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COMPUTER APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGY PAPER 2: THEORY GRADE 12 JUNE EXAMINATION 2014 MEMORANDUM TOTAL: 150 SECTION A QUESTION D 1.2 C 1.3 D 1.4 B 1.5 C 1.6 D 1.7 A 1.8 D 1.9 C 1.10 B QUESTION E 2.2 L 2.3 H 2.4 A 2.5 J 2.6 C 2.7 K 2.8 B 2.9 M 2.10 F [10] [10] QUESTION False 3.2 True 3.3 False 3.4 True 3.5 True [5] TOTAL SECTION A: 25 SECTION B QUESTION CPU/processor. RIM/memory. Hard drive. (3) 4.2 Any TWO of the following: Laptops are suitable for travelling. Laptops use less space. Can be used in the event of power failure. Portable/mobile. Can be used for Internet connectivity at hotspots. (2) 4.3 Any TWO of the following: Laptops are more expensive. Can be easily stolen. Cost more to repair or upgrade. (2) Transfer of images/pictures/music/data from a digital camera/cellphone to a computer using a variety of portable storage material. (1) No need to connect via cable or to have the software installed onto your computer. (2) In Windows Explorer, right click on the photo choose properties. OR In Windows Explorer select the photo folder in the navigation pane. View the content in detail view and look at the size of the specific photo. OR In Windows Explorer, move the mouse over the specific photo in the content pane and wait for the tooltip to display the size. (2) In Windows Explorer, right click on the memory stick, choose properties. The general tab will show the used space, free space and capacity. (2) Integrated means that the webcam is built into the computer/screen. (1) Any ONE of the following: No need to buy another device. Do not need an additional USB port. Mobility can be used wherever laptop is taken. Facial recognition. Would not be easily lost or stolen. (1) Cap refers to the amount of data that can be transferred/used in a given period of time. Video transfer/skype requires large amounts of data to be used. (3) 4.7 The computer supplier will come to the business and repair the machine on site. (2) 4.8 Double Data Rate. Type of RAM that is fast. (2) 4.9 Wireless access point the ability to connect to the Internet without cables/wires. Faster and more flexible and can be accessed in many places. (2) 4.10 CD holds up to 700 MB of data. DVD can hold an average of 4.7 GB of data. (2) 4.11 Bluetooth has a longer range than infrared. Bluetooth does not have the limitation of infrared s line of sight this makes it difficult for hackers, because they have to be standing in front of the user to intercept the infrared link. (2) [29] QUESTION Dial-up: Advantage: Cheaper. Disadvantage: Any one of: Connection speed slow. Unable to make telephone calls while on the Internet. Permanent: Advantage: Any one of: Permanent connection to Internet. Can take phone calls while surfing. Disadvantage: Any one of: Expensive. Check availability in area. (4) Capped bandwidth ISP is a company that has a permanent, fast connection to the Internet and hires bandwidth out to subscribers at a monthly subscription. (2) Any ONE of the following: To share hardware, such as printers. To share programs. Access to the Internet with only one connection point. Share of data. Easier to administrate. Better security. (1) 5.3 The thumbnails were saved. The photo was published on the Internet with a low pixel rate. (2) 5.4 Reason: Possible virus infection. Solution: Look in the quarantine vault. Reason: Folder is hidden. Solution: Unhide folder. (4) 5.5 An online record/diary/board created by a person with comment facilities for the public. (2) 5.6 Any THREE of the following: Provides a user interface. Controls/allocates hardware resources. Provides basic security. Coordinates activities in the computer. Access and communication with input and output devices, etc. (3) 5.7 Linux (1) 5.8 Open-source Normal Cost Linux can be freely distributed, downloaded through magazines like NAG. Windows can be expensive. Development Linux is developed by open source development. Security Linux has had viruses listed up to date. None of them is actively spreading. Manufacturer Linux kernel is developed by the community, overseen by Linux Torvalds. Windows is developed and distributed by Microsoft. There have been more than viruses in Windows. Microsoft created Windows, but allows other manufacturers to distribute their own computers with Windows preinstalled. Note: Both Open-source and Normal must be correct for 1 mark. (4) [23] QUESTION Spyware is software that tries to monitor and track the way you use your computer. (2) Any ONE of the following: Gathering information as market research for their own products. They can also construct large databases of information that they gathered and sell it for large amounts of money. (1) No. (1) Firewall is software that stops any unauthorised access to or from your computer or network. (2) To update the list of spyware signatures so that spyware programs can be detected. A list of websites known to spread spyware can be kept current to prevent infections from new versions of spyware. (2) Software piracy. (1) Identity theft. (1) Hacking. (1) Cyberbullying. (1) 6.3 Identity theft is when someone uses your ID number and banking details to access your account. Credit fraud is when someone uses your credit card and buys things pretending to be you. (2) 6.4 Any TWO of the following: Spyware. Someone pretends to be the bank and gets your information. Hoaxes. Any suitable answer. (2) 6.5 Green computing refers to the environment and computers. The effect that computers have on the environment, especially the negative effect of computers. (1) 6.6 Ergonomics refer to the negative effect computers have on humans. (1) [18] QUESTION She can use the find and replace function. (1) Styles and Format painter. (2) The words are not recognised by the package so they are either spelt incorrectly or they could be names. Any ONE of the following: She can fix it by making sure the spelling is correct. OR Add the word to the dictionary if the word is spelt correctly. OR She can choose to ignore. (2) Format the heading using the same style used in the Table of Contents (heading 1, etc.). Update the Table of Contents. (2) Any ONE of the following: ALT + SHIFT + p Insert tab Page number Current position on the page. (3) 7.2 To lock a specific cell before you fill down or copy. (2) 7.3 Select all the worksheets by using the Ctrl key then change the formatting on the visible sheet. The rest of the sheets will change in the same manner. (2) 7.4 Hide the column. (1) 7.5 Any TWO of the following: Using text (e.g. a function name) that does not exist. Misspelling a function name. Entering text in a formula without using quotation marks. Omitting a : (colon) in a range reference, etc. Have not used absolute cell reference when needed, etc. (2) 7.6 Any ONE of the following: Dividing by zero. Dividing by an empty/blank cell. (1) 7.7 It means the columns are not wide enough. Any ONE solution: Widen the column. Reduce the size of the font. (2) A wizard is a step-by-step guide/program that helps you create your own document/form/report, etc. (1) Any TWO of the following: Can add instructions on how to enter records (which format to be used). Can create form to mirror the hardcopy form to facilitate data capturing. Can restrict into which field the user can/has to enter data. Easier to work with as only one record at a time is shown. Can add controls (drop down lists) to facilitate data capturing. (2) QUESTION 8 [23] TOTAL SECTION B: It is those devices that double as both tablets and small notebooks or ultrabooks. (1) 8.2 The standard QWERTY keyboard is the most common way to enter text and numerical data into a computer. (1) 8.3 Name any TWO: Android. ios. Windows Mobile. (2) 8.4 Any TWO answers: No need to be office bound or in a central venue. You can communicate with the office and clients electronically despite the distance between them. You are able to work from home and have Internet access. Access to global markets at the office and at home. Allows smaller businesses to compete globally. (2) 8.5 Any ONE of the following: MP3 player ipod Certain cellphones (1) 8.6 No DVD drive. Small screen. No ethernet network capabilities. (3) 8.7 Any TWO of the following: Not mobile. No battery-operating facility. No standard wireless network. (2) 8.8 Universal Serial Bus (1) 8.9 Any FOUR of the following: Brand. Processor type (mobile, desktop or server). Series. CPU socket. Core. Frequency. Cache. 64-bit support. (4) Thermal power PDA (personal digital assistant). Smartphones. (2) 8.11 Any THREE of the following: PDAs are even more beneficial than laptops because they are smaller, lighter and more compact. They have a much longer battery life than laptops. PDAs switch on and off much quicker than laptops. PDAs can be used as a cellphone. (3) A small office/home office (SOHO) user includes any company with fewer than 50 employees, as well as self-employed people that work out of their home. (2) A mobile user travels to and from a main office or school to conduct business, communicate or do homework. (2) A power user is a user of a personal computer who has the ability to use advanced features of programs which are beyond the abilities of normal users. (2) 8.13 Any FOUR of the following: Make a grocery list using Excel. Set up address labels or pre-addressed envelopes. Balance your chequebook. Order your groceries online. Do bank transactions with Internet banking. Keep a record of your budget on Excel. Make a home inventory. (4) Keep a family wish list. [32] TOTAL SECTION C: 32 GRAND TOTAL: 150
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