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Control Number: Item Number: 26 Addendum StartPage: 0 JOINT APPLICATION OF AEP TEXAS NORTH COMPANY AND ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION TEXAS LLC TO AMEND THEIR CERTIFICATES OF CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY FOR THE AEP TNC HEARTLAND TO ETT YELLOWJACKET 38-KV TRANSMISSION LINE IN MENARD AND MCCULLOCH COUNTIES TEXAS PUC DOCKET NO PROOF OF REPUBLICATION OCTOBER PUBLIC UTILIIVe-ti OF TEXAS -' C IVED 206 OCT -3 PM 2: if 8 rr DOCUMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Brady Standard Herald Affidavit 2 Brady Standard Herald Notice 3 Menard News and Messenger Affidavit 7 Menard News and Messenger Notice 8 AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION Before me a Notary Public personally appeared Anirt..ncitt Howell who after being by me duly sworn upon oath deposes and says: I am the (Job titt9 Etk. I a. of the (newspaper name). V)rnii t 5b.A.Atltil Ara a newspaper 9f general circulation located in (city) r'faat (county) M LtCLU DCA_ Texas. AEP Texas North Company (AEP TNC) and Electric Transmission Texas.0 (ETT) (jointly referred to as the Companles) give notice of their intent to amend their Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) to construct a proposed 38-kV transmission line in portions of McCulloch and Menard Counties Texas. Published in the listed newspaper on the date indicated: Qgio?oite Date of Publication I hereby swear and affirm that the abovesmecttioned Texas newspaper has general circulation in the following Texas county(ies) Mrtultork I further swear and affirm that I have personal knowledge of all matters stated herein and that the foregoing statements are true and correct. Signed: Title: News '0Lir- SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME thisp a day c4 5.ef/. A.D. 206 Notary Public: (fru erv4/ County of Re4/6(4 (Fill name of County) Commission Expires: 4-A3- /6 Atter rd is published please completed affidavit us ATTN: keatheraltrd texaspress cum 2 I PUC Docket No Wednesday September (ram iganbarb-eterant Page Q A PUBLIC NOTICE AEI Texas Nue Compaq (AEP 7C) USA Electra Transom. Trx.x. LLC )LT) (portly related to ss the Comneroes pve name of thew mime amend )oeir Comfiest*. oftonventence 509 Necessity (COO to mamma a proposed -ka tranamosson line on pennon of McCulloch kmenord Culotta Texan The Campania lave rkd MI application with the Public Utday COR.0. of Texas mix in Docket No 4020 Jong Aminstoon Testis 0rrh Cowpony esj lijosnu. rromnsitsins Toren LI.0 Amen( Their Cernfirotes 4 Conwolenee and No..* for the ALP INC llo.onlirxd lo ETT Yelloisýseket Ild-kr Thenionstion Loge in McCollodo mot Menand Cocottes. TOM The C04Ulln. mow options tor did protect same from approxwomay 34 I miles in 43 5 notes nr length. The rs0icsed 000 af the tientna on... rant. fro. approximately 07 I =Ikon to Sal I matron Ilae Coenpunca 5Oc. 0 sonsonet the nonsnwaanart bac on nogimpole lonemonm The (VC emphasizes that the raly way to hilly polo.*0 an the PLICs daimon on where to thane the tronsimestos how ts to totavate in the dockel ft d unpanani los Mr effected Pemen inthevene Mame the vale d nal otiltrated in keep affected tmsons Informed of the proseedings and 'stn00c pterita ehtch nom may or may net be smarmed by the IllC. Persons who ate affetted hy the MM lote onsi wait lo unmetxr in the docket or comment en the Companies CCN application should mut Mt original and 0 comes of their (25% to intervene or their comma. to Publ. Udlity Commission of fens Cennal Records Ana 'ding GC* OBI N COOP.* Avemse Po Boa 3320 Austin. Tema The deadline foe MOVI.04 to the proceeding a amber 0ì 200; and the PVC should reoetve s letter drorn Impose reminding normenbm Oy that dam Prams who sash o ontervene to the docket mat also mail s espy of thee request for te sc panics III docket and all penons that have pending...a to lemma. at or before the bine the mitten foe onemention a nulled so the PUC. The ruc has developed n Moslem oiled Len*.ners nod Mammalian Lose Coxes os the POIC Cows of dm brad.xw are mailable 0 ACP TCC by calling Mel rskholt el (32) or may be downloaded front the PliCs embalm 4...pivalMs_a.U. To Adam Mammal mthanalon alma dm dachas. you nay mama the PUCs Cosmmer Ass:maw Halm. at (02) or (ISA).- M77 fleanngoind mesh-moaned inthvoliala oath text telephones (TM may contact die Ptlin Customer Audience Hod.. a (5(2) or toe{ froe (900) In mithoon te the mermithon deadhne other important deadhom may already mist Ma affect your partimploon nt dm docket. Yoe ithrold rrnew the onion and other Ulnas that have alined) bem mode m thn docket. Pasted otal nuestpons about the trentnusolon lone may von.. the Componict' Fugal tont ot (PHI O29-e0nit or online et Dowlal mum naps /my 6 mamma iodate et _a_o wn v varenmosp nelmartheanten4 or durum nonnal!diary houra ai the 4 Muck) &shads Maroons( Ltbraty 06 5 Muldoon Street m Brady or the Meneni LAbrary lovhloccsoo Send 00 Matsui PUC make the final delarmitmon of which mute Will he opproved for dm VoneennsIon Lou pna.a. Any one of the proposed muds or any Mita rembinanou nf re moans finks could be approved by the PUC All mates and rants links included in ads native art sraltabla kr selection sonrowl Osr the nubile tallier of Tema 000 ETJ INV yr* CV -Z ' s 22 ss 2 :'. I- '.. CC al; Ir t...n.. --I c'' s A N i i.?- \...;......_...c.. \ - : k '... 3 ' 2 ...-..J... ' EAU:Ai TL 3 5 t _... - I... i ;.. g '... I' %. a ' i /mir i. l i'''' `t:.-^... I s i :Li. A..... \ 3-I ; PS... f. - ' c. Ammo y MIMS rs.. ill i... Y r/.. : r- its L ' ' % _. t i t... t '... l.. i i - III ' J. ) I 64 \ ' '.-.' .._.. :f \ '. ' ' '. ''t. - r: I '4 (3 i. = 0 It I IQ? s i :. i A A 4 i illji! I[. 4 *- I.s4'...' 4-ZIN. I l \ I r II I IN PU? 26 L3 ;444tzi- =7c. .;----r I ;-.I'''c I t -- II - I! i I i : 0 fl'elsj $ i I 3 - O f I i '4 I I I 't' i V. JI I 7- - ' t- ''' V II 4E. ci. AEP TNC HEAR TLAN D TO ETT YELLOWJ ACKET 38-KV TRANSMI SS ION LINE Primary Altemativit Routs Links 3 Wednesday. September Wore ikartbare.lteralb Poge A 0 CCN engrain let ars dre Compoisa have wawa 25 skannort moo for cmunikranno by ItO PUC. the folfornog table hrts the lin andonanne that mike up die allernane none Rot. Lake A P4. A4ta3.l A-.E.E.M S-.0- LINIC A3 2 E444-.C24(.2.M2-X22.2. Ltok A3 rens el es tinentaboo rth Lino Y2 and 02 and vast of so A 0.E--0-P.T.Z.-.N- mina oe-kv trannntspon Eng The O 04-TI-C2-X2-MZ-X2-22-U3- Oak rads northwest for nprniesuely F.3.434)3.20 I 7 notice ranchos the west side of ao catalog 69.kV ItalUtnilsion low and 4 0I.A X2.2.2.U3. moans State Hrghway 7 from south 0 nook ton it reaches the both ittlerscatim nth Links T3 ea 3 5 SI C IN A-9-C-4.9.C-4.0-Y. LINK Al Lin 44 begins at Os ntecsostiort 6 ii.mi-s Liar Q end.3 on the east side of Callan 7-T In The link heads to die northeast for A-.C..A 0.0.F.2- ripproantately 2 34 miles riallellog the MI C2-.2-h.- eat side of Callen Lei mod A read. R2-Z NI-. the Ink nenstetion nth Wks 04 rind W.-X3 9 0 A.B.C4A MISI.A L C A-0-C LI. Pl.SI K2- Y A.0.C.4.A PI-S-A M7.X Pl LINK 8 Link B kilns st Its itilttiscitort with Links A and 0 on the wads sok of so talon 69-kV onsneser hoo The link heeds a the wear pandleng the canting 09.tV truntistain Rae for torneursawly OM mile and it mans the Itokk intersection with Lana C and E (See Yellowpalten Wein RI-VI.X M2- X2-22.T3D343.M3-03-X3 A 4-0..K.03-8( RI-VI.Wl-LI-F2.2 2-V2. W NI-V A4-04.( E V X3 AALC.I.K43-E Ul-R2.52.5/2-W E3- M3-03.X A-D C.I.Kal-F W N3-.-9/.03 6 SI-A U2-V2- W2-A Y3-73 A.B.E.F.F A R-H M242- Z2 T3 3(F3.M A P C F444-A H V2-W F4.TI-C24-k A-0-F-M-4-P.Q-A f2-A Y.23 It A M D3r L-P3 22 MI.SI.A X2. 22 'f3.3-gsnia(3-03.y.3 23 AZ-324C2-M242.Y2-A3-3- F3-M43.X3 24 A VI A2-2.2-M K.3-93 The foliniang manna narking the hob arra wat the enelosed nape that them these hrs. prinks o rivaled doectimoot of the links int fonn the Ilossthillil 5t YelkmiwItil Annaba Ron. UNK A Lin A Ingots at the rating ETT IthIlitmaak Stair in Maned Corny lasted al the enter of US Highway 3 and Pre St to Mensal. Tar. Tie hok cans c StsfalKt SS the oat for amnsiowarly 00 mile sod lb= nuns northatonhesst fen spaesimatly 0 05 node The len then ono west tor ammatinnly 0 mile until tt rears the liars mann. with Links B and 3 whence la so clang NAV llassmissuall ltnn thee Yellewarkei Dern UNK Al Lurk Al begins at 00 useacodon with Lanka IC Zo.o403 west of en exams 694V wanwrinaien line and no the nonh sale of US Highway 90 The link hes* a On cast-southern for 0 09 mule patelkling the south erde of Rust St and Otos rola nation fn. athinnirriely ors sod consing an ammo= of Dort Ave from weat east 75 tšnb then continua assonant for apnienonetely 0 0 tars Noma US thgloray 3 hem west to Pg. The hnk cannon ot an mat. soother rang fee spersotostely 0 29 nide aid Mee angles so en essterly dostion for ontnximately 0.25 wee the Irk Rao Yen enersonheast teal tt ruches the linth Intersecoon nth Lents RI. Et rod U (See -Yellevenert Dern) LINK Al lin A2 begins al tharsecerin with Linke I4 SI sad XI ma ermosonately 0 02 Milo north of US Highway 90. the link beads Nt the tananhaial for approximately 0 43 inks stol don minks east for nproximately 0 mile not it rears lines isseseenon with Linke B2 anal32 LINK III Ink III begma N us (nauseous web links Al 03 aid El. The lin hails to the north for sportier/newly l 02 macs thee Yellorracka Damn and then tern the apprezimaely 37 inns USIA O mocha the link's unman. with Links CI ond DI LINK 8 Link 32 ran at its nenection nth Links A2 NW :2 no the earth sole of US Highway lin The link heads to Ow north fee epproximately 9 moles not It macho the IWO Kileticilial Links C2 and K2. LINK 03 Link 83 ran a its interseenne trnlln Dar Al en T3 on the net ads ohm alma 69.kV trentersion Inte The link honk to the nortkun parallehng the extant 69kV neemisetee line for samaxonettly 0 73 tale nokl l main the linkk latalscissit anti Links Fl end C3. (the -Hartland Droll LINK 4 Wok 84 bents a ris Inta040yr nth Links rot and O on the ast side of Coffee L. the link heads to the nenhaet paralleling Callan L. for enthnowately I 06 miles end thee owns east Ihr apponimetely 393 Finks Norms ao *tinny 345-kV trensoussion hoe from oat so am e0s o mons the ltek's inanneutse with Links C4 and Di anthem! ode of satil canna 345-Winnatnission Inte LINK C lank C hams gt KS anterssettna with Linke Id mid E an die north sok of on essnoth 6.eV aranstmelon hoe 380 hak heals to the teat for Nthoximady 0 02 nor Mill ft makes the hoes rand= nit Lake and L 300 Ifelltratecket Damn LINK CI Link CI been al ILS Intersection with Lob NI end DI. The Itak heads to tie north fa amonnenettly 0 77 auk among US ISO from sooth to nook unl tl reaches 0. Ian inteneetion woh Links V end W no the rent nth of LIS therm 99 LINK CI Lek C2 rams at me onasettion wok Lair 32 sod K.2. The lok hoes to the othth 00 Nratennsitiy t 00 oak luta it reaches the llrbs contain weh Looks T and 22 along the southeast ink of CR 6.6K C3 Link C3 beghts al he marathon war Links Q2 end fr2 no the wan ride of US Flighwey 90 The link bads easo. waken ler aprolionny 0 49 mile among US lialmay 90 flan west so hat and Mai anoint an ha aprozintstely I 00 mile. The he* thes tura norther for networnaroly 0 2 mde manna US Highway 07 inn net to east win o reaches the I oth tilletsa-t0% with lank. 03 ES Ul on the eau sat of US Motown 7 LINK C4 Unk CA been re es ratenection nth Gnats 0 end Nlon the outside aan mom 345-0/ tt00nts0000 line The Itith heads so the nook-northwest for appiannately 0.35 mile panne' wrong 3454tV lœullttlrion line and then angles north for appeoemostely 99 mile mowing Needle Creek from south to earth o manes the lint interseciati with Linkage old DI PUBLIC NOTICE UM( D Link rams et KS intersernan woli Linke A sled on the southwest aide af an moans 69.N tornanelow The link rads to the onethanolinist patallehng the net ride of the atoms 69.6V tranamation line for sprissisnalely 8.3 reale and then togas to die onnitaorthwat coonnuseg to panel the area 69kV traosnnisslow hoe for appnerimately 0 0 mak Die Itnk them rums wabitonniest for approximately 0 02 oak orml 0 ratios the loads micreecoon an Links k end F (See -Yellowysitel Drain LINK DI Lank DI ban at its enerseenta mth Letts III and C The lank heeds a the east for antoxtmuncly 4 00 toila manna Scalp Creek nod 3 reaches the nick intersectons rode Leda El 0 and Fl en the Inn rade of Vtnerroon Rd LLNK DI tank /2 horn at in Manama!Nth tanks AZ and 2 on north side a US linthoney Inn The link hook ta as cost.sortheat neaten fee epproamaely 46 erns pandleling the nerds ale o( US Flonlitay 90 and thong Runway Creek until st reaches the link anneal. nth Labs E2 nal 0 en the north stile ef US Highway 90 thee US 90 CR 02 Dean' ) LINK 03 Link D3 loans at is šlaple0000 wolo Ll.k.C3 t5 and E.3 an the eat stde of US Highway *7 The lode hear north for rpronsetely 0 2 mile ClIKSKIs Slate Ifighwey 7. and then CPKIIIIKS ow* for spprothrotely 0 a mdc Wats rt angles to the notth-notamest warding the wen tele of Old Mason Rd for approarnalety 08 rink nerd 0 irches the Mak intemenen with 3 and 3 thee 'Hanna Darn I.INK 4 Lot 3. begun al its intersection with links CA and 64 Ito link heads no 0*0 etwanannely ID mkt =Wits Neale Creek and the Masa. McCulloch away Ina llit link then confirm; ID en antra dination for approunuely 4 26 Willi K roaches the Inns nerseepos nth F.4 sod F4 LINK E Link E rains at us ontersochon with Lakeawl C die north sae of en among 0-.V Onsennaten flin The link hails to the moth fee upprothantely 0 23 min tont it melte. the holt% IntelICOliOn WA links D and F thes iyellswiacket Don LINK El Link El awns at lie intensain mat tanks 03 Al and DI The link heads to the...northeast for appeonentely 0 7 mile paralleng the south side of an unnamed mad rd then snake enrol 000syt00000ldyo 5 nthe to emu do sad untamed load ram the rood the moth The link cononues to head annorthen paralleling the north eft a sal wad for emirtoorestely 0 3 entle lod then* angles en for appresimotely 0.36 melee and ennui the said tomausai mod horn wen to east The link then entrees in an era southeast Annan fot rproximetely 07 miles timing Scalp Creek inn weal esst and then am rootheast for sppionsiely 0 57 mac The link then Math diactly ent for Repentantly 864 nide maul %netnews Rd from net to east and UNKS In I nankin cinema. fer apraximaiely I 24 rinks postlehog the east ode of seal Vb..40. Rd. The link then ItultS directly non for appmeonately 0 4 wok analog sad %insane Rd. from sant a north WWI it reaches the WAY onemeneet milt Links DI Fl end ill LINK El Link E2 hams e*. latemattois ugh Links 2 and rz the link hear to the nook for epaeximately 0 09 mile tarns US Iltthway 00 front Non to north insul Ft ranee the lines intinsemon with Lora 02 rid 02. (the US 90 %CR 02 Dern LINK El Lank El begin et tie lotemenos with Lethal/3LN end 03 on the en elde of U0 H.thwey 57 The lin heads to the woken for epproxlantely I 9 nen moos US Hinny 7 ram macs tbe ha's adenothon nth Inks F3 and hfl (Sat Nhartland Dann LINK F4 Link E.0 begins at MA IsIcntectsaa sad. links 04 QI an NI. Tr link heads In die nark for SprOmrtiately 4 TO 000 until it main the Ina intentvlom won I-tensile and he LINK F lank F hams st lts twasarino tut* Loth E and D. The link In& to the unsthnorthwen for approximately 0 33 rade end ens nuns to du north far apponnewely 0 09 mile =id it mars the link% inisection 'Mb Links hl ft and G on the north side of Ag Rd (See Yellowieclat Distal LINK El Lurk El Wipes a os anauction welt Links DI El and ill on the northwest side of Vona/nen Rd. The link hods on the north for syptallsnyirly I 07 mks. The lin wake to the north. northern for appasometeb 022 mile and them olio racily north for appinermately 0 4 nay morns US litglovey 90 Roos south rn nook it macs the holds toinwsloolon vet* Links X ni Y on the north adr of US Highwey 90 LINK F2 link F2 loom at Os notenecoon wal Linke V. and 2 rtue rink of CR 02 The link heads to the connorthesst and carom CR 2 front youth to moth far apptornstely 0.20 mile wild 0 main the nth laintstetion WO Ranks 2 and 2 (See / Clt 02 Damn LINK 33 l ink F3 boar at ds hamar* wok Links 83 snd (3 Die link heads to the northwest for appromunately D00 rae enflame the west side of TM 2309 real it makes the nth nasal. undt Links El M3 and 0). (See Deana D.00r) UNK F4 Link F4 bane sit Links 04 oo4 Ed The hnk hens to lbe en the aprermately 9 notes wall it mann the Jules altestflivil nth Links 044 and 7 LINK G lank 0 begets at Os entemeataa ands loam F M and int the KIK* side of Ag Rd. the loth hens to the essi fro appronnately pentlielmg the north rdonfagod Ile Int earn TS doe nortionn for appeneniately 053 mule pariah an caning 69 kv Itantslossloo lans wed 5 radon the nementee with EMU H. 0 and V (Sce -thilomsekat Dern LINK GI lank 0 ram et ha nasal= with Inks El 0 end Fl The link beads to the east for appirsoinnekly 2 00 mks massing ao carting 345 kv uremiaoo lmt from wal to eat MY o rears the lsbr imenerhan nit Links K our tro &eau side of sad mom 345.0/ Irsairmisuott Ina LINK 02 Lank 02 roe at os artersecnon with Looks 02 end El n the north ode of US Highway 90 Ile link bade in an eannorrhast donne fur appnannerely 22 mak realkling the north sok CS Highway 90 ion II reaches the Itakk rnienteana with links 2 end Ili (Ste.S ln / (R 02 Darer) LINK G3 link C3 begins at es unread= Md.. lanka 53 end F3 on the wins an of an 00S000g 09-V Ornemissom loo.the Itok heads to the norther for sporminardely 002 note end then meta needy north for 0 2 mile mewl FM 2300 horn south to ninth and patalkhog the nuns OW transmanon a manes Ow Ink interaecire Ind/ I lentil and N3 no the west ode of FM ISee liesoland Clean LINK Ge Ink 04 beam at ft remnant with Linke Q4 end E4 The Inik Imes a the eart northeast fa apprommunly 03 notes and then arm =abase for apensimately 0 3 aide itsul st tears the link latalation with tanks Fa 3 and 44 LINX Link bars et as retteehen erns Lathe F and CI an the art side of Ag Rd. the kok hats to the ninths* far approsimately 0 56 nit ind matches the link tatomertan with Inks G V and 0 Me Yell...pert LINK III Link HI berm et Ks skessection with Links QI end LI on the east side of an stung 345.4(V Mannar line The hok hair to the ninth nrallehog the en sok of the 345.kV osaannon lino tor appourinately 05 nuke manor Taylor Basch and US Hanna 90 Porn rah a math urn st reaches the nes outesatien with Una 2. ata 4 on Rao eon side of U0 litglevey 90 LINK HI I H.2 begins me da intantwa whit Links Fl ern 2 earth of CR 02- llte honk to the earthen for slannthealy 0 5 mil. amain US Iliginvey 90 from oath* north 000 tt tracks the link. ottencetion was Lots 02 sof.2 en the nosh sods oilis linthway 90. (Ste NIS 90 CR 02 Dern 4 Page 2 A ihir6bp tolimbrin Wednesday Septcitilber LINK 3 lath 5 beans at 00 onasemo vett Links 73. E3 eta M3 on the west uto of FM 2300 The 000 heath to the erne* for sportenately crossing FM 2.3/9 from arto to ow. one rt ranee the lore Warn.. aoth Links 03 sod 03 on the cast ode Ffill 2309 (See Ntesalead Dose) LINK 4 Lath 4 then at as inerstelion with Lea re T 7 loth heads to the east for approlinately 0 6 mile before aeon CR 2 Irmo west to eau el then avenue for I 02 TWA what 0 moles cao.snotheast for approximately 0.96 mile The Inik then nes south and COMMAS for aponnomately 0 II *al* 00 it reaches the lel emcee with Lute Sl XI end AZ on le north ode of VS llmenty 40 LINK Link bonne 0 0 Malta.. With lcllo C 3 et tho north ode of no Cameo 34tV Wanwmasiall line. The link hese to doe westeuthwat for ansinatineely 0 LllolI end the molts diney writ far apprommaely f 5 note. paalelom tin mem 3044V sionsearani hoe until n meet the halts AlCatelaell with Inks K and L. Ise avelhortseket DeMF LINK II Lath II Inge at as imertertion wab Links Z. and MIoo die north side of US Illokoay IOC sod on the east see of an eine 3.43.kV.0AACCI The link heeds to the reill the approximately 004 C NMI Ill. tore northeast for sr:proximately l 9 nuls paralleling the east see of sal eating 3454tV ntisestion Ime lite 40 the torns drafty north for approtneely 9 miles and menoes lc psrollel the can
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