#4 current candidates Google search results; Cornell #4 request. National bird in 15 countries (highest number of countries) 1 X708 DUCK also a food item; common bird; web stats (#8 current candidates Google search results; Cornell #11 request X70B BAT common animal; stereotypical; web stats (#7 current candidates Google search results; Yahoo emoji X70C SHARK also a food item; common animal; web stats (#5 current candidates Google search results. Metaphoric usage. X70D OWL common bird; web stats (#10 current candidates Google search results; Cornell #2 request Compatibility Yahoo Messenger list of emoticons MSN Messenger list of emoticons Code Image Name Notes X108 FACE WITH COWBOY HAT Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger X208 CLOWN FACE Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger X211 X212 X213 NAUSEOUS FACE CALL ME HAND RAISED BACK OF HAND Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger. Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger. Indicates that you want someone to call you. May be used after a face or smiley. Very popular and high expected frequency of use. Proposed by idiversicons. Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger. May be used in sequence with U+270B RAISED HAND (each with optional skin tone modifiers) to suggest high five. Expected usage for such a sequence is high ( ). Originated in the U.S. but used around the world (Europe, UK, Japan, etc.). 330,000,000 hits on Google search. Proposed by idiversicons. 2 X214 X215 X217 LEFT-FACING FIST RIGHT-FACING FIST HAND SHAKE May be used in sequence with RIGHT-FACING FIST (each with optional skin tone modifiers) to suggest fist bump. Expected usage for such a sequence is high (e.g. 2.5 million Google hits for fist bump ). Proposed by idiversicons. May be used in sequence with LEFT-FACING FIST (each with optional skin tone modifiers) to suggest fist bump. Expected usage for such a sequence is high (e.g. 2.5 million Google hits for fist bump ). Proposed by idiversicons. Normally in neutral ton. A handshake symbol is an important way to communicate agreement or we have a deal . Emojitracker data shows that the single waving hand (the closes analog) has been used ~22,000,000 in tweets. 30,500,000 hits on Google search. Expected usage is very high, image distinctiveness clearly recognizable. Already have several versions of hand emoji. Proposed by idiversicons. X218 ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger X219 DROOLING FACE Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger X220 LYING FACE Compatibility: Yahoo Messenger X906 HANDCUFFS Compatibility: MSN Messenger Faces and Body Code Image Name Notes X205 X216 SELFIE HAND WITH FIRST AND INDEX FINGER CROSSED Selfie are very popular. Google hits 233,000,000. On original UTC proposal. Subject of request from Business Insider wish list, Brit Co wish list, Fortune Magazine, The Guardian Selfie image may be designed so that it is pointed at a following face symbol (of any kind). Very popular and expected usage is high. Proposed by idiversicons. Hoping for the best. NYmag & Business Insider lists, requests to Apple. One of the most widely recognized symbols in the Western world. 57,000,000 hit s on Google search. Very popular and high expected frequency of use. Proposed by idiversicons. X209 FACE PALM Frustration, disbelief, disappointment, exasperation Apple requests 3 People Code Image Name Notes X100 PREGNANT WOMAN Complete set with family, etc. X106 HERO various wished for emoji lists X107 THIEF / CRIMINAL various wished for emoji lists Also burglar, criminal, villain Others Code Image Name Notes X800 SCOOTER Vehicles. high frequency on web X802 X803 MOTOR SCOOTER STOP SIGN Vehicles. high frequency on web; common transport in many countries, esp emerging markets Vehicles. Red interior, white rim. May contain the word STOP (or other language equivalents). Also metaphorical use. Yield sign is already at U+26DB heavy white downpointing triangle X900 MAGIC WAND Misc. various wished for emoji lists Link X905 CLINKING GLASSES Holiday/Celebration. Can represent celebrations in many cultures, and also can represent formal toasting which is important in many cultures (e.g. eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and East Asia). Bing 815,000; Yahoo 782,000; Twitter Emoji Track for Clinking Mugs (U+1F37B) for clinking beer mugs 5,671,000. Image distinctiveness, very high expected usage level and compatibility. Proposed by idiversicons. 4 X907 WILTED FLOWER Compatibility: MSN Messenger Discussion idiversicons idiversicons proposed emoji additions extracted from L2/14-15R 7 Emoji Additions included in referenced proposal call me hand, high five, fist bump, hand shake, cross-fingers, clinking glasses Animals (Extracted and adapted from L2/14-174R2) The list of animal emoji in this proposal derive originally from document L2/ by Mark Davis and Peter Edberg. Some of these animal emoji have been frequently requested, in websites suggesting emoji additions, as well as in direct requests to Unicode. Though the animal emoji additions are global, some of the requests for these are from North American sources. At present, we are not aware of similar campaigns or collected requests from elsewhere. Sites with collections of requests for new animal emoji are: 19 Emoji That Really Should Exist (Business Insider) Unicorn (accepted Oct 2014), T Rex head (future tranche), Lobster (future tranche), and Shiba Inu And 18 Emojis That Should Exist But Don t (Buzzfeed) Unicorn (accepted Oct 2014), T Rex head (future tranche), Turkey (accepted Oct 2014) Requests for animal emoji directly to Apple was for unicorn (accepted Oct 2014), and skunk (future tranche). 5 Requests for animal emoji directly to Unicode included squirrel and gorilla. Neither request has yet been accepted and will likely be part of a future tranche. Some zoo top animal lists reviewed were: For bird emoji specifically, Cornell University Lab of Ornithology was consulted. Cornell University has one of, if not the, leading ornithology education and research departments in the world. Their Lab of Ornithology has produced ebird.com with the largest source of global bird sighting and occurrence data. Additionally, they produce one of the two leading lists of birds and their systematic (much genetic) classification The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World. The list of Cornell s Lab of Ornithology top desired bird emoji are (in order): Dove, Owl, Chicken, Eagle, Crow, Crane, Stork, Peacock, Robin or bluebird, Hummingbird, Duck, Pheasant, Magpie, Hawk, Turkey. The Smithsonian Institute (one of the premier zoological organizations) was also consulted for bird emoji. Their list of request bird emoji was as follows: Iconic extinct birds: Passenger Pigeon, Great Auk, Labrador Duck, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Heath Hen Iconic species of the world: Warbler, Thrush, Toucan, Hummingbird, Puffin, Long-billed Curlew, Bird of Paradise Properties UnicodeData.txt X100;PREGNANT WOMAN;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X106;HERO;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X107;THIEF;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X108;FACE WITH COWBOY HAT;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X205;SELFIE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X208;CLOWN FACE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X209;FACE PALM;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X211;NAUSEOUS FACE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; 6 X212;CALL ME HAND;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X213;RAISED BACK OF HAND;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X214;LEFT-FACING FIST;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X215;RIGHT-FACING FIST;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X216;HAND WITH FIRST AND INDEX FINGER CROSSED;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X217;HAND SHAKE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X218;ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X219;DROOLING FACE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X220;LYING FACE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X703;FOX FACE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X705;EAGLE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X708;DUCK;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X70B;BAT;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X70C;SHARK;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X70D;OWL;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X800;SCOOTER;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X802;MOTOR SCOOTER;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X803;STOP SIGN;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X900;MAGIC WAND;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X905;CLINKING GLASSES;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X906;HANDCUFFS;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; X907;WILTED FLOWER;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;; 7 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 PROPOSAL SUMMARY FORM TO ACCOMPANY SUBMISSIONS FOR ADDITIONS TO THE REPERTOIRE OF ISO/IEC Please fill all the sections A, B and C below. Please read Principles and Procedures Document (P & P) from for guidelines and details before filling this form. Please ensure you are using the latest Form from See also for latest Roadmaps. A. Administrative 1. Title: Emoji Additions: Animals, Compatibility, and More Popular Requests 2. Requester's name: Unicode emoji subcommittee 3. Requester type (Member body/liaison/individual contribution): Individual 4. Submission date: 5. Requester's reference (if applicable): 6. Choose one of the following: This is a complete proposal: (or) More information will be provided later: B. Technical - General 1. Choose one of the following: a. This proposal is for a new script (set of characters): Proposed name of script: b. The proposal is for addition of character(s) to an existing block: Name of the existing block: Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs, Transport And Map Symbols, Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs 2. Number of characters in proposal: Thirty 3. Proposed category (select one from below - see section 2.2 of P&P document): A-Contemporary B.1-Specialized (small collection) B.2-Specialized (large collection) C-Major extinct D-Attested extinct E-Minor extinct F-Archaic Hieroglyphic or Ideographic G-Obscure or questionable usage symbols 4. Is a repertoire including character names provided? Yes a. If YES, are the names in accordance with the character naming guidelines Yes b. Are the character shapes attached in a legible form suitable for review? Yes 5. Fonts related: a. Who will provide the appropriate computerized font to the Project Editor of for publishing the standard? b. Identify the party granting a license for use of the font by the editors (include address, , ftpsite, etc.): 6. References: a. Are references (to other character sets, dictionaries, descriptive texts etc.) provided? N/A b. Are published examples of use (such as samples from newspapers, magazines, or other sources) of proposed characters attached? N/A 8 7. Special encoding issue Does the proposal address other aspects of character data processing (if applicable) such as input, presentation, sorting, searching, indexing, transliteration etc. (if yes please enclose information)? No 8. Submitters are invited to provide any additional information about Properties of the proposed Character(s) or Script that will assist in correct understanding of and correct linguistic processing of the proposed character(s) or script. Examples of such properties are: Casing information, Numeric information, Currency information, Display behaviour information such as line breaks, widths etc., Combining behaviour, Spacing behaviour, Directional behaviour, Default Collation behaviour, relevance in Mark Up contexts, Compatibility equivalence and other Unicode normalization related information. See the Unicode standard at for such information on other scripts. Also see UAX#44: and associated Unicode Technical Reports for information needed for consideration by the Unicode Technical Committee for inclusion in the Unicode Standard. C. Technical - Justification 1. Has this proposal for addition of character(s) been submitted before? No If YES explain 2. Has contact been made to members of the user community (for example: National Body, user groups of the script or characters, other experts, etc.)? No If YES, available relevant documents: 3. Information on the user community for the proposed characters (for example: size, demographics, information technology use, or publishing use) is included? Yes Reference: 4. The context of use for the proposed characters type of use; common or rare) Reference: 5. Are the proposed characters in current use by the user community? Yes If YES, where? Reference: 6. After giving due considerations to the principles in the P&P document must the proposed characters be entirely in the BMP? No If YES, is a rationale provided? 7. Should the proposed characters be kept together in a contiguous range (rather than being scattered)? 8. Can any of the proposed characters be considered a presentation form of an existing character or character sequence? No If YES, is a rationale for its inclusion provided? 9. Can any of the proposed characters be encoded using a composed character sequence of either existing characters or other proposed characters? No If YES, is a rationale for its inclusion provided? 10. Can any of the proposed character(s) be considered to be similar (in appearance or function) to, or could be confused with, an existing character? No If YES, is a rationale for its inclusion provided? 11. Does the proposal include use of combining characters and/or use of composite sequences? If YES, is a rationale for such use provided? No Is a list of composite sequences and their corresponding glyph images (graphic symbols) provided? 9 12. Does the proposal contain characters with any special properties such as control function or similar semantics? No If YES, describe in detail (include attachment if necessary) 13. Does the proposal contain any Ideographic compatibility characters? No If YES, are the equivalent corresponding unified ideographic characters identified? 10
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