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IN THIS ISSUE Feature Articles..........1 to 9 Business Directory.......... 13 From the Editor................. 2 Churches, Ministries and…
IN THIS ISSUE Feature Articles..........1 to 9 Business Directory.......... 13 From the Editor................. 2 Churches, Ministries and Letters................................. 2 Schools Directory............ 14 Articles....................10 to 11 Announcements.............. 15 Media................................ 12 WITH GOD WE FIND A WAY By Susan Brehmer What does setting up a Christmas tree have in common with the promise of the Christ child? Under the circumstances, both seemed rather impossible. The trek to the tree lot was a short one. time was easily accomplished. Welcomed by the smell of pine, I picked out In Luke chapter one, Mary received word a five foot Douglas fir to set up in my living from an angel, of her cousin, Elizabeth’s room. One of the attendants was kind enough pregnancy. Elizabeth, considered too old to to carry it to my door. I managed to bring conceive, had previously been labeled barren, the fragrant fir into the house, but setting and now she was six months pregnant. If it up was a different story. The evergreen too old hadn’t been enough of a deterrent, we determined to figure it out on our own, on God’s supernatural strength, wisdom, was too tall to reach both branches and base then overcoming the disappointment that only to face discouragement? and power to fulfill the task in front of us? simultaneously. Experimenting with laying she hadn’t been able to have children at all “With God” is the phrase that most stands Spending time with God. Working with the tree on its side while securing the stand would have certainly pointed to this as a out in this passage. When we do something God. Taking the path with God. Walking worked well in theory, but the result was a miracle. The angel shared this astounding with God, we align ourselves with God’s out this life with God, we receive what we little lopsided. news with Mary, which served as a testimony ways. need to accomplish what God calls us to do. After a few comical tries, I realized I could to bolster her own faith when called on to “As the heavens are higher than the earth, Assurance lies in knowing God is with us not successfully manage this task on my do the seemingly impossible: conceive the so are my ways higher than your ways and in every situation. That whatever the task own. Finding a few friends gathered across Son of God. my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9 before us, especially the seemingly impos- the way, I asked if one of them could help How on earth would that happen? Only Do we invite God into the process? Seek sible ones, with God we find a way. me right my wayward tree. One volunteered through God’s involvement. His guidance for the plan? Or do we discount and in no time the festive addition was “Nothing, you see, is impossible with the outcome before we even take a step, Susan Brehmer writes from Portland, secured in my living room. With someone God.” Luke 1:37 MSG because we don’t see how we could possibly Oregon. write2worship@gmail. else helping, what seemed impossible at the When faced with the seemingly impos- manage on our own? com; sible, do we look to God for a way, or are By ourselves we fall short. Will we lean TRAINING FOR FAR MORE THAN PRAYER TEAMS WE EXPECTED AND INTERCESSORS by International Association Healing Rooms (IAHR) Regional Director, Teri Zumbusch Training qualifies you to apply to OPEN or work in any IAHR Healing Rooms. Saturday, November 9, 2019. New Song Church 4041 Crater Lake Ave By Maxine Marsolini Medford, Or 97504 dialed the office. What do we do when the winds of life The temperature was above 90 degrees blow a tumbleweed across our plans? Registration: 8:30 am on day three of our two-week road trip. The last thing we’d expected to happen Training: 9:00 am–4:00 pm We were heading to my sister’s place in that day happened. To their credit, they Impartation and personal ministry following the Nevada desert. Once we turned off felt bad and vowed to fix the problem. But the training freeways to state highways with two lane it would take time. Since it was hunting roads, the drive became tedious. Heavy season, the men who’d parked in the space Cost: $20.00/payment deferred, if needed rains that morning didn’t help. The last meant for us were out scouting for deer. light continental breakfast and lunch will three miles were dirt roads—bumpy, and Waiting in 95-degree weather wasn’t an be provided full of relentless washboard ruts and mud. acceptable solution. The best we could do was low gear and five Wanting to make things right, the owner To sign up, email miles an hour. Thirty minutes of jostling, graciously asked us to follow him back slow, and focused driving finally got us to his main lodge where we could wait in and our 5th wheel to the RV campground. the shade and enjoy cold drinks. We were or call Linda Curtis 541-646-0558 To our dismay there was no available site eager to do so. to pull into. Why? Frustration levels rose. Several hours later the hunters came Medford Healing Rooms The reservation was made three months ago and confirmed earlier that week. What back. None were happy about being asked to move their trailers. Where to park our Our focus is on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to work through us to heal the sick. happened? Pulling out my cell phone, I Continued on Page 3 2 The Christian Journal LETTERS AND EDITORIAL October 2019 TRUE OR NOT? The Christian Journal By Chad McComas CEO.............................................................................. Jesus Christ in store for her: “Yes, I see it all is impossible for God. Senior Editor.......... Chad McComas now: I’m the Lord’s maid, ready The spouse ready to give up, The angel said it. to serve. Let it be with me just as but asks God to heal the marriage, Page Layout........................................... Alex Fan, Bluevee Design Billing........................................................................ 541.773.4004 Mary believed it. you say.” Luke 1:38 Message experiences nothing is impossible Advertising................................................................ 541.773.4004 Do we? Perhaps only those looking for for God. Distribution .............................Jackson County, Josephine County, miracles will find the truth of The church pastor who is a failure and Klamath County “For with God nothing will be nothing being impossible for God. asks God for purpose and every- Member: Evangelical Press Association, Christian Newspaper impossible.” Luke 1:37 NKJV thing changes, knows nothing is Association I recently read a disturbing truth impossible for God. Printer...........................................Herald and News Klamath Falls about too many believers in the Does God pick and choose His church. They are “unbelieving” miracles or are they only for those The Christian Journal believers. This means they believe who expect it and look for it? 1032 W. Main, Medford, OR 97501 541.773.4004 in God, but don’t believe in the Jesus once told His closest email: power of God to work in their lives disciples (and us): “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do today. They doubt God’s willing- ness or ability to do the miraculous. not doubt, not only can you do 10,000 Copies monthly Can God do the impossible? Yes. what was done to the fig tree, to over 300 locations in but also you can say to this Will God do the impossible today? Most doubt it. mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself Southern Oregon Without faith in God’s ability into the sea,’ and it will be done. and willingness, we live a boring, If you believe, you will receive mediocre, rational experience with whatever you ask for in prayer.” November Theme: God God. He may one day save us, but The little boy with the lunch Matthew 21:21, 22 isn’t really involved in our daily which fed 5,000 found out nothing Life is way too short to live just Wants To Eat With Us lives. was impossible for God. a “possible” life when God wants Based on Revelation 3:20 We don’t know much about Mary, The three men thrown into us to live an “impossible” one. Copy and Announcement except she was probably a typical Nebuchadnezzer’s furnace found What (on our own) impossible very young woman engaged to her out nothing was impossible for God. situations do we face today? Deadline: October 15 future husband Joseph when the Paul & Silas in a Philippian jail Will we expect and ask God to Ad Deadline: October 20 angel appeared to her. But, we can at midnight found out nothing was do His impossible? Print Date: November 1 assume Mary was a very spiritual impossible for God. woman in love with her Lord. Her The addict who cries out to God Chad McComas writes from response to the angel suggests she for help and finds it knows nothing Medford, Oregon. was ready for anything God had The Christian Journal is a nonde- but no endorsement of the publishers is nominational publication dedicated to implied or should be inferred. The pub- sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It lishers can accept no responsibility for LETTERS is printed monthly and distributed to churches, businesses and retail locations in Southern Oregon. Editorial content the products or services offered through sponsors (advertisements). The publisher reserves the right to refuse any sponsor- does not necessarily reflect the view of ships (advertising). “When I shop at the Grocery available for pick-up.” “I think of the work you face our advertisers. Not all articles reflect Outlet in Klamath Falls, I want Gary writes from every day. It must be tremendous. the opinions of the editorial staff. For Writers: Email manuscripts to info@ to assure you that I check to And I want you to know that we’re for consideration. Northern California sponsorship (advertising) rates or author Articles need to be 300–500 words. see whether Christian Journal all grateful for your generosity, guidelines visit Articles need to be uplifting and encour- newsstand copies are neatly and the time you give us. May or contact the editor at info@thechris- aging in nature to reach a broad range of stacked and free from litter. Once, Editor’s Note: God continue to bless us with readers. Please refer to our Guidelines for Thrifty Nickel copies were strewn your loving presence, generosity, Vie w p oi n t s e x p r e s s e d i n T h e Writers online for additional information. on top, so I removed them and We appreciate people like Gary and stewardship.” Christian Journal are those of their There is no compensation for articles put them where they belong, so who go the extra mile to help us Fred writes from respective writers, and are not nec- published. shoppers would not overlook get The Christian Journal out to Eugene, Oregon e s s a r i ly held by t he pu bl i she r s. All Scripture quotations, unless Christian Journal copies that were the public! Sponsorsh ip (adver t isi ng) i n T he otherwise indicated, are taken from the Christian Journal is open to anyone Holy Bible, New International Version®. d e si r i n g t o r e a c h t h e C h r i s t i a n NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 community. Reasonable effort is made by Biblica, Inc.® to screen potential sponsors (advertisers), SUBSCRIPTION One Year Subscription (12 Issues) Send $20.00 along with the subscription form below to: The Christian Journal 1032 W. Main, Medford, OR 97501 Name: Address: City: Phone: State: ZIP Code: : Begin Subscription Month: Year: A Gift From The Christian Journal FEATURED October 2019 3 GOD DID THE IMPOSSIBLE By Jon Drury delivered God’s promise of a child, on my faith. He said:“What do you Was it impossible? Zecharias answered with doubt: think you are doing here? You are It seemed the Lord had called me “How can I be sure of this? I am not some great spiritual giant. Look to a four-year Bible study program an old man and my wife is well at how often you fail!” with a big emphasis on Hebrew and along in years. The angel said to But despite the enemy’s slander, Greek. It would prepare me for a him, I am Gabriel. I stand in the the Lord called me and promised life of ministry. The problem was I presence of God, and I have been to take me through my training, I had always been a poor student and sent to speak to you and to tell you accepted His call, but couldn’t see GOD HAS NO had flunked English all the twists in high school. I only and turns took interest in my the path had LIMITS favorite topics and waiting for me. was an undisciplined We ha d student. little, having Now it seemed the come from the Lord was assuring militar y. We By Jan Sheerin hour will bring. me I’d not only finish washed clothes But, God from the beginning of the difficult program, in a laundromat Can you imagine the sound of history, revealed one day He would but graduate. and I drove a the Gabriel’s voice as he spoke to send His Son to become a human God is a God of Sunday School Mary? He was saying to a shocked, baby and later die and rise again the impossible. this good news. And now you will bus for our church. I’d write papers incredulous young girl that she to redeem man’s sin. The angel’s Mary was told by the angel that be silent and not able to speak until till midnight then my wife Beverly would give birth to the Son of The message was the time had come. even Elizabeth would bear a child in the day this happens, because you typed them manually. I’d run them Most High? Neither can I. If angels get excited, I’m sure this her old age. “Even Elizabeth your did not believe my words, which to school in the morning. But God But, I know when the angel said: one was. relative is going to have a child will come true at their appointed did the impossible and took us “Nothing is impossible with God,” What we think is impossible in her old age, and she who was time.” Luke 1:18–20 through. the divine words were true. It was shouldn’t limit our prayers because said to be unable to conceive is Because of his unbelief Zecharias I have since used the preparation a message straight from heaven, God may have a plan we haven’t in her sixth month. For no word lost his ability of speech until the of those years in over 40 years of brought to earth in the fullness of even considered. We must leave from God will ever fail. I am the baby was born. But, God’s reproof ministry, and He is still the God time. The Amplified translation it to Him. He does say with faith Lord’s servant, Mary answered. would eventually produce a man of the impossible. of Luke 1:37 says: “For with God we can pray to “move mountains” May your word to me be fulfilled. of strong faith who proclaimed a nothing is ever impossible and no and that’s impossible for us. Jesus Then the angel left her.” Luke God who works the impossible. Jon Drury writes from word from God shall be without changed impossible things right 1:36-38 We all have the choice to respond Vancouver, Washington. power or impossible of fulfill- before men’s eyes: from sick to well, Contrast to Mary and Elizabeth’s to God in faith or waiver in unbelief. ment.” The NIV says: “No word from crazed to sane, from storm faith were the doubts of Elizabeth’s At the beginning of my program of God will ever fail.” to calm, from death to life. It’s a husband Zecharias. After the angel Satan made a concentrated attack Possible things, according to the wonderful miracle today when an dictionary, are “capable of being ordinary person is given spiritual FAR MORE THAN WE EXPECTED or occurring within the limits of life as a new creation, acceptable ability, capacity or realization.” to God because of Jesus’ blood. God has no limits, so nothing Many words in the Bible repeat the is impossible with Him. God is message; “Is anything too hard for us. There were no trees to offer become far more than we ever all-powerful, all-knowing, ever- the Lord?” Genesis 18:14 Continued from Page 1 shade and the sites were so close expect. I can’t explain why we present, unchanging, and totally One reminder of our unlimited together. didn’t get to park in our reserved different from us. We can’t under- God is Annie Johnson Flint’s hymn: trailer was not getting any easier. What began as being unhappy site that day. But I do know God stand all of His descriptions, but He Giveth More Grace. “His love Ron, the owner, kept assuring us over not having our expected site, was watching and His better plan let’s be thankful for what we do find has no limits, His grace has no he’d get us settled somewhere. turned to thankfulness we weren’t showed up when ours hit a dead revealed in the Bible because it is measure, His power has no bound- That’s when an idea came to us. parked there. God had given us a end. Our Heavenly Father never true forever. “The grass withers aries known unto man. For out Why not let us stay near the lodge? greater blessing. Our makeshift tires of granting blessings. and the flower fades but the word of his infinite riches in Jesus, He He was receptive to the suggestion. site had two big shade trees, quiet “Many are the plans in a of the Lord shall stand forever.” giveth and giveth and giveth again.” “Sure. That’s possible. I can get a surroundings, and plenty of room person’s heart, but it is the Isaiah 40:8. I can’t imagine the voices of long extension cord so you have for our folding lounge chairs. The Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Lots of things are impossible to angels, nor can I imagine what my electricity and you can hook up to gentle afternoon breeze reminded Proverbs 19:21 us and to our world. We benefit life would be without God and His my garden hose.” At last, we felt us of just how good an unexpected from the laws of nature and from Word, the source of my joy and we were settling in for the night. change of plans can be. Maxine Marsolini writes the limits of time and human power. my hope. The next day we drove out to With God, nothing is impossible. from Happy Valley, Oregon. Without limits, what a mess there my sister’s place five miles up Somehow, in the depths of life’s would be. We aren’t mind readers Jan Sheerin writes from Bend, another dirt road with bigger ruts disappointments, He cares about nor can we foretell what the next Oregon. and deeper puddles. On the return the smallest details of our lives. trip we passed the RV campground. When we don’t know what to do, A sense of being blessed came over He does. Most often His thoughts GIVE A GIFT SUBSCRIPTION Give five subscriptions and your own is free! Publication of this paper is made possible by our faithful sponsors (advertisers), by donations, and by subscriptions. Please consider giving gift subscriptions to family or friends, or donating subscriptions for our prison ministry. Give five subscriptions and your own is free! Donate or subscribe at, or use the subscription form on Page 2 and mail a check to: The Christian Journal, 1032 W Main, Medford, OR 97501. 4 The Christian Journal FEATURED October 2019 GOD WILL NOT FAIL ME God, who is gracious beyond our Oddly, from my perspective, Mary asking Him to enable me to be comprehension, recently provided does not evince surprise here. Her timely from His eternal perspec- additional time for me in my response is “May it be done…” tive. Some appointments have busy schedule through cancelling That is so NOT me! I’m all about: no flexibility, and God regularly appointments and rescheduling; “What are you doing?! Why is this gives me added grace to be timely. so much so that my project was happening?! Who are you?!?” Other items from my calendar have completed in a timely manner. Rather than be surprised and leeway and I frequently find myself A nd I am su r pr ised! I am questioning regarding God’s arriving half way through the event. surprised since I have seen myself goodne
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