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LEADERSHIP DESIGN STUDIO 501 S. LIPAN ST. DENVER, CO. 80223 303.482.3100 CONSTRUCTION DESIGN FLOORING SIGNAGE WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 1 INTRODUCTION DEAR AAMD MEMBERS, With an estimated 345,000 apartment homes, at an average value of $234,000 per unit our local industry is now valued at over $80 billion! Mark T. Williams Annual sales revenue for Metro Denver is over $6 billion! This data reminds Executive Vice President us about how significant our economic impact is, and how large of an industry we must continue to protect. As AAMD wraps up it’s 50th year of service, our mission to promote and protect your business continues to be amongst our association’s top priorities. The 2019 Membership Directory demonstrates that our organization is as strong as it has ever been. I want to personally thank each of you for your continued membership and commitment to making Denver one of the absolute best places to live on earth! AAMD now has over 2,400 members, including over 1,420 apartment communities, 425 management companies, and 570 supplier partners. The membership is vast, diverse and deep with strong leadership. In the past six years, the apartment industry has built 4.5 times the number of units than it did in the preceding six years (55,000 units versus 12,500)! This extraordinary growth has met the challenge of unprecedented demand for rental housing, but it’s primarily been at the class A level community. 2019 will be a year where affordability and work force housing will be chronicled and debated more than ever. While AAMD will focus on the apartment industry as the solution, we need to continue to innovate for new solutions, new partnerships, and new opportunities to help answer the demand for more affordable housing. While maintaining our grounded principles for free market capitalism and healthy competition, we must strive to offer opportunities, options and solutions. These issues will be at the forefront of upcoming AAMD conferences and meetings. Bringing in new talent to our industry continues to be a major focus for AAMD and will continue to be a priority in 2019 and beyond. Generating interest in an apartment career - whether its maintenance, leasing or management... our goal to drive new talent to your business and provide unique strategies to maintain the best talent possible. Our industry continues to face difficult personnel turnover numbers. Alarmingly, in a recent study- onsite turnover was on average 48.4%, with maintenance tech having the highest nearly 60%. The 2019 Compensation report is now available for purchase. This valuable tool illustrates average compensation for 15 categories of on-site positions, as well as Regional and Senior Executive positions. The data is broken down in a variety of valuable ways to help you identify where your teams stack up with average Metro Denver compensation. In the upcoming 2019 legislative session we will likely encounter many challenges. The political narrative is laden with rent control and other restrictive measures on our industry. Through continued outreach with local media and elected officials, our government and public affairs team stands strong and poised to educate those on the detriments of such proposals and minimize the impact to our industry. In June of 2019, AAMD will welcome apartment professionals from all over the nation- with the National Apartment Association: “APARTMENTALIZE” Conference! We have bulk purchased a limited number of tickets to this amazing 3 day event, where we are passing the savings along to our members. Contact our office for more information on how you can be a part of it all. The AAMD Directory is one of the most useful services we provide to our members. We distribute more than 2,500 of these books to the key decision makers throughout our membership. The Membership Directory is for the strict use of AAMD members only. It is imperative that each member honor this commitment. While AAMD asks each supplier member to protect the confidentiality of the owner / management information, AAMD also requests that owner members support the supplier members. The creed “Members Use Members” has translated into consistent conduct of members buying from members. Thank you to those members who supported this publication with their advertising investment. This valuable resource would not be possible without their vital contribution. Enjoy the Directory and make 2019 a prosperous year with AAMD! 2 | 2018-2019 AAMD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE 2019 EVENT LINE UP ALL DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. VISIT WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG FOR UPDATED INFORMATION Winter Econ Bowling Tournament Maintenance Olympics January 24, 2019 February 28, 2019 April 18, 2019 Spring Clean Education Conference June Awards May 3, 2019 & Trade Show June 20, 2019 May 22, 2019 Summer Econ Golf Tournament Business to Business July 17, 2019 August 1, 2019 August 21, 2019 Lease-A-Rama Chili Cookoff TechCon October 2019, TBD October 12, 2019 November 13, 2019 NETWORKING LINEUP: PowerLunch Series: IROC Forums: Supplier’s Council: • January 16, 2019 • January 22, 2019 • January 8, 2019 • February 20, 2019 • February 26, 2019 • February 5, 2019 • March 20, 2019 • March 26, 2019 • March 5, 2019 • April 10, 2019 • April 23, 2019 • April 2, 2019 • August 21, 2019 • May 22 (at Trade Show) • August 6, 2019 • September 18, 2019 • June 25, 2019 • September 10, 2019 • October 16, 2019 • July 23, 2019 • October 1, 2019 • November 20, 2019 • August 27, 2019 • November 5, 2019 • September 24, 2019 • October 22, 2019 WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 3 ABOUT AAMD History of AAMD In 1968 the Colorado Apartment Association Denver Chapter was formed by a small group of local apartment owners who felt it necessary to protect their interests as small business operators. The first leader of the association was Robert A. Whittlesey. A few years later, the organization renamed itself as the Apartment Association of Metro Denver (AAMD), and established itself as a 501c6 trade association. Focusing on the principles of free enterprise and providing quality housing for those that choose to rent, the association has through the years held off many legislative issues that would have had negative impacts to our industry. Over the decades the association has continued to develop and enhance the level of professionalism of operating rental housing. Beyond the fundamental role of apartment living advocacy, the association has evolved into a powerful training entity through incredible volunteerism from industry experts. Long time members have continued to brand the organization as AAMD. It didn’t take long for the Association to expand its membership to supplier companies. Through enormous opportunities and functions, supplier members have gained access and promotional platforms through AAMD. Providing great financial and volunteer support, the AAMD supplier members have evolved into a great asset of the organization. Mission Statement The mission of the AAMD is to enhance member and association profitability, prosperity and professional growth through legislative representation, educational advancement, informational resources and networking opportunities. We strive to : •• Maintain a strong association which is responsive to the member’s needs •• Provide instant apartment industry information through appropriate delivery methods •• Provide professional networking opportunities among many types of AAMD members. •• Develop a positive relationship with communities and government and protect association members from intrusive legislation. •• Provide for public understanding and support of our industry. Contact and Connect FACEBOOK ADDRESS: 7100 E. Belleview Ave., Suite 305 INSTAGRAM Greenwood Village, CO 80111 PHONE: (303) 329-3300 LINKEDIN linkedin.comcompany/10508469 FAX: (303) 329-0403 TWITTER MEMBER WEBSITE: @aamdhq VIMEO 4 | 2018-2019 AAMD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 5 MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Benefits for Owners, Managers & Communities •• Legislative Advocacy at the state, local and national levels. Our legislative efforts save the rental housing industry millions of dollars every year. •• Legal Handbook - This book with over 225 pages and 32 easy to navigate sections is updated annually. It is a great resource for answering the day to day questions of management. •• Independent Rental Owners Council (IROC), a free monthly forum for owners with 250 units or less offers valuable education relating to property management, legal issues, industry trends and other timely topics to assist independent owners. •• Education Opportunities with industry Specific Seminars including Fair Housing, Meth ID, Legal Updates, National Designations and more. •• Legal Rental Forms including leases, security deposits, legal notices, mold, carbon monoxide and more. Online lease program is also available. •• Roundtables offer information sharing and discussions in a more intimate setting, both for senior level management and independent owners. •• Mark of Excellence Awards where Metro Denver’s rental housing community comes together to celebrate at Tributes. As a member you become eligible for this exclusive award! •• Online Career Center where you can post your open positions for managers, maintenance technicians, or other industry-specific positions. •• Free Subscriptions to AAMD’s Apartment Trends and NAA’s Units magazines with industry news. •• Valuable Survey Data to help you strategically position your organization. Discounted subscriptions for the nationally-recognized Vacancy & Rent Survey (quarterly), Compensation Survey (annually), and New Construction Report (annually). •• Membership Directory: Listing in the annual Directory and Resource Guide, your local guide to peers and products. Benefits for Suppliers •• Access to our ever growing membership of owners, managers and communities. Our membership currently consists of over 235,000 rental units. •• Members Use Members - The owner members of the Apartment Association use other members’ services. Owners know that supplier members are supporting their industry. Telling owners you are a member gives you a leg up on your competition. •• Special Events designed to offer a rewarding experience through: networking, education, information, fun, outreach and celebration opportunities that cumulatively draw over 10,000 people each year! •• The Annual Trade Show and Education Conference is the largest multifamily housing trade show in the Rocky Mountain region. It is a one day show in May each year bringing our industry together. •• Sponsorships and Marketing Opportunities are available for most events and functions, allowing companies valuable and distinctive exposure in front of the right target audience. Sponsorships come in many different shapes and sizes, creating the perfect image and message for your company’s budget. •• Suppliers Council is a free monthly forum that offers meaningful strategies and tips for suppliers to help build sales growth. Learn from veteran vender members and meet new ones to help you navigate the AAMD. •• Membership Directory - Your company is listed in the annual Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide, which is mailed to every property and owner company. •• Free Subscriptions to AAMD’s Apartment Trends and NAA’s Units magazines with industry news. •• Advertising Opportunities in our Buyers Guide, monthly magazines and website. 6 | 2018-2019 AAMD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE • Carpet Cleaning & Restoration • Commercial Cleaning • Countertops: Granite, Marmol, Quartz • Gutter Cleaning & Repair • Maintenance • Make Ready’s • Painting & Drywall • Resurfacing • Remodel/Renovate • Siding & Windows • Tile & Drywall Repairs (720) 708-8407 WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 7 MARKET REPORT (3RD QUARTER 2018) 10% $1,500 Vacancy Rate 9% $1,400 5.5% Last Quarter: 6.0% 8% $1,300 7% $1,200 Average Rent 6% $1,465 - 5% $1,100 4% Last Quarter: $1,484 $1,000 3% $900 Average per sq. ft. 2% $1.73 - $800 1% Last Quarter: $1.73 0% $700 13Q3 14Q1 14Q3 15Q1 15Q3 16Q1 16Q3 17Q1 17Q3 18Q1 18Q3 Line: Percent Vacant Bar: Average Rent (in dollars) PREV. YEAR Discount / Concessions 5.9% Last Quarter: 7.8% County Overview ARROWS DESIGNATE CHANGE SINCE PREVIOUS QUARTER Vacancy Rate Average Rent Rate (/sq. ft.) Economic Vacancy Adams 4.5% $1,387 $1.64 12.0% Last Quarter: 14.9% Arapahoe 5.5% 6 $1,394 $1.63 Boulder/Broomfield 4.0% $1,642 $1.85 Net Absorption (Units) Denver 7.1% $1,517 $1.86 4,063 Douglas 5.2% $1,531 $1.70 Last Quarter: 3,875 Jefferson 4.0% $1,431 $1.70 Yearly Economic Vacancy (Average of all four quarters) Hottest Sub-Markets Wheat Ridge Longmont 1.7% 2.8% 25.1% 24.3% 23.4% 23.3% 18.5% 17.5% 17.7% 17.0% 16.6% Commerce City Aurora - North 2.8% 3.1% 15.2% 13.7% 14.1% 12.7% 13.1% 12.4% 12.2% 13.0% Aurora - Central SE Lakewood - North 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2.8% 3.4% Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Average 2002 16.0% 16.7% 16.9% 20.2% 17.5% Thank You to the Continued Support of Our Valued Sponsors! 2003 21.5% 20.5% 28.5% 23.1% 23.4% 2004 25.7% 25.2% 24.5% 25.1% 25.1% 2005 24.3% 23.5% 24.9% 24.6% 24.3% 2006 23.7% 24.1% 23.1% 22.3% 23.3% 2007 21.4% 18.5% 17.3% 16.6% 18.5% 2008 16.6% 18.3% 18.8% 17.0% 17.7% 2009 16.3% 16.9% 18.2% 16.4% 17.0% 2010 16.2% 15.7% 18.9% 15.4% 16.6% 2011 15.0% 16.2% 15.3% 14.3% 15.2% 2012 14.0% 14.5% 13.8% 12.3% 13.7% 2013 11.8% 13.0% 13.2% 12.9% 12.7% 2014 12.0% 14.0% 13.0% 13.3% 13.1% 2015 14.6% 14.5% 13.6% 13.7% 14.1% 2016 13.0% 14.3% 10.9% 11.3% 12.4% 3 8 | 2018-2019 AAMD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 9 MEMBER DISCOUNT PROGRAM The following discounts are offered by Members FOR Members. Scan the QR code for updated Member Discounts throughout the year! A-B & C Enterprises, Inc. (303) 781-1788 Next Quantity Discount on Promotional Products from our Member top supplier. Contact for more details. Allegra Marketing | Print | Mail (303) 360-0733 We’re excited to offer all AAMD members 12 months in DISCOUNT savings and goodies! Carbonless forms to brochures, we PROGRAM offer competitive pricing and great member appreciation incentives. Check out our monthly offers today! American Technologies, Inc. (303) 532-8100 Dog-ON-It-Parks (877) 348-3647 This offer is good for 10% off mitigation and 8% discount on all orders - please use coupon code reconstruction work for AAMD Members. Please contact “AAMD” if ordering online, or mention your membership to schedule and if you call or email. receive your discount. B.O.R. Restoration Kone, Inc. (303) 598-0074 (303) 408-7182 KONE, Inc. will perform a free audit and inspection of $100 off for you. $100 off for your friend. Let us know the your elevator equipment. In turn we will provide an asset AAMD sent you! management plan to asisst you for future elevator costs Career Strategies, Inc. We will also provide a 10% discount on services for AAMD (720) 489-1053 Members. Ask about our referral program and multiple Four free staffing hours with each new 40 hour assignment property discounts. scheduled - offer good through December 31, 2019 Marca Global Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting (720) 306-8366 (303) 574-1740 AAMD members receive a 10% discount on service Looking to paint your residential or commercial property prices on review and reputation management technology this year? We are offering a 10% discount to all AAMD services locally and nationally. members for interior or exterior painting jobs. Call us to schedule your estimate and mention this deal! ($2k min.) Mindfully Curated (303) 725-2626 Colorado Roofing Solutions Yoga, Mildfulness and Wellness discount. Contact us (720) 600-7236 today to learn about AAMD Member Discounts! Use Colorado Roofing Solutions to replace all the roofs in your community and receive solar for your clubhouse for free! (*terms and conditions apply.) Call for details. 10 | 2018-2019 AAMD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE TRANSITIONAL FURNITURE SOLUTIONS Whether your needs are temporary or permanent, CORT has a furniture solution that suits you. With CORT, you have the flexibility to rent furniture for your entire home, office or just a single room. n Furniture packages to fit any style and price n Housewares and electronics packages n Free apartment locator service n Relocation services Rental Showroom & Clearance Center 600 S. Havana Street Aurora, CO 80012 303.344.5114 © 2018 CORT. A Berkshire Hathaway Company. WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 11 LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS Y O U R D U E S AT W O R K Over the past four years, the Apartment Association (AAMD/CAA) has saved the industry an estimated $305,000,000 SAVINGS OF $704.91 / APARTMENT HOME $63.0 MILLION $12.5 MILLION $74 MILLION $4.2 MILLION SPRINKLER RETROFIT DENVER FIRE LOCAL CONTROL / IHO AIR LEAKAGE ELEVATOR CONVEYANCE REQUIREMENTS $28.0 MILLION $7.8 MILLION $ $9.2 MILLION $19.3 MILLION NOTICE TO QUIT/ DEVELOPER/RENT CONTROL OTHER SAVINGS UTILITY SALES TAX INCREASED NOTICE $54.9 MILLION $15.4 MILLION $766 THOUSAND $15.9 MILLION INCOME HOUSING LANDLORD TENANT RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD CRIMINAL HOUSING DISCRIMINATION WARRANTY OF HABITABILITY RENTAL APPLICATION RECORDS visit for assumptions and calculations 12 | 2018-2019 AAMD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE 2018-2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS LEADERSHIP PRESIDENT: PRESIDENT ELECT: VICE PRESIDENT: TREASURER: SECRETARY: MIKE HOLT SCOTT KIRKWOOD TEO NICOLAIS TOM KLAESS JANELLE FRENCH Legacy Partners Griffis/Blessing Nicolais, LLC Milestone Management Mission Rock Residential SUPPLIER AT LARGE: PAST PRESIDENT: EXECUTIVE VP: OWNER DIRECTOR: OWNER DIRECTOR: TROY PORRAS BRANDON RICH MARK WILLIAMS AMIE ROBERTSHAW FAITH AIDS Wyatts Towing Greystar Real Estate AAMD Echelon Property Group Laramar Group OWNER DIRECTOR: SUPPLIER DIRECTOR: SUPPLIER DIRECTOR: JLAC CHAIR: EAC CHAIR: ANGELA FLETCHER MARK TSCHETTER AMIE HARMON SCOTT KIRKWOOD CHRISTIE FORRESTER Denver Housing Authority Tschetter Hamrick RediCarpet Griffis/Blessing Echelon Property Group Sulzer, P.C. NETWORKING COUNCIL CHAIR: SUPPLIERS’ COUNCIL CHAIR: IROC CHAIR: JLAC CHAIR ELECT: EAC CHAIR ELECT: TIM PEPE KRISTIN CURTIN DANETTE BARRETT JAIME BROWN ADAM BERGER Standard Interiors Vivax Pros Aviva Properties, LLC Wasatch Premier Alliance Residential Co. Communities NETWORKING COUNCIL SUPPLIERS’ COUNCIL IROC CHAIR ELECT: CAA PRESIDENT: NAA REGION VIII VP: CHAIR ELECT: CHAIR ELECT: AMY CARDINAL MARK WINDHAGER ROCKY SUNDLING HOLLY JACKSON LIZ WILER Wallis Property Company RedPeak Greystar Real Estate Silva-Markham Partners, LLC Allegra Marketing WWW.AAMDHQ.ORG | 13 2018-2019 COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP AFFORDABLE HOUSING: AFFORDABLE HOUSING: ALLIANCE CHAIR: ALLIANCE VICE: AMBASSADORS CHAIR: ANGELA FLETCHER SHANE WEST MIKE ZOELLNER ROCKY SUNDLING JUDY HOUCHINS Denver Housing Authority Mercy Housing ZF Capital Greystar Real Estate Legacy Partners AMBASSADORS VICE: AMBASSADORS VICE: CAREER INITIATIVE: CAREER INITIATIVE: CAREER INITIATIVE: VICKIE BREAUX MEGAN DYK ALLISON MOLEDO CHAD CRAVEN KATIE VANDERVEEN Career Strategies Valet Living Windsor Property ParkM Capital Real Estate Management CHILI COOKOFF CHAIR: CHILI COOKOFF VICE: CHILI COOKOFF HOST: COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR: COMMUNICATIONS VICE: TAYLOR MUELLER MELINDA COVINGTON AMIE HARMON AMY EVANS MORGAN GOODALE Greystar Real Estate Rapid Restoration RediCarpet Simpson Property Group BLDG Management CHARITY AUCTION CHAIR: CHARITY AUCTION VICE: CHARITY AUCTION VICE: DEVELOPMENT: LISA SUTTON SARAH CHEERS TERI BELL CARY BRUTEIG Career Options Cardinal Group Management Arbor Carpet Apartment Appraisers ECONOMIC CONFERENCE: ECONOMIC CONFERENCE: GOLF TOURNAMENT CHAIR GOLF TOURNAMENT VICE: JUDY BLAES TROY PORRAS RON GOETZ JOSH LENSEN Echelon
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