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Electronic Industry Solutions Table of Contents Applications .................................... 7 Lithium Ion Battery Production…
Electronic Industry Solutions Table of Contents Applications .................................... 7 Lithium Ion Battery Production ............................................ 7 Solar Panel Production ....................................................... 13 IC Chips and Printed Circuit Boards ..................................17 Mobile Device Production ..................................................23 Contract Manufacturing (EMS) .........................................27 Displays (COD) ....................................................................32 Products .......................................35 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0, IoT, and IIoT What Does IIoT Mean For Factories? The technologies of Industry 4.0 make data readily available Visibility and Remote Access Increase Efficiency and automate the communication between industrial automation In order to ensure efficient processes throughout the factory, machine equipment and systems. This enables predictive analysis for operators must quickly and easily determine the status of machines. machines as well as process optimization across the factory floor. The greater the visibility, the easier it is to identify and resolve problems and keep operations running smoothly. The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the technologies that connect objects—from consumer electronics to industrial Traditional tower lights provide visibility wherever they can be components—to the internet. physically seen. However, tower lights equipped with wireless communication capabilities both display a visual indication of an The Industrial Internet of Things (or IIoT) refers specifically to the impact of this innovation on industrial applications. event and transmit wireless alerts. This helps ensure that operational problems are identified and addressed immediately, regardless of The key benefits include: whether a machine operator is physically present to see the visual • Visibility and Remote Access to the operational status of indicator. machine components (both historically and in real-time) An additional benefit of wireless indicators is data logging for use in • Predictive Analytics for more accurate planning of machine OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculations. Not only can maintenance operators respond to alerts quickly as they occur, but a history of alerts can also be stored and analyzed offline. This historical data can • Interconnectivity for seamless communication among machines, be used to track machine uptime, production volume, rejected parts, components, and people and other key metrics to make more informed decisions over time. Predictive Maintenance Increases Machine Uptime and Availability In addition to real-time status monitoring, IIoT technologies can also be used to help avoid machine failures thanks to predictive maintenance. By monitoring machine components in real-time for increases in vibration and temperature, problems can be detected and resolved before they become too severe and cause additional damage or result in unplanned downtime. Over time, the historical data creates a valuable machine performance log that can be used to make more informed maintenance decisions down the line. Interconnectivity Streamlines Factory Communications Wireless technologies also enable seamless interaction among human workers, and can have a significant impact on the efficiency of manual production lines. For example, instead of requiring machine operators to walk over to the manager area for assistance with a technical issue, a wireless system utilizing connected pushbuttons or switches and tower lights can be used to alert managers when assistance is needed on the line. Is Your Business IIoT-Ready? From keeping machines running smoothly to enabling seamless communication among machines, components, and people, the benefits of IIoT technologies are tangible. It can be challenging knowing where to start and how to use these technologies to their fullest advantage. Answering the following questions can help manufacturing facilities identify the best technologies to meet their immediate business needs and start taking advantage of the long-term benefits of IIoT. • What are the inefficiencies in your operations? • What kind of data would help you overcome these inefficiencies? • What communication processes need to be in place in order to utilize data in a meaningful way? 4 | www.bannerengineering.com Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 5 Advantages of IO-Link 1. Standardized and Reduced Wiring In addition, the ability to monitor sensor outputs, receive real-time IO-Link devices do not require any special or complicated status alerts, and adjust settings from virtually anywhere allows wiring, but can be connected using the same cost-effective users to identify and resolve problems that arise on the sensor standard unshielded 3-wire cables as conventional discrete I/O. level in a timely manner. This capability reduces costly downtime In addition, IO-Link also eliminates the need for analog sensors and improves overall efficiencies. and reduces the variety of cord sets required for sensors, which saves inventory costs. IO-Link also supports a master-slave 4. Simple Device Replacement configuration with passive connection points, which further In addition to the ability to remotely adjust sensor settings, IO- reduces wiring requirements. Link’s data storage capability also allows for automated parameter reassignment in case of device replacement (also known as 2. Increased Data Availability Auto-Device Replacement or ADR). Users can import existing Access to sensor-level data helps ensure the smooth operation sensor parameter values into a replacement sensor for seamless of system components, streamlines device replacement, and replacement, getting the new device up and running as quickly as enables optimized machine maintenance schedules—all of which possible. save costs and reduce the risk of machine downtime. 5. Extended Diagnostics This wealth of valuable data made available through IO-Link is integral for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 IO-Link provides users with visibility into errors and health status initiatives. from each device. This means that users can see not only what the sensor is doing but also how well it is performing—a 3. Remote Configuration and Monitoring valuable insight into a machine’s efficiency. In addition, extended With IO-Link, users can read and change device parameters diagnostics allow users to easily identify when a sensor is through the control system software, enabling fast configuration malfunctioning and diagnose the problem without shutting down and commissioning that saves time and resources. In addition, the line or machine. IO-Link allows operators to dynamically change the sensor The combination of real-time and historic data not only reduces parameters from the control system as needed—such as in the troubleshooting efforts as issues arise but also allows for case of product changeover—which reduces downtime and optimization of machine maintenance schedules, saving costs allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity. and increasing efficiency in the long term. 5 Lithium Ion Battery Production From precise edge guiding and roll diameter monitoring to glue and tape detection, lithium ion battery production processes require a variety of presence detection, measurement, and inspection solutions to ensure quality control within tight tolerances. Banner Engineering offers an extensive portfolio of fiber optic sensors, photoelectric and laser measurement sensors, and machine vision products for reliable error-proofing in this industry. Solutions for Lithium Ion Battery Production Tape Detection Challenge Featured Solution • Detect tape used to identify damaged film • DF-G2 Series • Low optical contrast between tape and film High-Speed Fiber Optic • High speed processing: 1.5 meters Amplifier and plastic fiber per second optic sensors • Hard-to-access deployment area with very limited space Key Features Key Benefits • White, green, blue, and infrared LED sensing • Detect low-contrast, multicolored, reflective, • Best-in-class response speeds: up to 10 μs and other difficult targets • Very small, very flexible fiber optic sensors • Reliable performance in challenging • IO-Link models available high-speed applications • Easily fits in tight, confined spaces and can be precisely positioned to perform inspections • Advanced diagnostics, remote monitoring, teaching, and configuration see page 45 Roll Diameter Monitoring Challenge Featured Solution • Control diameter of lithium ion battery film • T30UX Series • Continuous measurement on Ultrasonic Sensor high-speed roll • Hard to detect reflective material • Machine vibration Key Features Key Benefits • Available ranges of 100 mm to 1 m, • Reliable monitoring of rolls regardless of size 200 mm to 2 m, or 300 mm to 3 m • Reduced machine downtime and product • Provides continuous 0-10 V dc or 4-20 mA damaged by incorrect tension control analog output • Immune to target reflectivity and variations in • Detects targets using 114 kHz, 174 kHz, or color 224 kHz ultrasonic frequencies • Provides more reliable measurements to • Built-in temperature compensation minimize waste left on the roll see page 42 Edge Guiding Challenge Featured Solution • Monitor position of film edge on winding • DF-G3 Series machine Long-Range Fiber • Minute detection of variation in edge position Optic Amplifier needed and heavy-duty • High-speed winder: up to 1.5 meters of film shielded fiber array per second • Hard-to-access deployment area with very limited space Key Features Key Benefits • Heavy-duty shielded fibers • Resists kinking, cutting, and snagging as well • Detects 500 μm variation in edge position as chemicals and other environmental hazards • High-power amplifier with world-class long- • Detects tiny misalignments, enabling precise range sensing capability adjustments to prevent winding errors and • IO-Link models available reduce material waste • Advanced diagnostics, remote monitoring, teaching, and configuration see page 44 8 | www.bannerengineering.com Glue Detection Challenge Featured Solution • Verify presence and consistency of adhesive • iVu Series Image Sensor on the outer casing of a battery Other Solutions • Crowded production area with limited deployment space • VE Series Smart Camera • Frequent product changeover Key Features Key Benefits • All-in-one solution with camera, controller, • Simplifies installation and eliminates the lens, and light included in one package expense of purchasing additional components • PC, remote or integrated touchscreen operation • Setup, manage, and monitor inspections on the • EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP, PROFINET®, device or from a convenient location PCCC and Serial RS-232 communication • Enables seamless integration with existing • Full runtime editing capability equipment • Reduces costly downtime by changing inspection parameters while inspections are in progress see page 66 Thickness Monitoring Challenge Featured Solution • Maintain consistent thickness battery film • LM Series Laser • High-speed production process Measurement Sensor • Hard-to-access, space-constrained deployment area Key Features Key Benefits • 0.002 mm resolution and repeatably • Precise measurements for reliable quality and • Fast 0.5 ms response speed and process control 0.25 ms sampling rate • Reliably solves high-speed applications with • Best in class thermal and mechanical stability fast-moving targets • Optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD) • Superior thermal stability for more accurate and reliable measurements • Simplifies setup and monitoring of sensors in difficult-to-access locations see page 36 Monitoring Safety Doors Challenge Featured Solution • Monitor multiple guard doors • SI-RF Series RFID safety • Staff need to frequently access the switches protected area Other Solutions • Prevent staff from bypassing safety functions • SI-MAG Series magnetic safety switches Key Features Key Benefits • Achieves Cat 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety • Operates at the highest levels of safety (PL e) ratings alone or in a cascade chain without the possibility of fault masking • Cascade up to 32 switches together in a series • Simplifies installation and wiring and frees space • No contact between switch and actuator on the safety controller • Unique, high, and low code tamper resistance • Allows easy access and minimizes wear and tear • In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) • Ensures that safety functions cannot be bypassed • Makes it easy to identify and resolve issues, minimizing downtime see page 50 9 Presence of Liquid Challenge Featured Solution • Detect presence of liquid at a collection site DF-G3 Series fiber optic • Potential exposure to oil and chemicals amplifier • Below ground deployment area • Provide indication if sensor is non-functional Key Features Key Benefits • Small, flexible and chemically resistant fiber • Reliable detection in challenging environments optics • Detects very small amounts of liquid • High-performance sensing for low-contrast • Provides output for detection of liquid or application damaged fibers • Intuitive user interface and easy-to-read dual • Simplifies setup, programming, and application digital display monitoring see page 44 Liquid Detection in a Tube Challenge Featured Solution • Detect the presence of liquid in a tube DF-G3LIR Infrared • Low optical contrast between the tube water sensor and liquid Other Solutions • Multiple inspection points in hard-to-access areas DF-G1 Series general purpose fiber optic amplifier Key Features Key Benefits • High-performance sensing in low-contrast • Reliably detects liquids inside translucent or application semi-opaque plastic and glass tubing • Expert TEACH and SET methods • Ensures optimal gain and threshold for all • Cross talk avoidance algorithm applications, including challenging high-speed • Easy-to-use mounting straps and low-contrast applications • Amplifiers can be deployed in close proximity to each other • Simplifies setup, programming, and application see page 44 monitoring Liquid Level Detection Challenge Featured Solution • Monitor fill levels of tanks to ensure steady Q45UA all-in-one ultrasonic supply and prevent overfills sensor and wireless node • Hard-to-access equipment Other Solutions • No wired infrastructure K50U ultrasonic sensor QT50U with Performance Series -P14 Node Key Features Key Benefits • Combines ultrasonic sensor, wireless node, • Installs easily and can be deployed permanently and battery power supply in one device or redeployed without altering infrastructure • Secure, robust Sure Cross® wireless network • Eliminates the hassle and expense of running • Immune to variations in target color, communication cable to connect devices reflectivity, and transparency • Can be used to monitor a wide range of wet or • Plug-and-play compatibility with Wireless dry materials Solutions Kit for tank monitoring • Provides access to real time and historical data and makes it easy to create visualization tools, see page 68 warnings, and alarms to ensure maximum uptime 10 | www.bannerengineering.com Film Slicing Machine Safety Monitoring Access Protection Cabinet Illumination see page 46 see page 49 see page 53 Challenge Challenge Challenge • Safeguard multiple safety devices • Safeguard access to film slicing area • Illuminate interior of a machine control panel • Complex logic and multiple safety scenarios • Requires redundant, self-checking outputs • Space-constrained deployment area • Communicate with HMI to display machine • Limited space for deployment • DC powered equipment status Featured Solution Featured Solution Featured Solution XS26 Series expandable safety LP Basic Series WLS15 Series Low controllers with compact Type 4 Profile, Low Power Ethernet safety light curtain LED Strip Light Other Solutions Other Solutions SC26 Series safety LP Series full feature controllers compact Type 4 safety light curtain SC10 SLC4 Key Features Key Features Key Features • Bright LED strip light with diffuse window • Low-profile, compact design • Slim, space-saving 15 mm profile • Powerful software offering intuitive icon-based, • Flexible mounting options drag-and-drop operation • Provides basic functionality auto start/restart (trip output) • Operates on 12 V dc or 24 V dc in one model • Base controller with 26 inputs and two dual- channel safety outputs supports up to eight • Zone and status indicators plus digital display expansion I/O modules to indicate number of beams blocked and • Can be configured for virtual non-safety status detailed diagnostics outputs and virtual non-safety inputs Key Benefits Key Benefits Key Benefits • Provides bright, even illumination with • Fits easily into small spaces without interfering no hot spots • Configure safety program in minutes and test • Installs easily in confined areas without configuration prior to implementation with operations or processes • Cost-effective safety device for simple disrupting the work environment or • Scalable solution can be expanded to fit obstructing sightlines changing machine requirements applications • Minimizes downtime by making it easy to • Integrates easily into existing equipment • Two-way communication between the safety controller and PLC, HMI, and other devices troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues for advanced functionality and diagnostic 11 Solar Cell Production Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing lines include several types of equipment and conveyors that all can benefit from the broad product offering provided by Banner Engineering. From presence detection in high temperatures to ultra-precise measurements to machine safety, Banner Engineering has solutions to critical challenges for PCB and IC chip production lines. Solutions for Solar Cell Production Solar Wafer Detection Challenge Featured Solution • Detect the presence/absence of a solar wafer Q4X Series Laser Distance • Low reflectivity from light absorbing material Sensor • Minimize interference with processes Key Features Key Benefits • Dual teach mode measures distance and light • Reliably detects across a variety of target colors, intensity changes compared to a background materials, and surfaces reference condition • No reflector required for detection • Reliable sensing range from 25 up to 610 mm • Can be installed in a convenient location away from the line see page 38 Solar Wafer Flipping Challenge Featured Solution • Detect the presence/absence of a solar wafer QS18 Series Photoelectric • Low reflectivity from light absorbing material Sensors • Minimize interference with processes Key Features Key Benefits • Universal housing with an 18 mm threaded • Quick, easy installation lens or side mounts • Real-time feedback simplifies operation and • Wide operating range up to 20 m troubleshooting • Bright LED operating status indicators visible • Easy installation, wiring, preventative from 360° maintenance, and sensor backup • IO Link models available see page 40 Solar Wafer Counting Challenge Featured Solution • Detect the presence/absence of a solar wafer VS8 Series miniature sensors • Low reflectivity from light absorbing material • Space constrained deployment area Key Features Key Benefits • Ultra-miniature housing (22 x 8 x 12 mm) • Fits easily in very small spaces • High switching frequency • Reliable performance in high-speed applications • Blue LED models reliably detect dark, • Detects challenging targets without requiring a reflective, and transparent objects reflector • Electronic push button or remote teach • Quick, easy setup enables rapid deployment see page 40 14 | www.bannerengineering.com Solar Wafer Counting Challenge Featured Solution • Detect the presence/absence of a solar cell Q3X Series Laser Contrast • Light absorbing solar cell reflects very little light Sensor • Reflective surface of the metallic tra
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