CatholicCare Tasmania Annual Report 2018-19

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CatholicCare Tasmania Annual Report 2018-2019 FRONT COVER Our cover design is artwork by High School student, Molly, created as part of the Hobartians Facing…
CatholicCare Tasmania Annual Report 2018-2019 FRONT COVER Our cover design is artwork by High School student, Molly, created as part of the Hobartians Facing Homelessness – 50/50 Art Project, a community-focused art project exploring issues around homelessness and designed to foster discussion. CatholicCare Tasmania Contents Annual Report LEADERSHIP MESSAGES 2018-19 The Archbishop of Hobart 1 CatholicCare Advisory Board Chair 3 CatholicCare Executive Director 5 CATHOLICARE SERVICES Housing Connect 7 Early Intervention for Children 9 Family Support Program 11 Counselling 13 School Counselling 15 Emergency Relief 17 Communities for Children 19 Multicultural Service Programs 21 AK Young Women’s Emergency Accommodation 23 Therapeutic Residential Care 25 Children’s Services 27 Community Housing Services 29 SafeChoices 31 Social Impact Program 33 Business Development Support Office 35 FINANCIAL SUMMARY 37 LOCATIONS & SERVICES 39 A message from Archbishop Julian Porteous “It is always good for any organisation to be conscious of its roots. CatholicCare has grown extraordinarily over the past decade and many new avenues of activity have opened up. This is very encouraging as we witness the growth of the organisation and celebrate its achievements. CatholicCare began in a very simple and humble way, and for many years was a very modest organisation. It was efforts by the Commonwealth government in 1959 to reform divorce laws across Australia, that was the catalyst for the formation of official Catholic social welfare organisations in dioceses across the nation. In December of that year, Archbishop Young appointed Fr Clem Kilby as Director of the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau in the Archdiocese of Hobart. Financed by the Archdiocese, the service sought government funding to enable it to provide marriage counselling for couples in need. Most Rev Julian Porteous DD, Archbishop of Hobart This reminds us that at its heart, CatholicCare is about the support for marriage and family. It continues to assists those involved in the work of CatholicCare Tasmania carry out this mission through many of its programs. to test its current work and future directions in the light of CatholicCare can be rightly proud of its range of services its mandate by the Archbishop. CatholicCare is the Catholic and the real assistance that it offers to many families Church’s official agency of social welfare. experiencing need. As we reflect on the work of CatholicCare over the past While CatholicCare works in close partnership with the year, it is appropriate to acknowledge the extraordinary government, both State and Federal, the organisation, work of Tim Gourlay who has now retired as Executive having its origins in the Catholic Church, seeks to bring Director. Under his leadership, CatholicCare developed its distinctive orientation as a faith-based organisation, into a strong and active agency. In particular, tribute is paid believing that it has a special contribution to make. to Tim’s initiative in developing a dynamic housing arm, which is now a leader in the provision of social housing in This year the Archbishop’s Charter was launched. This Tasmania at a time of particular need. I wish Tim well in his charter articulates the mission of CatholicCare and future endeavours.” 1 Executive Director, Tim Gourlay retires Tim Gourlay retired from CatholicCare Tasmania a short while after the end of the 2018-2019 financial year. Tim had a successful eight years as Executive Director of CatholicCare Tasmania, including six years as Executive Director of Centacare Evolve Housing. Archbishop Julian announced Tim’s plan to retire, saying Tim had made a significant contribution to CatholicCare in many areas. “Tim has lead CatholicCare Tasmania through a period of sustained growth, underpinned by a strong fiscal position,” Archbishop Julian said. “He worked collaboratively with all tiers of government and the community sector to develop much needed programs and services that have enhanced CatholicCare’s existing range of well-regarded support services. “Tim was instrumental in the establishment and growth Tim Gourlay, CatholicCare Executive Director of affordable and social housing services, intervention from 2011 to 2019 programs for those affected by family violence, a “I would like to take this opportunity to commend Tim on his therapeutic residential care program for at-risk youth, significant achievements and wish him well,” His Grace said. counselling services, and children’s services, to name just a few.” After a short period as Acting Executive Director, former CEO of Blueline Laundry, Andrew Hill, has accepted the role of During his tenure, Tim forged professional relationships CatholicCare’s new Chief Executive Officer. with interstate Catholic and secular service providers. “These partnerships helped to establish joint ventures including Centacare Evolve Housing and CatholicCare Victoria Tasmania. In addition to service provision, these partnerships enabled knowledge sharing, and the achievement of economies of scale in operations and administration. 2 Introduction to the 2018-19 Annual Report “I am pleased to introduce this Annual Report – a document that gives an outstanding overview of the work of CatholicCare across all of Tasmania. As the charitable arm of the Catholic Church in Tasmania, CatholicCare seeks to deliver its services in a compassionate and thoughtful manner, having the highest regard for the dignity of all individuals and reflecting the love of Christ to those we engage with and walk with. Our work is many and varied as this report shows. From counselling services to residential services, from building and providing homes to looking after children after school hours our work is extensive, and this annual report cannot do justice to it all – but it does attempt to scratch at the surface of all we do. I am proud of the work of each person that works for CatholicCare whether they are employed or a volunteer – each person undertakes their work with full commitment Otto Henfling, Chair, CatholicCare Tasmania Advisory Board to the clients they are working with and fully committed to supporting and enhancing each client’s wellbeing. subsidiary of CatholicCare. Ben has already demonstrated a number of times why he was the best choice for that role. I wish to thank my fellow Board members for their hard work and their support of CatholicCare as well as the I want to publicly acknowledge and thank the former Chair executive and senior management of CatholicCare. The of CatholicCare, David Harradine. David has been a long- long-standing Executive Director, Tim Gourlay, retired at standing supporter of CatholicCare and has worked hard for the end of the financial year and I express my gratitude the organisation for a considerable time. David has left a very and that of the Board for his contribution and hard work significant legacy and is greatly missed (although he continues during a lengthy period. I also want to thank Andrew Hill to serve the Church in other capacities for which we are for stepping into the vacancy left by Tim’s retirement. I all grateful).” know that Andrew will continue and expand the great work of CatholicCare. Congratulations to Ben Wilson for —Otto Henfling his appointment as CEO of Centacare Evolve Housing – a 3 CatholicCare Advisory Board members during 2018-2019 David Harradine Tim Gourlay Ingrid Harrison Ron Ward Chair, retired Otto Henfling Elizabeth Lovett Diana Hutchinson John Hills Marica Duvnjak Tim Baker new Chair CatholicCare Executive Management Team during 2018-19 Mark Pike Tim Gourlay Director of Community, Executive Director Children and Family Services Belinda Clarke Ben Wilson Director of Catholic Community Director of Housing Services Social Impact Program 4 A message from outgoing Culture team has experienced an increased workload, and they also managed to recruit in excess of 200 new staff Executive Director, during this period. Most recruitment was in Therapaetic Residential Care and Children’s Servies as well as across Tim Gourlay the whole organisation. I am writing this having retired from my role as Executive For nearly 60 years, our Family Services arm has delivered Director of both CatholicCare and Centacare Evolve and expanded our more traditional CatholicCare Housing, after more than eight years at the helm. Our programs. It is a proud record. Family, Childrens and the annual reports show that the changes to these businesses more recently established School Counselling service over the period of my tenure have been transformational. (in partnership with Catholic Education Tasmania) more This year also saw the retirement of long serving than doubled in the past year. The SafeChoices Program, CatholicCare Director and Chair, David Harradine, whose supporting people affected by family violence, now inspired leadership of the Board and the organisation operates statewide and has effectively managed the during his period of tenure, empowered and realised increasing demand on its services. The Government has strategic growth and significant achievements. committed to the extension of the contract underpinning this very important work. This financial year has been a particularly good one for CatholicCare, as it has seen an extension and expansion The Therapeutic Residential Care program grew to service of many of the services we deliver across the State. This increasing demand, and notably continued to deliver and work has been overseen, led and enabled by an active utilise new purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities. This executive management group comprising directors Ben program plans to continue to support young people in Wilson (Housing Services), Mark Pike (Family Services), care who reach the age of 18, by providing them with Belinda Clarke (Social Impact Program) and myself, all transitional independent accommodation and ongoing supported by Lily Balfour (Executive Coordinator and Board mentoring through to age 21 where necessary. Liaison). This executive group was ably supported by the senior managers and program coordinators from across Our Pathway Home program has been recognised by the various services. I wish to acknowledge the strong the State Goverment as ‘Best Practice’, and has received leadership of these individuals which is, in a significant a commitment to ongoing government support for way, responsible for the successes of the past year. expansion of the program’s parent education courses. This growth in services, was matched by a healthy growth Safe Haven Hub continued to assist asylum seekers, former in revenue and, as can be seen from the analysis provided humanitarian entrants and recently arrived migrants settle in this report, the organisation enjoys a very sound balance into the community, by delivering a range of programs sheet and sound financial position overall. This positions including quality education and pre-employment support. CatholicCare very well for the future, and will potentially support further expansion of services. Staff numbers Tasmania’s housing crisis continued to present challenges, reached a new high in excess of 450 during 2018-19. With felt the most by those who can’t find affordable housing in a significant number of part time staff, our People and the private or community sector. CatholicCare’s statewide 5 Housing Connect team experienced high pressure with footprint exapnded to the north of the State as originally very high caseloads and demand. The team has done an intended. The program’s primary aim and focus remains amazing job to meet this increased demand, and they working together with the broader Catholic community to worked with enormous dedication to assist clients into improve the wellbeing of families and individuals who are stable and affordable housing. experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage. It intends to amplify existing programs, community assets and build I particularly wish to thank all staff, across all services, more effective linkages to achieve its aims. including those that work in the corporate services areas, once removed from the ‘coal face’ but, very much directly Sr Phillipa Chapman, one of the founders of Centacare as supporting the service delivery teams and the difference it was known then, would be proud of the benefits being they are making. delivered to staff (and consequently clients) through the fellowship program named in her honour. This past year Our new Property Development team has done remarkable saw four staff members funded to undertake interstate work, as this group of three delivered some 200 new or overseas study trips to learn from counterpart dwellings during the year, including 121 completions in its organisations. It is a worthwhile program, drawing a last 120 days! In the light of the current housing crisis, this great deal of interest and I anticipate a growing number has directly positively impacted the lives of the individuals of applications going forward. and families who received keys to their new properties. Forging partnerships and maintaining positive The total housing portfolio of the combined entities, relationships with stakeholders, counterparts and in CatholicCare and Centacare Evolve Housing has now Government is a priority for senior management. Regular reached 1,700 independent living units and the Housing communications and direct meetings with key individuals Operations team are to be commended for the work they and groups has been an ongoing commitment in the past are doing positively impacting the lives of 3,500 people year. Member for Clarke, the Hon. Andrew Wilkie MHR, who are now living in these homes and benefitting from was responsible for negotiating and securing a $30 million our focus on community and resident wellbeing. Our grant to community housing providers to deliver more survey told us that the client satisfaction levels was over social and affordable housing in Tasmania. CatholicCare 90% for the third successive year. This is very affirming. will directly receive $8 million, and use this grant to fully develop its Abbotsfield Road site, building a total of 55 Children’s Services under the new leadership of Andrea new dwellings for social and affordable housing. Guiver, had a transitional year building relations with regulators and meeting quality standards including It is fair to say, I have been very committed to our compliance under ISO 9001 - 2015. Opportunities lie ahead organisation for the work it does to improve the wellbeing in its partnership with Catholic Education, especially in the and lives of Tasmanians in need, and support its large expanding the three to five year old early education space. staff complement who work passionately developing and delivering services in the best interests of their clients. CatholicCare’s Social Impact Program continued to grow and embed itself in the operations and service delivery I do wish the organisation and staff well for the future. of both CatholicCare and Centacare Evolve Housing. Its —Tim Gourlay 6 HOUSING CONNECT Of the 2,336 people who sought housing assistance during 2018-19, 74% were in housing but facing homelessness, and 9% were living rough. Carl is one of hundreds At 22, Carl almost has his Ps—a huge achievement for him, topped up the rent to make it affordable. With stability in considering the setbacks he has overcome. his life provided by a safe and secure home, Carl entered into a lease with Centacare Evolve Housing for a two At 16, Carl was sleeping rough and couch surfing. He did a bedroom property. He attended information sessions with stint in youth detention. He was keen to find an affordable Relationships Australia to learn more about parenting plans place for himself and his young son so, after 18 months and separated parents, and went on to do counselling. His on the Public Housing waiting list, when Carl and his son mental health improved and he was able to lessen his use moved into a two bedroom unit, it felt like a new start. of anti-anxiety medication. He is now formalising parenting arrangements for his son. Unfortunately, complications arose with the shared care arrangements Carl had with his son that meant he would Carl is one of hundreds of people that our Housing Connect not be able to afford his rent and continue shared care. team have the privilege of working with. Sadly, not all have CatholicCare was able to step in to work with Carl to positive endings. Lack of affordable housing has many avoid this crisis causing him to return to homelessness. consequences, and it is a significant barrier preventing Our worker organised a cabin for Carl, and our program people from living well and reaching their full potential. 7 We’re working in every region Housing referrals since 2015 S NW N The housing crisis in Tasmania is concentrated in the south, but CatholicCare’s Housing Connect support program operates in all regions of the State. going down going up We offer case management services to hundreds of individuals and families who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. Our clients are referred staying the same by Housing Connect Front Door, and we discuss their needs individually at our offices in each region, or at outreach locations throughout Tasmania. Our clients may report one or more reasons for their homelessness crisis. Among the most common reasons we hear each workday are: 75% of clients needing housing “I’m being evicted” are lone adults with or —average 5 per day without children 282 “I can’t afford the rent” clients housed in temporary shelter —average 4 per day such as motels and cabin parks $106,418 “I’m escaping family violence” the total cost of housing people in —average 2 per day temporary shelter such as motels and cabin parks during 2018-19 8 FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT: E ‘Saying Hello’ by a 7 year-old attending a Friendship Group. From reduced hours to top student in only 12 months When the principal of the local school let our Early When Jay came to Early Intervention, he and his worker Intervention worker know that young Jay was up for spent time together figuring out what his goals were. the Principals Award, we knew that this was a huge Jay told us he wanted to find out how he could be achievement for a youngster who, just a year earlier, had different—more like the person he wished he was. That been on track to a much less successful outcome. was a turning point for Jay. He started to work on how he wanted to be seen and how he thought about himself. At school, Jay had always been getting into trouble. His With support from Early Intervention, Jay improved his teachers were finding his behaviour difficult to manage communication with the teachers at school, and that made and Jay was feeling like he was being treated unfairly. a big  difference. Something went wrong nearly every day and Jay thought he was being blamed, when it was really the other kids So when we found out that Jay was one of the top students who were behaving badly and it wasn’t his fault. Eventually at his school, we knew just how far he had come with only he was put on reduced hours at the school. 12 months support from Early Intervention. 9 EARLY INTERVENTION FOR CHILDREN 21 schools worked Supporting young people at risk in across the Launceston area Our Family Mental Health Support Service provides early intervention support for children and young people who may be at risk of experiencing mental health issues. We work with them to improve wellbeing, build resilience and support their relationships with family, school and their community. 97% of clients worked We work with children and young people up to the age of 18 years, with us for more and we use a whole-of-family approach to help them to identify their than three months strengths and develop strategies that will assist them to manage difficult situations in their lives. A lot of the work we do is hel
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